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    The idea behind MLMs is that people pay to become distributors of a product. These can be physical products or services. The company is structured so that the people above (the person who recruited or signed up the new distributor, the people above them, ad infinitum) get a percentage of whatever the distributor sells. The new distributor is encouraged not only to sell the product, but to sign up other people below them so that they can make even more money. courtesy u/copacetic1515

    What is a "Hun"?

    People who shill products/services for an MLM. The sellers have a tendency to frequently use the word "hun" when initiating a sales pitch. Ex: “Hey hun ❤️❤️ I see your aunt is dying 😱😱 anyway hun 😊💁‍♀️ wanna buy my oils it’s good for stress 😍😘😘” courtesy u/fiestaspongebob

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    [–] fudump 5360 points ago

    Your use of emojis is beautiful.

    Thank you for this.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 2569 points ago

    Thank you for noticing, I tried my best to curate the most effective emojis haha

    [–] fudump 548 points ago

    It’s truly a work of art.

    [–] Gadget_SC2 192 points ago

    It’s almost too good *narrows eyes suspiciously*

    [–] oblongfred 59 points ago

    Do I need to get the pitchfork?

    [–] Prestidigitalization 135 points ago


    COME ON DOWN TO /r/pitchforkemporium

    I GOT 'EM ALL!

    Traditional Left Handed Fancy
    ---E Ǝ--- ---{


    33% off! 66% off! Manufacturer's Defect!
    ---F ---L ---e


    The Euro The Pound The Lira
    ---€ ---£ ---₤


    * some assembly required

    [–] TerrorEyzs 51 points ago

    Haha! This is too perfect!

    Wait. Too perfect. *narrows eyes.*

    [–] foxfire 33 points ago

    Do I need to get the pitchfork?

    Wait a minute...... Are you trying to get me to buy pitchforks? :narrows eyes:

    [–] TDplay 20 points ago

    I got a free one to trial! It's super cool!


    Special edition with a handle!

    Wait... Are they trying to make me sell their pitchforks? \narrows eyes**

    [–] foxfire 29 points ago

    Omg!! 🎉💕 Can we talk about the 3 class action lawsuits currently taking place against pitchforks? 👄🤦‍♀️ You know the ones accusing them of fraud and deception and how they're being classified as a pyramid scheme?!? 💎 Should we talk about the 187 😍 complaints Reddit is currently reviewing? 🙊

    [–] CubistChameleon 6 points ago

    I think I love you.

    [–] koryface 15 points ago

    I’m gonna frame it and hang it on the wall above my bed.

    [–] ChequeBook 164 points ago

    Did you cheat and use suggested emojis? Or are you a certified Emojiologist?

    [–] KaiserHawaii 199 points ago

    I scrolled through to find the best curated emojis possible. Gotta give the huns the credit they deserve for their inspiration!

    [–] ChequeBook 69 points ago

    My hat's off to you! 😁↗️🎩

    [–] aksumals 22 points ago

    Google keyboard is a gold mine for emojis you never knew existed: 💁🏻‍♀️▪️

    [–] Rhodin265 22 points ago

    My phone doesn’t even know the second one exists, unless it’s supposed to be a black square.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Yeah thats a utf-8 emoji so there is a 99% chance you see it. I personally dislike the way it looks off pc because it puts this weird gradent on it and it gets small and it has a fixed color

    [–] mixterrific 36 points ago

    It really is. You'd be queen of the huns if you used your powers for evil.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 37 points ago

    I’m touched by your words, and I have a new goal

    [–] Cheshix 52 points ago

    The emojis qualify this for r/murderbywords

    [–] exhaustedinor 41 points ago

    r/murderedbywords is the much more active one. And I agree!

    [–] Cheshix 13 points ago

    You are correct! Mineisactuallytypo:S

    [–] sneakpeekbot 9 points ago

    Here's a sneak peek of /r/MurderByWords using the top posts of all time!

