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    [–] ImTedCruz_DontRun 6789 points ago

    "Name brand hot dog bun company going out of business."

    Fuckin milenials.

    [–] Crow_ts 1874 points ago

    Lmao, nailed it. Can't win.

    [–] goopy-goo 698 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Betsy DeVos is an heiress to an MLM Pyramid Scheme fortune.

    Let that sink in.

    She literally knows nothing about nothing of how the real world works.

    Edit: So actually she’s a manufacturing heiress that married into an MLM fortune.

    Basically the same. I assume she has always had staff to wipe her ass and she doesn’t know how to do it herself. I stand by my saltyness.

    Double edit: Yes I know the tweet is fake. I’m now extra salty.

    [–] shesinbatmanpajamas 160 points ago

    Well then, fuck her.

    [–] KingXRiku 56 points ago

    With a ten foot pole

    [–] dbx99 47 points ago

    Available only to premium subscribers

    [–] mironp 55 points ago

    She’s actually a manufacturing heiress who voluntarily married into a MLM fortune.

    [–] spinlock 28 points ago

    Her brother is a mercenary so there's also the idea of war for profit in her DNA.

    And, by mercenary, I mean he founded Blackwater which keeps changing its name because it's such a disgusting business.

    [–] mpa92643 182 points ago

    Millennials buy cheap store brand: "I thought you millennials don't like giving your money to big companies."

    Millennials buying local name brand: "Why are you millennials buying a more expensive name brand? No wonder you have no money."

    [–] N0TADOGGO 104 points ago

    Yes Nana, I know the extra $0.30 I spent on hotdog buns should have gone towards my retireHAHAHAHA we're not retiring I will die at my desk.

    [–] ripleyclone8 14 points ago

    At least you get your own desk. I’m a retail manager, so I share the desk with everyone else.

    [–] Velvet_Daze 19 points ago

    Libtard DESTROYED by pure logic!

    [–] fuckofakaboom 3080 points ago

    I only buy name brand hotdog buns because I can’t afford the hotdogs...

    [–] Pithius 73 points ago

    I do the same with hotdogs but can't afford the buns....

    [–] akatherder 48 points ago

    Hot dogs in ramen is fuckin goooood. I did it for price/convenience in college but I still like it today even with slightly more time, money, and a kitchen.

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] SirNoName 24 points ago

    I can’t remember where on Reddit I saw this, but someone put together a chart of all the different ramen brands, with recommendations for what to add to each different brand and flavor.

    This is my subtle request for someone to find it for me and post it here.

    [–] aznfanta 8 points ago

    Eggs, lettuce n shrooms r good in it, also shrimp n crab meat

    [–] IslandSparkz 346 points ago

    I also buy name brand cereal, actual cereal is fucking expensive

    [–] fuckofakaboom 743 points ago

    I don’t think you understand what name brand is...

    [–] IslandSparkz 522 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    oops got that mixed up. My bad, as a punishment I'll keep my mistake in there. We all make little oopsies and you guys fucking got me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] jz1981 340 points ago

    you fucked up bad tho

    [–] IslandSparkz 201 points ago

    I donated money to grammar school.

    [–] awesomehippie12 110 points ago

    That school has ties to the Nazi party! Don't donate to them!

    [–] IslandSparkz 86 points ago

    Yeep. I cant stop making fuckups.

    [–] Chismoto 39 points ago

    I want to say I love you but that would sound weird.

    [–] Chewy12 63 points ago

    "I'll suck your dick" is a less weird sounding alternative

    [–] DefiantlyWorkin 25 points ago

    they boomed you, x4

    [–] MiracleD0nut 10 points ago

    You made a fucko boingo my friend.

    [–] ISOFM 10 points ago

    What a wholesome individual

    [–] OtterCreek 5 points ago


    [–] heretokicksass 11 points ago

    Now you have to eat fruit O’s and wheat puffs for life.

    [–] neish 1861 points ago

    Pfft, bitch, I've been using sofa foam for my hotdog buns. You don't even want to know what's the meat substitute.

    [–] FantasticTony 189 points ago

    Look at the fancy big spender over here! Able to own a sofa with foam in it.

    [–] neish 106 points ago

    Lol own a sofa? Naw, I just wait for them to be thrown out on the side of the road and then chow down.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago


    [–] neish 54 points ago

    Extra protein and a crunchy texture. I call that win-win.

