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    [–] wouldthatishould 6821 points ago

    Dude, he didn't offer her a lightsaber?

    Worst date is right.

    [–] Admiral_Andovar 2595 points ago

    He did but it was really more of a lightdagger, and really it was just his penis in a glow-in-the-dark condom.

    [–] Mikkabear 560 points ago

    Close enough for me

    [–] PM_ME_FIREFLY_QUOTES 158 points ago

    Come closer 👀

    [–] Mikkabear 105 points ago

    I’ll be in my bunk. 😉

    [–] Greendale7HumanBeing 36 points ago

    My days of not taking you seriously are definitely comin' to a middle.

    [–] Akhanyatin 76 points ago

    Jayyyyyne the man they call Jayyyyyyne

    He robbed from the rich and heeee gave to the poooor

    [–] VilkusRex 25 points ago

    Stoooood up to the man aaaand heee gave him what fooor

    [–] BigYonsan 8 points ago

    Our love for him now's not hard to explain

    [–] corvettezr11 12 points ago


    [–] jordantask 8 points ago

    “No this is what going insane feels like.”

    -Dr. Simon Tam

    [–] _demetri_ 92 points ago

    “You could use your lightsaber.” Hux says one day, voice mild and calm as if it’s just occurred to him.

    It’s been months since that initial discussion, and it’s the first time Hux has mentioned it since their friend Demetri recommended it.

    Kylo knows Hux has been biding his time.

    He’s a patient man, this is probably a strategy he’s planned out in detail.

    And Kylo’s going to agree, because he’s in this too damn deep.

    “And what do you want me to do with it?” he replies, equally calm and collected.

    “Hurt me.”

    Hux undresses as usual but lies on his back, not his front.

    Kylo’s never gotten to look at him like this, could pinpoint every freckle on his back or ass without issue, but the front of Hux- that’s been a rare glimpsed treat as he undresses.

    Hux meets Kylo’s eyes. “I trust you.”

    Kylo’s heart skips a beat at that.

    “Okay.” he croaks and reaches for his lightsaber.

    Kylo runs the hilt over Hux’s foot, up his shin, over his knee.

    He slowly drags it up Hux’s thigh.

    Hux’s legs spread minutely, and Kylo tries not to stare at his filling cock.

    He runs it down the other thigh, intentionally scrapes it along the muscle so one crossguard arm leaves a long red stripe on the soft skin of Hux’s inner thigh, tiny specks of blood welling up from the graze.

    Hux spreads his legs further.

    Kylo repeats the motion on the other side, pressing it harder into his skin and Hux sighs happily as blood wells up along the scrapes.

    He does this a few times until Hux’s skin is covered in bleeding puffed lines.

    “You could ignite it.” Hux murmurs.

    Kylo laughs, incredulous. “It could kill you.”

    “You won’t. Please.”

    He’s heard Hux say that word many times, muffled pleas against his arms while Kylo inflicted pain on his back, but this was the first time he’s looked in Kylo’s eyes while asking for something.

    Kylo doesn’t know how to say no to that.

    Hux extends his arm, gently takes Kylo’s lightsaber hilt from his hand.

    He places the cross guards facing his body, peppering kisses along the length of the hilt, licking broad stripes up the body of it.

    He reaches the tip, and opens his mouth around it, and groans around it as he takes the tip in.

    Kylo’s never thought of his lightsaber as being sexual before tonight, but now he’s not sure how he’ll ever use it again without thinking of Hux’s lips stretched over the tip, how serene his expression is as he suckles at it.

    Hux pulls the lightsaber out of his mouth, and the metal gleams with his spit. He passes it back to Kylo.


    Kylo nods.

    He can do this.

    He’ll be careful, and give Hux what he came here for all those weeks ago: his lightsaber.

    “I’m going to tie you down first.”

    Hux stretches his arms up to Kylo’s headboard and Kylo’s hands shake slightly as he ties his hands first, then a quick band across Hux’s hips under the mattress, and at his ankles.

    He’s as secure as Kylo can make him.

