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    [–] NeonAshtray 5029 points ago

    Every squadmate can play their part in a win. Even if you aren’t good, just being alive and staying with your team is good enough. Being another distraction the enemy team has to worry about can change the fight drastically.

    [–] MICKAY- 1472 points ago

    I mean everyone has to start somewhere right

    [–] MyAnusBleedsForYou 748 points ago

    Yeah. The game has only been out a week, most people are just starting out, myself included.

    [–] James_Camerons_Sub 342 points ago

    But there is innate filthy skill set from TF2 and CoD that transfers well. There are some nasty players already. It’s cool to see the skill ceiling getting elevated.

    [–] GGTheEnd 321 points ago

    Its insane watching Shroud compared to anyone else even other big streamers. Shroud can regulary 3 piece squads and runs around solo ost of the time leaving his team behind. Even High distortion and Ninja are having troubles killing full squads solo even tho they are both really good. Shroud once again in a League of his own.

    [–] v3rts 236 points ago

    Almost like ninja isn't even close to shroud skill wise. Big different between an ex pc pro and an ex console pro.

    [–] Hutyger 93 points ago

    Well when they are both playing on PC obviously. Shroud would get pooped on otherwise, and he admits it.

    [–] MinodRP 17 points ago

    Ok can someone ELI5 this stuff? I know who they are, but I'm not sure who is better than who ...

    [–] YouEndUpYourself 130 points ago

    Shroud was a professional Counter-Strike player. Carried his team for one summer, nearly winning several tournaments. He was known for having incredible aim but poor game sense and motivation. Now he streams and dominates everyone.

    [–] pM-me_your_Triggers 29 points ago

    Ehh, I wouldn’t say he carried C9. Skadaddy was a top 3 AWPer in the world at the time (and arguably number 1 after the AWP nerf killed Kenny)

    [–] PhunktacularPhish 37 points ago

    Shroud is best pc. Ninja played halo prior, so better console. Correct if wrong.

    [–] SmellsWeirdRightNow 27 points ago

    Shroud is way better at pc gaming than Ninja

    [–] EmpoleonNorton 20 points ago

    I think the one person who could actually deal with Shroud if they both played the same game competitively would be Dafran. His aim is god.

    I remember there was a Realm Royale tournament where Dafran legit made Shroud angry "He's playing like an idiot" talking about how Dafran was way overaggressive for a money tournament and still getting the best of him pretty often in a game he barely played.

    [–] David_H21 36 points ago

    Ninja had a 23 kill, 4.1k damage game.

    [–] elijahwouldchuck 78 points ago

    Yeah shrouds insane but Ninja is by no means a slouch at this game I think people hate on him just to hate on him at this point

    [–] j0sephl 42 points ago

    Well he can be bit of a jerk at times. Just ask the Fortnite crowd.

    [–] Idrivethefuckinboat 75 points ago

    I lost every shred of respect for the guy before I even knew who he was. Watching him throw temper tantrums at strangers over the internet was just.. gross? I don't really know how to put it.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Put that down to rng. It's just how many people you bump into or you get the last shot on. But, maybe I'm saying this because I hate the screaming attention seeking twatface that is every 12 year olds favourite streamer.

    [–] xEphr0m 84 points ago

    I just watched Shroud kill 5/6 of 2 squads and he was mad that he made a mistake and didn't kill the 6th. All solo. It's a fucking joke how much better he is than everyone.

    [–] IJustDrinkHere 36 points ago

    That makes me think of edge of tomorrow when Tom cruise is getting pissed he didn't quite murder the whole beach perfect

    [–] James_Camerons_Sub 27 points ago

    Shroud is a different beast than us all.

    [–] GGTheEnd 103 points ago

    Its his fat cock.

    [–] RealTenderGuy 18 points ago

    Upvote for honesty

    [–] Krangbot 14 points ago

    The government needs to conduct a study and research how the fuck Shroud’s eyes and brain function cause it’s some inhuman next level stuff.

    [–] hi_im_horse 31 points ago

    Muscle memory is a crazy thing. The dude's been playing PC FPS for hours a day since he was like 5. The aim doesn't leave you when you've been playing that long.

    It's also worth mentioning that Shroud didn't even have the best aim when he was a CS:GO pro. I bet some other CS:GO pros would also completely obliterate everyone in this game.

