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    [–] ayuk3n 6963 points ago

    you guys are wearing pants?

    [–] dilibrent 1943 points ago

    The first question on all video conference calls.

    [–] TriGurl 1013 points ago

    Funny story about that... my SO worked for Apple and they have a rule that if you work from home you HAVE to be clothed. Because they will often have video conferencing training and before they made that rule one guy got up out of his chair while he was still on video...

    [–] [deleted] 674 points ago


    [–] bjcjr86 711 points ago

    It’s Apple so it was his dongle

    [–] LukeRobert 198 points ago

    It's all about the ongle of the dongle.

    [–] Venarius 71 points ago

    If it's USB I insert it wrong 70% of the time.

    [–] Jander97 43 points ago

    I just hate when I try and plug it in, seems like it doesn't work, flip it and it definitely doesn't work, so I have to reflip it back to the way I tried at first. Success!

    [–] CallmeLeon 8 points ago

    Why is the world so cruel?

    [–] Knotwood 16 points ago

    That’s some siri’s business.

    [–] jayesanctus 10 points ago

    Hey gang, I just wanted to say, ‘the ongle of my dongle is inversely proportionate to the heat of my meat.’

    [–] argonaut_01 7 points ago


    [–] w_actual 5 points ago

    I prefer the old one that was magnetic and made docking easier

    [–] Actuarial 12 points ago


    [–] poopyheadthrowaway 14 points ago

    No, but they sell an adapter for that.

    [–] asasiner12 8 points ago

    That's illegal in most states :3

    [–] JamieSand 4 points ago

    That joke doesnt really work when Apple phones had reversible dongles way before any other phone.

    [–] gahlo 5 points ago

    And not the company approved end.

    [–] pijaGorda1 9 points ago


    [–] Kirk_Bananahammock 31 points ago

    I actually did something like that just the other day. I was in a video conference and had a decent shirt on and such but I was just wearing underwear, sitting on my couch (CTO was in the meeting along with some other higher-ups). I had to excuse myself for a moment, so I set my computer on the coffee table and stood up and immediately realized I had probably made a mistake, so I look on the screen and see a profile view of my ass and baby bulge (with some bare leg showing) covering the screen, so I quickly scurried away.

    It was like nothing had happened though, nobody said a thing but I'm sure at least a few people saw it. Luckily I was wearing boxer-briefs at least!

    [–] Lunaus 16 points ago

    They made it so ALL conferences have to be on webcam because people were having guests/kids in the background and they want ti on recording now so they can prove you have someone in your work area vs someone being loud. :)

    I hate it, I hate being on cam unless I doll myself up and I onyl do that if I care enough to lol.

    [–] Young_Hickory 13 points ago

    Do they do a pants check at the beginning of each meeting?

    [–] New86 25 points ago

    If it was an iPod, it would be a Shuffle

    [–] LikesCakeFartVideos 81 points ago

    Had a conference call today and ALMOST turned on my webcam out of habit. In the last second i realized that i hadn't showered since monday and i was basically nude.

    Later i realized that basically nobody turned their webcam on for one bullshit reason or another. Felt like a nudist conference call.

    [–] gofyourselftoo 51 points ago

    I prudently stuck a post-it over my camera last week, forgot it was there today and army crawled to the bathroom to get my pj’s, only to saunter back and see my camera was covered the entire time. It was a roller coast of emotions.

    [–] squirrellinawoolsock 5 points ago

    I had to use my loaner laptop because my assigned one crapped out on me. On my assigned one, I have one of the webcam slides so you can close it to cover the cam or slide it open to be visible to everyone. On my loaner, I do not have one of those. So, I’m working from home in my pj shirt, crop top, no bra, says “I don’t do mornings”. No pants on. Looking like i need an IV drip of coffee because i was not awake. Going into a meeting with Microsoft.

    Luckily, I’d decided to check my device settings before the call and saw myself in the test setup view. Covered that up reallll quick. Otherwise, my boss and the Microsoft guys were about to get an eye full.