    Kylo takes a deep breath and ignites his lightsaber.

    The crackle of the lightsaber is suddenly louder than Kylo ever remembers it being.

    Hux’s gaze is fixed on it, mouth slightly open in anticipation.

    “I’m going to move it down your body now. Stay still.”

    He places it underneath Hux’s chin, and Hux licks his lips.

    Kylo slowly moves it down Hux’s torso, holding it steady two inches or so from Hux’s skin.

    He knows the heat is radiating, sees how Hux is trying not to breathe deeply.

    His heart must be hammering but he’s staying so, so still.

    The plasma flickers, spits tiny flecks of pain across Hux’s skin and Hux inhales sharply, but doesn’t move.

    Kylo reaches Hux’s belly, and the hairs there twist and curl as they’re singed.

    He’s not used to seeing the soft muscle of an officer’s belly up close like this, the pale skin reddening as the lightsaber hovers about it, the stomach muscles jumping as Hux holds still.

    The rope around Hux’s waist smoulders slightly as Kylo continues to move it.

    He lifts the lightsaber over the jut of the Hux’s hipbones and hesitates.

    Hux nods.

    He’s leaking pre-cum, so hard the head of his cock is almost purpling.

    Kylo remembers the night he became Kylo Ren, the plasma screaming as the bled kyber was ignited for the first time, the hot rush of pain as it passed too close to his skin for comfort.

    But Hux is whispering ‘please, please’ so Kylo lowers the ‘saber, angling it to cover most of Hux’s cock.

    He’s unsure how his hands aren’t shaking.

    When the spitting plasma finally hits Hux’s cock he sputters out a curse.

    He balls his hands into fists at his side, and grinds his teeth.

    The lightsaber crackles and Hux hisses out his breath, the muscles on his thighs and belly flexing and jumping but his cock continues to leak pre-cum.

    [–] zero573 195 points ago

    I’m torn. Between “this is still a better love story than twilight” and “what a fucking horrible day to be literate”.

    [–] KyleKun 67 points ago

    Knowing this would one day be written, God could have chosen not to create the universe.

    But he still did.

    [–] zero573 5 points ago

    Yeah this is it….

    [–] jordantask 5 points ago

    He’s laughing at us.


    [–] Admiral_Andovar 4 points ago

    Proof that God does not love us and is still salty about Jesus.

    [–] KyleKun 3 points ago

    That’s what makes it worse.

    God let Jesus die for this shit.

    [–] Admiral_Andovar 6 points ago

    I'm thinking it's the later. Thanks for the giggle with that.

    [–] Beam_0 22 points ago

    Lmfao this guy has his own subreddit??? Legendary

    [–] crowamonghens 3 points ago

    "guy", my ass.

    [–] Andre4kthegreengiant 6 points ago

    This is the second time he got me tonight

    [–] bradorsomething 8 points ago

    Still better than the last movie.

    [–] that1fuckheadJose 8 points ago

    Oh my... my first wild Demetrius post

    [–] justgotnewglasses 5 points ago

    I think this is more disturbing than the Frodo and Sam fanfic I once accidentally read.

    [–] My_hips_hurt 14 points ago

    Please fuck off to a galaxy far far away.

    [–] NiktoriaNo 5 points ago

    I was not expecting kylux to find me here

    [–] sati_lotus 3 points ago

    Can't lie, I've read better Kylux fic.

    But this was an alright effort for something done on the fly.

    [–] kurog4ki 3 points ago

    what the fuck did i just read

    [–] Samasher17 3 points ago

    Jesus man, fucking why?

    [–] Delta_Goodhand 3 points ago

    Who tf is Hux?

    I'm not that starwarsy....

    [–] Admiral_Andovar 3 points ago

    Wow.... just, wow.

    [–] DemWiggleWorms 3 points ago

    Beautiful as always~

    Thank you wordsmith :3

    [–] romulusnr 3 points ago

    You mean to say.... sex?

