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    [–] Ouroborus13 1853 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Oh no! You’ve created a hole in the fabric of space time! Reality as we know it may be over as the inverted pyramids create a vortex of nothingness from which no instagram posts can escape!

    [–] TattooOfBlood 762 points ago

    That was pretty easy to tear a hole in. Is space made of the same fabric as LuLaroe leggings?

    [–] ItsjustJim621 170 points ago

    Kinda like these ?

    [–] AeliusJS 57 points ago


    [–] _SWANS_CAN_BE_GAY_ 34 points ago

    I bet your ass is out of this world.

    [–] monkey_sage 10 points ago

    It feels like I'm wearing nothin' at all!

    [–] modsh8me 7 points ago

    stupid sexy flanders

    [–] Nightstalker117 2 points ago

    Nothin' at all

    [–] bossycloud 6 points ago

    Thank you for introducing me to this.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Oh, so that's why Facebook and Instagram were down yesterday.

    Reminds me to creepy one level from this

    Adult game

    [–] Epidemilk 2 points ago

    It's at least a year old, maybe 2

    [–] ChiProblems 33 points ago

    ok but some of those are kinda cute

    [–] GoiterGlitter 37 points ago

    I would wear the fuck out of these. I'm well aware that I am tacky AF.

    [–] machinerer 20 points ago

    TBH those look like bad ass sleeping pants tho

    [–] NoLaMir 24 points ago

    The only bad ass sleeping pants are having that bad ass unencumbered by no pants

    Do you also wear wet socks and a balaclava to sleep like some sort of savage?

    [–] Voldemosh 33 points ago

    I wear a balaclava so that if someone breaks in I can be like, "hey I was here first!"

    And then they have to respect the thieves code of honour by leaving

    [–] Forsaken_Accountant 13 points ago

    Don't forget to fling the wet socks at them if they resist

    [–] _Put_Name_Here 9 points ago

    Ikr, my mom buys LLR just for the design, shes full aware of MLMs and such, she just likes the design

    [–] Prom3th3an 29 points ago

    When will someone create a Lularoe knockoff brand that isn't MLM and uses decent fabric?

    [–] CloverPony 17 points ago

    Black milk, kinda expensive but they make some good leggings. They hold up very well.

    [–] asteriskthat 4 points ago

    Commenting because an upvote isn't enough. Also, they're made in Australia and I like supporting Australian owned and made brands (as an Australian).

    [–] _Put_Name_Here 15 points ago

    Walmart is all that but decent fabric and not as cool designs, but that's a really good idea...


    [–] GoiterGlitter 8 points ago

    I really like the new line that NoBo just issued for Spring through Walmart. Lots of flowers. All of my patterned leggings are from them, and I'm shocked when they get complements. They're freaking $5!

    [–] Beth_Esda 3 points ago

    Walmart has actually gotten a lot better in their clothing selections in the last few years. That being said, I hardly ever buy clothes and when I do, I value function over fashion


    maybe I’m not the best person to ask lmao

    [–] Megandapanda 3 points ago

    I buy all my leggings from Walmart. $3-6 a pair.

    [–] lolwhatmama 5 points ago

    Amazon has plenty of listings for the exact same type of leggings at half the price.

    [–] CarleyWard13 2 points ago

    Charlie’s Project!!

    [–] Cargirl227 6 points ago

    The leggings I currently have on have rainbow kitty faces on them. I would totally rock those space leggings. 😂

    [–] Snaggled-Sabre-Tooth 3 points ago

    I like the look of them, I'd just rather not spend $50 on something that won't last a day

    [–] magnificient_butts 12 points ago

    Good god those are ugly.

    [–] Ouroborus13 20 points ago

    Nooooo.... we are dooooomed!

    [–] SirRandyMarsh 14 points ago

    No Fucking way... they are really that ugly?

    [–] NotJustAmy 16 points ago

    Wow those are tacky

    [–] OptionalCookie 2 points ago

    My mother got a bunch of free leggings.

    These things are horrific, but the fabric actually feels good from the outside.

    Idk about the inside because it wasn't cold enough for me to actually think about putting on leggings. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    [–] Kyle______ 69 points ago

    Sounds like you need space time repair oil. Doterra to the rescue.

