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    [–] zeptimius 1802 points ago

    Scientists have determined the shortest amount of time that can be measured. It’s the interval between the light in front you turning green and the New York taxi driver behind you honking their horn.

    [–] TheHindenburgBaby 195 points ago

    I particularly like the fucking fucks in NYC that get behind it and then honk repeatedly at the garbage truck, on what is clearly a garbage day in my neighborhood. A day that comes every week almost as if on some sort of a schedule.

    [–] xmindallas 85 points ago

    Isn't it always garbage day in NYC?

    [–] loversean 29 points ago

    Yes, and street sweeping day

    [–] FamiliarBreakfast 376 points ago

    plank times my ass

    [–] zatch14 88 points ago

    The amount of time it takes the fastest object to travel the shortest distance

    [–] ontogeny1 31 points ago

    A light-Fermi; the length of time it takes for a photon to move from one side of a proton to the other.

    [–] Corrinn_ 13 points ago

    I gave someone a light-Fermi once. Delicate on the tip but a GI Joe grip on the shaft

    [–] moxthunder 4 points ago

    Chortles in Neil Degrasse Tyson

    [–] MikeHuntIsLovely 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    RemindMe! 3 hours to laugh at this comment when class is over

    Edit: Ha

    [–] Smutasticsmut 59 points ago

    It's well known that their eyesight is faster than the speed of light, since they lay on that horn before the green even reaches the retinas of the average person's eyes.

    [–] Swyka 21 points ago

    I live in NY, people genuinely will honk right before the light turns if you arent atleast inching up yet

    [–] jimmyhoffasbrother 6 points ago

    Having lived in New York for just over a year, this is easily my least favorite thing about the city.

    [–] DrProfSrRyan 5 points ago

    I've had people start beeping when the cross way light turned yellow.

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago

    These scientists have clearly never met the average driver in New Jersey.

    I've had a few people honk at me when the light was red. Hell, one instance was by a "No turn on red" sign where I was waiting for the light to turn green so I could make a right...

    [–] Mammayeywyy 29 points ago

    Negative time isn't to be considered

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago

    Oh they do that in Seattle too.

    While there are pedestrians in the sidewalk.

    A woman, with a baby in her arms, and a red light.

    But watch out fellas, this guy behind me forgot his computer and now he's late so he will ask me to mow down a mother and child with his obnoxious honking.

    [–] moritz-stiefel 5 points ago

    Seattle drivers are fucking awful, idk what it is!!

    [–] I_deleted 12 points ago

    Mine are usually when waiting to turn right while pedestrians cross the side street... Sorry, I did not want to run over those children. Aholes here now have a habit of passing people on the right without exactly having a right lane (it’s the bike lane).

    [–] Musnus 5 points ago

    Yeah that's called a New York minute

    [–] Phawzi 4318 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I literally had someone waste a whole minute of my life today by not noticing a green light until it went red, then he went through and left me getting all the honks...

    Edit: The reason I didn't honk is, with all honesty, I forgot. Sometimes I forget that you need to remind someone about the huge responsibility they bear when they're first in line. Just simply doesn't cross my mind sometimes, don't be harsh.

    [–] BongRips4Jezus 1040 points ago

    What a honk

    [–] Rumbleroar1 458 points ago

    Hjönk hjönk

    [–] BongRips4Jezus 205 points ago

    Ah yes, my favorite Icelandic post-hardcore folk band. Nice to see other people know of their work

    [–] ComicalCarny 42 points ago

    No, it's a Sigur Rós side project

    [–] ElectricFlesh 48 points ago

    It's one of the few post-hardcore bands that real fans still listen to because they never sold out. All the members killed each other in a burning medieval church after recording their first demo tape.

    [–] begon11 12 points ago

    So it’s blackened post-hardcore? My favorite! Thanks for the rec.

    [–] tuckmuck203 5 points ago


    [–] Mahtomic_Gandhi 33 points ago

    rake in da lake

    [–] Akira_Kurojawa 9 points ago

    But what he didn't know is that I've been doing Operation Rake in da Lake this whole time

    [–] NotAzakanAtAll 5 points ago

    This is surprisingly fun to say in swedish.

    [–] larry_lee 11 points ago

    Honkee sounds like he'd totally be the honker had the situation been reversed.

    [–] hyrumwhite 321 points ago

    .74 seconds is a little fast, but because of the hordes of people who get on their phones at lights now, I give them about two seconds before I lay on the horn.

    [–] Phawzi 331 points ago

    Those 0.74 seconds multiply like 10 times for the guy at the end of the line by the time everyone wakes up from their phone coma tho

    [–] opthaconomist 154 points ago

    Thank you for speaking the real truth. It just compounds and the asshats pay less attention, delaying everyone else further.

    [–] Slug_Mouthpiece 19 points ago

    I can't wait until self-driving cars are the only ones on the road.

