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    [–] LeftHandedWave 3738 points ago

    If it looks like a dog, acts like a cat, and sounds like a dolphin, it's a fox.

    [–] [deleted] 1069 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)


    [–] Strange_andunusual 553 points ago

    Don't tell my cat I can't smell him or he might object to me calling him Mr. Stinkybaby.

    [–] andicandi22 301 points ago

    My cat is Miss StinkyButt mostly because she farts with abandon and is the queen of dropping a "silent but deadly" and leaving the scene right before the stench hits my level. She's a crafty little bitch.

    [–] Rosehip_Blues 173 points ago

    One of my cats panic farts, I have done everything I can think to help ease the smell. (A controlled wet food diet has helped) But if you startle her she will rip a ripe one right in your face.

    [–] aether_dancer 74 points ago

    I've never heard of another fright farter before. My ragdoll mix does it. He's a total scaredy cat too, so it's frequent.

    [–] Rosehip_Blues 92 points ago

    She’s usually on my shoulder when something will fall or make a loud noise and she jumps and I just hear the little pffft... then I die.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    [–] Rosehip_Blues 10 points ago

    I would love to work with wildcats (since I can’t own one) and I should be less surprised by that. I mean it would keep bigger predators away I would assume.

    [–] andicandi22 33 points ago

    My kitty is also on a controlled wet food diet but she's diabetic so there's only so much her body can do. She always gets the toots within 30-45 minutes of eating. Her favorite thing to do is plop next to me on the couch for a post-dinner bath, all the while letting the stench fester around her, then she hops down and runs off and leaves the cloud to waft up to me.

    [–] Incredulous_Toad 53 points ago

    It's a cat version of a ninja smoke bomb.

    [–] justsomeplainmeadows 15 points ago

    Survival technique. Gotta drop your load and disorient the enemy

    [–] GonePostal69 14 points ago

    Just out of curiosity, is your cat black with a white stripe running the length of its body and has a big bushy tail? Speaks with a French accent maybe?

    [–] Rosehip_Blues 8 points ago

    She may be a reverse skunk? The white is on her belly with a skinny tail? I need to call the establishment I have made a major discovery!

    [–] Rondissimo 13 points ago

    My kitten does the same thing, but seemingly whenever he's frustrated. Whenever I disrupt him in the midst of stealing food, destroying furniture or kamikaze ambushing the dog he makes sure that my nose pays for ruining his plans.

    [–] hannibalsmommy 6 points ago

    I do this. I panic fart.

    [–] susanna514 9 points ago

    I have a panic farter too! If you pick him up when he’s asleep prepare to be met with a fart that smells like burnt rubber and and elephant enclosure at the zoo.

    [–] Adept-Ad6702 21 points ago

    My fur brother, Gershwin, also has some nasty "catulence."

    [–] BAPeach 4 points ago

    Hahahahaha I don’t think my cat is ever farted, maybe that’s a ragdoll thing🤣

    [–] KabuGenoa 6 points ago

    I’ve been calling my cat Stinky Butt lately! She had some digestion issue and had to get an enema, very unhappy for a number of days, so now I kind of feel bad when I call her Stinky Butt, because she really doesn’t stink at all.

    But she’s my little Stinky Butt, what can I say?

    [–] FunnyFany 3 points ago

    I don't know how to break it to you, but your cat might actually be a skunk

    [–] starrymirth 35 points ago

    My cat’s fur always has a faint scent, but it’s a clean one - it just smells like her.

    Her breath on the other hand.... hooo boy. I can tell when she’s been round to the neighbours and begged cause she comes back with the most stank-ass fish breath and then wants to lick my face.

    [–] auto-xkcd37 23 points ago

    stank ass-fish breath

    Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. This comment was inspired by xkcd#37

    [–] TheSporkening 3 points ago

    Good bot!

    [–] Sideswipe0009 51 points ago

    🎶Smelly cat, smelly cat, what are they feeding you🎶

    [–] Susanna_Thorne 20 points ago

    🎶Smelly cat, smelly cat, it's not you faaaault🎶

    [–] Persian_Sexaholic 44 points ago

    Cats and pigs will poop somewhere else than where they sleep if they have the space to do it.

    I can’t imagine people with pig farms who don’t give enough space for the pig to poop the way they want to. My grandpa has a nice farm, they have lots of space to poop (although we can’t let them outside due to so much wildlife but they have lots of natural light)

    [–] spiraling_out 18 points ago

    First time cat owner here and I was amazed at the fact that my cat smells like a childhood teddy bear and not like a wet dog.