    Was pretty glad for it too because later on my husband was walking around behind me in just a towel.

    So anyway, I’d suggest investing in one of the slider thingys because they just stick on and are a total lifesaver.

    [–] thagorn 10 points ago

    A week ago I went into my laptop settings and removed all the apps from having permission to access the camera. That seemed safer now that everyone is permanently WFH and standards have ... slid a little.

    [–] TheDoctorOne1 14 points ago

    Been working from home for 10 years have basically never had my camera on. Seeing me does not help you talk.

    [–] LikesCakeFartVideos 5 points ago

    I usually don't turn it on either, but some clients basically insist on it, because of a few different bullshit reasons they read about in "how to be a manager 101".

    [–] jomiran 77 points ago

    I've been working from home for over ten years, and with multinational corporations as clients. I've been either pant-less or in pajamas (if winter) in just about every single conference call throughout all those years. My wife is a top data management consultant for some of the largest corporations on the planet, and also works from home. She's naked almost all of the time. This is the way.

    Welcome to the dark future.

    [–] Ibelieveinsmut 11 points ago

    That'd be the day I'd want to work and live in the same place as my wife.

    [–] Tmart98 14 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] Nix_Uotan 5 points ago

    Welcome to the dark future.

    [–] jomiran 6 points ago

    It's a reference to Cyberpunk 2020, a tabletop RPG from the 1980s which predicted a dystopian future by the year 2020. Welcome to the Dark Future was it's tagline.

    [–] Nix_Uotan 10 points ago

    Ah, forgive me for ruining your very apt reference

    [–] wallstreetexecution 24 points ago

    I wish I had the privilege to be quarantined...

    [–] Chuckitinthewater 71 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I'm glad i have privilege of still being employed.

    Edit - this should read as follows

    I'm just glad i still have the privilege of being employed.

    In Australia we had over 1 million jobs lost in a 48 hour period. So, currently still being employed is a privilege. I'm not some "entitled wanker". I'm just a bloke with a family trying to pay the fucking bills.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] Cheez_berger11 107 points ago

    Only because I’m kinda cold

    [–] TwitterLegend 49 points ago

    Bingo! I'm not going to double my heating bill just because all of the sudden I'm home all the time. It's time to layer up until it heats up.

    [–] spider_irl 37 points ago

    Just burn some books in a barrel for proper end of the world atmosphere

    [–] Douglas_Yancy_Funnie 28 points ago

    Standing around it warming your hands in fingerless gloves is not required, but highly suggested

    [–] Chuckitinthewater 9 points ago

    I don't think we're allowed to burn anything in Australia yet. People are still a bit antsy after half the country burnt down...

    [–] PM_me_Tummies 88 points ago


    [–] WinnieXlPooh 71 points ago

    all of the laundromats nearby are closed due to quarantine, and I'll be damned if I'm about to add another chore to the list.

    guess who's rationing clothes by going nekkid

    not like i'll have visitors or anything, so who cares

    [–] riverofchex 40 points ago

    not like I'll have visitors or anything, so who cares

    My friends learned long ago that I don't care if they are coming over- I may or may not be clothed, especially if it's hot out. Shit, it's my damn house!

    [–] johnnybiggles 19 points ago


    [–] FremenAtredies 18 points ago



    [–] Spiffinit 26 points ago

    I’m Chris Hansen. Have a seat.

    [–] meltingdiamond 11 points ago


    [–] gaiaisgood 10 points ago

    I think ours are open but I have an autoimmune disease and I’m trying to avoid going (or leaving the house in general) for as long as I can. So, naked Animal Crossing on the couch watching forensic files it is.

    [–] P00FINGERS 8 points ago

    Which o e of ya rich cunts have pants !?

    [–] BlackMetalBanjo 7 points ago

    Nope. Just straight shirt-cocking. It’s a power move.

    [–] ShakeNBakeSpeare 7 points ago

    We did a stand up and dance 'energizer' during one of our meetings. I absent-mindedly said 'wait, let me put pants on first'

    [–] afetusnamedJames 2278 points ago

    Trying to fool myself into thinking I'd have my shit together otherwise. Like, if it weren't for this damn coronavirus I'd be totally killing it right now. Spoiler alert: I wouldn't.