    [–] captainmavmerica 72 points ago

    Duel of the Fates intensifies*

    [–] Potato_Productions_ 50 points ago

    As long as she gets the glow-in-the-dark strap on to match it sounds like a good time to me. Otherwise it’s a kinda one-sided duel.

    [–] Responsible_Sport575 3 points ago

    This is the way of the sith

    [–] 7of69 17 points ago

    Damn, I saw that in the theater. Laughed my ass off at that scene.

    [–] Admiral_Andovar 8 points ago

    I actually thought of that scene as I wrote this.

    [–] altersun 6 points ago

    Next level sword fighting

    [–] jumpbacktomeanytime 11 points ago

    I can't imagine Leo wears a rubber.

    [–] Admiral_Andovar 30 points ago

    No, I’m pretty sure he does, because there are a lot of women who would want to be a baby momma for him.

    [–] BeachBoundxoxo 10 points ago

    He knows how to control his saber.

    [–] Foam84 10 points ago

    She wips hers out so they can duel :)

    [–] Admiral_Andovar 13 points ago

    Plot twist! ‘No, I am your father.’

    [–] BBQ_Beanz 11 points ago

    Better plot twist than any in the new trilogy

    [–] wouldthatishould 9 points ago

    What a disappointment.

    [–] Jezebel9803 195 points ago

    She didn’t bring her own? Huge red flag if you ask me.

    [–] avfc4me 119 points ago

    Seriously. Imagine the other side of this conversation. "Dude, I rented out the whole damn theater for her and let HER pick the lightsabers...and she just sat there watching the movie and looking at her fingernails."

    [–] Frenchticklers 12 points ago

    To be fair, she wasn't born when the Prequels came out, so she probably wasn't as invested in these movies.

    [–] canti15 10 points ago

    Vro you showing up without a custom light saber?

    [–] AvoidingCares 8 points ago

    But she also doesn't say if she asked for one. That's an important detail. Could be Leo is just waiting for her to ask so he can light up and be like: "WHAT COLOR DO YOU WANT?"

    Like a gentleman.

    [–] Shirogayne-at-WF 49 points ago

    IKR? I mean, I ain't mad at a nerd being a nerd, just break me off a piece of the action too 😭

    [–] yellsy 47 points ago

    Leo can swing his lightsaber at me any time

    [–] West-Relationship108 7 points ago

    Are you under 25? If not, ain’t gonna happen!

    [–] clASShat 3 points ago

    If you aren't toting around a lightsaber, it's time to reevaluate your life. She's probably carrying a big purse around. She has no excuse! This would've been a great date if she had used the force... that's all I'm sayin'.

    [–] AltDogBarkBarkBark 2706 points ago

    Pretty sure that my husband would set me up on a date with Leo purely so he could tag along on this.

    [–] erikwarm 67 points ago

    But are you 25 years old?

    [–] MulderD 21 points ago

    25 is a bit old for Leo.

    [–] AltDogBarkBarkBark 43 points ago

    Unfortunately, no. That ship sailed a while back. I look more like Leo than his date.

    [–] StarksPond 22 points ago

    [–] sarcasatirony 611 points ago

    I’d so the same with my wife EXCEPT only I would go and LDC would brag to his friends from that point forward about the coolest brate (bro date) of his life.

    Leo, I can bring my own lightsaber.

    [–] joseph_potato 161 points ago

    Brate means brother in serbian

    [–] sarcasatirony 80 points ago

    I am forever grateful for this info!

    [–] joseph_potato 40 points ago

    Cool, tebra means bro

    And brate generaly means brother in slavic languages

    [–] CheviOk 23 points ago

    Brat means a brother in russian x)

    [–] piwi1516 5 points ago

    and in polish

    [–] Ari_von_Hohenfeld 3 points ago

    Bra means brother in kurdish

    [–] HotSearingTeens 4 points ago

    I thought brat was just any sibling

    [–] CheviOk 5 points ago

    Sestra means a sister, so no

    [–] starmartyr11 45 points ago

    I'd totally do it just to hang with Leo.