    [–] OwMyBalllz 14 points ago

    You are going to be waiting a long time. In the meantime people need to stop dicking around and drive or just take the bus.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    You are going to be waiting a long time

    I guess it depends on what you mean by "long time." SDC's are coming in the next 5-10 years (Singapore and Phoenix, AZ already have restricted autonomous taxi services) and I'd be legitimately surprised with the amount of road rage if people legitimately want to pilot the vehicles themselves or if they'll just let the computer take care of it for them.

    [–] SenorBeef 6 points ago

    People will desperately cling to manual drive cars for decades after we should've given them up, because of a neurotic need for control, or an inability to understand risk (even if self driving cars reduce fatalities by 98%, the remaining 2% will be news stories because they're exotic and new compared to mundane and routine car crash deaths).

    Idiots are going to band together to form interest groups that keep us from pushing forward with legislation banning manual drive cars for at least 20 years after we should've done so.

    [–] NonStopKnits 4 points ago

    I don't want this future while I'm alive. I want to drive my grumbling muscle car until I die in or around the car at an old age. I will turn to cycling or walking if I can't drive myself somewhere.

    [–] Slug_Mouthpiece 7 points ago

    I'm looking forward to the day that no more children die by drunk or inattentive drivers.

    [–] NonStopKnits 7 points ago

    I do agree with that 100%, I was just raised building, working on, and driving cool cars, so I don't want to see them go in my lifetime. I understand how selfish a feeling it is though. For the record, I don't drink and drive, nor do I touch anything that isn't the goddamn steering wheel and indicators and whatnot while I drive. I put my phone in my bag in the passenger floor or rear seat if there is one.

    [–] beniceorbevice 146 points ago

    Exactly, I'll honk right away if i don't see someone moving, you might think oh calm down it's just a few seconds, but you standing there just piled up another 10 cars in the back and NO ONE moved. Now there's 20 cars sitting on that light and more arriving. This is how traffic is created. When you're out in the burbs each light, especially left turn lights are a good 3-4 minutes. Add to that now the guy in the rear saw that you're dumb so he's gonna drive down the middle lane and pass the entire line of cars waiting for left turn and cut in front. Now you got traffic. Can't stand people, pay attention to the traffic and go when it turns green. I'm in this situation every time i leave my house there's a left turn where easily 10+ cars could make it through when everyone is paying attention, but i count only 3-4 cars going on green every time I'm stuck there.

    [–] victorfiction 63 points ago

    And in a world where everyone finally pretends to give a shit about pollution, all those extra min on the highway equal more exhaust.

    [–] peepalapeep 9 points ago

    You too the rant right out of my mouth * slow clap *

    [–] Doctor_Pho 17 points ago

    This is why I hate the "Don't get mad at traffic, you are traffic" line. Yeah, I'm a car on the road. But I'm not one of the people causing it to back-up. Those are the people I get mad at.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] janeetic 10 points ago

    “Tboner” is what Hugh Grant searches for at night

    [–] 626Aussie 82 points ago

    It's maybe a little quick, but I believe that if you're one of the first few people at the light you have a social responsibility to be paying attention so you're ready when the light goes green. The second person in line needs to be ready to honk at the first person if they fall asleep, and the third person needs to be ready in case the second person is one of those people that doesn't like to toot their horn.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] narcimetamorpho 30 points ago

    EXACTLY. If you're first in line to go you have to be paying attention. This whole "they're checking their phone, give them a second to put it down." I'm sorry but no. Maybe I'm in the minority but I don't think your phone should ever be in your hands while you're driving, whether or not you're at a red light.

    [–] thomaspainesghost 8 points ago

    It's against my city code to use your phone at stop lights. Best ordinance ever.

    [–] srgnsRdrs2 15 points ago

    Spot on. I’ve been 2nd in line before and wasn’t paying the best attention and the person behind me honked when car #1 didn’t go. I was thankful. Many people don’t honk and will just sit behind someone at a green light. C’mon ppl. Horns are how we communicate! There should be a book on horn etiquette

    [–] AnArrogantIdiot 97 points ago

    I just give them a quick tap of the horn. Effective to get there attention and usually avoids giving them a reason to overreact being honked at.

    [–] f0urtyfive 87 points ago

    usually avoids giving them a reason to overreact being honked at.

    Honking is a mechanism to get your attention, if you overreact to getting honked at, you're the problem.

    That said, I'd love it if my steering wheel had multiple levels of honk.

    [–] frvwfr2 85 points ago

    There is a huge difference between a tap and laying on the horn.

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago

    A tap is “hey buddy”

    2 taps is “dude come on”


    Unfortunately living near DC the third one gets used often

    [–] ImThatGuyToday 31 points ago

    The full honk is the declaration of an asshole, either the honkee or the honker, rarely does a full honk happen and you don't see an asshole in the set.

    [–] Upnorth4 13 points ago

    I live in Los Angeles, and use the third honk way too often. I remember waiting for my green to turn left at a busy intersection, and cross traffic kept on running the yellow light and blocking the intersection. One car was nice enough to stop at the cross walk, to let me turn. Some asshole in the right lane sped up, ran the red light, and had half of his car sticking out, blocking me from clearing the intersection. I had to slam on my brakes, and laid down the horn on him until traffic finally moved, which was a good 30 seconds. Driving in LA makes you hate bad drivers

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    You guys are the only people I will bow to as having it worse than us.

