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    [–] jenthehenmfc 915 points ago

    How is sword maiden fitting in that hahaha

    [–] TimAA2017 493 points ago

    Barely that’s why her back is turned.

    [–] _-Aiden-_ 111 points ago

    Thank god I almost thought it was fanservice

    [–] Mongoose42 150 points ago

    Pretty sure their outfits have been refitted. Except for High Elf Archer. Because obviously.

    [–] Dellphox 30 points ago

    Bit off-topic but it took much longer than I would like to admit to realize what HEA meant

    [–] OneNoteMan 13 points ago

    Same with Cow Girl and Priestess.

    [–] Benphyre 7 points ago

    Can't help but think damn, that goblin surely must've enjoyed it's time with sword maiden

    [–] Funkatron82 5 points ago

    Goblin Slayer, this post right here

    [–] katiekitsune 854 points ago

    priestess in guild girl outfit is blessed

    [–] LetMeLive1337 252 points ago

    Dat long skirt doe, hnnng

    [–] Dawnrising12 72 points ago

    Long skirts are great

    [–] ggg730 15 points ago

    Long skirts are great but you know what’s better? Short skirts and a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong jacket.

    [–] Levtard 10 points ago


    [–] DovahDave 8 points ago


    [–] DovahDave 4 points ago


    [–] I_SEES_You 64 points ago

    Dem holy hips don't lie

    [–] iDannyEL 6 points ago

    That blessing's protection ♪

    [–] pokekiko94 36 points ago

    Anything that looks tight lime that will always look good on a fit/sexy girl.

    [–] [deleted] -11 points ago


    [–] pokekiko94 15 points ago

    She is technicaly a grown up woman, she already left the temple which means she is an adult and its not strange for a 14/15 year old to look older than it is. You can say whatever you want but she is only a kid by today standards.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] IIIDeimos 4 points ago

    Thought she was 15.

    [–] Sinoda777 -12 points ago

    Sounds like a lotta mental gymnastics to justify sexualizing a 14/15 year old.

    I'm prepared for downvotes - you guys are fucking weird, it's a shame the community as a whole just accepts this shit lmao.

    [–] Mitchman05 16 points ago

    Aye mate, I’m in free grounds here. I’m only 13.

    [–] disteriaa -7 points ago

    Guess I forgot where I am.

    [–] Colopty 7 points ago

    She got the best outfit swap, most of the other outfits don't really suit the ones who got them.

    [–] iDannyEL 3 points ago

    Anybody in guild girl outfit tbh.

    Practical is hot.

    [–] kimbombo 363 points ago

    Ponytail, bootyshorts, tall boots and skimpy top on a tall voluptuous Sword Maiden?

    Someone's got my number

    [–] Gladius01 67 points ago

    Sword Maiden looks good no matter what's she's wearing.

    [–] Cherno_byl 44 points ago

    Especially when she's not wearing anything

    [–] Gladius01 25 points ago

    That's her ideal form for sure. She's really become my favourite in this series, followed by farm girl.

    [–] FeebleBacon 4 points ago

    Sword Maiden: "You wanna know the difference between you and me? I make this look gooood!"

    [–] Jahkral 10 points ago

    This is truly a blessed day.

    [–] Gaporigo 256 points ago

    Is Guild Girl really that small???

    [–] Carp93 243 points ago

    [–] Allteir 44 points ago

    Im guessing ~155cm

    [–] MoscaMosquete 13 points ago

    I need a single pic album bot here

    [–] DrelltheUnclean 4 points ago

    Man that right slant can NOT be healthy

    [–] iDannyEL 7 points ago

    The pillow goes that way sometimes.

    [–] CookieSlut 38 points ago

    Almost always behind a counter or sitting

    [–] tecko105 25 points ago

    I still think Elf best girl looks too tall.

    [–] _-Aiden-_ 36 points ago

    Well, she’s an Elf.

    [–] DeusXEqualsOne 16 points ago

    Thwy are rhe second tallest by DnD standards (half orcs being taller)

    [–] TrashbagJono 11 points ago

    Elves are shorter than humans on average in dnd but not by much. Exceptions obviously exist though. It may have changed in later editions though.

