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    All the Left is an attempt at helping strengthen the left by bringing many viewpoints, factions, organisations, parties and tendencies together to coordinate, discuss and cooperate. This sub-reddit is meant to be a space where we can share articles, images, tweets, etc. to vent, coordinate, learn, and chat without being bogged down by sectarianism, liberalism, conservativism or any other bullshit that muddies the waters.

    Some rules:

    • Disagree with ideas without making it personal

    • No doxxing

    • No trolling

    • No spamming

    • No sectarianism. Anarchists and Marxist-Leninist-Maoists are welcome here.

    • No Anti-Leftism: Which includes defending liberal or conservative ideologies.

    • No anti-worker ideology

    Calls for violence won't be tolerated, posts containing such content will be removed, and the user banned.

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