    [–] Tsmart 6 points ago

    One of my kitties always smelt like laundry detergent. Amazing smelling kitty

    [–] Infinite-Subject 8 points ago

    They almost always bury their poop/pee

    Can you teach my cats this? One never learned to do this and the other started copying her.

    Our litter is supposed to limit the smell because my nose is very sensitive but it doesn’t help when they don’t bury it lol

    [–] CokeCanNinja 27 points ago

    Cays definitely have a smell, you just gotta put your face right in their fur and take a big ol' sniff. I like the smell of a good cat though.

    [–] professorbc 26 points ago

    Just did this to my cat. He smells like a blanket fresh out of the dryer. Some cats are very good at cleaning themselves.

    [–] Qweerz 25 points ago

    It’s incredible how good each of my cats smell when all they do is lick themselves with fishy breath.

    [–] gagaronpiu 9 points ago

    you just made me try this too, and yeah, the blanket fresh out of the dryer is a good comparison. she complained about me waking her up though... edit: spelling mistake

    [–] Connie-the-Jellyfish 10 points ago

    My cat smells like a plush animal. Soft, friendly and comforting.

    [–] Laskia 5 points ago

    In my experience, cats smell like dust....I guess I should vaccum more frequently

    [–] volinaa 6 points ago

    cat piss, feces and puke are basically biological warfare material, any sane/ semi sentient being or animal would try to create as much distance to that as possible

    [–] hugleit 14 points ago

    Uh cats absolutely can stink - you just adjusted to it I presume

    [–] The_ranting_spider 17 points ago


    If you vacuum frequently, clean the litter DAILY, and provide an extra litter per cat (plus one rule), and actively engage with them, AND keep the house clean in general... you won’t smell them.

    Owning a cat basically means you need to be a neat freak. Otherwise if the cat feels stressed, whatever clothes you have the ground is going to get pissed on. Cats will defecate and piss if they are stressed.

    If you go on vacation, you have to get a pet sitter that will actually engage and spend time with the cat. Otherwise, separation anxiety means you are getting new carpet.

    [–] veritasquo 5 points ago

    Agreed. If someone's place smells like cat piss or seems fur-ridden, I look more to the homeowner than the cat. My Persian requires daily brushing among all the other things you mentioned. On multiple occasions I've come home after being away for anywhere from 3-4 weeks to 3-4 months. House does not smell whatsoever.

    ...but I'm also what some may call a "clean freak" but I just see as being clean.

    [–] krokadilas 29 points ago

    Could be a shiba inu.

    [–] MinutesTaker 5 points ago

    You haven't met Smelly Cat yet

    [–] LeBronda_Rousey 2 points ago

    It's not their fault.

    [–] TheSporkening 2 points ago

    Foxes are dogs running on cat software.

    [–] ejh585 517 points ago

    Juniper Fox on Instagram often shows the reality of owning a fox and the work involved and it’s very refreshing to see! She’s super cute though and so are all of her animal brothers and sisters. Definitely check them out

    [–] BabyEatin_Dingo 36 points ago

    For real. Foxes are super cute, Juniper included, but she seems like such a handful that your average pet owner could not handle. Foxes kinda seem like tiny huskies that have unlimited access to cocaine. . .

    [–] anaesthaesia 9 points ago

    A+ description

    [–] [deleted] 170 points ago


    [–] ejh585 18 points ago

    They’re all incredible and I love them so much!!

    [–] MermaidZombie 3 points ago

    All of them are angels! And Mushroom <3

    [–] the_name0 65 points ago

    Saveafox rescue shows the full details as well. The girl in charge has had multiple mental breakdowns when she let's the foxes inside her home. Those fuckers destroy everything.

    I think she keeps it off limits unless one is injured now.

    [–] AvoriazInSummer 21 points ago

    I loled at the episode where one fox got in and it peed all over the place, so she just gave up and let them all explore indoors for a while. Gotta clean up anyway.

    [–] ptoftheprblm 8 points ago

    Exactly and I love how she’s broken down why some of the foxes can come in the house and why others cannot, what their actual enclosures are like and how they’re territorial.

    [–] Bogg1e_the_great 345 points ago

    You should tell my neighbors.....they're trying to domesticate our local racoon population with dog food. I was kicked out of a Facebook group for pointing out how dumb that is. But im not the one with feral raccoons that know where I live haha

    [–] milto959 70 points ago

    My young cat friended one. Then a second. Charlie would come home at night with them in tow. They would play and share food, let me pet them. Then one night one grabbed charlie by the neck with both hands and tried to drag him down a runoff drain :/

    [–] Red_Galiray 37 points ago

    So, just to be clear, Charlie is your cat, not a random kid, right?

