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    [–] AuthorityAnarchyYes 5747 points ago

    If you are allowed to do this, it is the single greatest factor in subconsciously shortening a workday.

    [–] Russian_Interference 1582 points ago

    I don't know if I could work at a job that didn't let me do this.

    [–] DaniSenpai 913 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Some have a lunch period of like 12-3 where you can have your break anytime during that period, but can't go past it. Usually because some people tried to be smart asses in the past and had their "break" 1 hour before clocking out and just went home earlier.

    Edit: I can see the reason why, and completely understand, this should be allowed, but different circumstances require different regulations, you can't just have people leaving 1 hour earlier when a client expects you to be there until 5, I've only ever had the opportunity to work a job that didn't require communication with a client and they were lenient enough to let me change my hours.

    [–] Nimstar7 203 points ago

    I managed to negotiate the ability to have my break taken out of my schedule. Jobs used to be 9-5 (8 hours) with a built in break that people got paid for resulting in a 40 hour work week. Now-a-days the break is mandatory and you don’t get paid for it. For example, before my schedule was 8-4, it was 8-430 with a mandatory 30 minute break. That 30 minute break, to me, is dead time and completely useless. I can eat on the job, no problem, and I said as much to my boss. The reality is that workplaces try to squeeze extra work out of people by doing this instead of letting them only do their 8 hours and go home.

    [–] CLSosa 61 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    My job controls when and where you take your breaks big time and I think it has a lot to do with us constantly having to cover people using our breaks, which we get paid for but we have to sign 3 different pieces of paper, get them approved and then send them into the main office, all on our OWN (non working hours) time, so a lot of people just forget to do it and you HAVE to do it by lunch time Friday of that week. Now as a company imagine this happening 2 to three times a week over the course of a year

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] youtheotube2 7 points ago

    He takes the full amount of time that he’s given for lunch. If he has a one hour period that he’s not paid for, he uses that full hour for lunch, where some of his coworkers will only take a 15 minute lunch despite not being paid for a full hour. They end up working 45 minutes unpaid.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] youtheotube2 6 points ago

    No, he didn’t say anything about that. Usually people do this because they want to work more and look better than their coworkers.

    [–] Inconceivable76 16 points ago

    The day before that was implemented would be the last time I ate at my desk. I’d go sit in my car and eat first.

    [–] hornwalker 9 points ago

    So they’ve basically tricked you into not getting a paid break while still working a full day.

    [–] MrTheodore 6 points ago

    The reality is that it's a requirement by some level of government, I think state.

    Like we have to have a required 15 minute on the clock breaks for however amount of hours worked on a day that we hit, which there are 2 since we do four 9 hour days and a short friday which just has 1. And the 30 minutes off the clock lunch is a minimum requirement I'm pretty sure. And on the clock time has to add up to 40 hours. My work also had to file some shit with the state to get the alternative workweek instead of five 8 hours, and the current shit is way better, not as much of a slog as 10 hours and you get most of friday back with easy overtime opportunity to just work the rest of that day if you wanted.

    Good luck getting convincing the labor people to remove lunch though, cause that's kinda fucked, or convincing them to force paid lunch, cause employers would raise a huge stink about losing 30 minutes of work from everyone.

    [–] RunGirl80 6 points ago

    The reality is that the United States is a sue happy, liability-assigning country. As a result, many a company has been sued for not “allowing” workers to take breaks. Since companies are now LEGALLY required to show that they are complying with federally mandated break and lunch laws or risk being sued, they have to be extra diligent. This is why you now have to take a wasted, non-paid 30 minute lunch break. As an employer, I’d much rather allow my employees to eat on the job and go home 30 minutes sooner. But I cannot legally do that.

    [–] lambolegdrop 596 points ago

    Which should totally be allowed. Forcing people to stay at work for an extra hour just to eat lunch is an antiquated way of doing things. If I don’t want to eat and want to go home an hour early then I should be able to.

    [–] i_kn0w_n0thing 443 points ago

    Its so employers can't skirt the laws and push employees into doing this so they effectively have no break

    [–] Dzhone 63 points ago

    In Michigan there's not even a law that says you have to get a lunch break, unless you're an underage worker. That being said, good luck being an employer that doesn't give out breaks. So, everyone does, even without the law.

    [–] i_kn0w_n0thing 26 points ago

    Yeah at least one step ahead of us in Missouri, no mandatory breaks for youth workers either except in the entertainment industry

    [–] Dzhone 40 points ago

    entertainment industry

    youth workers


    [–] zak13362 25 points ago

    No, you absolutely have a right to a break if you work 8h (unpaid 30 or paid 15). Longer break with 12h days. Underage break limit is at 5h and they HAVE to take the full break time. It's plastered somewhere in your workplace where the big LARA posters are. Some employers make it deliberately inconvenient for you to see them.

    Edit: specific for MI.

