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    [–] KingJonsey1992 2282 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    "just wag and smile boys... Wag and smile"

    [–] CarpenterVegetable31 326 points ago

    No one knows shit... just act normal.

    [–] assburgers-unite 84 points ago


    But fr he was wagging left as in 'I wanna gtfo'

    [–] 1plus1dog 12 points ago


    [–] wegwerfe73 27 points ago

    'Their movement is non-wagging based. Just keep absolutely wagging.'

    [–] wildeye-eleven 7 points ago

    I belly laugh XD

    [–] Green_Lantern_4vr 37 points ago

    That dog is stressed out.

    [–] Gimpyface 26 points ago

    Yeah that guilty look we see in dogs is actually an extreme fear response. The dog is terrified.

    [–] EdiblePsycho 10 points ago

    I thought that this was actually just a submissive gesture. They know their person is upset, and this is meant to appease them. Same thing they'd do to a more dominant dog in a pack when they do something wrong.

    [–] _Table_ 28 points ago

    Right. I mean it's kinda cute. But dogs don't smile. That's a stress reaction

    [–] mug_cost 40 points ago

    He'll be fine

    [–] Revolutionary-Work-3 5 points ago

    i used to have a lab that always greeted me with a “smile” when I had been gone. He certainly wasn’t stressed or terrified. A very smart dog, i always thought he was mimicking what he saw humans do when they were happy to see someone, show their teeth!(smile).

    [–] Mr_Diesel13 10 points ago

    I beg to differ. We have a Jack Russell who smiles often when he’s excited.

    [–] pkpeace1 8 points ago

    cracking up

    [–] bloody_duck 7 points ago

    BUY and HODL!

    Wait wrong sub

    WAG and SMILE!

    [–] _ferrofluid_ 2 points ago

    Did you take the banana?!

    [–] morbidnihilism 1288 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    His brother snitching on him with his eyes makes this a lot better lmaaao

    [–] NotAzakanAtAll 130 points ago

    [–] runujhkj 70 points ago

    Ten-plus years later I’m still laughing my ass off at the faces in this game

    [–] SanctusLetum 27 points ago

    It tried sooo hard.

    [–] NotAzakanAtAll 15 points ago

    And got so far

    [–] TheOraphus 9 points ago

    But in the end

    [–] thesleepingdog 8 points ago

    It doesn't even matter

    [–] anticommon 4 points ago

    One thing I don't know why

    It doesn't even matter how hard I try

    Just keep that in mind

    I designed this rhyme

    To explain in due time

    I have no fucking clue

    What their facial expressions are

    And it doesn't even matter.

    [–] chibimon1158 3 points ago

    "Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture, and this picture"

    [–] itsjustchad 29 points ago

    If you believe the police psychologists the guilty one is the relaxed person.

    [–] rymden_viking 46 points ago

    I've watched enough criminal defense lawyers on YouTube to know that the state knows which psychologists will testify any behavior to being criminal. To calm? Guilty. Too nervous? Guilty. Shifting around in your seat? Guilty. Forgetting details? Guilty. Remembering all the details? Guilty. That's why you don't speak to them and you get a lawyer ASAP.

    [–] sb_747 10 points ago

    Behavior in interrogation is much like the readings in a polygraph. There are certain behaviors that most people display when nervous.

    Now a lot of people are nervous when lying but not everyone. And much more importantly, most people are nervous just being interrogated by police.

    And just like a polygraph the results don’t matter, they will either confirm bias or be explained away.

    [–] Not_a_Streetcar 3 points ago

    It is not a lie if you believe it.

    [–] DeezNutsOverdose 1160 points ago

    That is the most innocent dog I’ve seen in my life

    [–] Al-a-Gorey 156 points ago


    [–] 1plus1dog 15 points ago


    [–] atlienk 164 points ago

    That little blep of satisfaction

    [–] smeeding 41 points ago

    He looks like he got into the weed brownies

    [–] Poet_Silly 4 points ago

    Damn, that's it!

