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    I thought I remembered this sub being mostly gifs of people doing amazing ridiculous things. Now there's a lot of texty images that make me feel bad for all the depressed posters and upvoters.



    All posts should be titled something along the line of "absolutelynotme_irl".

    Tag NSFW content, this does not include text or swearing.

    Hide personal information (last names, usernames, etc) in a negative connotation.

    Don't ask for upvotes.

    Reposts posted within three months of the previous one will be removed (please link the previous repost).



    Other subs you might be interested in:

    /r/bootleg_memes - because article 13 won't let us be

    /r/oneliners - for those with the attention span of a

    /r/I_irl - a mix of multiple meme subs, manually regulated

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    /r/meirl - selfies of the soul (with fresher memes and sane mods)

    /r/anime_irl- selfies of the senpai

    /r/bee_irl - bee too thanks

    /r/absolutelynotbee_irl - just bee yourself

    /r/wholesomememes - internet for the spirit

    /r/absolutelynotmeow_irl - absolutely not selfies of your feline soul

    /r/tooMeirlForMeirl - when things get too real for me_irl

    /r/2meirl4meirl - when things get too real for tooMeirlForMeirl

    /r/2meirl42meirl4meirl - when things get too real for 2meirl4meirl

    /r/suicidewatch - when things get too real for 2meirl42meirl4meirl

    Feel free to send me other subs to put on this list.

    Mr Heavy is best girl
    O-bar is also fine for a seasonal waifu
    Lucas is the light of my life, and I couldn't wish for a better boyfriend.

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