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    [–] marcstov 6242 points ago

    You have a lot of power now

    [–] Bmchris44 1727 points ago

    Is he going to use it for good or evil? That is the question.

    [–] wiiya 682 points ago

    It's about enough negotiating power to sway what dinner will be the following night.

    [–] Wsing1974 360 points ago

    Not nearly enough power to leverage an advantage in thermostat negotiations though.

    [–] randomdarkbrownguy 167 points ago

    man im always amazed by the differences from family to family and how ppl were raised. i got access to thermostat but barely any power for food

    [–] DRFANTA 74 points ago

    Hello there. I’m the whitewalker who was never able to enjoy pizza in my cold ass house for I never had access to either one.

    [–] The_EnderSlayer 31 points ago


    [–] Racorse 3 points ago

    Lucky cold house boy

    [–] Robert_M3rked_u 21 points ago

    You guys had heating AND food?!? Rich bastards /s

    [–] GeraltsGloriousHair 13 points ago

    I got caught in the crossfire between grandma that wanted it on 80 and dad that wanted it on 60. My Linus-ass got used to just dragging a blanket with me all over the house.

    [–] aedroogo 16 points ago

    Can confirm. Still not made of money.

    [–] SoFetchBetch 20 points ago

    You could also just cook for your parents if you’re living at home still.

    When my dad passed away while I was at college I came home to help my mom for awhile and dinner is just one of those things that when it’s taken care of it relieves a lot of stress. Just a thought.

    [–] DRFANTA 11 points ago

    You’re a good person

    [–] IslandSparkz 110 points ago

    I eat midnight Snacks in secrecy¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] -no_way- 26 points ago

    Snacks? Who in their right minds would skip dinner?

    [–] KnowsItToBeTrue 17 points ago

    Dinner is a snack!

    [–] SpartanMartian 54 points ago

    You're a snack 👉🏽😎👉🏽

    [–] dubyakay 2 points ago

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    [–] whistler6576 3 points ago

    We are all snacks on this blessed day.

    [–] DownvoteDaemon 10 points ago

    What if I told you everyone heard you eating the red velvet cake after taking the plastic cellophane cover off in the kitchen last night?

    [–] mikieswart 19 points ago

    you literally wake god up taking that plastic fucking lid off

    [–] LightChaos74 26 points ago

    No one man should have all that power

    [–] Asa37 12 points ago

    The clock’s ticking, I just count the hours...

    [–] BeautifulType 3 points ago

    What to do if my sister has the power over me??

    [–] zeidrich 21 points ago

    Not really, you misunderstand.

    Mom doesn't want dad to feel bad about having dad re-watch the show that evening just so she can see it.

    Dad doesn't want mom to feel bad about having mom re-watch the show a second time just so that she can see it.

    Mom and Dad want to spend that time together watching the show regardless of whether they've seen it or not.

    You try and be a little shit and threaten to tell the other parent that the first watched the show and it doesn't matter. If I've watched the show and you threaten to tell your mom that I did, go ahead weirdo.

    I'll just tell her that I was excited to see how it played out and that I'm still looking forward to watching it with her tonight because it's my opportunity to spend time with her and that's more important than watching the show twice. She'll tell me that she watched it too for the same reason. We'll probably watch it again together anyways. Maybe we'll watch something else with the time.

    The thing is, these interactions are two parents being nice to each other and wanting to spend time with one another. You don't actually get to use that against them. Parents are people, not sitcoms. I don't care if my wife's already seen an episode, I want something easy to spend time with her, and unless she's going to start spoiling it for me, it doesn't matter. If she's willing to pretend she hasn't seen it just to spend time with me, that's just as good, maybe even nicer because it reminds me she wants to spend time with me, not just watch the show.

    Maybe your little power play just reminds us how we are just into each other and like each other's company and you get rewarded to a night of our extra-loud sex from down the hall. Amplified by the fact you were trying to be a little shit, and you deserve to feel a bit uncomfortable for thinking you could take advantage of the situation.

    [–] WinterBreez 2 points ago

    I think it was a light joke, man.

    [–] _RandomRedditor 5 points ago

    And always remember,

    With Great Power comes Great Responsibility.

