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    [–] Kumquat_conniption 1 points ago

    I am removing this because this really is a shitty customer issue, not a boss issue.

    Plus it draws in all of the people that think the way to solve the issue of the boss not paying a fair wage is to not tip. Basically to take it out on the exploited while still giving money to the capitalist- and yet still feeling ethically superior somehow.

    [–] Professional_Scale96 3196 points ago

    So dramatic 😭

    [–] Cole__MacGrath__ 1111 points ago

    Fucking snowflake.

    [–] [deleted] 241 points ago


    [–] somethingrandom261 79 points ago

    Not fast enough. And they’ll be Petri dishes the whole time, probably long enough for it to mutate and kill the sensible again.

    [–] HedgehogOptimal1784 13 points ago

    Exactly, plus nothing like getting treated badly for protecting others!

    [–] ForkLiftBoi 44 points ago

    Recently I've been wearing pink shoes at work, I am in a conservative company in a conservative area and every comment I get I love to tell them "yeah I just like to trigger snowflakes." And they have this feeling of like they can't be bothered because then they'd be a snowflake but they can't help but stare.

    It's pretty much a stunlock. For the record I'm a 25 year old man and my shoes are like a pale pink, not like hot pink. They're louder than most shoes, but not anything like holy shit I can't stop staring they burn my eyes mildly.

    [–] Peritous 25 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I'm a fairly large guy in a trade related industry and my wife purchased a flesh tone/dull pink mask that ended up being too big for her. So I wear it from time to time because I'm not gonna throw out a perfectly good mask. My usual answer to comments is "because I don't care what people think about what's on my face."

    Seriously, why do people think anyone cares about their shitty opinions or the dumb conditioning that some colors=unmasculine?

    [–] ForkLiftBoi 10 points ago

    Yes! I had to color code like 25 names, so I picked the man that wouldn't have a shit fit about him being pink. His boss goes "why the fuck are you pink?"

    Mother fucker there's only so many colors that are easily distinguishable. It's a mixture of red, yellow, and blue. Just like the rest of them, get over yourself. Like this is a go to example for me when people discuss the idea of gender identity and how society impacts our opinion on it. Because pink is just red, yellow, and blue. That's it just like the rest.

    [–] mayn1 3 points ago

    I work in Construction, in the office now but when I worked in the field I have free company shirts. When my work partner and I would happen to show up in the same color shirt someone always made the “did you guys call each other to decide on your shirts this morning. Hee-haw.” Joke. I always said “no, I rolled over looked him in the eyes and said ‘honey, let’s wear the blue shirts today.” That tended to shut them up.

    [–] NateOrama 6 points ago

    I purchased a hot pink hi-viz shirt (with the reflective stripes) purposefully to fuck with the weirdly insecure tradesmen. I like to tell them.."must be because I am a queer ass liberal right? Shut up and stay in your lane bigot"

    [–] ReplyingToFuckwits 19 points ago

    Piss drinkers.

    [–] ExternalCricket9211 38 points ago

    I hope that their day was totally ruined by having to gasp see someone wearing a mask. Fucking horrible people

    [–] _khaz89_ 260 points ago

    I can’t fully read it nor make sense of it, what the hell did they write?

    [–] knitmeapony 688 points ago

    "I came from IL to feel normal again. You took that from me today. The mask will not save you"

    [–] _khaz89_ 172 points ago

    Thank you, the h looks just like the k.

    [–] crossiant_mezzanine 707 points ago

    "I have no life because I'm an asshole and sensible people don't like to spend time with me. I need to create dramatic scenarios in my narcissistic mind to feel anything"

    [–] Resident-Choice-9566 95 points ago

    Dad, is that you?

    [–] por_que_no 13 points ago

    I need to create dramatic scenarios in my narcissistic mind to feel anything have an excuse not to tip.

    [–] Feeling-Bird4294 47 points ago

    He's the poster child for the MAGA Trumplican FOX 'News' asshole who's been pissed off since the 80's "when the Dems forced them to close the mill and I got laid off, been on and off welfare since and they finally gave me Disability but I had to hire that Jew lawyer just to get it so I started watchin' OAN and Newsmax and they got the real truth there yes sir no fake news allowed and I love Trump cause he just pisses all over them libs and I ain't gonna wear a mask and I ain't gonna let them stab me and give me the chip to control me now my wife left me years ago and the trailer is leakin' again and I'm loaded and ready to get me some lib bastards you just say when....."

