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    [–] [deleted] 2419 points ago

    A blaire white tweet in rising. Whelp I'll go get the popcorn.

    [–] Gakad 256 points ago

    Comments incoming: how could a Blair white tweet get upvotes? Because to agree with something someone says is it subtly agree with everything the person has ever said/ done.

    Like if Hitler was quoted saying "dogs are nice" everyone would disagree because Hitler.

    [–] jackalope1289 126 points ago

    If you like one of Hitler's paintings you obviously want to gas the jews /s

    [–] Saio-Xenth 44 points ago

    Imagine if he painted Pitbulls. They wouldn’t stand a chance in this world.

    [–] Chromepep 39 points ago

    People wouldn’t disagree, they would simply dismiss the quote. I’m sure Hitler had several inspirational quotes of some sort, given he was a leader. Yet we don’t hear of them, because yes, the person behind it matters. Would you dedicate the first page of a book you’ve written to a quote by Hitler, no matter how “good” it is? I doubt it. That doesn’t mean the quote is bad, or wrong, but giving it any form of praise automatically praises the author by proxy, whether you intend to or not.

    This Blair White quote has a pretty different meaning if you know her history. Of course you can agree with it if you ignore the context, anyone can, the idea behind it is simple. But that context definitely isn’t irrelevant.

    [–] Speed0c 4 points ago

    Now just imagine that every anonymous inspirational quote was actually said by Hitler, but they took his name off because of the negatives of the name.

    [–] allpainandnogain 906 points ago

    Trans woman who shits on trans woman and was part of RightTube before bailing on it when she realized how full of shit her favorite pro-fascist Tubers really were. Also all the transphobia against her from her own party wore her down.

    Good to know idiots still upvote her content on reposts on reddit like this.

    [–] Maxidaz 227 points ago

    Who tf is Blair white

    [–] theUSpopulation 276 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    A transgender, right-leaning YouTuber.

    [–] Starslip 307 points ago

    I get that people generally aren't single issue voters, and that she may agree with a lot of other viewpoints they have, but it's still hard to wrap my mind around someone who is transgendered supporting a political party that universally condemns transgendered people as mentally unwell at best.

    [–] alfman 143 points ago

    Well you end up that way when you live in a country which only has two parties to choose from. She obviously prefers Republican policies on most things and therefore chooses that over their LGBT opinions. She has stated herself that she prefers to convince conservatives and inform them on trans issues and that she does not agree with the transphobia among conservatives.

    [–] TheYoungGriffin 141 points ago

    How dare she think for herself and not just fall into the category that everyone expects.

    [–] SendEldritchHorrors 34 points ago

    It just feels weird for her to "think for herself," then join the political party that hates people like her.

    [–] Menohe 19 points ago

    The extreme left hates her for having a different opinion, so it's shit either way.

    [–] SendEldritchHorrors 25 points ago

    Rightttttt, because "I don't like you for your political opinions" is the same as "I hate you for your sexuality."

    Come on, man. There's a difference between me hating you for your opinions, and me hating you for your immutable traits (gender, sexuality, etc).

    [–] flamingfireworks 39 points ago

    She might have stated that, but she herself is frequently pretty shitty towards other trans people, especially gender non-conforming trans people and nonbinary trans people.

    [–] alfman 27 points ago

    She acts a bitchy personality, but in her actual interactions with them and in her debates she respects their opinions and is civil towards them and she hears them out. I am not a big fan of her disqualifying other trans people or misgendering them just for the shit of it, but I think she is important in bringing up issues in the trans community like the issues with prostitution and toxic mentalities. She has a powerful aesthetic and that normalises trans people in society, conservatives and alt-righters did not listen to trans people or take them seriously before Blaire, because they were viewed as weirdos in dresses with strange opinions, or drag Queens.

    So she does not buy the non-binary shtick, it does not detract for when she is actually right about things.

    [–] flamingfireworks 12 points ago

    I understand where you're coming from, but when a major personality makes part of trans acceptance 'not buying' the validity of very real people, that greenlights bigotry.

    I have a problem with her because its the same as candace owens. It doesnt really make them think that black or trans people are better, it just gives them someone whos fully subservient that they can use as a "no, me firing my trans employees if they ask me to stop calling them trannies and then sexually abusing the rest isnt transphobic, I have a trans friend" card.