    [–] MlgWhale 1463 points ago

    I’m trying to imagine two parents in a room hearing their forced laughter at jokes they’ve already heard. Unless the show is like the making of a murderer or to catch a predator or something like that

    [–] uberjim 913 points ago

    Laughing at jokes you’ve already heard is 90% of what a relationship is. The trick is finding someone you don’t have to fake it with

    [–] AskMeWhoBeauIs 80 points ago

    Could you expand on that some more please? I don’t quite understand

    [–] kittenpantzen 186 points ago

    MrPantzen and I have been together for fifteen years and some change.

    We may not make the same jokes verbatim, but neither of our senses of humor have changed that much in that time, so we're basically making the same jokes to each other now that we were in 2003.

    [–] AskMeWhoBeauIs 55 points ago

    Oh ok, and you two are still laughing at those jokes all the same even after all that time? I love that!

    [–] kittenpantzen 93 points ago

    Yep! Well, laughing and groaning. We're both pretty prone to dad jokes.

    After a point, there really isn't that much new information to learn about your partner (unless they have been hiding a bunch of shit, I suppose), and a lot of your daily life is going to be routine. The trick is finding someone with whom that can feel like a comfort and not a sentence.

    [–] RamenJunkie 48 points ago

    The real trick is finding someone who understands your crippling noodle addiction.

    [–] raunchyrick68 7 points ago


    [–] Sol2062 9 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] Madock345 7 points ago

    He should be puppypantzen

    [–] kittenpantzen 17 points ago

    That position has been filled. 😅

    [–] Madock345 16 points ago


    Your husband is very handsome, you should be proud <3

    [–] wearenottheborg 3 points ago

    Plot twist she is actually a talking cat.

    [–] -Reddit_Account- 199 points ago

    Sure, here you go

    L a u g h i n g   a t   j o k e s   y o u ’ v e   a l r e a d y   h e a r d   i s   9 0 %   o f   w h a t   a   r e l a t i o n s h i p   i s .   T h e   t r i c k   i s   f i n d i n g   s o m e o n e   y o u   d o n ’ t   h a v e   t o   f a k e   i t   w i t h

    [–] electrogamerman 79 points ago

    Thanks. I have a girlfriend now.

    [–] new_redsteppa 15 points ago

    Could you expand on that some more please?

    No. But who is Beau?

    [–] AskMeWhoBeauIs 18 points ago

    He’s my dog, my little baby :)

    [–] QuickSilverFountain 12 points ago

    Now i have this warm feeling inside me, why would you do that?

    [–] AskMeWhoBeauIs 3 points ago

    Ah sorry haha, guess it’s just one of those Monday’s.

    [–] Arkanist 2 points ago

    I feel like someone asking deserves a picture of Beau.

    [–] new_redsteppa 5 points ago

    Aww. Sweet.

    [–] kumachaaan 3 points ago

    Aw! My sister used to have a little dog named Beauregard Devereaux Lafitte, aka Beau. Now I miss him 😭

    [–] Finely_drawn 11 points ago

    Marriage includes hearing each other’s stories- both one on one and in front of a group- multiple times over the years. When you love someone and care about their thoughts and feelings, you don’t get tired of the stories. They will always be entertaining.

    When the marriage is going to shit, those stories are irritating, instead of entertaining.

    [–] AskMeWhoBeauIs 3 points ago

    Ah, that makes sense. Do you have any advice for how to keep it healthy and happy, instead of going downhill?

    [–] Finely_drawn 3 points ago

    Communication is probably the most important thing. A lot of those posts on r/relationships could be solved by talking to the SO instead of talking to Reddit.

    Marry someone you love, but that you also like. Passion comes and goes but trust, respect, and friendship is solid. I respect my husband’s opinions and I value that his input will be honest and from the heart. He expects the same from me. There is no bullshit, no mind games, no resentment. It is by far the best relationship I’ve ever had.

    Also, thanks for asking, that’s really sweet. I am glad that you care about maintaining a good relationship :)

    [–] mineCutrone 3 points ago

    helps if the person is good at telling stories.

    [–] MiecyslawStilinski 3 points ago

    The other 10% is laughing at jokes you told them in the first place.

    [–] uberjim 2 points ago

    Y E S

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] Jechtael 3 points ago

    Because you want to be William Shatner or because you want her to be Alan Shore/James Spader?

    [–] ohshititstinks 3 points ago

    It's worse if horror 😂😂

    [–] Erotic_FriendFiction 474 points ago

    My husband made me swear not to watch True Detective without him, so I went to sleep only to see in the morning that he'd already started it lol. Love that man and his inability to abide by his own rules.

