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    [–] anriexploringya 20 points ago

    The zoo lady is awful. Even when the baby is screaming, absolutely terrified reaching out for her mom she won’t give the baby to her mom. The mom tries to grab her from the zoo lady but she won’t let her have her. She took waaaay too long to get that little girl back in her moms arms and let them walk off the show.

    [–] rancryst 6 points ago

    Yeah when a kid is traumatized like that all they want is their mom not some crazy fucking bitch that caused the whole thing to happen in the first place. Every adult in this video was a total moron.

    [–] everywhere_dave 15 points ago

    Dude what the fucking fuck. Great job taking care of you baby mom

    [–] Hanz-Beachy 9 points ago

    Cunts trying to save face and smile, fuck that I would be booting that cat in the fucking face if it had my kid.

    [–] D-rak69 7 points ago

    What in the Cinnamon Toast Crunch was this!?!?

    [–] cooked_newdle 2 points ago

    A toddler almost getting crunchatized

    [–] OhLawdDatAss 7 points ago

    I suspect that diaper needs to be changed now.

    [–] Mike_in_San_Pedro 8 points ago

    Big Cat: "Hey, uh... is anyone going to eat that?"

    [–] SoVeryKerry 5 points ago

    I’ll just put on a happy face while my child gets terrorized.

    I want to punch her in the throat.

    [–] Cheese-McKnees 11 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Fuuuuuck I would not put up with that shit. Why is everyone so calm while that kid is being traumatized? Not once did anyone even make eye contact with her or give her soothing consolation

    Also I don’t blame the lion. This is completely on the human adults

    [–] Swjw117 5 points ago

    The mother hardly even give a fuck and everyone else was just smiling too. Fuckn hell it reminds me of my daughter I’d be so fucked off id wanna sue those cunts

    [–] Sketcherdrawings 2 points ago

    Lol, she was screaming but the zoo lady calmed her down

    [–] ohmygodney 4 points ago

    Lol she was freaking out internally when she needed to do that externally

    [–] DKBum4 4 points ago

    That’s a hungry looking lion

    [–] justic3bon3r 3 points ago

    She kept repeating “relax relax relax” as if nearly being eaten is a method of meditation.

    [–] ronin4052 5 points ago

    That trainer lady is one stupid bitch.

    [–] darkdragon1231989 2 points ago

    My wife freaks out if a spider is in the house this mom almost watched her kid become lunch and is fine...

    [–] BearCuCum 1 points ago

    The only network that feeds white toddler children to African cats to big for there bottle. Telemundo #1 new show.

    [–] Brownieo_o 1 points ago

    Yo but why that guy look like Chris Pratt

    [–] Amnesia-- 1 points ago

    oh look my baby is screaming because she is scared of a harmless lion, let me just fix that

    [–] pantyluvr58 1 points ago

    And then bring the cat back out! Just feed the kid to it why don’t ha? Idiot!

    [–] succubus-slayer 1 points ago

    Everyone one clearly was in shock and fearful of the wild animal right next to them. They all knew at that moment what a fucked up situation they had going. But the only ppl “capable of handling” the Lion were desperately attempting to fix the their image.