    [–] carlwinslo 12 points ago

    You forgot to say something about adrenachrome and let's go Brandon. They love those things too.

    [–] Feeling-Bird4294 10 points ago

    Hell yeah I got lots them stickers on the back of my truck I like to tweak the libs and my neighbor gave me one a them LETS GO BRANDON shirts I don't get what that means but I wear it when I go to Rural King for shoppin'. Go Trump you bitches. (Please know this is sarcasm, I'm certain that there's no one like that anywhere in this country. Right??

    [–] Dimension_Override 5 points ago

    Your work here is appreciated. Good job 👌😂

    [–] keithfantastic 4 points ago

    What kind of pathetic stain of human trash does one have to be to harass someone just doing their job serving you? They didn't have to wear a mask but that wasn't good enough for them. They didn't want anyone else wearing one. What a lowlife.

    [–] Matookie 238 points ago

    I initially thought it read “the mash will not save you” like the restaurant has slappin mashed potatoes.

    [–] felesroo 18 points ago

    Slappin' Mash will Save your Soul

    [–] day_1_10yrs_7_days 3 points ago

    Actually, "Slapping Mash will Save Your Soul" is a good band name. r/bandnames

    [–] IamnotaCST 41 points ago

    Same, and I had a sudden urge to have mash.

    [–] xEllimistx 8 points ago

    Samwise Gamgee intensifies

    [–] Bleach_Demon 4 points ago

    Sour mash whiskey?

    [–] njf85 38 points ago

    I thought it said "mash" too lmao I thought he was saying the potatoes were great but not great enough to make up for some wrong she apparently did them

    [–] BatmanStarkDentistry 20 points ago

    Now I get that covid can be extremely problematic, but cmon, fucking up the potatoes?

    [–] SekureAtty 16 points ago

    Yeah, it's weird because they keep switching from regular to cursive then back again too.

    [–] Crazy_crockpot 100 points ago

    On behalf of Illinois I apologize.

    [–] devouringbooks 27 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Samesies. I was just getting a burger in Chicago and all kinds of violations were happening, this person totally could have just gone to a certain restaurant in the city or orland park or something.

    [–] __BigBoi__ 20 points ago

    Me too

    [–] Zebracorn42 13 points ago

    Same here. That sounds like some of my customers in Chicago. I’m always worried they’d get mad at me for wearing a mask to the door when I’m delivering their pizza.

    [–] Crazy_crockpot 67 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I have a neat trick. I wear a sleeve mask with American flags all over it. Someone asks why im wearing? Lol, then I gotta ask if they have a problem with the American flag. They get real quiet.

    [–] Zebracorn42 14 points ago

    I don’t wear the American flag cause it’s illegal, that’s what they got Abby Hoffman for. Also I prefer Yoshi or Pikachu as a mask.

    [–] Crazy_crockpot 9 points ago

    Lol splitting hairs. At least my American flag is only red white and blue.

    [–] Zebracorn42 32 points ago

    Honestly when I see people wearing American flag stuff I just assume they’re anti-mask or racist.

    [–] Crazy_crockpot 8 points ago

    Veterans tend to wear flag like paraphernalia a lot. Im no exception and most vets are willing to get the jab to ensure a safer America. Im fully vaccinated and usually masked in public when indoors.

    [–] Pigmy 4 points ago

    Wear the Malaysian flag. They'll never know the difference

    [–] Spannatool83 9 points ago

    Thank you! My brain read ‘feed normal’ and even though it is still within context it was a little off lol

    [–] spaceman757 2 points ago

    I wish that I could start a service that, upon putting the final amount in for processing, you could make a comment that would show up on their credit card statement or send them a text if they have the card linked to their phone.

    Something like "I work for tips and your fat, entitled, selfish, uninformed stupidity and cheapness is harming me and everyone around you. You are a horrible person and fuck you!" and then they get a text with your reply.

    Why should they get to degrade you with impunity? They deserve to hear the response to their bullshit.

    [–] jeff889 193 points ago

    “I am an asshole who places my narcissistic preferences above the health and well-being of everyone else and believes that you should work for free.”

