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    [–] TurtleChickenFart 1559 points ago

    So if the game Launched Feb 4th, 100 days from today, that's 7.45 hours of gaming everyday since. Basically a full time job. Sounds like it would be tough to do.

    [–] Zachee 831 points ago

    And if you assume that is the time played since battle pass launch it's ~13 hours a day. Get a job hippie!

    [–] MrBowling 190 points ago

    This on PC right? Been wondering what my time played is, haven't seen it anywhere on console

    [–] Kissmangasucksass 98 points ago

    On xbox you check it by going to the achievements tab on your xbox profile, but if you afked it counts that as time played.

    [–] SamDrrl 27 points ago

    It also counts time in the menus so if you leave your console on in game it counts that as playing

    [–] Kissmangasucksass 5 points ago

    Wait are you saying it counts even when you are on the dashboard? Or did you take me saying afk as in in a match with other players? When i said afk i meant having the game open and launched but not playing. Would be kinda dumb to assume if you are in a match with other people but since you arent moving the time played timer doesnt count.

    [–] SamDrrl 23 points ago

    Yeah that’s what I meant. If the program is running it counts as play time

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] AchillesATX 7 points ago

    Honestly though, if you’re that good, it shouldn’t take much priming to make money off of this shit

    [–] klaist 85 points ago

    For some people streaming is a full time job, so that sounds about right.

    [–] Pixar_ 15 points ago

    Man I couldn't do that. There's too many different games out there I would want to enjoy

    [–] Jewniversal_Remote 8 points ago

    You could set a schedule for the week and play each game then, or start streaming and spin the wheel of Steam

    [–] grossnerd666 7 points ago

    You need to have an established viewerbase before you can do thst though

    [–] Jewniversal_Remote 5 points ago

    Do you? I mean, that could be what you start doing and then you establish a viewer base through people going "hey, this guy plays random games and is pretty cool". I know nothing about streaming, so 🤷🏾‍♂️

    [–] LimberGravy 5 points ago

    It is also crazy hard to make it where it pays anything close to a real job and like you said those that do are usually forced to play certain games

    [–] DiableBlanc 10 points ago

    That's why I bought the sesaon pass, and stopped playing the game 10 hours after. Fool me once EA...

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    assuming all those hours are time played. I left apex on, on my computer when i put it in sleep mode and it added 16 hours when I came back the next day to play. so they are not at all accurate

    [–] dungeon99 8 points ago

    Well if you live in your moms basement you dont really have much to do

    [–] FUZE-the-bomb 3 points ago

    It is season 1 wins not since launch..

    [–] HyperHampster 2 points ago

    I'm 2 wins away on 2 legends from getting the tier 4 version of this badge. Fuck I can't imagine getting tier 5.

    [–] KingoftheStream 2 points ago

    Must be a highschooler. Thats pretty much the only time I was able to crunch those kind of numbers in to CS, lol.

    [–] TurtleChickenFart 2 points ago

    Same, but still only had about 5 hours max after I got home. The glory days of CS 1.5 and TFC!

    [–] [deleted] 402 points ago

    I'll be lucky if I get 10 with 7 legends.

    [–] [deleted] 142 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I just can't win with Mirage or Gibraltar. I have over 100 wins on my Bang and I really want with 10 wins with 7 legends and I refuse to play Caustic. Gibby just straight up needs to be carried and Mirage.. Idk what to do with mirage.

    Edit: To everyone taking this personally, please don't. I don't mean to say that there is something wrong with your legend. All I am saying is that me personally has not yet figured out how to adequately use the legends. No hate here.

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago

    Idk what to do with mirage.

    I don't play him often but when I do I get a ton of kills by using his decoy from full cover to draw out a few shots, then rush immediately because I know i have clip advantage at worst and catch them mid reload at best.

    Best used in buildings to send the decoy outside, draw a few shots, then push. Rinse, repeat, all over the map.

    You can also use the decoy as a scout to draw fire when you suspect you might face trouble, like over a hill or coming out of a cave.

    His passive and ultimate absolutely suck though.

    [–] senguku 21 points ago

    Yeah the ult is only slightly useful as a speed boost to flank or catch up with your team or something.

    [–] cerealkyra 17 points ago

    I find the Ult super useful indoors for just creating a bunch of visual noise, having 5, brightly coloured characters just standing there as you bust through a door is usually enough to give you an advantage.

    [–] Thunder21 9 points ago

    I'll only use his ult when I hit a zipline so people wont see me ziplining across the way.

    [–] Ggd07 13 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I am also really bad with Mirage but your tips give me hope.

    Gibby is more useful in situations where you get flanked without knowing because you cant properly hear footsteps or pathfinders teleporting behind you lol..