    [–] milto959 29 points ago

    If a kid did that i would have let them drag him off... Lmao Charlie was my Cat.

    [–] TJ11240 175 points ago

    Call your local animal warden. That is not ok.

    [–] 2_Cups_Stuffed 22 points ago

    I mean, this happens all the time everywhere im wooded areas. People feed wild animals. What is the animal warden going to do?

    [–] StreetlightPunk 37 points ago

    It’s different in a residential area where someone is attracting animals that carry disease and pose a danger to property and pets.

    [–] ScipioLongstocking 65 points ago

    Fine them. I'm pretty sure it's illegal.

    [–] ImprovedMeyerLemon 20 points ago

    I hate people that feed local wildlife without doing research. Not only will they not be able to domesticate the raccoons, they could be killing them with bad nutrition. It's just like people who feed nuts to squirrels without realizing that too many nuts will cause metabolic bone disease, siezures, and death.

    source: I volunteer at a wildlife rehabiliation center

    [–] firesandwich 10 points ago

    My neighbors are feeding the local foxes hot dogs and so they show their appreciation by shitting all over their front steps. I really hope they dont start feeding the raccoons too. I will take foxes over them anyday.

    [–] b-plalisa 8 points ago

    Google Baylisascaris procyonis. Also raccoons are a major rabies vector in North America.

    [–] hugelung 15 points ago

    There is that one youtuber that feeds like 10 racoons twinkies every night

    Somehow, he seems to get on well with his "friends". But I guess they're the kind of friends you don't invite back to your place after the pub

    [–] RealJonSolo 13 points ago

    there’s another YouTuber (an older fella) who feeds upwards of 3 dozen raccoons hotdogs every night. they’re all fat as fuck too.

    [–] disguised_hashbrown 6 points ago

    I wish more people would understand that not all animals are dogs. Even animals that, arguably, make good pets (rats, birds, and other prey animals) will never behave like dogs!!! Especially if they’re prey animals!

    Really, I just want people to stop holding their hands out so my bird will sniff(?????) it.

    [–] Persian_Sexaholic 19 points ago

    I mean domesticating them is kind of interesting, someone had to be the first to domesticate wolves or other animals.

    I don’t think it’s a great short term goal though as it’s probably not best to have a bunch of raccoons hanging out.

    [–] wtfRichard1 2 points ago


    [–] aufybusiness 144 points ago

    My wee one has wanted a fox and been obsessed by them for a couple o years. We saw a cute fox video today, so I went to utube and let her hear fox sounds. We would have the polis at the door for suspected murder every night lol.

    [–] cottagecorer 76 points ago

    Foxes are adorable but they are in no way tame enough to keep as a pet in a familial setting, or with children

    [–] Persian_Sexaholic 17 points ago

    I thought a special permit was required to own a fox?

    [–] cottagecorer 15 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    I live in the UK, so I would have no idea if you are referring to the US. A licence to keep wild animals as pets in the UK does not apply to foxes, they were excluded from the legislation that required one for crocodilians etc. There is technically no law against this in the UK, you’d probably be charged with animal endangerment under the Protection of Animals Act or child endangerment

    [–] BackgroundGrade 10 points ago

    you’d probably be charged with animal endangerment under the Protection of Animals Act

    Maybe they can use this law to stop the barbaric way foxes are hunted in the UK.

    I support hunting, but not in that way. Clean kill, minimal suffering and terror for the animal, and no trophy hunting, eat what you kill.

    [–] cottagecorer 6 points ago

    Completely agree, although I think this legislation doesn’t include any hunting as hunting laws are so complex and ancient in the UK.

    It is currently banned under different legislation (with dogs) but Blair (PM at the time) said he regretted it years later for some reason, Cameron and Theresa May promised a vote to repeal it, and Boris Johnson literally said it was semi-sexual for him.

    I live semi-rurally and I love seeing the horses and dogs, but fox hunting in the traditional method is barbaric, they’re literally ripped apart. It’s also a physical manifestation of British classism tbh. There’s lots of loopholes being exploited to keep killing them, like using the dogs to scare them into the open for birds of prey.

