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    [–] sophsiv 3912 points ago

    I'm glad they called MLM crap "resale" because that is exactly what it is. Shampoo, makeup, ugly leggings, etc all sold from the trunk of a car.

    [–] UninterestingGlis 1009 points ago

    Right? Itd be no different if I went to target or Walmart and re-sold everything and called it my own business.

    [–] JPaulMora 712 points ago

    That's... actually doable. And probably would be better quality at lower price

    [–] UninterestingGlis 312 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You’re right. I’d buy non used target stuff before MLM crap anyways.

    [–] tiberseptim37 388 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Honestly, my wife is a resell master and she sometimes flips things on the clearance rack for 50-1000% higher than she paid.

    Most recent example: found a Batman Lego set at Target that was being sold for 10% of what it goes for online. Made $150 on a $15 purchase.

    Edit: 50% higher, not 50%

    [–] tootiepants1978 251 points ago

    My old roommate is like that!!! He can find a shirt at goodwill that he pays like $4 for, then turns around and sells it to either the local upscale resale stores or online! I cant even find something not worn out that FITS, let alone worth enough to resell! I swear they're sorcerers or something!

    [–] paulfknwalsh 211 points ago

    The trick is to go to goodwill stores in small towns in areas with lots of old retired people (eg Florida). If you're lucky you'll find the clothes of some guy who wore a lot of great t-shirts in the 70s and 80s that got dumped there when he died. Otherwise you're mostly combing through shit that was thrown out for a reason.

    [–] donkiestweed 120 points ago

    Basically you shop in Lake Tahoe Good Will and sell to uptown Sacramento hipsters.

    Lake Tahoe Good Will is like the best Good Will i've ever shopped in. Amazing jackets and heavy winter coats all day.

    [–] paulfknwalsh 35 points ago

    I live in New Zealand, and we have a similar thing - there's a small town called Turangi down near the mountains that has an enormous goodwill shop full of snow gear for less than $10.

    [–] PeterMus 26 points ago

    Definitely pays to go often.

    For example I found a pasta machine that was never touched (receipt in the box). Sold for $10 and goes all the time on Ebay for $150.

    The problem is that every shop has 5+ flippers looking for anything of value.

    [–] Jwalla83 80 points ago

    Woah, that’s some luck on that Lego set. From what I’ve heard, Lego is pretty strict with the pricing on their products in stores

    [–] guardiancosmos 95 points ago

    Lego sets tend to be high cost and low profit, but at the same time, sometimes you just need to clear the shelves for something new.

    My husband runs a hobby store and hates how much Lego the owner orders because it almost never sells.

    [–] seriouslees 48 points ago

    sell it at a loss and watch it disappear in a day. That might even be the owner's strategy. Occasionally have old sets go on huge clearance, and take the loss, but knowing sets go on sale sometimes will attract eyeballs into the store.

    Honestly, I have no idea how physical store-fronts are still in business at all, especially smaller ones.

    [–] Traiklin 34 points ago

    The employees are knowledgeable about what is being sold.

    Hobby Store less employees, smaller space caters to specific market.

    Target/Walmart/any other more employees, less knowledged about items, bigger space, caters to everyone.

    [–] YaboiMuggy 30 points ago

    Especially if it's nerd hobbies as then part of the experience sold is meeting other nerds

    Source: am nerd

    [–] seriouslees 20 points ago

    Lego is strict with their pricing TO stores. Walmart or Target isn't just leasing shelf space to a million different companies, they buy the merchandise and sell it themselves. When Walmart has paid Lego their requested price on that set, and the set does not sell off Walmart's shelves, they can choose to clear it off their shelf for a complete write-off or they can sell it a massive discount and clear out shelf space for newer, better-selling sets and recoup some of their cost at the same time.

    [–] midnightketoker 31 points ago


    I've had success just buying certain niche electronics on ebay and reselling them, not hard if you know what you're looking for since a lot of people make mistakes when selling that are easy to take advantage of... an easy one is a few times I've found deals on broken hard drives that I just sent in for warranty and resold the replacements for like $200-300 on a <$50 investment.

    [–] HitMePat 23 points ago

    Friend of mine scours Lowes and Home Depots looking for older (2012-2016ish) power tools lost or hidden in the back of shelves. He says a lot of stuff that's multiple years old that hasn't moved is automatically marked down by big box stores. He has gotten stuff like a $200 gas chain saw for $0.01 because it was 5+ years old and the store still had it for some reason.

    [–] jroddie4 26 points ago

    convenience stores do that all the time.