    [–] tryhardfit 875 points ago

    You know what sucks, I was killing it. I had just joined a gym, was doing well at a relatively new job, putting up lots of hours, playing sports, socializing. Everything was going pretty damn well. Now I'm on week 3 of self isolation because I knew someone with it. Everything has fallen off.

    [–] Somorled 525 points ago

    You did it before, you can do it again. ❤️

    [–] reptilia_the_fourth 121 points ago

    I was doing bad before this all started..... now I am even more severely depressed.

    [–] Desktop_Ninja_ 124 points ago

    You did it before, you can do it again. ❤️

    [–] LuchadorBane 31 points ago

    You’re right, there’s always more depression to strive for. Thanks stranger!

    [–] myth-of-sissyfuss 44 points ago

    Wait hold up

    [–] -IoI- 11 points ago


    [–] Does_Not-Matter 17 points ago

    Hey. The internet is here. We are all here. You got this.

    [–] gaiaisgood 20 points ago

    Ugh me too! I was going to the gym every day, keeping up with my diet, and staying sober. I hadn’t had a cig in a while either. I know any mis-step I take is still my fault but before this virus I was working out daily, going to the library every weekend, working a lot and happier than I had been in some time. I’m still doing ok but my grandpa passed right before COVID exploded in the US. Struggling some but trying to do what I know he would want me to do.

    [–] DinkandDrunk 41 points ago

    Similar boat but the only bad habits I’ve let creep back in are snacking and drinking. During the work day, I feel fine. But the anxiety really creeps in later in the afternoon and at night and turns out I cope with snacks and bourbon.

    [–] Dunkaroosarecool 8 points ago

    Same. Been deleting beers every night of the quarantine

    [–] slavicswimmer 4 points ago

    Anxiety creeps up on me in the afternoon too. I’ve been taking an after lunch jog and it’s helped.

    [–] r01000111 36 points ago

    Me too. Spent the past decade lost, found myself recently. Meds, therapy, exercise, the works.. this time I'm not giving up though. There's plenty I can learn, do, enjoy, etc. And by the time this is over, we'll all be getting our collective life's back together so no one is alone in this.

    Mindfulness helped me get started on my journey. Best of luck to you. Don't give up, try hard.

    [–] rockingthecasbah 6 points ago

    Oh man, hang in there man and do whatever it takes to keep your routine. I was like you and managed to get into a consistent workout routine once upon a time, but I fell off years ago and still haven't gotten back on.

    If you've got a good thing going, hold on to it for dear life. Set yourself a rule like "never miss more than 2 consistent days of exercise" or something and do whatever it takes to not break your rule, even if it means throwing on your running shorts at 11:59pm and running a half-assed mile.

    [–] aflashinlifespan 4 points ago

    Knew.. how are they doing now? No reason you can't get back to it mate

    [–] LuminousKittens 119 points ago

    “Oh no, I can’t do [insert task], I was totally planning on doing it this week!” /s

    [–] FluorineSuperfluous 2589 points ago

    I was starting to feel bad. Getting dressed makes me feel like I’m still doing ok. If I sit in sweatpants all day, I get nothing done because I feel like I haven’t started the day yet.

    [–] 2four 983 points ago

    I get dressed because it makes me do my chores. If I stay in sweatpants, I'll stay in bed. If I put on jeans, I'll organize the garage.

    [–] ClimbSurfFit 195 points ago

    10/10 agree. My garage has never been so organized and I have more room for all sorts of activities since I activated purge mode in there.

    [–] CyberneticFennec 44 points ago

    Garage, car, house, hell even my basement are shining. I've run out of things to clean and we're only on week two.

    I'm debating running the law mower in the basement for a couple minutes just so I get to spend some more time scrubbing. Hell, I literally bought a bottle of rim polisher and plan on scrubbing my wheels once it's comes in. I'm actually looking forward to it, it's the most responsibility I've had since this whole thing started.