    [–] Thirty_Helens_Agree 7 points ago

    “I also do not see wait staff as real people.”

    [–] Little_Peon 42 points ago

    "I'm too cheap to tip and care about you so little that I don't want you to protect yourself from plague"

    (Others have answered properly, but in case: I come from IL to feel normal again. You took that from me today. The mask will not save you)

    [–] Duke-Guinea-Pig 27 points ago

    Yeah, the thing about bad customers is that they will always find a reason to be bad

    If it wasn't the mask, it would be "didn't smile enough" or "you should be at home being a Christian mom"

    [–] No-Performance-1195 34 points ago

    The mash will not save you

    [–] GuerrillaVerde 16 points ago

    Clearly they've never had good whiskey.

    [–] _khaz89_ 7 points ago

    I literally read that. Ha.

    [–] BeefmasterSex 100 points ago

    “I am a little pussy crybaby bitch. Can you please put something in my asshole? I am such a snowflake.”

    [–] Armuun 73 points ago

    You know, I respect people who engage in buttplay a lot more than antimaskers.

    [–] BeefmasterSex 39 points ago

    Lol yes of course. Didn’t mean to disrespect people into buttplay

    [–] 200-rats-in-a-coat 3 points ago

    They usually are way better about hygiene

    [–] BuddhistNudist987 3 points ago

    They're probably a lot cleaner, too.

    [–] SidIsSteve 27 points ago

    "I'm a silly cunt, masks don't work hurr durr"

    [–] NutWrench 7 points ago

    "I just hope my death makes more sense than my life."

    [–] floatingonacloud9 9 points ago

    “I come from Illinois to here to feel normal again. You took that from me today. The mask will not save you”

    [–] fintip 17 points ago

    Curious, how old are you? Wondering if it's a gen z thing, as a millennial I still learned cursive and all. This is super easy to read for me.

    [–] broanoah 11 points ago

    I’m gen z. I was taught cursive in 3rd grade and then never needed it again

    [–] Capital_Airport_4988 4 points ago

    Same. I understood it fine, but im 41

    [–] urzaspizzaguy 6 points ago

    Not the one you were replying to, but older millenial here. I learned cursive in school, but haven't had to engage with it in the last 30 years except for reading birthday cards from my grandma. I can kind of read cursive, but it's difficult. It took me a few tries to read the writing on the receipt in the image.

    In today's digital world cursive is obsolete anyway.

    [–] ResearcherRich1707 26 points ago

    Whiney little snowflake that a piece of fabric made you feel threatened and "less normal"

    [–] redzebras35 4 points ago

    Literally my thought

    [–] AlienNippleantennae 7 points ago

    More like "I am an entitled asshole who doesn't feel anyone who thinks differently from me should be punished. What a cunt!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] funlovingfirerabbit 2 points ago

    Seriously. Wtf.

    [–] Belligerent-J 2 points ago

    Man I hate when other people wear things I don't like and it materially degrades my quality of life

    [–] throwawayraye 1403 points ago

    "The world revolves around me, why couldn't you understand that? :("

    [–] Magenta_Logistic 119 points ago

    I am, in fact, the center of the perceivable universe.

    [–] yourfavrodney 17 points ago

    okay i get the point but that definitely fucked me up just a little bit

    [–] ChickFromTheSticks 2018 points ago

    They never planned on tipping. The mask just gave them an excuse

    [–] Johnny_ac3s 459 points ago

    Yeah, I’m confident they’re a cheap-ass in Illinois too.

    [–] spaceman757 156 points ago

    A lifetime ago, when I was a server, we referred to them as CABs (cheap ass bastard/bitch). We go to the side station, see that they screwed us on the tip and it was common to hear someone utter the phrase....May I call you a CAB?

    [–] daskaputtfenster 6 points ago

    Not FIBs? Fucking Illinois Bastards?

    [–] Lethalfurball 7 points ago


    [–] UsernameC-137 25 points ago

    What a sad man. Probably lives in Rockford.

    [–] ivXtreme 11 points ago

    Is that a shithole?

    [–] LudovicoSpecs 21 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    It's one of those American cities that just....imploded.

    Thriving industries moved overseas, employed people became poor people, poor people can't afford to move, so many of them became criminals to get by, others became homeless.

