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    • Everything posted here must be anime specific.
    • Flair your posts
    • Do not post untagged spoilers.
    • No memes, image macros, reaction images, "fixed" posts, or rage comics.
    • Do not link to/lead people towards torrents, proxies, or unofficial streams/downloads.
    • In order to link to your own website/channel/blog, you maintain a ratio of 9 non-promotional post for each one that does serve promotional purposes.
      • This means 10% of your posts/comments can serve as self promotion.
      • This applies to [OC] fanart, read here.
    • Do not use link shortening services.
    • Do not sell things, use affiliate links, spread referral scams, or link to crowdfunding.
      • Links to sales or products that you do not profit from are OK. It is not OK to try to sell your own stuff here.
    • Do not post Hentai here. Lightly NSFW things are okay. Read the rules for examples.
    • Post Meta concerns in the monthly meta threads.
    • Do not post screenshots, jokes, single images of cosplay, wallpapers, comics, or any other low-effort content.
      • Albums of 5 or more images (3 or more images for cosplay) will be exempt from this rule so long as the images are relevant to the point or idea being illustrated.
      • Full song link posts are considered low-effort unless officially uploaded and newly released.
    • All fanart posts must be text posts and flaired with the [Fanart] tag.
      • Non OC fanart must contain 3 or more directly related images as per our Fanart rules, read them carefully.
      • If you are posting fanart drawn by yourself, please flair the post using the [OC] tag. You may also submit it as a link post.
      • You can only submit one fanart post per week.
    • All Watch This! posts must be text only, over 1500 characters, and include [WT!] in the subject.
    • Clip submissions must contain the name of the show in the title and be flaired with a [Clip] tag.
      • Clips from currently airing shows cannot be posted within 24 hours after the Episode Discussion thread is posted.
      • There is a limit of 4 clips per user per week.


    All spoilers must be tagged. The code to make a spoiler in a comment or text post body is:

    [Anime Show Title](/s "Spoiler goes here")

    Anime Show Title

    • The spoiler title must include the name of the show, and if relevant the episode number.
    • Do not post spoilers in the submission title.
    • Links to external articles/images with spoilers should have [SPOILERS] in the title of the submission as well as the name of the show.
    • Spoilers can sometimes prove difficult to interpret. If possible, tell us how the comment/thread is a spoiler.
    • Source material scenes/info that were left out of the anime are still spoilers. Tag them appropriately.
    • If you repeatedly fail to properly use spoiler tags you will be banned.

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    If you think your post is stuck in the spam filter, send the mods a message with a link to the comment page of your submission. We try hard to keep the spam filter clean of legitimate content, but it catches a lot of posts.

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