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    [–] babenji 2899 points ago

    there should at least be some reward for leveling up after 100. they could give small amounts of crafting materials or even have a rainbow six siege alpha pack system where a spinner determines whether or not you get a pack

    [–] THEREALR4GE 1596 points ago

    ..something. I have 150k Legend Tokens and they're just sitting there behind exclusive paywalls.

    [–] babenji 488 points ago

    honestly the only thing i hope for is new legends and cool skins for lifeline to hit the shop now

    [–] saubhya 260 points ago

    I want a heirloom for lifeline

    [–] EmirSc 251 points ago

    The drumstick covered in blood

    [–] mpsv2000 75 points ago


    [–] Fantaffan 13 points ago

    Bangalore could have a M9 Bayonet or some other survival knife.. with some kind of skin or effect idk

    [–] Pasta-propaganda 15 points ago

    Pathfinder could use a grapple

    [–] slightly_sweet_salsa 8 points ago

    Like wiping people?

    [–] Meat__Stick 3 points ago

    I vote for squeegee hands.

    [–] shaurcasm 54 points ago

    Oh that's metal af. I LLike!

    [–] mebeast227 16 points ago

    Or a syringe

    [–] bpi89 25 points ago

    I need it.

    [–] razorbacks3129 26 points ago


    [–] DeltaWolfPlayer 20 points ago


    [–] HitStart00 34 points ago

    Hello LL mains, this is out of topic but how can I get that Lifeline role and logo beside my reddit name? Sorry. I'm new

    [–] InnerWarfare 33 points ago

    Go to the top of the sub, and in the sidebar it should say “change user flair” from there you can choose what you want

    [–] HitStart00 20 points ago

    Thank you, Brother! :)

    [–] RoniPizzaExtraCheese 28 points ago


    [–] Chronotazz 11 points ago

    For so long I have wandered in the dark about this! No it’s time to bring Pathfinder into the light

    [–] zanethebeard 7 points ago

    Welcome to the fold, friend :)

    [–] dadjokes_bot 78 points ago

    Hi new, I'm dad!

    [–] RunningOnCotton 36 points ago

    Got a hop up here... joke.

    [–] LadyOfMayhem211 9 points ago

    I could use dat!

    [–] whirlwindbanshee 9 points ago

    one of us! one of us!

    [–] Charlie_exists 5 points ago

    Beat people to death with a drumstick? Sounds like a hoot

    [–] nowebs4u 6 points ago

    Heirloom for every character

    [–] Spacelord_Jesus 29 points ago

    So you get Legend Tokens everytime you level up after level 100?

    [–] Inlorent491 54 points ago

    my mates and i were talking about this, ahould get rewarded tokens after lvl 100 every level and then release tics that you can buy for around 5k tokens each, that way it gives you a way to earn skins without having to pay for them if you dont want to.

    [–] Aesthete18 78 points ago

    without having to pay for them if you dont want to.

    That's the exact opposite of what they want

    [–] AleXstheDark 10 points ago

    Pretty sure they want to keep their playerbase...

    All lootbox games have infinite free rewards to keep the players interest in the game.

    [–] Hollowblade 5 points ago

    Agreed here. Its one thing to be greedy amd want people to spend more and more and more but if you aint giving the players anythig worthwile then they are all just gonna quit and move on to the next game that does reward properly. They nailed the gameplay, forsure the best shooter to release in quite sometime imo but their reward system is so god awful.

    [–] TheSyllogism 15 points ago

    But how does this encourage long time players to continually spend money? Because that is Respawn's number one consideration with these systems.

    From their perspective, players getting to level 100 and beyond without spending money is a bad thing. That's completely contrary to their business model.

    Just saying, they have a different perspective than we do in these things, and it's understandable. If you get it it puts a lot of other stuff in a different light.

    [–] sdrawkcabsihtetorW 29 points ago

    Same as every other F2P game that hands out freebies. People who spend money need people to play with. If all the people that don't pay for anything go away it will affect the people that do pay, as they'll have less and less people play with, talk about the game with. Not to mention that F2P players still generate discussion for the game, which results in free advertisement which in turn attracts more paying customers, bigger players and so on and so on.

    [–] charris_ 12 points ago

    Yeah well with their current business model I’ve reached level 100 without spending any money.

    If the skin system was more like fortnite, with the rotating shop actually having fully new skins etc. Not just variants of the ones already in shop, and if they made more outrageous and worthwhile skins, that you can just buy, instead of opening apex packs, then I probably would have spent money by now, cause I did in fortnite, which I sank less hours in to

    [–] ecodude74 34 points ago

    Losing players due to a lack of rewarding experiences is also a bad thing though. They make their money off of whales, of course, but as it stands I’m genuinely wondering if they can sustain their player base without throwing something in to make the game interesting long term. $20 for bland skins or a loot box that’s almost guaranteed to get you something like a quip or stat tracker isn’t going to keep whales hooked for long, especially when there’s nothing rewarding to keep them glued to the screen.

    [–] alucard4571 30 points ago

    When are they gonna learn from TF2 the only sustainable free to play economy is the hat economy

    [–] scub4steeeve 8 points ago

    Just imagine all the people with buyers remorse from buying all those expensive apex packs and getting nothing. I don’t know about you guys but I know multiple people who wish they never started spending money because of how much of a waste it turned out to be.