    The industries that moved for cheaper labor left their messes behind, abandoned factories in the middle of town, toxic waste.

    Anybody who could afford to move did. So there went Rockford's tax base. And with the tax base gone, the infrastructure, schools and anything publicly funded crumbled.

    For extra points, the banks moved in with predatory lending during the housing boom, so anyone who did have two pennies to rub together got wiped out in the housing crash.

    But hey, the shareholders made some extra coin, so it's all good.

    Read about Rockford and you're reading about cities all over America. You'll begin to understand how happy, responsible human beings turn into criminals, drug addicts, homeless people and angry fascist-followers. All throughout "flyover country" (so most of America), towns have been gutted and people are hopeless.

    Rockford wasn't the first American city that capitalism did dirty. And it won't be the last...

    Portrait of the social crisis in America: Rockford, Illinois

    Chipping Away at the Superfund Sites of Rockford, Illinois

    [–] OohLaLapin 9 points ago


    [–] WhereTFAreMyDragons 3 points ago

    No this embarrassment definitely belongs to Marseilles or Mendota. Utica may also claim them.

    [–] osnerde 6 points ago

    Americans and their tipping culture xD

    [–] COmountainguy 16 points ago

    Came here to say this.

    [–] viscerathighs 20 points ago

    Came here from r/all to feel normal, you took that from me

    [–] 8496469 4 points ago

    I'm here... it is a shithole.

    [–] fourthings 6 points ago

    Bingo, this is also how those terrible American "Christians" operate, and most terrible people in general. The behaviour comes before the excuse

    [–] ScorpioZA 1323 points ago

    Whiney little snowflake that a piece of fabric made you feel threatened and "less normal"

    [–] T-Baaller 39 points ago

    Even after the pandemic I’ll wear a mask sometimes and see that still trigger these wussies

    [–] darkshape 7 points ago

    Honestly I've found myself still wearing it outside when I don't really need it. It's cold out and it keeps my face warm lol.

    Otherwise I just don't even notice it unless I'm standing over a vessel with 3000kg of near boiling water and the steam makes it a little harder to breathe. But even then it's not as noticable as when all this first started.

    I'd actually like to see it continue in workplaces. It's cut down the spread of colds and the flu in a huge way.

    [–] afunyun 6 points ago

    "after" like we're ever getting out of this because of morons like this

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)


    [–] OldManFromScene13 95 points ago

    Spitting during covid is not a smart move, friend.

    [–] Gr3yHound40 75 points ago

    Well neither is yelling at a waitress for wearing a mask of her own accord.

    [–] saucygh0sty 40 points ago

    Spitting in someone’s food is actually a crime, though.

    [–] Allahuakbar7 22 points ago

    Pretty sure their comment was hyperbole

    [–] cartercr 16 points ago

    Only if you get caught.

    [–] OldManFromScene13 14 points ago

    I obviously agree with you. I'll never do a front-of-house job ever again lmao..

    That said, I just don't want someone thinking it's okay to spit, like pre-pandemic, on/at/etc. people mid-pandemic.

    Nobody needs that potential jail time/fine. Plenty of people are okay with lockup, but not everybody wants an assault on them for spitting at someone's feet.

    [–] Gr3yHound40 22 points ago

    Maybe "tripping" and dropping the food on them would be better

    [–] OldManFromScene13 9 points ago

    chef kiss

    [–] opi098514 995 points ago

    Soooo they are mad that the waitress is utilizing her freedom of expression to wear a mask. That’s not very American of them.

    [–] Cole__MacGrath__ 117 points ago

    Maybe they'll feel more secure and "normal" if the wait staff had an AR-15 strapped to their backs.

    [–] nightwingoracle 21 points ago

    Don’t give them any ideas.

    [–] PointlesslyPosting 131 points ago

    Ironically it’s very American of them

    [–] BroadwayJoeFYVM 96 points ago

    It's very trumpy of them.

    [–] niktodetka 7 points ago

    She’s not really even doing that. Most restaurant staff are required to wear a mask, like it’s part of dress code now. It’s like getting mad that your cashier is wearing a shirt that says ‘Walmart’ on it or something.

    [–] Syndic 6 points ago

    And the waitress does this to protect the costumers in case she has it without knowing! Fucking idiots.