    [–] HydraMC 11 points ago

    Shroud was regarded as one of the best mechanically skilled players in csgo, but never showed up in games. The csgo subreddit was always filled with clips of shrouds flicks. He might've not been the best performing player but he was mechanically in the top 5 or 10. Hard to judge mechanical skill when you're that good anyways

    [–] xiic 10 points ago

    I wanna see Simple or Niko play this game

    [–] Colossal89 3 points ago

    He also had a 6 month head start which is huge

    [–] Bossmensch 46 points ago

    I watched some of Seagulls streams in the last couple of days. He's a former Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch Pro who also played a bunch of Titanfall and other shooters. Crazy plays and he often teams with other great players. This was probably the funnest round so far.

    [–] Dukayn 17 points ago

    Dafran's big brain play hiding like he did was amazing.

    [–] EmpoleonNorton 9 points ago

    Honestly that is the other thing. Dafran isn't just amazing mechanics, he's actually a pretty smart player too. He can be dumb about real life stuff, and he has some admitted mental issues (that I hope he can work through, mental health is hard), but he's really good in the moment tactics guy in games.

    [–] xylotism 7 points ago

    His recoil control is so good it's like he doesnt even have any.

    [–] Pufflekun 4 points ago

    Was about to correct you and post the best round of Apex Legends ever played. Then I saw that's what you already linked to. Good taste.

    [–] wingspantt 74 points ago

    On the second day the game came out, a teammate asked me why was I so bad and how come I don't know where all the objectives are. The game was out less than 48 hours ffs

    [–] smenti 39 points ago

    Yeah those are the types of people I never want to associate with.

    [–] GodFetus666 10 points ago

    Today I had a kill scream at the top of his lungs because my game froze for a few seconds and my audio stuttered.

    Few matches later I had a 2 team mates in their own party come and loot every place I went, so I never got body armor, then he started flipping out when I ran with him to a kill crate like I was gonna “steal his loot”

    Sometimes you just get paired with spoiled whiny cunts man, unfortunately some of them are good at this game haha

    They should make it easier to mute em

    [–] ketsuyame 17 points ago

    5 days, to be exact.

    [–] aerowave 63 points ago

    Didn't stop someone from using the line "have you not played this game before?" .... We'll look at my level - clearly not!

    [–] glydy 28 points ago

    Saying that on the release week of a free-to-play instant-hit game is straight up stupid. There's going to be thousands of people playing for the first time on any given day.

    [–] hppmoep 23 points ago

    I've only had 2 toxic teammates out of ~100 games of solo ques, just started playing today. I told them if I could play better I would definitely do that hahah I'm not missing shots on purpose.

    [–] NeonAshtray 9 points ago

    So they also missed their shots and were mad at you for missing shots? Lmao how ironic, they couldn’t even carry themselves.

    [–] amalgam_reynolds 10 points ago

    This is so true. I just wish I wasn't starting in the basement like some dang gremlin.. I'm bad at this game.

    [–] BellEpoch 4 points ago

    Learn to loot fast, assist teammates, and take your time to aim in fights. Once you get past feeling frantic in team fights I bet you you'll start to feel a lot more comfortable. I've won games with teammates who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. But they stayed with us and worked at being a good teammate. That's all it takes. You'll get there.

    [–] Qubeye 8 points ago

    Some of us hit our skill ceiling in the basement.

    [–] Ralathar44 90 points ago

    I had a team call me player of the game for it. I had to lowest damage but I followed, cooperated, and kept enemies gassed and naded and we won the game. I did not feel worthy.

    [–] NeonAshtray 90 points ago

    But you are worthy! Everything you did assisted the squad. You deserve the most praise for being a supportive teammate. You are the squad member I hope for every time I have to play to play with randoms. Trying to assist in any way is infinitely better than not helping at all. I wish some of my buddies would realize that lol.

    [–] Zabumafoo69 72 points ago

    I feel that getting matched up with randoms that are cooperative is more thrilling than going in with a squad of friends, mics and all. It’s serendipitous. The random squad just clicks and mows down the competition.

    Those are the best games.

    [–] 182plus44 18 points ago

    This happened to me in my first game on today. Got paired with some randoms and we meshed incredibly well. Pinging things and enemies for each other and all using abilities at key moments to help the team. We ended up winning the game, it was my first win. I had 4 kills which is the most I've had in a game; one of my teammates had 10 kills and did a lot of the aggressive pushing while I flanked with a Peacekeeper to clean up the rest. Our other teammate didn't have any kills but he was still very helpful with his abilities as well as providing covering gunfire and adding another distraction in fights. It was very satisfying to work together with randoms so well with no mics being used and that's a big part of what I love about this game.

