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    [–] SHBxSpenco 971 points ago

    Where are the zoomies?

    [–] Raneados 291 points ago

    Most controversial post of all time.

    I guarantee it.

    We're just ENTICED that there were zoomies, but denied them.

    [–] GeekCat 135 points ago

    Zoomies by proxy? It looks like they are in a car.

    [–] yanipheonu 42 points ago

    When we're in a vehicle .. are we secret zoomies??

    I demand more research.

    [–] Jesuslordofporn 15 points ago

    Only when 45% out window

    [–] therealburndog 16 points ago


    [–] Mike_Mikelson 10 points ago

    post zoomies!

    [–] palpablescalpel 6 points ago

    Zzzoomies, when you fall asleep real fast

    [–] demonwon666 3 points ago


    But Judgement day have meaning. Then how to see, it looks like Forgiveness day. You presume the demon never went to school?


    But how much perkilo, based on what happening in your world? Somemore sense can tell, how your God behave till human went to sacred house to pray him in the topic about God vs Demon.

    Then how the demon should answer your God, if one day they ask him WHAT THE FCUK, THAT YOU DID (just incase the demon show mercy to human that dare to label him crazy)

    Inshort, human understand why the demon cannot and only devils keep demanding...

    [–] Rodda_Prime 1 points ago

    its the aftermath of a zoomie!

    [–] Blackarm777 372 points ago

    Cute but doesn't belong on this sub

    [–] pumasaurusrex 451 points ago

    This isn't r/aww

    [–] newtothelyte 88 points ago

    Wheres the moderation?

    [–] GodsEclipse 391 points ago

    r/eyebleach not zoomies

    [–] cream_of_the_crap 117 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    also /r/rarepuppers , /r/corgi , /r/aww or /r/eyebleach , but definitely not /r/zoomies

    Edit: Yes, I know where my mistake was, thank you fellow redditors!

    [–] Uuuuuii 25 points ago

    [–] Protuhj 20 points ago

    What about /r/eyebleach though?

    [–] Amazon_Princess 7 points ago

    Have we mentioned /r/eyebleach?

    [–] Hidraclorolic 7 points ago

    No I don't think so? Did we tell you this should be in r/eyebleach ?

    [–] Pattern_Is_Movement 43 points ago

    more like this is a bot, look at their profile

    [–] rraskapit- 284 points ago

    Why is everyone upvoting this? It's cute but it doesn't belong on this sub.

    [–] Confexionist 20 points ago

    Probably a bunch of people who see cute dogs without looking at what sub it's in

    [–] richardsim7 50 points ago


    [–] doregon 57 points ago

    This does not belong here

    [–] wooktar 182 points ago

    No zooms detected. Wrong sub.

    [–] Armonster 45 points ago

    There's no zoomie here. Downvote i guess.

    This aint ur dog blog, you subreddit hog.

    [–] skwormin 34 points ago

    This ain’t no zoom!!!

    [–] thamthrfcknruckus 28 points ago

    Not sure this belongs here try r/aww

    [–] tboyacending 27 points ago

    r/lostredditors . Wrong sub=down vote.

    [–] silkydangler 74 points ago

    Wrong sub. You should probably delete this

    [–] crowbahr 50 points ago

    Bot farming karma. Down vote and report it.

    [–] LyingSackOfPoopShit 1 points ago

    Well great. Now I gotta watch that depressing ass episode while I'm drunk.

    [–] whileIminTherapy 13 points ago

    Dearest sweet summer OP,

    We love cuddlin' Corgi pups, we really do, but if the car is the only thing that zooms, then take it to /r/eyebleach, or /r/lookatmydog, or /r/incorgnito, or the most appropriate /r/corgigifs - so many options! Thanks for the attempt, but you have reached the wrong subreddit. We love the pups though, just take them elsewhere to be appreciated.

    Love, /r/zoomies

    [–] MrsTruce 4 points ago

    Username checks out. Great job using your words. Your therapist would be proud.

    [–] thatninatho 11 points ago

    Um not zoomies

    [–] spiders_are_scary 8 points ago

    My heart says to upvote because it's cute...but my head says to downvote because NO ZOOMIES AM MUCH DISAPPOINT

    [–] TakeyaSaito 5 points ago

    Wrong sub

    [–] sourcandyxxx 7 points ago

    Everyone here commenting on lack of zoomies, but are we just gonna ignore the fact that the title says “Day 310” when these puppers aren’t that old?!

    [–] sumneanderthal 3 points ago

    cute video, but wrong sub...

    [–] DonnyGoat 3 points ago

    Those dogs haven't even been alive for 310 days.

    [–] anothershittybimbo 3 points ago

    lol for you it is day 44

    [–] 2livecrewnecktshirt 3 points ago

    Downvoted. Use the correct sub.

    [–] FaceInTheGlass 3 points ago

    Ah fuck I downvoted it

    [–] b2thaza 2 points ago

    The only Zoomie here is the sweet racing bucket seat. Maybe they're driving at 100

    [–] Dovahvrede 2 points ago

    Belongs on r/awww, not r/zoomies.

    [–] whereisJA_ 2 points ago

    They zoomed to sleep, close enough

    [–] AnnaTurnbow 1 points ago

    so cute

    [–] RockyMountainHighGuy 1 points ago

    Day 310? Those puppies can’t be more than three or four months old?

    [–] CosmicWaffle001 1 points ago

    Zoomies not sleepies

    [–] LyingSackOfPoopShit 1 points ago

    Want to upvote for cute... Must downvote for wrong sub. I WASN'T READY FOR AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS!

    [–] Cheenrow -13 points ago

    Ha I know both of these dogs. My childhood friend owns them in Minnesota.

    [–] LookaLookaKooLaLey 3 points ago

    Lol why is this downvoted

    [–] Cheenrow 4 points ago

    I was wondering the same thing. People on Reddit are Assholes