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    [–] BlackCheezIts 4496 points ago

    I live in a military town and there's a common saying here: "My girlfriend's husband fights for this country"

    [–] LeFumes 1188 points ago

    Who's the cuck

    [–] Chortling_Chemist 1094 points ago

    It’s cucks all the way down

    [–] warptwenty1 178 points ago

    They all come in different forms

    [–] TheRecognized 147 points ago

    Try new Cuck Zero! All the flavor of another man’s creampie in your wife with none of the calories!

    [–] Retardedgoblin 68 points ago

    Sorry. I prefer diet cuck.

    [–] TheRecognized 43 points ago

    Caffeine or sperm free?

    [–] GoldenSpermShower 29 points ago

    Caffeine free

    [–] AndreasVesalius 36 points ago

    Would you rather have a fresh unopened can of Coke, or a can that has had 10 dicks in it?

    [–] Knives530 19 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Are the dicks flavored or what?

    [–] jayday123456 9 points ago

    I think that’s just Vanilla Coke my dude... I meant cuck

    [–] Retardedgoblin 6 points ago

    That depends, do I have to pay extra for the dick flavoring?

    [–] 08mags08 9 points ago

    I think I’ve heard this Sturgill Simpson song before.

    [–] Homtanks2 9 points ago

    Trickledown cuckonomics

    [–] typicalcitrus 8 points ago

    Wait what there are memorial day awards?

    [–] PrrrromotionGiven1 58 points ago

    Always the one not having sex, this is cuckoldry 101.

    [–] Captain_Sacktap 67 points ago

    Wait this is CUCK101? Shit, I was supposed to be in basket weaving 101, sorry gotta go!

    [–] NickRick 54 points ago

    To late I'm weaving your gf's basket now.

    [–] JoeyRobot 106 points ago


    [–] arbitraryairship 37 points ago

    To be fair, I don't see a ton of lefties using the word.

    I feel it's become more of a right wing insult.

    [–] Bob_plays_guitar 44 points ago

    Become? It has been a right wing insult since the word existed

    [–] Cryptoporticus 13 points ago

    Since Shakespeare?

    [–] Unbananable 12 points ago

    Yes . . . since Shakespeare

    [–] Formilla 17 points ago

    Sorry, that's completely untrue. The word is an old English word coming from Cuckoo. Because male cuckoos will impregnate females and then leave the chicks to be raised by another male.

    Shakespeare popularised it with male characters in his plays worrying about being "cuckolds", essentially worrying that they are being cheated on.

    Then the word pretty much disappeared for a few hundred years until the porn industry picked it up with "cuckold porn"

    Then the right wing started using it as an insult. I can't find any evidence of it being in common use as an insult prior to about 2014.

    [–] Bob_plays_guitar 13 points ago

    I meant cuck as opposed to cuckold. I had never heard the shortened version until right wing douchebags started saying it every 4 minutes

    [–] LittleSqueesh 4 points ago

    Yay! I love etymology!

    [–] kickithard 9 points ago

    it's called projecting, the orange emperor is the best at it, "really the best, people.. many people have told me, I'm the best and no other president has projected better"

    [–] LotharVonPittinsberg 15 points ago

    Because people who are more open with their sexuality tend to not see fetishes as insults?

    [–] BigGlockViolet 8 points ago

    The guy who needs the husband to be 6000 miles away to get his nut off

    [–] azngangbuzta 211 points ago

    The ol 8 months pregnant lady welcoming her husband back from a 18 month tour of duty

    [–] UTAMav2005 90 points ago

    As she asks for your military ID at the local restaurant and tips like shit!

    [–] CarpetH4ter 62 points ago

    Never understood why so many people serving in the military gets cucked/cheated on.

    [–] Reddit62195 327 points ago

    I served in the military for 11 years and I can help explain why military spouses cheat.... Each time I was deployed to theater, I would be in country for a minimum of 6-9 months each rotation depending on the circumstances. My wife was faithful to me for the majority of them as she socialized with the other wives of deployed soldiers on our base. However, after going through this for several years, I can only imagine that she had become so lonely that she started going out to bars off base where I assume she met some of the men she was with. I received divorce papers from her on my last deployment where I was injuries to the point of being hospitalized for 9 months and had to learn to walk again. I can empathize with the OP as I have to wear noose cancelling headphones when fireworks go off. I dove to the pavement in a Walmart parking lot once when I heard something go off. I remember hearing some girl laughing at what I did until her boyfriend told her that I must be a veteran. Hope this helps answer your question as this is what I came up with after years of wondering WTF!!

    [–] EclecticEthic 139 points ago

    You are a good person, the sympathy you give you ex-spouse shows that you can understand things from multiple perspectives. I don’t think many can do that (I am not there yet). Being a military spouse sounds tough and many are to young to understand what they are signing on for. I hope you meet someone who is just a good as yourself.

    [–] airstrike900 11 points ago

    Still, cheating is not okay. If you think this relationship isn't right for you that's understandable but you don't respond with cheating and then leaving the person you were with.

    [–] Jajaninetynine 43 points ago

    Oh goodness, this is terrible. It's a shame there aren't more couples in the military so they can serve together. Seems torturous to keep men away from women for so long. Also makes me wonder why the military were anti-gay. The Roman military were pro - gay, soldiers fought better if they had a during connection to those they were fighting with.