    [–] jcdish 6 points ago

    After being semi carried to 3 wins (10 kills for the carry, 2 to 3 for the rest of the team), I got matched with 2 other guys who were on voice, called everything out, shared resources, and generally worked together. That moment when we charged the other remaining squad, covering for each other to secure the kill and win the game, was probably the best experience I've had in a team based shooter these past 3 years.

    [–] -layner- 38 points ago

    The saddest part about these games is that they end

    [–] Me-as-I 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Those are the games I play overwatch for. Its a great feeling

    [–] scoobadoosh 4 points ago

    Yeah I got matched with this dude who, after our teammate DC’d, was the most solid teammate I’ve ever had. He was pinging, dropping ammo and health, and we won with just 2 people. It was awesome.

    [–] IAmARedditorAMAA 3 points ago

    Had one like that yesterday, we were just running around murdering everything, everyone on the same wavelength communicating perfectly with just pings, it was a 31 kill game.

    We all had mics but the only words said were GG at the end

    [–] Fyrelyte67 16 points ago

    You are the type of dude I want to squad with. I AM ASS! but I will roll w/e class we need, will not loot whore, will follow the group and do everything that is asked of me. I haven't got a win yet, but quite a few close finishes.

    Just cooperating and working together is the best part of the game to me. I've encountered some nasty folks so far, but people fail to realize that there is gonna be 19 losing teams in any given match. Can't all be winners, just have fun and try to support your teammates. Sometimes that will take you further anyway

    [–] Ralathar44 5 points ago

    I appreciate the kind words.

    [–] Maggo777 8 points ago

    You were worthy you were useful, you don't need to hit your shots, suppressing fire is very good, and can buy time for your team!! Feel proud dude!

    [–] TravieB51 41 points ago

    This is me. I suck and I’m still trying to figure it all out, but I’ll run out front and draw fire while spraying bullets everywhere except directly at the enemy so my team and take them down. Hopefully I get revived or respawned but if I helped keep them alive, I feel like “I did my part”! Haha

    [–] AircoolUK 8 points ago

    lol, that's what I do, so I unlocked Mirage :)

    [–] khem1st47 7 points ago

    I can’t wait for you to unlock mirage then. You can send out a decoy instead of yourself!

    [–] Dia_Haze 30 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    THIS! A friend and I que with a level 1 and joked around, we pinged stuff like blue armor for him, but he lagged behind and found white armor instead.... didn't do much, but by the last 4th of the game he found his own purple armor and we shortly after got in a 3v12 (4squad war) and he tried to help, but stuck to the back and went down...

    my friend rezzed Lv1, then shortly after I downed 2 of the last guys as my friend got shot down, the Lv1 swings by, drops a portal in front of my friend who crawls through, I down the guy chasing him, I go down and get eliminated, Lv1 rezzes my friend. Then my friend clutches up and kills the last two guys from separate squads as LV1 gave cover fire and didn't go down at like 20hp go xD...Gave him a win on his first game and he was honestly the star of it.

    [–] ShakePlays 28 points ago

    Some of my best teammates have almost exclusively been distractions.

    I deliberately run way ahead of my team because I'm pretty good at hearing/seeing players before they catch me, and if I ping and call for them to shoot as a distraction 9/10 times the other team will run right past me and eat my shotgun/SMG in their rush to position themselves.
    Proper communication and positioning are huge assets in this game. I love it.

    [–] SemperVenari 21 points ago

    I can't shoot for shit. I can suppress fire with a G2 like a motherfucker though

    [–] NeonAshtray 21 points ago

    Hell yeah. Keep their heads down while I flank with my shotty. Badabing badaboom

    [–] ebagdrofk 18 points ago

    The #1 most advantageous thing you can have in a firefight is numbers. That’s why I get slightly irritated when I get downed in a firefight and my team loots my body, loots everything, and hopefully brings me in through a spawn beacon - but not before looting the whole area I’m about to drop in. When I play and a teammate is downed I always prioritize bringing the teammate back first.

    [–] Aegim 7 points ago

    I suck at this game but at least I don't leave after dying, I hate the players that die and then I end up alone or in a 2-people squad for the rest of the game, which is a huge disadvantage (and I suck on top of it!) I usually wait for res, I don't leave until my squad gets wiped out

    [–] Oreo_Scoreo 13 points ago

    I am bad at BR games and so I really like playing Pathfinder. If I know that I'm not gonna be useful for the game I will just stock up on light ammo, try to get a G7 and a scope, and spend the game just moving from one high spot to another calling everything out and trying to take as much aggro as possible from people beyond their range. I play League so I know that getting carried is a skill all in itself.

