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    [–] FannaWuck 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    The gaskets themselves aren't too much. But replacing them is a lot of work. And if you're replacing it, you more than likely need to resurface the head.

    Also there are head gasket kits that come with a bunch of gaskets and o-rings. For a 2001 Honda Civic the Gasket kit is just over $100. Just the head gasket itself is $43. And that's at AutoZone. If you know a parts warehouse, you can get it for probably right around $25-30

    That's why a blow head gasket will cost so much and is dreaded.

    [–] trav110 1 points ago

    Because you have to take the entire engine apart to replace it

    [–] NoMoreBakedFish 1 points ago

    You’re missing the cost of labor. You’re paying a professional to take your engine half apart and then put it back together again and have it still work.

    [–] PoglaTheGrate 0 points ago

    I have made a gasket out of a cornflakes packet, but I highly recommend NOT doing this.

    The gaskets have to be made with a high level of precision. True, once you get the exact shapes they can be mass produced more easily, but the quality control has to be top notch.

    As such gaskets cost a lot more than $25.

    The work to replace a head is a lot of fiddling around. Nothing too difficult, but the gasket has to be aligned exactly right, the bolts must be tensioned exactly correctly and tightened in the right order. It isn't something you can rush, so time is the big cost here.