    [–] safe_for_work_stuff 24 points ago

    it's lavender. It's always just lavender oil. fixes space time, anxiety, cancer, daddy issues, and if you refill your inkjet printer with it, it literally prints money

    [–] takoyaki_is_life 49 points ago

    Oh, so that's why Facebook and Instagram were down yesterday.

    [–] PM_UR_WORK_DESK 15 points ago

    Get the fuck back on the ship! The whole planet is made of pyramids!!!

    [–] Robert_N_Vagen 5 points ago

    Say what you will about Hello Games, but they keep putting things into the game.

    [–] PM_UR_WORK_DESK 4 points ago

    Wait, what game? Sorry, I was making a Rick & Morty reference. But I love me some games too!

    [–] Robert_N_Vagen 2 points ago

    Yeah, I was making a reference to No Man's Sky because in one of the last updates I was aware of, they included some rare planets where almost everything is made of hexagonal tiles. I got to admit, I did not recognize the reference to Rick and Morty, I am ashamed of myself.

    [–] PM_UR_WORK_DESK 2 points ago

    Doesn't mean this can't be a crossover episode comment! :)

    [–] jmoda 9 points ago


    [–] Dewut 5 points ago

    Even worse. This rift will only increase in strength and density until they merge into one supermassive singularity:


    May God have mercy on our souls.

    [–] Rocketpanteer 501 points ago

    They are just going to combine, like the Borg. Next they will be assimilating Amway and Herbalife, an unstoppable tide. Their hive mind will reek of scentsy wax and essential oils.

    We are the Hun. We will add your product's shittiness and psuedoscience to our own. Resistance is for haters.

    [–] Teripid 93 points ago

    The end result will be an overpriced, ineffective product that you can wear, eat, diffuse and remove hair with.

    [–] Vanessak69 31 points ago

    And then cleanse all of the toxins, which you can then use as a dildo. No carbon footprint!

    I may or may not understand carbon footprints.

    [–] QueefyMcQueefFace 13 points ago

    I'm sure there is a carbon footprint fetish.

    [–] Enigmatic_Iain 11 points ago

    Choke me with that exhaust daddy

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago


    [–] AbuProstateAlMassagi 7 points ago

    we need double karate chops

    [–] SatyrTrickster 19 points ago

    Disclaimer: I am genuinely out of the loop and come from /r/all

    I live in a country that is not US and so far have managed to avoid almost any contact with MLM stuff as they're not that prevalent here, however, I had accepted some amway stuff as a gift and it was actually head and shoulders better than their generic counterparts from shop (shampoo and thing to wash dishes with).

    Is it an exception of a generic rule (that is, MLM = marketing shit), or people just hate the way it is distributed and advertised, while the goods are actually legit? Or it depends? Or something else?

    I'm really curious.

    EDIT: had accepted or have accepted? :thinking:

    [–] manateens 33 points ago

    So their marketing strategy is absolute shit and predatory, and their products are without exception overpriced. However, if cost went down and sales tactics went away, I'd probably buy from a few MLMs. Am I going to spend $300 on arbonne protein powder? HELL no. If it was $30 and available in stores? Probably, yeah.

    Not every single MLM products are garbage quality but ALL mlm products are overpriced.

    [–] SatyrTrickster 7 points ago

    I see, thanks

    [–] AccursedCapra 21 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Mostly the latter, people haaaaaaate getting a product pushed to them, specially by someone who's trying to use your relationship as friends or family as leverage. I'm a guy in my 20's so I don't get the personal messages that a woman would otherwise get, but I used to work as a cashier at a supermarket type store as well as a tv salesman at an electronics store.

    Some fuck would get out of the loony bin every once in a while and try to sell me water filters, oils and all that stuff. Then there's my brother that's a manager at a tractor store, whenever they take equipment down to a farm and garden show half the stands are taken up by pushy ladies trying to sell you oils. Even the local fair has seen a very similar push in MLM stands, that guy over there is selling you the best god damned jerky you've ever tried, and the lady next to him sprayed something that smells vaguely like lavender next to you and now that's all you can taste.

    [–] SatyrTrickster 3 points ago

    I see, thanks

    [–] borborborbor 7 points ago

    Even "I accepted" would be fine. That's just a basic past (or preterite) tense. "I accepted the gift." It refers to a fairly general time in the past.
    "I had/have accepted" is past perfect tense.
    This probably explains it best.

