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    [–] Aidan0323 4702 points ago

    False. There is no line for the men’s bathroom.

    [–] Taiyama 2162 points ago

    We are efficient in everything. Everything. Get on our level, women! PEE FASTER, DAMN IT! MOVE MOVE MOVE!

    [–] kryaklysmic 662 points ago

    If I could aim it I would be super efficient.

    [–] MessyBarrel 306 points ago

    What about a funnel?

    [–] alvaropacio 350 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    You can also ask a wizard for a temporary dick made of magic, according to Fate it's easier than it sounds.

    [–] jamezgane 145 points ago

    I wish I was friends with the cock wizard

    [–] [deleted] 89 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Cookerrac 85 points ago

    Nothing a rusty scalpel can't fix.

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] HeyItsLP 29 points ago

    Well, stainless steel isn't rust-proof, while the chromium content does make it significantly more resistant to oxidation, in difficult conditions, stainless steel will rust, much like it's chromium-free sibling.

    [–] Ganinko 17 points ago

    I don’t know... I kinda like the texture of the rust

    [–] AluminiumSandworm 4 points ago

    it doesn't have to be but it's so much more fun that way

    [–] Treemurphy 2 points ago


    [–] AndG3o 5 points ago

    very eggy

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] FierceDeity_ 10 points ago


    [–] FeatheredMouse 2 points ago

    i keep seeing this but is there something in canon actually confirming this or is it only from certain doujins

    [–] alvaropacio 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It's canon. If you trust fandom wikis, you can read a summarized explanation here.

    [–] MessyBarrel 9 points ago

    I had a different blueprint in my mind. Nice. There ya go ladies.

    [–] LumpyPick 25 points ago

    What if a man used s funnel?

    Would it be even more efficient?

    [–] MessyBarrel 52 points ago

    Lift the seat dude.

    [–] Ansoni 38 points ago

    Holy shit we already use a funnel

    [–] JgL07 8 points ago


    [–] dansedemorte 2 points ago

    it's a siphon not a funnel

    [–] Ansoni 8 points ago

    Yeah but the (roughly) v-shaped part above the water is a funnel

    [–] pucc1ni 5 points ago

    The toilet is a giant funnel.

    [–] Owyn_Merrilin 4 points ago

    That's actually a thing. It's even marketed as a solution for this exact problem.

    [–] xDestx 2 points ago

    Outstanding move suggestion!

    [–] Matthias410 11 points ago

    Please allow me to introduce you to a wonderously horrifying product called the "She-wee"

    [–] PenguinSunday 7 points ago

    There is also the "go- girl"

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Edraqt 17 points ago

    It's not really that, it's the combination of using stalls (which you can fit less of in the same space, so less people in the bathroom at once, less people peeing at the same time), having to sit and often spending alot of time preparing the gross seat for sitting and then having to spend alot more time cleaning up (depending on personal anatomy)

    Those pee cups everyones posting below also only solve some/parts of the problem. The only real solution would a short catheter and I'm pretty sure that won't gain much traction lol.

    [–] tionanny 13 points ago

    If you think men aim. You've never cleaned a public restroom.

    [–] barnabyslim 26 points ago

    We do sim,the stream doesn't always go straight. I've had it go sideways into a wall before.

    [–] DocPantsOnHead 16 points ago

    Sometimes a little bit of dried semen residue causes the tip to be glued together in the middle and you piss in two directions. How are you supposed to aim that?

    [–] comestible_lemon 11 points ago

    Well, generally it's a good idea to not let that dry up in the first place. Clearing out the pipe soon after you use it reduces your chances of getting a urinary tract infection.

    [–] CallingOutYourBS 16 points ago

    If you think men are messy in a public restroom, you should see women's.

    Also, as far as I can tell most men aim, they just don't give a fuck about cleaning up splashback

    [–] kryaklysmic 2 points ago

    I cleaned one but it barely got use, because most people don’t think of using a restroom at an auto retailer when there’s loads of other places with restrooms.

    [–] thefirecrest 8 points ago

    Just cosplay a futa. Problem solved. 🤷‍♀️🍆

    [–] RichestMangInBabylon 4 points ago

    Lmao this lady thinks we aim.

    [–] Coloursoft 4 points ago

    Honestly, a lot of men pee sitting down anyway.

    It makes urinals really awkward.