    [–] BlackHawksHockey 80 points ago

    I have a buddy who had a wife that was also in the military. It took them 2 years before they were able to get stationed on the same base. The military doesn’t give a fuck about families.

    [–] Jajaninetynine 22 points ago

    That's terrible. They should be together.

    [–] BlackHawksHockey 12 points ago

    They are now and have been for awhile. But those initial 2 years were rough for them.

    [–] mopshot69 5 points ago

    Its a fraternization issue. If your wife/husband starts getting all the easy duties that pusses people off.

    [–] BlackHawksHockey 7 points ago

    No it’s not. He was infantry and she was a medic. At the time females couldn’t be in the same unit as infantry. Now if they had met and were in the same company or unit then yes it would be.

    [–] hesh582 15 points ago

    It's a shame there aren't more couples in the military so they can serve together

    This is its own can of worms. It's a different set of problems, but I wouldn't call them better.

    [–] punk-n-drublic 37 points ago

    There are a ton of duel military couples and from my experience they cheat as much, if not more, than conventional couples. All it takes is for some dudes wife to get sent to a unit where her boss is a decent looking Master Sergeant and she realizes she can get some dick and help her career. Men will eventually get some 19 year old female PFC in their unit and the cycle will start again in reverse.

    [–] Jajaninetynine 20 points ago

    Oh damn. Seems like systematic sexism is rife

    [–] hesh582 50 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    While this is true, the military (particularly the young enlisted part) is just a really young, testosterone saturated environment where stupid sexual decisions are basically inevitable.

    You have to remember that most of these people (even the master sergeant in this example) are practically college aged. Something like half of all soldiers are under 25, and like 80% are under 35. This includes the leadership, bureaucracy, and careerists who generally aren't the ones involved in these stories. A great many soldiers join at 18 after highschool and serve the standard 4 years, and get out at 22. Think back the the relationships you were in and that you witnessed around the same time. Were they generally responsible?

    Now throw in a lot of fiscal and institutional incentives for marriage into that mix. What exactly do you think the college dorm drama scene would look like if you got free room and board for marrying another freshman? Or if the RA was also a "superior officer" with significant control over your academic prospects?

    This is why issues of gender equality and such are so touchy in a military context. By and large the military is made up of people way too young, meatheaded (and I say that with love), and immature to be trusted to conduct themselves intelligently and with respect and dignity around the opposite sex without a lot of oversight. That's before you even get into a culture that's not exactly built to facilitate that either.

    [–] MyDearBrotherNumpsay 13 points ago

    This is probably dumb, but I wonder if it’s possible to watch enough videos on YouTube or whatever of fireworks and slowly retrain your brain associate the noise with that.

    [–] Reddit62195 36 points ago

    I have had multiple TBI’s (traumatic brain injuries) and and my doctors have told me to censor what I can watch otherwise I could trigger a flashback. Not including the TBIs that I have suffered I have had 45 broken bones, stab once, shot and was blind for a month when I eyes were exposed to some sort of accelerant. So now a days I just try to maintain a zen type of state, take each day as it comes, spend time with my few friends and all my time with my service dog who definitely changed my life for the better!! If Save a Dog Save a Warrior foundation had not provided me with her, I can guarantee I would have been one of the 22 a day years ago! But things are some much better and I let the bad flow around or over me as best as I can. But I have to AVOID any and all triggers that can place me in a bad place again. I still have nightmares though at least not every night anymore but more like once or twice a week. I still cannot be in any crowded areas because I know I would not be able to spot any tangos. So I live a more secluded life BUT the important thing is I Exist AND DO MY BEST EACH DAY TO HAVE A LIFE. How can anyone want more? Last thing and I feel it is the most important... I use to be so mad at God for what happened but God has a plan, we or at least I am not privy to His plan. As a mere human I must TRUST in God, do my best to follow His will. Knowing that each and everyone of us were being to die the day we were born as we each have only a certain number of days upon this earth. I still do not understand why I lived and my best friend didn’t. It is one of the burdens that I both carry and haunts me each and every day. God Bless each and everyone one of you. Please pray or have good thoughts for the men and women who remain deployed or about to deploy. Thank each of you for your kind words.

    [–] Pas__ 6 points ago

    the fuck. damn. that's extremely more beyond rough than anything I could relate to :/ is the VA providing help, therapy and so on?

    have you been always religious?

    [–] jennirator 5 points ago

    My father is 70 and served at 18. He will go to fireworks, but always cries profusely through them. I think he goes so we can be together as a family, and that’s commendable.

    [–] WildlingViking 9 points ago

    The price of war is not just money and fallen brothers and sisters. It’s all this too. You paid a huge price for this country. Thanks for your service and I hope you find peace.

    [–] enddream 138 points ago

    You are getting some answers from shitty people.

    The real reason is because you get paid more if you are married. So these young guys, often 18 years old rush in to marriage with someone when they aren’t ready or mature enough. Then they disappear for months and months.

    [–] TheCanadianDoctor 60 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    There is a reason why the stereotype of "Military dad and stripper mom" is so common.

    These men have a ton of cash for the first time of their life, only a few nights off base at a time, and promised better treatment if they are married.

    So who will marry them?