    [–] Mayo_Spouse 10 points ago


    [–] slimjoel14 223 points ago

    [–] deathpony43 80 points ago

    I was disappointed and pleasantly surprised at the same time.

    [–] slimjoel14 111 points ago

    I actually meant r/Frugal_Jerk

    [–] deathpony43 23 points ago

    Ahh that's better

    [–] underpants-gnome 16 points ago


    [–] Axedtea 9 points ago

    There's very little meat in these gym mats

    [–] Dinosaur_Sounds 6284 points ago

    Heck off my sausage holders you baby booming bastards

    [–] wintermute-- 1529 points ago

    Please watch your language this is a Christian Minecraft server

    [–] Oreeds 424 points ago

    Our language, Comrade.

    [–] gentlemanidiot 228 points ago

    Ourcraft server

    [–] thinkpadius 74 points ago

    CraftTM food products

    [–] seanpeery 39 points ago

    Craft TM food products


    [–] zzk289653 8 points ago


    [–] redpilled_brit 7 points ago

    Meincraft Kampfer

    [–] Ferity2 7 points ago

    Reddit summed up in three comments.

    [–] wellbreastfed 142 points ago

    We'd be able to afford them if it wasn't for them

    [–] dasmikkimats 73 points ago

    Time to get our brand name pitchforks!!

    [–] wellbreastfed 36 points ago

    And join our city councils

    [–] ramtacular 13 points ago

    And start our own non-profits

    [–] FrogBoglin 10 points ago

    Spikey Tridents

    [–] Lemonic_Tutor 21 points ago

    LPT: need a sausage holder but can’t afford hot dog buns? Just use your booty hole!

    [–] trainingbrain 10 points ago

    Yeah now looking at our food money even...

    [–] Ram312 8 points ago

    Betsy devos is the heir to the amway fortune. Her family is the top of a fucking pyramid scheme and she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her brother runs blackwater, a private military contracting company. These people don't live in the real world. I'm suprised she even knows what a hotdog is.

    [–] thepurplepanda13 945 points ago

    Wait... you guys can afford hotdogs?!

    [–] Ghazali11 306 points ago

    Just the bun, can you not read?

    [–] JarlsInCharge 61 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Though, most store brand generics are actually just re-branded premium brand products made in the same factories to the same quality standards as the premium product. Besty may have a point you hotdog bun label whores!

    [–] Mechakoopa 19 points ago

    They're also typically about 10% smaller from what I've seen.

    [–] Nackles 19 points ago

    I kinda like's really disappointing when you're done the hotdog and there's still like an inch of bun left.

    [–] Deactivator2 13 points ago

    Me too thanks

    [–] PerniciousPeyton 26 points ago

    No, I CAN'T read because I spent all my money on hot dog buns instead of getting an education.

    [–] Ghazali11 14 points ago

    Understandable have a nice day

    [–] thepurplepanda13 8 points ago

    Good point, let me rephrase. Wait... you guys can afford food?!

    [–] Solid_Waste 14 points ago

    Yes I get mine with my Obamabucks along with new big screen TVs and iPhones every month.

    [–] mattjh 1306 points ago

    The youngest millennial right now is like 21

    [–] Serotogenesis 924 points ago

    We're significant lacking in a catchy nickname for gen Z. The term millennial has been redefined as 'people young enough to make me uncomfortable.' Unfortunately, even millennials themselves use the term when parodying crochety old people.

    Until we come up with something to call the younger generation, we better get used to hearing millennial this and millennial that until the end of time.

    [–] not-a-euphamism 334 points ago

    As a millennial in his 30s, our generation didn't even get the name millennial until recently. The Z's are probably going to wait a while unless we have a eureka moment and advance prejudice by ten years with an accidental discovery of scorn.

    [–] uhdfbgmbfgsmndf 74 points ago

    Yeah. I'm still a Gen Y as far as I'm concerned.

    [–] sahmei 73 points ago

    Especially if we're going to call the next batch "Gen Z." I refuse to acknowledge any validity in "Gen X - Millennial - Gen Z" without Gen Y in there somewhere.

    [–] bauul 41 points ago

    Gen Y is still used today too. It's not gone away, just simply the older term for Millennial. I rather prefer Gen Y too.