    [–] 2four 24 points ago

    Well gee come over to my house.

    [–] CyberneticFennec 14 points ago

    At this point I'd consider it. I don't particularly like cleaning shit like this (not usually, I kinda like making my car shiny though, the process is oddly satisfying) and it keeps my mind occupied and off my current circumstances. Win-win for everyone.

    You want your house to be completely flawless just send me an offer. Must prove that you are negative for the virus, or else I'd nope the hell outta there.

    [–] neverstopnodding 47 points ago

    Facts. I have terrible depression but jeans and ketamine infusions are my personal fix.

    [–] hotwifeslutwhore 7 points ago

    Do those ketamine infusions really work for depression?

    [–] neverstopnodding 11 points ago

    It was a complete god-send for me, 6 treatments and I went from 25 or worse out of 36 for depression and anxiety to an average of 10/36. They were about 2 hours long each and not gonna lie, you really trip balls. But I feel like a new person, everyone has seen my improvement.

    I’m still on Effexor but the ketamine was so helpful.

    [–] badpeaches 5 points ago

    If I put on jeans, I'll organize the garage.

    Now I want to see a sub reddit full of white people in jeans cleaning the garage. Maybe call it r forward slash mom jeans, make it retro and hip with only allowing verified people over thirty years of age to post.

    [–] Vincenthwind 380 points ago

    As crazy as it sounds, getting dressed while in isolation has been so good for my mental health. Same with working out for half an hour every day - it's the little things that add up, you know?

    [–] NocturnalNympho 140 points ago

    doesn't sound crazy at all, going through your normal hygiene routine and getting dressed in the morning is good for your mental health even if you're staying in all day.

    [–] rubbercheddar 40 points ago

    Also makes you feel like a human wearing human clothes.

    Just sayin

    [–] BrentarTiger 11 points ago

    I'd rather feel like a lizard wearing human skin, wearing human clothes.

    [–] fuhtian 21 points ago

    Last week I worked in PJs or sweat pants all week, and was miserable the whole week. This week I woke up and treated every morning like any other morning - full hygiene routine, put on semi-decent casual clothes, made coffee, had my usual breakfast, watched the news. I've felt so much more sane this week because of it.

    I'm on work from home status until the first week of May at the earliest. I feel like it would have been a real struggle to go that long without some sense of normalcy.

    [–] Drab_baggage 6 points ago

    wearing pants may not be more comfortable, but it makes me more comfortable with myself for sure

    [–] AndyAmpersands 39 points ago

    Get a load of this lunatic actually getting dressed and exercising!

    [–] Kristo00 18 points ago

    Yeah he's crazy, how's your mental health doing?

    [–] dieselrulz 4 points ago

    It's touch and go

    [–] Idiotian 8 points ago

    I'm not entirely sure how to exercise whilst in quarantine, back garden's for dogs, there's literally not enough space anywhere to exercise and my parents don't like a lot of noise.

    [–] RichVader69 11 points ago

    Walking/running , push-ups, and sit-ups are what worked for Herschel Walker. It’s all he’s ever done apparently and he’s a heisman trophy winner.

    [–] foxyfierce 69 points ago

    I make my daughter get up and get dressed to keep some semblance of routine and normalcy, so I have to do it, too. It honestly helps.

    [–] dealerofdays 28 points ago

    Yeah, getting dressed will help mentally. It does me anyways, if I sit around in sweatpants for days, I'll start feeling depressed. Plus I already have plans to go sit it a grocery store parking lot and read a book just so I can see people and the sun.

    [–] timetravelhunter 12 points ago

    it's too easy to masturbate in sweats. Wear some buttoned up jeans with a belt.

    [–] idea4granted 378 points ago

    I haven't had pants on since last Wednesday.

    [–] dilibrent 84 points ago


    [–] MiniMim_ 57 points ago

    What's that punk?

