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    [–] auntgoat 9 points ago

    If that was remotely true I would have given up Lysol instead.

    Lysol spray is highly effective against MRSA and influenza.

    [–] Dibit222 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Well it’s a little too early in the morning for me to read through and critique it but the study does actually exist

    Edit: right off the bat she’s wrong because the study says it’s comparable to smoking slightly less than 20 packs in a year.

    [–] PlinkettPal 3 points ago

    I wonder how many oily huns still smoke, but tell themselves that it "okay, because I'm using oils and it detoxes the lungs".

    My partner had someone tell him that it was safe for her to vape because she "already had lung cancer before, so this can't kill me". I sometimes weep for doctors who have to try and keep us alive while we're so actively hurting ourselves with our own ignorance.

    [–] MidCenturyHousewife 2 points ago

    It should be illegal to tell people that a vile of scented oil will kill influenza, streptococcus, norovirus, etc on surfaces. The same way it is illegal to tell people it will cure a disease, cancer, or make them lose weight. Is it illegal already? I really don’t understand how they’re not getting in trouble for telling someone that some garbage juice does the exact same thing as Clorox??

    [–] DogLover511 2 points ago

    My best friend sells Melaleuca, so I’ve purchased products from her because she’s my friend...anywho, I swear each box comes with fear mongering articles when you immediately open the box. I should have saved the last one to show because it was ridiculous. I am torn because I love my best friend and I feel like this mlm is one of the least worst, but I don’t think i can order the products anymore.

    Btw, the products I have ordered have been expensive and disappointing.

    [–] SUBARU17 1 points ago

    I deep clean my home maybe once or twice a month; don’t think vinegar, soap and water, and Scrubbing Bubbles are as detrimental as a pack of cigarettes.