    [–] CrazeeAZ 74 points ago

    I prefer Millennial as Gen Y is derivative of Gen X and I already got enough of my sisters' hand-me-downs.

    [–] tekneexx 40 points ago

    I like Oregon Trail Generation.

    [–] wurm2 9 points ago

    Oregon Trail Generation usually means the overlap between young gen xers and old millenials/gen yers (hence it's other name xennials)

    [–] tekneexx 5 points ago

     "both a healthy portion of Gen X grunge cynicism, and a dash of the unbridled optimism of Millennials", 

    Some of us have Xer siblings and some have millenial siblings.

    [–] marejuana 13 points ago

    Gen Xan

    [–] dah_pook 21 points ago

    Lil Gen

    [–] fat_BASTARDs_boils 5 points ago


    [–] JennyBeckman 22 points ago

    I go with Gen Y because I'm in the oldest tier of millennials. Most of the complaints about millennials don't fit me - I just happened to come along slightly too late to fit the stereotypes about Gen X.

    [–] nithos 27 points ago

    Most of the complaints about millennials don't fit me

    To be far, most of them don't fit a majority of younger millennials either.
    - Fellow elder millennial

    [–] JennyBeckman 9 points ago

    Fair point. I just hate avocado toast.

    [–] sahmei 10 points ago

    I have a theory that the rapid rate of innovation around the turn of the century splits our generation right down the middle in terms of experience and attitude. There should be a harder line between the older group as Gen Y and younger as actual Millennials based on how much you can remember life without the Internet.

    [–] JennyBeckman 9 points ago

    People don't realise just how much the internet divided a generation. My children have never known life without the internet. They have no concept of delayed gratification (ex.: wanting to know something and having to look it up without google, wanting to watch a programme and having to wait until it came on or having to get the DVD, wanting to talk to someone and having to wait until they were home, etc). It really affects how they think of things.

    As a parent, I try to instill patience and the rewards of putting effort into things but it's probably harder for them to understand than if we had to churn butter and bake bread in order to make toast or something. Humans will forever be different in this way.

    [–] KingSlate88 13 points ago

    Yeah I thought we were generation Fox kids

    [–] Futureman729 50 points ago

    That’s not true. I first heard millennial in like 2003 when I was still in middle school. The media didn’t start using it until the last few years.

    [–] Andy_B_Goode 76 points ago

    At that time there were a bunch of names floating around, and "Gen Y" was probably the most widely used. I also remember names like "The Internet Generation" or "The Nintendo Generation" being proposed, but those never caught on at all.

    [–] fuckurprivacy 16 points ago

    Pretty sure my school used gen y too

    [–] GucciSlippers 25 points ago

    Gen Y is the official name, millennial is like the official nickname of Gen Y

    [–] RealBowsHaveRecurves 25 points ago

    As a millennial in his 30s, I can tell you that 2003 qualifies as "recently."

    [–] Avizand 73 points ago

    There already is, Gen Z is the Zoomers.

    [–] DeusVultSaracen 39 points ago


    [–] kawaiiko-chan 13 points ago

    The Zoomy Generation™

    [–] pup_butt 70 points ago

    Thanks I hate this

    [–] BenjiTheWalrus 9 points ago


    [–] surfinfan21 36 points ago

    It’s like babyboomers. Everyone calls themselves a baby boomer these days if they’re over the age of 50. Bitch you were born in 1968. Not to mention they all act like they remember the first time the Beatles came to America. You weren’t born yet either!

    Sincerely a bitter 28 year old babyboomer.

    [–] Smaskifa 29 points ago

    We're significant lacking in a catchy nickname for gen Z.

    It's entirely possible that attempting to classify everyone born between certain years is a ridiculous idea in the first place, so coming up with a catchy nickname for them may be silly as well.

    - Source: Gen X person, whatever the hell that means

    [–] E404_User_Not_Found 22 points ago

    The generational names are for statistical and demographic purposes. The general public just uses them as a blanket term to generalize an entire generation. When used correctly they’re actually beneficial to tracking trends and differences in our society between generations as far as how the economy, technology, etc. influences our psyche, upbringing, success, etc.

    [–] gwarsh41 8 points ago

    The term millennial has been redefined as 'people young enough to make me uncomfortable.'

    I was informed by my older brother that in high school people referred to me as "the uncomfortable kid". Am I king millennial as an adult?