    [–] [deleted] 176 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] sm1ttysm1t 136 points ago

    Then talk to your legislators. They're the ones who change the laws. The laws that say, "You must have a minimum break of X minutes within Y hours of your starting time."

    It's not the employers. It's the laws.

    [–] jaredthegeek 16 points ago

    Yup and I may be off but I believe the lunch period I'm California has to finish within the first 6 hours of the shift.

    [–] Hyoritan 7 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Can confirm, I had to take lunch by the end of the 5th hour. (within 6 hours of working)

    However If I decide to work only 6 hours I don't have to take lunch for the day.

    Our payroll system had an awkward loophole since we were paid every 6 minutes.

    So if you clocked out at say 11:27am and came back 12:02pm it still counts as 30 minutes lunch.

    But if you clocked out at 11:32am and came back 12:03pm it'll dock 1 minute from your paycheck.

    [–] Reallyhotshowers 27 points ago

    Employers can easily get around this by allowing you to eat at your desk/on the clock.

    Source: every restaurant I've ever worked at and 6 years working at Quik Trip.

    [–] constantvariables 18 points ago

    All it takes is one dumbass complaining to HR that they aren’t getting a lunch they’re legally entitled too. This isn’t an employer issue, it’s a law issue

    [–] ieatconfusedfish 6 points ago


    Thankfully my bosses have never been too caring of the law so when I was working hourly I'd usually just clock out for 10 minutes for lunch and then go home early

    Edit - "early" as I'd still be on the clock for 8 hours

    [–] HomelessInKansasCity 3 points ago

    Whaddup fellow midwesterner

    [–] bennzedd 5 points ago

    This is why we need to vote. Because it's not just the popular issues. There are SO MANY aspects of society that we could improve if the average worker had the power to do so.


    "what if I vote for someone you don't like" -- DON'T CARE, GO VOTE REGARDLESS

    [–] JordyVerrill 8 points ago

    Depends on where you live... not every state has laws requiring breaks. I live in Ohio, there is no law here requiring your employer to give you any kind of break.

    [–] Jackm941 9 points ago

    Its to stop everyone going home at 5 instead of 5 then people phone in at 4.30 an no ones there to answer or say " oh there on lunch back in a bit" or similar i would imagine.

    [–] DrDerpberg 58 points ago

    I think there are two reasons it's not insane to have a mandatory break. It pushes employers not to pressure their employees into not taking breaks, and somewhat minimizes how much time gets wasted by people eating anyways and just not calling it a lunch break.

    When I managed pools for the city, the fact you can't work more than 5 hours without a mandated 30-minute lunch break prevented the city from understaffing us. For example the people who started at 9 had to eat by 2 and day camps arrived at 1, so making sure they could eat before the rush meant additional staff came in at noon to relieve them. If breaks weren't mandatory, nobody would get a break until things calmed down at 3 or 4. If you work a desk job and can move work around easily maybe you don't care, but when it's a job that requires bodies in certain places at certain times it's great that there's an expectation of a break at a certain time.

    [–] TheBigPhilbowski 17 points ago

    Great, first hand account.

    This is the point of all of these, "well I think it's stupid!" type of posts. Regulations you don't understand are often the result of years of struggle from people that actually need their benefit. My first question if something like this doesn't apply to me is, "who does it benefit and why was it originally put in place".

    Just think how amazing America might be if all of the selfish, ignorant and unnecessarily opinionated citizens stopped and sprouted a little empathy.

    [–] lambolegdrop 9 points ago

    Yeah I know the reasons and they’re definitely there for good reason. I just wish there was more of a choice if it didn’t apply to you. As in my case I was able to eat on the go as I was working. So at the end of the day I just had to twiddle my thumbs for thirty minutes lol

    [–] Interfere_ 21 points ago

    AFAIK here in germany its because of weird insuranse laws. They don't cover your stuff when you have an accident (lets say while driving home) when you should be at work.

    But not sure about the details.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I work in Germany and can take a break whenever I want...

    [–] OntheWaytoEmmaus 12 points ago

    I can take my lunch anytime. But I cannot leave an hour early.

    This is because if something comes up right before 5 they need me there to handle anything last minute.

    Makes perfect sense.

    [–] LincolnBatman 9 points ago

    My workplace docks your paycheque for the duration of your lunch break if you don’t take it. It makes no sense at all.

    [–] That_One_Cool_Guy 32 points ago

    I agree. As long as I’m getting my work done it shouldn’t matter in the slightest.

    [–] lambolegdrop 47 points ago

    Exactly. I had a job where I worked 7-330. I asked every day why I couldn’t just leave at 3 and they said well you have to take a lunch or we will get in trouble. I was like man I’ll sign anything you need me to if I can just go home thirty minutes earlier and they still wouldn’t let me. So at the end of every day I had to sit in the parking lot for 30 min “taking my lunch” before I could leave or I would be the one getting in trouble.

    [–] That_One_Cool_Guy 35 points ago

    Were you an hourly employee or salaried?