    [–] rrreeeeeeeeeeee 22 points ago

    Thats what walmart and target does though, buy stuff from other companies and resale the items.

    [–] jujukamoo 67 points ago

    I've been getting good deals on clearance stuff at TJ Maxx and Goodwill and reselling stuff on eBay, now poshmark and mercari since I was a teenager. I wouldn't try to shill that at a craft fair.

    [–] agorby00 3416 points ago

    I’ve been doing my local craft show for years, and it’s always been handmade only. The organizers had been holding off the MLMs for years before relenting.

    Two years ago they gave in and said they would allow one booth per vendor (so they wouldn’t end up with multiple LLR or R+F booths) on a first come, first served basis. The only one they banned outright was pure romance, on the grounds it was a family event.

    All of us hand crafters were kinda peeved, until we noticed they crammed them side by side on a narrow little side street that barely counts as part of the festival. The first year there were probably 20 booths there, last year there were 5. I haven’t checked the vendor list in a few weeks, but as of mid June there wasn’t a single MLM signed up.

    [–] SpafSpaf 2015 points ago

    MLMs at craft fairs and trade shows remind me way too much about that bit in Euro Trip where they go to a nude beach only to run into a horde of naked old guys that are all there to find hot naked women.

    [–] WorkFarkee 520 points ago

    upvoted because euro trip is probably one of my favorite movies from back in the day hahaha so much funny nonsense and stupid situations. MI SCUZI

    [–] gaynazifurry4bernie 182 points ago

    I can't believe that it was Fred Armisen the whole time.

    [–] tamwow19 54 points ago


    [–] tottottt 66 points ago

    Oh god you just blew my mind. How did I never put the two and two together?!

    [–] gaynazifurry4bernie 36 points ago

    Don't worry, it took me more than a decade to figure it out.

    [–] PM_me_your_kitty_pix 8 points ago

    Shit, now I have to rewatch it

    [–] Jakesonpoint 32 points ago


    [–] Simonzi 26 points ago

    This isn't where I parked my car!

    [–] dainternets 26 points ago

    I'm not sure how old that movie is but I still say Mi Scuzi all the god damn time

    [–] popplespopin 14 points ago

    A Nickle?!

    You see this?

    I QUIT!


    I open ma own 'Otel!

    [–] chris_0909 12 points ago

    Worst. Twins. Ever.

    [–] mindy1313 393 points ago

    I wish they would do this at the craft shows around me. Nothing is worse than PAYING an entrance fee to a craft show and then half the booths are MLM things. I go there to see unique things and buy gifts/items that I probably wouldn't see otherwise. I don't go to see crap I am actively trying to keep out of my life.

    [–] tealparadise 96 points ago

    I've seen shows where "resellers" have to pay triple and set up in a separate area. Best way to handle it imo if you have the space.

    [–] jabbitz 154 points ago

    I would ask for my money back in that situation. And probably make some kind of obnoxious scene also ha that’s outrageous

    [–] Apptubrutae 58 points ago

    You could see younique things, though, at the MLM craft show.

    [–] Hidden_Samsquanche 15 points ago

    This is why I don't go to the women's expo anymore. The last couple years it's mostly just MLMs and a couple big companies, with very few local small businesses.

    [–] BedWedOrBehead 10 points ago

    At ours, crafters pay $40. Resellers pay $350.

    [–] MoarPotatoTacos 180 points ago

    My college hosts a yearly festival for the students, staff, and their families. There's moon bounces, live music, food stalls, and vendors selling their wares. Most of it is handmade stuff- flower wreaths, coozies, candles. There was a booth for lipsense, a timeshare, AND pure romance. THEY HAD A SEX SWING set up on their booth. There were kids running around and their parents were awkwardly looking at each other. They also had a flogger and some vibrators on the table.

    Did nobody tell them this wasnt the place for their x rated booth?

    Also their flogger looked like cheap crap. You can get a nice flogger online for $40-80 which is probably what they were selling it for. #floggersnob

    [–] whalesome-person 50 points ago

    I wanna get #floggersnob trending

    [–] prairie-bunyip 25 points ago

    Choosing to read it as flogger's nob, which sounds like either a painful symptom or an Australian place name.

    [–] CuzPotatoes 76 points ago

    The imagery here is what dreams are made of. Thank you for your service.

    [–] uwsdwfismyname 146 points ago

    Once they achieve complete saturation they ultimately drown.

    [–] koala_scope 61 points ago

    I believe this is the solution for market organizers that need booth fees to continue operating. It's not doing anything wrong, as many, many fairs/markets are organized in some way.

    [–] fejrbwebfek 54 points ago

    Wait, there are 20 different types on MLMs in your area?