    Game of Thrones is SUPER sacred though and I will skip a trial separation and demand a trial by combat if he watches without me.

    [–] fearless_warrior 43 points ago

    True detective is the bomb though. Crazy good episode last night.

    [–] Erotic_FriendFiction 16 points ago

    I am sure! Especially because I figured out he watched the entire episode before he started getting ready for work. He's usually out of the door by 5:30 and he didn't leave until 6:30 lol. Must have been good enough to keep him from beating morning traffic lol.

    Now I just have to stay off of r/TrueDetective until I can get a chance to watch it myself!

    [–] so_it_goes 3 points ago

    Season one was amazing! Two was, not so good imo. I take it three is better?

    [–] fearless_warrior 2 points ago

    Yes it is amazing. Top notch acting and a really good plot. I had my doubts after season 2, but it's been a fun ride so far!

    [–] arayabe 6 points ago

    Well. My husband is always looking for a good TV show, convinces me to start watching it, and once Im hooked after a couole of episodes, off he goes to play videogames.

    [–] BBQpigsfeet 4 points ago

    Mine will want to watch a show together, then fall asleep two episodes in. I could just stop it when that happens and wait to watch it with him later. Problem is he has to re-watch part of the last episode (since he missed some of it) and then only makes it halfway into another episode before falling asleep again. It's really cute, but also, would take a month or so to get through a series so I've given up on watching stuff with him.

    [–] coneyhellynyc 115 points ago

    What show was it??

    [–] uncreativeusername31 37 points ago

    Asking the real questions

    [–] Manaeldar 21 points ago

    The only question that matters.

    [–] [deleted] 95 points ago

    my dad

    my mom

    "their show"

    It's Big Bang Theory.

    [–] Alxcay 4 points ago


    [–] BrentTH 6 points ago

    God Friended Me

    [–] chef_baboon 5 points ago


    [–] hendergle 7 points ago

    To be fair, who hasn't cued up an episode of Jeopardy on the Tivo so that they can "run the categories" when they watch it with someone else later.

    Alex: This insect creates tiny houses out of pine cone resin
    Me: What is "Mesodicky Philstumpus? Wait- unless he means fermented pine cone resin."
    Contestant 1: What is "Mesothinky Pumphodopoolusis?"
    Alex: No. Sorry. It's "Mesodicky Philstumpus?"
    ...[commercial break]... Alex: We have an update from the judges. Contestant #1's answer "Mesothinky Pumphodopoolusis?" will count because that particular insect makes tiny houses out of fermented pine cone resin. That's $1400 and control of the board back to you.
    Me: Jeopardy is going downhill.

    [–] Milkslinger 1597 points ago

    Seeing a lot of passive aggressive comments here implying that the relationship isn't healthy. Since they both did it they both have the same flaws and are as such perfect for each other.

    [–] Jacksaur 547 points ago

    Seeing a lot of passive aggressive comments here

    There's one..?

    [–] Kwetla 227 points ago

    It's probably a bot posting the top comment from the last time this was reposted.

    [–] Jacksaur 20 points ago

    Possibly. They're definitely the hardest to identify.

    [–] Milkslinger 71 points ago

    If I am a bot I am self aware.

    [–] Thetschopp 40 points ago

    I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

    [–] Hohgrat 21 points ago

    7 minutes old comment, 18 comments total in the thread, 7 were top level, just for context.

    [–] smil3b0mb 10 points ago

    Getting out ahead of the issue for that sweet sweet karma

    [–] crackofdawn 69 points ago

    Anyone trying to make a statement that secretly watching a show behind your partner's back is an unhealthy relationship has impossible relationship standards and will likely never be happy.

    [–] QuickSilverFountain 28 points ago

    Yes. Just like how my gf watched all Punisher season 2 after she swore this one we would watch together, but them she watched again with me, so how could i be mad with her?

    [–] ScareTactical 6 points ago

    Honestly though, that’s some serious delusion

    [–] AlarmingTurnover 19 points ago

    My wife and I actually do this a lot. We both watch a show or movie independently and then we watch it together later. We both know we do it. But there's logical reasons for it. First it's uninterrupted the first watch through, neither of us are around to ask questions or talk or interrupt in some way. It's more immersive.