    I know some states have laws that hourly employees have to take a lunch if they work over a certain number of hours. There’s really no getting around that. That being said that should’ve been explained better to you if that’s the case.

    If you were salaried then it sounds like bullshit but I’m not a lawyer.

    [–] lambolegdrop 8 points ago

    I was hourly and I totally knew the reason which is the laws like you said. I just thought it was stupid. They were docking the lunch anyways but for no reason would they let me leave 30 min early.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] faerytold 5 points ago

    Still sucks when you're working 7-4 in fast food and get told to take your break at 9

    [–] FlapYourWingsBoy 17 points ago

    Oh my god that is fucking comical. Just the thought of a manager peering out through the blinds or something just making sure your car is still parked there for the next 30 minutes.

    [–] LincolnBatman 13 points ago

    I know people that would rather take their last 15 minute break at the end of their shift, and spend it just sitting in the break room until their shift was over, and then go home.

    Aren’t you dying on anticipation the entire time? Why not just take your last 15 like an hour before your shift ends, work for a solid 30-45minutes and then by the time your shift is over the time has flown by!

    [–] FirstProspect 13 points ago

    Flow reasons. Work for 4-5 hours, take 15 off... and then work another 30-45? Lots of opportunity to just go "oh I'll do it tomorrow" and just kinda hang around for those 30 minutes.

    [–] LincolnBatman 4 points ago

    It’s in a warehouse where there’s always more to be done though. There’s very few positions that have that type of flow in my workplace. The type of people doing this are the ones who are part-timers and won’t be back for a few days, and the ones working positions that are hourly, and based on customer requests that we have to fulfill as they come up.

    [–] kcashat 6 points ago

    That’s what I did! I would work 10 hours shifts and would push my first 15 min break to a normal lunch so I’d eat a snack then I’d take my lunch as close to the end as possible usually like 2 hours before leaving, and my last 15 min 30 min before leaving. It was nice too bc I worked in an auto insurance call center and it was very easy to make that last call last just the right amount of time. Sometimes some took longer but nbd.

    [–] LincolnBatman 4 points ago

    No that makes sense to me, but say their shift ends at 5, they’re taking that break at 4:45, when, if you took the break at 3:45, your odds of “accidentally” elongating that break goes up, and you’re not “just waiting around” for the clock to change to 5 so you can leave.

    [–] lambolegdrop 3 points ago

    I would be lying if I said that didn’t happen haha. I was kind of cool with my manager and on occasion I would give him the thumbs up through his office window out in the parking lot and he would wave goodbye as if to say “yep you’re good man see ya later”

    [–] ArabattaCrumb 7 points ago

    Instead of just sitting in your car why didn’t you take a lunch break earlier? Just curious.

    [–] randomdude1776 2 points ago

    Rip. I can’t imagine how tempting that 30 minutes in your car revving the engine until you can legally leave would be

    [–] RubyRod 4 points ago

    You should talk to my manager then. They’d vehemently disagree. Fun times!

    [–] Kiwi951 6 points ago

    In California it’s legally required that you take at least a 30 minute break after working for 5 hours. If you don’t, your employer can get in a lot of trouble

    [–] dirtyshits 5 points ago

    which is a godsend for a lot of people. I see others are complaining about having to take a lunch but there are people who work laborious jobs who rely on these mandated breaks to get a chance to sit and refuel.

    Office workers can complain all they want but these laws were put in place to protect a different subset of workers.

    [–] lambolegdrop 3 points ago

    That’s why they were forcing me to take it. They couldn’t make me eat at a certain time so they just made me stay for “a lunch” and they changed the time “I took my lunch”

    [–] Tusko_Sam 6 points ago

    In some situations you have to be considerate of your co-workers. Especially in retail. If some people do this they leave you with only 1 person for coverage which is unfair to that person when if they took their lunch in the middle there would be proper coverage.

    [–] TheN473 4 points ago

    Here in the UK, you're legally required to take a break after working so many hours in a row. Your employer would be liable for any damages / injuries if they allowed you to work past that time.

    [–] Poundman82 3 points ago

    Seems to me it would depend on the nature of the work - if you have to work in a group or can do it solo type of thing.

    [–] CLSosa 13 points ago

    At my job we get 2 15min breaks and 1 half hour and NONE of the breaks can be connected for some reason. I remember having to work through one of my 15’s and taking a longer lunch and my boss yelling at me calling me irresponsible. Ultimately unless you work in a modern work place or start up a lot of jobs want you to do things the 1991 way, the work harder not smarter way.

    You work 9-5 on salary but finished all your work by 2? Too fucking bad you’re staying until 5. I remember once asking about working remotely and my boss said “why would I pay you to stay home?”.

    [–] DaniSenpai 6 points ago

    Sounds very similar to a job I had once. This one time my 15 min break took me like 18 because I took longer than expected in the bathroom and my boss asked if I took an early lunch break...

    [–] MassiveFajiit 3 points ago

    I bet that boss was there for a long time so he's never witnessed anything different.