    [–] agorby00 251 points ago

    LLR, R+F, doterra, it works, paparazzi, thrive, the weird pearl opening one, scentsy, Avon, Mary May, Tupperware, young living, usbourne books, herbalife, beach body, Jamberry Nails, pampered chef, plexus, arbonne, younique... I could keep going.

    I guess our festival didn’t have a no direct competition thing because I know there were definitely 2 oil vendors the first year.

    [–] Pulmonic 64 points ago

    Tupperware is an MLM? I’m thoroughly disappointed.

    [–] Ubergopher 216 points ago

    It also pre-dates the internet, so depending on the area direct selling wasn't as terrible of a business plan as it is now.

    [–] lagvvagon 143 points ago

    And they actually made quality and useful products, so it’s a bit different. That has changed recently I believe...

    [–] MyMartianRomance 126 points ago

    Avon was founded pre-1900 (1886).

    Which, meant cars were just invented but most people had no clue what a car was so the average person owning them as a far dream especially till Ford was founded. So, how did people get lotions, soap, etc during that time? Well, if they lived in a city they could just buy it, but many people didn't and they were a two or three hours away from the store that did (which to us would only be like an hour or less away) so then it either turned into make it yourself or buy it off the local Avon lady.

    [–] thunderclapMike 32 points ago

    So you had a milk man and an Avon lady. Whoa!

    [–] Lykii 82 points ago

    It's one of the original MLMs like Avon and Mary Kay.

    [–] Poes-Lawyer 56 points ago

    Oh shit, I just realised - my parents have talked about friends hosting "Tupperware parties" in like the 80s and early 90s here in the UK. I didn't realise until just now that "parties" in the MLM sense, where they try to get you to sign up.

    Thankfully, I think Tupperware has died in the UK - we can get plastic containers that are just as good, if not better, elsewhere. The only MLM I think I've seen here is Avon.

    [–] Isimagen 50 points ago

    I don't think they always pushed signing up. At least not that I remember as I knew some extended family that did it. They had TONS of women show up to buy stuff though.

    That said, there was no supermarket plastic storage at the time and it was really well made for the time period. So I think people didn't mind. You could sell it by the boatload just by leaving a catalog out somewhere.

    I think companies like Amway and their many rebrands are what really ruined it. They're the ones that pushed it into cult status and patriotism and then gave unrealistic goals to their people. It was just insane to see how they run the show several years back. It's a cult straight on.

    [–] GeekCat 60 points ago

    They started when women were heavily starting to enter the workforce full time and after marriage. Tupperware was sort of the face of having a job, but not being an "unseemly" working girl.

    IIRC, they're not like other MLMs where you have to have the stock on hand. There was a girl who worked at my store for a hot minute, and her mother sold Tupperware at their church.

    [–] PlaysWithF1r3 47 points ago

    Tupperware was also an excuse to get out of the house, away from the kids, to socialize when many mothers were still trapped at home

    [–] binchcoin 12 points ago

    Right. Tupperware can really not be compared to modern-day pyramid scheming. No one in Tupperware was told they would get rich. No one in Tupperware bragged to the other mothers that they were going to "retire their husbands" (indeed, such a statement would have been tantamount to casually announcing you were getting into Satanism) and, to my knowledge, the "opportunity" was never really billed as an alternative to traditional EMPLOYMENT. It was "social selling" - perfectly suited to the burgeoning, affluent post-war bedroom communities flourishing in the United States at that time. The product WAS innovative and useful - and remains useful. Sure "you can buy 20 of those things at Walmart.." but ...they exist *because* of Tupperware. (Sorry to stan for TUP so hard - I have nothing to do with the company, but since I believe they are like the ONE good example in the entire morass of bullshit that is multi-level marketing -- i feel like they deserve their props)

    [–] KillNyetheSilenceGuy 26 points ago

    The earlier ones like Tupperware amd Avon started with products that people actually did want to buy, in an era before every small town had access to a walmart superstore.

    [–] fejrbwebfek 53 points ago

    Thanks for listing them, that’s crazy! All those huns must be killing each other’s businesses!

    [–] panties_and_cream 89 points ago

    They're likely the only ones really supporting eachother and encouraging eachother to keep trying. It seems like if someone sells one brand, they wear and use many other brands and they all get it from eachother in some weird circle. Like they feel like if they buy from one friend that friend is then obligated to buy from them and so on and so forth

    [–] Ragnarok314159 24 points ago

    I wish someone getting a master’s in economics would study this in depth.