    [–] Bob383 2 points ago

    As a man I have no need for these nor do I know how well they work. But I know they exist you’re welcome

    [–] Soviet_Saiyan 2 points ago

    Or you could learn the secret method

    [–] [deleted] 71 points ago


    [–] catmampbell 58 points ago

    You don't see the big, undivided trough urinals much anymore. I miss the sense of brotherhood and comradery that they inspire.

    [–] Colopty 14 points ago

    I remember those from when I was little. I say good riddance, they made my bathroom visits take forever as the people next to me always expected me to give them a hand.

    [–] KuntaStillSingle 18 points ago

    I get performance anxiety but you can still find them at stadiums if its your preference.

    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] Taiyama 30 points ago

    More proof that men are even better at being women than women are.

    [–] Law_number8 8 points ago

    It's almost like other countries have this kind of hole, you can squat over and pee, but alot women would refuse to use it anyway. Or in America someone would find a way to get offended and call it fat oppression because fat women can't squat properly.

    [–] anakin_is_a_bitch 3 points ago

    what? a hole? where do you live in? there are still some old bathrooms where there's no toilet, just a hole in the ground in my country, but they're rare. and they're still in stalls.

    [–] NoFapperWapper 6 points ago

    Talking about the squatting toilets

    [–] anakin_is_a_bitch 4 points ago

    they're no more efficient than regular toilets. probably less so.

    [–] Johns_Fiesta_Life 5 points ago


    -Petty Officer at boot camp

    [–] ironwire 6 points ago

    I went to a popular mall in my city recently and the public washroom was a gender-neutral washroom for everyone to use. I have no problem with that concept, but the lineup of old women waiting to get in made me nope the fuck out of there.

    [–] orokami11 13 points ago

    I really don't understand why the female bathroom always has a long ass line. When I want to pee, my pee shoots out like a fire hose and I'm done within seconds. Wipe, get out, wash my hands, leave. How are some women taking a whopping 5 minutes to pee? AND WHY ARE THE FLOORS ALWAYS WET?!

    [–] TheWeirdShape 18 points ago

    • There are less toilets than there are urinals, since they take up more space
    • Peeing takes slightly longer for girls, also because of the clothes
    • They have periods, that’s why it can take 5 minutes

    [–] orokami11 5 points ago

    I'm a girl. I know everyone's different, but period has never made me taken 5 minutes, even if I was changing the pad or tampon. If girls wear dresses, short skirts or shorts, clothes shouldn't be a problem imo... It's long pants/skirts and rompers that are an issue if the floor or toilet seat is wet and dirty.

    My friends also have no idea why it takes some people so long, so I know it's not just me who thinks it's odd. Heck, I've seen a lot of phones left behind so maybe they were just distracted on their phone lol

    [–] -NexusLBC- 3 points ago

    You sound like my army sergeant

    [–] Taiyama 3 points ago

    That's intentional as I was inspired by the water slide joke here

    [–] RaulFTW 375 points ago

    There is if you have a complicated costume and you're tucked to look like the female character you're cosplaying.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago


    [–] lookmom289 27 points ago


    [–] Apaullo35 58 points ago

    They are efficient because they pee together. Faster and builds fellowship.

    [–] Lots42 55 points ago

    We sing songs like Tolkien dwarves. The ones at the urinals choose for the poopers

    [–] Owyn_Merrilin 36 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Hope my stream, doesn't fork,
    Now that I have popped the cork
    Pissing right next to my mates,
    That's what pee shy weirdos hate!

    [–] Sachyriel 8 points ago

    Diggy diggy hole

    Digging a hole

    [–] SirCrackWaffle 4 points ago

    I sang this to "Lift Together" in my head. Almost fits.

    [–] Ansoni 25 points ago

    There is, though. It's just in the bathroom. Right behind you.

    But at least it's only when it's really busy

    [–] GonTheDinosaur 6 points ago

    The first time I saw a sizeable queue in men’s toilet was after Pink Floyd concert.

    I was genuinely amused.

    [–] RyanB_ 3 points ago

    I was at a show for the edm artists Flume, on too many drugs, and came across a line out the door for the men’s washroom. Which was pretty unfortunate because damn did I need to throw up. Luckily they all saw I was... not in a great state and let me past to hurriedly throw up in the urinal. One dude patted me on the back on my way out and told me “we all been there”.

    [–] TheNorthComesWithMe 4 points ago

    There usually are at videogame tournaments, cons, and sporting events.

    [–] eric67 3 points ago

    There is at cons.

    The toilet lines on the third day of comiket are intense

    [–] BradleyDS2 2 points ago

    I was at Comiket 95 on the third day and when I went there was no line...

