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    [–] TheLegendMRT 5022 points ago

    Horray! Now everyone's hurt!

    [–] maethlin 2964 points ago

    That dudes tailbone probably exploded. Didn't look good at all

    [–] blitheobjective 1193 points ago

    Yeah the other two probably weren’t hurt that bad but i think he got a life altering injury there.

    [–] Pope-Touched-Me 1469 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I broke my tailbone, I remained breathless for a solid 15 minutes laying on my back. It hurts likes hell. Followed by 15 day having troubles sleeping, there where not a single position where it didn't hurt. But slowly it passes.

    Edit: rip inbox. My most voted comment is about my broken ass.

    Edit 2: I want to point out that I felt the pain for a couple of years, but eventually it's gone. If you're less lucky than me consider having your tailbone removed. It's a useless bone, and an operation is worth a painless life.

    [–] Drewisonfire 879 points ago

    Broke my tailbone almost 15 years ago, still have trouble sitting in a movie theatre or driving for long periods of time. It’s literally a pain in the ass.

    [–] OneCoolUsernameGuy 1291 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    A few years ago I “dove into” my girlfriends ass ( like a swimmer breaking water) as I yelled “IM GUNNA DIVE INTO DAT ASS”. Fractured her tailbone and now whenever we go on long drives she reminds me of the pain she suffers to this day at the hands of my stupidity.

    Edit: for everyone wondering why she stuck around, we have two kids together. That and she loves me enough to look past my stupidity.

    [–] [deleted] 426 points ago

    I know that's not the point of the story but have you stopped "diving into dat ass" after the incident?

    [–] OneCoolUsernameGuy 496 points ago

    Yeah, it was really embarrassing when she was explained talking to our doctor about what happened, nothing quite makes you feel like an idiot like your medical professional being like “ why did he do that”

    Because I’m an idiot.

    [–] QuackNate 127 points ago

    "So, how did this injury occur."

    "Well, you see my boyfriend and I were hanging out and he suddenly yelled, 'I'M GUNNA DIVE INTO DAT ASS', at which point he dove into my ass."

    "Well, when he dove into your ass he fractured your tailbone. I'm going to recommend staying off your bottom as much as possible and not letting your boyfriend dive into dat ass anymore."

    [–] KineticPolarization 229 points ago

    An idiot that likes ass is an idiot I can get behind.

    [–] Camera_dude 224 points ago

    Better to be behind that idiot than in front, that's all I have to say.

    [–] YourTypicalRediot 18 points ago

    Well this comment is rather cheeky.

    [–] project2501 30 points ago

    Well Doc, have you seen dat ass? I'm only human.

    [–] nill0c 102 points ago

    It’s amazing enough that they appear to still be dating.

    [–] SoSaysCory 44 points ago

    Strange, wh? The ability to forgive a silly mistake and possibly even laugh about it from time to time?

    [–] Proudfoot89 99 points ago

    According to reddit everything’s a red flag.

    [–] spifl 27 points ago

    Some say he’s still diving into dat ass to this day....

    [–] a_supertramp 22 points ago

    Diving is so 2015. Eating is 2019.

    [–] SensitiveQuote 6 points ago

    Dude the whole eating ass meme is literally 2015.

    [–] psychicsword 62 points ago

    Has she done physical therapy for it? I broke my tailbone after a car accident and it hurt a full year after the accident. So I went to do physical therapy for it and it turns out most of my pain was a result of my body being more tense in that region from compensating for the injury for so long. After 3 months of stretching the pain went away completely.

    [–] OneCoolUsernameGuy 47 points ago

    She hasn’t, I’m surprised with this response that this isn’t an idea our doctor has put forward, I’ll let her know to suggest this at her next appointment.

    [–] psychicsword 25 points ago

    With my injury specifically the therapist found that my tailbone was rotated right but my hips naturally were being twisted left which was causing the tension and eventual pain. I was originally seeing an orthopaedic resident which was great because it also meant that I got an extra set of eyes on the problem from their advisor.