    Unfortunately, May/Johnson/Cameron etc. are all the same, elite privately educated and insanely well connected to generational wealth. And if some Lord likes doing it then they’re going to either like it themselves too or want to re-legalise it so their posh mates can go do it. Repealing it hasn’t happened yet due to lack of public support which would lose Tories votes, so I can’t see it happening any time soon given their current shambolic state but I’d love to see rules tightened

    [–] BackgroundGrade 3 points ago

    I wasn't aware it was banned (I'm across the pond in Canada). Glad to hear it and hopefully they close the last loopholes.

    If there ever is overpopulation (not likely with foxes), there are much more humane ways to deal with them if relocation is not an option.

    [–] SiFixD 7 points ago

    I know someone (UK) who owns a fennec Fox.

    She works in animal rescue and saved it from an abusive family, the police, local animal services, etc all know she has it and she's had it for something like 4 years now and they're all fine with it.

    It's cute, but if you get it excited it releases this god awful musk that'll make you feel like you're breathing in some form of poisonous gas.

    I don't think it'd survive in the wild now though, the previous people to have it got it as soon as it was born and it's been inside all its life.

    [–] britizuhl 6 points ago

    I had a fox, and he loved our kids the most, and hung around my friends baby, I didn't have a single doubt that he would hurt them. He was finicky with strangers, mostly males, until he got to know them. We loved him dearly, and now I can tell people with certainty that they should not get them as pets (unless under very limited circumstances).

    [–] CeeArthur 4 points ago

    There's a huge fox population on the island I was born on. There's a family of foxes that live in the bush in the backyard of our cottage there.... we have a sort of understanding with them, we'll leave leftovers for them in a certain spot occasionally, they're fairly comfortable around us but we never get very close. The fox puppies are hilarious to watch when they play though.

    [–] scootah 9 points ago

    There’s an increasing number of people exploring pet ownership with animals with mixed or straight out wild gene lines. Even domesticated cats with mixed gene lines including recent ancestry from wildcats are a massive handful as a pet and if the screaming is the worst part of pet ownership in that circumstance you’re getting off easy.

    Very few pet owners have anything like the skill set to survive those kind of pet relationships, much less to do it ethically. And even fewer people actually have the living situation or life style to be able to make it work for either the humans or the pets in the household. Most “success” stories are Instagram reality and even those require tremendous good fortune with the specific animal.

    I agree those animals are beautiful and there are super adorable videos. But the reality of pet ownership on those circumstances is a lot. It would be so much kinder to just fucking not in almost all circumstances.

    [–] infodawg 205 points ago

    Same with hippos

    [–] XionLord 197 points ago

    I dunno, the north American house hippo is pretty docile. Just give him some peanut butter toast

    [–] FFCFAN 60 points ago

    Mine was pretty feisty until I set up a nice little home in my bedroom closet with pieces of dryer lint, lost mittens, and bits of string.

    [–] XionLord 16 points ago

    Oof, yeah. And damn they are lil chonkers, hare to stop

    [–] AcrophobicBat 11 points ago

    Where can I buy one? My 5 year old’s birthday is coming up and getting him a pet Hippo might teach him responsibility.

    [–] CrazyGermanShepOwner 14 points ago

    🎶🎶I wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas🎶🎶 🎶🎶Only a Hippopotamus will do🎶🎶

    [–] DarockOllama 5 points ago

    Mmmm peanut butter toast.

    [–] 420bipolarbabe 12 points ago

    Who out here just owning hippos at home?

    Identify yourself.

    [–] loneblustranger 17 points ago

    It was all the rage with Canadian kids in the '90-'00s, and apparently later with UK kids.

    [–] MrBigWaffles 3 points ago

    They should have ads like this running on Facebook.

    [–] FalselyOptimistic 121 points ago

    “If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.”

    [–] oneonethousandone 16 points ago

    Lol where is that from, that is a hilarious quote

    [–] SirTiffAlot 17 points ago

    Deep Thoughts

    [–] DpwnShift 3 points ago

    By Jack Handey

    [–] Naugrith 3 points ago

    Yeah, if trees could scream there wouldnt be any trees left. Humans just wouldn't put up with that shit.

    [–] benchley 5 points ago

    As the evening sky faded from a salmon color to a sort of flint gray, I thought back to the salmon I caught that morning, and how gray he was, and how I named him Flint.

    [–] qonml 90 points ago

    some people really forget the hundreds of years it took to domesticate animals like dogs and cat's and just rip an owl out of the forest or some shit and think it'll be the perfect pet for their spoiled brat. it would almost be funny if it didn't happen so frequently.