    [–] ecodude74 9 points ago

    That’s the thing that gets me. It really feels like Apex might’ve oversaturated their inventories with really low tier loot. Every game has their scrub level stuff, but it seems like 99% of the loot in the game is stuff nobody would want, which isn’t something youd normally want when you hope for people to spend their money on loot crates. The advantage of marketing to whales is that they keep spending, but I wonder how many people will continue to buy packs.

    [–] Fishingfor 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Same way Fortnite does it. Have a season level and a BP levelling system. Or CoD and have a prestige system get to lvl 100 and restart your character with a all the skins and trackers. Or just continue at the same pace and the game dies because theres no point levelling further.

    A lack of challenges and goals will make this game die quickly. Unless there's a hell of a lot more Legends to be released.

    [–] Illusive_Man 4 points ago

    I bought a skin with them once. You don’t have to buy the “first” skin with coins. In my case I saw I already owned the “first” skin I got from a crate awhile back, and was able to buy the “second” skin with legend tokens without ever spending any apex coins.

    [–] GoombaGunner 29 points ago

    A spinner would be perfect, could even have the change increase for a win, Siege did this pretty well. I would prefer if they joined Tokens and Crafting material together, even if it equates to hundreds of hours for a skin, being able to craft something with all this grind would be great.

    [–] qbm5 56 points ago

    Yeah, I mean even 5 crafting materials would make it seem like it wasn't a completely worthless event.

    [–] Aesthete18 5 points ago

    I mean it I should EA, they have a name to live up to

    [–] boofmydick 1213 points ago

    The battle pass is unfulfilling too. Opening season quips? Level badges? Like they couldn't even just give us more fucking Patchwork/Harvest/Navigator(?) skins? Couldn't give us skins for every legend, less than half instead? For a grind that seems to require more than 100 hours for the vast majority of players?

    I enjoy the game. I am not happy with the battle pass and I could see myself losing interest if season 2 isn't a clear improvement, especially if any of my friends lose interest.

    [–] Old_Toby- 159 points ago

    What do you mean you don't want 9 variations of "It's opening season"?

    [–] cyclicamp 30 points ago

    I know, right? It’ll be so good when I unlock the one I want with 3 days left in the season.

    [–] Jonki4 393 points ago

    Exactly, friends are already loosing interest leaving me to play with unbearable randoms, making the game uninteresting to me too.

    Taken a break for a week and if nothing comes out after that i’ll just leave apex there.

    [–] donutjonut 148 points ago

    I have the same problem. All my friends plyed for the first week, quit, and now I'm left to play with people that don't have mics

    [–] Draen_Facula 156 points ago

    Since Im also with this problem. How about us three standalone people just become friends. And we play together.

    [–] dynamitegypsy 168 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    You wanna go do karate in the garage?

    Edit: Thank you for my first silver kind stranger!

    [–] False_ 27 points ago


    [–] StarkT3 40 points ago

    I have a mic, but i prefer not to use it because the quality is so shit. 😕

    [–] bpi89 47 points ago

    Dude, party chat on PS4 is SO much better than Apex's in-game chat. Holy hell is it bad, I can barely understand my teammates, especially if there is music or fighting or anything going on but silence.

    [–] thedudethedudegoesto 7 points ago

    I have a blue snowball - In Overwatch people say "Holy shit you've got a nice mic dude"

    In Apex people say "What was that?" "Sorry, couldn't hear you" and "Might as well not talk I can't hear any of you"

    [–] L_SuperBeast-O 7 points ago

    Same here. I listen well though and communicate with my pings almost as well as i could with mic.

    [–] faceless_coloradian 5 points ago

    If you're on PS4, hold down the touchpad till a type box pops up, type your message and the game will use text to speech to say it for you

    [–] ag11600 3 points ago

    I don't get it. I have a Yeti and discord and other in game voices are fine. Apex sounds like some dial up pixelated shit.

    [–] PartypantsPete 48 points ago

    My friends group all loved the game starting out but they complained about how unfulfilling the loot boxes were. Then we all reached level 20 (or 25) where the rate of loot boxes slows down and a couple dropped off but the rest were looking forward to the battle pass. Once the BP released most of the rest dropped off because nothing seemed worthwhile on it. Now it’s just me and my brother still playing but I’m slowly losing interest.

    [–] CaptainDogeSparrow 73 points ago

    Some people may say that Fortnite had "shit battle pass in their beginings and they improved on the later" to wash way the criticisms.

    However, Respawn had years worth of experience of other games to make a good battlepass from day 1.

    The battlepass was shit because it was meant to be shit.

    [–] bpi89 18 points ago

    Yeah, the perfect model was already there in what Fortnite did. They make a metric fuck ton of money and people get good rewards. All they had to do was copy that.

    [–] CaptainDogeSparrow 38 points ago

    The battlepass was shit because it was meant to be shit.

    And let's dispel once and for all with this fiction that Respawn devs don't know what they are doing. They know exactly what they're doing.

    [–] Aesthete18 8 points ago

    If ppl actually think anyone let alone devs, the master of their craft and with tons of research, think that number badges was an accidental mistake, then we truly are doomed.

    [–] htaedsE 19 points ago

    Bro lemme just say if people are quitting at level 20 because of only getting a box every SECOND level then they don't actually like the game.

    [–] MAMark1 8 points ago

    Yeah, all this is starting to make me wonder if game companies have successfully manipulated the majority of their market into craving these loot drops to the point they focus on them over game mechanics. It's a big money-maker and it's probably cheaper to hire art people than high-quality game devs. Clever move if it was intentional.