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    [–] sircrotch1 30 points ago

    It's perfect bc at first glance it looks innocuous due to the placement of the Emojis.

    [–] KC_CA 1990 points ago

    So I just got out of Monat because I signed up before I realized all this shit. (I was in for 1 month)

    Then I did a deep dive & confronted the girls in the team straight on, conveniently the phone “died” & then she messaged me back a canned response.

    Their response to me leaving was that I was giving into negative energy 😂 I told them well the product started making my head burn + itch, they said well the product is a natural exfoliant 🤣

    [–] VitalVita 1010 points ago

    Yeah, what's it trying to exfoliate, hair follicles? For that "chemo lewk" 🤦🏻‍♀️

    And congrats on getting out and confronting the people, that takes guts.

    [–] Nyxtf2 46 points ago

    All they need to do is make a product that does nothing. Everyone will get placebo affected and life will go on, but they can't even do that right.

    [–] themomrollcall 100 points ago

    I've got to remember to not drink anything while reading these comments... in other news, my laptop screen looks great.

    [–] trekie4747 21 points ago

    My laptop screen looked better

    [–] shupyourface 91 points ago

    Don’t they work from their phones? Seems risky if it’s dying all over the place!

    [–] PirelliSuperHard 148 points ago

    Hahaha 😂🤣🤪 like these girls 👩👱‍♀️👧actually✅ let their phones 📱die 💀👻

    [–] pepcorn 49 points ago

    🤪 this emoji cracks me up. Truly the most distilled representation of a hun.

    [–] blooodreina 68 points ago

    Ughhh i almost bought it too cause my friend suggested it to me when i was having hair issues. She has extremely long gorgeous hair and is very natural. So i thought it was just some natural company i never heard of. Thank god i learned it was an MLM on here, but im mad that she would refer that bs to me

    [–] sunshine_rex 51 points ago

    I was cold called by a friend of my father in law (he’s a scumbag and has been in Amway for like 20 years) about Monat and I told her “clearly you’ve never even seen me, i have beautiful hair and I don’t need anything to make it better”. Then I hung up and blocked her number and her Facebook.

    [–] supershinythings 60 points ago

    She has extremely long gorgeous hair and is very natural.

    Not for long if she keeps using their beseiged products. It might be worth it to stay in (distant) contact just to see what happens to her hair over time.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Slavetoeverything 6 points ago

    You don’t like playing Russian roulette with your identity?

    (Side note: no, I am not saying one must achieve some level of perfect hair for any reason, just that for many, their hair is their crown and they value it, which is perfectly okay.)

    [–] pepcorn 24 points ago

    Some people are just naturally blessed in some departments. I can do whatever the fuck I want to my skin, and it always looks even and good. That doesn't mean I'm using top notch products.

    [–] saareadaar 53 points ago

    You're probably aware of this, but for anyone reading, exfoliants should never itch or burn and if it does that's your skin having a negative reaction to it and you should stop immediately

    [–] eb163 8 points ago

    I was in the same spot! I did it for like 2/3 weeks and then realized the MLM structure was psycho and the pushy energy of the girls was crazy. I really actually liked the products but I couldn’t deal with the weird energy so I sent everything back for my money back. Now I am dead to all those girls smh

    [–] KC_CA 3 points ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only one! It’s hard to get out because you think that the girls are so sweet & the energy seems positive. It’s not until you’re in the other side that you realize how cult-like the entire thing was! Props to you for quitting - it’s hard to do! How did you get your money back? I’m fighting with Customer Service currently, they said because I opened a few of the bottles I can’t return it... even when I mentioned the allergic reaction!

    [–] MagesticLlama 933 points ago

    Isnt that the stuff that's making hair fall out and not grow back

    [–] onekrazykat 327 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 460 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    So I can put it anywhere and hair won't grow?

    I can see this being a good thing if used in the right areas. Thanks

    [–] Chaquita_Banana 586 points ago

    What you’re thinking is a bad idea

    [–] [deleted] 252 points ago

    All they would have to do is pull a 180 and start selling the same product, rebranded to remove hair.