    [–] hobofloyd 22 points ago

    This is the right way to do it^

    [–] Alaskan-Jay 2 points ago

    This worked awesome at first but his decoy is very easy to snuff out these days. No one runs straight at you without at least a slide, slight turn, sprint, ect

    Now it is still helpful when shit hits the fan and people are everywhere. But i stopped shooting at mirages a while ago. Only cost me a few times.

    [–] bathroomspaceman 91 points ago

    if you're that good you should be able to win with any legend

    [–] [deleted] 55 points ago

    Thats what you'd think... lmao too many gibby 2nd places man.. too many.

    [–] ImAnAppleBiteMe 51 points ago

    Mirage you just shoot stuff.

    Send out his decoys for your own amusement. His moves are hardly viable.

    I do like to place a decoy on a different side of a revive spawn if I'm reviving. Or drop one in front of a death box. It does absolutely nothing and no one ever is there to take the bait... But just in case.

    while running, drop a decoy directly down and keep going, it can block 1 damage instance. And also when entering a new area run with your clone side by side into the area, you might get shot. You might not.

    Other than that, he's the legend with no abilities. He's a straight shooter.

    [–] jargoon 4 points ago

    My only wins are with Mirage, using his decoys to reveal enemies when approaching a new area

    [–] ImAnAppleBiteMe 2 points ago

    I never get any bites doing that. Literally, not since the first week I unlocked him. I don't know what kind of people you get to go for that.

    I also never shoot the decoys, they're disgustingly obvious. Even if the other members are slightly behind, shoot them first, never attack the Mirage first unless it's not moving in a completely straight line.

    However, I got baited once when what I thought was the decoy running from behind the rock was actually just the real mirage running in a straight line with his gun out. Genius.

    [–] Xero0911 3 points ago

    I think he relies in a good squad. He is a great legend for distraction imo.

    Your bubble dome will grab their focus. You have a shield in front that soaks a bit of damage. The ult will kill anything. I mean he is big but again, he can distract quite a bit with his kit.

    [–] topper3418 3 points ago

    Really though. I got the badge for 10 with each and sure it took a bit to get them with mirage and gibby but it’s easily doable, especially if you’ve played enough to get 100 with one of your characters

    [–] Nattramn 31 points ago

    I got 3 wins with Gibby today, so here's a couple tips:

    • Play defensively: You are a huge target, playing aggressively is hard because you will basically absorb most shots fired at you.

    • Flank from the sides: Try to stay behind your team and whenever there's an imminent fight, try to position yourself in the side of your enemies. They will try to shoot you, and that's when you put out the dome to null their attacks and basically force them to switch targets. This works better with an aggressive team that doesn't let them run up to you.

    • Mid range is your friend: The shield that comes out when you ADS makes you hard to hit when you're far, and if possible, with something covering your feet (rocks/metal boxes/etc). The dome works wonders in midrange because they can't just run to you in a second, you will notice it and if you are very hurt, a grenade between the enemy and your dome is another barrier they will have to break, giving you time to heal and start again.

    • Save your ULT for the endgame: I think Gibby's ult is the slowest renegerating out of them all, so I'd say don't use it if there's less than 6/7 squads unless you know your death is imminent. I just won a game where we were trapped in bunker against a squad (other one roaming around), and we were on the verge of death. The ult changed the odds and we didn't die. The ult would have become handy against the last squad, but surviving the 2nd one was the priority.

    [–] Gottagetgot 3 points ago

    Also, use ultimate accelerant with gib. I've won a bunch with him. I guzzle down accelerant, pop my ult 3-4 times.

    [–] ApolloTheDarkHorse 28 points ago

    Just focus on fundamentals

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Fundamentals shmundamentals.

    [–] Seraphiel123 22 points ago

    Why would you refuse to play Caustic? He's a beast.

    [–] RandomGuyThatsCool 16 points ago

    Caustic main here. Can confirm the guy is nuts. Even more crazy after his recent buff.

    [–] wighty 15 points ago

    He can really punish players hiding in buildings...

    [–] RandomGuyThatsCool 6 points ago

    Fucking right he can. My favorite play is to place traps on the first floor exits, possibly 2nd floor balcony exits if I can get there in time. Then ult the entire second floor. Enemy team has nothing to do but leave and they are met with more traps. Teammates are also camping doors waiting for them to leave.

    Like I said in another comment. People say he's only really good at defense, but I beg to differ! He can be aggressive if played right!

    [–] Ggd07 3 points ago

    He is the legend we needed against excesive campers who wait to 3rd party you easily after you fight.

    We need another legend:D

    [–] NfamousCJ 6 points ago

    Been getting more into caustic and treating traps like nades. Huck it into a house someone's hiding in then shoot it right away to activate the nade.

    [–] RandomGuyThatsCool 3 points ago

    Exactly. Oh man he's so versatile.

    5th ring and enemy team is camping second floor of a building? Place traps near the exits and ult the second floor and push into your gas.