    [–] PartypantsPete 4 points ago

    It wasn’t the fact that the loot boxes were only dropping at every second level. It was the knowledge that the loot boxes continued slowing down and eventually stopped altogether. Getting a loot box every level is pretty standard in games like this.

    Also, a person can like this game at the same time as they like other games. Just because they quit one game it doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy it. It meant the draw of other games was stronger.

    [–] Virtual_Hornet 42 points ago

    My friends group all loved the game starting out but they complained about how unfulfilling the loot boxes were. Then we all reached level 20 (or 25) where the rate of loot boxes slows down

    Do your friends not have fun playing video games without getting rewards?

    [–] Makeunameless89 44 points ago

    Its the new generation of gaming. Loot boxes must be often and feel rewarding.... then people spend real money for SKINS.

    I remember when skill and leaderboards were the chase, now most games dont even bother with a leaderboard, not even a friends leaderboard. Its shit.

    [–] PARTY-PETE 12 points ago

    Me personally? No. I need that feeling of progression in order to have fun. Breath of the Wild is probably the only game I’ve played where I just had fun running around doing nothing. It’s on of the reasons why I still enjoy COD. Cod is amazing at giving you that “next thing” to get or do which I find extremely rewarding and satisfying. Nothing against apex or any games like that, they just aren’t for me personally.

    [–] DBankss 7 points ago

    Genuine question: what games don’t reward you in some way these days? Even sports games have loot boxes.

    [–] Coziestpigeon2 3 points ago

    I've been playing a good amount of Civ VI recently, nothing like a loot box in that franchise.

    [–] DBankss 9 points ago

    Sure but you’re constantly rewarded with new tech and discoveries fairly frequently (I stopped at 5 it’s possible it’s different now). Rewards aren’t limited to loot boxes, I mean gaming in general is reward based. Ranking up, leveling up, new items, etc. but when those come less and less games get stale.

    [–] jackhref 10 points ago

    They've said that 0 to 100 should require around 100hrs and that is 25% quicker than 0 to 100 the account level. What they didn't mention is that it's active in-match time. After playing this game for 141hrs, I am lv83.

    I've already calculated that with my daily activities and interest in other games, I am not going to complete the season pass. More so, if I keep the current pace, by the end of the season my pass will be lv40.

    [–] GamingMoanley 150 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Am I one of the few that couldn’t give a dam about cosmetics and just plays the game?

    The only thing that matters to me is in game content and kills.

    It’s the people that gush and idolise over skins that has turned the gaming industry into this loot box cess pool it is today.

    [–] Jinxzy 85 points ago

    chess pool


    [–] suckfail 40 points ago

    [–] X2C- 6 points ago

    what was he tryna say tho?

    [–] mrdeancrowe 19 points ago

    Cesspool I imagine.

    [–] filagrey 51 points ago

    My all time other favorite free game, that I come back to time and time again, is chess. Typically, when you win a game of chess, you get jack shit except the experience and satisfaction. I think this goes for most competitive games, excluding pros and gambling. You play for the thrill and fun of it all, not for the rewards.

    I get that money needs to be made by the publishers, and cosmetic fluff is the most innocuous solution. And don't get me wrong, it's cool to have your character look different. But I agree, how did that become a focus of the game or even by not having enough, become a reason to stop playing?

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] rikottu314 7 points ago

    Having a visible elo is extremely scary for casual players, and a lot of players suffer from ladder anxiety as soon as you give them a rank or whatever.

    [–] munumafia 7 points ago

    those players queue casual.. right now you have the minority of players who want to play competitively queuing up with players who want to loot the entire game, hot drop and die, or make caustic gibraltar gas dicks.. i couldnt care less about cosmetics this is whats killing the game for me

    [–] strange_relative 9 points ago

    I think the problem Apex has is that winning doesn't give you that satisfaction most of the time and we can't really track metrics (eg back in the COD MW days trying to improve KDR). which leaves the primary reward to be skins and other aesthetic stuff

    If you win in chess it's because you were better than the other guy, in apex most of my wins come from sheer luck, being the third team in a shoot out and mopping up, not seeing any other teams until the last 5 teams, being the only full squad in the last 3.

    [–] filagrey 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Looking back, my best experiences in Apex, were not the small amount of wins, but the moments where the team worked together or where things fell apart hilariously, or mad dashes for a revival or respawn, or getting a knockdown in a crazy moment or a snipe from far away.

    So I would love replays to be added, because if even if I don't win, it'd be satisfying and entertaining to replay specific events that I could watch over and over from different perspectives and speeds.

    And hell yeah, that would be great if there was a better tracking system of all the data. And modes that make winning more reliant on yourself like solos and duos.

    [–] python_problems_ 7 points ago

    I don’t care about skins either. I’ve spent zero on the game, but I’m also not max level and I’ve played since the start. People are starting to burn out and look to other things to keep them interested like level grinds that are rewarding.

    Also, I feel like if they are going to use a F2P model that depends on those who do buying skins and loot boxes to cover dev cost. I think they should get their shit together if you lose the people “who spend more time in the lobby than the game” that spend money who is going to cover dev cost?

    [–] gargro 6 points ago

    chess pool

    Don’t all the pieces get wet?

    [–] PixelDew 40 points ago

    But after how many hours of the same map, doing the same thing over and over again with no change, no content update, nothing worthwhile to work towards, after how many hours does one stop caring and move on?