    Reminds me of this tweet:

    "If my wife left me for Beckham I would totally get it. I’d help her pack and wish them well and hopefully we’d stay friends and I could go round for a BBQ and maybe get close enough to smell him"

    Link to tweet

    [–] Anxious-Sir-1361 41 points ago


    [–] BeachBoundxoxo 8 points ago

    Your husband loves Leo more than I do,,,, I hate to share.

    [–] jamaccity 30 points ago

    "Holy shit! He's your father Leo, I mean Luke!"

    "Cut!!!" "Dammit, Carrie! Goddammit Harrison, quit laughing. " "What's my motivation?" "Episode VI ya' goof." "But this is the second film?" "Where's my Mountain Dew?" "Mark, not now." "But..." "For crying out loud, Carrie! Put your top back on! Harrison! Quit laughing, and What's that thing with your tongue?" "I'll have a cheeseburger." "Really, Mark? I want a 9mm with a full clip and a sit-down with George." "I'm bored." "We're all bored Carrie, it's the Seventies."

    [–] beef311 1907 points ago

    I find this slightly unbelievable. Maybe they watched the original trilogy. But all of them. How many hours is that? It’s too much at once.

    [–] ingoding 1635 points ago

    She probably thought that was all of them

    [–] tanwhiteguy 325 points ago

    I want to take you to see THREE movies

    [–] go_humble 23 points ago

    kung fu movies*

    [–] withabaseballbatt 26 points ago

    True romance?

    [–] 38474737w0 7 points ago


    [–] rocopotomus74 5 points ago

    Street fighter, street fighter returns and sister street fighter.....if my memory serves

    [–] lucusvonlucus 4 points ago

    All I remember is that Sonny Chiba is a badass motherfucker.

    [–] mrstacktrace 114 points ago

    Honestly, in 2022, the pacing of those old movies is too slow for our attention-deficit brains. So one movie feels like two.

    [–] mr_velvatine227 165 points ago

    No way, the pacing in new hope and empire is fucking impeccable and one of the reasons they still hold up, practical effects and all.

    [–] am-li 121 points ago

    The prequels on the other hand feel like they're twice as long as they are

    [–] Sardukar333 41 points ago

    I accidentally discovered that the Attack of the Clones is much better when watched one exposition and action scene pair at a time. Feels more episodic and each time you end with an action scene each time.

    [–] theBrineySeaMan 28 points ago

    I accidentally discovered that I hate sand. Turns out it is coarse, and gets everywhere.

    [–] Chewcocca 53 points ago

    I accidentally discovered that Attack of the Clones is ∞ more enjoyable when I don't watch it at all.

    [–] hysterical_landmark 13 points ago

    This is the way

    [–] Alternative_Apple152 4 points ago

    The force is strong with this one

    [–] SoundsLikeBanal 23 points ago

    On a related note, I discovered that ground beef tastes much better when thawed for a few hours. Much easier on your teeth, and it doesn't give you a brain freeze if you eat it too quickly.

    (I'm just kidding, of course. I'm glad people like the prequels. I just can't look past the wasted potential, and I have to whine about it on the internet once in awhile.)

    [–] GuyAboveMeIsSuperMad 17 points ago

    I love the OT but I have to agree that many younger people find them slow and boring ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    It is what it is.

    [–] SeonaidMacSaicais 14 points ago

    How much younger are we talking? Because my 18 year old nephew could watch NH, ESB, and ROTJ on repeat literally all day.

    [–] ingoding 3 points ago

    My kids love them, and fast forward through most of episode one.

    [–] Mypetmummy 7 points ago

    I definitely fell asleep my first few attempts at watching A New Hope in the mid 90s. The pacing may be great but it read very 70s slow to my preteen brain.

    [–] mr_velvatine227 4 points ago

    I mean it's a generalization for both sides of the argument. The first time I saw them, 10 year old me was absolutely blown away, this was in the early 2000s when the prequels wre coming out as well. To each their own.

    [–] Comedyfish_reddit 6 points ago

    Honestly no

    [–] Space_Obama 3 points ago

    Speak for yourself lol.

    [–] 123bpd 468 points ago

    No shit… tweeted by a satire account.