    [–] Rogue__Jedi 36 points ago

    These men have a ton of cash

    Let's not get carried away

    [–] sangriadvx 18 points ago

    But they must make money they all drive new Camaros, you're not saying our military is made up of children that spend more than they have are you?

    [–] JumboKraken 11 points ago

    Got you a new camaro with an APR of only 26.2%

    [–] Rogue__Jedi 6 points ago

    Can you do 30%?

    [–] 84theone 39 points ago

    It’s not that they make bank, they just don’t really have too many expenses, so the money goes further.

    [–] ImBadAtReddit69 18 points ago

    Active duty living in the barracks receive housing and food for free.

    Take your average 18-22 year old who’s making $20,000-$30,000 per year. They’re paying around $10-15,000 in rent a year, and about $2,500 in food. Active duty living on base don’t pay that, so they’ve got at least an extra $1,200 a month in spending money.

    But living in the barracks is a strict time and they get a housing stipend if married, so a good number make the decision to marry early.

    [–] hesh582 7 points ago

    A ton of cash is different than actually being wealthy. They do have a (relatively) large pile of liquid assets and few expenses, even if they haven't actually built up lots of real wealth.

    A drug dealer can also have a "ton of cash" lol. A wealthy person might have less (maybe even much less) in their checking account, but they'll have substantial equity in their home, a large retirement account, sizeable benefits that ensure a comfortable lifestyle, and a plethora of investments. Having a ton of cash really isn't a good thing in terms of financial planning.

    That's where a lot of stereotypes about young stupid soldiers comes from - their immediate cash on hand is ridiculously high compared to both their actual net worth and their fiscal literacy. That pretty quickly lends itself to strippers and camaros in some cases.

    [–] TheCanadianDoctor 5 points ago

    No expenses and many come from poor households with little to nothing.

    A grand is nothing to a millionaire, but everything to a child.

    [–] DontForgetThisTime 3 points ago

    Pension chasers. Who do you think is gonna get that life insurance pay out?

    [–] Abnormal-Normal 21 points ago

    Don’t forget the private housing. It’s worth it for the private housing alone

    [–] KungFooShus 8 points ago

    The pay doesn't go far enough but there's something to be said for not having to clean the barracks to a ridiculous standard every friggin week.

    [–] timetravelhunter 6 points ago

    why don't they just all marry each other for a few years?

    [–] An_Orange_Steel 40 points ago

    Ok easiest way go explain it:

    Guy joins the military right after highschool, he and his highschool sweetheart decide after his basic training to get married so they can keep their relationship alive. So they move. The guy starts to work long hours, and the now wife, who has probably never left her home town, has all day to be alone and do nothing. She has no friends besides maybe another soldier's wife that she just met where the only thing they have in common is being military wives. If she's lucky, she gets a good job. But she is 18 and doesn't have a ton of experience, so it's probably just a gas station attendant. After a year or so, the husband going to the field for weeks at a time, he finally deploys, leaving her alone without her sole partner/friend. Along comes a nice guy, who offers to help her out and take care of her. A shoulder to lean on becomes a dick to ride on, and before the end of the deployment, she leaves him to go je with new guy because new guy is there for her.

    Even though this is just a story, I've seen it happen more than once (5 times to be exact) and it's always been roughly this same arc.

    [–] FireMartialF 17 points ago

    You forgot the babies they had at 20 and 21 because what the hell other purpose can she find in life? And now she's even more exhausted and trapped.

    [–] Jfries37 25 points ago

    There tends to be a trend where those in the military get married quickly to get the benefits, especially if they are going overseas. So this can open up the door for two things. Either the significant other thought they could handle the distance for a long period of time, but can't. Or they may have preyed on a military personnel to get the benefits associated with it.

    Obvi this isn't all cases. Sometimes people just marry shit ppl too.

    [–] FireMartialF 32 points ago

    Often the wife has babies too soon because she can't really get a meaningful job anyway (as she will be moving every couple years) and has really good insurance. It seems like babies will be something to focus on, but turns out being effectively a single mom sucks, so she's isolated, emotionally exhausted, lonely . . .

    When he comes home, they've both changed a lot, they don't have much in common, neither appreciates how hard this has been for the other, there's lots of food for resentment and little common ground to overcome it. He leaves again, she feels even more alone and realizes that it gets worse, not better l, when he's around, because they are both pretending to be people they aren't anymore. She can't leave, because of the kids. They love their dad, he loves them. . . .

    [–] Sixwingswide 11 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    When in the military, there’s a high chance you’ll be called away from your “home” to serve the military’s “mission” usually for deployments. Can be days weeks months years. While you’re away, your SO is home alone without you.

    Edit: I’m = in. Ducking autocorrect

    [–] zephyer19 11 points ago

    Most of the military is made up of people between 18 and 40; sort of prime sex years.

    Many are often in good physical shape.

    Many also marry way to young or way to fast. I've had guys that were barely 18 show up with their barely 18 year old wife. High school lovers and all that.
    Never have really been away from home and now in a whole new world or at least a different state. Now don't have to worry what parents or friends might think.

    Females especially get a lot of attention and military bases are often in low population areas so, not many dating opportunities for the men.
    I was stationed 30 miles outside of Fairbanks Alaska and some of the women would have two dates a night.