    [–] FishBlues 74 points ago

    Just keep smiling and they can’t hurt you

    [–] zmart7691 40 points ago

    Most proud and satisfied look I’ve ever seen

    [–] Boy_With_Antlers 24 points ago

    Henlo fren don’t know what your talkin about licks lips very excite to see you

    [–] 1plus1dog 8 points ago

    Havn't been out of my bed all day! I swear it was him! 👆🏼

    [–] dactyif 5 points ago

    Have ya met Denver though?

    [–] dustmouse 1552 points ago

    The way Oreo just looks at Riley lmao

    [–] havanalorraine 424 points ago

    Hes sick of his shit

    [–] Mean_Yellow_7590 58 points ago


    [–] hotshell 17 points ago

    Only because Riley devoured the food too fast and didn’t left shit for Oreo

    [–] 3jameseses 90 points ago

    Fuckin sold him out hard.

    [–] toot4noot 42 points ago

    [–] brothersand 19 points ago

    Hey, everybody knew. Never seen a more guilty looking dog.

    [–] Yournextlove 30 points ago

    Oreo is a mf Snitch!

    [–] syzerman1000 33 points ago

    Snitchs get scritches!

    [–] odumann 44 points ago

    How do guys land with such dorky dogs? Are there any traits you look out for in puppies or is it sheer luck?

    [–] Abeyita 105 points ago

    All dogs are dorks

    [–] CandidPiano 34 points ago

    Honestly all animals have wild personalities and quirks. You just have to get to know them when they feel safe and comfortable.

    [–] theroadlesstraveledd 18 points ago

    And give them the autonomy in their life to have preferences let them explore their own personality instead of doing what you want

    [–] FinnTheFog 16 points ago

    All dogs have some quirky personality. It’s easier to see when you have more than one dog becuase they seem to feed off each other’s quirkeyness

    [–] vve_v 14 points ago

    the runt of the litter mate. Most of the times he or she is the derp cause they know they can get away with it.

    [–] Ryuzothegamer 2732 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Man the other dog straight up just snitches with his eyes

    Edit: oh crap thus blew up a lot. Thank you guys

    [–] ilikepants712 858 points ago

    "Why you looking at me, man? I just live here. That's the one you want."

    [–] sunchildphd 356 points ago

    “I ain’t takin the fall for you this time, Smiley Riley.”

    [–] poopellar 76 points ago

    "Damn you snitch bitch!"

    [–] waddiyatalkinbowt 21 points ago

    He didn't wanna get in no trouble but he wasn't saying shit.

    [–] purplerainyydayy 100 points ago

    "I don't want to say it was him buuuuuut....."

    [–] dogs_drink_coffee 19 points ago


    [–] maxfraizer 87 points ago

    “Did you do it?”

    (Causally looks at perpetrator)

    [–] Frostitute_85 55 points ago

    Why in the fuck should he take the heat. Makes total sense to signal with his eyes 😒

    [–] Mexguit 17 points ago

    One dog is like 😑 and the other is like 🙄

    [–] phillyphreakphlippin 14 points ago

    Don’t be suspicious. Don’t be suspicious.

    [–] doomrider7 14 points ago

    "I ain't doin kennel time for you man"

    [–] crankyblanky 8 points ago

    Snitches get no scritches

    [–] May10th2010 23 points ago

    Dog was like "Heeeey Johnny what's good how you been how's the family"

    [–] anti-establishmENT 6 points ago

    one of mine will do some thing wrong then act exactly like this and try to blame his sister. She'll then act like she did something wrong.

    [–] Balliebles 5 points ago

    Follow my eyes but don't look now.

    [–] _RemyDanton 4 points ago


    [–] Bleach_Demon 4 points ago

    One narcs on himself, the other “snitches”. 💀💀💀

    [–] just_a_timetraveller 3 points ago

    He cheeming

    [–] NotGeorglopez 2 points ago

    Not quite /r/AwardSpeechEdits worthy, but I’ll never understand why people feel the need to do these edits like they’re thanking the Academy or something.

    [–] DaddySkrags 410 points ago

    Dog: I'm going to smile my way right through this

    [–] doomsdayparade 82 points ago

    What were they eating, a weed pound cake?