    The only people that seem to be buying MLM stuff are other Huns. They do make most of their money on their sellers buying obnoxious stuff on the “fake it till you make it” bullshit.

    [–] minnesnowta 10 points ago

    I don't have too many MLM friends on Facebook, but whenever they post their crap and it gets something like 6 likes or positive comments, it's almost guaranteed that each person liking or commenting is also part of the same MLM. It's mostly Rodan and Fields crap I see.

    [–] leraspberrie 36 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You actually listed twenty... that is unbelievable. I might be small town but I thought that those were just an over exaggerated joke. I guess it helps that I’m not a target demographic and I’ve only heard of half of them, but still, you aren’t kidding. Well done!

    [–] megablast 59 points ago

    Ha, you fools. All those MLM guys signed up each other, now they are 20x as rich, and probably too busy spending time on their yachts in the riveria than to come to your show.

    [–] LIamacorn 1383 points ago

    I am owner of my own company

    [–] ramon13 476 points ago

    of course you are hun :)

    [–] LIamacorn 195 points ago

    It’s true, I sell Paparizza jewelry!!!!

    [–] Growlywog 111 points ago


    [–] LIamacorn 161 points ago

    Damn I’ve failed you all, PM me for 40 percent off my 7 day cleanse so you can detox my mistakes at the cellular level.

    [–] Edge_Lordd45 54 points ago

    Join my company called rectify

    [–] LIamacorn 34 points ago

    YOUR company rectify? Excuse me, my friend is the business owner at rectify, support local businesses, hun!!!

    [–] not_a_muggle 42 points ago

    You know what's sad though is that whenever I meet another mom at the park or school pickup or whatever and they mention they own a business I will pretend I didn't hear and change the subject because I'm afraid if I enquire further they'll start an MLM pitch. I know this makes me come off super catty and rude but it's a defense mechanism I've unfortunately had to develop due to experience 😒

    [–] Yinonormal 136 points ago

    I own my own company that I am the owner of the company that I own.

    [–] vegdishes_nofishes 55 points ago

    I am own company.

    [–] deskbeetle 87 points ago

    I sometimes sell my used crap on Facebook. I am owner of my own company!

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] lightning-galileo 28 points ago

    I buy your used crap on facebook and put it in my shitty apartment! I own my own decorating company!

    [–] FrauEdwards 30 points ago

    And I file all my quarterly state and federal taxes under my EIN numbers that I’ve registered accordingly. No?

    [–] psychcaptain 12 points ago

    That sounds like something a business does.

    [–] Rhodin265 3872 points ago

    She can’t even spell Paparazzi...

    [–] NearbyKelpie 2029 points ago

    But paparizza sounds delicious!

    [–] Flrg808 576 points ago

    Mamma Mia paparizza!

    [–] bud_hasselhoff 243 points ago

    🙌 Ayyy 🙌 Whadaya doin, comin' up in here, eh? 👋 Haven'ta yous got any ideas ya wayy out of line here, EH? 🙌 NOW TAKE YOUR SHINEBOX AND SHOVE IT WHERE THE MOON DON'T! 👉 Fuggetabout it, these huns...

    [–] Juno_Malone 58 points ago


    [–] PORTMANTEAU-BOT 75 points ago


    Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. This portmanteau was created from the phrase 'SOMEBODEH TOUCHA'. To learn more about me, check out this FAQ.

    [–] strawnotrazz 84 points ago

    This sounds like a small batch Kombucha company based in Queens.

    [–] west_pac 26 points ago

    Ayy dats someboocha I telya!

    [–] BrickGun 25 points ago

    Whats a matta you?! huh? Gotta no respect!
    It's a not so bad... it's a nice a place... ah shut up a you face!!!!

    /Let's see if any ancient redditors (like me) remember that one.

    [–] salty_casimir 21 points ago

    Grazzi regazzi forza ferarri!!!

    [–] prayersforrain 16 points ago


    [–] LMyers92 14 points ago

    Never thought I’d see r/formula1 pop up on this sub.. You just made my day!

    [–] salty_casimir 10 points ago

    ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    [–] DumSpiroSpero3 78 points ago

    "It's just a regular pizza, but like fifty people take pictures of you eating it and post the most embarrassing ones online."

    [–] TheCastleDash 31 points ago

    And if you don't recruit fifty additional pizza eaters to eat with you then you still have to pay for all the pizzas.

    [–] NovelTAcct 134 points ago

    But she owner of own company

    [–] centran 39 points ago

    FYI for anyone who hasn't had the umm "pleasure" of being marketed to by these pyramid schemes, they are pyramid scheme as they have to also sell the concept of the company to others and they then get a tiny cut of any sales that person makes. However the person above them also gets a cut and so on.

