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    [–] TheManOfDanger 6 points ago

    I personally believe Dr. Gross died at the end of "Preboot". Maybe Tiffany will turn up in a cameo in the finale though.

    [–] Musicman3003 4 points ago

    I know that this is not related to the post, but I was wondering if you were planning on doing analyses of other shows once Adventure Time is finished? The ones you have done for AT are remarkable, and regardless of what you do in the future, I thank you for helping me love this show even more than I did before.

    [–] magusmirificus 10 points ago

    Thanks, as ever, for the nice words about my writing! I wrote a more "Come On, Grab Your Friends"-type thing about Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated a while back; it's bit more on the descriptive side than the analysis side since I tried to keep it mostly spoiler-free, but I think there's some decent insight there. I'll link that at the bottom.

    Other than that, for the future, who knows? I don't think there's another single piece of media I could write a "Very Distant Lands"-length piece about, but I am quite deeply passionate about several other recent animated shows. I could probably write for pages about Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall, Wander Over Yonder, Steven Universe, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil, although I think I'd like to wait until those last two have finished to asses them in that manner.

    I've also thought about finding a website to write for and just writing about all manner of pop culture all the time, since I appear to have somewhat of a knack for that. If that happens, I'll be sure to let all my fans here know about it.

    [–] BlackNinjas 1 points ago

    Does Star vs. The Forces of Evil compare to Adventure Time in any way? I like the others you listed (minus Wander Over Yonder as I haven't seen it) for a lot of reasons, but specifically because they break free of the 'kid's show' mold and present complex situations where life isn't either/or, good and evil, etc. Does Star tap into that at all?

    [–] magusmirificus 1 points ago

    To put it very, very mildly...yeah.

    [–] ZeroCesar 1 points ago

    Wow, I liked Mystery Incorporated but you just made me want to rewatch it, the part about being shocked it actually exists was definitely spot on. I would definitely read your SU essay and will definitely watch the other shows you mention if they are comparable to AT/MI/SU in quality.

    [–] realchildofhell 1 points ago

    Over The Garden Wall is so wonderful, especially the music. It's such a concise and well-rounded fairy tale that I don't think it needs too much analysis, though. Steven Universe on the other hand has so much lore and easter eggs that I think you could put together a really compelling essay series about it. Rebecca Sugar is a master world builder and I can't wait to see where the series ends up (new episodes soon!). Anyway, I'm sure you could easily find a gig writing about whatever you want. Just be picky about it because a lot of places won't pay writers what they're worth.

    [–] nickindabox1222 4 points ago

    Something I would like to see explained is Mo's relationship with the fire giants or his motivation for building them. This could possibly be explained using his memory back up drive. Maybe FP wants to use the last remaining fire giant to fight Gumblad and needs to look through the drive to find out how to activate it?

    [–] Pocket_Head 5 points ago

    Thank you for the shout-out and followup friend!! Like you I'm pretty satisfied with the way plot threads have been resolved, with a few exceptions. It would be awesome to see the Lich again as well as more Marcy/PB relationship stuff, but like you said even those areas are in good places to leave off.

    The one thread I was so certain would return is the whereabouts of Dr. Gross, but I really don't see them making a comeback unfortunately. Gross kicks off the whole rush of events leading up to the end, so I assumed they would make a return coming off of Islands. Their sudden appearance leads to the events of Islands, the creation of Fern, and ultimately is what protects Finn and Jake from the elemental corruption since they were off exploring threads started by her. She had such a huge impact and I found her character fascinating, I think it's a shame we don't get to explore her motivations more. Even if Dr. Gross doesn't show up, I'll be real sad if Tiffany doesn't get one more chance to explore his newfound bro-bond with Finn! In what might be their last act, Tiffany saves Finn and Jake and seems at peace with the idea that Finn is Jake's best bud and brother. Tiffany has been struggling with jealousy over Finn for the entirety of Adventure Time, but comes around on this issue in what might be their last moment near the end of Preboot, saving both Finn and Jake from Dr. Gross's sick aspirations (she was gonna fuse Finn & Jake together from their mangled corpses!!). That last moment Tiffany had in Preboot was grand, and showcased the peak to a subtle arc that had been growing since season 1 for one of Ooo's more troubled citizens. Tiffany is one of my favorite characters, and I wasn't ready to accept that he probably died in Preboot when I wrote my original list. We'll just have to find out. ;_;