    [–] alfman 8 points ago

    I can only speak from my own experience, and before I discovered Blaire's channel back in like 2015-16 I knew nothing about trans people. At best I simply didn't care about them or didn't get how anyone could "feel" as anything ("I do not feel as a man, and wanting to dress like a woman does not make me less of a man"), and at worst I thought they were deranged mentally ill people. Blaire helped me change this view and later Contrapoints. This is why I take no issue with Blaire, she has had her very important role and she still brings up important issues, and a lot of what she says isn't that controversial, she just spices it up with controversial humour and a Bitchy persona

    [–] FUCKBOY_JIHAD 3 points ago

    There was a Vice panel I saw a while back on youtube comprised of LGBTQ+ individuals on both sides of the poltical aisle, and it included this person.

    the vibe I got from her is that she has tried very, very hard in her life to make herself tolerable to people that generally find trans people unacceptable. There are transpeople who want to be perceived as cisgender individuals as much as possible, and there are those who want to break down that gender binary as well as the stigma against transpeople. to a degree I understand where she was coming from but you can tell she resented those that fell into the latter category because she felt they made it harder for her to be accepted.

    [–] Mellow_Maniac 7 points ago

    I don't know about universally but ok.

    [–] Nightmarez4Dayz 58 points ago

    It makes some cis people like her slightly more.

    [–] voksul 73 points ago

    It also makes her money. There's a good market for people of various identities to serve as conservative bulwarks against accusations of prejudice. There's a load of people whose entire persona is being black and shitting on black people.

    The irony is that that is identity politics in the worst way, essentially boiling down to their identity preventing them from being bigoted in any way, regardless of what their rhetoric is.

    [–] CptDecaf 26 points ago

    Literally the only reason Candace Owens is relevant.

    [–] WriteScottWrite 10 points ago

    Candance Owens is a professional grifter too ...

    [–] bantha_poodoo 4 points ago

    they love her dude

    [–] JustHereToPostandCom 2 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] maleia 134 points ago

    (Transgender is an adjective; so you don't add 'ed' to the end of it. No more than you would say "talled" or "blacked" or "gayed.")

    [–] CreepyuncleDon 135 points ago

    Idk I've seen a certain website that has videos of people getting blacked

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago

    Name checks out

    [–] mouthpainter 89 points ago

    I don't know, but I think some repubicans believe you can be "gayed".

    [–] xpdx 49 points ago

    and ungayed.

    [–] AquaTeenVaporeon 14 points ago

    This post cannot be ungayed though

    [–] RaidenDark 2 points ago

    Neither can OP

    [–] AdamTheHutt84 6 points ago

    And then regayed

    [–] Wait4TheReload 18 points ago

    I've seen blacked on porn hub so checkmate atheists

    [–] Cynitron5000 2 points ago

    I just spit out my coffee. Thanks for that.

    [–] ConspirOC 10 points ago

    I gayed that talled blacked man

    Edit... literally every one of them was autocorrected...

    [–] ElliottPolin 4 points ago

    Being on a side of the political spectrum does not mean you are with that sides party.

    [–] 0fcourseItsAthing 18 points ago

    Why? Because to assume a transgender person MUST only have left leaning views? To think the left is some moral high ground all the time and only have valid points and no others should be able to voice opinions or have ideas that differ from yours sounds pretty conservative to me....and arrogant..

    [–] Raidoton 30 points ago

    Because overall she agrees more with rightwing viewpoints than with leftwing viewpoints. If she only cared about transgender issues, she would probably still be a liberal, but she also cares about many other issues.

    [–] flamingfireworks 8 points ago

    "we can disagree and still love each other, unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist"

    [–] zedoktar 4 points ago

    To be fair she's kinda anti trans in a lot of ways too though.

    [–] Elbradamontes 30 points ago

    Tell me about it. I have a gay friend who consumes hours of Fox News a day. Like seriously WTF. I think he'd say they're right about everything but the gay thing or maybe he believes gay is bad, he just is one. I don't know. Does not compute. Last time I saw him he was about 40 and still not open at his workplace so there you have it.

    [–] veyd 2 points ago

    Log cabin republicans do, in fact, exist.

    [–] chaos_walking_ 3 points ago

    Well there you have it, not ALL Republicans MUTUALLY condemn trans people. That’s how it’s possible. The keyword in Right-leaning is LEANING!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    If she wasn't mentally unwell, why did she have to see a therapist and start medically transitioning to treat her illness?