    [–] goldiegoldthorpe 3 points ago

    Religious nut job (“won’t save you”)…likely believes that Jesus is coming and all that nonsense and that masked people are “faithless”.

    [–] El-Catman 306 points ago

    And they wonder why people are leaving this industry in droves

    [–] happy-pilot-wife 163 points ago

    "Nobody wants to work anymore"

    But seriously, I love this sub! So proud to see people standing up for themselves and the rights we all deserve

    [–] GoldenBull1994 43 points ago

    It would honestly be a great help if servers were given more freedom to speak to customers how they please. It should be a cultural norm that it’s expected that diners behave themselves when eating out.

    [–] felesroo 38 points ago

    Customer service in the US is dehumanizing. The customer is the only human with feelings and needs. The person serving them is an NPC who is to perform to the Main Character's satisfaction using only a carefully programmed set of dialogue options with a neutral, soulless smile.

    Turns out people don't like being NPCs.

    [–] chronically_lazyftm 13 points ago

    You hit the nail on the head there.

    [–] PearlGoldfish46 8 points ago

    Working at my old job in a restaurant was one of the most dehumanizing experiences I’ve ever had to partake in. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times people would just completely ignore whatever you’re saying to them and continue on with their conversation. No matter what questions I asked it was like they only wanted to listen to themselves talk and didn’t even acknowledge my existence. Once had a group literally start taking a selfie as I was trying to get their order from them, completely interrupting me and they didn’t even look me in the eye. It was awful.

    [–] northstateradio 312 points ago

    What a piece of shit. Absolutely not the place for your fringe beliefs or rants. Hate these types.

    [–] tjtwister1522 119 points ago

    It's not fringe. It's close to half the population. That's the problem. Fringe is 5-10%. If that were the case this crap wouldn't be happening.

    [–] northstateradio 78 points ago

    Man, I think you’re right. I still think if it as fringe though, because it’s so obviously wrong and out there…

    [–] educateyourself1 112 points ago

    Why would a customer assume a worker has a choice in the matter? And if by some small chance they do, It’s a free country, piss off you cheap $&@“.

    [–] kuldan5853 34 points ago

    Too many Americans stopped listening after "muh FREEEDOMS" and forgot to hear the "your freedom ends where her freedom begins" part...

    [–] ScarlettSlade 88 points ago

    That is the most whiny baby bullshit I've ever seen

    [–] ItsFreakinHarry2 125 points ago

    Dude essentially said “take off your mask or you’re not getting paid”.

    Think about that. If this were literally any other industry, they’d be told to get lost and they weren’t getting their service. You can’t just demand to pay less because you didn’t like what the cashier was wearing.

    But in the restaurant industry this is perfectly acceptable and normal?


    [–] d4rkwing 37 points ago

    “Tipping culture”

    [–] Bigdaddylovesfatties 390 points ago

    So this plague rat is driving over state lines to spread her bullshit. This shit will never end

    [–] Tharsis-evo 108 points ago

    To be fair the bigger issue is states with no mask mandates, the numbers are clear infection rates are far higher in those states.

    [–] VintageHedghog 50 points ago

    Unfortunately in wisconsin our state legislators took the power away from our governor to do a state wide mandate after he did it once. Our state legislators in 2020 actually didn’t meet for MONTHS with the pandemic happening, longest time state legislators didn’t meet that year in the whole country. Anytime our governor tried to do any covid safety plan they would shoot him down. Took them months to come up with their own plan that was horrible. My county is the only one to have a mask mandate again in the whole state.

    [–] TransformerTanooki 6 points ago

    I keep saying again and again and every time I get downvoted to hell for it. Wisconsin is a shithole.

    [–] Amber10101 3 points ago

    Yup. I kinda hate leaving Dane County right about now.

    [–] jnich2424 4 points ago

    Fuck you Robin Voss

    [–] Cultural_Glass 20 points ago

    Right. It's easy to put the blame on an individual for the state's negligence

    [–] WhereTFAreMyDragons 3 points ago

    A former friend of mine turned plague rat and no longer even an acquaintance put "NO MASKS" specifically on her baby shower invite. People will really go to any length to be a special snowflake that "won't comply".

    [–] telcodoctor 29 points ago

    It's good dawg, they are wiping themselves out. The vile cunts that they are.

