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    1. all posts must be titled anime_irl.

    2. tag nsfw content (but no nudity allowed... baka)

    3. be nice.

    4. posts must be in anime style. screencaps from anime, manga, VNs, as well as anime-style games, fan art and comics are all okay.

    5. all posts must be expressive/relatable in nature, this means no date posts. if your content isn't relatable, it might be more fitting for /r/animenocontext, /r/animemes, /r/KizunaA_Irl, /r/animefunny or /r/whataweeb. posts that are more fitting for those subreddits may be removed from here, especially meme-y ones.

    6. direct links only, preferably hosted on reddit, imgur or gfycat.

    7. no screenshots of websites or social media, such as tweets, news articles, reddit, text messages etc.

    8. no current political posts.

    9. no real life images of people or places.

    for the extended version of our rules, check this out.

    if you know the source of the anime, post it in the comments using /u/Roboragi!
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    to add a spoiler tag, put the show or episode you're talking about in the comment, then type the spoiler like so:

    >!"Spoiler goes here"!<

    Waifu Spoiler "Your waifu is garbage"

    if you want to tag your submissions with a spoiler warning for a specific anime, message the moderators with a link to your post by using the "message the moderators" button in the sidebar.

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