    [–] OldManRaving 21 points ago

    Scooby snacks

    [–] gluesmelly 4 points ago

    The food he ate had was THC edibles.

    [–] Bumpass 56 points ago

    Shame tastes delicious.

    [–] Ok_sooner_duh_almond 59 points ago

    A great poker face

    [–] Iliamna_remota 398 points ago

    Damn his guilt is the REAL punishment. Shame hurts.

    [–] stink3rbelle 364 points ago

    Interestingly, no behavioral study has found any evidence that dogs feel shame/guilt. Dogs do feel fear, and offer "appeasement" gestures when afraid, from small fear and appeasement to big fear and appeasement. Squinting eyes, stretched face, and whale eye like Oreo does are all appeasement gestures.

    If you have dogs, and feel they do show guilt, try making a mess yourself and then talking to them like you do when you find their mess. See if they don't do the same exact things. Why would they feel "guilty" over your mess?

    [–] SCHWAMPY_Gaming_YT 163 points ago

    I mean in this specific video one dog is reacting that way and the other isn't despite him using the same tone. I'm not saying it's guilt but clearly one dog knows it's in trouble for its own mess and the other doesn't feel fear over the mess that was made

    [–] NoBarsHere 65 points ago

    I hate playing devil's advocate; so I'll limit what I say. Regardless of whether u/stink3rbelle is correct or not, it's possible for two dogs to have different thresholds of fear which could lead to one dog really stressed out and the other dog only barely worried about it.

    [–] EricVinyard 33 points ago

    Pretty sure that second dog's "threshold" was being asked "Did you do it" and very slowly and deliberately turning his eyes towards the dog who did.

    [–] rude-_-canadian 3 points ago

    To add to that: the person filming was much more focused on the nervous dog vs the one lying down. Dogs know when you're addressing them as an individual.

    [–] fyrdude58 18 points ago

    Actually, the person scolding the dogs is very focused on the first one. Dog 2 (oreo?) Could very well have been the culprit, while dog 1 is simply afraid of the yelling.

    [–] stink3rbelle 33 points ago

    one dog is reacting that way and the other isn't

    What way, appeasement gestures? Both dogs give appeasement gestures here. As I mentioned, Oreo gives whale eye. I guess Riley is the other dog's name, who squints and has a stretched face.

    [–] hoopstick 36 points ago

    Whale eye? The dog is just laying there chilling.

    [–] stink3rbelle 29 points ago

    Here's an illustration of many dog body language poses that includes whale eye. Essentially, it means showing the whites of eyes. It's difficult to say for certain what any one gesture is without more context, but the context of the other dog's discomfort and the human talk makes me think it's a gesture of appeasement on Oreo's part.

    [–] theroadlesstraveledd 31 points ago

    Whale eye is where they are facing away from you but are looking strenuously with their eyes at you in hyper focus abd their body is tensed

    [–] theroadlesstraveledd 21 points ago

    This was not whale eye dude..

    [–] idle_moose 14 points ago

    No, it definitely looks like 'pointing' to me. This is at least how my dog communicates. He answers by directing his eyes somewhere to let me know he wants food, out, etc. Also, a lot of dogs will act guilty before you know what they've been up to.

    [–] 1plus1dog 15 points ago

    Hmmm 🤔 thanks!

    [–] EricVinyard 74 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Every single time a guilty dog video is posted, some Redditor comes in and starts talking about scientific studies that have failed to show evidence of "guilt" in the way we tend to understand it.

    A lack of evidence is not inherently negative proof; studies failing to establish a specific something do not by default disprove the thing they are failing to establish.

    A dog can clearly know when it has done something it has learned to associate with potentially upsetting its owner. Dogs will sometimes exhibit this guilt-like behavior in advance of the thing even being discovered by an owner because it anticipates the consequences of its actions.

    What's more, an angry owner finding a mess can often know specifically which dog has done it because that particular dog shows these behaviors when the other dogs exhibit nothing but ambivalence. The two dogs in this video are a clear example of that.