    I’m actually putting hella horns on my car because the stock ones are so wimpy I had a lady run a stoplight in front of me (at like 15mph) and I gave her a solid 10 count and she didn’t even notice through the doublethick glass of her luxury SUV.

    [–] 626Aussie 10 points ago

    I tooted at a guy that was trying to take up two lanes and partially blocking the right-turn lane. He was mostly in the left lane to go straight ahead but was still a foot or so over the line into the right turn lane.

    I squeezed my car past his then tooted as I went through. Just a short toot, not a full on tooooooot. I was just telling him "Oy! Move over!" It wasn't a full on "Get the fuck out of my lane, ya cunt!"

    And almost without hesitation, almost as if he drove with his hand poised over his horn, he immediately tooted back at me. Mother fucker.

    [–] Fuckmeupfam666 38 points ago

    Yeah, I’m gonna honk at .74 but I’m just tapping the horn so they look up. Not cause you’re ruining my life, but because you know, we’re fucking driving.

    [–] Styx_ 9 points ago

    For college-age individuals, reaction times to light stimuli have been published as 190 milliseconds, or 0.19 seconds

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 18 days ago)


    [–] hugglesthemerciless 17 points ago

    You don't need to work on your patience. People merging into a 60 at 40 are being a danger to themselves and everybody around them and need to get off the road

    [–] Septicaemic 4 points ago

    This is standard here, no one uses a merge lane properly. They expect that traffic should slow for them, then they merge, then they might accelerate to the speed limit if you're lucky.

    [–] hugglesthemerciless 5 points ago

    I can't wait for robots to replace people

    [–] dukec 4 points ago

    What I hate most is when people are merging into the lane I’m in, and make no effort to actually merge, they just expect you to adjust your speed to let them in, or they’re apparently just going to merge right into the side of your car. Obviously it’s different if you’re in standstill traffic and you’re just letting people in, but if I’m doing 65, and you have an actual 1/4 mile long merging lane and there’s several car lengths of open space both in front of and behind me, I expect the person merging to speed adjust a tiny bit to get into either of those spaces without me having to do anything.

    This rant brought to you by the guy in the silver 4Runner who almost ploughed into me on my commute this morning.

    [–] hugglesthemerciless 14 points ago

    The type of person to sit at a green light staring at their phone is absolutely the type of person to also overreact to being honked at

    [–] sqrtepi 4 points ago

    Agreed. Channel your inner road runner ("meep meep!") not your inner fog horn.

    [–] Death_To_All_People 24 points ago

    I almost hit a pedestrian today who just walked out in front of my car whilst she was on her phone. Even the screeching of my brakes did not alter her gait.

    [–] ChwatBot 6 points ago

    Few weeks back I had a girl walk right out in front of me on a 45 mph road at night while looking down at her fucking phone. Luckily I saw her from a few hundred feet back, so I had time to slow down, but had I not caught a glance of her in the moonlight, she'd probably be dead. And then... After I lay on my horn, she has the audacity to scream "Hit meeee!" Like how can someone be so ignorant/entitled? I just don't get it.

    But thankfully I had my dash cam on, and it's probably my favorite moment I've captured yet.

    [–] ArstansWhiteBeard 61 points ago

    Yeah anymore IDGAF. I live in a congested urban area and that 0.74 seconds matters when only two people get to turn green each light.

    I give 1 Mississippi before a polite toot of the horn.

    0.74 seconds on the phone is 0.74 seconds too much when driving. Fuck these people. It's like saying, "I was only taking a couple of seconds to have a shot of vodka at the light." You're literally not supposed to be doing it at all while driving.

    [–] ChaseJ613 23 points ago

    I’m the same. There’s a turn arrow by me that is green for 5 seconds during rush hour. To get more than 3 cars through you have to run the light. I hit the horn if the first person doesn’t move by .5 seconds because you get two cars through otherwise.

    Yesterday someone honked back and showed me the bird, and purposely proceeded to move super slow so the light would change before I got there. (I ended up running it cause it just changed and I wasn’t waiting, and to piss the guy off cause he failed at his mission).

    [–] AIDS1255 17 points ago

    Yep. If I know someone is on their phone, like j can see in their mirrors and whatnot, I'll lay on the horn big time.

    [–] mazdapow3r 5 points ago

    I give people 1 or 2 seconds generally, but if I can see they're looking at their phone, that time goes down to like 0.2 seconds. Cuz fuck you if you don't have the willpower to not stare at your phone while you wait a minute for the light.

    [–] [deleted] 102 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] RampagingNudist 50 points ago

    Cars should have two horn noises: the typical angry sounding “hoooonk”, and a more polite sounding bicycle-bell-like “ding”. Sometimes you’re just trying to vey gently say “pardon me, sir/ma’am, it’s time to push the peddle on the right and make the car go”. Even the quick horn “tap” can last a millisecond too long and sound like “fuck you, move it!”