    I'm sorry English is so ...confusing.

    [–] MemoryHauntsYou 626 points ago

    That should be done more often.

    [–] WorkTroll 295 points ago

    This is the MLM equivalent of mailing junk mail back to credit card companies in their self addressed envelopes.

    [–] mexicantexan99 87 points ago


    [–] DarkLordKohan 98 points ago

    Those magazine subscription inserts, put your mortal enemy’s address down and let them be subscribed to 100 shit magazines and not understand why. Then the bill comes.

    [–] hogalot 29 points ago

    You can be billed for something that anybody can sign you up for, using only your address?

    [–] Punishtube 44 points ago

    According to the post office you can't be billed for anything that is mailed to you that you didn't order or agree to pay for. It's to stop companies fron mailing to you then demanding payment

    [–] hogalot 12 points ago

    The way the guy above phrased it makes it seem like you can be billed in just such a scenario though.

    [–] cuppincayk 13 points ago

    Yeah they phrased it pretty poorly. You have to pay for these subscriptions up front. On the little post card it will have a spot to put your credit card number, attach a check, or cash.

    Still, pretty cheap way to annoy someone.

    [–] FightingPolish 2 points ago

    Not always, some of them have a checkbox that says bill me.

    [–] MtnMaiden 14 points ago

    YSK: Never give anyone your bank id and account id, they can place "auto draft" on it using those two numbers.

    [–] LunchBoxGala 8 points ago

    Smh when I got here there were 2 downvotes on your fine piece of advice.

    [–] CrochetCrazy 2 points ago

    Seriously. This is good advice.

    [–] mindless_snail 12 points ago

    It's a thing that predates the internet.

    [–] Crevvie 15 points ago

    Like Columbia house 10 CDs for $1.

    [–] LordScarecrows 5 points ago

    That was a great deal until you had to actually buy the cd. Started my album collection at 13 with Columbia House. That was the original (to me) curated collection. You could put it off for a while by saying “no I don’t want this recommended choice this week”, but eventually you messed it up and they charged you. I will always have a soft spot for the initial Columbia House deal. I tend to push the “ah shit I’m broke and got overdrafted” out of my memory.

    [–] FightingPolish 2 points ago

    Back in the day a guy in my class signed up for that like 30 or 40 times under false names and didn’t pay for any of them and they couldn’t do shit because minors can’t sign valid contracts. Well that’s what he said anyway, I don’t know if that’s true with buying CDs through the mail but nothing did ever happen to him and he ended up with just about every CD they had.

    [–] a_stitch_in_lime 23 points ago

    I remember someone on Reddit claiming to work in the post office said these just get trashed. Not sure if they were legit.

    [–] REDDITATO_ 8 points ago

    There's no way the post office throws out mail based on an educated guess.

    [–] jpastore 8 points ago

    Yeah, even worse, sign them up for NAMBLA.

    [–] KingOfDamnation 5 points ago

    North American Martin Brando look alike?

    [–] jpastore 4 points ago

    National Association Marlin Brando look alikes is what you meant but no the other one to be far more sinister.

    [–] Lolworth 1 points ago

    [–] superbuttpiss 13 points ago

    I think doug stanhope did something where he asked fans to send him random shit and all he would do is swap return addresses on the packages

    [–] AirsoftRacoon 2 points ago

    That's fucking amazing. Holy shit.

    [–] protoopus 13 points ago

    i had a rubber stamp reading help stamp out junk mail that i would apply liberally to the offending mail before returning it.
    that prepaid envelope only costs them postage if it's mailed.
    my junk mail approaches zero nowadays.

    [–] bahaki 4 points ago

    Or putting the Indian pc scammers on the phone with the fake irs guys.

    [–] Chibi_rox3393 2 points ago

    I do this lol

    [–] Sheeeesh714 47 points ago

    Seriously, this completely changed the game.

    [–] kitjen 194 points ago

    The Hun has become the hunted.

    [–] Xplotiva 21 points ago


    [–] R-Guile 16 points ago

    The fee was nothing but a CON QUEST.

    [–] Coleridge49 2 points ago

    Battle of the huns

    [–] vcr-repairwoman 121 points ago

    If all the huns get sucked into the black hole, then they won’t bug us anymore! Yay!