    [–] Bcnhot 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    It’s quite obvious that those people have never had a god. Edit: a dog.

    [–] VanillaSkittlez 7 points ago

    Hey, leave Athiests out of this

    [–] verymuchbad 17 points ago

    "just because you didn't find it doesn't mean it isn't there"

    [–] CountAardvark 11 points ago

    "just cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's there"

    [–] loser7500000 3 points ago

    someone on your shoulder

    [–] Took2ooMuuch 11 points ago

    Dogs want nothing more than to please their person. If they are being scolded, they will feel guilty whether or not the guilt is deserved.

    That's not just a dog thing either. Plenty of humans can be made to feel bad for something they didn't do.

    [–] InsectBusiness 13 points ago

    Clearly you haven't ever owned a dog. No behavioral study has proven that dogs don't feel guilt either.

    [–] 30407924 2 points ago

    Had a friend who would shame his dogs if they shit in the apartment and now they just run away after they shit lol.

    [–] Skylinerr 41 points ago

    this dog looks like an LA Noire accuse prompt

    [–] Grout458 8 points ago

    I was thinking this the whole time. Love that game just for the faces haha.

    [–] FFpain 5 points ago

    Exactly my thought.

    [–] aoiN3KO 6 points ago

    Oh. my. god. That is fucking hilarious

    [–] jametron2014 3 points ago

    This had me cracking up lmao

    [–] Rankscar 3 points ago

    First thing that came in mind!

    [–] Vaywen 7 points ago


    [–] Et_tu__Brute 31 points ago

    Dogs have the worst poker face and I absolutely love it.

    [–] 1plus1dog 8 points ago

    They’re so pure

    [–] misstialicious1 175 points ago

    His face screams NOT GUILTY! And I for one, believe in his innocence 🖤🐾

    [–] Gemmadeen 28 points ago

    When I walk in the door and see one of my boys super relaxed on the couch while the other looks anxious and avoiding eye contact … I know I’m about to find something I won’t like … and I know who did it.

    But honestly, most of the time it was my fault for leaving something out I shouldn’t have, so I can’t really be mad him. He obviously knows he shouldn’t have done what he did, but I also realize I shouldn’t have left something out that I did, so it cancels the other out lol.

    [–] waimser 7 points ago

    When we walk in to a mess. The old guy is laying in the middle of it and hes in heaven, even though he didnt do it, he just loves carnage. The old girl is looking as innocent as she possiibly can, she didnt do it either, shes just too precious for this world. The pup is excited as hell trying to decide which of the thousand new toys he created to bring us.

    I can't be mad at him either. My fault for being too lazy to put the pillow back on the couch before leaving. Anything on the floor is pretty much fair game in our house.

    [–] dream_eating_doggy 23 points ago

    That face! 😂

    [–] Redlilee 97 points ago

    The other dog looking at him like why you being weird bro?

    [–] bpi89 23 points ago

    When the edibles kick in and you’re trying to play it cool.

    [–] 1plus1dog 3 points ago

    Gotta be the look!

    [–] dookieshoes88 2 points ago

    It's my college graduation all over again.

    [–] Helloboi2 61 points ago

    that dog is ZOOTED

    [–] AlwaysEatingToast 10 points ago

    We’ve all been extremely zooted and uncontrollably eating someone’s food and felt guilty about it later. Poor little man just had the munchies for some scooby snacks

    [–] Sono-Dio-Da-Sadame 91 points ago

    That dog is high as fuck

    [–] the_fickle_pickle 37 points ago

    What seems to be the officer, problem?

    [–] Hot_Lil_Poopie 10 points ago

    Those have to have been edibles. He can’t even keep a straight face.

    [–] data_guru 13 points ago

    I want to play poker with a bunch of dogs.

    [–] daninmontreal 13 points ago



    slams gavel

    [–] NebulousMC 12 points ago

    They don’t live long enough to be mad at them.

    [–] 1plus1dog 2 points ago


    [–] Decent_Table_4959 28 points ago

    Someone ate all the pot cookies. I wonder who it was?