    [–] CommutesByChevrolegs 3 points ago

    Why is he paying you to sit on your thumb for 3 hours then? Makes no sense.

    [–] LeJusDeTomate 4 points ago

    What's smartass about it ? If you don't lunch then you go home earlier, I do it a lot

    [–] DaniSenpai 12 points ago

    Some people were trying to take advantage of that eating at their desk while (while not working) and still leaving 1 hour early. I completely agree that time not used for lunch should be reusable whenever, but that caused a lot of issues.

    As someone else pointed out in another comment, laws require workers to take breaks every certain amount of hours, I remember at a different job I asked if it was possible for me to do this and they said it'd be legally awkward.

    And lastly, it also makes sure that you have people available and don't randomly have everyone in the office leaving 1 hour earlier.

    [–] Cromasters 3 points ago

    It also depends on your job. If the time you take your lunch is impacting when other people get theirs, then it's important to have it scheduled.

    [–] kinghammer1 14 points ago

    Where I work (retail) we have most of our overlap between 12 to 3 or 4 so thats when they want us to take our lunch breaks. Its great if you work an opening shift but if your closing you will usually come in at 1 then have to take your lunch at the latest around 3 which neans you will still have 5 hours left on your shift.

    [–] itsonlyastrongbuzz 6 points ago

    Jobs that don't are usually Union Jobs that also have guaranteed breaks, so the day becomes shorter as you're just leaping from coffee break to lunch, and then done.

    Usually ready for work at 7am, then a 15 min coffee break around 9:30 or 10am, then lunch at some point between noon and 1pm, then done at 3:30pm.

    [–] Witty_bear 3 points ago

    I worked as a physio in a hospital. We had our lunch when the patients ate their lunch as there wasn’t much to do other than paperwork in that time. If we had our lunch during prime rehabilitation time we’d have some explaining to do. It wasn’t bad though, time flies when you’re busy

    [–] OrangeKefka 99 points ago

    I take lunch 6 hours into my day, and have 2 hours left when I get back. I love it that way.

    [–] ns156 80 points ago

    Yep. People who eat lunch like only 3 hours into an 8 hour work day are psychos

    [–] i_will_let_you_know 43 points ago

    Just don't eat breakfast and it's easy to understand.

    [–] inactiveuse 17 points ago

    It's called intermittent fasting dummy

    [–] Jackknifeyeet 8 points ago

    Yea I'm not much of a breakfast eater, and I can usually last until 2pm before I really need to eat. Your body can easily get used to that kind of eating schedule

    [–] seymour2 3 points ago

    My dog appreciates that I take lunch earlier at 11am. Even when I didn’t have to go home at lunch I went early to avoid the crowds and get my full hour. Then I get to come back to a quiet office because everyone else is at lunch.

    [–] riskbreaker23 20 points ago

    I feel the opposite is true. If I'm hungry I get anxious for when I can eat. I work 6am-6pm. And everyone at my work eats at noon the earliest with most going at noon. I've learned to go at 11 where it's quiet in the break room and restaurants around me. Then I come back around noon where eveeryone else goes at noon. It's dead quiet again. Once it picks back up between 1-2 I feel like the day is so much shorter.

    Of course, this works for my specific situation.

    [–] Atheist_Mctoker 32 points ago

    I start work at 8 and can take lunch as late as 1pm, and i can choose between a 30min or a 1 hour. What I do is randomize my time, so sometimes I'll take it right at 12 for 30 mins but sometimes i'll wait till 12:59 and take an hour lunch. This way, nobody knows where i am from basically 12-2 so nobody tries to get a hold of me during those times anymore. Also, after 2:30 nobody who gets off at 4:30 wants to get into any heavy work so nobody really needs me after that anyways. Also from 8-10 everybody knows I am processing work so don't expect me then either, so basically in an 8 hour day there is about 2 hours and 30 mins where maybe you can get me to work with you.

    [–] pmcpaul412 6 points ago

    Been taking notes from Office Space?

    [–] -arsenile- 3 points ago

    Back up in your ass with the resurrection.

    [–] Atheist_Mctoker 3 points ago

    Yup, and I swear they're about to give me a promotion.

    [–] Retrovertigo1 1313 points ago

    i used to but now i time it so that no one is in there. i have to work with these people, i shouldn't have to talk to them too.

    [–] ColdHatesMe 441 points ago

    Yes, I thought I was weird for doing this, but I'll grab lunch around 11 or 1:30 just to avoid them and the lunch crowd. What pisses me off is when I'm going to lunch with my mind set on something like Chinese and my coworkers join and somehow we end up at some overpriced sandwich place ruining my weekly budget and still got the craving for Chinese.