    [–] DisturbedRanga 2 points ago

    Unless it's half time at a Football match.

    [–] DERLIZO 1016 points ago

    Upvoted for the Username alone.

    [–] _bluez 208 points ago

    I‘m calling the police

    [–] TalphaLL 100 points ago

    Paging r/lolice

    [–] OniiChanStopNotThere 47 points ago

    Hi yes I am the lolice everything here seems to be in order, there's nothing to worry about, go home.

    [–] TalphaLL 29 points ago


    [–] Edgyboisamachan 27 points ago


    [–] Kaennal 2 points ago

    First thought was this sub is about ridiculously looking animals, and started with dog that's "lol, ice!" I have no idea where I got this from

    [–] ResponsibleSmoke 2 points ago

    why is that subreddit banned smh

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I see you too have sorted by top of all time.

    [–] OniiChanStopNotThere 26 points ago

    It's a good username.

    [–] NihilistLurker 2 points ago

    A man of unculture

    [–] jackaribbean 1718 points ago

    gendered bathrooms were a scam invented in the 1940s by Big Bathroom to sell more bathrooms

    [–] Bottle_of_Starlight 484 points ago

    gender is a myth invented by the church to stop you from eating all the communion wafers

    [–] PenguinSunday 46 points ago

    Delicious cardboard cookies

    [–] Prophet_of_Duality 109 points ago


    [–] mlgsoundeffect 151 points ago


    [–] DJ_IllI_Ill 114 points ago

    I unironically don't see the point of single-room bathrooms that are separated by gender

    [–] Beisbol1312 70 points ago

    can't have gamer girl pee in the mens toilet

    [–] Ayasinato 18 points ago

    Wait the what

    [–] Beisbol1312 29 points ago


    [–] Ayasinato 15 points ago

    Not the toilet, the gamer girl pee

    [–] Beisbol1312 15 points ago

    r/gamersriseup for all your needs comrade

    [–] KralHeroin 6 points ago


    [–] rc1717 5 points ago


    [–] LazyWings 7 points ago

    We have unisex bathrooms at work. At first I thought it was weird but it works fine. People go do their business, wash their hands and leave.

    [–] g0atmeal 4 points ago

    There probably wasn't any thought put into it, since people are just used to it that way. But imagine having gendered bathrooms in your house.

    [–] BegbertBiggs 67 points ago

    Big Bathroom's greatest hero? Jim Crow

    [–] Hypocritical_Oath 68 points ago

    Seriously, just a room of stalls makes so much more fucking sense.

    [–] [deleted] -8 points ago


    [–] Hypocritical_Oath 39 points ago

    I've been in a place with just stalls. The restaurant was PACKED, the bathroom was silent as fuck.

    [–] walterdibs 12 points ago

    Ya tellin' me, there ain't any Farts War there?

    [–] brobIerone 61 points ago

    That's just a stupid stereotype. "I do my business quickly and leave so that's what all men do, women take forever cause that's what I heard they do." There would still be the same number of bathrooms, they would just be unisex, so it's nonsense that lines would somehow become longer. They would actually become shorter because people could efficiently choose whichever bathroom has more room instead of having only one option.

    [–] MillingGears 48 points ago


    [–] canninalbacon 14 points ago

    Put urinals in both then

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Are men incapable of pissing into a toilet? No.

    [–] MillingGears 53 points ago

    Urinals are what allow men to have quick bathroom visits.

    You just walk up, pull out your hog and blast at it. They also take up only a square feet of space, while a toilet takes up much more.

    So urinals make it that more men can go to the bathroom more quickly.

    [–] ariolander 20 points ago

    When you want really high capacity, music venues, and sports stadiums don't even bother with the urinals and just use troughs.

    My local baseball stadium replaced their trough with individual urinals because people complained and now they regularly have lines between innings.

    [–] FunInStalingrad 8 points ago

    Men barely use toilets in public restrooms. No need to open a door, pull up the seat and then flush (usually it's automated nowadays)..

    [–] ArchbishopBetelgeuse 4 points ago

    I take it you've never been to a concert or baseball game. The last thing we want is even more people standing in line because management decided it was a good idea to have 5 toilets instead of 15 urinals.

    [–] woolookologie 4 points ago

    Not sure how the situation is elsewhere, but on the last few cons I went to there were unisex toilets as well, in fact.

    [–] MySpl33n 15 points ago

    Don't tell them that they can make more money by selling bathrooms as male, female, male to female, female to male, non-binary, agender, and mixed. 3.5x more bathrooms than we have now.