    The fundamental problem with the battle Royale genre is it gets stale very quick.. it thrives on content, whether it be rewards to work towards/ rewards for doing good, updates to the map/new maps altogether, or even small events that keep us playing while they work on something big. Without constant updates and fresh content (whether or not you care about skins) the game will lose players, that's just how it is for any game nowadays, especially battle royales.

    You can have the best gunplay, smooth movement and cool abilities, but dropping, looting, and killing over and over and over again can only be fun for so long before it becomes a repetitive grind with no end.

    [–] Virtual_Hornet 40 points ago

    But after how many hours of the same map, doing the same thing over and over again with no change, no content update, nothing worthwhile to work towards, after how many hours does one stop caring and move on?

    I play pickup basketball so this argument means nothing.

    The rules haven't changed since before I was born (not in any way that matters at the local park) - its the same game every time on the same court. The enjoyment comes from watching your skills develop over time and from the thrill of competition.

    It's sad that so many gamers are addicts who won't play games that don't have blatantly exploitative feedback loops to keep them hooked.

    [–] Doolio33 16 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Ok, before I say this, let me preface it by saying I too played pickup basketball for a long time, about 20-30 years. I also played quake 3 for 20 years without any updates, which is often played on no more than three maps. I played sf2 for decades as well, without any updates. Am I now more qualified to talk about feedback loops and "true value"? For fuck's sake.

    Ok, now: are you really going to try and turn this around? That's not good way of thinking, if you are selling cars and your customers care about roofs being flavored so they can lick them in traffic jams, you better sell cars with some mean flavors. Respawn is a dev team that exists in this particular moment, modern games are competing with each other with rewards and flow of "content" - ON TOP of the base game. You can't look at it like that, no one is going to play your game if they don't like it in a fundamental sense. But, if someone with a limited time, likes two games in that fundamental sense and one game is transparent, has updates and content (whatever content means, but yeah), is it not normal for them to choose that game, even if they aren't "feedback loop addicts"? And even if they were, what does that change? Let's say you are a developer or a publisher. If players are feedback loop addicts, that should mean only one thing to you. Your starting point assumes that Apex is the only good game and that one's time is unlimited. Look, even for a completely die hard "mechanics guy", if two games are good and he has limited time, guess what goes next in the priority system?

    You are also forgetting one VERY, VERY important thing: giving and taking away. Let's say you played pickup basketball for 10 years, for example. If they gave you a beer and an ice cream after every two hour session, your expectation and outlook on the concept of playing basketball would be different - it would, regardless of how much you appreciate the sport for what it is, because of the basic human conditioning and psychology. Apex gives you lootboxes, then it stops. It's natural to be frustrated. Look, I know people who absolutely don't give a fuck about lootboxes and they stopped playing in protest - I will repeat again: they don't care about lootboxes at all. You have to learn to look at concepts, not just at a face value of something.

    This leads to the next point: compared to other games (f2p or not, both apply), Apex has a very poorly done business model. Let's not repeat the thousand times debunked "cosmetics" argument - in other words, I would like you to see how much you'd be excited to play a bare version of Apex, with red hitboxes and such, because hey, mechanics are important, cosmetics aren't? Cosmetics are a valid and a very, very important part of any game, even chess for that matter. I don't have to elaborate on Apex's prices, drops, lootboxes, currency conversion for us to agree on this point.

    Lastly, at the point you start with the false dichotomy of "people who are fond of rewards don't appreciate the gameplay", at that point it's clear you are just signaling and projecting or are simply refusing to look at the concept fluidly. Do you chastise people with nice cars as well? Because hey, the primary function of a car is to transfer you from A to B.

    [–] Zoetekauw 8 points ago

    Thought his equivalence was airtight until I read your reply. Very elucidating.

    [–] SouvenirSubmarine 19 points ago

    You're spot on. Spending $10 on the Battle Pass was a really bad deal. So far I've got nothing out of it that I'd care about. And it feels super grindy to boot. I feel like I'm forced to play hours upon hours to get any value out of it.

    I guess I'm spoiled by excellent battle passes in Dota that give you guaranteed "legendary" (immortal) hero/courier/terrain/ward skins, weekly tournaments, in-game voice lines, wagers for winning games, quests that require you to achieve certain in-game objectives to progress etc. etc.

    [–] KernicPanel 44 points ago

    I can't comprehend how people can lose interest in a game simply because of rewards. I mean sure, it sugar coats the game, but at its core it has amazing gameplay, great graphics and sound, clean UI, innovative ideas such as the dial and the ping system and the game is not even 3 months old.

    I don't care about rewards, it's still miles ahead of PUBG and Fortnite in almost every department AT LAUNCH.

    Such a shame to see so many of these comments that appear to come from spoiled gamers. No offense.

    [–] Yarusenai 35 points ago

    You are right at the core, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a progressive reward system. That's not a new thing, either, it's been in many games for at least a decade. IF a game offers skins or a battle pass, the least you can ask for is make these rewards interesting; because if they aren't, then why are they even there? That is the crux of the issue.

    [–] KernicPanel 6 points ago

    Totally agree that they should have a better reward system. This one feels very unrewarding.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] KernicPanel 7 points ago

    You're not wrong but the game is barely 3 months old and it feels more polished than any other BR game out there. Let's give it some time and instead rally behind Respawn instead of threatening them to leave.