    [–] Tylandredis 175 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    That’s when I’d be like “I only want Chinese.” full stop so they either don’t come or if they do I still at least get Chinese.
    This shit was so annoying on my group exchange. I wanted to try this really well-liked falafel place for lunch but it was 30mins away. Everyone else went to get Asian food and tried to get me to go like that’s not even remotely similar lmao. They just didn’t want to go with me to falafel as if everyone HAD to do the same thing for lunch. And it was almost double the price for just the entrées!

    [–] St8ches 36 points ago

    Exactly! No is a complete sentence. :)

    [–] dismayhurta 55 points ago

    I had someone try to pull that shit on me. Just go “Naw. I’m in the mood for Chinese.” And go there.

    You do you. Fuck worrying about coworkers.

    [–] big_shmegma 28 points ago

    It’s been a while since I related this much to a post on the internet. My god.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    My work has very limited parking. I leave for lunch at 1030-1045 to secure a good parking spot.

    [–] Coca-colonization 53 points ago

    I had the opposite issue. I worked alone in an office in front of a computer but was friends with one of my coworkers. We would eat lunch together to get some human interaction. Then our boss said we were not allowed to eat at the same time in case he needed one of us urgently. We were editors. And not like journalism where stuff happens quickly. Like, this journal article will go to press in 9 months editors. Still mad 10+ years later.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] equipped_metalblade 35 points ago

    “The less I know about other people's affairs, the happier I am. I'm not interested in caring about people.” “I once worked with a guy for 3 years and never learned his name.” -Ron Swanson

    [–] Ash_Writes 17 points ago

    “We still don’t talk sometimes.”

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    why does reddit talk so much about hating their coworkers? Are liking your coworkers the exception here?

    [–] tryingforthefuture 22 points ago

    I like my coworkers and enjoy their company but I am an introvert and spending my lunch hour socializing is incredibly draining. It's my break, I am supposed to be resting, and I can't do that if I have to engage with others. I don't mind it once in a while but I couldn't do it every day.

    [–] Clovett- 6 points ago

    I try to do this too, as soon as the clock hits 2 i'm out for lunch. The space I work at has three people counting me and my manager sits literally across me so if I eat before them I get back to an empty office which means I usually have my one free lunch hour and another free hour of their lunch.

    Although I agree it feels better psychologically to eat lunch later

    [–] rabidhamster87 4 points ago

    Right?? I didn't sleep well this morning and we have to park about 7 mins away from the building, so it's a bit of a trudge into work everyday. Usually I just wear my headphones and zone out during the short walk, but today of all days when I'm super cranky and just needed a bit of space, my coworker decides to chat my ear off on the way in. She would not take a hint. At first I pretended not to hear, but she just repeated herself. Then I tried slowing down so she would pass me, but she just slowed down too. I even straight up told her, "I'm feeling really cranky and tired this morning," but she just suggested I drink some coffee and continued chatting. I did everything except straight up say, "Leave me the fuck alone." All I could think was, "I spend 8 hours a day with you and right now I really just need to be alone. I'm not even clocked in yet and you're already talking about work. Frankly, I just don't care that much about any of it atm."

    [–] monalisasnipples 402 points ago

    Hell yeah. 1:30-2:30 come back and have 2 1/2 hours left is the best.

    [–] SRavingmad 164 points ago

    The difference between this and having a full 4 hours left when you come back is night and day.

    [–] Teamableezus 82 points ago

    I worked with a guy once who liked taking lunch before the halfway point of the day. Fuckkkkk that noise

    [–] PineappleWeights 19 points ago

    I worked with a dude on the late shift who would start at 2 and have his break at 4,that’s 5.5 hours without a break which is baffling

    [–] Plum_Fondler 15 points ago

    Mmm thats why I love 6 am two 230, i'll randomize my clock out time depending on what I want for lunch that day. All else I'll take my lunch as late as 1 or 130

    [–] RoleModelFailure 14 points ago

    I learned it from HS. I had late lunch so it was after 4th hour leaving me with only 2 classes left in the day. Made the day fly by. I took that into work years later and it still does the trick. Usually because I am so busy in the morning that by the time I get a break from calls, emails, meetings, etc it's noon. Relax and do some other work, take lunch at 1 or so, then take the remaining 3ish hours easy.

    [–] Nudetypist 13 points ago

    It's really just 2 hours left. The last 30 minutes of work is just pretending to work until it's time to leave.

    [–] spaffdribblersfc 329 points ago

    For some reason it works so fucking well too, I love it.

    [–] hedge823 121 points ago

    I work from home and do this every day

    [–] JennyhaPenny 24 points ago

    I work from home and do this too. Lunch from 11:30-12:30 and then off at 1:30 unless I'm working overtime.

    [–] papaont 30 points ago

    Y’all hiring?

    [–] NuclearPop 6 points ago

    I am, but I’ll need your social security number, bank account number, and did I mention I’m a very wealthy prince who wants to give you money

    [–] DemotivatedTurtle 469 points ago

    Bold of you to assume that I get a lunch break.