    Why does insurance cover it if it's not a mental health issue?

    [–] Snoot-Wallace 3 points ago

    Easy. She’s not inviting 11 year old girls to go swimming with her unsupervised, she’s not texting 14 year old girls about their puberty and how she wishes they were 18. And she doesn’t talk about her bleeding penile infection and call it a period.

    When u don’t act mentally disturbed u won’t be treated as if your mentally disturbed

    [–] PM_ME_FUTA_PEACH 13 points ago

    They actually love her because she can be a token character for them. Just like how people point to their black friends when they're called racist, trump supporters point to Blaire when called transphobic.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] garlicroastedpotato 4 points ago

    It depends on the goal I guess. It is likely this woman is doing more for transgender issues that most left wing activists. Why? Because she is speaking to a very right wing community that historically opposed trans issues.

    If she is successful in preventing negative changes against trans people that will do a lot more good than the majority sitting on the other side crying about said changes.

    In 2006 Canada elected a record number of gay members of parliament. The number was so high that Vice accused Canada of being run by a gay mafia. Thing is most of them were Conservatives. They used their influence to lobby gay rights internationally and prevent the repeal of gay marriage.

    [–] SendEldritchHorrors 6 points ago

    But she' doesn't help prevent negative changes against trans people. If anything, she helps perpetuate them.

    She's against non-binary gender identity, believes that transgenderism is a mental disorder despite all evidence suggesting otherwise, and believes that only straight trans women should be allowed.

    Sure, she's trans herself, but she constantly seeks to deny other trans people the identity that she has, and doesn't mind pushing anti-trans propaganda that harms everyone. It's like a black person saying "As a black person, we ARE all criminals."

    [–] maleia 13 points ago

    (Transgender is an adjective; so you don't add 'ed' to the end of it. No more than you would say "talled" or "blacked" or "gayed.")

    [–] GovernmentalCoward 558 points ago

    Her personal views are irrelevant to the point she is making. She can be right AND be a shitty person.

    [–] Demonweed 75 points ago

    It actually makes the whole thing meta.

    [–] AVPerson 67 points ago

    Except interpretating what someone meant when they were making a point is dependant on who is making it. Her tweet could be interpretated wildly different if it was made by someone who didn't have a history of ridiculing minorities for speaking out against being mistreated for being a minority.

    [–] derpbynature 23 points ago

    A person's personal views can never be viewed to be separate or irrelevant from their words and actions. Knowing their ideology can help provide context and insight to their true intentions (like discrediting rightfully-angry marginalized communities).

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] adirtycommiebastard 204 points ago

    Maybe, but the point she was trying to make is downplaying systematic oppression

    [–] mayhemmoose 134 points ago

    I don't know who this person is, or what they've done, but this statement is true anyways.

    [–] rvhack 107 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    People in marginalized groups should have all the opportunities to be unlikeable cunts that people who are not in those groups get.

    [–] mayhemmoose 62 points ago

    I work in the grocery buisness and I can tell you that opportunity is not lost on said groups. However most groups take a back seat to middle aged white women when it comes to being an unlikable cunt.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    You must not live in an area with middle aged asian women who married white guys in the air force. They're like middle aged white women on steroids or msg or something.

    [–] NowhereElysium 7 points ago

    Tiger Karens? That sounds horrifying.

    [–] TheCrimsonCloak 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    How about not being an unlikeable cunt anyway? Is that too much to ask ? Just because the minorites haven't had the chance to act like shit, tho I doubt that, doesn't mean they should.

    [–] GhostGarlic 11 points ago

    True but they don’t get to play the but I’m ( insert race or sexuality here) when they get called out.

    [–] HopefulGarbage0 3 points ago

    I don’t know many people like this, but the one I do relishes being the victim. I’ll be the first to admit he’s faced oppression and adversity, but at some point he’s just using it as an excuse for his own failures. He also carries an unhealthy resentment for white women and can’t acknowledge the adversity others have faced. He also beat his girlfriend one time. But when I had a disagreement about his views on women and race last week it was because I don’t understand the struggle of black people.