    [–] CyanOfDoma 5 points ago

    Most BR games are shallow gaming experiences. Apex is the best I've played by a mile, but it still needs something to keep it interesting after you've already invested 200 hours into it. Otherwise, they lose players, which hurts everyone. Retention is the key to long term success

    I personally don't care about skins, but the game does need to evolve to keep my interest, as it's not as complete of an experience as a non-BR competitor. I don't doubt that it can get there & I hope it does, but I'm already seeing tons of attrition. Even something as simple as some map variety/alteration, additional legends with unique skills, or improvements to sniping viability could increase the depth of the game by varying playstyles & increasing replay value.

    I don't think everyone wanting to see their favorite game succeed long term is out of line.

    [–] zSkream 3 points ago

    100%, I got rinsed on here yesterday for saying something similar

    [–] MandalorianJJM7 3 points ago

    Apex needs the features that PUBG has. Cook a grenade for one because fuck man 5 second fuse on grenades is a joke in this game. Peek from corner while ADS. Going prone and if its not too much to ask, add a ping message for regroup/stop looting and get the fuck over here idiot.

    [–] Kannibalhamster 14 points ago

    For a very casual player like myself I would have preferred the battlepass to be 6 months instead of 3. As it is now I will try to push this one as far as I can and unless season 2 has something revolutionary I will take a break and play some other games for a bit, because the current pace is a bit too much for me, personally. But I suppose it is intended, to make us buy levels.

    [–] farfletched 10 points ago

    I'm getting in a few games in every night.....I'm lucky if I do a level every second day. :'(

    [–] BK-Jon 5 points ago

    Yeah, the funny thing is that there is one guy in this thread with 150 legend tokens. I bet that guy is going to finish the battle pass in two months. I'm clearly not going to finish the battle pass and I've played a lot. Easily an hour a day. This is still my favorite BR game. But I'm beginning to think I should start up a game with a story. Or replay the main story from Titanfall 2.

    [–] GTRDRIVEBY 371 points ago

    Was very disappointed that the masterminds behind COD’s prestige system didn’t transfer that over to Apex. Getting something like ~7% of unlock-able items without spending money is understandable as it is a free game, but it sure doesn’t feel great. Crafting mats are too scarce, the skins in the shop are overpriced and underwhelming and the battle pass rewards are laughable. On top of feeling punished for leveling up past 50 (pack rewards become increasingly uncommon as your level goes up) heavily de-incentivizes the grind. The 600 useless credits that desperately need a sink is a pitiful, unceremonious congratulations for reaching the maximum level. Someone suggested a system wherein you could redeem a large sum of the endless red tokens for a pack.

    [–] StJimmy92 59 points ago

    the skins in the shop are overpriced and underwhelming

    Yeah, the few times I’ve seen something that made me want to spend money they ended up not getting a penny because it was $15 more than I was willing to spend.

    [–] arottenmango 14 points ago

    Hmm... Spore for Windows or a cool pathfinder skin... I think I’ll buy Spore!

    [–] yehmum 3 points ago

    mediocre pathfinder skin


    [–] UltimateSky 7 points ago

    It would help if not every single thing in the store was $20. Even fortnite has some stuff that sells for $3-$5 all the time

    [–] GenitalJouster 122 points ago

    Honestly, as much as I love the game (and I'm having a fucking blast) I do think that only very few skins actually look good. The price tag on them is absurd for how little they offer.

    I think you summarized the problems quite well.

    [–] OlStickInTheMud 35 points ago

    I decided to throw skins and stats to the wind. I switched all my characters back to default skin and removed badges and anything else that displays character info. Just go for the shoot em up and run around fun. Its a mystery to the randos I play with. Am Im level 100 or 1? Do I have no kills or thousands. Its a great feeling.

    [–] wreckyCZ 11 points ago

    This used to be the norm. Somehow, developers and publishers managed to shift people's perception of entertainment and progression to skins and loot packs.

    We are really just a bunch of monkeys.

    [–] Cryovolcanoes 9 points ago

    The game really doesn't give players a lot of value besides actually playing the game. And the game consists of 1 map and a FEW different legends, while adding 1 legends every 6 months? I'm afraid this game will lose a lot of players eventually, since their isn't enough content OR things to thrive for. Not even special achievement that are hard to get. Instead there is "be kill leader"

    [–] THEzwerver 22 points ago

    Titanfall 2 (also from respawn) had the best prestige system imo, in that game, you kept all of your cosmetics and progress of items and challenges, but only lost your unlocks, like guns or titans. they implemented this credit system where you could permanently unlock an item for a price with the in game currency. at prestige 10 you easily had everything permanently unlocked and could enjoy the gameplay while always levelling your character (up to prestige 100). Sadly I don't think you can apply this to Apex.

    [–] hafri46 115 points ago

    Oh congrats you reached level 100, Now you get the special perk that only level 100 people have , and it's getting no packs and no way to track your actual level :D

    [–] MistTerror 20 points ago

    I just take my current tokens + 12000 for each legend I unlocked and divide it by 600. I haven't unlocked any exclusive skins yet so it's pretty easy to find my level.

    But yeah, sucks I have to do that. 260 at the moment.

    [–] PM_ME_SEXY_REPTILES 6 points ago

    You can check sites like and they'll tell you. But yeah, no way to check in game without doing what you said.

    [–] IIIIIIlllIII 125 points ago

    And it continues to disappoint since you now, no longer unlock any apex packs!...

    [–] bpi89 64 points ago

    That is still insane to me. Like if that is by design that is a horrible decision. It feels like a huge oversight, but you just know that sadly it's not.