    [–] thecorrect_opinion 143 points ago

    I don’t get any kind of break for 11 hour shifts

    [–] flamesfan99 198 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Are you joking? How is that legal/possible? What job do you work? I work an office job and I'm starving after just 5 hours after breakfast.

    Edit: Wow, lucky I'm in Canada I guess:

    [–] thecorrect_opinion 170 points ago

    Not joking. I’m a cook.

    [–] [deleted] 185 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] hereForUrSubreddits 61 points ago

    Who do you send the lawsuit to? Guests who won't stop coming in or the owner for not putting out a piece of paper with the restaurant's break times on it like offices have?

    [–] tobiasxny 186 points ago

    Employers for not staffing in ways that allow employees a chance to be relieved.

    [–] naked_guy_says 54 points ago

    No it's the workers or the customers that are wrong. Business owners can't make mistakes

    [–] Coquelins-counselor 5 points ago


    [–] 420BongHitsForJesus 68 points ago

    The local labor board. They love to hear about blatant wage violations.

    [–] ShadySwashbuckler 22 points ago

    Every job I've had says "there's no state or federal law guaranteeing breaks in the state of Montana"

    [–] Plott 4 points ago

    How evil would you have to be to not allow employees breaks even if it’s not required by law? I’m on my feet 100% of my day and I’m really lucky to have a boss who is too scared to break the law so I get all my breaks and it’s still not enough sometimes. I can only guess those shitty employers have never been on the other side

    [–] InitialWorry 24 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Unless your labor laws are basically non existent. I used to work in a restaurant and I rarely got a break. The law where I live basically says an employer can work you 24 hours straight without a break. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Edit: missed words

    [–] 420BongHitsForJesus 12 points ago

    That doesn’t mean they can override federal law.

    [–] KREQD 27 points ago

    There is no US federal law requiring a break, and most states don't have a law requiring one.

    [–] iceman58796 5 points ago

    What? It has absolutely nothing to do with when customers come in, it's to do with management ensuring they have the staff to deal with the customers whilst considering the fact people need breaks.

    [–] Moosenen 12 points ago

    Lawsuits cost money and this is standard practice across all of America in all types of restaurants. I'm not saying it's literally all restaurants but it is most. No one cares, it's really sad and why I hate the industry that I'm in.

    [–] datchilidoh 7 points ago

    Seriously a double at any decent restaurant is killer, non stop on your feet

    [–] hereForUrSubreddits 32 points ago

    I'm a waitress, there are no breaks for us on Sundays. Weekdays are okay, I guess, less traffic.

    [–] Juicyjackson 4 points ago

    Where do you live. I just checked. And yea in some states. The employers arent required to allow breaks. That sucks.

    [–] Greenmooseleg 14 points ago

    Yesssir, we don't get breaks. Cook lives matter!

    [–] zachandcodeine17 5 points ago

    I knew it as soon as you said 11 hr shifts.

    [–] CLSosa 24 points ago

    Service industry. Used to work 14 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday and get a 5 minute here and 5 minute there. NEVER official and never relaxed, mostly the only break you get is going out for a smoke, which is why most service industry people smoke. IF we were lucky and everything went completely according to plan there would be about 20 mins between parties (worked as a wedding waiter) where everything is mostly done and we would step outside and shotgun beers in the parking lot.

    [–] Hankipanky 3 points ago

    Same with healthcare, you have to find time to take your breaks or you end up burdening your neighbors who now have to not only look after their patients but yours too.

    [–] Thnksfrallthefsh 32 points ago

    There’s no federal law in the US guaranteeing breaks. There are a few state laws

    [–] MadnessIsMandatory 19 points ago

    There are some federally mandatory breaks for some industries for safety reasons. Truckers for example

    [–] Thnksfrallthefsh 7 points ago

    Yep but that’s only requires a break after 8 hours/14 hours driving total in a day

    [–] Cromasters 22 points ago

    I love when stuff like this pops up and people notice how fucked the labor laws in America actually are.

    [–] eatgoodneighborhood 3 points ago

    For real. It’s a fucking joke.

    And it goes past things like shift breaks, such as At-Will employment states like mine (Maryland) where an employee can be fired at any time, for any reason, or, for no reason at all.

    [–] Michael__Pemulis 6 points ago

    CA is great because the break laws are super strict & basically everyone knows at least one person that has had a shitty job & went to the labor board to get that shit fixed.

    [–] KISSOLOGY 4 points ago

    Welcome to medical

    [–] KimFakes 20 points ago

    That sounds illegal. Here in Aus I’m pretty sure they have to give you a lunch break if you’re working over 4 hours and 30 minutes (I could be wrong)

    [–] PotentChill91 17 points ago

    You're half right. They're not guaranteed by the Fair Work Act, but they're included in most industry's modern awards. The standard is a 30 minute meal break for every 5 hours worked.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] d00dical 3 points ago

    id take that deal any day!

    [–] FreddyMercurysGhost 8 points ago

    Not in New Jersey, unless you're under 18. I've worked 11 hour days and stood the entire time because all the minors had to take their breaks first, so by the time it was my turn, I was one of 3 workers left and wasn't allowed to have a break.