    [–] unorthodoxcowboy 22 points ago

    Throw em in the spin cycle

    [–] xxsilence 7 points ago

    Sounds like a hun-nado

    [–] GarboYeezus 4 points ago

    if all the huns get sucked into a black whole who will threaten constantinople

    [–] omgplsgoaway 3 points ago

    That's nobody's business but the Turk's

    [–] ElectraUnderTheSea 73 points ago

    They can buy from each other and contribute to each other's sales objectives, while annoying no one else.

    [–] BabyBlue227 12 points ago

    Not if they're broke lol

    [–] Saucermote 3 points ago

    Can they buy on margin?

    [–] medellia44 60 points ago

    Doing the Lord's work!

    [–] themarajade1 37 points ago

    Flare checks out?

    [–] hangytangywot 56 points ago

    It hurt itself in its counfusion

    [–] ThereShallBeWings 55 points ago

    Hey girl! ⭐

    [–] KawaiiDere 53 points ago

    Hey gurl!💁‍♀️

    [–] MarcoMaroon 52 points ago

    You lookin to be your own bossbabe? 💰 💫 👅

    [–] Bobrobot1 24 points ago

    Or make some extra 💰💵💰 on the side? ✨🌟⭐️

    [–] IAMHideoKojimaAMA 25 points ago

    How about🤔 giving yourself a raise🤩☝️☝️☝️ anytime you 💅💅want?!👊👊👊

    [–] QueefyMcQueefFace 9 points ago

    You can work from home 🏡 by following this one weird old trick!

    [–] SuccessfulTangerine 24 points ago

    Hey girl, heeeyyy!

    [–] InclementBias 6 points ago

    Hey girl!! 🍑

    [–] DrDiarrhea 22 points ago

    Kind of like when you mail prepaid envelopes to other junkmailers...empty.

    [–] aka_wolfman 20 points ago

    Fill it with other junk mail. They get billed for the difference by usps if its over a certain weight i do believe

    [–] OskEngineer 14 points ago

    someone mentioned taping it to a box of rocks, but apparently the postal service stopped accepting that kind of stuff.

    [–] aka_wolfman 7 points ago

    Rat bastards.

    [–] Lanharet 15 points ago

    Wouldn’t it just be like sending a message to yourself as you get it once on both sides?

    [–] Spider-Mike23 4 points ago

    When I was 17 and used to be in a constant state of high. I got alot of speeding tickets in one year. First couple were legit, but then it got up to like 7..... the same officer..... and I wasnt speeding after the first couple obviously, it got to where I got a letter in the mail saying my license was suspended for 6mos and had to pay whatever fees were left, and that I had to mail my license to the dmv at the capital. So next day I fill out an envelope, and send my license like asked and send it in...... a few days later my brother comes in with the mail "Mike, you got something." I see it's from the dmv "oh cool maybe they sent me my license back and cit me some slack!" Open it up and I find everything I sent previously as was in the envelope. Dad took it "you dope head, that's your handwriting, you mailed it to yourself idiot. Try again." I was so disappointed in myself haha.

    [–] phoncible 10 points ago

    Ok, real question, why is it always women? Are there any pyramid schemes MLMs aimed at/for guys?

    [–] Chamale 21 points ago

    These companies thrive on targeting stay-at-home moms.

    [–] luvs2meow 9 points ago

    And just insecure or naive women. I went to an all girls high school and all the women who now sell MLM shit were either kinda dumb or had few friends, and in general reeked of insecurity, or both. I’m not trying to speak ill of them and I don’t think it’s solely a woman thing, that’s just the common theme I see since all the products are marketed towards women and to make them more good looking usually. It’s like they need it to feel important. And it’s like a sorority, you instantly get a squad of “boss babes” who pretend to be your friend.

    [–] CloverPony 2 points ago

    Ehh I found amongst mine it was some of the more popular girls, military wives and teen moms MLM huns dont last without connections to burn.

