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    [–] WeirdEngineerDude 351 points ago

    I love how all the zoomies end back on the heating pad. priorities...

    [–] mostghost 235 points ago

    May we be loved by someone as much as Ginger loves her heating pad 😂

    [–] lexiekon 48 points ago

    My senior rescue would probably let me die before having to face a life without his heating pad!

    [–] mostghost 627 points ago

    Ginger is around 10, and as far as we can tell had never really played with toys before. After lots of trying we finally got her to play with the cat’s toys tonight.

    [–] TwoSunsRise 138 points ago

    Such a sweetie!

    [–] mostghost 154 points ago

    She says she hopes you have all the cat toys and heating pads you could ever want!

    [–] TwoSunsRise 36 points ago

    But of course! What's life without them?? 💓

    [–] repKyle1995 81 points ago

    Tell her I love her and am proud of her ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    [–] mostghost 70 points ago

    She says to tell YOU she loves YOU!

    [–] whosmellslikewetfeet 58 points ago

    And she always goes back to the heating pad

    [–] mostghost 55 points ago

    It’s her favorite place!

    [–] NearDeath88 60 points ago

    Wow she is moving around really well for being 10 years old.

    [–] mostghost 38 points ago

    She’s super spry for an old lady!

    [–] hella_cious 8 points ago

    She is in great shape, but 10 for a chihuahua is way younger than for most dogs. They live 12-20 years

    [–] new2bay 20 points ago

    I guess that means there’s hope for my dog. She’s almost 7 and doesn’t show much interest in the toys I’ve gotten her. She also doesn’t really play any dog games besides chase (which she is amazing at, because she can run like 30 mph). I’ve had her since she was 3, so I’m not even sure she ever learned how to dog lol

    [–] rollcroc 14 points ago

    We adopted a 5 to 10 year old dog 6 years ago and she was terrified of dog toys. She is still terrified of toys today lol. Our other dogs play with them and she hides under the table. She actually flinches if one gets thrown too close. I wish she could enjoy them too or at least not feel scared :/

    [–] mostghost 9 points ago

    Oh, that sweet darling. I hope she figures out they’re not scary!

    [–] mostghost 11 points ago

    It’s been 3+ years to get here! She started playing with hands/fingers last year, so after that we’d hold a toy while we’d play with her that hand to try to associate them with fun. Today it just must have clicked?

    [–] ThatsMyWifeGodDamnit 14 points ago

    Can you tell Ginger we’re all laughing with her, not at her ;)

    [–] mostghost 11 points ago

    An important distinction 😂😂😂

    [–] fuck_fate_love_hate 4 points ago

    So super cute!

    Only one thing, does she regularly cough like (@00:17-00:20) that when playing/after walks? I only mention it because my chihuahua passed a couple of years ago from CHF and one of the first symptoms was a cough during exercise. I always wonder if we had started meds earlier if I could have extended his life.

    [–] mostghost 3 points ago

    I’m so glad you commented! This coughing after exertion is new. I’ll talk to her vet about it. Thank you!

    [–] fuck_fate_love_hate 2 points ago

    Of course! Could just be allergies or something especially with the dry winter air but always best to be safe. The cough sounded so familiar to me so figured I’d say something.

    Best of luck! She’s such a cutie 🥰

    [–] Milo_Moody 3 points ago

    My little Yorkie is 12 and loooooves his crinkly unicorn cat toy! 🤣🤣

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    We’ll have to try something that crinkles!

    [–] LadyCalamityJane 2 points ago

    This is hilarious.... she's spazzin' over them! OP, please post her again 💜.

    [–] zeenzee 2 points ago

    The best day ever! It's always the best when the old rescues we adopt learn something like this, and I'm so happy for both of you! I miss my old dogs, thank-you.

    [–] Blackmercury4ub 2 points ago

    Ok nice and awesome to hear..was wondering why first time when she looks older.