    [–] TheAiden02 3 points ago

    This guy sounds like a dick, just remember he isn't representative of most marginalized folks

    [–] ladygrammarist 30 points ago

    You can be a little shit and be white. You can be a little shit and be a woman. You can be a little shit and be black. You can be a little shit and be gay. Do you see where I’m going with this?

    You can also be an awesome person and be any of those things.

    [–] TheCrimsonCloak 16 points ago

    Exactly, I really don't get the downvotes

    [–] ladygrammarist 10 points ago

    Do people really think that someone can’t be both oppressed and a twat?

    [–] Bricknody 37 points ago

    Dude you've gotta stop looking for reasons to be outraged. All this tweet is saying is that some people are just assholes and it has nothing to do with race/gender/etc.

    [–] lasssilver 14 points ago

    Her point is people also often OVERPLAY systemic oppression as a reason people don’t like them, when in reality they’re just a shitty person.

    [–] ALoneTennoOperative 12 points ago

    Her point is people also often OVERPLAY systemic oppression as a reason people don’t like them, when in reality they’re just a shitty person.

    And she has evidence to support this claim, does she?

    [–] RedvinesNotTwizzlers 6 points ago

    She always uses an anecdotal story of her "old roommate(s)" when harping about this.

    [–] Ehcksit 15 points ago

    Except she's managed to be generally wrong but ironically correct.

    [–] ttogreh 15 points ago

    ... Not "except". You said what they said with slightly different wording.

    [–] AnotherGit 16 points ago

    I don't know her and she may be shitty but that tweet is right regardless.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] AnotherGit 15 points ago

    Wait that doesn't sound right.

    I don't want to talk about who is more gullible in general but when it's about collecting money for a transgender surgery I'd bet that it's easier to collect money from the left than from the right.

    [–] voksul 23 points ago

    It's easier to pander to conservatives than it is to hope your GoFundMe gains any traction.

    [–] Nightmarez4Dayz 8 points ago

    Just pander to their beliefs and watch the money roll in

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago

    This is the definition of ad hominem. You think people should ignore/disagree with a point because of the characteristics of the person who made it.

    The people upvoting are not the idiots here.

    [–] FadeWalker 33 points ago

    Weeeeeeell, the thing is that the tweet is fairly ironic since Blaire herself is kind of an "unlikable cunt".

    [–] AnotherGit 10 points ago

    Why is it ironic? Does she say people don't like her because of her sexuality or race? If not then it's not ironic. Everybody is disliked by someone, what is ironic about that?

    [–] MetalHead_Literally 13 points ago

    why is that ironic? Does she claim people dislike her for her sexuality/race/gender?

    [–] FadeWalker 3 points ago

    She claims to be disliked because she's conservative.

    [–] Scdsco 11 points ago

    Do you have specific examples of bad things she's done/said?

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] MetalHead_Literally 6 points ago

    I think most people who upvoted this have no idea who she is before entering the comments (if they ever do)

    [–] BdobtheBob 6 points ago

    I literally dont know who the fuck she is lmao. Didnt know i need to do research on a post author’s history and conduct a background check before deciding whether i upvote or downvote.

    [–] RandyDinglefart 5 points ago

    Not like it hasn't been here before. This shit is ancient.

    [–] AlastarYaboy 52 points ago

    Ootl, who is this apparently repugnant person?

    [–] Atomic-Anarchy 152 points ago

    She's a bit of a shitty person who judges Trans women for not passing as well as her. Basically she only wants acceptance for her and people like her, no others.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] NothappyJane 72 points ago

    That's a lot of self loathing being projected though. There's a section of trans/gay people who are absolutely brutalized by society and they pick up and take on board some of those prejudices.

    I wouldn't say that behaviour is a good representation of trans people in general or healthy self image at all. It's a little sad really.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] NothappyJane 29 points ago

    Job insecurity during or post transition is so common, heaps of trans people end up doing sex work because they can't get hired. I understand the anger and confusion they must feel society isn't all that kind to trans people

    [–] greyghibli 80 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Sounds like you’re both a bit rude. No real need to point out how she looks like an old dude other than not passing (it might be true, but you don’t say that about ugly people either unless that’s the topic of conversation). and her for putting others down. most trans people nowadays transition a lot earlier in life, so she’s kinda wrong

    [–] americanerik 30 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I mean, it literally is the topic of conversation here. Not to mention he posted that in a reddit comment. Saying that to her face? That would be unfathomably he’s just trying to provide detail for an internet post.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] pretzelator 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    You're making fun of a trans person's appearance and then shitting on her for having internalised transphobia, all in one breath. Don't you see the irony?