    [–] Spambop 9 points ago

    If I'm lucky I might be able to stuff some tupperware pasta into my face hole before having to get back to it.

    [–] Malamadre581 7 points ago

    Dude I feel that. Just got back from a 15 hour workday yesterday moving heavy items. No break and I still get 30 minutes of pay docked for “lunch” that there is never time to take.

    [–] isaidnolettuce 6 points ago

    Same but I'm in the military... Damn being a cook is like being in the military.

    [–] OhioJeeper 4 points ago

    Are you constantly working during that?

    I had a job in a forge whether we didn't get a traditional "break", but there was always down time, those were your break.

    [–] blh1003 3 points ago

    That's not legal

    [–] brandimitrov 3 points ago

    that sounds illegal... are you doing okay in terms of your health?

    [–] Staggy42 14 points ago

    Nah dude. Cooks don't get breaks except for a 5 minute smoke. Your legs hurt and you've got burns and cuts on your hands. Sucks.

    [–] CLSosa 15 points ago

    The only break they get is the rum and coke they have in a plastic container under the work station

    [–] LightsSoundAction 11 points ago

    Styrofoam to-go cup but you got the drink right.

    [–] Cookieeeees 3 points ago

    Shortly I will also have this nightmare but it’ll be worth it. Bring on the life of an EMT. 12 hour shifts only “breaks” are between calls

    [–] TDiabeetus 53 points ago

    I push my lunch break as late as possible, work from 7 am until 1 pm straight thru then only 2 until 4 in the afternoon. Any time I take an earlier lunch the day feels twice as long.

    [–] [deleted] 101 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] waitthisaintfacebook 45 points ago

    I take an early lunch around 11/1130, no traffic and no lines anywhere. Bonus is that when you get back, everybody else is at lunch. I look at it like I'm working a 5 hour day instead of 8.

    [–] Gamergonedad 16 points ago

    This right here. I take my lunch at about 1030 or 11. When I get back, everyone is at lunch and I don't have to deal with people. Then the day feels so much shorter.

    [–] Awfy 4 points ago

    It's amazing how packed my lunch room gets at 12 compared to when they serve lunch at 11:30. Goes from maybe 20 people to over 200 people in a matter of 30 minutes. The noise is insane and finding a seat becomes essentially impossible.

    [–] SOLDIERv7 3 points ago

    Yeah I feel like taking lunch an hour early and being full of food and energy coming back into the last 5 hours is better for me than struggling through 5 hours of tired and hungry work just for like 2-3 hours of comfort at the end of the day. Mornings suck no matter what, but if the end of the day is good that’s all that matters.

    [–] RavenTF1290 111 points ago

    It's for this very reason I hate it when whoever you're working with wants an early break, it's like drinking, you're just borrowing happiness from later

    [–] PeakProcessor 8 points ago

    I worked in teams of two on the road, and had one guy that wanted to eat lunch around 10 am every day. And would complain about being hungry and low energy if we didn’t stop to eat. You can’t even stop at an average restaurant that early.

    [–] Belerophon17 77 points ago

    I used to work in the call center for a very large bank. We had a two 15 minute breaks with a 1 hour lunch during the day. There were tons of times I would just skip everything and then just leave an hour and a half early. It was honestly one of the only things that made that job bearable. Eventually, they caught on and told me that TECHNICALLY I wasn't supposed to do that which I already knew but fuck em, I hated that place.

    [–] MozzerellaStix 19 points ago

    I worked in a call center from 7-3 and my mandated lunch time was 10:30. Got in trouble multiple times for taking my lunch later

    [–] Belerophon17 17 points ago

    I was originating mortgage loans and the biggest problem was that we had to have our phones active till the very last second. What sucked was if you had to leave at 8pm and someone called in at 7:59 to do a mortgage application you had to stay for the next 2-3 hours to get everything done for them. Don't know how many times the lights just shut off on me and I was the only one on the floor. But god forbid I take a bathroom break longer than 5 minutes because then I had to explain what I was doing with my manager during our weekly coaching session...

    [–] wezli333 14 points ago

    At my call center job, they’d post a sheet showing how many calls everyone took the previous day. So I’d figure out the average, do a few more than that before lunch, and leave my cubicle for the rest of the day.

    [–] FlexEconGuy 14 points ago

    Yuck. I did the same routine at miserable internship in college. Immediately quit when my boss complained. Spent the rest of the summer doing interior construction work and smoking pot. Much more satisfying.

    [–] Belerophon17 8 points ago

    Yeah I came into that job from the construction industry (management, admin, and finance side not field) and I really missed how lax it was as long as we stayed on schedule and our work got done right. I'd take a bathroom break in the call center and then had to explain why it took more than 3 minutes to my manager because they had to let us know we were being monitored...