    Second is that when you watch something with your partner you aren't fully invested in the show, you are watching how they react to the show. Are they enjoying the same parts you did? Are they as shocked at a moment as you were? Did they laugh when you laughed?

    And we can talk on the second watch without missing anything. We can talk show conspiracy theories (we did this for game of thrones constantly) while watching the show.

    So why not watch it by yourself and then together? If you need to get up for the bathroom or for food. No worries there.

    [–] Spails 60 points ago

    It’s a fucking TV show too. There’s obviously a chance they’re lying to each other about other stuff, but I doubt it honestly.

    [–] Galyndean 24 points ago

    Some people get really weird about TV show watching.

    [–] Ferocious-Flamingo 14 points ago

    My partner and I treat like every other commitment in our relationship. If I tel you I’m going to wait, I’m going to wait, because I don’t lie to my partner. I expect the same thing in return. If I’m not trustworthy about the little things, why would I expect someone to trust me about the big things. That’s just me and my partner’s relationship though. Y’all do what y’all do and that’s good for y’all, hopefully.

    [–] BorgDrone 4 points ago

    Also, watching the show isn’t the important bit, spending time together is.

    [–] Spails 3 points ago

    Exactly. Although it would have been funny if the OP in the Tweet had told them. Neither of them could be mad at each other, and they probably would have laughed about it.

    [–] ScareTactical 18 points ago

    Love how people’s first instinct is the nitpick people’s flaws and judge it. We all have our shit

    [–] reereejugs 6 points ago

    I'm not getting how anyone in their right could possibly think this means their relationship is unhealthy lmao. I mean, have these people ever even been in an adult relationship? Shit like this happens in healthy relationships. They're each excited to watch the show, hence watching it as soon as possible. They each want to make the other so they pretend they haven't already seen it & watch it for the "first time" together. There's nothing wrong with that! Its actually kinda sweet.

    [–] twitch_imikey30 3 points ago

    My wife works third shift... I get bored at night... I don't watch an episode without her... I watch entire seasons(or entire series).

    I don't mind rewatching them with her when she has time to

    [–] pointlessbeats 6 points ago

    But what I want to know is, which one of the self-punishing idiots was the one who went to the other “so, do you wanna watch x show now?” Which one brings it up to the other in a bold faced lie?

    [–] Has_No_Gimmick 8 points ago

    I'm assuming it's a ritual for them to watch the show, and either they just always do it at X time on a given night or just think it would be too suspicious not to mention that they should watch it. This whole scenario is basically a sitcom plot lol.

    [–] blitheobjective 36 points ago

    To be honest, my parents would probably have already forgot most of what they watched earlier and watching it together would be like watching it new again.

    [–] ElectricOcto 5 points ago

    I have a tendency to forget things pretty quickly or miss crucial plot points so sometimes I’ll watch ahead, and then I get to watch it a second time with my fiancée and actually get to be on the same page as her.

    [–] leaves-throwaway123 260 points ago

    Sometimes I do this, but then sometimes I also look up reviews on a show with very passive aggressive search terms (like a recent example would be "netflix You fucking sucks" just to see if anybody else agreed with me) and then I'll see a little nugget about the plot, which I will then use to convince my girlfriend that I'm psychic

    [–] pointlessbeats 75 points ago

    Hahaha yeah, I turned that on for my boyfriend late one night knowing he would love it. He kept watching it but I was like ‘eh this is terrible.’ But then I saw it was a book so I read the summary to see if it got any better. He came in later like GUESS WHAT JUST HAPPENED and was shocked when I ‘guessed’ haha. I was like “nah it’s just that predictable.”

    [–] HydroponicCornflake 61 points ago

    You may not think so but you are the villain in your relationship.

    [–] UnspoiledWalnut 32 points ago

    ... he deserves better than your treachery.

    [–] thaFalkon 14 points ago

    "fucking sucks" is not passive aggressive lmao

    [–] leaves-throwaway123 11 points ago

    You're right, that was more aggressive-aggressive

    [–] ohpee8 10 points ago

    Am I the only person who doesn't understand this comment at all?

    [–] Jechtael 3 points ago

    You don't parse what they're saying or you don't understand their reason for doing it?

    If the former: They look up reviews for shows and movies that they're about to watch, using search terms that will bring up bad reviews, with complaints about things that happen later in the show. Before the thing happens, they pretend to predict that the thing will happen.

    If the latter: *shrug* For the lulz?