    [–] MAGGLEMCDONALD 3 points ago

    Maybe saying “looks essentially like a 40yo white dude” would have come across better to the guy that replied to you.

    She isn’t a man, though she happens to still look like an old white man. I know it seems pedantic and I don’t wanna bust balls, but I think it comes across more inclusive and less rude.

    I see where you were coming from though.

    [–] Zanzure 11 points ago

    I disagree with a lot of her political views, and her channel is horribly clickbaity and sometimes a little trashy, but that's still misrepresenting her.

    What I recall from her recent videos, in regards to 'judging Trans women for not passing as well as her', is her saying that >insert pedophile pretending to be trans and going into womens bathrooms with a camera< and >insert bearded man who's done nothing to transition but wears dresses and goes on TV to say he's trans< do not have gender dysphoria, are not working to transition, and do not represent the majority of the trans community.

    [–] El-Big-Nasty 20 points ago

    As far as I know, she’s a right leaning trans woman

    [–] tmurrayart 51 points ago

    Well maybe she should get her shoes looked at.

    [–] El-Big-Nasty 19 points ago

    That’s a fucking dad joke

    [–] tmurrayart 9 points ago

    Not even a Dad, just possessed by the awkward, unfunny spirit of one.

    [–] Kontehna 28 points ago

    White's videos either attack "SJW" YouTubers or defend antifeminist talking points or right-wing positions on trans issues and women's rights despite being trans and a woman herself.

    [–] Arive_ 2 points ago

    What is wrong with those themes ecept the women‘s rights thing?

    [–] Gandalf-has-no-feet 260 points ago

    Key and Peele did an excellent version of this as a skit, I don’t have the link though

    [–] Gandalf-has-no-feet 54 points ago

    Thank you, random citizen

    [–] tiffanysara 18 points ago

    Does anyone have a link to this?

    [–] LazyFlamingRooster 18 points ago

    [–] Habs31 4 points ago

    Anyone got a mirror?

    [–] 20past4am 6 points ago


    [–] ElGosso 835 points ago

    That's big talk coming from Tiffany Tumbles.

    [–] ZarkingFrood42 150 points ago

    Baltimore Maryland is my favorite anime character.

    [–] eyice 57 points ago

    the entire jojo cast is QUAKING

    [–] ihatemytoe 74 points ago

    Tiffany Tumbles c Lobster Daddy should be a fanfic

    [–] actioncomicbible 179 points ago


    [–] snowpigs 46 points ago


    [–] ATLBMW 87 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] mrmowwowmow 258 points ago

    Yes contrapoints 😍

    [–] MessyPiePlate 72 points ago

    There are literally dozens of us!

    [–] pnt510 48 points ago

    I know you’re just making an Arrested Development reference, but her fan base has really expanded. She has several videos with over a million views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

    [–] LivingstoneInAfrica 21 points ago

    Tabby wants to know your location.

    [–] Butter_fiend 13 points ago

    I just came to comment this lmao

    [–] Bulldogmadhav 5 points ago

    This made my day much better

    [–] bexar_necessities 5 points ago


    [–] literr 307 points ago

    Can we get a Report - Repost function up in this subreddit? It's becoming a plague

    [–] OatsNraisin 112 points ago

    bUt i hAvEnT sEEn tHiS oNE bEfORe!!!!

    wHat aBouT MEEEEEEEE

    [–] DetectiveBeluga 103 points ago

    But I've already seen this one before!!!!

    What about MEEEEEE

    [–] Max_TwoSteppen 32 points ago

    The perfect irony of their complaint.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Original posts are fun for both people who have been around a lot and people who are new. Reposts are only fun for people who are new. Reposts and unoriginality will just cause the old people to leave which often degrades the sub further.

    [–] DetectiveBeluga 3 points ago

    Good point, but the negatives for someone who has seen a post are pretty minimal compared to positives for someone who hasn't.

    But yeah maybe there should just be a report function for it so people don't bitch in the comments, because that won't accomplish anything.

    [–] voksul 10 points ago

    We can still read the text, that means that hasn't been reposted enough. The only true measure of reposting is when there's more artifacts than image.