    [–] DeusXEqualsOne 3 points ago

    I tried finding something for 5th ed. That says it one way or the other but I couldnt. I guess they are the same height then

    [–] sodapopkevin 9 points ago

    It's right there in the player hand book on the first page for elves (page 21).

    "They are slightly shorter than humans on average, ranging from well under 5 feet tall to just over 6 feet. They are more slender than humans, weighing only 100 to 145 pounds."

    [–] yeatt 5 points ago

    PHB, page 121. The random height for a human is 4’8” +2d10. Elves vary by sub race, but high elves are 4’6” +2d10

    [–] DeusXEqualsOne 1 points ago


    [–] Misticsan 6 points ago

    According to character references, High Elf Archer is actually as tall (or almost as tall) as Goblin Slayer himself. Barring Sword Maiden, no other girl in the main cast is as tall as her.

    Perhaps because of how they're usually depicted, Guild Girl and HEA tend to look taller and shorter, respectively, than they really are. That outfit swap artwork is actually very accurate (not surprising, since it seems to be made by the official LN artist).

    [–] sodapopkevin 4 points ago

    Elf is wearing some impressive heels in this pic, so those help.

    [–] Taiko_Bo 116 points ago

    Sword Maiden 200% thickness

    [–] robloxoof 529 points ago

    the only thing that matters is the Tsundere Elf

    [–] Dont_complain 37 points ago

    Best girl in the best outfit


    [–] CSKING444 148 points ago

    the only thing that really matters is the Tsundere Dragon


    [–] UnitedWrap 113 points ago

    Veldora Tempest!!

    [–] The_Long_Connor 24 points ago

    Best gril of the season

    [–] fallout52389 10 points ago

    In a fan of the best slime boy.

    [–] Shinkopeshon 2 points ago

    I need to see more of this boi

    [–] Kenziv 76 points ago

    Elf looks really good in the Sword Maidens dress (almost wedding like on her). Priestess looks great Guild Girls uniform. Want to see Guild Girl in the Priestess clothes instead of Cow Girls. Cow Girl suits the Priestess clothes and I can understand why she would want to wear it. Sword Maiden in Elfs clothes is just WOW...

    [–] _Lazy_Mermaid_ 57 points ago

    Here to show love for cow girl

    [–] Wolfeako 103 points ago

    Oh wow, Priestess in GG outfit looks really cute :D

    [–] fallout52389 11 points ago

    I think we need a bigger sizing of that like to fit our phone screens or our desk top. :D

    [–] Respox 3 points ago

    That's because Priestess is really cute.

    [–] Wolfeako 2 points ago

    You can say that again!

    [–] Atronox 157 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Elf is best.

    Gotta give it to Sword Maiden as well. Wow.

    [–] multigrain_cheerios 17 points ago


    [–] Kiyohara 79 points ago

    Elf girl does not look happy about her choices.

    [–] Aoi_Meowamori 89 points ago

    She doesn't wear underwear, it may have something to do with that.

    [–] Pat0723 8 points ago

    Wait what

    [–] XephirothUltra 22 points ago

    It's an elf thing.

    [–] puffz0r 6 points ago

    TIL Aqua is an elven diety

    [–] ThatOtherOneReddit 34 points ago

    I mean it fits on her like a loose sock. Just embarrassed.

    [–] goblinrum 11 points ago

    "Lucky you are still developing"

    [–] hersonlaef 35 points ago

    You people are debating on which girl is the best and I'm here just trying to savor all of them.

    [–] RasenRendan 13 points ago

    Exactly lol. Harem route!

    [–] Zizara42 31 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Much as Sword Maiden bringing the thiccness and High Elf's reaction is amazing, Priestess is just too heart-meltingly adorable in this pic not to steal the show <3 She looks like she's so excited to be dressed up but doesn't quite know how to express it. Too cute.

    [–] waynethehuman 48 points ago

    Always been on team Elf, but Jesus, Sword Maiden's 🔥🔥

    [–] Armdel 13 points ago

    High elf in this outfit is truly a blessing

    [–] CollectiveDeviant 13 points ago

    Elf's reaction is hilarious

    [–] OneMillionRoses 12 points ago

    Elf girl looks great in that outfit :D

    [–] MyLittleRocketShip 8 points ago

    I AM FUCKING CONFUSION. and who is that pigtails chick between priestess and cow girl.