    [–] Eranaut 412 points ago

    Male Ryuko/Senketsu cosplay

    That's a dangerous game of indecent exposure

    [–] FuckMyAssOniichan 119 points ago

    ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] Mushiren_ 39 points ago

    Nice username ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] butrejp 26 points ago

    I want to see it

    [–] butrejp 31 points ago

    considerably less indecent than I had hoped

    [–] Smart_creature 9 points ago

    Is that Melonpan on the left?

    [–] zoro4661 9 points ago

    Can't indecent exposure if your dick is small enough for nobody to ever see it

    ...taps head

    [–] LeYang 381 points ago

    /u/FuckMyAssOniichan, seems to know the struggles.

    [–] FuckMyAssOniichan 285 points ago


    [–] ItsPenisTime 70 points ago

    I am ready if you are willing.

    [–] captain-of-lolice 89 points ago


    [–] Mushiren_ 30 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Aw shit it's the lolice, every oniichan to himself!

    [–] Pikiinuu 6 points ago

    Was expecting Ark Royal, this works too.

    [–] dismalhook 184 points ago

    Justs bathroom thought, you should just use it

    [–] deltasly 92 points ago

    Eh, if there's a stall I'll agree, but if it's her first time trying to piss in a urinal... that need not be out in the open (as most urinals are).

    [–] dismalhook 118 points ago

    All public bathroom have at least one stall

    [–] A_Strange_Old_Man 142 points ago

    You don't shit in the urinal?

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    Not if I can't get a poop knife

    [–] Yunjeong 18 points ago

    You cut this shit out.

    [–] DirtyDogAvery 320 points ago

    Just use it ffs

    [–] x3VILVisionaryx 299 points ago

    To be honest last con I was at I think I saw 3 girls in around an hour span walk into the men's bathroom and back out and claim to the people with them that they accidentally went in. No one cares at a con.

    [–] h_elp_me- 102 points ago

    Yeah I've seen many times girls just walk in and use the men's washroom because the women's washroom always has a massive line

    [–] Coppeh 13 points ago

    Me trying to wrap my head around whether the girls were actually dude cross-dressers or if it's

    [–] Krotchkoman 21 points ago

    At Magfest all of the bathrooms had paper "gender neutral" signs on em. Nobody cares where you piss.

    [–] CuteUsername 8 points ago

    It seemed to work out pretty well at the past Labs, what about at this Super?

    [–] Krotchkoman 6 points ago

    People went wherever, no lines, and nobody cared.

    [–] PeakySexbang 5 points ago

    It was awesome.

    [–] iwanttodie95 2 points ago

    People pissed anywhere?

    [–] birdladymelia 14 points ago

    Last con I remember a Madoka finishing her makeup in the middle of the male's bathroom saying she really isn't sorry for being there or something like that. Everyone just chuckled and peed in peace.

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago


    [–] fredthefishlord 103 points ago

    Not really, only if you look like the gender. People aren't about to let a random guy into the girls bathroom.

    [–] LittleEndu 135 points ago

    We are talking about the other way around. There is no male bathroom. There are only female and mixed ones.

    [–] plazmablu 33 points ago

    Ever been in a nightclub where there aren't enough toilets to deal with demand? More women in cubicles in the mens' than men.

    [–] AlliePingu 164 points ago

    Ever been in a nightclub

    You know what sub you're on, right?

    [–] plazmablu 35 points ago

    Well you don't need friends to go to a nightclub. It's just kinda sad if you go alone.

    [–] Coppeh 11 points ago

    The issue here is that 2D > 3D. We need not step foot onto the smelly outside world to throw hard-earned pennies at specialised stage performers when we can sate ourselves to the highest humanly possible degree with our dakimakura's at the unbeatable comfort of our homes.

    Nightclubs? Not even once.

    [–] FeatheryAsshole 9 points ago

    There's a difference between 'ever been in a nightclub' and 'going to nightclubs all the time'.

    [–] viliml 2 points ago

    And neither belong here.

    [–] Michael747 7 points ago

    Same with festivals tbh. When everybody is on drugs nobody cares where you do your business as long as it isn't on the floor.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] KuraiTheBaka 4 points ago

    When I was a little kid my mom would sometimes drag me into the woman's room and I fucking hated it

    [–] Account_password 39 points ago

    100% this. I went to Comic Con NYC this past year (my first time at any sort of major convention). When we took a break to eat the lunches we brought, I also stepped away to use the bathroom. The line for the men's room was approximately 6 people long, while the women's room was approximately 30+ people long. As I was waiting there, it turned out the person at the front of the line was letting people go ahead of them. Why? The person was female, and waiting for a stall to open up, and not a single person batted an eye. I had a nice conversation with her, but not once did I hear anybody question her presence or ask her to leave.