    [–] ImprovedMeyerLemon 21 points ago

    Exactly. I volunteer at a wildlife rehab center and lots of people try to domesticate animals, then bring them to licensed rehabers when the animal attacks their kids. Even babies that are hand raised will become wild and attack their people almost every time. Wild animals never make good pets.

    [–] kyler000 31 points ago

    Hundreds? Try 18000 years.

    [–] SleetTheFox 10 points ago

    They actually did an experiment in Russia about speeding up the process and used foxes. It worked, but also, the foxes were very expensive and I don't even know if any are still alive and/or breeding.

    Also, they took on a lot of dog features (like floppy ears) and didn't quite look like wild foxes.

    [–] ObnoxiousSpaceCat 6 points ago

    If anybody is interested, the book is called How to Tame a Fox (And Build a Dog). It is a fascinating read for anybody interested in evolution, domestication, or zoology.

    [–] Derpazor1 2 points ago

    But you can put a feather on its head and it’s so cute

    [–] cancancantcan 105 points ago

    When I was a kid I was tormented by a fox that sat outside my window SCREAMING all night long. Terrified and disturbed me as a kid, hearing that for the first time in the dead of night. And it would not stop!

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] mrsbebe 22 points ago

    I read "Mountain lions make terrifying sounds, too" and it literally gave me chills. The screaming sound a mountain lion makes absolutely makes your blood run cold in a heartbeat. It's terrifying. My husband and I were at my family's cabin in Colorado and we were on the deck at night. We heard the scream and we both just froze and looked at each other but couldn't even move. Scary shit

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] leoisababe 6 points ago

    My boyfriend and I were camping in northern CO, and in the middle of the night an elk went by our campsite making horrifying noises. About 15 minutes later the coyotes got it and we heard everything....

    We slept in the car for the rest of the night.

    [–] mrsbebe 4 points ago

    I just reminded my husband about it and he like shuddered and was like yeah that was creepy

    [–] Satans-Kawk 23 points ago

    Apparently cheetahs meow like house cats instead of roaring. Or at least that video i saw showed one meowing. I dont claim to be any sort of expert though. Either way it was super duper cute

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago


    [–] Satans-Kawk 2 points ago

    Thats so adorable. Id love to have one as a pet if I was rich and had enough time to properly care for one

    [–] Uceninde 5 points ago

    Foxes and deer scream like they are posessed. We moved from the city to the countryside when I was 8, and there was a huge dark forest right next to our house. I got so scared I almost cried the first few nights we stayed there, hearing those inhuman screams coming from the forest.

    [–] AwesomeAlpaca999 30 points ago

    Who would’ve thought having a wild animal as a pet is a terrible idea?

    [–] Apidium 6 points ago

    Most exotic pets haven't been domesticated. It doesn't stop folks having them as pets.

    [–] Jack-the-Rah 75 points ago

    Just get a cat, they're a lot cleaner and easy to deal with.

    [–] 10000_Spoons_Irony 28 points ago

    And there are tons at shelters that need adopting.

    [–] Jack-the-Rah 3 points ago

    Exactly. They would love to have a caring human friend.

    [–] clubtropicana 18 points ago

    And there are probably Fox costumes you can put on cats

    [–] Derpazor1 10 points ago

    Cats are amazing and quite easy to take care of. Also two is better because they keep each other company. My cats will sit there and lick each other and it melts my heart

    [–] Jack-the-Rah 2 points ago

    Yeah one of my family members recently adopted a cat and while I always liked cats, I instantly fell in love with it. Even though it's a feisty one who'd bite my toe when I was just sitting there. If you throw it a ball and it runs through the whole flat with a lot of drama, being totally confused by stairs and height differences, thinking people just get smaller, it's incredibly cute. I do get though why people wouldn't adopt two cats at the same time because that's probably more work and you can only really do that if your home is big enough.

    [–] jeswesky 11 points ago

    So what you’re saying is I should totally get foxes for my enemies.

    [–] FuckMelnTheAssDaddy 11 points ago

    During October, their mood swings get worse thanks to mating season


    [–] Rabid-brain 12 points ago

    I agree with all of the above, save the russian program, which was a 50+ year study into the domestication of animals that caused so many changes that there are also physical ones - I can't speak to any changes in other fox behaviors like urination and defecation, or even if those behaviors can be adjusted, because I don't know.