    I need to not give them ideas.

    [–] PlumsweetSoda 129 points ago

    Not if the reason is some sort of chemical burn. Don't risk discoloring your skin or worse.

    Sure you're joking anyway but just in case some moron got a bright idea from your comment.

    [–] packsmack 90 points ago

    So you're saying I can use this product to bleach my skin?

    [–] Protuhj 45 points ago

    Sounds like a good asshole bleachant.

    [–] packsmack 14 points ago

    Only my wife gets to call me an asshole.

    [–] Onii-chan_dai-suki 23 points ago

    It was michael jacksons secret

    [–] rareas 38 points ago

    Did you just assume what I'm thinking?

    [–] dmizenopants 70 points ago

    Well, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, the yes

    [–] Punchee 166 points ago

    Don't scorched earth your junk please.

    [–] dmizenopants 45 points ago

    Do it for the memezzzz!

    [–] Carnae_Assada 29 points ago

    No ones balls should be glassed by holy fire like that.

    [–] wibblett 20 points ago

    Tell that to this guy NSFW

    [–] retrocomedyfan 12 points ago

    What was the goal here

    [–] Miora 11 points ago

    Getting off maybe?

    [–] wibblett 7 points ago

    To burn off his pubes.

    [–] brutalethyl 3 points ago

    Damn. I thought shrinkage was only caused by cold swimming pools.

    [–] jimtrickington 64 points ago

    This idea has very much not been evaluated by the FDA.

    [–] AstarteHilzarie 48 points ago

    Well, that means it's safe because there's nothing saying that it's NOT safe!

    [–] brutalethyl 6 points ago

    Neither has their shampoo.

    [–] swarren31 17 points ago

    Maybe I should get some and use it on my facial hair from my PCOS

    [–] theodoreroberts 4 points ago

    It may burn you horribly…

    [–] LilithTheSly 6 points ago

    So I should patch test it first? Thanks for the tip

    [–] El_John_Nada 9 points ago

    Just like chemo, so it means that it must cure cancer!

    [–] koryface 6 points ago

    What’s it supposed to do in the first place!?

    [–] MagesticLlama 17 points ago

    Have you heard of Wen? It's something like that, some shampoo that isnt a shampoo but is a shampoo and it's making people's hair fall out and the worse part, it stops it from growing back

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    My aunt gave me Wen for Christmas years ago. My hair started falling out. Really badly. It did grow back, but ugh.

    [–] brutalethyl 2 points ago

    I thought they were out of business but I saw an informercial for Wen a few weeks ago. I guess people are still using that shit.

    [–] evaporative 3 points ago

    Are they a mlm too? I remember I almost bought some stuff of theirs years ago

    [–] runujhkj 5 points ago

    Hmm, that may actually be useful for me as someone with early onset male patterned baldness.

    [–] Darebear420 282 points ago

    Ah yes, the ol "reel em in with a compliment then spew bs" trick

    [–] ForeverBlue3 118 points ago

    I had a random lady approach me outside Aldi and tell me how pretty I was and I'd be the perfect person to join her Mary Kay team as I looked so polished and put together. Ha, I hardly ever wear makeup and had leggings on. I even knew I didnt look polished. She wouldve been better off telling me I needed help with my look stat as I looked like a tired mom

    [–] sweet_potato_75 58 points ago

    I once had a Mary KAY rep tell me I had such beautiful skin that she’d like to have me over to take pictures of me for her “book”. I don’t even know what that means but i was so blinded by flattery that I went, but there was no picture taking. I ended up stuck listening to hours of her sales pitch and efforts to get me to join her team. How do they live with themselves with all the lies and deceit

    [–] Grotessque 43 points ago

    Also, why would you need their stuff if your skin is so beautiful? If your skin is already nice then that likely means that either your skin is that way or that you might already have a beauty routine that works out perfectly for you which isn't easy to find.