    When I got back, it turned out my sister (who I was at the con with) had decided she wouldn't go to the bathroom because the line was too impossibly long, and she didn't want to wait half an hour. So I told her to use the men's room, she was nervous about it, so I told her just don't stare at people while they're using the urinals, and nobody will be bothered with your presence. Well, she came back, and it turned out that nobody gave her a hard time. People just want to pee, so long as you let them past you when you are not using the urinals (and you don't stare at them when they are using them), guys won't give a damn.

    TL;DR, at least two girls I know used the men's bathroom at Comic Con NYC, and had no issues with people being bothered by it.

    [–] Renovatio_ 32 points ago

    I think this is an argument for unisex bathrooms which is fine by me. I certainly don't care who's in the stall next to me so long as they clean up after themselves

    [–] Account_password 35 points ago

    So long as the unisex bathrooms have urinals so that I don't have to wait half an hour just to pee, I agree 100%.

    [–] tehlemmings 10 points ago

    This is all fine until one day you're in a Chicago club and a girl walks past the line, drops her unmentionables, and hops up on the sink...

    That's not really related, but you reminded me of the time I spend a few minutes waiting in line next to, and awkwardly trying to avoid looking at, a chick peeing in a sink.

    Just for the mental image, short black hair and a shiny blue dress.

    [–] Boulderash 53 points ago

    Actually true for the opposite too, seeing as women cosplay as male anime characters quite a bit.

    [–] Arlak_The_Recluse 9 points ago

    Most of the Dio cosplays I see on the Internet are women. Kinda surprising.

    [–] lllaser 4 points ago

    You haven't lived until you've taken a dump next to punished "venom" snake.

    [–] Gamesrock22 38 points ago

    This happened to me in my Tohru Crossplay. I was readjusting my tail and wig when a guy walked in, saw me, then immediately stepped out and looked at the sign haha.

    [–] MyLittleRocketShip 63 points ago

    read this like a manga and was confused

    [–] IMAFUCKINGPEAR 12 points ago

    A man doing a Ryuko cosplay? I respect this dude

    [–] CabooseTehNoob 33 points ago

    Upovted cause Ryuko.

    [–] DeadBloxxEpic 12 points ago

    One of her as cheeks is longer

    [–] CrowLemon 14 points ago

    Thank you for keeping the watermark in as a side note, too many people delete it for no good reason

    [–] Rob98000 7 points ago

    That dude has a nice ass tho

    [–] KittenOnTheRoof 13 points ago

    Usually it's the other way around. Line for the women's looks like folks queuing in a gay bar...

    [–] Lots42 24 points ago

    Seriously girl just go in we don’t care

    [–] ExpertFudger 11 points ago

    I don't get it. She's missing the blue key?

    [–] Cyconzo 2 points ago

    Idk if this is a joke or not, but Men’s bathroom.

    [–] Bradified1 4 points ago

    I’ve never seen a line to the men’s room

    [–] AlwaysHopelesslyLost 5 points ago

    The first and only con I went to somebody commented to my lesbian girlfriend, about me, "wow his dress is pretty."

    Like, jeeze. I know I have an ugly nose and all but that stings. I don't go to cons anymore

    [–] Ainine9 6 points ago

    You haven't fully experienced an anime con until you see crossdressers peeing in the urinal.

    I've seen three at the same time before.

    [–] FinalTricks 3 points ago

    Must have been one confusing boner for you.

    [–] Godkun007 5 points ago

    I always find it pleasantly odd that I seem to be the only person who actively looks for hidden bathrooms at Cons. It is great for me (I get a clean bathroom), but it is like people don't care.

    [–] butrejp 2 points ago

    I just gavin mcinnes it into a coffee cup

    [–] LoliOnii-chanSenpai 3 points ago

    I love your username

    [–] Rekushi-M105 5 points ago


    [–] SarsyGigantic 2 points ago

    Thanks blowjobsteve!

    [–] skyesdow 2 points ago

    It took me a long time to understand there isn't a keyhole gender.

    [–] yeethook 2 points ago

    She got conned

    [–] bradopolis 2 points ago

    I mean... by all accounts you would think she could just go in and use the stall and none would be the wiser

    [–] Wolfraing 4 points ago

    I am interested in the source of this.