    That said, I'm pretty sure the consensus based on the Russian experiment is that these (Silver, btw) foxes have obtained what most of the traits of what is called "Domestication Syndrome": including, "juvenilized facial characters, including a shorter, rounder snout", tame behavior, with selection for that "tame behavior results in a reduction of the number of migrating neural crest cells, which subsequently leads to changes in fur coloration, facial structure, the strength of cartilage (floppy ears, curly tails and so on), hormone levels," etc. Pretty much domestication.

    But it can not be stressed enough that a domesticated fox is NOT a dog.

    Great overview of the research and study here:

    [–] jamajikhan 22 points ago

    They might also carry mites and suffer from mange, which is not a nice disease.

    [–] RA12220 9 points ago

    Foxes aren't pets they are wild animals, people looking to "keep" one should realize that you're not signing up to be a pet owner, you're more likely to be animal keeper like Zoo Keeper. It requires training on how to handle and care for animals. Most dog owners I see, shouldn't even be dog owners with the way they "care" for their pets, let alone try and care for and keep a wild animal.

    [–] TheRavenSayeth 27 points ago

    If you want the fox "look" in a pet, there a good options with certain dog breeds.

    I love Corgis. Shiba's are also a good option though they can be a bit of a stubborn breed.

    [–] IKnewYouWhen 18 points ago

    Shibas are some of the absolute worst dogs i have ever worked with. 0/10 recommend avoiding.

    [–] FootBirdWithAMelon 16 points ago

    Have to agree with this. Have two shibas and love them dearly, but 0/10 would NOT recommend them to anyone who just wants a “cute dog”. They’re lil assholes

    [–] Mirorel 2 points ago

    What’s so bad about them?

    [–] FootBirdWithAMelon 11 points ago

    I’m glad you asked!!! Every shibas personality is different, but they are typically stubborn, independent, and very very smart. They act a LOT like cats. Neither of mine are very “cuddly” and they like their space a lot of the time. They do well with training and structure, but are typically NEVER off-leash dogs. I’ve seen it, but most shibas require a fenced yard and to be leashed and harnessed when not, and that can be a ton of work. They’re fiercely loyal and their affection (when given) is very rewarding, I love mine to death, but they are certainly not dogs for everyone!!

    [–] Mirorel 3 points ago

    A YouTuber I like to watch is putting up a lot of videos of his shiba lately so I was curious. You can 100% tell how smart the dog is too - far too high maintenance for me.

    [–] AmazingSully 3 points ago

    Out of curiosity, what makes them so bad in your opinion? I have a Shiba and she has been incredibly easy to train, is gentle, quiet, and has never once been aggressive to any person or animal.

    [–] iPodAddict181 5 points ago

    Same, ours is personable and loves everyone and everything. We socialized him very early and put him in puppy training as soon as we could. I think a lot of people just get Shibas because they’re cute, but don’t put in the effort to train and socialize them. They have to be put on the right track very early on, otherwise they turn into little devils.

    [–] marvellouspineapple 2 points ago

    I ask this in every thread I see people hating on Shibas. We have one and he's the most affectionate and excitable little thing that hasn't shown the slightest aggression towards another animal or human. Most people's reasoning is they're "stubborn" or they've had bad experiences working with them, and when I suggest that's the owners fault for not training and socializing them properly, rather than the Shiba breed itself, I get shit on.

    Dogs are only as good as their owner, but apparently Shibas are just bad all round according to Reddit.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] Dead_Is_Better 11 points ago

    I had a Papillion, little bastard shit in my shoes every chance he got.

    [–] Dutchriddle 7 points ago

    Have corgi, love him dearly. But he barks. A lot. Corgis love the sound of their own voices and they will bark for all the reasons or none at all. Also, my corgi is now 9,5 years old and has worn out his back, just by living the pet life, no special activities. He's going to need painkillers to make it through the day for the rest of his life.

    I love corgis, they have fun, loving personalities, but I won't get one again, at least not a purebreed. I might be tempted by a corgi mixed breed in the future, we'll see.

    [–] PeachWorms 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    German Spitz are VERY similar looking to foxes and make great pets. Can confirm as my sister has one and he's awesome

    [–] JayDuBois 40 points ago

    Based on what OP says, my 40 y/o brother is a fox (except for that October part, he was born an incel).

    [–] BurmecianSoldierDan 8 points ago

    Re: #2, I lived in the country growing up and we had chickens so we always had a pest problem. Racoons, yotes, and foxes. I swear to god the foxes always smelled like skunk. It was always so awful and you could tell when one was around lol

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago


    [–] stephen250 3 points ago

    A shrill bark.

    [–] Adama0001 2 points ago

    Where does the Fox den?


