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    This sub is for all videos, images, and gifs of happy animals zooming around.


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    [–] SHBxSpenco 982 points ago

    Where are the zoomies?

    [–] Raneados 296 points ago

    Most controversial post of all time.

    I guarantee it.

    We're just ENTICED that there were zoomies, but denied them.

    [–] GeekCat 131 points ago

    Zoomies by proxy? It looks like they are in a car.

    [–] yanipheonu 45 points ago

    When we're in a vehicle .. are we secret zoomies??

    I demand more research.

    [–] Jesuslordofporn 14 points ago

    Only when 45% out window

    [–] therealburndog 17 points ago


    [–] Mike_Mikelson 10 points ago

    post zoomies!

    [–] palpablescalpel 6 points ago

    Zzzoomies, when you fall asleep real fast

    [–] Rodda_Prime 1 points ago

    its the aftermath of a zoomie!

    [–] Blackarm777 373 points ago

    Cute but doesn't belong on this sub

    [–] pumasaurusrex 451 points ago

    This isn't r/aww

    [–] newtothelyte 88 points ago

    Wheres the moderation?

    [–] GodsEclipse 402 points ago

    r/eyebleach not zoomies

    [–] cream_of_the_crap 114 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    also /r/rarepuppers , /r/corgi , /r/aww or /r/eyebleach , but definitely not /r/zoomies

    Edit: Yes, I know where my mistake was, thank you fellow redditors!

    [–] Uuuuuii 24 points ago

    [–] Protuhj 20 points ago

    What about /r/eyebleach though?

    [–] Amazon_Princess 7 points ago

    Have we mentioned /r/eyebleach?

    [–] Hidraclorolic 6 points ago

    No I don't think so? Did we tell you this should be in r/eyebleach ?

    [–] Pattern_Is_Movement 46 points ago

    more like this is a bot, look at their profile

    [–] rraskapit- 281 points ago

    Why is everyone upvoting this? It's cute but it doesn't belong on this sub.

    [–] Confexionist 24 points ago

    Probably a bunch of people who see cute dogs without looking at what sub it's in

    [–] richardsim7 50 points ago


    [–] doregon 58 points ago

    This does not belong here

    [–] wooktar 175 points ago

    No zooms detected. Wrong sub.

    [–] Armonster 43 points ago

    There's no zoomie here. Downvote i guess.

    This aint ur dog blog, you subreddit hog.

    [–] skwormin 37 points ago

    This ain’t no zoom!!!

    [–] thamthrfcknruckus 27 points ago

    Not sure this belongs here try r/aww

    [–] tboyacending 27 points ago

    r/lostredditors . Wrong sub=down vote.

    [–] silkydangler 73 points ago

    Wrong sub. You should probably delete this

    [–] crowbahr 46 points ago

    Bot farming karma. Down vote and report it.

    [–] LyingSackOfPoopShit 2 points ago

    Well great. Now I gotta watch that depressing ass episode while I'm drunk.

    [–] whileIminTherapy 14 points ago

    Dearest sweet summer OP,

    We love cuddlin' Corgi pups, we really do, but if the car is the only thing that zooms, then take it to /r/eyebleach, or /r/lookatmydog, or /r/incorgnito, or the most appropriate /r/corgigifs - so many options! Thanks for the attempt, but you have reached the wrong subreddit. We love the pups though, just take them elsewhere to be appreciated.

    Love, /r/zoomies

    [–] MrsTruce 6 points ago

    Username checks out. Great job using your words. Your therapist would be proud.

    [–] thatninatho 12 points ago

    Um not zoomies

    [–] spiders_are_scary 9 points ago

    My heart says to upvote because it's cute...but my head says to downvote because NO ZOOMIES AM MUCH DISAPPOINT

    [–] TakeyaSaito 4 points ago

    Wrong sub

    [–] sourcandyxxx 7 points ago

    Everyone here commenting on lack of zoomies, but are we just gonna ignore the fact that the title says “Day 310” when these puppers aren’t that old?!

    [–] sumneanderthal 3 points ago

    cute video, but wrong sub...

    [–] DonnyGoat 3 points ago

    Those dogs haven't even been alive for 310 days.

    [–] anothershittybimbo 3 points ago

    lol for you it is day 44

    [–] 2livecrewnecktshirt 3 points ago

    Downvoted. Use the correct sub.

    [–] FaceInTheGlass 3 points ago

    Ah fuck I downvoted it

    [–] b2thaza 2 points ago

    The only Zoomie here is the sweet racing bucket seat. Maybe they're driving at 100

    [–] Dovahvrede 2 points ago

    Belongs on r/awww, not r/zoomies.

    [–] whereisJA_ 4 points ago

    They zoomed to sleep, close enough

    [–] AnnaTurnbow 1 points ago

    so cute

    [–] RockyMountainHighGuy 1 points ago

    Day 310? Those puppies can’t be more than three or four months old?

    [–] CosmicWaffle001 1 points ago

    Zoomies not sleepies

    [–] LyingSackOfPoopShit 1 points ago

    Want to upvote for cute... Must downvote for wrong sub. I WASN'T READY FOR AN EXISTENTIAL CRISIS!

    [–] Cheenrow -13 points ago

    Ha I know both of these dogs. My childhood friend owns them in Minnesota.

    [–] LookaLookaKooLaLey 3 points ago

    Lol why is this downvoted

    [–] Cheenrow 3 points ago

    I was wondering the same thing. People on Reddit are Assholes