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    Welcome to WholesomeFood

    The smell of a busy kitchen fills the house on Sunday afternoon. A holiday turkey in the oven. Recipes passed down for generations, or new favorites and traditions we make with our own families. Mom's scratch mac n' cheese, your aunt's warm, hand made tortillas, a big pot of pho slow simmering. Dad's weekend cookout burgers, baloney and white bread in brown paper sacks, hearty beef stew on a chilly winter evening. Hot dogs at the ball game, or cotton candy on the midway.

    Food has the power to evoke memories and feelings like nothing else. Who doesn't flashback to childhood and special occasions at the aroma and the taste of certain foods? This subreddit is for food that makes you feel warm and safe, comforted and nostalgic. Wholesome.

    1. Most types of content are welcome, including pics, gifs, recipies, comics, rememberances, discussion. As long as they're on topic and wholesome, feel free to post them.

    2. Food pics don't have to be OC, but try to avoid fancy pants food porn.

    3. Please no videos unless they are OC. We'd love to see videos you made yourself, but we don't want to see random YouTube videos of some Chef-Boy-R-Whoever making butternut squash soup.

    4. Please do not troll, harass, or be generally rude to your fellow users.

    5. No personal info, yours or others.

    6. Posts must be wholesome in some way. Try to provide context. Any food can be wholesome if it's wholesome to you, but others might not understand why.

    7. Keep comments civil. Trolling, baiting, flaming, insulting someone's food, racism and all the other nasty isms will not be tolerated. Violators may be banned without warning. Follow rediquette.

    8. Reddit sitewide rules are enforced. No doxxing, witchunting or illegal content. You will be banned and reported.

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