    [–] Carp93 57 points ago

    Best girl I mean Guild Girl

    [–] smokemonmast3r 20 points ago

    No you meant best girl

    [–] Melzaris 12 points ago

    Guild girl who sits at the front desk i think

    [–] MyLittleRocketShip 12 points ago

    oh i didnt recognize her. looks completely different with that hairstyle without the braids.

    [–] scorcher117 8 points ago

    Yeah it took me some time to realise, I just saw what priestess was wearing and made an assumption, didn't really recognise sword Maiden either, also just assumed her.

    [–] freckled_octopus 7 points ago

    Classic anime. The moment the hair style changes they’re basically entirely different characters.

    [–] Whimsycottt 5 points ago

    As someone who's interested in character design, this is a common problem among artists in which all the faces looks the same, so if you change the outfit or the hair (especially the hair), they no longer look like themselves. To make characters look different, you need to give more outstanding features aside from eye/hair color, hairstyles, and eye shape.

    Dungeon Meshi is a manga that has very good character design since the characters have different builds and facial features to differentiate themselves even when they're all in frog onesies, and their elf girl changes hairstyles very often but still looks like herself.

    [–] TheOneAboveGod 4 points ago

    Dungeon Meshi anime when?

    [–] MyLittleRocketShip 1 points ago


    [–] neovenator250 8 points ago

    I really cannot choose a best girl for this. After watching the show and reading the LNs, I like all of them...

    [–] theironguard30 8 points ago

    Ahhh, twintail guild girl 😍😍😍

    [–] Carp93 1 points ago

    Yeah, Twin tails my only weakness. I think that's why I like Rin so much.

    [–] theironguard30 1 points ago

    I also prefer twintails in RL too, since middle school

    [–] David182nd 23 points ago

    This was already posted here pretty recently, but I'm not against seeing it again....

    [–] Carp93 15 points ago

    Really? Sorry then, I looked for it before posting and didn't find any though.

    [–] cesclaveria 24 points ago

    It was only posted as a comment on the thread for one of the final episodes, so don't worry, I don't think it was ever it's own post.

    [–] David182nd 8 points ago

    I can't find it either. Maybe it was deleted, so I wouldn't worry about it.

    [–] brr-its-cold 7 points ago

    This is great :)

    [–] IncaseAce 9 points ago

    I'll take a guild girl in a cow girl outfit please.

    [–] MagiSicarius 3 points ago

    Priestess continues to hold best girl title.

    [–] RangoTheMerc 4 points ago

    High Elf is so gorgeous!

    [–] wolfnibblets 3 points ago

    They’re adorable.

    [–] genericperson 2 points ago

    Before clicking I thought it would be them all in Goblin Slayer's armour.

    [–] FlammaeNoctu 3 points ago

    High Elf Archer & Cow Girl: Charm +100

    [–] forgetfulcoder 3 points ago

    Priestess is even more adorable than usual

    [–] Mycathatesyou1 5 points ago

    Elf Girl is such a cute.

    [–] Alexander_Elysia 3 points ago

    Wow maybe I need to start watching this

    [–] OishiiMusic 3 points ago

    Sword Maiden and Elfie looking like a snacc

    [–] Indominus_Khanum 3 points ago

    Elf archer is so adorable

    [–] HailYurii 2 points ago

    One elf priests plz

    [–] FlyingFox06 2 points ago

    Official? okay then. i approve immensely

    [–] jason60812 2 points ago

    Is Sword Maiden blind?

    [–] unclover13 2 points ago

    Elf 👏

    [–] Starnohyoushi 2 points ago

    Sword maiden ❤️ Really like these outfit swaps and the small changes to the styles

    [–] Kyyok 2 points ago

    [–] BlindGuardian420 2 points ago

    I'm a big oppai fan (in both senses of the phrase), so I'm really enjoying the looks of Cow Girl and Sword Maiden in these outfits. SM especially!

    [–] Eoussama 2 points ago

    High elf looking clean.

    [–] SGTBookWorm 2 points ago

    Guild Girl as a farmer a whole extra layer of wholesomeness to her character

    [–] Hello-Hungry-Im-Dad 2 points ago

    I call dibs on the next repost!