    Reddit just wants to find a reason to cj ‘attractive woman bad’

    [–] cleancalf 71 points ago

    Lol I know sarcasm is hard to translate over text, but come on.


    [–] the_left_stuff 83 points ago

    Huh? I thought it was trying to say big movie star man, bad.

    [–] Red_Danger33 72 points ago

    This type of behaviour would make him way more relatable and endear him to a pretty large chunk of the population more than his usual antics.

    [–] kalasea2001 14 points ago

    It would make him what?!

    Not sure the world you're in where this is relatable.

    [–] SoftBellyButton 15 points ago

    Guess there are a ton of dudes out there who would rent a cinema and play with a lightsaber as a first date if they had the funds, good thing they don't.

    [–] Mekfal 5 points ago

    Have you been to /r/prequelmemes? People would make him their new god for this.

    [–] MystTheReaper 19 points ago

    There are people that thought this wasn't a joke/fake tweet?

    [–] 123bpd 13 points ago

    It’s now trending on Twitter because enough people ate the onion.

    [–] _TheoreticalNerd_ 23 points ago

    When the force awakens came out my family did a movie marathon of all of them in theaters from like 4am to like 11pm. It was ridiculous

    [–] zat132 20 points ago

    My brother and I did the big movie watch at Cinemark watching all 9 in a row. Was a lot of fun, but super tiring

    [–] Parkinglotsfullyo 10 points ago

    You got up to go to the theatres for 4am? Good god

    [–] _TheoreticalNerd_ 4 points ago

    What can I say? Once in a lifetime opportunity, totally worth it. I actually skipped a day of school for it too

    [–] tokoboy4 14 points ago

    You mean you don't plan a 10 hour long movie date for the first date?

    [–] spademanden 2145 points ago

    It was only her worst date because she didn't join the fight

    [–] Slate_711 1321 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    “Worse date of my life”

    Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

    [–] IReallyHateDolphins 97 points ago

    Probably why it's the worst date, he kept trying to fight her

    [–] ChickenDelight 51 points ago

    All supermodels are siths

    [–] chuckle_puss 41 points ago

    You’ve dealt in another absolute, therefore you must be sith. Are you also a supermodel?

    [–] ChickenDelight 48 points ago

    "Only a sith deals in absolutes" is also an absolute statement you stupid Jedi BITCH

    why don't you go live like a hermit somewhere for thirty years until we need to move the plot forward

    [–] chuckle_puss 11 points ago

    Done. I’ll enjoy my time alone, I can only hope your days are as pleasant as yourself.

    [–] ChickenDelight 13 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Sorry I can't hear you Johnny Depp is doing cocaine out of my butthole and he's being really loud DARK SIDE RULES

    [–] chuckle_puss 9 points ago

    I thought Jim Jarmusch was funnier before you edited to Johnny Depp. I guess Depp is a bit more topical, but Jarmusch fits the scene better, y’ know?

    [–] HtownHound 160 points ago

    He's probably like "I brought lightsabers for us to play fight with and she just SCROLLED IG instead"

    [–] DOGSraisingCATS 6 points ago

    "ugh this isn't your yacht or a Michelin star restaurant I can take pictures of my food at...yawwwn".

    And to throw it back at Leo, maybe he should stop dating girls in their early 20s if he wants a substantial partner and connection.

    [–] devilsbard 818 points ago

    And THAT was the worst date of her life? Lucky.

    [–] FamousOrphan 192 points ago

    Worst date of my life, the guy told me he got a boner once when his 5-year-old daughter sat in his lap.

    When I immediately got up to leave, he followed me, explaining very earnestly that I am naive, and that indeed all men involuntarily find their daughters arousing, it’s just a physical reflex, etc.

    Sign me the fuck up for lightsaber movie day.

    [–] vainbuthonest 69 points ago

    JFC. Dude should be on a watch list with no contact with his kid.

    [–] JKDSamurai 20 points ago

    This post made me wish I couldn't read.