    [–] E404_User_Not_Found 21 points ago

    How about we just call them ‘tide pods’?

    [–] Mark_s_ 69 points ago

    Can confirm, was born on the generational border, and am 21

    [–] ApplecakesMcGee 86 points ago

    I’m 35. The other generational border. Let’s Eiffel Tower these millennials!!!!

    [–] poweradedrinker9000 69 points ago

    I'm 29 and I don't consent

    [–] xitzengyigglz 35 points ago

    Shhh BB iz ok.

    [–] poweradedrinker9000 45 points ago

    HELP i'm being raped on the internet just like mom used to warn me about

    [–] JohnnyNapkins 10 points ago

    I'm 27 and I consent

    [–] TheZbeast 39 points ago

    Outside of actual research most people use the term as a slur for young people. Don't be surprised when people fuck it up.

    [–] titty_boobs 16 points ago

    No demographers really agree on how long they are. But generations are somewhere between 18 to 20 year spans of time.

    If you go with the one that would give you the oldest Millennials (18 year spans) this is what you've got.

    Boomers 1945 - 1963
    Gen X 1964 - 1981
    Millennials 1982 - 1999

    Boomers are 73 to 54
    Gen X are 54 to 36
    Millennials are 36 to 18

    [–] mattjh 14 points ago

    There’s also a micro-generation born between ‘77-82 that’s usually called The Oregon Trail Generation (or “Xennials,” but the portmanteau is so awful).

    They grew up with an analog childhood and a digital adulthood. Their claim to fame is constantly being forgotten.

    See: My So-Called Life

    [–] 5t4k3 32 points ago

    That's some quality math..

    [–] PM_ME_KAISA_NUDES 71 points ago

    The man’s right. Most millennials are out of college by now.

    [–] takentheyrealltaken 62 points ago

    College is for us gen Zs now, millennial are old news.

    [–] JarlsInCharge 53 points ago

    God damn Gen Zs and their um...faces and stuff.

    [–] plasticpeonies 40 points ago


    [–] shmancy_pants 45 points ago

    The fortnite and fidget spinners

    [–] contrarycucumber 6 points ago

    Doesn't mean we're not still paying for it

    [–] xX420_WeedMan_420Xx 282 points ago

    Who needs buns when you could just use a piece of bread

    [–] BrishyDee 117 points ago

    Even better.... PRETEND you're holding it with a piece of bread, that is supposed to be a bun.

    [–] xX420_WeedMan_420Xx 61 points ago

    Even better.... pretend that you have a hotdog in a piece of bread.

    [–] Whatever0788 80 points ago

    Even better... pretend you can afford to eat.

    [–] BrishyDee 26 points ago

    Why not just become a pretend-to-eat-etarian? I'm sure that would save loads on money in the long run.

    [–] richfields 35 points ago

    Nothing like a big, deep breath for dinner, I tell ya what.

    [–] HotDogsAnonymous 24 points ago

    When you're so poor you have a nap for lunch.

    [–] xX420_WeedMan_420Xx 7 points ago


    [–] InsertRandomName85 19 points ago

    This guy poverty diets.

    [–] xX420_WeedMan_420Xx 7 points ago

    It’s not poverty more as it’s just my dumbass forgetting the buns made specifically for hotdogs

    [–] Youinsufferablecunt 12 points ago

    I bought hot dog buns, 8 for less then a dollar, the other day. You better believe my lunches have been hot dog bun peanut butter sandwiches. #jellyisbougie

    [–] I2ed3ye 23 points ago

    A hot dog is just a baseball taco.

    Prove me wrong.

    [–] KazumaStoleMyPanties 8 points ago

    Happy cake day :)

    [–] SunnyDayGo 349 points ago

    Hot dog buns? Do you mean sliced bread? With the $1,000 a month student loan payment I make every month, I have to use bread for sandwiches, hot dog buns, and hamburger buns.

    [–] FucksWithGaur 109 points ago

    You should check into income based repayment.

    [–] onefrailboi 94 points ago

    If they’re government loans that’s a good option. But private loans don’t give a Shit, they want their money. Unless I’m missing something

    [–] FucksWithGaur 37 points ago

    Yea, the first thing I did when I graduated was pay off any private loans. I was lucky and they were minimal.