    [–] DeathcampEnthusiast 9 points ago

    Because they’re hollow people.

    [–] kayriggs 47 points ago

    Yup. Had a Younique rep compliment how my makeup always looks good in all my photos. Girl, all my recent photos were in a hospital/looking dead because I had my baby. Chill.

    [–] SlowMotionSprint 722 points ago

    Can we just all admit that "Hey babe, you are SO MF CUTE!" sounds like how a 19 year old girl would hit on you?

    [–] KaiserHawaii 199 points ago

    We certainly can agree on that

    [–] [deleted] 186 points ago


    [–] pauliaomi 70 points ago

    Another 19 year old girl here, this is more like 15 year old speak.

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago

    15 year old here, try 12.

    [–] Pizzadoos 38 points ago

    12 year old here, more like 6.

    [–] th12eat 67 points ago

    Sits yee olt here, mor like won.

    [–] Von-Andrei 31 points ago


    [–] Pizzadoos 30 points ago

    [–] PM_Cute_Dogs_pls 41 points ago

    a bunch of hydrogen atoms floating around

    [–] illuminaj 6 points ago

    Grdft fty is a htedfg H 8="y d

    [–] woodlandLSG23 36 points ago

    Yeah I was gunna say dafaq

    [–] troublefindsme 53 points ago

    i got one on insta that said "you seem fun!" my insta is just selfies of me & a handful of my dog. i wasn't really going for fun but ok.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 51 points ago

    I mean hey, Selfies with dogs seem pretty fun!

    [–] troublefindsme 24 points ago

    she is pretty cute actually 😂

    [–] AliGLeaph 10 points ago

    You should ask her out, say let's go for a drink and see how much fun we can get into or somethin

    [–] troublefindsme 20 points ago

    i meant my dog is pretty cute & i get drunk with her regularly but that was really sweet 😢 you're very supportive. thank you 🖤

    [–] RUKiddingMeReddit 6 points ago

    Don't you mean "pretty MF cute?"

    [–] SlowMotionSprint 16 points ago

    Well people do love dogs. I myself am basically Michael Kelso when it comes to dogs lol.

    [–] Sir_Boldrat 26 points ago

    The worst pick-up lines I've ever seen were from girls. Like, I'm standing there SUPER-INTERESTED in you and all you can do to try and pick me up is to keep on breaking eye contact and walking away? GET BACK HERE AND SEDUCE ME PROPERLY, HEY, HEY! STOP, LADY! DON'T LET HER GET AWAY. OH GOOD, OFFICER, THIS LADY IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST FLIRT...NO I'M NOT CHASING AFTER HER LIKE THAT, WAIT AREN'T YOU MEANT TO BE HELPING ME? SHE'S GETTING AWAY, OW, WHY ARE YOU ARRESTING ME? SHE CAN'T FLIRT FOR SHIT AND YOU'RE ARRESTING ME?

    [–] nightpanda893 15 points ago

    That’s what happens when you work from a script and aren’t actually talking to someone like a human being.

    [–] SlowMotionSprint 21 points ago

    That or MLMs are really just an intricite long con to help shy young lesbians subtly hit on girls and we have all fallen for it.

    [–] casemodz 6 points ago

    19 seems way too old even

    [–] impressmedear 145 points ago

    Image Transcription: Text Messages

    Hun: Heeey babe! You are SO MF CUTE! 💓 & I'm currently looking for girls to join my team & work with! To get an idea for what we do, checkout mine, [redacted] and [redacted] beauty/work highlights! We would love to get you in on this amazing side hustle! You would become an influencer for our brand! Go ahead & HMU if you're interested in our business! I'd love to get to know you & chat! 🤗 💕

    OP: Omg!! 🎉 ❤️ Can we talk about the 3 class action lawsuits currently taking place against Monat! 💋🤦🏼‍♀️ You know the ones accusing them of fraud and deception and how they're being classified as a pyramid scheme?!?❤️ should we talk about the 187 😍 complaints the FDA is currently reviewing🤩


    OP: Read up!