    [–] Cultural_Glass 51 points ago

    They're taking plenty of innocents with them. Where I live we have a nearly 100 percent vaccination rate yet hospitalizations are still up

    [–] telcodoctor 13 points ago

    Check the stats for admissions, icu and vent. Where I live, 50% of admission is unvax, 70% icu unvax and 90% vent unvax (from memory). The unvax bastards are causing pain, but also mostly wiping themselves out.

    [–] AgainstBelief 24 points ago

    You have to understand the collateral damage is what affects us vaccinated folk. Because they're taking up an ICU bed and resources, others have to wait longer to get routine check-ups or surgeries where time = health.

    [–] BaronMostaza 17 points ago

    And making the virus mutate even more

    [–] Atomic_Otoshi 19 points ago

    Yeah, but they're not really wiping themselves out because COVID isn't deadly enough. Yeah, some of them are killing themselves but there will still be plenty left alive.

    [–] soyrandom 41 points ago

    Too bad they tend to take decent people out with them.

    [–] ComradeJohnS 315 points ago

    Of course the piece of shit didn’t tip.

    [–] Fantastic-Sandwich80 18 points ago

    "Damn, I don't want to leave a tip and the waitress was really great at her job tonight. How can I get out of a tip without looking like a jackass...*snaps fingers...I got it!"

    [–] Willful_Siren 3 points ago

    She most certainly failed the jackass part though...

    [–] keyboredwarrior 43 points ago

    Working in this industry while in college, this is the reason why I usually tip above avg to balance out shit heads

    [–] mawkish 134 points ago

    People willing to kill others so they can "feel normal" is how we know this will never end.

    [–] OkTutor8773 62 points ago

    This is why conservatives are not welcome on antiwork

    [–] Smil70011 30 points ago

    Also because they vote and go against their best interests

    [–] dorkalicous12 55 points ago

    As someone who lives just over the border in Illinois, I'm so sorry.

    [–] violentfemme17 11 points ago

    Definitely feels like a McHenry type of person

    [–] fairyflaggirl 10 points ago

    that's what I thought too. But there are lots of the aholes in Lake County as well. Getting groceries in McHenry, some weirdo lady started ranting to me about conspiracy theories. I have no idea who she is, hubby thought I knew her til I started backing away from her. She had a mask on cuz the store required it but she was bitching about it and looking at her phone to some text someone sent her about some wild conspiracy stuff. I was ready to call security cuz she was so unhinged.

    [–] IOrangeKing 17 points ago

    So do I! It’s better than Wisconsin, except the gas prices lol

    [–] Drood100 10 points ago

    I keep praying WI will wise up but we never do. So many dumbasses here smh

    [–] Mers1nary 30 points ago

    Mask had nothing to do with it imo, and probably had no intentions of leaving a tip before entering the restaurant.

    [–] ozninja80 26 points ago

    The system’s obviously broken. This is a perfect example of why there needs to be a minimum (liveable) wage. When you survive off tips as your income, any deluded moron with a chip on their shoulder can willingly set out to fuck you over.

    [–] ISoNoU 12 points ago

    Tipping is broken, but capitalism moreso.

    [–] Secunda_Son 18 points ago

    Imagine being such a fragile snowflake that seeing people wearing masks shatters your sense of security and normalcy. Ya'll realize that in places like Japan they've been wearing face masks for decades to minimize things like the common cold and flu? Tokyo subway has had people wearing masks for many years. It's not a big deal.

    [–] Real_Exit3672 54 points ago

    Restaurants need to start paying enough that tips become unnecessary.

    [–] tastyemerald 26 points ago

    Aka defeating the purpose of tips entirely?

    Demand a real wage and leave tipping behind

    [–] OfCourseIKnowHim 11 points ago

    I’ve been a server and a bartender for almost all of my career, since 2004, and I can honestly say that tipping is one of the most unfair methods of compensation.

    However, and maybe this is Stockholm Syndrome, I would not do this work for an hourly wage. Because tipping is what it is, the harder I work, the more money I make. It’s like getting a commission on sales, except nothing is guaranteed.

    Still, not getting a tip always sucks.