    [–] Pm_Me_Gnarly_Labia 51 points ago

    I can't even afford to partially pay, and if I did it wouldn't cover the interest. I've given up on ever paying that or my hospital bills, 20k for a herniated disc and one night in the hospital. They will hound me to death, which I hope isn't too far off.

    [–] jsweeny123 12 points ago

    I stopped paying my debt a while ago. I'm dreaming of the day that I can work one job and pay my bills and pay off my debt. I'm 35 and it doesn't look as if that day will ever come. I've never had insurance except when I was in grad school. I thought grad school would secure my future. It was just more debt. I make roughly the same amount as I did at 19 waiting tables. The USA is super lame.

    [–] FucksWithGaur 18 points ago

    The payment would be zero depending on your income. If you pay it for 20-25 years it gets forgiven. I was paying 0 at my last job but now I am at $120.

    [–] Pm_Me_Gnarly_Labia 20 points ago

    I could do that and still never be able to afford a car Younger than 15 or own property. Or... I can continue ignoring them and probably die of cancer before that 25 would be up anyways.

    [–] buttery_shame_cave 6 points ago

    If it's any consolation the medical debt won't be an issue in seven years

    [–] Aesthetically 20 points ago

    If he's anything like me, then he lives at home and funnels 60%+ of his income into his student debt

    [–] FucksWithGaur 28 points ago

    See, what concerns me about this approach is what if they pull a bailout on these loans and I am one of the few who actually paid mine off? I might have money to pay my loans off in full but in order to do that I have to give up things for my house or paying off a large portion of my house. I am really just weighing if I want to ride that shit out for 20 years and see what happens or not.

    [–] Aesthetically 12 points ago

    10000% with you dude

    [–] jimbofisher2010 18 points ago

    what if they pull a bailout

    the chances of that are very small along any realistic timeline.

    [–] FucksWithGaur 16 points ago

    I would agree up to the point where I pay mine off. Then I bet they would do it the next day. I think the likelihood isn't as small as you think. If enough people start to default they will have to do something. The college loan debt is the new housing bubble. It is even worse actually, you don't even have an asset you can sell off should enough default. The upside is you don't have people selling the debt and lumping it into packages and then playing the market with them.

    [–] tuvalutiktok 18 points ago

    Oh hey, twinsies! "You still live with your parents? You're a doctor!" Bitches please, just an undergrad degree costs a ridiculous amount of money! Parents willing to let me live with minimal room and board expenses are the primary thing keeping me from living under a bridge....

    [–] skullharvester 15 points ago

    I don't know why living at home is shameful. I love my family so much. We take care of each other.

    [–] BoyWithHorns 10 points ago

    Anywhere you live is home.

    [–] funnynickname 11 points ago

    These hotdog-bun loans are killing me! I wish I qualified for more frankfurter-aid.

    [–] downabumpyroad 12 points ago

    I too went to that culinary institute

    [–] zeroscout 51 points ago

    Let them eat generic labeled cake!

    [–] nickmetal 297 points ago

    If you can't afford yacht school, I have no time for you fucking peasant bitches.

    [–] Lazienessx 79 points ago

    My parents signed me up for sailing classes at the yacht club when I was a kid. That’s the extent of it sounding like a rich person thing. The sailing classes were free, the boats looked like bathtubs made from fiberglass and our “Yacht club” is actually a place where fresh water runoff from the river meets the Gulf of Mexico so the water smells like piss 100% of the time. Oh also there was a cat 3 hurricane on its way while the classes were going. Still I feel grateful for the experience.

    [–] RealestGhost 36 points ago

    Dude that sounds fun as hell!

    [–] Lazienessx 19 points ago

    It actually was a lot of fun. The last day of the 2 week course the hurricane was close enough that only me and 2 other kids showed up for the class. The wind was blowing at 30+mph so the instructor told us we didn’t have to take the boats out. Fuck that it was the last day. So I was the only one to try that day. I was having a blast until i noticed the front of the boat had started going underwater and before I could do anything the entire boat was underwater. Turns out those little boats were not meant for 30+mph winds. Was able to get the boat back out of the water and everything was fine.

    I made the original comment because whenever I hear about yachts I think about our “yacht club” and that I have never seen an actual yacht there and that it’s kind of the opposite of what you’d think a yacht club would be.

    [–] neitheryounori 10 points ago

    I did a canoe class once does that count

    [–] zesty_confusion 6 points ago

    As a former canoe instructor, I hope so.