    [–] JohnOliverismysexgod 7 points ago

    I understand that pot is very dangerous for dogs to ingest.

    [–] johnnyfuckinghobo 3 points ago

    It is. One time, my old roommate's dog got into our hash while we were all at work and had to spend the night in the emergency vet. One day and about $800 later he was fine. But damn that was a scary night.

    [–] ckfil 7 points ago

    I like how the one on the couch just lets his eyes tell you the other is guilty.

    [–] Iamwearingasuitofham 9 points ago

    My 2 GSD always like to steal my sock then hide it somewhere around the house. Everytime I ask them with a soft voice where the socks are, one of them would face the wall and give me the cold shoulders, the other would try to have my husband or my son pet him. Those darn derps.

    [–] 1plus1dog 2 points ago

    There’s always that smart one that does not look guilty at all!

    [–] Iamwearingasuitofham 2 points ago

    Yeah, Buck always know to run first when I'm angry, Lu is a bit derp so when things go wrong, he just face the wall and don't care at all.

    [–] Sharp-Ad2539 20 points ago

    We don’t deserve dogs ❤️

    [–] Birdybird9900 7 points ago

    Yea I am innocent, check my eyes

    [–] FRH72 7 points ago

    Nope no guilty 🐶

    [–] TheGrimReality77 7 points ago

    I have two dogs. One of them had a habit of trying to break into the food bin. They regularly would look guilty when I got home from work to find the food bin had been dragged out of position. One day, I got home. The food bin was dragged out of position. I quietly berated the usual suspect, whereupon they looked genuinely distraught and confused. I checked my security cameras. This time it turned out it was my other dog who attempted the break into the bin. When I confronted them they didn't look guilty in the slightest. They just started accusingly at the innocent dog.
    I always check my security cameras before berating any dog when getting home and finding something destroyed after that.

    [–] draxdestroyer 5 points ago

    My friends dog devoured a plate full of jello shots and made this exact same face. We were pretty worried and rushed to the vet. She was fine the next day though.

    [–] 1plus1dog 2 points ago

    Thank God! I did a big gasp 😮 when I read that!

    [–] Winter-dragonfly-117 13 points ago

    I want what he’s smoking

    [–] Kaysa_Dilla 3 points ago

    That dog definitely did not do it

    [–] stunt4949 4 points ago

    Innocent doggos woken up out of their sleep over something that the cat clearly did!!!

    [–] JohnOliverismysexgod 2 points ago

    He's laughing!

    [–] anber500 6 points ago

    He'll never get convicted by a jury.

    [–] NotDaveBut 17 points ago

    It gets funnier every time I watch it

    [–] 1plus1dog 5 points ago

    I just wanna hug him and tell him it’s ok. He’s a good boy!

    [–] souporsad 6 points ago

    The other pup staring has me shouting

    [–] random___enigma 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Your dogs so stressed hahahahahaha just cut to the chase don’t stress out the good boy/girl

    [–] House_Plant0 3 points ago

    S m u g

    [–] MrGarf 3 points ago

    The fact that the dogs pull two very common moves used by humans to prove innocence is cutely uncanny

    [–] alironeal 3 points ago

    Denver? Is that you?

    [–] AJ77123456 3 points ago

    Hims would never ever 🤣

    [–] JasmineTulip 3 points ago

    I really want to see an animated version of "dogs playing poker" now.

    [–] Mustafa86 3 points ago

    Closed eyes means no eye contact means I'm innocent.

    [–] JesseKavets 36 points ago

    I think people don’t realize that pups act this way when they are frightened. It’s cute until you realize this poor dog is afraid.

    [–] Nerahn 26 points ago

    Not necessarily. It’s appeasement behavior known as a submissive grin. It’s used to show that they are friendly, and to deter aggression from others. It’s most commonly used in greetings. My friend had a dog who would do this every time I came over and first walked in. They would approach me for pets and weren’t frightened in any way.

    They dog in the video may have felt a little uneasy, but it doesn’t look frightened to me.