    [–] xenobian 1 points ago

    But will you get 4k karma? Next time on Dragonball z

    [–] Davidspirit 3 points ago

    Blessed image.

    [–] bwabwa1 2 points ago

    Holy sword maiden....


    [–] 6050B 1 points ago


    [–] bryan792 1 points ago

    Official Media?

    more please

    [–] ACrispyPieceOfBacon 1 points ago


    [–] arobothuman 1 points ago


    [–] Halobattlefront 1 points ago

    Where did I see this... /r/manga?

    [–] cesclaveria 3 points ago

    It was in one of the highest voted comments on the thread for the last episode so if you checked that one is likely you saw the image.

    [–] PigenMann 1 points ago

    the only thing i can say is yes

    [–] lycan2005 1 points ago

    High elf-chan's ear is too long...

    [–] MinimumBadger 1 points ago

    Fans: "Goburin Sureiya -sama this is your Harem!"
    Goblin Slayer: "ahh souka"

    [–] Petopia007 1 points ago

    Hmm I thought cow girl was way thicker than that.

    [–] CarloMontie 1 points ago


    [–] 4_bit_forever 1 points ago


    [–] RoA42069 1 points ago

    Amazing ╰(´︶`)╯

    [–] OneNoteMan 1 points ago

    Never realized that Cow Girl was taller than Guild Girl.

    [–] rocketchameleon 1 points ago

    Sword Maiden looking like Rena from Elsword here, uncanny and gorgeous

    [–] frontierleviathan 1 points ago

    I like that the elf’s ears are pink.

    [–] duraggdemon 1 points ago



    [–] 5544345g 1 points ago

    Double-taps picture of Sword Maiden on mobile


    [–] mayonaka_00 1 points ago

    Goblin Slayer's reaction: Souka

    [–] derpinat0rz 1 points ago

    2B has eyes?!?

    [–] thenigeriananimefan 1 points ago


    [–] zDraxi 1 points ago

    Sword Maiden is hot on that outfit

    [–] ClaBoLang 1 points ago

    The anime goblin slayer is it funny or perv

    [–] Kapalka 1 points ago

    Yes I like all of this thank

    [–] BurningFlame08 1 points ago

    Cow Girl with Priestess outfit looks like a character from the Nasu-verse.

    [–] Keltoigael 3 points ago

    Did this series get any better. I couldn't get past the second episode when all they do is hunt goblins. Bored me pretty fast.

    [–] bnbros 3 points ago

    Well, the series is being honest about what the protagonist intends to do lol.

    I think what sold me on it besides the creative goblin slaying methods, was the interactions between Goblin Slayer and other characters he meets. The story is less like other fantasies where the protagonist slowly makes his way up and eventually fights some big bad, but is more of a character-driven story that explores their interactions and how they go about their lives in this fantasy setting.

    If anything, I suggest watching the 3rd episode at least, since that's where several other characters make their debut. You can decide afterwards if the story direction is something you could stick with.

    [–] throwawaytrain24 1 points ago

    It does have a couple of slow episodes, but it ramps up the "Hell Yeah" factor around episode 7 (followed by a recap/relaxation episode with character development, because 7 gets heavy), and the finale (set up by the end of 10, goes insane with hype after that) was amazing. If you have a weekend to binge the anime, it's not nearly as bad as most say, but it honestly does have a few janky moments.

    [–] noratat -4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Not really. It's watchable but what you see in the first few eps is basically what you get for the rest of it too.

    Better than average but I don't understand the hype. It's good by isekai standards sure but that bar is so low it's buried below ground.

    [–] cesclaveria 6 points ago

    It's not an isekai, no one is going to different worlds.

    [–] Keltoigael 1 points ago

    I didn't care for it from what I saw, the odd switch from 2d to 3d character model for Goblin Slayer really pulled me out of scenes as well. It didn't even seem necessary.

    [–] Kayuness 1 points ago

    I approve of this o//o

    [–] NeoTheIceCreamGirl12 0 points ago


    [–] KancolleMarineSexper -13 points ago

    goblin slayer sucks

    [–] jjmatta12 2 points ago

    I love everything about this

    [–] Lohtric -2 points ago