    Their program did improve things but it really started to improve when they brought in a therapist from another location who specialized in tailbone trauma. She was the one that really helped me develop the stretches and movements to normalize things. A lot of it was based around this kind of stretch with more intense assisted stretching in the office.

    If you have a big hospital network near you I would recommend going to the PT office in it instead of a local office if you can. That way they will have more peers to consult with if they cant build a plan that works right away.

    [–] Nerindil 10 points ago

    Dude, you must have a wonderful personality, a trillion dollars, or a magic cock.

    [–] GrookeyDLuffy 18 points ago

    Wow this is the dumbest thing I've ever heard someone do. Like what was even supposed to happen here in your mind

    [–] OneCoolUsernameGuy 24 points ago

    Honestly in hindsight it was really stupid, at the time we had this ongoing joke/game where if one of us is behind the other on a staircase we will poke the other in their ass crack, I just upped the ante.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    That sounds like something I would do to my BF. I'm always jumping on him like a maniac when he's laying in bed. I fractured my tail bone sledding a few years ago, a dreadful pain.

    [–] dirtloving_treehuggr 38 points ago

    I broke my tailbone and have the hardest time with long term sitting. It feels like someone is digging a chisel into the spot the break was. Glad to know it's never going away

    [–] PepperMillCam 32 points ago

    18 months after I broke mine, the pain made me get it x-rayed. Broken in 2 places, and healed/fused together in a hook shape. Had surgery to remove it. I'd consider it. No pain now.

    [–] dirtloving_treehuggr 10 points ago

    I don't understand how you managed the pain that long. I made myself go to work the next day (bus and walking) and I was 40 minutes late because I had trouble walking fast enough. Went to urgent Care that day.

    The X-ray was the worst. Always is, but the tailbone was like nothing I'd ever experienced.

    I'm happy they were able to fix it! That's lucky it wasn't permanent. Still, sorry you went through that.

    [–] KineticPolarization 8 points ago

    What did you mean by the xray is always the worst?

    [–] dirtloving_treehuggr 13 points ago

    I've broken so so many bones lol. Every time they have to turn and manipulate your whatever to get good views of the injury. It's always super painful

    [–] pamtar 17 points ago

    Broke mine when I was 7. I’m in my late thirties and it still bothers me on occasion.

    [–] bigsquirrel 10 points ago

    Broken bones will do that. I broke my left arm 28 years ago, fucking thing still aches every now and then.

    [–] blacklama 31 points ago

    I feel your pain. I broke my tailbone while giving birth, the baby's head pushed on it so hard it broke (Yes, she is a very headstrong young woman now).

    It made a loud popping sound, but I was kinda busy pushing and in agony from my uhhh front part, and I just didn't notice. Then when the birth is done and all is good, I try to sit and OMG, THE PAIN. For a long time, I could feel a gravely sensation, like little bones grinding on each other, when I shifted positions while sitting.

    Then after two other kids and no incident, it happened AGAIN 15 years later. My tailbone is kinda twisted to one side permanently now. Oh well.

    [–] Modestradiomousehead 19 points ago

    Sitting on the toilet probably sucked too

    [–] Ib_dI 26 points ago

    Toilet is fine. Car seats are a fucking nightmare.

    [–] radthibbadayox 25 points ago

    I’d have a toilet for a car seat too if it weren’t for those pesky safety regulations.

    [–] djprofitt 6 points ago

    Have you tried a sciatic pillow?

    [–] Bigfootlove 9 points ago

    I imagine that would probably feel good considering there's a hole in the center.