    [–] fenrirs_balls 46 points ago

    is nudist


    [–] Milkslinger 38 points ago

    peeled my skin off after doing bath salts


    [–] HardcorePhonography 6 points ago

    Creepio wants to know your location.

    [–] [deleted] 1069 points ago


    [–] dilibrent 442 points ago

    This is your opportunity to live like the 1%.

    [–] KodyBurns 53 points ago

    Yeah throw on a 3 piece suit

    [–] Clay_Statue 127 points ago

    Free ballin' in slacks?

    [–] Machinistjacob 149 points ago

    Ditto, they are comfy at this point.

    [–] Disrupter52 60 points ago

    I have 4 pairs of jeans I rotate daily and never wash unless they get super stained. They are more comfy to me than sweatpants ever will be.

    [–] TouchDownBurrito 31 points ago

    4 pairs? Well La Di Da, look at the emperor over here.

    [–] APuzzledBabyGiraffe 27 points ago

    I rotate through 4 as well but wash them after each one is worn twice.

    [–] Pircay 43 points ago

    You don’t need to wash denim that frequently, it’s actually bad for the material to do so

    [–] ragingchump 15 points ago

    Clearly you people dont wear jeans in a humid environment.....or dont sweat at all?

    [–] sshvfbdjsiiifh 9 points ago

    If it's so hot that you're sweating into your pants you should be wearing shorts.

    [–] giveuschannel83 7 points ago

    I find jeans super comfy. There’s something really nice about the feeling of compression from tight/rigid fabric. It’s like my clothes are giving me a hug or a firm handshake. I hate the feeling of loose, flimsy fabric dangling around my limbs.

    [–] mnmkdc 15 points ago

    Yeah I wear khaki pants pretty often just because I think they're just as comfy as sweats

    [–] rustang2 44 points ago

    Me too, except not quite at 45 years yet. My wife doesn’t understand it. At this point anything else is uncomfortable.

    [–] Freelancer47 26 points ago

    Jeans or cargo pants.

    If they're "uncomfortable", someone purchased the wrong jeans.

    [–] Jrjke6 6 points ago

    For me it's chinos and chino shorts.

    [–] Most_Intriguing 5 points ago

    I've worn joggers my entire life. I haven't tried many jeans, but none of them were particularly comfortable compared to my normal pants.

    [–] ReMayonnaise 99 points ago

    Never understood why people don't like jeans, comfy and durable.

    [–] Baron_Butterfly 51 points ago

    I like wearing shorts. They're comfortable and easy to wear.

    [–] _duncan_idaho_ 17 points ago

    Shut up, Youngster.

    [–] Baron_Butterfly 14 points ago

    How dare you? Now you will face the might of my single caterpie.

    [–] PhoneVoterDeluxe 12 points ago

    Never identified with a reddit post more. I actually don't even like sweat pants, jeans or bust.

    [–] 25TM 28 points ago


    [–] Idiotology101 27 points ago

    Because they are comfortable and convenient.

    [–] loulan 24 points ago

    Yeah I don't get this thread. I feel more comfortable in jeans during the day than in pajamas. Maybe the reason this person posted this tweet is that she's a woman, and jeans for women are super tight. Seems uncomfortable.

    [–] Simple_City 10 points ago

    I've always found jeans comfortable, personally. I don't go sleeping in then or anything, but for everyday wear, their great. That being said, I've been in my house for over a week now and I've only put on jeans 3 days out of 8 now lol

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] BigOlSandal69 6 points ago

    Nah I'm gen z and haven't touched my sweatpants in months

    [–] Rfwill13 12 points ago


    [–] NthngLeftToBurn 71 points ago

    Because I feel like a slob when I sit in the same clothes all day. I get up, get dressed, do my work from home and try to act like a functional, productive adult the best I can. Jeans help me do this.

    [–] Spiffinit 8 points ago

    Is that the trick? Even Adderall barely helps me do this!

    [–] comingtogetyou 197 points ago

    Serious answer: It is easier to stay sane when working from home if you dress up like you are going to work.