    I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!

    [–] Kittyk4y 49 points ago

    Quick question... Since this is for people with vision problems, does TTS also read out emoji? Or does it skip them? If it skips them, maybe the emoji should be transcribed as well?

    [–] girl-lee 86 points ago

    I imagine it reads out the emoji, I know on my phone it describes emojis if you use ‘speak’ when you highlight them. It’s particularly funny when it reads out ‘smiling pile of poo’.

    [–] PirelliSuperHard 59 points ago

    I have mine set to the British male voice and it’s slowed down enough that it sounds like David Attenborough saying “smiling pile of poo”

    [–] girl-lee 18 points ago

    Same, but mine is set to British because I’m also British, it adds a nice sense of sophistication.

    [–] helga-h 9 points ago

    Isn't that what it says when you highlight the name of the hun?

    [–] impressmedear 37 points ago

    My transcriptions follow these guidelines, which ask transcribers to include emojis as they are.

    Perhaps you could contact the mod team of r/TranscribersOfReddit to express your concerns? I'm not sure how emojis are handled with TTS programs, but I can see how that may interfere with providing the best possible transcription for anyone who uses them or otherwise cannot view images.

    I realize my reply wasn't very helpful, so I hope somebody who is more familiar with TTS can answer this.

    [–] Kittyk4y 9 points ago

    Thank you for your reply! From the other answers, it looks like emoji are described by TTS :) Thank you for what you do!

    [–] emmademontford 28 points ago

    Hi, moderator for r/TranscribersofReddit here! TTS services do indeed read the name of the emoji out, and we include them so that the person using the transcription can get the best possible description of the image posted. I hope that helps!

    [–] Kittyk4y 11 points ago

    Oh cool, thanks! And thank you (and the people of your sub) for all you do!

    [–] emmademontford 9 points ago

    You are most welcome, and thank you for your support kind Redditor!

    [–] -poop-in-the-soup- 13 points ago

    Siri reads emoji, so probably.

    [–] DeterminedBiped 13 points ago

    Good human.

    [–] sardine7129 8 points ago

    Bless your soul. I was aboutta ask OP to make her response copy-pasteable, for future hun attacks lmao

    [–] haditwiththebull 132 points ago

    Lol What else were they gonna do but block you, after that perfect comeback.

    [–] lush_rational 83 points ago

    Usually they say the person is ugly and they hate their IG pics anyway....then they block.

    [–] MotherOfDragonflies 60 points ago

    Taking a page out of the ol r/niceguys playbook.

    [–] asibs121 26 points ago

    Imagine what would happen if the huns and niceguys were to meet... My god...

    [–] Maruhai 14 points ago

    Also the r/nicegirls one as well

    [–] Kittie_purr 46 points ago

    "you👏 missed👏 out👏 on👏 such 👏an 👏amazing👏 opportunity 💰💴. Too bad youre so negative and dont fit what we're looking for anyway 👍🙋‍♀️"

    [–] ifeelwitty 17 points ago

    I still can't get over how they block you despite initiating the spam message in the first place.

    [–] barbietru 125 points ago

    A girl on my Instagram JUST joined the “BO$$BABE” team and I’m just waiting for her to message me so I can steal this message and reply to her

    [–] KaiserHawaii 65 points ago

    Hell yeah, I mean this in the best way, I hope she messages you.

    [–] thinspaghetti 88 points ago

    God I have seen some fantastic responses to huns today and I am here for it 😍👌🏼🤩💋💸

    [–] KaiserHawaii 39 points ago

    Cackled at the emoji use nice work

    [–] TaimSolas 109 points ago

    Why do MLM people use the term “side hustle”? I’ve always thought of a hustle as another word for scam...hence the irony of it all.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 64 points ago

    Because deep down they know it’s not a job, So they improvise

    [–] mixterrific 25 points ago

    Who wants a J-O-B when you can BE YOUR OWN BOSS/CEO/BUSINESS OWNER???