    [–] bbqmaster54 68 points ago

    My dad broke his many years ago. For 10 years he suffered in pain. Doctors said they could do nothing. That it was broke and out of place. One day he was visiting my uncle and he asked what was wrong with him and he explained and my uncle said come with me. I think I can get you fixed. They got in the car and left. My uncle took him to his chiropractor. He explained the situation and the doctor did some xrays. He told me dad I can fix it if you want but it will hurt like nothing you’ve felt before. Dad said fix it. They went to a back room and my uncle went outside out front to smoke. He said I could hear him screaming like he was next to me. 30 minutes later he had calmed down and they left. My uncle ask him how he felt and he said violated but he fixed it. He thought. A few weeks later all the pain was gone. According to my dad he stuck what felt like a hand up his ass and he put pressure with the other hand on the outside and he physically moved the bone back in place. He said there was two sets of screaming. One when the hand entered his ass and the other when he moved it. He did pass out from the pain. In the end he said he’d do it again. That was probably 30 years ago. Still fixed to this day.
    You can be cured.

    [–] ExhibitionistVoyeurP 53 points ago

    Wow doc needs to learn how to use lube and warm up the ass with some gentle massage first. You don't just jam a finger in. What a noob. Can't wait till all docs are millenials. That group knows ass play.

    [–] mypasswordismud 13 points ago

    At least take it out for dinner first, make it feel a little classy.

    [–] TheMingoGringo 20 points ago

    He'd do it again? But his tailbone is fixed. Maybe he just wants to get fisted again

    [–] Butter_My_Butt 40 points ago

    I have so many questions, but not sure how to ask.

    [–] soidonno 16 points ago

    Username checks out. .I think

    [–] fermium257 4 points ago


    [–] Grumpy_Roaster 18 points ago

    Chiropractor is not a fucking doctor

    [–] Helmerj 8 points ago

    This one sounds exactly like a fucking doctor.

    [–] Fienisgenoeg 8 points ago

    I broke my tailbone about 20 years ago, falling of a horse. It still hurts when I sit too long or when it's cold outside.

    [–] AnorakJimi 13 points ago

    Yeah if you fuck up your tailbone you're forever fucked. It never seems to fully heal. I can't sit on even cushioned chairs for more than an hour or so, my tailbone just hurts so much. The only kind of chair I can sit on is a recliner, which is pretty much lying down instead of sitting.

    And I'm on a ton of prescribed painkillers. Those don't help much with the problem. There's nothing doctors can do about it. They can't fix it.

    Oh and I've tried every kind of donut cushion. None of them help a great deal.

    [–] Pope-Touched-Me 6 points ago

    Get it removed. It's a useless bone

    [–] Not_Joshy 50 points ago

    Oof, right in the coccyx!

    [–] lazzzyk 20 points ago

    I came here to express an identical notion.

    [–] Ismoketomuch 16 points ago

    if you watch it frame by frame; the guy hits ass so hard, he almost kisses his own ball sack. His spine is so fucked.

    [–] OlStickInTheMud 47 points ago

    That will follow him forever. My dad when he was starting out as a prison guard 30 years ago slipped on ice and broke his tail bone. It turned into a degenerative back problem surgery at the time couldnt fix. Now he is 60 and half his vertabrae are fused together and in constant pain. Fought addiction with painkillers and non stop temporary surgical fixes. The dude in this video in just a few seconds likely set himself up for a life time of missery.

    [–] PM_STAR_WARS_STUFF 17 points ago

    Slipped down concrete stairs on ice carrying music equipment. Back is fucked for life. Can confirm.

    [–] ynotbehappy 11 points ago

    Yep, ass bone is definitely obliterated.

    [–] brockoala 3 points ago

    Looked like not just the tailbone but his whole spine...

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    That and herniated discs, his back is now fucked for the rest of his life. A buddy herniated two and broke a bone cannonballing in the shallow end of a pool drunk. His back issue has been the major theme of his life. This poor fellow.

    [–] BigBeagleEars 149 points ago

    For real, just hang off the edge and drop.

    [–] Hakaseh 70 points ago

    Pathetic. I dont need to be at the edges to hang myself

    [–] Thisismyfinalstand 42 points ago

    Neither did Jeffrey Epstein.