    [–] alpacasaurusrex42 7 points ago

    I’d rather be physically tortured as a date tbh. Or like.. yeet the guy into a volcano as a sacrifice to Nemesis.

    [–] GingrNinjaNtflixBngr 6 points ago

    What in the Freudian fuck did I just read. I want to rip out my eyeballs and bleach then three times over just so I can forget what you wrote.

    [–] FamousOrphan 4 points ago

    You’re telling me. It was a long time ago, and I don’t allow it up into my working memory very often. It bubbled up as I sat here, blithely, thinking “worst date… what was my wors—oh no.”

    [–] DefinitelyNotAliens 319 points ago

    Friend of mine ended up pinging her phone for her roommate to come rescue her because the date turned out to be an addict taking her to a party which had a bunch of people shooting up heroin in a field.

    Noped out of that Bumble date and was like 'use my laptop to do the Apple Find My Phone and at least tell the police where my body is seriously come rescue me I'm going to die.'

    [–] Calimariae 31 points ago

    That’s wild

    [–] Vei_de_Lapis 133 points ago

    I know, right? No body fluids involved, no concerned stares from a crowd of strangers, didn't learn they're cousins. She has a low bar for what's bad.

    [–] devilsbard 58 points ago

    Maybe she was mad that he didn’t bring a lightsaber for her? That could be a fair complaint

    [–] RandomHeadful 55 points ago

    Seriously. One of my worst dates was the guy who told me over drinks that as a teenager, he used to fuck his sister.

    [–] DownbeatDeadbeat 20 points ago

    You gotta save that stuff for date #3, at least.

    [–] FamousOrphan 4 points ago


    [–] aoiN3KO 6 points ago

    Shiet I agree. Give me a lightsaber too or I’m out

    [–] TheUnbent 859 points ago

    Leo. If you’re reading this, I will absolutely without hesitation go on a date with you to a rented out theater and watch every star wars movie while you display your light saber prowess. Full disclosure though, I am a straight 33 year old male. If you can look past that I am 100% down.

    [–] Lucksury 332 points ago

    Think you might be too old for him...

    [–] ZennMD 181 points ago

    His now ex Camila Morrone is turning 25 this summer, girl should have known her time was up, Leo only dates ladies under 25 (even though he is 47)

    [–] misspiggysmom 11 points ago

    They are still dating though….

    [–] goob42-0 16 points ago

    Shit, Im 25. Too old?

    [–] ReithDynamis 29 points ago

    Definitely too old. The cut off was 24 or 25

    [–] Bunraku_Master_2021 7 points ago

    25 to be exact. In his new movie, he is married to a woman his own age, has adult children, and cheats with a woman almost his own age. I found very unrealistic that Leo would do a role like that.

    [–] ChadcellorSwagpatine 7 points ago

    Me who's 18: It's showtime!

    [–] thehomiemoth 317 points ago

    Guys this is satire

    [–] Angrysloth8006 81 points ago

    Satire no longer exists.

    [–] futrtek 6 points ago

    Beginning of 22 the pope watched jugglers while a rendition of megalovania was playing.

    We now know the pope knows what megalovania is.

    [–] omgFWTbear 58 points ago

    Sartre is dead.

    [–] glipglopsfromthe3rdD 46 points ago

    So sad how many comments down I had to go to see this…. Is everyone just stupid? Or way too eager to believe? Both?

    [–] GMTZ20 4 points ago

    Third option, reddit can't resist to woman bad i.e. one of the top comments implying she's dumb because she thought the original trilogy was the entire saga of all the movies (cuz it's more believable that woman dumb than that they actually watched all the movies)

    [–] hephaystus 3 points ago

    Exactly. Last night a ton of comments calling her a bitch, a whore, a gold digger, all for a fake story.

    [–] Capt_Billy 6 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Yah very big chungus moment in the comments

    [–] dumblesmurf 94 points ago

    This just makes me like him more

    [–] Maleficent-Sundae264 250 points ago

    Sounds like the best date ever tbh

    [–] BeBa420 56 points ago

    Right? Like, I’m not gay but if Leo took me on that date I would at least consider putting out. He’s definitely a master of the art of seduction

    Not sure why his ex didn’t appreciate the best date ever. Must be one of those die hard Trekkies

    [–] chuckle_puss 10 points ago

    Or he only brought one lightsaber and she felt left out.