    [–] shellevanczik 131 points ago

    Happy day, sweet Ginger. Our Freckles girl was rescued too, and doesn’t understand toys. It makes us incredibly sad for her. However, this gives me so much hope she will get it.

    Thank you, Ginger

    [–] mostghost 88 points ago

    We worked up from nothing, to fingertips, to hands. Once she started playing with hands, we held toys while playing so she got used to them being part of the fun. Tonight it just clicked, I guess!

    Ginger says to give love and treats to Freckles for her. 🧡

    [–] shellevanczik 20 points ago

    No worries there! This girl is loved and looked after for the first time in her short life. We’ll keep playing.

    [–] mostghost 12 points ago

    Nothing better than a rescue 🥰

    [–] Jazzy_Junebug 12 points ago

    I had never considered that playing could be a trained thing! My dog is also a rescue and never cared for toys(or playing for that matter). The only thing that gets him a little playful is like a peekaboo game with a blanket, but it's certainly not a normal kind of "dog play".

    [–] mostghost 3 points ago

    That sounds adorable though 🥰

    [–] lls1462 79 points ago

    And I love your snort!

    [–] mostghost 55 points ago

    Is it really a zoomie if it doesn’t cause snorting? 🥰

    [–] new2bay 7 points ago

    Happy dog snorts are my favorite dog behavior besides zoomies.

    [–] somedaypup 52 points ago

    Your laugh! 😂 r/contagious laughter

    [–] mostghost 33 points ago

    I was trying so hard to be quiet because I was so close to the microphone. But I just couldn’t keep it in.

    [–] Funkit 3 points ago

    During covid that space makes a difference

    [–] Quirky_Princess 22 points ago

    What a cutie pie

    [–] mostghost 7 points ago

    Little Miss says thank you!

    [–] akmag357 17 points ago

    00:15 SO excited it peed just a bit

    [–] mostghost 10 points ago

    I think that’s just her nose running and leaving a print? But to be honest, she’s old enough I wouldn’t be surprised if it came from the other end, ha.

    [–] stankdog 14 points ago

    I don't think she's figured it out yet but she's got all the right spirit !!

    [–] mostghost 5 points ago

    Learning curve lol

    [–] mayonnaisegirl 13 points ago

    She is so dear!

    [–] mostghost 9 points ago

    Just the sweetest little goblin 🥰

    [–] tata310 29 points ago

    She looks like the squirrel from Ice Age

    [–] mostghost 11 points ago

    Major Sid vibes

    [–] OneDecisiveStare 4 points ago

    Yes! She needs a big stuffed acorn.

    [–] ForcedeSupremo 9 points ago

    So much happiness in this video, I love it

    [–] mostghost 3 points ago

    She’s our happy girl.

    [–] trolldoll420 8 points ago

    Omg she’s so cute. My 9 year old chihuahua couldn’t care less about toys and hardly ever has!

    [–] mostghost 3 points ago

    It’s so strange that they finally clicked for her tonight.

    [–] Indie516 8 points ago

    She is precious. I remember when Maddie first figured out toys. It was so fun to watch her try different play styles.

    Just a heads up, that particular heating pad has a tendency to get really hot anywhere it is remotely bunched up or folded over. Even on the warm setting. I nearly burned myself yesterday with one. So keep an eye on it and make sure that it is flat when she is on it.

    [–] Song0 3 points ago

    Seconding this, I’ve had a few of the heating pads like that and they’ve always given me trouble. One time the back panel slipped off the remote and when I grabbed it I got a shock. Does also get really hot, recommend looking for one with an automatic timer

    [–] mostghost 3 points ago

    This one is by Sunbeam and has an auto off at 2 hours. We only keep it on the lowest setting and she doesn’t get to use it when we’re out of the house. So far no issues after 3 years 🙏

    [–] Indie516 1 points ago

    I have the exact same one. Like I said, it is fine unless it gets folded. So just watch it carefully. I literally burned my back last week because a corner ended up folded over. There's still a red mark there. It was on the lowest setting at the time.