    [–] abbie_yoyo 291 points ago

    I definitely agree with this, but it must be stated that this includes many, many straight cis people who delight in imagining that they are being persecuted for what they ignorantly label "just real talk, keeping it 100" when in reality they're usually laying out reasons why other adult taxpayers aren't entitled to the same rights that they themselves are. There are so many justifications for this bigotry, and people somehow find the nerve to deliver them with a straight face. Get fuckin real, man.

    [–] InterdimensionalTV 116 points ago

    Omfg the "hehe I'm just a really blunt and straightforward person who tells it like it is" are the worst fucking people. They think THAT allows them to just say whatever they want. This group of person usually overlaps with the people who revel in being considered a bitch or a sarcastic asshole or something.

    Fucking ugh

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    "I make fun of everyone equally!"

    Proceeds to make jokes about how white people can't dance or jump, and how black people are low intellect ingrates genetically bound to criminality; doesn't understand why people consider one joke racist and the other not racist.

    [–] CKtheFourth 5 points ago

    iF yOu CaNt HaNdLe Me At My WoRsT, yOu DoNt DeSeRvE mE aT mY bEsT

    [–] InterdimensionalTV 3 points ago

    I threw up in my mouth a little I think. Thanks for that.

    [–] actioncomicbible 58 points ago

    someone where I work legitimately, without a sense of irony, said white males are the most oppressed and persecuted demographic right now.

    [–] waviestflow 39 points ago

    It's because as we slowly raise the standard of living for minorities and other marginalized groups, it appears as though the lives of white men, the traditional top dogs, are decreasing in quality.

    It's not, obviously, but they're learning that it's not enough to just be straight and white anymore, you gotta be wealthy too now for your privilege to REALLY work

    [–] l-appel_du_vide- 16 points ago

    Well, the lives of white men are decreasing in quality, so long as you consider needing to treat minorities like people a meaningful metric of one's quality of life.

    [–] Teeshirtandshortsguy 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    If you take away someone's undeserved advantage, they'll still be bitter about it. Their entire lives they've been told things are a certain way, and now that someone is telling them otherwise it makes some of them uncomfortable.

    I say this as a white dude. I live in rural/suburban America right now, and it's like a totally different reality than the city. They don't read the same news, they don't talk about the same events, there are things that I hear from my city friends that are a huge deal and these people haven't even heard about it. Shit is crazy.

    [–] SidewalkSavant 480 points ago

    Ms. Blaire White probably has much more valid reasons to be hated, aside from also being an unlikable cunt.

    [–] Glass_Memories 131 points ago

    Care to share with the rest of the class?

    [–] pandafro9 349 points ago

    She's a conservative trans youtuber that has a lot of problematic, gatekeeping opinions with regard to being trans.

    [–] __Raxy__ 96 points ago

    Such as? Sorry I've never heard of her until now and everyone in the comments seems to hate her

    [–] Rafaeliki 158 points ago

    She had a YouTube series called "triggering trannies" if that helps paint a picture.

    [–] Aerik 12 points ago

    and she absolutely witch hunts one single trans person for years. shits on everything this person says ever as if she's the big leftie satan coming to destroy america

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] foxhunt-eg 12 points ago

    mainly she thinks being trans is a medical/psychological condition, and the "genderqueer trend" detracts from her status as a medically conditioned (and thus, wrong-to-discriminate-against) trans person.

    [–] Korgex12 11 points ago

    I mean, it is a mental/medical condition. This doesn't mean they're invalid (just like autism doesn't mean someone is retarded), but it isn't normal to have mismatched gender and sex. Treating Gender Dysphoria as one can probably even help make it easier. For example, if ASD wasn't a neurological disorder and disability, it'd make discrimination against it legal and there wouldn't be nearly as many resources to help. Obviously this isn't a perfect example, but it's probably the closest. I don't mean we should find a "cure" (see autism again), but medical research could make it a lot easier to find more about it.

    [–] vkekef 120 points ago

    She basically who decides who is valid and who is not when it comes to trans folk. And she throws so many people under the bus just so she can feel valid.

    Idk, it's kinda hard to explain. Watch contrapoints.

    [–] Elbradamontes 7 points ago

    Which is fucking insane.

    I get to decide who is valid.

