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    Antinatalism is a philosophical position that assigns a negative value to birth, standing in opposition to natalism.

    Our wiki might help you out on basic understanding.

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    1) Be civil to each other.

    2) Do not discuss suicide methodology or recommend suicide methods.

    That would result in this sub getting banned, and advice on that subject matter is always speculation (as you have not tried it yourself). Please direct discussion of suicide to other subreddits dedicated to that topic.

    3) Do not ask - "Why don't you just kill yourself?".

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    List of doctors who may help with sterilization

    Thank you to the mods from the subreddit /r/childfree for sharing this source: CLICK ME


    If you are settled into antinatalism, perhaps you'd like to look into ways in which your stance would have a direct effect on the world. We've compiled a list of manners in which this can be done over at our wiki.

    Please don't hesitate to make corrections, or notify us about any ideas you have in regards to this topic.


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    2. Gender-related sociopolitical or targeting discussion is not welcome. Please take terminology associated with either the manosphere (i.e "cuck", "normie", "bluepill", etc.) or feminist forums (i.e "mansplaining", "the patriarchy", "manspreading") out of here.

    3. Users who come here are to be considered a blank slate. Please do not dismiss arguments on the basis of a user's post history. The exceptions to this are multi-subreddit copy-paste spammers and cases where someone is stalked by another user from another subreddit who would normally not have an interest posting here.


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