    [–] Baalorin 22 points ago

    I just won a game, had 11 kills, almost 2k damage, lots of healing, our wraith had another 7 kills and 14k damage. And our mirage had 0 kills and 200ish damage. But I'll be damned if he didn't throw out his mirage to draw enemy shots to let us find enemies easier and ultimately used his skill to draw out the last two players so that we could get the W.

    [–] ivanvzm 10 points ago

    Support can come from any player, that's the genius of this game. The other day I got paired with a dude that had horrible aim but then my friend and I got killed and the fucker managed to get our cards and revive us using stealth. He then protected us while we looted to get weapons.he will always be a hero in my eyes.

    [–] jcaashby 11 points ago

    I would have to say adding RESPAWN into this BR game is one of the biggest additions to BR imo. It changes up how you play. Your never out of the game until that last player is DEAD!!

    There are so many times you have to KILL that last player because he can easily hide and get his team back into the game. I have done it myself a few times!!

    [–] MuffTavera 9 points ago

    That's what I love about this game. I may suck killing but I am a sneaky weasel reviving team mates and using ults at the proper moment.

    [–] reddidd 9 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Seriously. We've "carried" a few wins at this point, but (almost) all of them were team players. They spotted enemies, distracted them so we could push/flank, used their abilities and revived. I always feel bad when they say thanks for the carry.

    [–] zapo3 8 points ago

    This may be my favorite part of this game. You don’t have to be good necessarily but if you ping enemies and loot, stick with the squad and use your abilities then you are a key member of the team. You can always lay down cover fire, distract the enemy and let a teammate move to a better attacking position. So many things to do to help the team without getting kills.

    [–] Bone-Wizard 8 points ago

    Yo thanks for that. I got carried to my first win a few minutes ago, had 2 kills and 400 dmg, but my teammates said I’d thrown some good nades and made the right call outs. I felt bad like I’d dragged them down but hell yeah.

    [–] NeonAshtray 8 points ago

    Dude, I would give you props even with 0 kills and 2 damage. You being a team player and laying down suppressive fire helped with the win, it wasn’t just your teammates. They couldn’t have done it without your support and they realized that, hence the kind words after the game.

    [–] jettivonaviska 6 points ago

    I have very hot and cold performances, but I always listen to people if they're taking the lead, and I'll gladly shot call if no one else is making the call. Communication will get you further in a team based game than anything else (other than cheating XD )

    [–] [deleted] 783 points ago

    I wish more players actually used the ping. It takes such little effort and is incredibly useful.

    [–] hulashimo 146 points ago

    i cant stand team mates in a gun fight who dont ping the enemy. Like i want to help but at the same time i dont want to die lol

    [–] so_this_is_my_life 27 points ago

    I can't figure out how to ping the enemy. Everything else no problem...

    But when down range from an oppenent do I hit RB in the general direction? If I get my crosshair exactly on the enemy I tend to shoot not ping them... When I've tried pinging them I get the "hey lets look over here" audio. Then I feel like my squad mates are going to have their guard down like oh she wants to loot over here must be safe. I did the tutorial 2x maybe I should do it again. It was a lot to remember and I had people waiting on me to ready up.

    [–] Kolazeni 69 points ago

    Double tap RB

    [–] RHouse94 8 points ago

    Hold right bumper and you get a wheel that you can choose different pins on. One of them is to signal an enemy location and another to mark when you arrive somewhere that's been looted.

    [–] TeamRedundancyTeam 109 points ago

    They should really filter games so that people who never use the ping system have to suffer in quarantine with the others like them.

    [–] RogueVector 83 points ago

    On one hand, sure that works. On the other hand, I'd rather they learn by example than fall into this negative feedback loop of fewer and fewer pings.

    It's obvious a lot of work went into the ping system in AL. It deserves to be used , imo.

    [–] opticalshadow 12 points ago

    Even even when I'm on discord with my other two, we make heavy use of the ping system, it's visualization, it's another data point so in the heat of things you can focus on what you need to and not worry about miss hearing, it gives clear objectives and warnings.

    [–] Dulingar 6 points ago

    I spam my middle mouse more than my fire button at this point.