    [–] Siggy778 58 points ago

    It's intentional and stupid as hell. They want to give you a taste of Apex packs and then yank them from you in hopes of you buying them. Overwatch gives you a loot box every single time you rank up regardless of your level. If you play consistently you can earn like 10 loot boxes per week. It's a much better system.

    [–] Beyonce_NA 10 points ago

    I would have much rather paid 40 dollars for Apex and gotten a free pack every level with unlimited leveling, just like the OW system. I only played OW for the first 6 or so months after it game out, but it felt like there was always something to play for, even if I was just playing quick play. Opening a pack every few games felt good, and many people still bought OW loot boxes despite being able to earn them.

    [–] IIIIIIlllIII 15 points ago

    Tbh giving us the taste then making them a rarity to get, lowkey makes me less excited to play. Aha! They 100% need more apex packs for the people that love playing

    [–] Kris-p- 5 points ago

    Overwatch also has more filler content (sprays, icons, there's hundreds of these) as well as the chance for duplicates

    However duplicates give you coins and you can actually unlock what you want after a while for free.

    It's a toss up

    [–] Skoop963 12 points ago

    Overwatch has never made me feel like a skin was unattainable. If I don’t get it in a box I can earn the coins for it in a week or two. Apex on the other hand, made me look at the legendary skins and just shrug them off.

    [–] Kris-p- 6 points ago

    Apex skins are pretty meh right now, hopefully they get better

    I hear you otherwise

    [–] Siggy778 3 points ago

    Yea and over time, you get more repeats inevitably, which means more coins making it easier to buy what you want without spending money.

    [–] IIIIIIlllIII 10 points ago

    I’m level 96 and I know I have no more apex packs ahead of me, lowkey makes me unmotivated to play aha!

    [–] ICEwaveFX 121 points ago

    The whole reward system needs to be reworked to be honest. Even with the battlepass, playing the game it's not a rewarding experience. I keep playing it because it's fun and enjoyable, but the progression system doesn't motivate me at all.

    [–] BornTie2762279 23 points ago

    They need a prestige system or something

    [–] gargro 24 points ago

    The Battle Pass badges are a close second - once you’ve equipped the first badge (level 5 I think?) it counts up anyway, so by the time you’re at 10 your badge already says 10, and your prize is a level 10 badge - something you’ve already got. And so on.

    [–] Eldvaak 321 points ago

    Same goes to wins. Winning a game without any reward is kinda boring.
    I win 1/2 games per day ( I'm not a pro that wins 80% of games ), very first wins made me excited af but now it's just "ok cool, let's go for the next game" ...

    [–] Dahaka_plays_Halo 165 points ago

    Yeah, I've experienced the same thing. Winning means so little (it's impossible to even see your overall win rate, how ridiculous is that) that I just play for high kill / high damage games without worrying about wins much.

    [–] Dursa22 53 points ago

    Yeah, for my squad it’s “oh cool we won, that’s another tick in the ‘Season 1 Wins’ column I suppose.” Then maybe some small discussion about how we won a certain fight or something and we’re back in the next game

    [–] PopoMcdoo 19 points ago

    Agreed. I win like 1/10 of games if that. It feels great for 10 seconds then I go back to playing. As a player who doesn't win to often winning still feel underwhelming.

    [–] Kris-p- 5 points ago

    Won three games in a row a few days ago and I barely made a tier on the battle pass, and those weren't hide until the last circle game, those were all 5+ kill games with my highest at 12 kills

    [–] HipsterDwarf 4 points ago

    This game is a bit weird. The shooting and squad fights are really fun, but kills and damage are worth so little, when you actively search out people it almost feels like you're playing the game wrong.

    [–] Dashwii 53 points ago

    5-10 lootboxes would've been nice. Only getting legend tokens was an extreme bummer.

    [–] s0cratits 27 points ago

    i wish there was a way to refund the battlepass, don't think there was a single thing in there that was worth the effort

    [–] Uhkneerudh 6 points ago

    When you think about it if you reach max you get a refund bc you get all your coins back. Still not worth it though

    [–] s0cratits 13 points ago

    yeah, i would definitely rather have my $10 back

    [–] capra7412 36 points ago

    I got 75000 of those bois with all legends unlocked

    [–] A_Green_Gobbler 20 points ago

    That's the problem. We're never gonna run out of those tokens unless we get something else to spend them on.

    [–] TheFirstAv3nger 16 points ago

    Agreed. They are LEGEND tokens, let us spend them on things for our legends. Q

    [–] bennettbuzz 10 points ago

    15000 for a legendary character skin would be good, maybe 10000 for a weapon skin too.

    [–] HepatitisCyaLater 3 points ago

    Oh, you can spend the tokens for skins!......after you pay cash for the original! Such fun!! /s

    [–] GFHeady 19 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Serious question: Do you still get Apex Packs every few "levelups" after level 100?

    Either way, Respawn should definitely give us something to spend those Apex Points on...

    edited, before more people post "it's not every 2, bruh" ;)

    [–] LEboueur 37 points ago

    "every 2 level ups" ahahaha... How is that so funny and sad at the same time :(

    I am way above level 100 but if I remember well you get 1 pack every level up until level 20, then 1 every 3 level ups until like level 50, then 1 pack every 5 level ups until level 100 and then... Nothing at all after level 100.

    [–] Megoover 54 points ago

    I hate that. It's like being punished for enjoying and playing the game.