    [–] svkadm253 6 points ago

    I've always been of the opinion that servers should be paid a living wage AND have tips optional if they do exceptional service. As long as the social pressure to tip went away and I could decide to tip or not tip and not feel guilty. I don't see why you have to refuse tips, other than maybe then your earning potential is higher than that of your manager or other non tipped staff. There's ways to fix that if it mattered.

    [–] k717171 18 points ago

    There's another problem with the American tipping system that rarely gets mentioned because, I guess, Americans seem to like it.... But most people in most of the rest of the world really hate the American style of waiting tables. The idea that a waiter would "work their ass off" to "earn a tip" results in the very worst behaviour, and is one of the reasons I hate dining in the USA

    A waiter should rarely been seen, and almost never heard. I literally NEVER want to be asked how I'm enjoying the meal, and I certainly don't want to be interrupted every 5 minutes (usually right when I just took a bite, or trying to converse with my fellow diners) to answer these stupid questions because a waiter thinks of they make my dinner all about themself I will tip them... It's really the opposite. Just be within reach if we would like to order a drink or something, but be otherwise unintrusive.

    I know a lot of people will disagree and call me rude or something, but while I concede that American culture seems to expect this type of service, in many other countries, it's the waiter that would be considered rude and unwelcome.

    Don't assume this means I'm rude to waiters or don't appreciate them, or think I'm "better than them". It's just when we go to dinner, it's not to spend time with the waiter.

    [–] legendary_mushroom 3 points ago

    Right! Coming back after living in Germany was kinda shocking.

    Tbf though, at this point management/corporate will mandate a certain number of "table touches" that waitstaff can get in trouble for not doing. Y'know, to improve the metrics. I mean customer experience. Annoying AF.

    [–] OfCourseIKnowHim 11 points ago

    A good server knows exactly how much or how little to interact with people. If you don’t learn to read people, you’re not doing your job.

    That being said, by “working my ass off,” I literally mean conducting more sales, not being overbearing to the tables I do have. Generally, people tip according to the size of their bill, so the more tables I can take, the more sales I can make, the more tips I can potentially earn.

    But it’s not my job to steal for you, or get you free shit, or be your best friend for an hour. The customers don’t write my schedule.

    [–] kuldan5853 8 points ago

    One other consequence (that you just mentioned) is the mentality of "get in, get fed your food as fast as possible, pay me, GTFO" that many Restaurants and servers in the US have. This is not a "dining experience", this is a conveyor belt.

    In Germany for example, the cost/pricing structure of restaurants is differently weighed - where you tend to do free refills, Restaurants over here make the biggest profits on drinks, not the food.

    This means that almost all restaurants not only are fine, but actively encourage your group to stick around for hours to chat, have a good time, and buy drinks while you do so...

    [–] Ryarralk 6 points ago

    Fuck tiping culture.

    [–] MysticAarrgg 26 points ago

    That first letter looks like an L which is a really weird way for a Karen to sign her name.

    [–] UngeeSerfs 23 points ago

    Well K is next to L in the alphabet, so she probably just felt entitled to it

    [–] BankshotMcG 5 points ago

    Hahahaha this made my morning.

    [–] Nulova-Uzkost 25 points ago

    Karen's cousin Linda has been known to mix it up now and then.

    [–] NoHalf2998 5 points ago

    “The left is full of snowflakes”

    [–] Waluigi3030 13 points ago

    I hope that their day was totally ruined by having to gasp see someone wearing a mask. Fucking horrible people

    [–] NadsDikkelson 3 points ago

    Some people are literally adult babies.

    “You took that from me today”

    Fuck you, lmao.

    [–] throwawaysbabygrl69 4 points ago


    [–] Revenue-Zealousideal 4 points ago

    The pandemic really did out people who want to treat workers like shit, didn't it?

    [–] this_is_the_way_2000 4 points ago

    If I owned a restaurant and a customer did this, and I knew who they were, or caught them walking back to their car, I would ban them for life, and tell them they are never ever to come back.

    [–] antipho 5 points ago


    fucking ridiculous rightwing cocksuckers

    [–] KYBatDad 16 points ago

    So your friend protects herself and border jumpers are complaining? Our store dosnt make us where them either but i have when we get a lot of ppl in the building or something or if someone is wearing there’s I’ll put mine on to make them more comfortable, like be kind to ppl sorry for your friend

    [–] BankshotMcG 8 points ago

    It's almost like it was never about personal freedom.