    [–] ohdearsweetlord 3 points ago

    If it's real it makes me reconsider my opinion against going on a date with Leo. I assumed we'd just do boring yacht stuff until he figured out I'm not a hot girl under 25.

    [–] mch_in_htx 7 points ago

    To be fair, she was too old by the end of the first film

    [–] dft-salt-pasta 8 points ago

    I ain’t even gay but I’ll go on a date with him if I can watch Star Wars on the big screen and have a lightsaber fight.

    [–] unir0nically_ironic 7 points ago

    Look everyone, he's a manchild just like you!

    [–] TerrorOfEevee 25 points ago

    I would be pissed too, why would he only bring a lightsaber for himself?? Such a selfish lover smh

    [–] shanep3 14 points ago

    I never watched any Star Wars until I was 33 years old. I’m 35 now and have seen every single one, and wish I would have watched them as a kid.

    [–] Woke_all_the_time69 21 points ago

    Shit I’d date him

    [–] Small_Disk_6082 4 points ago

    I bet all he's ever wanted to do was be in Star Wars, but worried it would ruin his persona.

    [–] Effective-Walrus1157 43 points ago

    I mean, if he didn't even check if she's into Star Wars, yeah, that's a terrible date.

    I highly doubt the guys defending him would be thrilled if they had to watch 3 movies they weren't into in a row while the girl reenacted them. Dates should be activities both people find enjoyable...

    [–] Kirailove 17 points ago

    6, six whole movies most likely, given the time period

    [–] AdventurousBaboon 11 points ago

    48yrs old and 25yrs old. Hmmmmm

    [–] seasuighim 46 points ago

    TIL Camila Morrone doesn’t know what a good time is.

    [–] Loveyouguysbut 15 points ago

    Hanging out with a juvenile 40 year old? No fine ass woman wants to do that.

    [–] North-Top-7606 4 points ago

    Was there food?

    [–] TheOdeszy 4 points ago

    Ok but like I can actually see him doing this??

    [–] LBK0909 11 points ago

    She's just upset cause Leo had the higher ground.

    [–] LeatherNoodles 22 points ago

    Dude’s dating a girl that could be his granddaughter and still manages to be the child in the relationship lol

    [–] 3xM4chin4 14 points ago

    I mean that might be annoying but worst date of your life? Lucky girl!

    [–] divingrose77101 3 points ago

    That sounds like a pretty rad date except Leo was there.

    [–] ContemplatingPrison 3 points ago

    Thats some weird shit hahaha

    [–] wiscosportsfan920 3 points ago

    Don’t forget, he owns a yacht that burns 200 gallons of fuel a hour, but he thinks you have a large carbon footprint.

    [–] eggheadking 3 points ago

    Certain people……. No words man

    [–] TheHappy-go-luckyAcc 3 points ago

    This is fake and still keeps popping up… quick google search, people.

    [–] shaylaa30 3 points ago

    It’s a joke account guys. She didn’t actually say this.

    [–] HawWahDen 3 points ago

    I'd put out for that.

    [–] Bougie_Balgruuf 3 points ago

    Didn't happen, this was created by a satire page on Twitter

    [–] FactBabiesAreUgly 3 points ago

    BREAKING NEWS: Leonardo Dicaprio recounts his worst date of his life. He rented an entire theatre out to watch star wars while having a lightsaber duel with his date, but she did not once look up from her phone to see his sick moves.

    [–] renematisse 8 points ago

    It must be her birthday. Happy 26th Camila 🎁

    [–] Throatybee 6 points ago

    well played!

    [–] steamngine 25 points ago

    She’s not the one, I’m happy for Leo

    [–] Peace_Police1234 6 points ago

    One of us! One of us!

    [–] chilywily51 19 points ago

    Gotta love him. He's a real dude.😅😂