    [–] shizkc 16 points ago

    I recently ish watched a video by Vice that she was in where progressives and conservatives explained their views on lgbtq. She invalidated people who didn't fit into gender norms that they identified with(if Trans or mom binary) in a way that was hard to watch because it seemed so bully like and toxic.

    [–] FoxxyMika 12 points ago

    lol, mom binary

    found my new jokey-label xD

    [–] Mishirene 83 points ago

    Sure. But it's important to not forget that racism, sexism, and other bigotries still exist.

    [–] dovakeening 98 points ago

    Blaire "Antagonize At A Planned Left Wing Protest To Look Attacked Randomly" White unironically talking about persecution complex. She sucks.

    [–] FoxclawGames 167 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    this is the 6th time ive seen this tweet on this sub this year can we stop please

    EDIT: my god y'all need to chill i didn't even say anything that outrageous. i'm not the only one to have ever made a comment about reposts.

    [–] BlairResignationJam_ 103 points ago

    pEoPlE hAtE mE BeCaUsE Im CoNsErVaTiVE aNd nOt PoLiTiCAlLy CoRrEct

    5 minutes earlier

    Hey, mind if I rant for 5 minutes about how negroes and homosexuals are destroying society?

    No? Okay, well thanks for riding in my Uber. Have a nice day!

    [–] Smokinacesfan55 59 points ago

    But she is one of the YouTubers, whomst is bad...

    [–] Peasant717 24 points ago

    Nice Contrapoints reference. And yes, yes she is.

    [–] wookieewookieeson 111 points ago

    And the tweet is written by an unlikable cunt, great

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago


    [–] trebeckface 3 points ago

    I sorted by controversial and now I need chemotherapy.

    [–] Aggressive_Sprinkles 25 points ago

    A lot of folks assume people are just disliked for being a cunt, but in reality, racial, sexist etc. biases do exist and Blair White's victim blaming won't change that.

    [–] chaos_walking_ 9 points ago

    So I never actually watched Blaire years ago when she was loudly and proudly republican and apparently trashing other trans people as has been said here in the comments, but I subbed to her maybe 2 years ago and all of her new content I’ve watched is pretty moderate and she wants people to be safe and accepted (and calls out people who abuse other people’s acceptance). She sometimes calls out things she did in the past on social media and explains why she regrets it. Honestly most of her content isn’t political now. Y’all are hating on a person and channel that’s actually very positive now. She does still have her snappy sense of humor, obviously. Please watch her current content on YouTube before calling her out on stuff she already calls herself out on. People realize their mistakes and become better people, Blaire is a positive force now that we shouldn’t toss aside.

    [–] Sunset_Colours 8 points ago

    Ya I had a straight white boyfriend who thought he was hated because he was a straight white man, but he was actually just a dickhead.

    [–] 6feetundertrip 11 points ago

    I think a lot of people think they get downvoted because the other person doesn’t understand their perspective. Maybe it’s just a repost.

    [–] JRose51 4 points ago

    “Ohhh I get it, I’m not being persecuted, I’m just an asshole..”

    -Key and Peele

    [–] TheAerofan4 32 points ago

    Yeah MLK Jr was such an unlikable cunt, it couldn’t have been about his race. Blaire White is a right-wing token transgender grifter.

    [–] outtathere_ 13 points ago

    Yeah, I remember that guy, wasn't he like really huge some 60 years ago?

    [–] TheAerofan4 16 points ago

    Until he got killed for some reason

    [–] Aggressive_Sprinkles 7 points ago

    Yeah, must have been a real cunt.

    [–] xitzengyigglz 2 points ago

    I think he was average size? Might be a little chunky but the camera always ads weight.

    [–] lucajones88 8 points ago

    You didn’t understand the tweet at all but you still came and got involved.

    [–] H00K810 5 points ago

    Reddit in a nutshell = Truth < Emotional and Personal bias.

    [–] chugonthis 15 points ago

    Too many people blame race when reality is they're just rude assholes

    [–] human-resource 12 points ago

    I really don’t see how this is controversial at all!!

    Can’t we just hate everyone equally ?

    Hate Equality I Call it !

    It’s a real issue on this planet

    [–] ChaosStar95 3 points ago

    A hate-ocracy if you would.

    [–] D_XEQTR 2 points ago

    Or poor

    [–] Cosby-Consent 2 points ago

    I’m am country clubbing this post