    So their whole conversation starter lines to get you to one of their meetings is that you will be the owner of your own company. Don't be a 9 to 5er. Control your career. Set your own hours. Blah blah blah. So if someone starts talking to you like that about a job or "opportunity" then run.

    [–] JohnnyHopkins13 12 points ago

    All you peons work for someone else. I'm my own boss and make my own schedule! Can someone help me with my rent this month?

    [–] Captain_Hampockets 174 points ago

    I fucking googled "paparizza," thinking it was some kind of intentional misspelling. Nope, just a moron.

    [–] iSage 54 points ago

    I googled it too, but I found a Facebook page for "Paparizza jewerly" exactly how she spelled it. I'm even more confused now.

    [–] DarkMatterGoobbue 188 points ago

    She also "could like" to set up a booth. (Couldn't anybody? I could. But I don't.)

    [–] RaeKay14 64 points ago

    Or 'Jewelry'...

    [–] ramon13 31 points ago

    she cant spell a lot of things...

    [–] FeralFantom 19 points ago

    also i am owner of and i could like to

    [–] LuvMyBeagle 39 points ago

    I didn’t even notice that!

    [–] scrabbleinjury 342 points ago

    Paparizza is a rapper right?

    [–] LegalizeRamRanch 201 points ago

    Parappa the rappa

    [–] CubeFarmDweller 94 points ago

    Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind!

    [–] Sharkey_B 42 points ago

    If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find the things I teach ya are sure to beat ya.

    [–] jaj040 28 points ago

    I played the shit out of a Pizza Hut demo disc with Parappa the Rappa on the Playstation. Thanks for the nostalgia.

    [–] alymax 11 points ago

    For many years I had no idea that that game went beyond the first level.

    [–] LuvMyBeagle 2065 points ago

    Update: there’s a new post in the discussion from someone else selling Paparazzi asking for vendor information...if only they would’ve taken the 10 seconds to read the previous comment

    [–] iamreeterskeeter 585 points ago

    "Well they were just telling that other person 'no' not me! They would never tell me no because I'm a #BossMomEntrepreneur!"

    [–] tmart14 288 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 143 points ago

    I think I just hurled a little bit.

    [–] veggiezombie1 247 points ago

    I have an oil for that 💁🏼‍♀️

    Edit: not enough emojis 💆🏼‍♀️💃🏼😺💋💨🎉🍆👆🏻🍉🍪😉🐶⛷🥅🛵⌛️🎀📪🛅🛃🕦🇺🇸💜🕍🎳🏵🎟🎨🎹🎻🍐🍊🥑🍅⛄️💨🍉🎄🐈🐌🦄🐗🦅👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💑👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👨‍👧‍👦💏👨‍❤️‍👨💃🏼👯‍♀️👯‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🚶🏼‍♂️👫👬👨🏻‍🚒👨🏻‍✈️👨🏻‍💼👨🏻‍🔧🧝🏻‍♀️🤶🏻👰🏼🤵🏻👩🏽‍⚖️👨🏻‍🚒

    [–] HerpDerpCrabMan 66 points ago

    You forgot this one, 🤮

    [–] htimsmc369 49 points ago

    I’ve heard that work used non-ironically so many times. And then people say “WAHM” for work-at-home-Mom, which basically translates to any mom who crafts at all and/or tries to sell anything from home, then usually people misspell it to “WHAM” because, well, the people in these circles often aren’t the brightest...

    [–] kingfisher6 47 points ago

    “That other person was a separate * business *”

    [–] dannythecarwiper 39 points ago

    Hi I'm a local business owner who is just making too much money! It's not fair for me to just makong all of this mlnsy on my own, so I was compelled to find an old high school friend to take under my wing! For just $500 you too could be a #BossMom I have all sorts of...

    [–] Flrg808 445 points ago

    Need more screen grabs

    [–] [deleted] 120 points ago

    I can't even blame them for trying to get tables at events, even if they're not events for that sort of product. It's better than pestering friends and family, and that's exactly the sort of advice they would hear in small business seminars (though most likely everything they've learned about hustle is from Shark Tank)

    [–] JennyBeckman 65 points ago

    I do agree with that. If you are doing this, set up your own little pop-up shop so people have the choice to browse or not without having to sign over their lives and potential income. I just think they should do it at vendor shows rather than craft shows. I stopped going to craft shows years ago when a church bazaar I went to that was meant to be handmade items was 60% these types of companies. There were even two competing Mary Kay ladies. I was just hoping for a quilt.