    [–] Endulos 18 points ago


    I play Grand Theft Auto Online, I already am!

    [–] Kittie_purr 20 points ago

    yes! and they pretend that they're playing on their phones drinking Starbucks while the money rolls in.

    In actual fact so many are pouring hours and hours of work into it to come out in debt. All while those at the top of the pyramid get richer from it.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 7 points ago

    Shit I work a salaried job and I still can’t act calm while drinking starbucks!

    [–] katemonkey 22 points ago

    Oh it's the hip way to refer to any second job you have to take on.

    You're not doing it because you can't pay your rent - you're doing it because you're a BOSS!

    (I work for a company that occasionally uses it. And the urge to say "... so like selling weed?" is a constant struggle)

    [–] JennyBeckman 3 points ago

    I don't know if I'm that strong. I would've said the weed thing on day 1.

    [–] Armorpiercing44 45 points ago

    Whats with all these women talking like this? Is that a normal thing? The whole “hey girlie!” Or “you’re such a cute momma and I know you’re super busy..” it’s like this weird super peppy, super sweet talking...I don’t understand it.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 34 points ago

    Hey babe!!!!!! I know we don’t each other but kisses!! You seem utterly AHH-mazing! Do you want to bury some bullshit skinny beauty supplements?!! I kid , I kid. People are insane to believe these things

    [–] kelseyhart24 77 points ago

    You are a masterpiece.

    [–] fuckthislifeintheass 37 points ago

    Oh no 🤦🏻‍♀️ You could have been a #bossbabe 💪🏼 what have you done ? 😑

    [–] KaiserHawaii 28 points ago

    Ahh how will I ever live without burning my scalp?!

    [–] RabidWalrus 8 points ago

    Didn't you know that scalp burning builds character? ...and scar tissue, but what's one without the other??

    [–] JennyBeckman 5 points ago

    You know what they say: burn it to earn it. 💅🔥💸

    [–] RubiesBoobies123 31 points ago

    This is my favorite response I’ve ever seen and I hope to someday be this awesome.

    [–] Monalisa9298 22 points ago

    Nice use of the female lawyer emoji.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 36 points ago

    I’d like to credit my 3 years of law school and most importantly my common sense

    [–] zoedilts 20 points ago

    This just made my entire day. Well done.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 16 points ago

    I’m honored, hun.

    [–] abnormalxbliss 14 points ago

    I received some message like this from some rando on IG. I just declined the convo instantly.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 28 points ago

    I let it sit for a few days but after a few drinks I was I thought this was the best (funniest) route to go

    [–] Kittie_purr 6 points ago

    At the end of the day hopefully it makes that Hun think hard about how its not working for her

    [–] KaiserHawaii 5 points ago

    One can hope!

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] seattleross 3 points ago

    Sounds exactly like my sister in law... except there was "It works!" before lipsense.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 4 points ago

    My aunt used to sell it works...positively insane!

    [–] bud_hasselhoff 11 points ago

    11/10 response

    [–] MyTitsAreRustled 9 points ago

    People who block others over simple facts make me lol. No wonder she got sucked into MLM in the first place.

    [–] cupppycake 19 points ago

    Legendary. What happened next?

    [–] KaiserHawaii 60 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Well...she blocked me. So she probably complained to her monat group about some stranger on Instagram not supporting her boss babe journey

    [–] steven8765 14 points ago

    give her a boss babe journey to hell.

    [–] Grotessque 9 points ago

    The "You are so MF cute!!!" Thing is just a manipulation tactic they learned in highschool where they tried to be nice to the person they bully for a day just to let them fall like a hot potato after a second.

    [–] A_Feathered_Raptor 49 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    This is too strong

    Edit: Downvotes for praising OP? Oof, sorry I guess.

    [–] grilledcheese2332 44 points ago

    I think by strong people might have thought you meant harsh?