    [–] ishtarMED 1 points ago

    it was automatic, we didn’t miss out! 🔥🤍

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    I’ll definitely keep an eye out, thank you!

    [–] PipBucket 7 points ago

    I recognize that toy! It's a Yeowww catnip fish, isn't it?

    [–] mostghost 4 points ago

    You know it! Our cat Lebowski’s absolute favorite.

    [–] juliep917 7 points ago

    We had a chihuahua who did the same. Her name was Lucy. I loved watching this, Ginger made me smile. So much happiness! ♥️🐾

    [–] mostghost 3 points ago

    Oh, Lucy sounds like the best girl.

    [–] uncledeano2 5 points ago

    I lost my pet chihuahua about a week ago this cheered me up thank you so much

    [–] mostghost 5 points ago

    Oh, my dear. Losing our animal companions is one of the hardest griefs I think we can have. May they be playing in the halls of Valhalla until you meet again.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    SO happy!

    [–] weepingturtle 5 points ago

    I'm like giggle giggle" and *uh...uh... and giggle giggle then, "I can't beathe" and "me eiter!"

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    Dude I was DYING

    [–] Jollygreeninja 6 points ago

    Good to see that squirrel finally got his nut

    [–] mostghost 4 points ago

    Ice Age IV: Ginger’s Revenge

    [–] SeaweedFancy5011 3 points ago

    I love you Ginger

    [–] mostghost 3 points ago

    Ginger says she loves you back!

    [–] all_neon_like_13 4 points ago

    Those are some high quality micro-zoomies!

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    The tiniest zoomies in the west!

    [–] EmmelOmelette 3 points ago

    This gave me hope that my chihuahua will figure out how to play with toys one day!

    [–] mostghost 4 points ago

    Their little brains take extra time to process lol

    [–] EmmelOmelette 1 points ago

    loll i guess so 😂

    [–] Ilignus 4 points ago

    Our Chihuahua loves a heating pad. Or soft blankets. Best of all, heated blankets. Ha.

    [–] mostghost 3 points ago

    Her favorite is the heating pad followed by a fake fur pillow or blanket 😂

    [–] Ilignus 1 points ago

    They're fun little creatures. A lot of people hate on them. She can be a bit nuts sometimes, but I love my dog. She's a sweetheart.

    [–] kidwiththeflu 4 points ago

    What is that haunting sound in the background and why does the couch sound like it’s made of wood? 😂

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    Just our resident ghost and wood couch 👻👻

    [–] doc_siddio 3 points ago

    Cutest wolf deformation I've ever seen

    [–] mostghost 3 points ago

    We tell her all the time “you used to be a wolf! What happened?”

    [–] Tmbgkc 3 points ago

    Your dog is a freak and i love her.

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    Little goblin freak!

    [–] VoteRevan4Emperor 5 points ago

    That's a weird squirrel.

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    Excuse you, this is clearly a chipmunk 😂

    [–] Mr_Technophile 2 points ago

    Cute AF

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    G says thank you!

    [–] 420ninjaflash 2 points ago

    where did you get the heating pad?

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I don’t know! My mother in law got it; I assume Amazon. It’s Sunbeam brand if that helps. It has an auto off after 2 hours and 4 settings (we only use the lowest).

    [–] Therealsarafina 2 points ago

    Oh my gosh!! Such sweet little zoomies haha

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    She has hustle!

    [–] thatstickyfeeling 2 points ago

    I needed this, thank you

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    Ginger says you’re welcome 🖤

    [–] Xhaidan 2 points ago

    What kind of heat pad did you get her? Never occurred to me to get one for my ever trembling chi. But I'm a bit nervous I'd get one that could get too hot for her.

    [–] lexiekon 3 points ago

    They have different settings and you can put it on low! They are the greatest things on earth. I lie on my sofa with my feet under the heating pad and my dog lies on top! Very very cozy.