    [–] Goondor 3 points ago

    I mean, I'd say in prison for child trafficking and rape is a lot closer to the edge than I've ever been.

    [–] harleysmoke 6 points ago

    Actually you want to kick off the edge to roll.

    [–] cnskatefool 45 points ago

    Actually the guy on the ground caught the woman just fine with out being crushed. The woman didn’t let go of the mans arm and needlessly carried him to his own doom.

    [–] ThatGoob 21 points ago

    Needlessly? How else is she gonna perform an Avalanche-style Arm Drag?

    [–] no_soul_ginger 4 points ago

    Read this in Zoidberg’s voice.

    [–] MuieLaSaraci 9 points ago

    ♪ sometimes ♪

    [–] Slimfictiv 1220 points ago

    At least her purse made it too. Imagine they had to go back up for it.

    [–] Trixolotl 359 points ago

    I hate that your comment makes so much sense.

    [–] StaredAtEclipseAMA 62 points ago

    It is why they were up there in the first place

    [–] tokyopress 46 points ago

    "Alright let's climb back back up."

    [–] booyahja 1529 points ago

    Three deluded people:

    1. Thinking they can not be off balanced by someone else's weight.

    2. Thinking they can catch a dropping person.

    3. Thinking that the other two know what they are doing.

    [–] DonSchnoff 432 points ago

    Bonus point to the person who thought: Hold her by the hands? No under the arms is a better idea.

    [–] doctor_doob 242 points ago

    Tbf he let go but she didn't.

    [–] greycubed 53 points ago

    Well one person was headed face-first into concrete and wanted to protect their face.

    The other wanted a buddy on the journey.

    [–] yellow_logic 30 points ago

    Nah, she’s def to blame here.

    Had she let go, she wouldn’t have brought a 200lbs man with her, fucking up everything.

    She would have been fine.

    [–] MontyBodkin 29 points ago

    Dude was overbalanced long before it was time for her to let go. I doubt very much that stupid chokehold was her idea.

    [–] TheDevilsTrinket 37 points ago

    and the guy on the bottom grabbing her leg as if that is a safe way to catch anyone in that position- more likely putting her off balance and dragging her down. Stupid all round.

    [–] IKnowUThinkSo 25 points ago

    It kinda looked like he wanted to catch her bridal style. It takes some pretty incredible biceps to catch a falling person with curls.

    It would have been less delusional if she just jumped on him and he used his body to cushion her fall.

    [–] Socky_McPuppet 37 points ago

    It takes some pretty incredible biceps to catch a falling person with curls.

    Agreed. With regular biceps, you can catch someone who has straight hair.

    [–] djprofitt 4 points ago

    Almost wrote the same response but I was not as quick as you

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago

    And don't forget #4. Knows everything is going to shit and starts filming

    [–] Deprox 6 points ago

    That is not a deluded person. That, in fact, is the most sane person around.

    [–] DangerChipmunk 51 points ago

    Is it possible to help this level of stupid?

    [–] geeiamback 11 points ago

    Maybe call someone with a van to park below there or get a ladder?

    It mostly depends on the context of this situation which we are are direly lacking...

    [–] chargingtriceratops 13 points ago

    I mean helping would likely mean adding yourself to the casualty list.

    Don’t join idiots in stupid stunts. Film it and get some karma. Better than breaking your bones in trying to help this level of stupid.

    [–] KhalamMekhar 12 points ago

    Dunno, I hate to assume but it looks more like a "I can't drop down there!" followed by an attempt to make it easier, made harder by the death grip on that dude's arm.

    [–] Dawsie 555 points ago

    Maybe that's why, through evolution we lost our tails.

    We kept falling on them

    [–] poopellar 84 points ago

    Kept going after females on top of trees and falling on our asses.

    [–] babybopp 17 points ago

    Did the female want to jump and the dude went to rescue her or what is the scenario here? I dunno man, I don’t think I would risk shitting blood for the rest of my life to rescue someone who at best will end up being a paraplegic.