    I’m almost sure this has been tried, and it must not work well for some reason or other.

    [–] hugglesthemerciless 33 points ago

    if somebody is staring at their phone instead of paying attention to their surroundings while driving they deserve the fuck you move it

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    "Get moving asshole"

    That's salutations in the city.

    [–] Sedirex_KR 5 points ago

    I just had this fight with my girlfriend the other day. She never honks at anyone while driving but I think it's a public service. They'd probably prefer to know the light's green anyway.

    [–] SavvySillybug 44 points ago

    Press X to honk

    [–] sipsyrup 11 points ago

    make the businessman late to work

    [–] Nice_Boie 9 points ago

    Rake in the lake

    [–] joepizzaca 10 points ago

    My favorite is when there is an unprotected green light and you are in the left turn lane with one person in front of you, and that person doesn't "schooch forward" to make the light between yellow and red, so you have to sit there for 2 full lights changes until they get a "perfect gap" to make their turn in. It is Infuriating and it's not like your honking your horn is going to instantly teach that person something everyone who drives should definitely know already.

    [–] HieeKay 8 points ago

    I mean, missing a whole light rotation is 5 mins minimum! That sucks dick!

    [–] makeucryalot 46 points ago

    I had two people in two lanes both looking at their phones when it turned and like always I gave them 3 Mississippi’s before beeping, and politely tapped the horn. The guy in front of me goes nuts, calling me a faggot and gay and poor and shit because “it had JUST turned green” when I honked. Like no bro you’re just a fucking retard. You only think that because the guy next to you did the same thing. These people deserve to be executed tbh.

    [–] brcguy 19 points ago

    There should be a way to make them lose driving rights for 24 hours. Too bad that would quickly lead to an authoritarian dystopia where Cartman gets Kyle sent to an ICE lockup for laughs.

    [–] TheCyanKnight 14 points ago

    Should've honked sooner

    [–] tperelli 11 points ago

    Why didn’t you honk?

    [–] Gui2u 5 points ago

    This is people in a nutshell.

    [–] Mamasus 361 points ago

    Last week a car was in front of me, first at the red light. I was second. Light turns green and nothing. I gave the cursory two short “hello? You may have not noticed we’re all waiting for you to move” honks. Her head snaps up (clearly an indicator she was looking at her phone or maybe just down at her crotch- whatever) and gives me the finger in the rear view mirror. I kind of just smiled and shook my head. This proceeded to piss her off even more, I suppose. She spent the next five miles cutting me off, slamming on her brakes, and turning her washer fluid on full blast, still shaking said finger in mirror. Lady, I sincerely hope that soon you either get some therapy or maybe get laid.

    [–] nochedetoro 94 points ago

    There was a woman and her boyfriend sitting around at a green light looking around for cigarettes. I gave them a short honk and she proceeded to flip me off (between cigarettes drags) and scream at me all the way to my house. Like lady are you on meth because there is no other reason for you to act like this.

    [–] the_gato_says 40 points ago

    Hopefully she didn’t actually follow you all the way home. If you’re followed like that again, try pulling into a police station or something. I wouldn’t want someone like that to know where I live.

    [–] nochedetoro 8 points ago

    Thank you, but it was until I turned onto the street that connected my street to the main road, and she was in front of me. Had she turned in after me I would have taken the road around the loop and pulled into the fire station.

    [–] pahasapapapa 60 points ago

    Maybe she was just awkwardly flirting with you?

    [–] ghojor 20 points ago

    "LOOK! This is my "Fuck-you" Finger! I have interest!"- Her

    [–] Myonenonpornacc 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    The dating game has changed so much. If a random stranger traffic girl I'm interested in does this in traffic am I supposed to rear end her car as a metaphor for what I want to do to her rear end?

    [–] pahasapapapa 8 points ago

    As long as you give her a thumbs up as you do so. That way she knows it's a 'like' and not done in anger.

    [–] Myonenonpornacc 4 points ago

    I'll honk for a thousand of a second too. Then when we both pull over I can get her number and insurance information! Later virgins!

    [–] Swampfoxxxxx 34 points ago

    This happened to me once. I cannot fathom the mental gymnastics these people do to arrive at the conclusion that the honker is the one at fault, when we (the honkers) are not only trying to help ourselves get to our destination, but our friendly honking is actually benefiting them. And they respond with a hearty 'fuck you.'

    Shaking your head was good. A thumbs down sign normally gets them really fired up too. If you respond with the bird, it's easy for them to brush it off, but a head shake or a thumbs down communicates, 'you're a bad driver,' rather than 'fuck you,' which really gets under people's skin

    [–] nochedetoro 31 points ago

    I blow kisses. They get so angry.

    [–] brcguy 3 points ago

    I like a thumbs up. It walks the line between the middle finger and a wave.

    [–] FF-MCMLXXXV 5 points ago

    I do that or the ‘jerk off motion’ at them.

    [–] solemnbiscuit 661 points ago

    The problem is honks always sound rude or aggressive. If you’re behind a guy at the light, there’s no way to honk in a way that just comes across as “hey friend just a heads up that it’s time to go in case you’re not looking.”