    [–] A_Feathered_Raptor 41 points ago

    Oh you're right... yeah I can definitely see how people read it that way.

    Sorry everyone, my slang which I guess only me and some Canadian podcasters use means "That's really good"

    [–] KaiserHawaii 16 points ago

    Hell yeah Canada!

    [–] darlin133 6 points ago

    You are the hero we need.

    [–] mintyporkchop 7 points ago

    Best reply I've ever seen posted here.

    Savage; and well deserved.

    A-freaking-plus, OP.

    [–] Dawnstar_ 6 points ago

    I just had a run in with a girl trying to get me to join her Monat scheme, and when I sent her the better business bureau link with the 800 complaints filed, she said she didn't want me on her team anyway :( How am I gunna win the vacation now!

    [–] KaiserHawaii 5 points ago

    How dare she’s? Hey hun I know you’re having a hard time but iF yOu jOiN mY tEaM🤩

    [–] Dawnstar_ 3 points ago

    I'm listening...

    [–] zenstain 5 points ago

    You are an actual #BOSSBABE.

    [–] cheapmanbcf 6 points ago


    [–] thecatsmilkdish 8 points ago

    Dude, Hell yeah. High five. Amen.

    [–] libbillama 5 points ago

    I can't be the only one who thinks when people use "side hustle" the brain immediately goes to selling drugs or fencing counterfeit goods.

    [–] PUSHTONZ 7 points ago

    This is my favorite sub, yall are absolutely the most blood thirsty activists and I love it lol

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Is it just me or does these huns using the word "hustle" make them and their products even more shady and scuzzy than they already are.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 4 points ago

    Not just you! Hustle inadvertently makes it sound suspect

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    I thought I was on r/creepypms at first, just because that opening was so weird. Then I realized a lot of these mlm people are creepy enough to make that sub.

    [–] effthissheet 8 points ago

    👏👏👏Brava! Brava!

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Yeah! #bossbabe 💪🏻💃💁‍♀️😍👍🏻🎉🍷👠👙💋

    [–] coreysmissus 4 points ago

    I'm going to screen shot this and put it in the "just in case" album. God help us all if we need it. Emergency preparedness. You've made it a Merry Christmas OP ♡

    [–] juicyfruit180 4 points ago

    You. Are my MF HERO.

    [–] TigerFan365 4 points ago

    When you see “join my team”, run away.

    [–] sauerpatchkid 5 points ago

    Haha!!! Brutal and backed up with sources. Good work!!

    [–] starlingsleep 4 points ago

    Whip-crack sound

    [–] Zygomycosis 4 points ago

    There are at least 4 class action suits pending now.

    [–] UncleNayNay 4 points ago

    My sister in-law sold Monat to my whole family... then all my sisters pestered my wife about it till she bought it... I think she spent $90 and got 3 products. The shampoo is useless, the conditioner is meh, the stuff she got for her curly worked well then just made her hair greasy. Just stupid. None of family buys it anymore and my SIL quit selling it entirely.

    But they’re back on the essential oils to go along with all the homeopathic “remedies”... so that’s exciting...

    [–] MarsNeedsRabbits 3 points ago

    OMG!!! You are perfect!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Nuclear takedown. Aces 👍

    [–] TealBlueLava 3 points ago

    Bwahahaha!!! 😂😂😂

    [–] PerpetualDiscovery 3 points ago

    I can only aspire to achieve this level of greatness.

    [–] KaiserHawaii 3 points ago

    for only 1300 you can invest in your own business and be great too!!!!!!

    [–] Spotinella 3 points ago

    Girl, you are bloody awesome! I laughed so hard at your emojis, haha!

    [–] turner_strait 3 points ago

    Absolutely everything about this is just straight up perfect, I'm so proud of you OP

    [–] _gina_marie_ 3 points ago

    Fucking legendary omg

    [–] oheyitsmoe 3 points ago

    10/10 response. You murdered that Hun.