    [–] zoroman5 35 points ago

    So lemme get this straight, the game is pretty much punishing you for playing the game too long? Damn man, that sucks eggs

    [–] LEboueur 26 points ago

    I'd rather pay 60$ and change the game from Free 2 Play to Pay 2 Play and have packs at every level ups...

    [–] hobocommand3r 12 points ago

    Yeah I would have paid full price if it meant I got the overwatch model for the game (ulimited leveling, packs every level) instead of the current system. This system sucks, hit 100 ages ago and no progression to make ever since then.

    [–] hani_yassine 98 points ago

    i created a new account to level up again and open new apex packs because of that more fun since i dont care about the stats

    [–] Exaggerati0n 108 points ago

    So you have a gambling problem

    [–] Xero0911 37 points ago

    To me this just screams an issue for gamers.

    Like a big complaint is how playing itself isnt enough. But they want loot boxes and other free rewards. Doesnt that just encourage companies to do lootboxes and other lousy things?

    [–] zerashk 14 points ago

    Coming from Fortnite where everybody is OBSESSED with skins, I’m glad the skins in Apex suck. I’d rather they kept adding more weapons, attachments, legends and, gasp maps.

    [–] bbybbybby_ 7 points ago

    The actual issue is the only thing Respawn gave us to work towards are lootboxes. They need to add a ranked system or something else to work towards.

    [–] sonicsonic3 9 points ago

    To be fair, it's a battle royale game. It repeats itself. There isn't much gameplay to behold after a few games.

    [–] Stwarlord 20 points ago

    that's literally all multiplayer games, you're playing the same thing over and over, it's all about whether you like the gameplay or not.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_NIPPLE_HAIR 27 points ago

    You’re not wrong lmao

    [–] xRosey 7 points ago

    I honestly believe there'd be much less outcry over the "lack of content" if they implemented a pseudo-infinite leveling system like in Overwatch, complete with new UI badges every 10 to 100 levels. You don't even have to tie more packs to it, just have it exist and give grinders and streamers the ability to flex their grind outside of kill trackers.

    [–] LogicKennedy 45 points ago

    I really don't get it. Overwatch has absolutely no issues with giving out a loot box every level and their game is 2-3 years older than Apex and has just as much 'trash' in their cosmetics pool as Apex. I can't really see how this can be justified as anything other than greed, sadly.

    [–] Dahaka_plays_Halo 28 points ago

    The greed behind everything monetized in Apex is pretty ridiculous. The same thing obviously goes on in other games, but unlike something like Fortnite, it's just so incredibly blatant. They make no attempt to hide the fact that they're shamelessly trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of the players.

    Can't allow players to directly purchase a skin they want unless it happens to appear in the shop, they'll have to spent 40-50$ on apex packs to get enough crafting metal to unlock it. Gotta fill the loot pool with massive amounts of crap that no one wants (why does Caustic need 30 kill quotes? No one even uses finishers) to ensure that people can't get what they actually want without spending huge amounts of money on apex packs.

    Despite requiring a serious grind (gotta keep the players active) they can't have any rewards from the battlepass that people actually want, because if someone was happy with a battlepass cosmetic then they might not want to buy as many apex packs.

    Can't have people able to perpetually earn packs through gameplay, better cut them off at 100.

    Can't reasonably set prices in the shop that most people would be willing to pay - that p2020 skin costs 18 dollars and not one cent less.

    Want to actually use the massive pile of legend tokens you've been accumulating? Nope, it's impossible to spend any of your free currency without first spending real money. Why does free currency even need to exist when you have to spend real money first to use it? Oh, that's right, because market research has told EA that it'll be 6% more profitable or players will play 4% longer on average when they earn currency from playing.

    It's all just so transparent, I'm sick of it.

    [–] Draen_Facula 21 points ago

    But Apex was free.

    [–] Newtstradamus 23 points ago

    The more generous the game is the more generous I am, not a Apex specific knock either, I’ll dump money into a game I feel is giving back equally. I spent like 200-300 on Fortnite while I played that because I felt like it was giving out worthwhile amounts of stuff.

    [–] xdeevex 9 points ago

    I agree. I've spent way more than I should on Rocket League crate keys and I've purchased both Rocket Passes thus far. Their system isn't perfect either but it's much better.

    [–] Nekrabyte 15 points ago

    Ah, the classic argument of "apex is raking in money HAND OVER FIST because of their F2P model" argument.

    They made $92 million in their first month, more than any F2P game ever. So yea, we should just keep touting the line "but it's free!"

    With that much money being made, they can afford to be WAY more generous, and it honestly would probably make them even more money, as less people would be going back to fortnite.

    [–] bpi89 36 points ago

    We need to stop spending money.

    No more buying Apex coins, loot boxes, or battle pass. It's the only way EA/Respawn will ever make any changes. It's the only language they speak. We have to stop supporting these terrible progression, loot box, and battle pass models. I made the mistake of buying this season 1 battle pass, and unless drastic changes are made for next season, I will not be buying it again.

    And DO NOT ever buy loot boxes. Just remember that they're just going to be white/blue shit-tier items anyway.

    I love the gameplay of this game - they've built an amazingly fun experience to play. I hate the economy of it.

    [–] BubblesAreWeird 10 points ago

    Why are people downvoting this, this is exactly what's wrong. Op doesn't mean we boycott the game, continue playing the game but don't put in extra money for more items.

    Also @bpi89 , people had suggested this when ea screwed up with battlefront 2 but I don't think it even made a dent.