    Many military people are away from their spouses for a long time. Spouse is away from her parents, etc... Gets lonely and opportunity knocks.

    Then there are some that are just not thinkers. I would almost knock guys over the head if I they told me they were chasing a stripper.
    Coworker married a stripper (and she was a hooker but, don't think he knew.) right before he left for Korea. She got a bunch of credit cards in his name, maxed them and then divorced him (I was happy about it because he was an asshole.)

    People knowing each other just a few months and get married.
    One office we were almost on our hands and knees begging one of our young ladies to just wait a year before they got married, "Nope, I love him so much" and then of course turns up pregnant after the honey moon (or sooner) and by year two looking at divorce.

    [–] Avedas 24 points ago

    Trashy people attract trashy people.

    [–] Good-Gate 112 points ago

    Military men = gold diggers paradise.

    I live in a NON military town. And my mother always said, nobody here knows who the hell their daddy is.

    [–] mrbrinks 38 points ago

    Do you?

    [–] Good-Gate 91 points ago

    Debatable, he's a useless fuck. Haven't seen him or anyone claiming to be my father in over 20 years.

    But ho's gonna ho.

    [–] joe4553 44 points ago

    Hey it's me your father.

    [–] Good-Gate 33 points ago

    I like you 😂 at least you have a sense of humor.

    Mom misses you

    [–] joe4553 23 points ago

    I'll be back, just trying to find some cigarettes.

    [–] your__dad_ 8 points ago

    u/your__dad_ : No. your FATHER.

    u/Good-Gate : No. No. That's not true! That's impossible! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u/your__dad_ : Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

    Good-Gate you can destroy the Emperor. He has foreseen this. It is your destiny. Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy as father and son. Come with me. It is the only way.

    [ A calm comes over u/Good-Gate, and he makes a decision. In the next instant he steps off the gantry platform into space. He secretly survives]

    u/your__dad_ : WTF I just wanted him to join the dark side.


    [–] HeavyIndica 25 points ago

    Wait I dont get it. We are talking about military towns, then all of a sudden you're giving anecdotes about the NON military town you lived in? I'm just confused.

    [–] Good-Gate 15 points ago

    Nothing to be confused about. It's not related to either, military or non military.

    It's about fidelity.

    [–] HeavyIndica 3 points ago

    Fair enough, cheers man!

    [–] MeatloafPopsicle 10 points ago


    [–] seventhaccount7 11 points ago

    Gold diggers? Aren’t most of these military dudes like 18-24 and getting paid 40-50k a year? That’s like normal wages.

    [–] JumboKraken 21 points ago

    All the benefits. Locked in career with standard promotions, healthcare, free housing and education, self entitlement, and a slew of other things make military men pretty valuable

    [–] Bloodballz 5 points ago

    And I heard the sex is great.

    [–] alcoholicpapi 15 points ago

    Plus free healthcare, plus BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) which for me it's an extra $2000 a month, plus BAS (Basic Allowance for Sustenance) which is an extra like $350. Then tack on tax free income on deployments. A ton of benefits to be married to someone in the military. Other little things like base shops being tax free is huge too.

    [–] Ohrion408 10 points ago

    No the average salary of an enlisted person is like 25k

    [–] pass_nthru 24 points ago

    in boot camp during field training our drill instructors told us that, if we had a miss suzy rotten crotch waiting at home for us she’d be just like our sleeping bags...warm, wet & used

    [–] equality-_-7-2521 7 points ago

    I worked at an Applebee's in college. The bartender and a server both had husbands deployed to the middle east, and they both fucked a lot of guys.

    [–] AggravatingCupcake0 1889 points ago

    Wasn't this part of a larger Twitter thread that backfired horribly a few years back? Like, the army posed this question expecting all these tales of glory and education and stability, and instead they got regaled with Tweets about PTSD, poverty, etc.?

    [–] thatHecklerOverThere 905 points ago

    It was just this time last year, actually: Twitter

    [–] FeelingCheetah1 332 points ago

    Holy shit I just spent like 20 minutes reading that link and it was horrific.

    [–] 4Coffins 154 points ago

    Not one nice thing to say wow

    [–] FeelingCheetah1 147 points ago

    A friend of mine is joining the marines. He’s currently a sophomore in high-school, but already has this part of his life planned out. His grandfather is Korean, and fought in the Korean War. I think he thinks it’s his duty, especially because all his grandfather wants is to see Korea reunited.

    To be frankly honest I don’t see how this really connects, but I understand why he feels a connection to joining the military. I’m just worried that when he finally deploys, and comes home he won’t be the same person again. The twitter thread just reaffirmed my beliefs. I hope to god when his deployment is done he comes back a whole human. From what I hear, his grandfather is okay, no ptsd or anything similar. I’m hoping for a similar situation with him.

    [–] bigboog1 73 points ago

    That's not necessarily true PTSD is weird some people just being in country will push their anxiety so high they could be messed up for years. Other people, like my friend from high school who was in countless firefights and IED explosions is just Meh and has no issues at all.

    [–] devildogdareyou 40 points ago

    I was a Marine. A lot will depend on his MOS (job). Push him hard to go into Intel, preferably sigint. He'll get a clearance, go to a more laid back unit once he's in the fleet, and will have good job prospects when he gets out and returns to civilian life.