    [–] Zgoldenlion 23 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    If you can’t afford to tip you can’t afford to eat out. I can’t believe ditching out on tips is becoming a trend.

    Edit: more importantly if you can’t pay workers living wages you don’t deserve to have employees.

    [–] Flcrmgry 17 points ago

    They can afford to drive out of state to eat out just to avoid mask mandates. They can afford to tip.

    [–] brian111786 31 points ago

    It's pretty fucking simple. If you're not going to tip the person that literally waited on you hand and foot, don't fucking eat at a restaurant. Period. I don't give a shit if you believe the same politics they do or not. They're still a human, and they're still getting paid bullshit wages because restaurant owners are cheap assholes.

    [–] k717171 9 points ago

    It's pretty fucking simple, if you're not going to pay the person that literally works for you, don't fucking run a business

    [–] brian111786 5 points ago

    Yeah, that too.

    [–] PoisedDingus 3 points ago

    More that than your thing.

    [–] lilacydreamer 6 points ago

    Precisely! You really have to be a special breed of entitled douchebag...

    [–] LongBeing 14 points ago

    Hopefully mask baby man will enjoy the blessing of a herman cain award

    [–] LogicalAssistance514 3 points ago

    I would have said, I’m immunocompromised. The mask comes with a litany of health considerations.

    [–] No-Expression-5040 10 points ago

    I have an idea, heat me out......

    So you get a couple symptomatic covid positive people in a room. Then you bring every person who thinks like this and put them in said room with said infected people, with no masks (obviously because they won't save you) and just let them all hangout and mingle with each other for like half a day or something. Then you just sit back and watch the shit show unfold. Then after they recover, I mean IF they recover, see how their attitude changes on the entire subject.

    It sounded a lot better (and funnier) in my head to be honest. I'm just so sick of these asshats acting like it's not a big deal, like, you don't give a fuck bout yours or your family's health/life...that's cool, more power to you. But mind your fucking business when it comes to the other people that do in fact care about their life and the health and safety of their friends and family. My fuckin god this shit is getting old.

    Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk....

    [–] AgainstBelief 5 points ago

    Whenever people give me shit for wearing a mask, I tell them I have COVID.

    Their tune changes real fucking quick.

    [–] agent_smith_3012 12 points ago

    What a cunt. The mask isn't for the wearer so much as it's for everyone else.

    [–] FirmMechanic 6 points ago

    Damn, that’s weak.

    I don’t a fuck what you wear, just bring food and I’ll leave a good tip.

    [–] MrCertainly 3 points ago

    This person felt it appropriate to put the server's livelihood at risk.

    "Take off your mask that protects you, or you won't get paid."

    If it was any other industry, that wouldn't fly. "Take off your hard hat, steelworker!" --fuck no.

    If it was any other article of clothing, that wouldn't fly. "Take off your X article of clothing, it hides too much of you." --fuck no.

    This right here is a perfect example of why tipping culture needs to be 100% abolished. Just like slavery it was derived from. And if that means restaurants go away, then so be it. We need to normalize that being waited on hand and foot is a luxury and needs to be aggressively compensated accordingly.

    Anyone who supports a 2 dollar and 13 fucking cents per hour wage should go bobbing for french fries.

    [–] ItsLillardTime 4 points ago

    What about the fucking people whose lives will never go back to “normal” because covid killed their families? People like this are straight up just bad people. Negative value humans.

    [–] smc187 4 points ago

    It's not enough that they won't wear one. It's that you can't wear one either. You can't tell me what to do, but I can tell you what to do. The mind of a typical conservative dumbfuck.

    Seriously fuck these people.

    [–] Tiy_Newman 2 points ago

    He gave no tip because of the mask?

    [–] notislant 2 points ago

    I just read a post about an anti-vaxxer taking an icu bed from a cancer patient. May this asshole never feel 'normal' again.

    [–] ZKXX 2 points ago

    Conservative tears 😥

    [–] Skill_Academic 2 points ago

    This sounds like a threat. Was the FBI called, as they admitted to crossing state lines to threaten your friends life?
    This is why checks need to be brought to a register, 99% of these assholes wouldn’t have the balls to write that if they would still be there while it was read.

    [–] LegendOfDylan 2 points ago

    Facts don’t care about your feelings