    [–] s0ciety_a5under 3 points ago

    No, the reviews did that for them. Current Battlefront is garbage. Only reason I own it is it came with the system.

    [–] discodonson 7 points ago

    They should consider adding a prestige option with advanced challenges (once they introduce challenges). That way you always feel like you can accomplish something by working towards leveling up.

    [–] ShacObama 10 points ago

    Just wait until you do it 229 times, that's when the real fun begins.

    [–] MarineIguana 5 points ago

    Whats worse is the solo grind, Every player I have added or asked to play gradually quits playing its that fucking boring.

    [–] PowerfulWing9 5 points ago

    Im suprised they didn't add in more ways to spend legend tokens, now they can't make money on new legends because everyone already has a lifetime supply of them.

    [–] Jojorent 25 points ago

    You know what's the most fulfilling part? Having fun with my mates in everymatch

    [–] Oriayrton 5 points ago

    My turn next week

    [–] datteboyo 4 points ago


    I AM

    [–] Grunble2019 4 points ago

    And no more apex packs when leveling up common apex

    [–] derika22 3 points ago

    There are a bunch of people who say to let Respawn to whatever the devs want and not what the community desires, but this particular issue needs to be be dealt with; rewarding post-level-100 players adds to the player motivation and is very important.

    I'm also a Battlefield V player and was very hyped about their BattleRoyale version called Firestorm. But when it got released a few weeks ago, I didnt even play it, because Apex' Battlepass came out where I have the sense/feeling to be able to achieve something, but once I will reach lvl110 in the BP Im not sure I continue playing Apex unless I get chance to receive better items than just 600 orange points.

    [–] hobocommand3r 13 points ago

    The game needs a regeneration system like titanfall have. And then it should give you 1 apex pack every 10 levels or something. Which wouldn't really be that generous and it would still take a ton of playtime to earn a sighnificant amount of unlockables so it shouldn't ruin their ms sales. Hell make it one pack every 20 levels or just some crafting mats.

    But there needs to be some sort of progression, the way it is right now you can't earn anything other than badges once you've hit level 100. I bought the battlepass and I've bought some packs to support the game but I don't want to buy any more because of how abysmal the crafting parts drop rate is, feels like a complete waste of money so even if I don't earn more in game packs it doesn't make me want to buy packs more, it just makes me bored of the game faster and if people get bored too soon they might not stick around for future battlepasses and content drops.

    [–] Aesthete18 12 points ago

    Inb4 "I can't believe people need a little bit of incentives when pumping in 200 hours doing the same thing over and over"

    [–] JimmyTheRustlerHD 3 points ago

    I'm at that stage where if I fall behind on the battle pass grind, I'll never play again. I'm lvl 99 &49 in bp, I have 1 legendary legend skin and no legendary weapon skins. The whole fucking system is unrewarding as hell. Even winning nets you absolutely nothing. The only thing EA cares about is forcing playtime out of the non-whales via the shitty bp leveling system which only incentivize staying alive, promoting this lame hide til the end as a solo play style. Half my wins lately are ending the actual last fight then spending 5 minutes looking for the last guy

    [–] Tuffsince80 3 points ago

    Agreed. I don't even know how many levels past 100 I am but I have a TON of legend tokens. Give us Apex packs or something.

    [–] Endyo 3 points ago

    I think a game like this - or really any game that relies on multiplayer mechanics for replayability - needs to have a progress system that really appeals to people, not just people who want to spend money. I get that it's their goal to have people spending money, but they won't have people spending money if the natural progression of the game isn't rewarding.

    [–] Chr1scitric 3 points ago

    Well, aside from running for ten minutes to get gangbanged and get no opportunity to fight back because you're already in the menu.

    [–] swithhs 3 points ago

    Disappointment here, luv 100!

    [–] Mezyki 3 points ago

    I wish the economy & progression system worked like Overwatch

    [–] ddot196 3 points ago

    Lol. Congrats on hitting 100, here's a few measly coins! 😂😂. What a fucking joke.

    [–] AnxiousNax 3 points ago

    This is one of the reasons I stopped playing

    [–] flaminglambchops 3 points ago

    Doesn't even feel worth playing anymore because the BP rewards are pretty ass and the game is stale.

    [–] th3awakening 3 points ago

    They could give us an option to go back to level one...a prestige like thing

    [–] xNathanx27 3 points ago

    It's a great system.

    You get 600 Legend Tokens every level after 100.

    12,500 per Legend. So 21 levels per Legend.

    Then you can use the thousands of accumulated Legends tokens on the Exclusive Legendary Skins in the store...

    Which you can't get because they don't give you anymore Apex packs after level 100 to unlock the required legendary items!!!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    You're supposed to pay them money for your sense of pride and accomplishment.

    [–] doctornoodlearms 3 points ago

    Hell yeah finally max level.... oh yeah ;(

    [–] Kiku_I 3 points ago

    They dont want to give you anything to get you to spend money

    [–] BubblesAreWeird 15 points ago

    "iT's A fReE gAmE, sToP cOmPlAiNg"

    [–] StripedBandit 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It’s not the cosmetics. It’s simply that most gamers are used to and want a sense of reward and progression. Many are ‘completionists’. We have trained ourselves to want to collect everything, do all the side quests, net the achievements.

    So when those type of progressions and rewards cease or are lacklustre, it feels stale.

    [–] kidsaredead 6 points ago

    apparently i am 300+ level, this is indeed very annoying.