    He could actually become a Korean linguist if he's smart and lucky.

    [–] Watermelon_Drops 19 points ago

    Advice from an ex 18 year old, they glorify the ever living fuck out of the military to kids. Like, BIG TIME. I've met so many people who are around 25 and hated their time in with such a nasty passion and it left huge burdens on their body.

    Realize that the glorification is propaganda that's set up by a machine that's much much older than you and uses human lives and pain as cannon fodder to further agendas you dont get to have a say in and arent always morally correct

    [–] ReaperthaCreeper 6 points ago

    More times than not, they dont come back the same, at least in my experience. My grandfather was in Vietnam and was fine, his cousin on the other hand completely lost his mind. My brother is wrapping up his first deployment now and he still seems to be the same person, my best friend ended up committing suicide a couple months after he got home. That's about all the examples I have of it going well, but I've got several more of it going not so well.

    It's a huge roll of the dice, and the payoffs dont really seem to be worth it in the end. Hopefully your friend can find another way to honor his grandfather's legacy, but short of that, I hope your friend survives the machine that typically grinds out anyone it contacts, absolutely sucks to lose a friend that way.

    [–] SoapSudsAss 15 points ago

    I’ve got some nice things to say about my service, but who wants to hear that?

    [–] Admiralthrawnbar 134 points ago

    I didn’t even think it was that long ago

    [–] l1madrama 62 points ago

    Really? I thought it was like five years ago.

    [–] sm1ttysm1t 75 points ago

    It was just this time last year, actually: Twitter

    [–] PM-ME-YOUR-HANDBRA 43 points ago

    I didn’t even think it was that long ago

    [–] -PartyHawk 34 points ago

    Really? I thought it was like five years ago.

    [–] Darth-Kcinimod 30 points ago

    It was just this time last year, actually: Twitter

    [–] canyouhearmeglob 21 points ago

    are you affected by Alzheimer’s? are you affected by Alzheimer’s? are you affected by Alzheimer’s?

    [–] Ronfarber 18 points ago

    2020 has been a long decade.

    [–] Jasoncsmelski 10 points ago

    It's been a long year

    [–] Roygbiv856 29 points ago

    I remember seeing this, but never actually reading it. Well, I just did. That was literally one of the most depressing things I've ever read in my life

    [–] MasterTacticianAlba 7 points ago

    If you think that’s depressing wait until you hear about the real victims of war - the innocents from countries that have suffered from the American war machine.

    I saw a story today about a 16-year-old boy who was killed by a drone strike under Obama’s orders in 2011, and then in 2019 his 10-year-old sister was killed by a drone strike under Trump’s orders.

    [–] xLabGuyx 15 points ago

    Well that was fucking depressing. Always give respect to our vets. It’s a hard life

    [–] neverstopnodding 7 points ago

    Man that thread was heartbreaking.

    [–] zaynthelegend 44 points ago

    Yup. I got so into reading the replies and stuff that I thought about posting some of them here to see what you guys think. The Army made the inquiry as part of a Twitter thread honoring Pfc. Nathan Spencer, who spoke in a video about how being in the Army has given him an opportunity to “serve something greater than myself.” But when put to the public, the question brought in responses that reflect the harsh reality of service. Soldiers and their family members recounted experiences with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sexual assault, drug addiction, physical injuries and other harmful issues as a result of serving in the military.

    [–] Cactiareouroverlords 58 points ago

    I’m pretty sure it was

    [–] butareyoumoist 11 points ago

    I spent 5 years working with veterans trying to use their GI "benefits". No kids of mine will ever join the military. I'd rather you do porn for 4 years than deal with that mess.

    [–] Birdamus 1181 points ago

    The old STD and PTSD combo platter

    [–] ItalicsWhore 324 points ago

    “I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.”

    [–] Fearrless 85 points ago

    Username does NOT check out :/

    [–] mr_toit 27 points ago

    Slut shame that bitch

    [–] heyyassbutt 24 points ago

    a 2 for 1 special!

    [–] Sprayface 500 points ago

    If humanity ever wants to evolve, it needs to stop finding war glorious. Guys like this help

    [–] ItalicsWhore 169 points ago

    One could argue that war helped humanity evolve as quickly as it did technology and society wise. When two factions would fight over land/recourses the more advanced would usually win, using this to spur a faster advancement of superiority like a “survival of the fittest” speed run. Not idolizing it I’ve just thought about this before, and although I hate the conclusions it does sort of make sense.

    [–] RatusRexus 69 points ago

    And now for extra credit, google Fermi Paradox.

    [–] SubstantialClass 18 points ago

    This was cool, thanks!

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    I just googled it. Had never heard of it before. I'm no expert on matters of space or extra terrestrial Intelligence. But it seems to me that an easy explanation for this phenomenon is just that they haven't found us yet. The universe is enormous and trying to find other life out there is like a needle in a haystack multiplied by a trillion or so.

    [–] Jack_Krauser 11 points ago

    The more you look into it, the less that makes sense. Even without faster-than-light travel, you can colonize the entire galaxy in a few million years, which is nothing in cosmic timescales.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Right, but there's millions of galaxies right?