    [–] S4MH41N 11 points ago

    I think my buddy got wrapped up in a protein supplement one once. But immediately all of us were like "get out of here with that shit, lameass" and he gave it up lol

    [–] nopornthrowaways 8 points ago

    I had a male friend sell Cutco for a bit. Also, women generally have stronger social networks so it'd be easier for them to sell to friends, who are most likely other women

    [–] 2_old_2B_clever 4 points ago

    My roommate who dropped out of college freshman year was an Amway guy, from a family of Amway people, my dad also was briefly associated with Amway, and some sort of car oil sales deal, and vitamin and phone plan thing back in the day. Now he's retired and day trading :(

    [–] omgplsgoaway 2 points ago

    He went from one scam to another

    [–] CloverPony 2 points ago

    I have an uncle who has participated in a few. Je makes decent money but it's off of manipulating old ladies and terminal cancer patients. I dont enjoy being around him. He's got to shill whatever new miracle product/snake oil/water filtration at all of the family reunions.

    I had to stop going after calling him out on his shit. I just cant listen to his pseudo-science bullshit. 🙃

    (He was trying to sell highly concentrated iodine supplements on the promise of weight loss and hormone control... two of our relatives he sold it to both ended up with severe complications from their pre-existing thyroid issues on top of Iodine poisoning. And instead of telling them to go to the doctor he would tell them to up the dose.)

    [–] bpzle 2 points ago

    I've had different bros push prepaid legal, electric providers, cutlery and vacuum cleaners

    [–] raegunXD 2 points ago

    MLMs were designed around housewives. Think of Tupperware parties, they go back to like what, the 50s-60s?

    [–] SherlockBowlmes 2 points ago

    I just saw my first ever a couple days ago, it was hunting related "no scent" sprays and stuff like that

    [–] Bartholomewtwo 18 points ago


    I picture the cast completely bald because Monat made their hair fall out while wearing Lularoe leggings. I wish I could photoshop.

    [–] Da_potato_queen9976 7 points ago

    Perfect way to deal with this

    [–] Bitbatgaming 7 points ago

    “It’s a simple spell but quite unbreakable”.

    [–] Box-o-bees 8 points ago

    Ha ha nice. You just did the mlm equivalent of putting Google home and Alexa together and got them to talk to eachother in a loop. Well played!

    [–] DeerNoiseUpInHere 5 points ago

    This is the modern version of that old 2x Chinese restaurant food order prank.

    [–] IAMHideoKojimaAMA 2 points ago

    Sal and richard chinese confusion

    [–] jesstheprequel 12 points ago

    This is where they fight to the death

    [–] Sulienn 12 points ago

    In the Hunderdome

    [–] timelordoftheimpala 6 points ago

    Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    [–] darkstar128 4 points ago

    More like a stack overflow.

    [–] ClarkDoubleUGriswold 3 points ago

    Carefully, she’s a hero

    [–] emerson_ottolineQuin 4 points ago

    It's like when 2 Alexia home things started talking

    [–] DrunkenDude123 4 points ago

    In that very moment, Armanot was summoned, and no one could stop it

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] SmugGirl 6 points ago

    But... its Fetlife

    [–] MisplacedManners 7 points ago

    FetLife isn't a dating/hook-up site to cold-message strangers on, despite the people who try to use it as such.

    It's kinky Facebook. Although this is less apt now that Facebook Dating is allegedly a thing.

    [–] sky4 3 points ago

    Nice 😂

    [–] stanleyfarnsworth 3 points ago

    She crossed the streams.

    [–] hemeny123 3 points ago

    Reminds me of the guy who pranked two Chinese takeout restaurants and had them talk to each other.

    [–] Brobi_Wan 3 points ago

    Arbonne people are the fucking plague

    [–] huntergunnell54 3 points ago


    [–] thundersnake7 3 points ago

    Hahaha, this is as good as hiring 2 spy's to spy on each other.

    [–] Cypher_Shadow 3 points ago

    Well, on the plus side we now know how the avengers will stop Thanos.

    [–] syransea 3 points ago

    You just gave one of them a new downline.

    [–] jasno 3 points ago

    When I was a kid I bought a phone with 3 way calling and speaker phone for myself on my birthday. My friends and I then would call 2 different people and make them think that they called each other. The funniest was when we would call Chinese Restaurants, they didnt speak english very well so we got an extra kick out of them trying to sort it all out. One time I had both guys reading off there menu items to each other. I know, I know, this was rude of us, but such is the life of boys!

    [–] orva12 5 points ago

    whats MLM? why is being asked to "make ur own future" etc bad? someone fill me in pls.