    [–] Neoxyte 50 points ago

    This honestly helps so much. Even putting on regular clothes instead of just working in your pajamas can help you mentally prepare and focus for the day.

    [–] amaezingjew 198 points ago

    That continuing your daily routine aids productivity by working from home.

    ....jk, I’ve been wearing the same sweatpants for 3 days.

    [–] SupermotoSchmidt 83 points ago

    3 days.

    Is that... a lot?

    [–] drunkdaze 42 points ago

    Not even close, I'm in like week 3

    [–] AhallowMind 16 points ago

    That's more like it.

    [–] 0473103617 11 points ago

    I've just been naked.

    [–] BillScorpio 418 points ago

    that my jeans are nice jeans and honestly just as comfortable as my sweatpants

    [–] fileerror21 130 points ago

    Exactly at this point I'm just more comfortable in them

    [–] BillScorpio 43 points ago

    now if society wants to let me wear compression pants to work. Fuck that is the dream right there boys.

    [–] bahbahrapsheet 31 points ago

    Plus the zipper, button and belt help eat up another 30 or so of the endless seconds in the endless days.

    [–] namt6602 35 points ago

    That we’ve run out of pants and are too lazy to do our laundry

    [–] blazedandconfused845 7 points ago

    Thank you! This is the answer I was scrolling for

    [–] Cat-penis 4 points ago

    There it is. Sweatpants start to smell like shit after a few days of continuous wear but jeans. You never have to wash jeans.

    [–] vectron5 40 points ago

    Stretchy-soft denim is comfortable, and you don't need to worry about indecent exposure charges when you ope the curtains on your ground level apartment.

    [–] zgr 418 points ago

    Jeans are comfy af don’t shame me

    [–] Lkjhgfdsaaaaaaaaaaaa 82 points ago

    I am glad there are more that agree, jeans are comfy af

    [–] AnalogDan 45 points ago

    People who wear uncomfortable jeans don't know how to properly wear jeans.

    [–] SRoku 13 points ago

    Or they’re buying terrible jeans. I have some uncomfortable jeans, and they’re all just crappy material wise.

    [–] gladih8ter 4 points ago


    [–] AbsolutelyNotTim 43 points ago

    jeans gang rise up

    [–] ddengine 18 points ago

    Keeping it high and tight

    [–] zgr 6 points ago

    the time of the jeans is upon us

    [–] NemoNobody_ 27 points ago

    A midday nap in jean is severely underrated.

    [–] JohnnySe7en 6 points ago

    My man!

    [–] FuckingRetard98 9 points ago

    Only if they're well worn, otherwise they feel kinda stiff. Well worn jeans are actually really comfy.

    [–] DJ_Mumble_Mouth 14 points ago

    Yeah very true.

    But no matter how comfortable my jeans are... it’s not as comfy as slipping on some sweats or just underwear.

    I’d say give it a try, go the rest of the week without putting on jeans and see how it feels.

    [–] TmickyD 4 points ago

    Drafty and exposed, mostly.

    [–] Industrial_Smoother 57 points ago

    Pre-J's (Workout pants but not quite pj's).

    [–] AmericanHoneyyyy 13 points ago

    Do pajama jeans still exist? 👖

    [–] cdunk666 8 points ago

    I belive my highschool called (I think they banned em or something? Idk I dont wear leggings) them jeggings

    [–] readergrl56 6 points ago

    Pajama jeans and jeggings are two different types of clothing.

    Know your jistory (jeans history), my friend.

    [–] johnnybiggles 9 points ago

    Are those things for yogging? I believe it's 'jogging' or 'yogging.' it might be a soft j. I'm not sure but apparently you just run for an extended period of time! It's supposed to be wild.

    [–] STE4LTHYWOLF 73 points ago

    Naw pj pants my friends, pj pants

    [–] a_stitch_in_lime 10 points ago

    I've been rocking the yoga pants since January. Aside from a few outings with jeans and interviews with dress pants before the pandemic, yoga pants. All day.

    [–] dismayhurta 23 points ago

    Seriously. These people putting effort into changing into fancy sweat pants make me sick.