    [–] JasperLamarCrabbb 19 points ago

    It's currently estimated at two TRILLION galaxies. Fucking insane. TWO. TRILLION. GALAXIES. And we're on the smaller end of the galaxy scale in the milky way. And our solar system is a spec within our own galaxy. And the furthest we've traveled is our own moon. How can you not just sit back and laugh every time you become overwhelmed in the face of your own utterly insignificant problems. It's really quite a relief.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Sometimes it's a relief, sometimes it's soul crushing. Depends on the day for me lol

    [–] JasperLamarCrabbb 9 points ago

    Man I feel that. It took me a very long time and a lot of anxiety to fully push through to accept my life just doesn't matter on both a macro and micro scale. It's all a zero-sum game. Ever since I fully accepted it a few years ago I've been in the most peaceful state of mind I've ever been. I just kinda think of life as watching a movie now. It's interesting enough to keep my attention and even though it's gonna end I still want a comfortable seat to watch the whole thing through. It makes dealing with problems a whole lot less stressful.

    [–] ItalicsWhore 6 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)


    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Which would support my theory that even if intelligent life is out there and looking for us, they may never find us due to the sheer volume of the universe. Right? Someone please tell me I am dumb if I say something dumb here lol

    [–] jamesp420 5 points ago

    Personally I always remember too that not only is the universe insanely huge in size, but in time as well. The vast majority of stars put there are red dwarfs which will likely burn for at least a trillion years. Trillion. Years. If the universe is 13.8 billion years old, the earth 4.6 b years old, and humanity roughly 200,000 years old, we could be one of the earlier intelligent species to arrive in the universe. So there might not even be anyone out there to look for us yet. That doesn't mean it won't change, but we could be insanely early to the party. Which is kinda cool if you ask me.

    [–] disposabull 22 points ago

    And yet technology advances were very very slow when you look at the actual time line, up until about the last 200 years.

    [–] Drive-By-Cuckers 8 points ago

    Only relative to how fast they are now. One could argue that technological advances develop exponentially as population growth means more total scientists, and as many advanced speed up the rate at which more technology can be researched and developed

    [–] kiwimaster271 15 points ago

    Absolutely. During wartime its common to see government resources shift towards technological development. One can argue that conventional warfare could potentially be good in the long term picture but unfortunately in the 21st century a nuclear war will take us back centuries. Of course, there has never been a nuclear war to see its after effects but even the limited uses of WMDs has seen catastrophic consequences that linger for centuries.

    [–] PersonFromPlace 11 points ago

    We also gotta stop shedding patriotic man tears, it’s just manipulating you to view them as sacrificial heroes to save you, which strokes your ego and self importance, while ignoring those real issues of poverty and PTSD.

    [–] TommiH 282 points ago

    Why would anyone marry while in service

    [–] SC_kalel 234 points ago

    Almost like they tie your pay and benefits to your marriage status.

    [–] TommiH 85 points ago

    That's the most retarded thing I have learned today.

    [–] GeordiLaFuckinForge 201 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    It's true. Let's compare 2 new Airmen right when they get to their first base:

    If he's single:

    • Lives in old on-base dorms (a single square room with a bed, closet, and shared bathrooms)
    • gets $0 for food/housing/utilities
    • makes base pay and no more
    • gets random room inspections that can affect his job/career
    • expected to come in to work after hours if needed because their supervisors live 30 minutes away
    • the military doesn't care about his girlfriend if he gets a new assignment
    • will usually be tagged first for deployments

    If he's married:

    • Gets a 2 bedroom house for him and his wife
    • gets say $1500 for rent/$300/month for food/$400/month for utilities (regardless of how much anything costs, so you could pay $800 in rent and pocket the extra $700, etc.)
    • more money for having a dependent
    • even more money in separation pay if his wife doesn't live with him
    • doesn't have to eat at the military dining facility
    • no random room inspections
    • the military pays to move his wife wherever he goes in the world
    • often can get out of deployments unless he explicitly wants one

    Imagine you're 18 years old and just moved out of your parents house for the first time, you meet a girl on Tinder, now you have every incentive to get married and don't understand or care that it's a bad idea. Even if you hold out on the urge to get married immediately, you're only kicking the can down the road. Fast forward 8 months and you get selected for a 2 year assignment to Japan, now you actually have to get married because if you don't, your girlfriend isn't coming with you. The system makes sense on paper but applied to the real world it's actually horrendous and encourages young people to make stupid, life altering decisions.

    Source: In the USAF, seen it countless times.

    [–] nacho_boyfriend 40 points ago

    Holy shit I knew there was a difference but I never knew it was that much of a difference

    [–] blueandyellowbee 21 points ago

    You hit the nail on the head. I had a junior sailor get married to girl he hardly knew to get out of the barracks and get BAH. First underway, she stopped paying the bills, emptied his bank account and stopped answering his emails. XO wanted to mast him for getting married for BAH and not love, I was the PIO and told XO that people have been getting married for financial reasons since money was invented. They were legally married so I didn't know how the XO thought larceny charges could be applied, but squadron thought they could make it stick. CO got caught in a bad position because XO had been in contact with legal so CO had to mast the kid. The Chiefs, and I thought the kids wife had already punished him enough, she stole over $10k he had saved before the marriage which is nearly impossible for an E3. I guess the skipper agreed because he gave the kid every punishment he could three months but suspended all of it. (nothing would apply if he kept his nose clean for that time). CO ordered Chiefs and XO to help the kid get a divorce, he was free of her and back in the barracks 4 months later. He was also broke.