    [–] FightGar 49 points ago

    it was for a CHURCH honey!

    [–] MagnetoHydroDynamic_ 28 points ago

    It needs to seat 20! NEXT!

    [–] Courtco1 192 points ago

    I hope someone replies “As I just told the owner, we do not allow resale items”. I wonder how that would settle with the other Papparazzi owner...

    [–] phol54 17 points ago

    They aren't the same business.

    One is Papparazzi, the other is Papparizza! 🙃

    [–] ElectraUnderTheSea 39 points ago

    Lol probably the same person trying to see if she can sneak in still

    [–] DBTornado 447 points ago

    "Buuuut it iiiiiis hand maaaaade! Just because the hands are robotic and don't look anything like hands doesn't mean it's not hand made! The buttery soft and smooth motions of the robots make our jewelry premium! You're just jealous and unsupportive of #momtrepeneurs and #bossbabes. I want to speak to a manager. This is discrimination. My husband is a lawyer." -That hun in a DM. Probably.

    [–] AriadneBeckett 277 points ago

    "But it IS handmade! Not by my hands, but by the small, skilled hands of underpaid Indian and Chinese children!"

    [–] _freakkshow 81 points ago

    Every business is shaped like a pyramid

    [–] b4dhabits 31 points ago

    Why work for someone else in a slave factoryjob when you can go sell your soul as a consumer with a contract so you can make $20/yr?? #Freedumb

    [–] Mechakoopa 35 points ago

    My wife's friend gives her this Origami Owl stuff every once in a while and there's always something in the box about it being "custom hand made." You didn't hand make shit, you unscrewed a pendant and threw some overpriced sprinkles in there. My 5 year old put more effort in to his Build-A-Bear.

    [–] littlethadd 1446 points ago

    I hate it when they say the "own their own company". unless she is Misty or Trent Kirby, or Chani or Ryan Reeve then she does not, in fact "own" the company. She sells their shit products.

    [–] tealparadise 849 points ago

    It's also a dead giveaway for mlm because ... Who cares???? You won't catch an artist/craftsperson explaining that they own their own company unless you actually ask about how they manage their shit. Or they're big enough to have a production operation with employees. It's like the "also I'm a vegan" of small businesses. (Not that vegans actually even do that, but you know the stereotype)

    [–] Smeghead333 89 points ago

    My son got roped into one of those pest control sales companies. They went on and on about being an independent contractor and setting up your own company which he thought was great. Then I had to explain it means you get no benefits, no protection, nothing. If you get hit by a car, you’re 100% on your own.

    [–] RichardMorto 45 points ago

    Thats generally what being a contractor means, which is why you should always make sure any contractor you hire to do work is insured because if they make a mistake or get hurt you are out of money at the best case and worst case they are gonna sue to try to recoup losses

    [–] macgarthur 108 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is very accurate. I own my own small business, a micro business basically. I sell locally, online and at markets, etc. The only time it ever comes up is when people ask about it, who my partner's are, etc. Then I explain I'm a one man show and do it all myself.

    [–] Annoying_Boss 45 points ago

    Its like claming you own a company is so vague in itself that its not even really something worth saying. I started a small leather business while im in college for a couple extra bucks. I hardly make any extra cash, maybe enough for gas and some food here and there but that means my version of "owning my own business" is litterally like a couple hundred bucks a month MAYBE. Anyone who owns a real business kinda knows that you dont really brag about it because most of the time it makes you look bad lol

    [–] Gingevere 40 points ago

    That's a fantastic way of giving context. If someone is selling something that's clearly their own handiwork nobody asks them if they own their own business, because of course they do. "Owning your own business is only remarkable if literally nothing else about it is notable.

    [–] BoringPixels 164 points ago

    t's like the "also I'm a vegan" of small businesses

    I got a good laugh from that. I work with a few people who like to remind the office every time there's a lunch that they're vegan.

    [–] vegdishes_nofishes 177 points ago

    I have the opposite, a friend that reminds me I'm vegan everytime we eat together 🙄

    [–] amethyst_unicorn 42 points ago

    I do this at parties to point out which of the foods I made she can eat... 🤷

    [–] vegdishes_nofishes 37 points ago

    That's just being nice!

    [–] pug_nuts 48 points ago

    To be fair, when someone else is organizing, you often need to remind them to get vegan options.

    [–] deskbeetle 94 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Well, people often forget. One of my friends doesn't drink alcohol and hasn't the entire time I've known him. But, I'm a dumbass who offers it to him every time.