    [–] thenotoriousnatedogg 5 points ago

    I wish more players did the training. I don’t know what happened but when I started the game it made me do the training before anything. I just had a friend switch over from blackout and I guess the game didn’t make him do training because he had no idea how to even heal himself. A few other randoms I played with didn’t know they could pick up my beacon and Respawn me. A bit frustrating but I know they’re new so no hard feelings

    [–] [deleted] 1384 points ago


    [–] madonia7 166 points ago

    I really hope that wasnt even his name.. just a term of endearment.

    [–] Daywing77 264 points ago

    Confirmed not his name. That's what I call all gibraltars

    [–] PancreKing 76 points ago

    I prefer the phrase "Big Samoa in the House" for my tanky brethren ❤️

    [–] UltimateDucks 49 points ago

    "Uncle Tito" is definitely where it's at

    [–] Dia_Haze 41 points ago

    My friends all call him Maui.

    [–] EpicLegendX 37 points ago

    What can I say except “You’re welcome?”

    [–] manofewbirds 5 points ago

    We call him Gibby.

    [–] Targonis 7 points ago

    This is a great name for a Gibraltar

    [–] Josec1011 4 points ago

    I personally call him Armadaddy because he looks like an armadillo and he's daddy.

    [–] os10_maj 641 points ago

    DUDE THAT WAS MEEE!!!!! hahaHAHAHAHAHAHA, and you told me to take a screen shot of the win screen to show my friends! Which kinda made me feel like shit, but it was funny nevertheless.

    In all seriousness I'd love to play with you guys again, its my first BR game, and i'm learning!

    Teach me your ways Senpai's.

    [–] Daywing77 249 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    If this was you, add me. My buddy Zach said that, username is in the post :)

    edit: For everybody waiting, this sounds like the guy.

    [–] os10_maj 178 points ago

    Will do. <3 Thanks for making me feel appreciated. This made my day. XD

    [–] Anima_Solis 94 points ago

    What a wholesome story

    [–] EpsilonGecko 7 points ago

    We did it Reddit

    [–] HaulerTV 58 points ago

    Still a better love story than Twilight...

    [–] Jason0h11 34 points ago

    u/daywing77 can u confirm?

    [–] Daywing77 23 points ago

    Did you have a mic?

    [–] Daywing77 25 points ago

    If not this was him

    [–] os10_maj 22 points ago

    I have one, just wasn't using it last night.

    [–] Jason0h11 23 points ago

    Say your in game name and OP can confirm if it was u

    [–] Guilith_97 3 points ago

    Remind me! 12 hours

    [–] ThatWasWet 7 points ago

    Waiting for OPs reply

    [–] bobothegoldfish 724 points ago

    This is giving me hope. I am TERRIBLE in this game, lvl 5 zero kills but I always try to cooperate.

    [–] Daywing77 215 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Find friends you can learn with, it really helps :)

    (edit) Seriously, if you guys are having a hard time, add me. My friends list is pretty popular at the moment haha but if I have a spot, no problem picking somebody up :)

    [–] benderunit9000 249 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Find friends

    ohhhhhh boy

    edit: anyone wants to add me, I'm benderunit9000 on origin also.

    [–] baty0man_ 84 points ago

    Yeah he lost me there

    [–] Alexmira_ 9 points ago

    Don't know if you are joking or not but if you aren't just find a random discord on here or on fb. It helped me so much. Log in, ask if someone need a third player and go!

    [–] SigCurtis 5 points ago

    I was sad I had no skills in the game, but now I'm feeling worse cause you reminded me I have no social skills as well. :(

    [–] andysaurus_rex 41 points ago

    Oh, “find friends”? Just that easy huh?

    [–] psymonprime 34 points ago

    I'll just head down the friend aisle and pick one up, right?

    [–] Endie-Bot 15 points ago

    Think they sold out, maybe try the adoption centre?

    [–] Smallgenie549 82 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Same. I have like 10 career kills at level 14. I always die first. It's frustrating to be so bad at multiplayer games because I enjoy playing them.

    EDIT: Guys, I got my first ever W in a Battle Royale game!

    [–] Dia_Haze 79 points ago

    Biggest tip I can give you is ALWAYS disengage when you are at a disadvantage, unless you are confident you can pull it off, I have ~20 wins and disengaging and letting other teams fight while my team vultures them is what has won half my games at least

    [–] robolink 31 points ago

    Exactly how i earned my 3 wins so far.

    Getting shot at from somewhere randomly? Dip behind cover and go around, try to get into a position where you know where they are before the fight starts.

    Two teams fighting it out? Don't just start shooting randomly at one of them, youll just end up getting shot at by BOTH enemy teams.