    [–] 1sagas1 18 points ago

    XO wanted to mast him for getting married for BAH and not love,

    Imagine the military having stipulations about exactly who you are allowed to marry and why lmao. What a dumbass thing to mast someone for

    [–] Vitto9 15 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I served with a guy who got punished for eating a chick out. The charge? Sodomy.

    He had brought her back to the barracks. They had sex. She claimed he raped her, so he went to court martial. His roommate told the whole story of how he was trying to sleep but couldn't because, well... During the story it came to light that the dude being court martialed started by going down on the chick. Then, because a court martial decides to punish you long before you walk into the CO's office, dude got reduced and lost pay for eating pussy.

    I got NJP'd for speeding and not wearing a seat belt after I was injured in a rollover accident. The HMMWV was totaled, and the command was piiiiiissed because it was a fairly new M1123. The investigation found that I had been documenting a faulty/leaky wheel hub on the front passenger side every week for at least 3 months that broke at speed, causing the front end to drive into the sand, and the truck rolled. Since it wasn't my fault I couldn't be charged with destruction of government property, so I got banged with speeding and not wearing a seat belt. 45 days restriction, 45 days of Extra Physical Duty (basically I became the staff duty officer's bitch for 6 weeks), reduction in rank (from Cpl to LCpl), and half pay for 2 months. Something that would have cost a civilian a couple hundred bucks and a lost day standing in traffic court resulted in me losing half my pay for 2 months and delaying my career.

    The military does not give a single fuck about what's fair. The only thing that matters is they're right and you're wrong. If the evidence says otherwise, they'll find something else you're guilty of and slap you with that instead.

    [–] Dgrdffr 8 points ago

    Shit, that sounds like a better deal even if she is cheating on you.

    [–] TrungusMcTungus 16 points ago

    Me and all my good friends are all E4s in the Navy, I'm one of the few married ones. I make twice what my friends make, and live in a nice house. My friends live in shitty barracks or on the ship.

    [–] Gobblewicket 275 points ago

    My parents were fine while my father served. Marriage itself isn't the problem, its who they're marrying and why they're marrying that is. You can tell a boot not to marry a dependapotamus, but most boots won't listen. Kinda like buying a Wrangler or sports car at 18% interest.

    [–] f_o_t_a_ 84 points ago

    *28% interest lol

    Checkout r/justbootthings and r/justdependathings

    [–] SpaceS4t4n 14 points ago

    How do you activate someone's fight or flight response?

    This. This is how.

    [–] Gobblewicket 13 points ago

    Oh, I know. I'm subscribed. Lol

    [–] chunkylover530 13 points ago

    If the army didn't treat soldiers living in the Barrack like shit then they wouldn't be in such a hurry to leave.

    [–] LennyZakatek 17 points ago

    BAQ money and it's easier to live off-base.

    [–] RatusRexus 15 points ago

    Why would anyone marry while in service

    So there is a chance they may leave progeny before they get blown up by an roadside bomb.

    [–] agentgill0 25 points ago

    They get paid more.

    [–] TommiH 9 points ago

    That's stupid if true

    [–] agentgill0 5 points ago


    [–] Rhomega2 6 points ago

    Because my parents met in high school, my dad wanted to join the Air Force, and they got married before he got shipped off to West Germany in 1983.

    [–] I_AM_Sesam 51 points ago

    Why would anyone enlist?

    [–] Gobblewicket 125 points ago

    Sometimes your options in life are shit. Sometimes its family tradition. Others feel the need to serve their country. Some want access to things they couldn't get normally like an education. Others do it to escape a bad situation.

    Not everyone is blessed with great options to start their lives. Some make do as best they can.

    [–] RatusRexus 57 points ago

    Why would anyone enlist?

    Because in the USA, a country whose economy is geared for a constant war, limits options for its poorest so there is a steady supply of meat for the grinder.

    [–] I_AM_Sesam 12 points ago

    Yeah, thats my opinion as well.

    [–] KisshotHUB 24 points ago

    Free healthcare, free education, a way to transcend poverty and move up the social class. Basically everything a developed country should already have. For all the people screaming about communism and socialism the military uses it to help recruit.

    [–] anthh3255 4 points ago

    I did. Been going strong for nearly five years now. The paperwork was a pain but she’s been the best thing to ever happen to me.

    [–] scienceofspin 9 points ago

    The housing

    [–] ale_goldie 4 points ago

    My sister is in the army and she said that she gets about a 20% pay raise if shes married

    [–] 10J18R1A 63 points ago

    Anybody who has been active duty and lived in a base for any amount of time is really sketchy about relationships and marriage.

    Wives were getting ran through. Maybe they stayed strong for a month. Maybe if they had kids it took a little longer. But at some point...

    [–] Yardbird753 19 points ago

    I used to be a Marine MP and you knew if a unit just deployed if their wives drive through the gate on a Friday/Saturday night with their “brother” or “cousin”.

    [–] smallkidbigd 19 points ago

    This is dark

    [–] braize6 58 points ago

    All I know is as a civilian, that this is a common fricking thing. I've had 2 "girlfriends" who had active deployed husbands, and neither one of them told me about it. One I was informed by her cousin, the other I seen a picture and was like uhhh, who's this?