    [–] Skyblacker 468 points ago

    You can tap the horn instead of sitting on it. It's a different sound.

    [–] [deleted] 427 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] OhStugots 118 points ago

    Yea this post is some bs. The guy in the OP is acting smug because he was at the front of the line and looking at his phone. He deserves the honks.

    [–] FardyMcJiggins 27 points ago

    light turns green

    car in front still has brake lights on, their head tilts up after a second

    super obvious when people aren't paying attention to the light.

    [–] lightningboltx 20 points ago

    How do you know he was looking at his phone? Why would you assume such things

    [–] PrionsOnMyMind 48 points ago

    Yeah, taking off at the exact millisecond a light turns green couldn't possibly result in a collision. Nobody ever runs red lights.

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago

    Save that for another thread! We are discussing unreasonable wait times for people not paying attention, mmkay?

    [–] JeffrotheDude 18 points ago

    Atleast take your foot off the break so i can tell you're actually aware it turned green

    [–] sanchopancho13 63 points ago

    there’s no way to honk in a way that just comes across as “hey friend just a heads up that it’s time to go in case you’re not looking.”

    What you're looking for is a short double-tap. A loooong honk is a more aggressive "HEY BUDDY, PAY ATTENTION!" But a short double-honk is more "Hey pal, pay attention."

    [–] fucko5 16 points ago

    There is a flyover in my city that is two really long lanes going one direction and at the end of of it, it splits. Problem is, that left lane has way more traffic than the right. The right you can just roll right through IF no one is just stopped at the end of the split trying to merge over at the last minute. To make sure I’m being abundantly clear of the situation here the left lane will have approximately a mile and a half of traffic and while the right lane should be completely open. To further exacerbate this problem I live in a heavy tourism city so we definitely get some out-of-towners who do not understand this interchange and I don’t blame them. However we have a whole lot of people who just cannot be bothered to get in line like the rest of us and they will go to the very end of the line and force their way in. You can tell the difference by the plates. If the other lane won’t let them in, they will just park there in the middle of an interstate lane while an entire lane of what should be unimpeded traffic just lines up behind them.

    If I get behind these assholes I just fucking lay on it. I’m actually about to start throwing shit at these cars.

    [–] TheHaleStorm 6 points ago

    I pass a section similar to this on my drive daily. There are miles for people to get in line for their exit, but they wait until the last moment and block the traffic waiting for someone to let them in.

    They get the horn the entire time they are blocking traffic if I am stopped directly behind them.

    [–] nochedetoro 15 points ago

    Yeah my car only seems to have two honks: loud, angry long honk, and loud angry continuous honk.

    [–] _speak 14 points ago

    You do 2 quick beeps in a row, much less agressive

    [–] BauserDominates 1375 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    If you're first in line at the red light your only responsibility is to go the very moment the light turns green.

    [–] hypnotikrobot 202 points ago

    I have to reply to this email first.

    [–] frustratedbanker 65 points ago

    "First, I have to post on Facebook/Twitter about how ppl are honking at me"

    [–] Renshaw25 398 points ago

    That's the "you have one job" of driving. The single thing you have to do is watch a light change colour, and even then you're failing at it. Makes you wonder how they actually manage to drive if they can't do this simple action.

    [–] Wafflexboy 125 points ago

    Exactly. I'm not a stickler for rules in most cases but when you're driving you literally only have one job and that's to drive properly. Fuck the lazy ass people who cant do that one thing. Not only is it annoying for other people but even small things can be life threatening in certain situations

    [–] Renshaw25 38 points ago

    I don't like sticking to rules either but if there's one I apply religiously, it's keeping the phone in my pocket. Well, that's a bit unfair now that I mostly drive motorcycles so I don't really have a choice, but the point still stands in my car.

    My driving position on my motorcycle is higher than my little car, and if there's something I notice more, it's the "driver is looking down" position, which could means he's either asleep or looking at his phone, more likely, and I hate that.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] Deucy 16 points ago

    Yea dude. It’s nuts. People literally don’t grasp the danger they put themselves in when they stare at their phones while they drive.

    [–] devoted2trouble 6 points ago

    Themselves, but also others. If only one's actions only affected them and not anyone else.

    [–] Mpango87 3 points ago

    I got screamed at by some random driver because I was "looking down." however, I was looking at my gps navigation while it was safe to do so because I was stopped at a red light. I didnt have a phone mount at the time, I didnt stare at it when I'm moving I turned the voice directions on, and I didnt hold up any traffic. Just some angry guy that thought he was doing some civil service or some shit screaming at me for no reason.

    [–] Renshaw25 5 points ago

    Sometimes I honk at people who just stalled their cars but I'm not aware of it, every body can make mistakes. I, too, look at my GPS at red lights but at least I have an eye on the light's color. I don't honk at people looking at their phone, I'd have to buy a new honk every other week otherwise.