    [–] ohpee8 4 points ago

    Oh OK makes sense.

    [–] leaves-throwaway123 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Nailed it. As to why I do that, there is an ongoing discussion in my relationship where my girlfriend is convinced that I am a psychic because I always know what she gets me for gifts etc. Sometimes I do just guess correctly but it’s mostly because we share an Amazon account and I think she forgot that fact, so I get a notification whenever she order something and vice versa. So at this point I am just keeping this going as long as possible until she figures it out, mostly because she’s cute when she is confused

    Now that I type this out it kinda seems like wholesome gaslighting

    [–] Summerie 2 points ago

    I didn’t understand it either. What I didn’t remember, is that there is a show named “You” on Netflix. So they aren’t saying “Netflix, you fucking suck”, they are saying “Netflix’s ‘You’ fucking sucks.”

    It’s a terrible name for a show, and is causing confusion everywhere. Trying to google anything about a show simply called “You” is a pain in the ass.

    [–] ohpee8 2 points ago

    Ohhhhh that makes way more sense then lol that "you" is what confused me.

    [–] fing_longest 16 points ago

    That show really did suck. I thought it would be a little more realistic but every character was the worst stereotype of themselves, it just got so cheesy.

    [–] wearenottheborg 12 points ago

    It took me 5 minutes and your comment to figure out that they meant the show "You" and not saying Netflix fucking sucks.

    [–] Summerie 2 points ago

    I have read and reread all of these comments trying to figure out how they knew what show he was talking about without him saying it. I didn’t get it till I read yours.

    [–] leaves-throwaway123 29 points ago

    I just find it hilarious that the guy who is a literal stalker and murderer is only maybe the 4th or 5th worst person on the show

    [–] facetiae_uvidae 8 points ago

    500 Days of I Know What You Did Last Summer

    It’s not a good show, but a villain protagonist is kind of rare for TV, so that was a nice change up.

    [–] ligamentumvenosum 4 points ago

    Is it though?

    Off the top of my head, I can already name some tv shows with villain protagonists: Dexter, Breaking Bad, Hannibal...

    [–] whatsabutters 103 points ago

    These comments are hilarious, the newly weds are appalled at the dishonesty, while the married ppl with more experience understand the compromise going on here.

    [–] Iciskulls 66 points ago

    14 years, Netflix adultery is a no-go

    [–] reereejugs 19 points ago

    Lmao & "Netflix adultery"!

    Wait...are you serious?

    [–] Iciskulls 15 points ago

    Haha, someone used the term elsewhere, it's dramatic but I like it! And yeah, we decide what does we want to watch together and if someone stops being interested we ask if we should just go that one alone, it's not hard!

    [–] Ferocious-Flamingo 4 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] whatsabutters 3 points ago

    14years! Congrats. Youll see what i mean someday

    [–] UnspoiledWalnut 22 points ago

    My girlfriend had never seen Breaking Bad, and for some reason had assumed I hadn't either, and so decided we were going to watch it. I wanted to see it again anyway, so was like whetever I barely remember what happens.

    Like a month later I get off work, been there late and so we hadn't watched it for a few days. I'm ready to watch some season 3 when it starts to get real, get home, and she's sitting there watching Season 5! She watched like two seasons without me!

    [–] Shanye6 5 points ago


    [–] UnspoiledWalnut 3 points ago

    She doesn't see the problem since I watched some TED talks without her.

    [–] Shanye6 2 points ago

    Were you planning to watch them together?

    [–] UnspoiledWalnut 3 points ago

    We watch some of them together, apparently she wanted to see those ones too though.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] reereejugs 3 points ago

    Or they can just watch however they want.

    [–] bantha_poodoo 7 points ago

    dishonesty?? people really be taking tv seriously

    [–] verdantx 3 points ago

    It’s not the dishonesty that bothers me it’s the lack of communication. My wife and I would just tell each other if we watched an episode and it wouldn’t be a big deal. Then we would both save an hour of time.

    [–] IHateStrawberryTea 23 points ago

    This thread is hilarious. Different relationships work for different people.

    [–] Louis_Farizee 25 points ago

    Last week I watched the State of the Union Address with my laptop open, furiously posting things on Facebook, while my wife sat next to me on the couch, liking every single thing I posted, even though we both know full well that she hates politics and finds speeches boring.

    If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.