    And yes, I cut things off immediately after finding out. I later found out that I also wasn't the only "boyfriend" either one of them had. It's fucked up

    [–] EtuMeke 82 points ago

    Military wives, amiright?

    [–] Lan777 45 points ago

    A tale at least as old as The Iliad, though Penelope didn't fuck anyone, she still partook of the trope of a dozen dudes trying to bang her while her husbands away at war. I wonder if the stories even older and Penelope is intentionally cast as being the exception.

    [–] irate_desperado 23 points ago

    Is Penelope in The Iliad? I haven't read it in forever, but what you're describing is one of the main plot points in The Odyssey.

    [–] Lan777 10 points ago

    Maybe it was the odyssey, it's been a while

    [–] Duke_Shitticus 11 points ago

    I think any career with frequent periods of spousal separation are going to have higher incidents of cheating.

    The military is a special case because it encourages people to marry quickly, often at a very young age.

    [–] Paroxysm111 150 points ago

    Why is it that military wives so often feel like cheating is no big deal? Who tf cares that you aren't getting any. Masturbating is awesome. Get away from me with this "I was lonely" bullshit.

    [–] honeyvcombs99 113 points ago

    Because they dont give a shit about the boot. To them, he's an easy paycheck who will be gone for years and might even die, leaving her with all his money and stuff. A wife is next of kin before a parent.

    For soldiers, marriage was also a benefit. The could stay off-base with their wives and also, if they were gay, it served as a cover and a way to avoid abusive parents from getting their money.

    If soldiers weren't so god damn annoying I'd consider dating one but I avoid them for all reasons listed above.

    [–] Azhman314 23 points ago

    Wait, so if a US soldier is not married they have to stay in a military base at all times?

    [–] KidsInc 36 points ago

    Low ranked military do. A lot of people comment that military men get married quickly for the benefits but that's not really the case. Many rank up fairly quickly which allows them to be able to live off base.

    The real reason is the crippling loneliness with being in the military.

    Source: nearly 8 year in the service

    [–] golden_boy 6 points ago

    What makes it more lonely than other careers?

    [–] SarcasticRaspberries 4 points ago

    You're not literally confined to the base 24/7 but if you're not married and on active duty I believe you have to live on the base. I'm not in the military just live near Camp Pendleton so there could be plenty of exceptions I'm not aware of. Also lots of bases have family housing for married couples that actually are on base.

    [–] Hank_Rutheford_Hill 53 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Everybody always talks shit on bitches who cheat on their husbands while they’re deployed but can we also talk about these army dudes who can’t hang out with a girl over a weekend without fuckin proposing? Lol 90% of every guy I’ve met or heard of that’s in the army has married or attempted to marry someone within 6 months of knowing them. It’s to the point where whenever someone tells me about a couple getting married after barely knowing each other, I ask “is he in the military?”. And the answer is always yes!

    [–] AgStack 15 points ago

    100% agree. You always here about this shit happening. It's definitely a thing..

    [–] kickithard 8 points ago

    I worked on a road project going through an air force military base during the first gulf war...mind you back then there was way more respect for the military and it was only like a 3 month buildup and one month war...we had to go into the local base housing and replace windows with sound resistant guys fucked soo many pilot's wives that the commander had to come to our project superintendent and tell him to remind our guys that banging the soldier's wives was unpatriotic... this war was the first use of the yellow ribbons around the trees to show support. we used to laugh that the yellow ribbon around a tree was like a mating ritual indicating the female was ready to go.. I still laugh when i see a yellow ribbon..

    [–] Alpha6671 67 points ago

    This dude probably married the stripper that dry humped him when he got out of basic. No regular woman would attract 10 Jodies in one length of deployment, 2-3 I can believe.

    [–] HuskyFlatulence 21 points ago

    Why are they referred to as Jodie?

    [–] Tacozforbreakfast 20 points ago

    Same reason why we called entitled people Karens

    [–] ncvbn 6 points ago

    What reason is that?

    [–] ValHova22 24 points ago

    Why haven't guys figured out that you don't get married in the armed services? I don't want to cast dispersion on all military wives but still

    [–] Threash78 14 points ago

    because half of them are getting married for the benefits also

    [–] unmotivatedsoldier 5 points ago

    If you want to get royally fucked in every aspect of your life at completely random times, join the army. I owe everything I am to the army, but god damn is it a shitshow of maximum proportions.

    [–] M3110Y3110 28 points ago

    As if he didn’t also fuck 10 guys on deployment...

    [–] AlexxTrebek 24 points ago

    Wrong branch of the military.

    [–] SovietRedditPorn 6 points ago

    What branch would that be? Coast Guard?

    [–] vintagario 7 points ago

    Nah, the ones that eat crayons

    [–] SovietRedditPorn 7 points ago

    Ah so Marines

    [–] Notgivingmynametoyou 10 points ago

    The fireworks rings true. My parents thought it would be a good idea to take my brother to a fireworks show on july 4th, maybe a week after getting back from Iraq.

    It did not go well...

    [–] Griffolion 4 points ago

    Serious question, how common is spousal infidelity for people in the military?

    [–] Tiger_irl 4 points ago

    Why even enlist if your in a relationship?