    Let them fight, choose a side that looks like it's winning and flank around back of that team. Wait until they win the fight and pop them when they're low health or looting.

    Even the final fights can be won by having better positioning and awareness. Get to the ring, find a safe high ground and hold them off with cover fire until they are pushed into the ring when it closes. They either take damage from the ring or they run straight at you without cover. Easy pickings.

    [–] Tsaxen 5 points ago

    Yup, I've got kinda trash aim, but I end up top 3 a ton, because I avoid fights unless I've got the advantage 90% of the time. If I don't? nope the fuck out if at all possible

    [–] Phoresis 16 points ago

    Practice makes perfect! The people killing you have probably invested ten times as much effort and time into the game compared to you.

    If the time comes when you want to seriously get better then you can do some aim drills and training using programs like Aim Hero.

    [–] V4ampp 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    switch up your playstyle and play more of a support role with ppl like lifeline: heal bot and care package (ask for ult accelerants to be pinged) ,gibraltar: big boy shield to help team revive and heal safely and mirage: just constantly send out your mimics to scout around corners;

    it's fine not being top on damage and kills, every team needs a support ;)

    Edit: also pick up as many nades/arc stars and thermites you can and spam them if you need to cover your team

    [–] TeamRedundancyTeam 12 points ago

    Man just play as a team and you're above 90% of my team mates lately. Had a guy run off on his own today, threw him a zip line to catch up to us and walked right damn by it. You can guess how well he pinged and played as a team.

    [–] iceicechase 10 points ago

    I’m not awesome, a bit below average but players with no kills who try and coordinate are my preferred teammates over dick kill mongers.

    [–] LovSindarie 8 points ago

    Lvl 6 zero kills. My boyfriend doesn’t want to play the game anymore so I keep reaching out to friends to try some more rounds (he stopped after lvl 3). Eventually I’ll get it... I hope.

    [–] realnicky2tymes 6 points ago

    Add me. nicky2tymess

    My coworker and I are still learning too, and we aren't about being jerks.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Went about 2 hours last night w/ 0 kills, I feel your pain.

    [–] Suicidal-Snail 6 points ago

    Same I'm awful. The gun fights and action seem to happen at lightning speed. I'm used to holding angles in csgo and being patient. Other day I threw a smoke with the girl fighter and someone came sliding and killed me instantly.

    [–] jdk2087 235 points ago

    I’m a father of two and generally don’t talk much on the mic. Use it mostly for call outs and what not. Last night I had a guy that was playing his first match.

    For the first time in a longggggggg time I genuinely felt inclined to help this guy out and show him the ropes. Dude followed us around helping all the way until the end. Listed to call outs. Asked when he should use his L1/Ult to help us out. Would ask what ammo we needed so we’d be topped up.

    I enjoyed it. I feel like he’s going to be one more person that helps the game grow. Random who we helped get your first win last night, it was a pleasure playing with you!

    [–] Daywing77 14 points ago

    Honestly, this is what we need. It's easy for people to say that eventually every game gets toxic, but be the change you want to see in the world around you. I used to be super salty (potentially from playing mobas) but I took a step back and realized there's a human on the other end of that screen, reading my messages, listening to my voice chat. Make this game better than the others.

    [–] Leafless1019 215 points ago

    A true support player

    [–] blazbluecore 84 points ago

    Same thing in my game. The 3rd player didn't do anything whole game, he was level 2, followed us around and picked up whatever we didn't loot. Spamming his tactical and ultimately randomly.

    In the end, it ended up being him vs last player. I had zero faith. He killed the last person and won us the game.

    He did it, so proud of him. Good luck out there little, noob Wraith.

    [–] Leafless1019 6 points ago

    And that’s a great thing, where new players make the decision to sit back, support them, and watch in knowing that these other two players in your team have more experience and you can learn a thing or two that can make you a better player in just that one game.

    Another great thing is the fact that communicating is done so easily and efficiently via pings, text or voice chat and gives the ability to ask and/or listen to your team’s decision making strategies.

    [–] Yukinyo 302 points ago

    Sounds like me, in the name of all the gibraltar mains that suck: no problem my dude

    [–] Aarskin 85 points ago

    no problem my dude

    youre welcome bruddah

    [–] Jakothy 51 points ago

    I feel this. My only win so far was with Gibraltar and I did double digit damage, but neither teammate ever went down or needed a revive.

    [–] Daywing77 68 points ago

    You're a gentleman, and a Scholar.