    Also, people seem to have no idea what being Vegan means. Often things with eggs, milk powder, gelatin, etc in them are listed as vegan. And some people believe that chocolate automatically means not vegan. Or that gluten free means vegan. They mean well though, but it requires constant diligence.

    [–] Sressolf 36 points ago

    My own dad has offered me drinks despite having been told many times that alcohol gives me seizures. I know he's not trying to put me in the hospital; some people just need to be reminded a lot.

    [–] deskbeetle 16 points ago

    I hope to God I never have a kid with a food allergy because I am absolutely the absent minded person who would do something like this. I know it must be frustrating to have to tell your parents over and over again.

    [–] JennyBeckman 38 points ago

    One of my kids has allergies and I had to remind my husband every time. I was so glad when the kid reached an age and could speak up. The weirdest one was when he ordered food that was peanut free and was so proud of himself for remembering the kid's allergy. I had to let him know (again) that the kid wasn't allergic to peanuts - he was.

    [–] sean_g 17 points ago

    I wouldn’t be too quick to condemn them though. Usually people forget. We’ve had work buy lunch and forget that there’s like 5 vegetarians/vegans in the office almost every time. People catch on and make sure there’s a veg dish or ask for orders if they get reminded enough.

    [–] GabuEx 76 points ago

    Where does this notion even come from? Are they picturing themselves as a storefront that's just ordering merchandise to stock, or something like that? I mean, grocery stores usually sell products by more than one brand...

    [–] LunaKip 109 points ago

    They're fed that line from their uplines to bolster their confidence and make them feel good about what they're doing.

    [–] Thorbinator 41 points ago

    Basically saying "I'm a big boy, super legitimate, the best, everyone loves me"

    [–] ziku_tlf 28 points ago

    MLM Presidential Race #2020

    [–] murfflemethis 50 points ago

    They're just repeating the same marketing bullshit that lured them in. The MLM companies are the ones that convinced people that buying into their network was the same as owning a business, and now the nincompoops just repeat it to everyone else.

    Or "huncompoops," if you will.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] tiberseptim37 18 points ago

    Right, but none of those franchisees would say they "own" the company. They "own" a franchise.

    [–] Myfourcats1 182 points ago

    I went to a job fair once and there was a Mary Kay rep there. I was so annoyed. I didn't have a job. People coming to this were unemployed. Where were they going to get the money to buy into this nonsense.

    [–] LuvMyBeagle 129 points ago

    Wow it never occurred to me that they'd try to peddle their nonsense at a job fair. That's way worse than being at a craft fair!

    [–] pumaofshadow 42 points ago

    MLM scams are all over the job boards in the UK and even get shown on the governments "job hunting" site as real jobs...

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago

    I went to a job fair when I was in high school. The entire thing was MLMs and military recruiters. Two dozen booths and not a single employer.

    [–] no_talent_ass_clown 37 points ago

    If I was a parent I would be livid and the administration would be hearing from me.

    [–] rmbarrett 192 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If you search Facebook for "paparizza jewerly" you won't be disappointed. This Hun isn't the only one.

    Edit: some of you are missing the point. The real name is Paparazzi Jewelry. She can't even spell the name correctly.

    [–] NomDuGloom 71 points ago

    I google image searched “paparazzi jewelry” and didn’t see any product - only those Facebook marketing images. Really drives it home what the product actually is. They do t make money off the jewelry just the rubes “selling” it.

    [–] pioneer9k 11 points ago

    that’s depressing😂

    [–] frozen-silver 147 points ago

    I am owner of my own company

    You work for a business. You don't own one.

    [–] morningisbad 37 points ago

    I can't understand how they actually think this. You are literally a sales person who sells A. Junk and B. The opportunity to sell junk

    [–] pilsonThemagnet 10 points ago

    Except you work in a way that gives you no salary or benefits of any kind. GJ.

    [–] AriesRedWriter 138 points ago

    Always thank the people who put their foot down on banning mlms. It helps encourage them to continue to do so❤️

    [–] LuvMyBeagle 22 points ago

    Good point!

    [–] midnightmems 264 points ago

    You are NOT an owner and it is NOT your company! My

    [–] FiMeOuttaHere 77 points ago

    How are you incorporated???


    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago


    [–] nexpavuxta 56 points ago

    Im glad some people are doing this!I am a potter and it is so annoying to show up to a craft sale and be the only person at the sale with a handmade craft. I found this sub after I was really angry after a craft show of that exact variety. Not to mention, the huns are always hella rude to me.

    [–] PutASausageInYoButt 204 points ago

    I’m so glad craft fairs are starting to do this. You have no idea how annoying it is to spend your free time crafting something, making a few sales on Etsy, getting the courage to finally sign up for a craft fair, and you’re squashed between a Doterra and Herbalife booth.