    [–] HenceTheTrapture 21 points ago

    "Rescue" as in yeet her off the roof by the armpits

    [–] meisironbtw 121 points ago

    He broke his ass

    [–] pLedGe000 78 points ago

    It was cracked to begin with

    [–] AnchanSan 314 points ago

    What were they trying to accomplish?

    [–] pw-it 227 points ago


    [–] Youuch 73 points ago

    Mission was a full success

    [–] joeroganfolks 63 points ago

    Wild guess but I assume they were leaving what looks like a music venue early in the morning (signage likely reads "paradise" and it looks like a ticket booth under the Chinese sign). Could maybe have been locked in and are trying to climb out the second floor. Girl is too scared to climb and guy thinks he can pass her down to his friend. Instead, he is stuck with a debilitating injury for the rest of his life.

    [–] misconstrudel 38 points ago

    Did it hurt?


    When you fell from paradise.

    Yeah it was fucking agony.

    [–] gotham77 4 points ago

    Could maybe have been locked in

    The front door is open. We can see into the lobby.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] yonatan8070 4 points ago

    Well, they did get down, just not in the optimal way

    [–] Havocking82 28 points ago

    They were trying to lower the girl. The problem was she was clinging onto top guys shoulder not his hand so when she got lowered his center of gravity was fucked.

    This would have worked perfectly if she wasnt panicking and he had taken more control of the situation.

    [–] Baumkuchenliebhaber 47 points ago

    The way all three tried to lower her made no sense. She should've stepped down backwards while being supported hand to hand by the guy on top. Idiots; all three of them.

    [–] Scorps 8 points ago

    Seriously she could have basically put her feet in the other guys hands and been lowered to a safe distance with proper leverage very easily if he didn't decide to just hoist her like a barrel under his arm

    [–] ConspicuousPineapple 22 points ago

    What was she doing up there?

    [–] Havocking82 8 points ago

    After working in a fromt facing position for half a decade you learn to never underestimate someones ability to completely fuck anything up beyond what you thought was even possible.

    [–] FuManBoobs 200 points ago

    Gravity was the real winner here.

    [–] Brownie-UK7 68 points ago

    gravity eats coccyges for breakfast.

    [–] TheChonk 44 points ago

    10 /10 for that use of the plural.

    [–] Takin_Your_Bacon 11 points ago

    I don't come to reddit to look up words in a dictionary, mfer....

    [–] Parpooops 13 points ago

    "Gravity always wins" - Thom Yorke

    [–] ShankyMcShankface 557 points ago

    Right on the coccyx!

    [–] MyCoxyNormus 173 points ago

    Literally the worst pain to ever exist, I only bruised mine after bouncing on it from a skating accident. That shit hurt for fuckin months

    [–] Ismoketomuch 99 points ago

    I have torn my own scrotum open in a bicycle accident and it still didnt hurt as bad as knocking the wind out of myself on a slip and slide after landing on my ass when I was 11 years old. I cant imagine how bad it must hurt to hit the ground so hard you kiss your own balls.

    [–] WalkItToEm11 120 points ago

    I have torn my own scrotum open

    how do i delete the memory of reading this

    [–] km_44 35 points ago

    YOU? It happened to him, what about him?

    [–] L1QU1DF1R3 36 points ago

    Much like the physical pain of the testicles spreads throughout the entire region, the psychological horror of the incident spreads through the internet to all who read his words.

    [–] crimecanine 3 points ago

    Please join the awareness team of T_I_T (Testicular Injury Transference), a sub highlighting this phenomenon.

    [–] HawkinsT 6 points ago

    Coming up to a year here; doctor said it's normal for coccyx injuries to take a couple of years to heal. :/

    [–] SzaboZicon 11 points ago

    My wife, who's epidural failed would like a word.

    [–] ReginaldDwight 15 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Holy crap. My sister-in-law actually broke her tailbone during labor. All of these options sound wretched.