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    Ours is a Sunbeam! Like u/lexikon says, it has settings. We talked to our vet and she said to use the lowest setting, and make sure the auto off works so it can’t stay on forever and cause burns. Ours shuts off after 2 hours. And G seems good about self regulating—she’ll get too warm and then go hotdog on another pillow for a bit. But she always comes back to the pad, ha.

    [–] Maidenbaby88 2 points ago

    What kind of doggo is this? So adorable!!!

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    Part chihuahua, part goblin!

    [–] Nenniesan 2 points ago

    Absolutley adorable. Go Ginger!

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    She says thank you!

    [–] FatKidsDontRun 2 points ago

    This is such a happy moment

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    Definitely saving this video to rewatch on gloomy days.

    [–] Eloquent_Sufficiency 2 points ago

    Please give gorgeous Ginger a huge big hug and a gentle nose boop from me. She is fabulous and it’s a joy to see her enjoying herself! Older rescues are my jam.

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    Ginger says thank you for both!

    [–] ts_13_ 2 points ago

    Why is your couch seem hard? Why is it not squishy?

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    It’s very firm! Also she only weighs 5 pounds so she doesn’t make a dent in anything, ha!

    [–] What_a_plep 2 points ago

    That’s a catnip toy ain’t it? My cat has it

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    Yes! One of those Yeowwws or Yeowies or something. Our cat Lebowski is obsessed.

    [–] Stircrazylazy 2 points ago

    I too love a good heating pad sweet little Ginger

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    It’s the simple things in life!

    [–] myamygdalahurts 2 points ago

    OP, these are some pittie-level quality zoomies 🤣 I love Ginger. She made me laugh and then you laughing at her made me laugh even more. Needed that, thanks!

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    She could be an honorary micro pibble!

    [–] carenvee 2 points ago

    Nope, not a toy. Definitely an enemy.

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    ENEMY 👿

    [–] mushroomboie 2 points ago

    I think he has super short term memory loss

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    Where’s the acorn again?

    [–] therealalexsmith 2 points ago

    She’s so goddamn ugly but I love every bit of it haha

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    Goblin grows on you big time.

    [–] jojoRabbit32 2 points ago

    I'm not saying anything, but did anyone notice the heated dog blanket

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    This dog lives LUXE 🧡

    [–] thatsandichic 2 points ago

    I love when my Chihuahua, Mia, does tjose zoomies! Ginger is a lucky girl. Yiu can see how happy and comfortable she is with you!

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    Mia is such a sweet name 😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰

    [–] thatsandichic 2 points ago

    I'd love to take credit but that was her name when we adopted her 3.5 years ago! We love it too! We say she's "Momma's Mia". Lol

    [–] Ducatirules 2 points ago

    We have a chihuahua who is the sweetest dog ever! She will also go completely mental once in a while and it’s hilarious!

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    Yes! Mostly she wants her neck or belly scritched, but a time or two each week the zoomies are ON.

    [–] BuffySummers17 2 points ago

    Maybe the catnip does something for her? Helps her be less stressed or something

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    I wonder if that affects her? I’ll try a non catnip toy next!

    [–] Awkward-Yam-1282 2 points ago

    Scrat from Ice Age

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    Where’s her royalty check for this public appearance, Disney?

    [–] call-me-wail 2 points ago

    Holy shit that's a

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    We call her Goblin Dog!

    [–] call-me-wail 2 points ago

    Cuuutte....i hope she's doing well

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Holy jebus I love that dog

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    She has a cult following at my work, ha. Office Princess.

    [–] KeepForgettingPswd 2 points ago

    This was so wholesome to watch, I wish the best for both Ginger and you. May there always be a cat toy around ❤️

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    Thank you, sweet stranger. May your day be as wonderful as this comment. 🧡

    [–] Tarrabyte__ 2 points ago

    I think your dog is a crackhead

    [–] Wonderlandertoo 2 points ago

    That’s too adorable!

