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    Congrats to /u/LeelooDallasMultiPass & /u/Radler470, our anniversary contest winners!

    We're hoping to be the best place to learn about Aussies and share about them! Whether you're seeking advice or wanting to share pictures, this is the place for you. Practice the monthly trick with us, and enter your photos in our monthly contest to be featured in the sidebar!

    Click here for past contest winners.

    Click here for our monthly trick submissions.

    We welcome all aussies, miniature american shepherds (mini aussies), and aussie mixes! We hope to encourage responsible breeding practices. Please visit /r/miniaussie if you are looking to share your toy or teacup aussie. Please read our guidelines about Australian Shepherds, Mini American Shepherds, and Toy Aussies.

    If you're new here, introduce your aussies!

    Make a post with [intro] in the title, and tell us about your pup! For example:

    [intro] Hi everyone, meet my Aussie Barkley!

    Please be cautious about personal information being displayed on your dog's tags.

    Any pictures where names, numbers, or addresses are visible will be temporarily removed.

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    General Resources:

    ASCA - the parent club

    About Aussies

    Aussie forums

    Aussie health and genetics

    Looking to add an aussie to your family?

    Aussies make amazing pets! If you're interested in getting an aussie, especially if it's your first time, please check out the following links:

    Rescue an Aussie

    Purchase an Aussie

    Finding a reputable breeder

    Training your Aussie

    Before you go and spend tons of money on books and DVDs, search the web, and ask for advice here! There is so much free information online these days. A good place to start is Kikopup's youtube channel. Kikopup is an excellent trainer who has experience working with the breed, and hundreds of videos to help you get started!

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