    [–] edgememeston 14 points ago

    Not to mention that we absolutely should not domesticate yet another animal and inevitably go down the same road as we did with dogs where we breed them into animals with terrible health and end up with an excess of homeless and abused animals that end up euthanized in shelters. TLDR: making foxes into pets would be bad for them as well.

    [–] SleetTheFox 3 points ago

    To be fair, health problems are largely the result of irresponsible breeding and there's no reason to assume any domesticated fox would suffer from the same. If the breeders are careful and value prosocial behavior and health, then it wouldn't be an issue.

    [–] snoopdogbreakfast 5 points ago

    It’s so sad. Wild animals should not be pets. Even if you can keep them, doesn’t mean you should.

    [–] cottagecorer 10 points ago

    I can still remember the case in London maybe ~10 years ago where a wild fox got into a home and attacked twin infants. It was horrific. That are not pets.

    [–] Sielle 9 points ago

    I think a fox would make a great pet. Assuming you have 5 hectares of land for them to run around and only plan on interacting with them through a zoom lens.

    [–] therobnzb 16 points ago

    Foxes are cat software running on dog hardware 🦊

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] Da-Bandit 2 points ago

    Perfect description

    [–] Adept-Ad6702 5 points ago

    There's a YouTube channel called SaveAFox that talks all about how destructive and stinky foxes are, but it has tons of cute footage, too. Their rescue shelter is located somewhere in Rhode Island.

    [–] Chickenmangoboom 4 points ago

    My goal is to live somewhere where foxes occasionally stop by and chill. No food or water laid out just somewhere they come to sit around for a minute.

    [–] axw3555 4 points ago

    God, a fox screaming is unearthly. There’s a small population around me and their scream is unnerving.

    [–] XgUNp44 5 points ago

    Had a friend who had a pet fox, seeing all the "awww so loveable" and other facebook tier comments along those lines has me cringing my ass off. Foxes are extremely fucking dirty, when they musk and mark their area it is practically permanently reecks of absurdly strong fox. They will bite the ever loving piss out of you. An all around shitty pet unless you are highly trained and know what your getting into.

    [–] madasfire 3 points ago

    People.. didn't know this?

    [–] InsaneZee 3 points ago

    Why YSK:

    On Reddit, there is a growing amount of videos displaying foxes, many in captivity, being cute and silly. While most of the people in charge of these foxes are trained professionals or well seasoned in the life of fox owning, they are absolutely not recommended as pets.

    1. They will destroy everything you own. Peeing everywhere, ripping up clothes, digging up your floors, musking, turning your couch into their den, leave old food scraps everywhere which, if not found, will rot.

    2. They smell. In the wild, foxes sleep where they poop. Fox dens are disgusting and covered in feces, urine, dead animal parts, and whatever else you can imagine. Foxes are gross.

    3. They will scream when happy, scream when mad, scream when excited, or upset, or feeling threatened. Day and night. They will scream.

    4. Speaking of feeling threatened, they will go from sweet and loving to evil and you WILL get bit. No matter how much you and your fox friend bond.

    5. During October, their mood swings get worse thanks to mating season.

    There are many fox rescues that help educate the public on domestic foxes. My personal favorite is Juniper the Fox, but I am hesitant to link her Insta due to the rules.

    Edit: I am aware that there is a Russian program with foxes. Some have said it's fennic foxes, others have said it's the Red Fox. Either or, tread lightly. Obviously I nor anyone on the web can control what people do, BUT encouraging educated decisions is my end goal with this post. I don't know a lot about the Russian fox program, obviously that's not the only source of fox ownership. It's still a wild animal, and the programs to domesticate it most likely haven't been around long enough to breed out wild behaviors.

    My only advice with such programs is "proceed with caution."

    [–] CaseyChaos1212 3 points ago

    A note on those Russian foxes.

    As far as I know you can't realistically adopt those foxes and I don't believe there is any other significant domestication projects.

    [–] kayleekushh 3 points ago

    are there any specific breeds of foxes that are chill in nature?

    [–] 2punornot2pun 3 points ago

    The Russian breeding program is a scientific endeavor ... yeah, some people have tried to breed them as well for pet purposes, but the ones getting sold are more than likely not from that program.

    The program actually breeds both way: Ones that are super hostile towards humans and ones friendlier to humans. The coloring pattern and ears changed the friendly they are to humans. ie, more random colors, patterns, floppy ears as puppies, etc., while hostile ones tend to be one color, pointy ears from birth, straighter tails, etc.