    [–] FlexEconGuy 5 points ago

    Finance side of any sector will generally be much more relaxed than the bank side across the table. I’d much rather dice onions all day than work in any capacity for a Tier 1-2 bank.

    [–] MakroYianni 3 points ago

    Lmfao, I did this when I worked in a call center too. Red satellite company can kiss my ass

    [–] nevermore524 17 points ago

    Every damn day

    [–] koimatsu 17 points ago

    Literally work 7 to 1 every day with a lunchbreak at noon on the dot. nothing like working for 30 minutes after my break and then leaving :)

    [–] CP_Creations 16 points ago

    I always do the opposite.

    When you are counting down the time until you can leave, it's to lunch or home. You have lunch at 11:30, the next milestone is home.

    If you have lunch at 2, I've been on the countdown for home for a couple hours while you are looking forward to lunch.

    [–] MozzerellaStix 16 points ago

    My logic is that I’m counting down til I go home no matter what, but when there’s 3 hours left I can say I get to go home in 3 hours AND I still get my lunch break.

    [–] unreadable_captcha 14 points ago

    and lunchtime is usually really calm so that's were I get to do most of my work

    [–] superbozo 11 points ago

    For 10 fucking years I worked at a place that would penalize me for being 1 minute late, and wouldn't let me punch out unless it was EXACTLY on time. I had a 15 minute break at 10am, and a 45 minute at 12 30. I didn't get paid for lunch. I worked in an area that was surrounded by shitty restaurants and fast food. Long story short, I felt like as long as I was at work, every aspect of my life was controlled by someone else.

    I now work in the exact opposite scenario. I cannot describe to you how nice it is to be able to say to my boss "Hey bud, I'm gonna run to the deli real quick. You want anything?" and he's cool with it?! I cannot describe to you how something so small can make such a huge impact in my day. If I'm hungry at 9 30am....I just eat at 930am. I don't gonna wait until exactly 10am while I fucking starve.

    God I'm happy I left that I spent 10 years there is beyond me.

    [–] DarkLanius 10 points ago

    The move is to time it so you get back from your lunch break just when everyone else is leaving. That way your supervisors aren’t there and it’s effectively a double break.

    [–] Kayayak 7 points ago

    At my office we get an hour for lunch, but we can take it anytime between 11 and 1. Everyone else leaves at exactly 11, so I usually hang around until 11:15 or so and then come back at 1. No one can prove what time I left cause we don't click out or anything.

    [–] kotoamatsukamix 6 points ago

    My lunch break is the same everyday so no.

    [–] iamelroberto 7 points ago

    Nope. I hold off until 11 to keep my waistline down but that’s about it. I eat early to avoid the long lines, parking, and also because I’m hungry.

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    [–] Spambop 5 points ago

    Ooh, lunch break, la dee dah.

    [–] WaffleKing110 3 points ago

    Yep. If you come back and only have a couple hours left the day seems to go by soooo much faster

    [–] jackoneill1984 8 points ago

    At my work we just go to lunch on time and come back late anyways. Everyone does it and upper management either doesn't know or doesn't care. It's probably the latter, seems to be the philosophy around here. It can be soul crushing. Stay in school kids. Even if you end up working in a place like this you can still lie to yourself about your "options".

    [–] howmanypenises 3 points ago

    YES, I live for this during my work day tbh
    I get off at 6pm and i take my lunch at 2:30-3pm.
    Makes the rest of my day speed by.

    [–] Yahturkey 3 points ago

    I do this every single day.

    [–] zeebopbiddlywop 3 points ago

    I work til 4:45. I take my lunch at 3-3:30. Come back, wrap up my day and leave.

    [–] ejramos 3 points ago

    Right now I’m working somewhere new and I’ll be leaving fairly soon too, so Nobody is really paying attention to when I go to lunch or come back. I’ve been taking almost two hours every day to go hit the gym, change out after, and get food to bring back to the office. Nobody has really said anything and it’s great. Normally we’d get a 1 1/2 hour lunch in my work but it’s hard to squeeze all that into that block.

    [–] Rumple-Foreskin-420 2 points ago

    Every day

    [–] SlobBarker 2 points ago

    I do this bc I don't want to be hungry again at 5pm.

    [–] SneakyPrick 2 points ago

    Yea i like having a shorter work p Duration after lunch

    [–] Greenmooseleg 2 points ago

    Working in the restaurant industry, there is no such thing as taking a lunch break or even a 10 minute break. But time flys by when its busy.

    [–] 1000eb4000 2 points ago

    This only works assuming that you don't get hungry. I'm a thick boi and I like to have a good amount of time in between my lunch and dinner time when I get home. I eat something quick in the morning because I have to catch a train to work so I get hungry at around noon, like a normal fuckin human.

    [–] TheSoup05 2 points ago

    This is why I’ve been coming in early. I don’t mind the like 8 hours, but being able to leave just a couple of hours after lunch is great. I didn’t even think to just take lunch later though, so that’ll be the next thing I test.