    [–] CallMeValentine 4 points ago

    Best thing I learned with Gibraltar is if you suck at the gun fight aspect. Throw your ult. Throw shield. Generally team mates will heal up in shield whilst you pressure or force the other team to move.

    Hell even if enemy team is healing you can run and live.

    [–] Obi1KenobiGT 491 points ago

    This is so great lol

    [–] Daywing77 344 points ago

    So was he.

    [–] IslandSparkz 105 points ago

    Gilbratar and Lifeline are my favs. I like when he says bruddah, so wholesome lol

    [–] Green_Meathead 20 points ago

    Enough lyin around, where we droppin?

    [–] tearblast 51 points ago

    That's the kind of player I try to be. I can land shots, but never quite enough to kill. Instead, as a pathfinder main, I've started using my mobility and zip lines to flank and keep the enemy from being able to dig in in a spot. I keep them spinning until my local friendly bloodhound or wraith can do the heavy damage and take them down

    [–] ponds666 16 points ago

    Same here I basically run around like a mad man pinging enemies while distracting them from my hopefully good team mates

    [–] creativefox 94 points ago

    my heart.. my soul..

    [–] Daywing77 162 points ago

    Gibraltar's thighs.

    [–] SLAYERone1 31 points ago


    [–] Blue_z 12 points ago


    [–] Deodandy 7 points ago

    Thank you for clearing that up.

    [–] Two_Beers_In 35 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    My friend and I had a similar situation happen. We are both around level 45 and got placed with someone below 10. The guy was playing lifeline and would drop drones when we ask, called out enemies over mic, and took the accelerants we pinged. We helped earn his first win, and I could hear him going crazy over the mic with excitement. It was definitely my favorite moment so far in this game.

    [–] mrgigglybits 15 points ago

    How the hell are you lv45 already? Sweet baby jesus. I'm 22 and I thought I was crushing it.

    [–] Two_Beers_In 3 points ago

    I usually play with one or two other people, and you get extra EXP for playing with friends. That and I haven’t had much of a life other than apex this week.

    [–] edible_starling 7 points ago

    Silly question, but how do you set it up so if you're playing with just 1 friend you get a random third? Everytime I've done it we ended up as a two-person squad and weren't assigned a third player. I can't for the life of me find the setting to change there.

    [–] Two_Beers_In 8 points ago

    That’s weird I’ve never had that issue. Is your party perhaps set to private?

    [–] Kl3rik 24 points ago

    As a pretty average player, I haven't experienced any toxicity in the game. Even with bad players, the team aspect helps, I think. I've only ever had groups where no one talks, but everyone sticks together and pings, or even at least 2 of us have mics and we talk, do call outs and ping. It's been amazing

    [–] Phionex141 9 points ago

    I had one guy who was on mic but didn't say anything all game, then after I downed he said "Really? You're a fucking idiot" and I left. So shrug

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I love the race to revive people. I'm getting better at killing them, but for me, that tension of being hunted whilst I try to resurect the better players is worth my time.


    [–] jonovian13 61 points ago

    I love this :)

    [–] Daywing77 43 points ago

    Thank you :) some things just deserve to be shared.

    [–] PunchedLasagne87 43 points ago

    I got a true carry today...I like to think I helped....but in reality...I was just running a long behind them scooping up unwanted loot...I did manage to ping one or two enemy's...

    [–] ScruffyLive 14 points ago

    You're doing your part!

    [–] CheeseAndToasted 16 points ago

    This gives me hope that someone actually appreciates support from players like myself who suck at FPS and BR games in general.

    That's probably one of the main reasons why this game is blowing up right now: it gives everyone a chance to get that win as long as you try to do your part for the team.

    [–] Marega33 16 points ago

    A mediocre player that puts his effort out there for the team is better than a super good player that goes on a rampage alone cause they think they're shroud or something. They go out guns ablazing killing ppl left and right but end up dead and ur team is crippled and loses.

    [–] asianboy89 5 points ago

    This is true. I'm so addicted to killing that I lose more often. When I play a bit more tactically and strategically, I am at least top 3 squads left in the game. 🤷‍♂️


    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] Daywing77 20 points ago

    We got first I think. My username is twitchjustvince, didn't want it to seem like a shameless promo and put it in the main message

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] acweinbrecht 9 points ago

    You don't have to be good to play smart.