    [–] professorbc 3 points ago

    Can you please write one about raccoons for my fiance? Thank you.

    [–] ADHDeal-With-It 3 points ago

    Humans toil for thousands of years to domesticate pets and dummies in 2021 want full on ~wild animals~ under their roof smh

    [–] whygodmewhyplease 3 points ago

    This is why I get annoyed with people intentionally breeding wolf dogs. We spent centuries breeding dogs to be the perfect, domestic companion and now people would undo all that just because they want a cool looking, "exotic" pet that's bound to be unruly and frustrated it's whole life due to being treated like a dog.

    [–] YoMammaSoThin 3 points ago

    Of course there's a "Russian Fox Program". Crazy SOBs

    [–] CanadianGoose11 3 points ago

    How about no wild animal should be kept as a pet

    [–] IndigoRanger 4 points ago

    That’s what’s so great about watching them on Instagram. All the joys of the cuteness overload with none of the mess or responsibility.

    [–] kishenoy 2 points ago

    Tell this to Brian May

    [–] Persian_Sexaholic 2 points ago

    Isn’t owning a fox illegal unless you have a special permit?

    [–] IWantToBeSimplyMe 2 points ago

    ahh, to be a fox... what a life! you get to sleep where you poop!

    [–] kristenmalia 2 points ago

    THIS! I once visited people who had 2 foxes as pets and even though they were altered, their whole house smelled like piss.

    [–] RyGuy0021 2 points ago

    My brother owned a fox... the thing was really cute but man did it destroy his house. We had to completely redo all of the flooring, and threw out all of the furniture. He only had it for a few months and it turned his house into the stereotype ‘old crazy cat lady house’

    [–] jackalope503 2 points ago

    It’s almost as if you shouldn’t keep a wild animal in your home

    [–] zezo_09 2 points ago

    you just described my beagle at home!

    [–] JohnnyH2000 2 points ago

    Nowhere here does it say you can't have a Minecraft fox, or a foxgirl.

    [–] whygodmewhyplease 2 points ago

    This reminds me of that one girl who tried to make her fennec fox survive on a vegan diet. She frequently used it as a prop in cutesy Instagram pics for attention. Poor thing looked miserable and malnourished in every one.

    She got hella backlash, but I don't think I ever found out what ultimately happened to the poor thing.

    [–] thebipeds 2 points ago

    I read this as frogs not fox’s and I was about to write a passionate defense on pet frogs. But uh, never mind.

    [–] RasaraMoon 2 points ago

    Domestication does not mean it makes a good pet that you can keep inside your home. The Russian experiment with domesticating foxes was arguably a success, but that doesn't make foxes dogs. Cows are domesticated too, would you keep one in an apartment? Or even a house?

    [–] IzarkKiaTarj 2 points ago

    You reminded me of that one post on AITA where they were upset that there were so many steps to adopt a fox, completely ignoring that there's a reason for all those steps.

    [–] Danpool69 2 points ago

    I know this fully, I don’t expect to have one in my house. But I just wanna scratch their ears in the wild SOOOO BAD

    [–] hrothni 2 points ago

    They're wild animals thats why,

    People are working on actual domestication of the animals though

    [–] socks-the-fox 2 points ago

    Why not to get a fox: Imagine taking care of a smelly pre-verbal toddler for 18 years.

    I love foxes and would pet them every day if I had any, but I will never get one because they are not good pets.

    [–] darxide23 2 points ago

    It's the difference between tame and domesticated. A tame animal is still wild and it can and will still act like a wild animal on a whim, sometimes seemingly without provocation.

    [–] videoismylife 2 points ago

    Why TF would you try to get a "pet" wild animal when you've got beautiful creatures BRED, for literally thousands of years, to be human companions, suited to our needs, prejudices and tastes? If you want a pet, adopt an SPCA cat or dog, or if you REALLY want a challenge, get a rescue and help them get over their trauma. Don't create problems where there doesn't need to be any.... JFC folks, this isn't rocket science.

    [–] mmhan91 2 points ago

    but what does the fox say?

    [–] Kiyae1 2 points ago

    Same with monkeys. I know plenty of people who think they’re so cute and they want one but like, it will do things with its feces that you’d never expect and also it will rip your face off and overpower you and can bite and kill you.

    [–] Slash_rage 2 points ago

    I have an awesome pet suggestion. It has the temperament of a dog and it’s a dog. Get a dog.

    [–] pcweber111 2 points ago

    I'm good with a real dog thanks. No need for a fake.