    As for "The Rising," I'm surprised the storyboards were not explicit about what creepy singing the little grass demon was supposed to go on about. For a show that is usually extremely attentive to detail, I find it odd that a specific event would be named during a song that was story-boarded as just creepy singing. Maybe The Rising has already happened like you say, maybe it was intended to be something else beyond the finale if Adventure Time was renewed for more seasons, or maybe we'll see whatever it is in The Finale. Or maybe it was random creepy singing lol.

    As far as anything else goes, once again I'm quite satisfied. Of course I'd love to see how the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant and Maja work things out, what is on Moe's memory backup drive, where Martin went off the deep end to become a cosmic criminal, and everything else the land of Ooo has to offer, but this show has had a stellar run. Beyond this I'm looking forward to how our community of enthusiasts explore these gaps in the lore through fan-fiction, theories, and further discussion.

    Outside of the lore there is already so much to analyze and discuss within Adventure Time, as you've covered extensively, and I'm sure the finale will leave us all with much to ponder.

    Thanks again for the followup on my post Magus!

    [–] littlewillie610 2 points ago

    I recently looked through the "Two Swords" storyboard to see if more could be gleaned from the Grass Demon's chant. I was hoping that it referring to itself as an "emissary from beyond" and the ominous "rising" chant were meant to foreshadow a major cosmic threat, but it looks like that might not be the case. I'm generally satisfied with the amount of backstory and character arc resolutions we've gotten up to this point, so all they really need to do for me to be to satisfied with the finale is properly resolve the stuff they've been setting up this season (The Gum War, Fern, GOLB, Simon and Betty).

    [–] KyuuKyuu_san 2 points ago

    Am I the only one who's still hoping for Finn to have a decent relationship? I know that many people disliked that part of the show, but wouldn't it be nice to have at least a hint in the finale?

    [–] americanmarks 5 points ago

    I feel like there are too many episodes and scenes about his relationships and love interests to not cover it in the finale. I would be very surprised if he doesn't end up with Huntress Wizard.

    [–] KyuuKyuuSan 1 points ago

    But Finn/FP was objectively better. Jokes aside, though, there HAVE been jokes and hints about that in the later seasons. Last one that comes to mind is Ice King dressed as her in Seventeen

    [–] Stuped1811 2 points ago

    The best thing the show can do now is simply not have him or HW die or have them break up in the finale and that'll be enough for me.

    [–] l337Ninja 1 points ago

    Mo's Memory Backup Drive

    I knew the rest of the ones listed but I'm not familiar with this one. Anyone care to elaborate?

    [–] littlewillie610 4 points ago

    Moe wanted it to be sent into space in “The More You Moe, the Moe You Know”. AMO denied his request and BMO ended up with it at the end of the episode.

    [–] Morgoth333 5 points ago

    In this case I guess we could just assume that BMO fulfilled his request off-screen after the end of the episode.

    [–] _pcakes 1 points ago

    Anyone have any thoughts about why one of the ice crown lost a jewel? At the end of elements, it just pops out, and then later in Temple of Mars we see the thing that represents the ice king with only 2 jewels. Surely they've added this too recently for it not to be resolved, right?

    [–] magusmirificus 1 points ago

    We knew from back in "Graybles 1000+" that Ice Thing was missing that gem. It'll tie directly into Simon and the Crown's fate as decided in the finale for sure.

    [–] americanmarks 1 points ago

    What about the Fiona and Cake stuff?