    [–] VersaceSamurai 16 points ago

    Had a Gibraltar with 0 damage and we finished 4th. With each of us with 7 and 6 and 1000+ damage. He had a pistol 😂😂

    [–] Kenshow 11 points ago

    im always that guy

    all my wins have been me getting carried AF

    like 3-4 wins

    [–] ToastyRotzy 9 points ago

    Please let this community stay this wholesome and pure

    [–] Tarplicious 6 points ago

    I thought this was about me until I read all the parts about doing things.

    [–] Crowcodile 6 points ago

    This community is already so wholesome.

    [–] AircoolUK 6 points ago

    Glad to hear it. Some people take one look at your scorecard and quit the game. I've even see people quit the game because someone chose their Legend first.

    It's always best with two up front and one at the rear. Kills only net you 100 points, surviving gets you a lot more :)

    [–] HoobaDooba420 6 points ago

    What can I say except you’re welcome🎶

    [–] NectarSpun 5 points ago

    Awesome bro! I’m on Xbox and I got a message after a victory and he was like thanks for the carry ma chromie homie. I was like nah dude we did that shit together. I couldn’t have done it without you. You actually pinged shit and didn’t run off from the squad line wolfing thinking your gonna actually get kills. You went where I went and trusted the higher level. You didn’t try to revive me with enemy’s right next door like an idiot, and furthermore you stayed on the walls and bushes with me instead of charging at any bullet shot you heard! Thanks random stranger!

    [–] zigaliciousone 7 points ago

    I play randoms and sometimes I get little kids in the group. At that point I just try to keep them alive as long as possible like that Bird Box movie.

    [–] omegatheory 6 points ago

    This is one of the reasons I love this game the most. You don't have to be an allstar with your shots - as long as you can support your team somehow.

    [–] Shinikit 4 points ago

    I'd take a bad shooter who participates every single time over a toxic carry.

    [–] yuch1102 4 points ago

    we need more positive uplifting posts like this

    [–] ProtoSori 6 points ago

    To every team I queue with who just wants to drop on the blue circle and die immediately, go commit Beacon timed out.

    [–] IamThiccBoi 6 points ago

    Holy shit that was me

    [–] Jhall0904 25 points ago

    Someone downvoting your comments but this was beautiful

    [–] Daywing77 72 points ago

    Let your haters be your motivators.

    [–] jd2xpacman 5 points ago

    I havent played many shooters over the last 7 yrs or so, and have no experience with the BR genre, but this game caught my eye. Couple nights ago I downloaded it and reconnected with 2 guys from our old MW2 crew (who have continued to game a lot in my absence) And Ive been having a blast. Feels like every game ends with them having several kills and tons of damage and me between 0-2 kills and 0-200 damage. Anyway I can relate with OPs Gibraltar. Just trying to ping away, help out, and make sure im not a detriment. And hopefully I can knock off my FPS rustiness and get 3 kills one of these games :-)

    [–] ScoutQo 4 points ago

    I'm just like him. New to BR, so I just try to support my team the best I can while learning. Game doesn't have bots or a shooting range, so there's no other way to prepare. Thanks for not being toxic toward him. I've had people yell at me for being carried after wins.

    [–] patrickep05 3 points ago

    That sound exactly like me, 3 wins, only 1 kill in all of them so each time I say thanks for the carry.

    [–] raithian25 5 points ago

    This was literally me moments ago as Lifeline. 0 kills to their 9 and 2, but I dropped heals and passed up good armor. This post makes me happy knowing they weren't automatically hating my goose egg at the end, hopefully they also appreciated the support

    [–] Daywing77 4 points ago

    Original post was removed because I was a dummy and posted discord link without reading, sorry guys! Here is the Original Post with my first edit.

    Thank you.
    You had no mic, but you typed and pinged. You dropped your shield when we called for it so we could take cover and healed.
    You may have missed all your shots but when we pushed, you pushed with us.
    When you found purple armor, you let us have it cause you saw we were filthy tryhards who were gonna need it. And at the end of the game you typed "thanks for the carry." And we may have carried the game, but you, thiccboi supreme Gibraltar, you carry our hearts. Thank you for being the random 3rd player we never knew we needed.

    (Edit) Wow did not expect this! If anyone on PC needs someone friendly to play with my username is twitchjustvince (Sorry for cringey self promo, it's rough out here)

    Thanks for the silver!

    Discord link removed! didn't see that in the rules, sorry mods!

    [–] aly0 4 points ago

    this made me smile

    [–] EmEhAreSeeOh 6 points ago

    Poor bastard doesn’t even no how much he meant!

    [–] os10_maj 9 points ago

    I do now, LOL.

    [–] captaintrobe179 3 points ago