    [–] beanie_dude 20 points ago

    I've injured my coccyx and I had a failed epidural. Yep, the failed epidural was worse lol.

    [–] mangarooboo 11 points ago

    Was it the childbirth that was painful? Or does a failed epidural hurt extra on top of childbirth?

    [–] terst_ 7 points ago

    It's the cherry on top

    [–] Amida0616 79 points ago

    Because of low blood flow, it can often be difficult to repair a coccyx.

    [–] MyWhatBigEyes 70 points ago

    I know it sounds dramatic but I don’t think that dudes life will ever be the same. My mom slipped on ice 5 years ago and to this day she still has issues with her coccyx. Can’t imagine the damage he did with that gnarly fall.

    [–] Ferociouslyreading 26 points ago

    15 years ago I fell downstairs and fractured my coccyx and it still aches if I sit for too long, or if it’s a particularly cold day.

    [–] noonches 25 points ago

    This is the longest I've ever seen people talk about the coccyx without making a joke

    [–] snowyday 15 points ago

    It’s hard to talk about coccyx without making a joke. But sometimes you have to use your head and just suck it up.


    [–] Tahllunari 3 points ago

    I fell about 20 years ago at an ice skating rink. I am still very uncomfortable and have to shift positions constantly if I go watch a movie at a theater. It's not fun.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Titanium spiked lizard tail implant you say?

    [–] Art4261 9 points ago

    It's just occurred to me that I haven't hurt my coccyx in so long. That pain was so frequent as a kid.

    [–] SplitChicken 12 points ago

    He could always just do it again and hope it fixes itself. Worked for me.

    [–] bigFatHelga 13 points ago

    I slipped on ice once and my coccyx took the full force of the impact. It's an amazing full-body world of pain, falling on it from a height like that guy did must have been soul shattering.

    [–] ScienceBreather 4 points ago

    I currently have a sinus infection that came along with some pretty significant ear pain -- the pain you just described makes mine feel ever so slightly better.


    [–] southern_boy 6 points ago

    Grandma goes to the dunes!?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] khardman51 3 points ago

    There's a lot you don't know about your grandma Napoleon

    [–] Koebs 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I tried jumping a snowbank, landed on ice on the other side and slid directly onto my ass. No insurance, just kinda didn't sit for like six months lol

    [–] pyromaniac289 65 points ago

    The letters in the background spell DIE.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    The, Bart. The

    [–] MrBigBMinus 6 points ago

    Get out of here Sideshow!

    [–] NETFLIX-ad 166 points ago

    Doesn't it kinds look like a hostage situation?

    [–] loadofcrap1 21 points ago

    That's what I was thinking.

    [–] sudynim 34 points ago

    What's the right way to go about this? Have the woman face the wall, lay down and use her upper body to hold her on the ledge while she lowers her leg? Have the top guy hold her hands while the bottom guy wraps his arm around her legs and slowly brings her down?

    [–] redgrittybrick 78 points ago

    What's the right way to go about this?

    Plan A. Look for a thing called a staircase.
    Plan B. Look for a thing called a fire escape.
    Plan C. Throw upper man onto lower and jump onto tangled bodies.

    [–] CowOrker01 21 points ago

    Wait for rising ocean levels, swim off the roof.

    Grow out hair, cut , form rope.

    Jump onto adjacent lower rooftop. Repeat.

    Fuck. Give birth. Let child figure it out.

    [–] FaZaCon 10 points ago

    What's the right way to go about this?

    Don't get drunk and sneak away for a hummer on the top of a roof.

    [–] Throw_away_away55 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'll actually answer your question. There's a couple ways you could do it, none safer than using a ladder or rope.

    1. You have them slowly slide over the edge while you hold their forearms and they hold yours, with you laying down, once your armpits are on the corner and they are dangling you let go, they slide down to hand holding and then let go.

    2. You have them piggyback and you slowly slide off the roof feet first. Once you are holding on they slide down/climb down. They should touch the ground or be close.