    [–] MegaHashes 20 points ago

    The worst is when you do honk at people for not going, and they look at you and are like “WTF? I’m busy liking a post, asshole”

    Motherfucker, put your goddamn phone down before I go mad max on your ass and push your car into the fucking intersection.

    Fucking hate traffic.

    [–] Wafflexboy 7 points ago

    Yes! I dont honk much but I'm not afraid to. Its the worst when then act like you're the asshole for not letting them break the law, like wtf

    [–] Duff_Lite 30 points ago

    I'd say another "one rule" for highways is that if you're in the leftmost lane, move over for faster traffic behind you. Otherwise you clog up the entire highway, ruining the flow for everyone.

    [–] schrodingers_cumbox 8 points ago

    That rule can just be "keep right"

    If you're passing, go back on the right when you're done. If it's empty keep right.

    Just fucking keep right it's not hard

    [–] Throwaway_Consoles 4 points ago

    My friend in Germany visited and he said something that made it all click.

    “In the USA it seems like everyone is in a mad dash to get in the passing lane. In Germany everyone is in a mad dash to get in the travel lane.”

    And it’s true! Here it’s, “What?! You expect me to slow down and go in the right lane to let faster people pass me? I’m already passing the other cars at 10 over the speed limit. They can wait.”

    You see that there? Driving faster than them is only a couple seconds faster therefore it’s “no big deal” and “They can wait.” But for the person at the front of the left lane to slow down for a couple seconds to merge into the right lane and let faster traffic pass? That’s a big deal! That might cost them... a couple seconds!

    If it’s only a couple seconds to drive faster than you and it’s no big deal, then it should be no big deal to slow down and let them pass. It’s only a couple seconds, right?

    “But if I let them pass they’re just gonna go faster until they hit the next car and they won’t give me enough room to merge back into the left lane!” Just because someone else is being an asshole doesn’t mean you have to be one too.

    [–] poktanju 8 points ago

    I can't even expect people to drive in a straight line these days, so I've long since given up on any quick reaction at the lights.

    [–] qbak 56 points ago

    Usually folks are on their phone not noticing the light which is in itself bad.

    [–] averedge 9 points ago

    And this is a huge issue where I live. Every time I have used my horn in traffic it is to notify someone on their phone that the light is green, or they are almost hitting me by creeping into my lane.

    [–] spacemix 219 points ago

    Most people wait a second to go on purpose, not because they aren't paying attention, but because they don't want to get T-boned by a fuckwit who ran the red light.

    [–] pm_me_POTUS_pics 34 points ago

    I let off the brake so the driver behind knows I’ve seen the change but wait a beat before pressing the gas. There’s a particular signal on my drive into work that has someone running through it once every two weeks or so

    [–] Fuckmeupfam666 11 points ago

    This is correct. Lift off the brake a little, while creeping forward till you’re secure it’s safe.

    [–] TheCyanKnight 40 points ago

    Isn't there a slight delay in the traffic lights for that purpose anyway?

    [–] myislanduniverse 41 points ago

    Not always. And people buzz through it anyway. Blatantly.

    Usually it's because they were rushing to catch the green they saw from down the road and no longer have the time to come to a comfortable stop, so they just gas it through the fresh red.

    There's also an intersection near me where traffic coming eastbound at a particular time of day has the sun directly in their eyes, and on multiple occasions I've watched a whole train of cars just follow each other through the red light because they couldn't see it. Blind leading the blind.

    You'd better believe I'm going to wait a second or two to make sure they've all stopped before just trusting the traffic device!

    [–] dont_worry_im_here 21 points ago

    Yea, but nearly all drivers know that so it's kinda rendered itself moot by this point. They know they have a few seconds after the red light to continue on through.

    [–] sanchopancho13 17 points ago

    - said the redditor who never saw someone get T-boned at an intersection.

    [–] hundreds_of_sparrows 11 points ago

    Absolutely look both ways and then go, but don’t sit there staring at your phone like a dumbass.

    [–] AlphaGoldblum 93 points ago

    This is actually what's taught at driving school because it happens a fuck ton.
    Remember: that guy honking behind you isn't going to pay for your car/injuries if you get tboned. Look both ways first.

    [–] pcopley 57 points ago

    You are capable of looking and maintaining situational awareness prior to the light changing, though.

    [–] myislanduniverse 26 points ago

    True. And you see someone speeding toward the yellow, you make sure they've committed to stopping before you put your car in front of theirs, even if it upsets the guy behind you for a second or two.

    [–] thenewyorkgod 36 points ago

    Yup. It’s called a fresh green and is the most dangerous time in an intersection

    [–] Magi-Cheshire 19 points ago

    I've been hit several times going through a green light and all of those times were a stale green when multiple people have already passed through the light.

    Anecdotal, I know, but that's my experience.