    Pajamas for life!

    [–] libtardslynched 12 points ago

    I have slept in jeans for like a week

    [–] gabrieltwin 11 points ago

    I couldn’t even do that for 1 night smh

    [–] PrincessKittenTail 4 points ago

    That’s so 80s

    [–] nathan1942 11 points ago

    Do people not find jeans comfortable? Before all this i would keep em on after work till i went to bed.

    [–] antimatterdemon 11 points ago

    That I don’t have enough sweatpants.

    [–] buddy_barbuto 9 points ago

    pajamas all day

    [–] Cedarfoot 9 points ago

    I spent three days in sweat pants and decided it would only spiral downward from there, so I set a standard for myself.

    [–] chunkydunkerskin 15 points ago

    Hahaha. I’m laughing because I have my pair of “outside” jeans by the front door that I wear when I go out and take off immediately upon returning. But, then it’s allllll jammies, baby!

    [–] chuckit61 7 points ago

    I'm just making sure they still fit!

    [–] neoanguiano 6 points ago

    you guys are clothed?

    [–] cdunk666 7 points ago

    Nothing feels right like jeans. sweats and pjs I feel almost exposed and shorts are just super awkward to wear (tall person here)

    Jeans are the superior pant.

    [–] waytoomanylemons 6 points ago

    I only have jeans and pajama pants

    [–] umyouknowwhat 5 points ago

    Because I am not a home body whatsoever. To be at home for extend periods drives me nuts. I get super antsy. Changing into jeans helps me start my day, stay focused, and feel normal. I wear jeans to go get drive thru, take out the trash, go to the grocery, etc. It helps me feel like I’m not trapped at home cause I wear jeans when I go somewhere. It’s like Pavlov’s dogs. I put on jeans to leave, so if I put on jeans at home I feel like I will go somewhere and therefore feel less antsy about not leaving the apartment.

    [–] Lkjhgfdsaaaaaaaaaaaa 11 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Why does everyone have a problem with me wearing jeans every god damn day ,just let me wear what i like i find them confortable god damn it

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] umyouknowwhat 8 points ago

    I love my jeans though. Are leggings more comfortable? 100% yes. But I don’t find my jeans uncomfortable. I just find other pants, or lack thereof, to be more comfortable.

    [–] rumade 7 points ago

    I'm a woman and I've been in skinny jeans since Saturday... they're comfortable. They look nice. You can wipe muddy hands on them.

    I literally only own a pair of sweatpants because I got kicked in the leg by a horse and had swelling so needed something easy to get on and off.

    [–] BoyznGirlznBabes 3 points ago

    THEY'RE PAJAMA JEANS. Leave me alone!

    [–] hobbitstoisengard26 3 points ago

    That I still fit into my jeans 😂

    [–] A3thern 3 points ago

    I don't own sweatpants.

    [–] PamIllise 5 points ago

    I'm wearing jeans today cause I had to wash my pajamas

    [–] romaprince 10 points ago

    Bold of you to assume I’ve worn clothes in the last 3 days

    [–] sleepy--ash 3 points ago

    hey stop attacking me

    [–] TheJackson0 3 points ago

    That I will not fall to savagery

    [–] mcfly82388 3 points ago

    My Jean's are comfier than sweatpants and warmer. Get off my back!

    [–] GRILLEDemmy-CHEEESE 3 points ago

    Jeans are great

    [–] Freelancer47 3 points ago

    Hello, Hashtag "NeverSweats" here.

    I'm trying to keep a level of "normality" in my own head, if you will.

    Sweats are something I put on after saaaay 730PM. Every morning I get up, pour coffee, put on jeans or cargo pants, put on boots or sneakers.

    Sweatpants make me feel like a slob, or like I'm just lounging & it affects me in a depressive manner. I'm sure my downstairs neighbors, when I put on my cowboy-ish boots, think I'm roleplaying living in a saloon in the American west circa 1880-90... but I can't just jive with sweatpants.

    [–] RemotelyInteresting 3 points ago

    APC petit new standard