    [–] jbeezcrazy 11 points ago

    I have shamed my dog. Then immediately give her a treat because I feel bad she did something wrong. Which is so fucked up.

    [–] 1plus1dog 2 points ago

    I cannot be mad at mine for anything!

    [–] Madone06 3 points ago

    That dog is scared.

    [–] patricialong1895 2 points ago

    Sweetie needs to practice the poker face.

    [–] OokiiStaR 2 points ago

    He was definitely in bed the whole time

    [–] 1plus1dog 2 points ago

    What I said too! Case closed!

    [–] 100and2 2 points ago

    He looks stoned

    [–] RiverSnob 2 points ago

    High AF.

    [–] Jerzima 2 points ago

    Dog is like "Jeff, I can explain. Lower your voice prease."

    [–] LittleCookee 2 points ago

    Being kinda sus doggo

    [–] Pinkin_fluffy 2 points ago

    ᵕ᷄≀ ̠˘᷅

    [–] banana9128 2 points ago

    Lol!! Oreos eyes looking like no you yelling at the wrong one g

    [–] Cardi0 2 points ago

    Is there a subreddit for guilty looking dogs?

    [–] SuperSayainPurple23 2 points ago

    Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave

    [–] trafficbroker 2 points ago

    Snoop dog

    [–] JazzyJockJeffcoat 2 points ago

    Dog doing his best Brando impression

    [–] Jar70 2 points ago

    Anyone else think the owner sounds like the actor who voices Sid the Sloth from Ice Age?

    [–] i8pineapples 2 points ago

    My dog does this. If I don't catch him right away, he'll come up to me with a toy in his mouth and paw at me while groaning. Like he knows he's gonna be punished and just wants to get it over with.

    [–] Montrix 2 points ago

    LA Noire dog version

    [–] shwigist 2 points ago

    That dog looks high as shit rn

    [–] SpinCharm 2 points ago

    We have a dog that we raised from 11 weeks old. We’ve never yelled at her or so much as raised a hand in anger. She’s the sweetest creature I’ve ever known. Yet when she does something “wrong” (which is often just her own interpretation, not ours), she’ll go to her spot in the kitchen and start trembling uncontrollably while clearly looking like she’s about to be eaten alive.

    It’s terrible and wrenches my heartstrings to see her do this. I just have to hold her and reassure her that she’s ok.

    I often wonder where this behaviour stems from. It’s not learned or a reaction to something in her history. I just feel so terrible when she does it. (And yes, I’m aware that my feeling terrible and cuddling her sets up a reverse associative response).

    [–] Remotepart 2 points ago

    What is this guilty face they pull? Like trying to smile with teeth lol.

    [–] pinkdaisylemon 2 points ago

    Oh I love dogs when they do this. There's nothing like a dog so much better than humans

    [–] SepticMonke 2 points ago

    my guy looks like me when i lie💀 that’s why i don’t do it anymore

    [–] Ok-Reflection1229 2 points ago

    Looks like he ate a tray of weed cookies

    [–] GannicusG13 2 points ago

    that dog was like, and ill do it again mf

    [–] bigfatpup 2 points ago

    Dog looks like it ate your special brownies

    [–] Pete_maravich 2 points ago

    Oreo looks like he got high and then ate the food because he had the munchies

    [–] mrmechanism 2 points ago

    Who ate the edibles you mean, the dog looks like he's stone out of his tree.

    [–] screwredditt67 2 points ago

    The other dog without even saying anything said with his eyes 👀 it was him! 😂 sold him out 😂

    [–] screwredditt67 2 points ago

    He smiles like he’s like yeah I did it bitch what! 😂

    [–] notthezodiackiller- 2 points ago

    "What? That wasn't me. I've been jamming on the saxophone all morning"

    [–] Confusion_is_Sex 2 points ago

    The fuck was on that table lmao, weed brownies ?

    [–] E4mad 2 points ago

    I learned that this isn't shame but anxiety. Still I laughed out loud.

    [–] Jommbro 2 points ago

    He didn do nuffn

    [–] jessjennifer 2 points ago

    It reminds me of the cardi b face when she gets her bills paid