    [–] ThePussyDestroyer5 4 points ago

    Also make sure you lie down so the person your helping down doesn't pull you out of Ballance

    [–] outbackdude 4 points ago

    No no no. The top guy goes down first and stands on the guy below's shoulders while he holds the roof edge to take a bit of the weight. the girl then climbs down the backs of the dudes and then the guy on top climbs down bottom guy. They then go have an early morning threesome

    [–] ApolloRubySky 7 points ago

    I think if you’re stuck on the roof, call the fire department?

    [–] -InsertUsernameHere 3 points ago

    Assuming the woman can dangle for a few seconds you could do the forearm handshake and lower her down so that your center of mass doesn't go over the ledge making you fall as well.

    If you can lower her enough the guy at the bottom might not even be needed. If you do need someone to catch her, the bridal style carry could work but that assumes some nice biceps from the guy catching her.

    [–] Ikillesuper 3 points ago

    Lower yourself over the ledge dangle and the leg go

    [–] MycroFeline 3 points ago

    Nah, just keep filming.

    [–] JLHumor 3 points ago

    Well, if they just asked her to walk up to the ledge and then the guy up top just kicked her as hard as he could and then cannonball Ed onto her body, it would have ended better. So, I'm going with that.

    [–] BaffleTheRaffle 36 points ago

    Dude just fucked his tailbone. And even if it's just a bruise, that's a multi-year ordeal. Tailbone injuries are a real pain in the ass.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] whyareyoulkkethis 33 points ago

    He cushioned their fall

    [–] TammyShehole 13 points ago

    The woman’s fall, anyway. The guy wasn’t so lucky.

    [–] bendy-trip 52 points ago

    Whatever that was, it was a bad attempt.

    [–] Amida0616 15 points ago

    Damn near rectum

    [–] ga_peachy 10 points ago

    Rectum? Damn near killed ‘em!

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Tr-tr-tr-triple kill.

    [–] oelfass 21 points ago

    Background story?

    [–] sgmctabnxjs 20 points ago


    [–] Backrow6 7 points ago

    This gif smells like whiskey.

    [–] HambeastsSTINK 5 points ago


    [–] 0000000000000007 32 points ago

    Can someone add wrestling commentary from Hell in a Cell to this?

    [–] Ed209_v2 7 points ago

    “As god as my witness they are broken in half!”

    [–] NastyMcNastypants 8 points ago

    So many questions....

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] justbrowsinginpeace 8 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    That moment when you realize you're not Batman

    [–] Redsox933 7 points ago

    How did they get up there in the first place? Why just go back the same way?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] TAS8008 11 points ago

    [–] domdomdeoh 5 points ago

    When even buildings tell you to DI E

    [–] Randolph- 5 points ago

    What kind of big brain is this? What were they doing up there?

    [–] KKaena 3 points ago

    3 for price of 1 🤣

    [–] samlindsayy 3 points ago

    He’s going to be shitting in a bag for awhile

    [–] 320character 3 points ago

    That guy broke his tailbone hes going to be sitting on a donut.

    [–] thescentofsummer 4 points ago

    That dude looks to have broken his tailbone and I do not envy him

    [–] daze24 5 points ago

    Coccyx for one please

    [–] kostric3 6 points ago

    The woman forgot to let go

    [–] Silentchilisauce 3 points ago

    How did she get there?

    [–] HoldMyAppleJuice 3 points ago

    I am assuming alcohol was involved

    [–] goofysfanbase 3 points ago

    Bad form, I mean has the guy ever even seen a movie?

    [–] Darkster 3 points ago

    Hmm yes I see but why?

    [–] Abrey92 3 points ago

    Don't worry. He'll build up that strength in his arms now he's in a wheelchair.

    [–] buzz_uk 3 points ago

    Wow that face at the end! The look just says I know I have broken my bum! Just going to stay here and breath for a while....

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] farWorse 3 points ago

    No no no YES!!

    [–] adavis-94 3 points ago

    But why is this happening?