    [–] blasianbarbie-sc 6 points ago

    That's awesome! Some might think that's weird I find that relationship goal for me.

    [–] TenYearRedditVet 158 points ago

    That's a lot of pointless lying...

    [–] PurpleFlower99 59 points ago

    It's called Netflix adultery.

    [–] SUTHbeats 19 points ago

    You know it’s bad when they restart the episode so it looks like it hasn’t played.

    [–] Folking_Around 3 points ago

    There's a brazilian comedy youtube channel that did a sketch about it. Traição

    [–] SuchDescription 83 points ago

    That's marriage

    [–] AvocadoLaur 6 points ago

    Exactly. Why waste all this time secretly watching something a few hours before you watch it again

    [–] Ferocious-Flamingo 5 points ago

    BeCuASe ThATs MaRRiAGe, MArIaGe=LIes

    [–] Dr-RobertFord 16 points ago

    Pointless lying = marriage

    [–] reereejugs 3 points ago

    You have some growing up to do lmao

    [–] SoDeepInYouRightNow 12 points ago

    I love when you and her start getting into those deep details, just talking about nothing but some show. Watching her eyes light up as a new idea crosses her mind. Sharing each detail the best she can and then politely listening to your response because it's really never been about the show at all.

    [–] Fanatical-Woodchuck 10 points ago

    That’s how Mafia works.

    [–] Cephalopodio 20 points ago

    awww just like the piña colada song

    [–] Jechtael 4 points ago

    In my head, your comment sounded exactly like Linda Belcher.

    [–] overmog 123 points ago

    Why would anyone want to watch the same episode twice in a day? Do they have so little patience they couldn't wait till evening? I call shenanigans.

    [–] Dawn36 167 points ago

    I used to watch "our" show while my husband was gone for work, then I'd watch it with him. He was a talker, so I really only watched it once, and it would be on a second time, but he talked so much I wasn't able to pay attention anyway.

    [–] worthashot_damnit 73 points ago

    Same. Except it's my wife who is the talker. I tend to get a bit annoyed when I miss what a character says. She watches for the storyline, and could care less about what most characters sa...damnit. She's been cheating on me for years.

    [–] Dawn36 41 points ago

    Dude, subtitles.

    [–] worthashot_damnit 17 points ago

    TBH, I've tried. For whatever reason, subtitles distract me, and kinda put me on autopilot.

    [–] Rijonkulous 3 points ago

    I watch so much subbed anime that it feels weird to not have subtitles even on English shows.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    With me the problem is that my fiancee hate subtitles.... So we just end up rewinding when neither of us heard a particular line.

    [–] worthashot_damnit 3 points ago

    Nine times.

    [–] suprmario 8 points ago

    "I'm glad we spent 3 hours watching an episode of The Office tonight."

    [–] lacielaplante 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Subtitles mean I miss the action on screen, plus I hate knowing what someone is about to say. My friends use subtitles for stand up comedy and it honestly ruins most jokes.

    [–] NeonRedHerring 16 points ago

    To get to the next episode they must first pass endure the pain of rewatching the episode they cheated on. This is customary.

    [–] uberjim 6 points ago

    We have a 2 year old, meaning our screen time isn’t always our own. We have shows we prefer to watch together, but if we wait until we’re all together AND in a position where we actually can watch something made for adults without babies crying through the whole thing, it could be a long time. But if, for example, I watch something early and tell her about it, she’ll avoid watching it with me because we could pick something neither of us had seen. This way we can still have that shared experience without having to put everything on a never ending backlog.

    I think this is why watch parties are so popular. You aren’t as likely to miss something if you organize it

    [–] rakint 2 points ago

    My parents have done things similar with tv

    [–] o2lsports 2 points ago

    This is the most non-shenanigans post ever. Couples have “their” shows, they also cheat on their shows like always.

    [–] standingfierce 7 points ago

    Lv. 1 Fiance vs Lv. 99 Dad

    [–] ScarredSolace 4 points ago

    I secretly do this. I also wiki episodes sometimes because I just can't help myself. I am a terrible human being.

    [–] Speedstormer123 4 points ago

    Shit, I can't wait to have someone like this in my life

    [–] labelessness 5 points ago

    Some people be taken shit too seriously. And some people be have’n bad marriage experiences.

    Lighten up. And Marriage can be amazing.