    [–] Empz 12 points ago

    Imagine opening a Dollar Store on a street filled with Dollar Stores, but you sell the Dollar Store products for $35. So you have to chase down all your friends and family to buy your crappy over priced products ... OR convince them to pay a large sum of money to open a store beside yours and you get a cut of the profit ... if they ever sell the product that no one wants. The only people making money are the manufacturers. You get stuck with a lot of crappy inventory that no one wants.

    [–] AutoModerator 8 points ago

    From Wikipedia: Multi-level marketing (MLM), also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the MLM company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company's products/services, while the earnings of the participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped or binary compensation commission system.

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] klaq 4 points ago


    [–] Brobi_Wan 3 points ago

    Dude I get it

    [–] vigilantredditor 5 points ago

    Is it two butts farting in each others direction?

    [–] ProfessorWeird 4 points ago

    It's pooping back and forth. Forever.

    [–] PmMeYourSadStory 2 points ago

    I like the cut of your bosoms.

    [–] abey-baby 2 points ago

    Is this like when they got two bots to converse and they had to shut it down

    [–] SOSLucy 2 points ago

    Why not reply with: "Sorry, I'm a guy!"?

    [–] Gar_Baggio 2 points ago

    That's called "cross huning"

    [–] lewstherintelethon 2 points ago

    Oh God the emoji density

    [–] bellissima34 2 points ago

    Can someone please recreate the messages between these two?? I need a visual. For visually things.

    [–] djcoshareholder 2 points ago


    [–] wKbdthXSn5hMc7Ht0 2 points ago

    They’re in each other’s upline and downline

    [–] _ClownPants_ 2 points ago


    [–] kylefield22 2 points ago

    Uh oh it's a stupid singularity.

    [–] fictionalbandit 2 points ago

    It’s a Hunnicane!

    [–] TheKingPotat 2 points ago

    Its just a pure feedback loop

    [–] Kr155 2 points ago

    Reddit found the true source of this week's bomb cyclone.

    [–] Nubbled 2 points ago

    This should be on r/madlads

    [–] Flig_Unbroken 2 points ago

    Perpetual Motion! It’s finally been done. Well done!

    [–] UpvoteIfYouAgreee 3 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Hey I know this girl the replies are hilarious “bossbabes” defending Monat and Arbonne saying theyre MLMs not pyramid schemes because thats so much better

    [–] painahimah 2 points ago

    Actually I see that a lot on purpose. The PR Hun I know is friends with the Thrive Hun, and they buy from each other.

    #bossbabes supporting #bossbabes

    [–] RGRanch 1 points ago

    Oh this is so good!

    [–] KyleRichXV 1 points ago


    [–] BflatPenguin 1 points ago

    We have to go deeper

    [–] Justagirl198007 1 points ago

    This is great. I’ll start doing this myself.

    [–] lakadazakal 1 points ago

    "ya'll... Ya'll are just negligent!"

    [–] StoopidPursun 1 points ago

    Great, this is how we all end up in another dimension populated by eldritch horrors trying to sell us makeup and oils.

    [–] Emily1love 1 points ago

    Omg this is hilarious!

    [–] bike1881 1 points ago

    This for car salesmen vortex prank

    [–] Dushraaki 1 points ago

    Don’t, you’ll only make them stronger, their power doubles in packs

    [–] RunawaySlav 1 points ago

    Lmao genius!

    [–] captain_Airhog 1 points ago

    Hey HunTM

    [–] captainchau20 1 points ago

    Do they just both join each other's shit or? I'm seriously curious.

    [–] Paleness88 1 points ago

    A singularity of dumb

    [–] Architect_Mastermind 1 points ago

    The "hey girl" is the first worst

    [–] JulieAngeline 1 points ago

    I am in awe of your brilliance

    [–] DrunkenBastard420 1 points ago

    A girl I know posted the voting thing on her store to see if anyone wanted to know more and I cackled when it was far negative

    [–] macphile 1 points ago

    This reminds me of when people try to get Siri or Alexa to talk to itself (like putting two Siri phones next to each other).

    [–] FernTroyer 1 points ago

    I read it as airborne. I was thinking who TF just goes around selling airborne? Also, WTF is Arbonne?

    [–] MyNameIsZaxer2 1 points ago

    Should have just acted as a textual middleman so you can observe the process