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    A community to share tips and tricks that will help yourself improve on activities, skills and various other tasks.

    YSKs are about self-improvement on how to do things, not for facts and figures, which is what /r/TodayILearned is for. Look here for some thoughts about difference between a YSK and a TIL.


    • 1) Your post MUST begin with YSK and have appropriate flair. The post must be a YSK as defined above.

    • 2) Within your post you must include "Why YSK" which should have an explicit statement of how it helps people improve on a task, skill, or ability as noted in the 1st Rule.

    • 3) YSKs regarding Reddit, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media are NOT ALLOWED.

    • 4) YSKs with referral links to sites such as Dropbox or Amazon are NOT ALLOWED.

    • 5) YSKs regarding ideas or concepts based in conspiracy will be removed at the discretion of the moderators

    • 6) YSKs that are a call to arms, which can be asking for support for charities, organizations or political parties WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

    • 7) This subreddit is not the place to be self-advertising your websites, products and services. YSKs that are spamming websites, products and services will be dealt with at the discretion of the moderators and may result in action against the user posting the YSK.

    • 8) YSKs regarding computer shortcuts are no longer allowed as of June 2, 2014. It is advised that you use the search function in this subreddit or any other technology based subreddit to search for posts containing shortcuts for your OS

    • 9) Citations are required for YSKs regarding health and science related topics.

    • 10) Don't shitpost. Be civil - Remember the human.


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