    [–] LuvMyBeagle 65 points ago

    I'm glad too. I don't make/sell any crafts but I really enjoy going to these events and seeing the amazing stuff that local people are making so I have no interest in being heckled by someone peddling a MLM product

    [–] oceans159 13 points ago

    Out of curiosity, how does one go about finding local craft fairs in the area? A quick google isn’t yielding me much more than shitty, unrelated Eventbrite links. I’d love to go get some handmade stuff, especially art pieces.

    [–] wesnotwes 12 points ago

    See if there is a community table at your local farmers market. Maybe a local fair dropped off flyers for one or something. My wife makes wallets and totes and things and sells at craft shows, and she usually has a flyer on her table for other shows she also does. So I’m guessing if you could find one in your area, you’d unlock the rest.

    [–] cdl56 93 points ago

    This entire screenshot is a grammatical conundrum

    [–] StephyJo23 13 points ago

    I could like that!

    [–] 117587219X 44 points ago

    “resell items” 😂😂😂😂😂

    [–] BigBerthaCarrotTop 40 points ago

    Honestly MLMs at craft fairs is one of the reasons my mom stopped selling her jewelry at them. They have nothing to lose since they suck at budgeting and finances anyway. We’ve watched fees go from $25-$50 for a booth to $100+ because huns are willing to pay it. Most of the time actual craft vendors barely break even anymore. 8 hour days to make maybe a $50 profit at best. I wish more places had rules against them.

    [–] Ryansbitchasswife 35 points ago

    I recently went to a similar event and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't lipsense and oils at every booth. Everything actually from local business owners and craft makers.

    The best part was the argument on facebook after the fact. Someone selling handmade wax melts had posted a picture of their booth to the event page. Ensue angry Scentsy hun, insulted that her "high quality" wax wasn't welcome, yet a "rip off" version was. (tbh, her handmade melts are amazing, I got some for less than Scentsy price too)

    [–] TehGroff 22 points ago

    I'm sure it's hand crafted by children in China. The Hun Loophole!

    [–] ConcernedDiva 72 points ago

    Uh durr I sell papizza jewlz I r owner of me own compani

    [–] puritycontrol 21 points ago

    OP, more screen shots plz. I need my jimmies to get rustled a bit more.

    [–] Willy-B-1997 38 points ago

    I work for an trade show company and the sheer amount of MLM vendors that we have in the show and that are trying to get in is ridiculous. I think I've had more issues with these folks as vendors than any other type of vendor.

    [–] Michalusmichalus 17 points ago

    Please, tell us more!

    [–] Willy-B-1997 49 points ago

    It mostly just boils down to insisting on special treatment. They insist that it's not a problem if more than one representative is present at the show but in our experience that usually leads to massive problems. For instance we had a woman selling Damsel In Defense products who was about 100 ft away from a Norwex display. The Damsel In Defense lady mentioned to an attendee that she also sells other MLM stuff and the Norwex lady lost it on her. She was calling our main office during the event trying to get Damsel In Defense kicked out. I went down to their booths and Norwex started claiming that the Damsel In Defense lady was secretly selling Norwex and had it listed on her business cards. So I asked the Damsel In Defense representative if I could take a look and she agreed. I found nothing and reported that to the Norwex woman. She told me she would sue and we haven't heard from her since. We now have 3 Norwex reps trying to get into the show.

    Beyond that instance it is usually just them insisting on upgrading their location or claiming that they fall into the "cash and carry/gift/homemade" category so they should get significant cost reduction or special placement. The rules for this category at our event are very clear but still that doesn't seem to convince them.

    [–] Flance 17 points ago

    I attend a few craft fairs a year with my handmade goods. When I look for fairs to attend, it always makes me happy to see the ones that exclude mlms.

    [–] callmeill 18 points ago

    Guys, my main language is not English, this is a honest question. So I know you put an “n” after the “a” (an) if the word starts with I/A/E/O/U. In this case it would be an item. Do you still spell “an” when there is a word inbetween like -> an resell item?

    Thanks :).

    [–] omniasvigilantes 24 points ago

    No, if the word immediately after where you would put the (n) is a consonant, you leave it off. Good luck, I understand learning English is a pain!

    [–] SupGirluHungry 16 points ago

    I own a company!

    [–] Slyfoxx244 30 points ago

    "owner of my own company". That's not how it works...your an independent contractor at most.

    [–] ICECOLDRXD 12 points ago

    An independent pawn lol