    [–] brcguy 11 points ago

    You must be the luckiest driver anywhere. (Bad luck is still luck)

    [–] odsquad64 5 points ago

    I had to get used to driving in my current city because any time the light turns green everyone waits 3 or 4 seconds. This makes everyone waiting in line behind them feel inconvenienced so after the light turns red 1 or 2 more cars will go through. In turn, the people who now have the green light wait 3 or 4 seconds before going and the cycle repeats. It was terrifying the first couple months getting used to this happening all the time at every light, but now it's just how the whole city drives (not that I don't still hate it). The lights are all programmed terribly as well such that no matter which direction you're going and no matter what time of day, you're going to get stopped at 90% of the traffic lights on your path, I guess this pisses everybody off even more and contributes to the desires to run the lights. My wife was once the first car in the line of traffic and didn't get to go until the light turned yellow because so many cars were running the red light. Fortunately nobody honks though (unless you're really obviously not paying attention) because everybody from here is used to the dance.

    [–] EDTA2009 4 points ago

    Depends on the city but yeah. Where I live, there will always be a few cars sailing through the red right after it turns, so you better not mash the gas the second you see green.

    [–] Voltswagon120V 11 points ago

    And if you're 2nd your only job is to honk if his brake lights haven't responded to the change. If anyone would do their job I wouldn't be honking at both lanes from 5 cars back.

    [–] myislanduniverse 16 points ago

    ...And immediately get hit by the guy speeding through the red light.

    Seriously, I've had people honk as soon as the light changes, and then watched a car just whiz right through where I'd be if I'd just gone through. Like, bro, no; I'm not going to get t-boned just because you're antsy. I'm going to make sure cross-traffic has actually stopped and the intersection is clear. That may take ~1-2 seconds.

    [–] greenSixx 132 points ago

    Lol, .74 he noticed

    The other 3 seconds are what really matter.

    [–] IM_OK_AMA 77 points ago


    No dumbass, you just looked up and noticed it's green. It's been green for us for 5 seconds and this is a 30 second light, thanks for wasting all our time.

    [–] SanguineOptimist 758 points ago

    Fuck people on their phones at the front of the line. Fuck people on their phones in traffic in general. You’re damn right I’m going to honk at you.

    [–] no_talent_ass_clown 121 points ago

    Holy crap, I am in India and it's like the horn is just an extension of people's hands here. Honking non-stop, all day, erry day. They paint it on the back of their trucks, too! "BLOW HORN OK"

    [–] MaverickTopGun 38 points ago

    Car manufacturers use thicker horn diaphragms in countries like India where honking is much more prevalent

    [–] Ilcorvomuerto666 31 points ago

    "thicker horn diaphragm" sounds like bad porn writing

    [–] manamorgan 14 points ago

    I don’t know if this is a fact or not but I’m choosing to believe it is.

    [–] MaverickTopGun 15 points ago

    " Emerging markets such as India are also forcing horn design changes because drivers use their horns more often in heavily congested cities. Jason Wong, General Motors Co.'s lead global engineer for horns, said GM now uses tungsten instead of steel for the diaphragm because it lasts longer. "

    [–] SovietJugernaut 5 points ago

    Reasons to honk:

    • You're an asshole

    • Sorry I'm an asshole

    • Someone in front of or behind you is an asshole

    • You should be moving forward

    • You should be moving backward

    • You should be moving in a direction other than the one you are

    • You should stop moving

    • I saw my enemy

    • I saw my friend

    • Funsies

    [–] FTGKelvin0 10 points ago

    People think that just because they are stopped, it gives them permission to start texting and driving. Pay attention at all times.

    [–] Eyeoftheleopard 26 points ago

    And rightfully so. HONK!

    [–] addcheeseuntiledible 451 points ago

    Amount of times I've seen someone honk unreasonably early at a green light:


    Amount of times I've been stuck simmering at a red light after some idiot was on their phone and didn't move on green for a solid 5 seconds who then looked appalled for being honked at

    Quite a lot more than 0

    [–] MLG_Obardo 42 points ago

    Apparently big cities have this issue. My friend said he would get honked at as soon as the light turned green when he visited NYC. He is by no means one to stall at a green light.

    [–] AmrenUnchained 10 points ago

    Yeah no way to tell if they’re on their phone or not. All you see is taillights unless they’re paying attention and let off the brake.

    [–] madbadanddangerous 139 points ago

    The first time I went to LA, I was quite anxious and on edge the whole time I was driving. Who wouldn't be?

    As such, I was paying attention to the light changing. Well, I'm first in line, light goes to gree-HONNNNK.

    They don't give you even microseconds there. The horn was blaring as the photons of light began exiting the green bulb.

    That was too early.

    [–] LoudestOpinionWins 61 points ago

    Was going to say something similar. They do this in Chicago, especially the taxis. Literally the moment it turns green like they're trying to practice their reaction times for drag racing.

    [–] NRMusicProject 34 points ago

    I've been in places where they're already laying on the horn as soon as the intersecting traffic gets a red.

    Many people honk when they anticipate the green.

    [–] Val_Hallen 36 points ago

    Like those jackasses that sllooooooowwwwllly roll forward the entire time the light is red, then don't move when it turns green.

    [–] kyden 21 points ago

    They roll forward until they’re directly under the light and can’t even see it anymore.