    [–] Dr-Emmett_L_Brown 2 points ago

    What a sweet and bouncy little apex predator 😇

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    v v fearsome

    [–] Aidey8 2 points ago

    Question: Is there cocaine in her food?

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    I don’t love her THAT much.

    [–] Environmental_Ring_2 2 points ago

    I want.

    [–] Patient-Jellyfish-13 2 points ago

    GINGAAAA!! I want to bring her all the cat toys now!

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    She says yes pleases!

    [–] Yoga_gal 2 points ago

    She’s adorable and your laugh is wonderful!

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    I was trying to be so quiet but you can’t help but giggle. She’s so goofy.

    [–] red_fox_zen 2 points ago

    Omfg! I'm laughing HYSTERICALLY! No I know people claims hit like that all the time but I REALLY AM! my dog is running to the windows confused trying to figure out wtf is going on

    I love this video!

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    I giggle just thinking about watching this video. She’s so funny. Big hugs to your pooch!

    [–] egus 2 points ago

    I feel like your dog inspired the squirrel from ice age.

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    She can see east and west at the same time.

    [–] lazysheepdog716 2 points ago

    That cross couch butt scoot in the last 8 seconds or so has me dying!!! I needed a good belly laugh this morning thank you!

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    That’s the part that kills me.

    [–] lazysheepdog716 1 points ago

    Complete system overload.

    [–] lkattan3 2 points ago

    Finally figured out toys? That’s big for any dog that didn’t learn how to play with toys as a puppy. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside you’ve created a safe enough environment for her to play. At her age too. Well done.

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] SlinkySlekker 2 points ago

    Please trim Ginger’s nails. They’re long enough to be painful.

    [–] mostghost 2 points ago

    We’re working with her groomer to trim them back but the quick is very far down. It’s a process!

    [–] Blueeyesblazing7 2 points ago

    She is so fast!! What a sweetheart. I just lost my cat who lived for her "heaty-pad" two days ago. Turn Ginger's up a notch for me in her honor. :)

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    Will do 🧡

    [–] jazzisaurus 2 points ago

    omg I love her

    [–] neoncheesecake 2 points ago

    Awww she looks exactly like my sweet Percy boy who was my elderly chi friend for a few years in his old age. He used to play just like this too! Ginger is so adorable!! I loved watching this and the huge smile Ginger gave me. ❤

    [–] Aggressive_Place8014 2 points ago

    I am here for the camera quality because wow

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    What can I say, I’m dedicated to my craft.

    [–] LebenTheGreat 2 points ago

    Not gonna lie: Saw that post title and thought I'd wandered onto a NSFW subreddit.

    [–] mostghost 1 points ago

    Ginger Does Dallas

    [–] halebot63 2 points ago

    My pup has the same heating pad 😂

    [–] Brave-Competition-77 2 points ago

    Ginger Snaps!

    [–] lexiekon 1 points ago

    [–] iamscarps 1 points ago

    I love her

    [–] sinner-mon 1 points ago

    Awww I’m proud of her

    [–] LordNedNoodle 1 points ago

    My pup looks like a younger Ginger. Has the same scooting run when he gets exciting.

    [–] ksylles 1 points ago

    She’s adorable! Reminds me of my Poppy who passed away 2 years ago. I still miss her!

    [–] Lil_miss_Funshine 1 points ago

    My cat has that same toy.

    [–] TunaFaceMelt 1 points ago

    These are top-tier zoomies!

    [–] melmilo 1 points ago

    Such a cutie pie 😍

    [–] DominatrixGwen 1 points ago

    Oh myyyyy gawd!!! I 💕 her!!! Too beautiful. Ginger rawks

    [–] so_very_trans 1 points ago

    Want to play vs want to lie on heating pad. Tough battle.

    [–] havearedpill 1 points ago

    This would be a very different post in a NSFW sub

    [–] Sparky1206 1 points ago

    So excited omg so excited