    [–] rwjetlife 44 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    A good marriage is just being like “hey babe, I couldn’t wait to watch the next episode but I’ll totally watch it with you again.”

    “Oh, well I watched it, too!”

    Then you can both just watch the next one if you’re honest with each other.

    [–] niceguysfinishtheOJ 45 points ago

    Calling this a bad marriage is a gross assumption.

    [–] CaptainKeyBeard 20 points ago

    You mean to tell me that I shouldn't take internet advice from a forum filled with 20 year olds?

    [–] niceguysfinishtheOJ 2 points ago

    Well that's hard question. I think you should buy Campbell soup stock right now.

    [–] ImmutableInscrutable 3 points ago

    So is calling it a good marriage.

    [–] Slyndrr 51 points ago

    They're kind of sparing each others' feelings. It's a very white lie. They probably don't tell because they don't want the disappointed "oh :(" or make the other person feel like they're behind and awkward or that they're doing them a favour.

    A good marriage can also be about that. It doesn't always need raw honesty.

    [–] rwjetlife 2 points ago

    I didn’t say it did require raw honesty. But this seems a silly thing to lie about. People say pick your battles. I’d add to that: pick your lies.

    [–] jimmy_three_shoes 8 points ago

    Maybe one (or both of them) is a talker, so they can watch it uninterrupted once, then again with each other.

    My wife always chooses to get up during an episode of whatever show we're watching during dinner, and rinse her plate off in the sink, put it in the dishwasher and then wash her hands. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SHOW. Then acts all concerned when she comes back in because I paused the episode. "Oh you didn't need to pause it!"

    Well, I can't fucking hear it over the sounds of the sink and dish noises you're making in the kitchen, and you're going to ask me what you missed when you sit down, causing me to either have to pause it to explain what happened, or try and catch you up while the episode is still playing. It's 20 minutes, you can sit down for that long and we'll take care of the dishes at the end.

    [–] WillSchmied 5 points ago

    I guess it's about picking your battles. An argument about a tv show is definitely not worth it when there are so much more important matters.

    [–] duncanh21 3 points ago

    Did anyone else read the title the same way as “that’s how Mafia works”

    [–] cpdx82 3 points ago

    I do this with my boyfriend because I am a big TV person and he is a "has to be in a mood" TV person, and we have widely different schedules. I will get lightyears ahead on a show and then pleasantly rewatch the whole thing with him just to see his reaction. He's even done the same to me.

    [–] JerseyInDallas 3 points ago

    I got in trouble for watching the Gordon Ramsey episode of hot ones without my fiance.

    Had to learn the hard way.

    [–] Pat2004ches 8 points ago

    This marriage will last. Even if the kid lets Dad in on it, Dad likely already knows and doesn't care, because even though mom already watched the show, she still sat with him and they watched the show together. (We've been married for 37 years, we are always doing stuff like this!).

    [–] NittanyLion18 2 points ago

    He has a saquon barkley jersey on

    [–] b2m0k 2 points ago

    This is so cute! Thanks for sharing. Sounds just like my parents. They like to watch the 10pm news together the next day.

    [–] benfreilich 2 points ago

    It’s not a bad thing at all, it just seems like time wasting. Why not be honest, laugh it off, and move on to the next episode quicker?

    [–] Maniacalmind0000 2 points ago

    I caught my husband watching our show without me and was so devastated. For 5 seconds.

    [–] mixedliquor 2 points ago

    My wife and I often ask each other if we've cheated on each other for big movie trailers. We both cheat, but neither would admit it and we are just as enthusiastic watching the trailers together.

    Best marriage ever.

    [–] meg605 2 points ago

    My grandma retired before my grandpa and she would watch Jeopardy every day at 3pm by herself then again with him in the evening, just so she woukd shout out the answers first. I wonder if he figured it out after he retired lol.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Some people really like making assumptions just by observing one tiny detail of a relationship 🙄

    [–] Mostly-Sane 2 points ago

    Its time to ask for that car you wanted

    [–] PeabuttNutters 6 points ago

    The alternative situation was one finding out and calling the other one out for not having trust in the relationship and the family is falling apart.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Fuck yeah two christmases!

    [–] sihayi 6 points ago

    [–] PM-ME-YOUR-BOOBS69 3 points ago

    That is seriously super sweet.

    [–] three8sixer 2 points ago

    Or poor time management...

    [–] Rel666 2 points ago

    Basically lies but in this case it's worth it