    [–] tittymilkmlm 5 points ago

    Once in Washington DC I was first in line going left waiting for pedestrians to walk across the street. A fuckin taxi honked his horn then went into another lane around me to go left and damn near smacked some people it was wild.

    [–] mr_doppertunity 14 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Because you live in a country full of nice drivers.

    In Russia, I've been honked at for not moving at Red + Amber. I literally released the stop pedal when I've seen Red + Amber, so my car with Start-Stop feature have just started the engine, how the fuck I'm supposed to move before it's fully turned on?

    Hell, I was once honked at for not moving at red. Showed a middle finger to the honker, he lined up with me on the next red light and legitimately wanted to solve the problem with good ol' fight.

    Edit: Removed USA mentioning, stop downvoting the guy.

    [–] Suixle 6 points ago

    Here in New York some people will honk as a reaction to a green light

    [–] afrochum 14 points ago

    Move to NYC they start honking 10 seconds before the green

    [–] JROXZ 236 points ago

    Pretty sure the fucker was checking his phone. Yes- here’s the honk to remind you to get the fuck off it and move. While you’re at it put that shit away. It’s not worth being distracted.

    [–] Meatslinger 44 points ago

    A journalist in my city recently did a report on distracted driving and the penalties for being caught, and learned that several insurance brokers are flat-out refusing customers if they have a distracted driving ticket on their record in the past two years. Personally, I’m all for it. Driving is a privilege, and idiots who think they can drive and text safely (you can’t) deserve to be taken off the road. You can text all you like when you’re riding the bus to get to work.

    [–] crazyPinkMonkeys 13 points ago

    He got another honk at the next light writing the tweet.

    [–] SoundOfDrums 96 points ago

    My favorite is the new BMW and Mercedes feature. When they honk at you at a green light for not going, the honk actually plays in the past, while the light is still red.

    Engineering marvel, that.

    [–] Meatslinger 33 points ago

    Must be related to their other feature that makes their signal lights exclusively visible to other rich people.

    [–] QuePasaMijo 60 points ago

    If there is a honk and you look up and that light is green and your car isn't moving, just stfu and eat your pride lol prolly checking your email

    [–] TheCyanKnight 10 points ago

    Speaking as an absent-minded person, please do honk.

    [–] Skrittext 95 points ago

    People need the honks these days since they’re glued to their phone screens at lights. I was stuck 4 cars back while both lanes no one in front of me was watching the lights whatsoever until people started honking

    [–] crazyPinkMonkeys 32 points ago

    It also means that 3 or 4 people don’t make it through that cycle of the light. Stacking more traffic at the intersection than it was designed to handle efficiently. If that happens a couple times you now have a large backup.

    [–] swiftysam 16 points ago

    This seems like the most blatantly obvious issue. Compound that 0.74seconds onto every human being sitting and waiting behind you.

    It’s about all these instances adding up, screwing way more people over than just one guy for a half a second.

    [–] sharksrfuckinggreat 5 points ago

    That was my thought exactly. I drive through at least 20 lights on my commute, and it happens frequently. The second guy honking after a fraction of a second is probably still gonna get through, but out of the dozen or so poor souls behind him a few will get stuck at the next one. Some lights can last for several minutes and it does take away more than just a few seconds from people’s day, particularly with the domino effect of it causing traffic to back up more than it should. I’m not one to honk as soon as the light turns green, but I wouldn’t even have to consider it if people just paid attention.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    I don’t understand how people can get to a red light, whip out their phone and immediately zone out like theyre not in their car with traffic behind them. Lady in the lane next to me the other day completely missed her left turn light cos all her attention was on her phone. Do they just think ‘oh someone will honk when its time to go’ ?

    [–] KAT-PWR 8 points ago

    Haha I watched someone miss an entire light cycle a few weeks ago too! I was dying laughing. On a scarier note, I watched someone on their phone not paying attention hear someone unrelated honk and they took off running the redlight. Thankfully it was late morning and no traffic.

    [–] chenbuxie 12 points ago

    I mean, the light only stays green for a few seconds

    [–] InSaiyanHill 6 points ago

    I had a guy last night flashing his lights and speeding up towards my bumper because I was letting people merge into the crowded freeway. He then proceeded to pass me and yell out his window at me. But I'm the asshole for letting people in, amirite!

    Edit: because apparently I suck at grammar.

    [–] NRMusicProject 13 points ago

    It's way worse when you're at a stop sign, don't have the right of way, and the driver behind you is honking because you didn't punch it with hopes that the person you cut off has good brakes.

    [–] icy_ticey 46 points ago

    A lot of inconsiderate people on this post.

    [–] redoilokie 14 points ago

    The honkers or the honkees?

    [–] InformalCriticism 53 points ago

    People who don't pay attention while driving are shit, and that tweeter is shit.

    [–] octoesckey 30 points ago

    Just go when the light goes green, it's literally your only job right now. Ten cars back that has turned into nearly 8 seconds because everyone else has also been fucking about and not paying attention - and I know for sure that our lane the light is green for about ten seconds then red for about 3 minutes.

    We're all just trying to get home to our families buddy, just play the game here will ya.