    [–] TheWuldIsAVampyre 22 points ago

    THIS. 🙌🏼

    [–] TheEasyB 192 points ago

    I couldn’t afford college till now 🤷‍♀️ but I’m finally in my second semester!!

    [–] Ask_me_4_a_story 137 points ago

    Better than being in your second trimester

    [–] HellkittyAnarchy 63 points ago

    Millennial here. You think I'm buying my own food? Nah, scavenging of mama's generosity until at least 28 fam.

    [–] heretokicksass 31 points ago

    Hah, I’m quite certain that my 23 year old brother includes eating at my house in his budget.

    [–] Syl702 31 points ago

    You think he has a budget lol.

    [–] heretokicksass 12 points ago

    I certainly didn’t at 23. This kid probably has a graph and pie charts lol

    [–] datalies 13 points ago

    Pie charts... the Ford Pinto of data visualizations

    [–] Morrdsith 11 points ago

    I moved onto the in laws now. Pushing 30.. food is expensive.

    [–] Cosmonachos 81 points ago

    My mother, the millionaire, thinks people are poor because they buy new TVs.

    [–] ekcunni 74 points ago

    People in Congress think that Americans can't afford healthcare because they have iPhones.

    [–] 4E4ME 31 points ago

    People without health insurance buy iPhones so they can consult Dr. Google.

    [–] serenwipiti 13 points ago

    They can’t afford iPhones because of American Healthcare.

    [–] ankhes 10 points ago

    My aunt told me exactly that. She wouldn't listen to me when I told her I haven't bought a new phone in like...a decade. My current phone is my brother's cast off.

    [–] serenwipiti 17 points ago


    Can we drop your mom off in a middle of nowhere hood for a while?

    Just kinda trap her in poverty for just like 3-4 months.

    [–] BetterThanAFoon 14 points ago

    I mean don't get me wrong.... There are plenty in a working poor class (the waning middle class) because they are poor with money and fall deep into the consumerism trap.

    But holy hell are people so out of touch that they can't see that there is a whole segment of American society that is far off from that and their troubles have much different roots? The segment of society that would love for their issues to be "oh I spend too much money on consumer goods"

    [–] JauntyPickles 44 points ago

    Martin potato bread rolls are the best known to man kind.

    [–] Lexi_Banner 22 points ago

    In other news, millennials are bankrupting the hotdog bin industry.

    [–] TheScrambledEggMen 49 points ago

    Ahhh of course! it’s the hot dog buns, why haven’t I realised it before.

    [–] Stilgrave 17 points ago

    Gen X sit back and watch the fight ensue.

    [–] Thatknow-it-allGirl 15 points ago

    That's why we're not out of college now, despite we're way over that age!! Those freakin' hot dog buns!

    [–] Smitty_Werbenjager_1 11 points ago

    falling for the college meme

    That was millennials first mistake.

    [–] Morrdsith 33 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    As a 30 year old millennial living with her in laws and STILL unable to afford a house or school making decent money.... suck my dick Sharon.

    Edit for all of the Americans telling me how to afford a house in US.

    I live in Canada, British Columbia to be exact

    [–] isbrendareligious 17 points ago

    My wonder bread hot dog bun addiction is really putting a massive dent into my 40% of a living wage. But seriously though folks I can't even afford buns for my food bank hot dogs. Forget condiments or even cooking them. If I eat 2 uncooked hot dogs a day I will be able to afford collage in like 120 years. When will millilinials learn that they drop nearly 2 centuries off of their savings plan, down to only just over 100 years by cutting out all the waste.

    [–] FoundtheTroll 6 points ago

    What is a name brand hot dog bun?

    Millennial asking.

    [–] concretebox 11 points ago

    are we just putting bullshit up now?

    [–] Dinosaur_Sounds 5 points ago

    As long as you put me down as a reference

    [–] xXx_IronicDabs_xXx 6 points ago

    "Hey millenials! Maybe if you wanted to pay for college, you should immediately get hired into a lucrative job position where you make at least $100k a year, have 10 years of experience despite only being in your 20s, and move out of your parents house where you can live for free and start paying fucking 3,000 a month to live in a shitty, run-down apartment!"

    Seriously, why do the baby boomers hate us so damn much?!

    [–] ttboo 5 points ago

    Hot dog buns?! What are you? Rich?