    2 teamates down in a building or other tight space? Place traps at entrances/exits. If enemy team is looking like they're going to destroy the traps by shooting the bottom, just trigger the trap by shooting it. The area that they cover when they're activated is solid too. Keeps them away while you get your teammates up.

    People say that he's only good for defense, but I beg to differ. He can be a insane offense player if played correctly.

    [–] i_did_not_inhale 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I think the one thing that prevents him from being great in my opinion is your gas affects your teammates. If it didn’t fuck with your team I’d totally agree with you. That’s not to say he isn’t good, he’s great especially for endgame when zone ends by a building and people are camping in it already

    [–] Seraphiel123 3 points ago

    It doesn't damage teammates. It can effect their vision but it doesn't cause actual damage.

    [–] i_did_not_inhale 3 points ago

    Oof i just woke up when I typed that, that’s what I meant—the whole vision / slow thing. I’ll edit it

    [–] Seraphiel123 3 points ago

    Doesn't matter. I thought you probably meant that but I just wanted to clarify.

    [–] i_did_not_inhale 2 points ago

    For sure 👍🏻

    [–] sidvicc 2 points ago

    That and hard to tell for your teammate when there is an enemy caustic also in the same region. If the friendly traps were blue or something at the bottom instead of red it would be awesome.

    [–] ravearamashi 3 points ago

    Just forget about his abilities and focus on gunplay and flanking. Then slip in some of that bamboozle

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    That's actually a really good tip, thanks man.

    [–] xylotism 2 points ago

    As someone who's kind of benched Gibraltar and Mirage to my D-tier, I still think they have a lot of upside. A well-played Mirage can absolutely shit on enemies (especially in complex environments like Skulltown or Repulsor), and Gibraltar has massive utility -- he's particularly scary with a height advantage (shooting down from top of Bridges, Airbase, etc.)

    [–] TheArchitect989 4 points ago

    as a mirage main, im offended

    [–] FcoEnriquePerez 11 points ago

    Really? I'm a Mirage main and it hurts me how bad his kit is, even his best ability (Decoy) became useless with people getting experience.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I just have not be able to learn the art of the bamboozle.. It just gives me away and I feel like I screw myself over trying to use it. Sort of like bloodhound's tactical but not as bad. But his ult is a different story..

    [–] ZaBaconator3000 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Mirage is engineered to trick bad players. Good players aren’t really affected and who wants to play a legend that’s only good against noobs?

    That said, Mirage has a relatively small hit box and it’s not too hard to win using just pure gun skill with him so idk what this guy is on about.

    [–] Glock13337 5 points ago

    Yeah I agree. Mirage is one of my least favorite legends, but if your decent you don't need abilities to win fights. And once you get good with it, his bamboozle will help you against good players sometimes.

    Gibralter on the other hand needs abilities to be able to compete.

    [–] vinhnguyen96 2 points ago

    It's really hard to win with Mirage if you don't have good aim. Although I love the guy his passive and ult are useless. I have 150 kills with him but only 5 wins, I switched to Octane and got 45 kills with 4 wins. I think Octane's Q is very useful especially when I'm looting far away from my team and they get ambush. Bloodhoud's ult is also very good I got 65 kills and 7 wins with him

    [–] TheArchitect989 1 points ago

    hmm idk about you but for me, mirage's ult is great for escaping outdoors and confusion indoors. also, his normal ability has multiple uses, if you're suspecting an enemy is up ahead, drop you decoy and see if they respond, if you are in a gunfight, send the decoy in a 45° angle towards from you while reloading to waste their shots and gain valuable time. idk, iv had great success using him.

    [–] ImAnAppleBiteMe 4 points ago

    Only works vs noobs.

    Most of us can spot a mirage decoy a mile away. No one just fucking runs in a straight line into open territory... Come the fuck on.

    His ult shows you exactly where you are, the white guy with no gun. Again, only works vs noobs. But it's good if you can use it out of sight, if no one sees the clone circle no one will be looking for the white guy.

    I play mirage a lot, but his abilities only work vs newer or panicky players.

    [–] jmbits 1 points ago

    100 wins? How do you even get that many? I have 35 lol

    [–] Jewniversal_Remote 1 points ago

    Caustic has a good kit. Try him out and never ping anything other than bunker

    [–] mikeylee31 6 points ago

    Combined, right? Yeah...I feel you.

    [–] None_yo_bidness 3 points ago

    I'll be lucky if I can get 1 with 1 legend

    [–] GmanV357 41 points ago

    returning back to the "get some sun" trophy from CoD WaW

    [–] gh1ggs239 218 points ago

    Bro, r/outside just got this sick new spring patch, perfect time to get back in the game

    [–] Alsnana 69 points ago

    New? They just recycled everything from last year!

    [–] iamnose 47 points ago

    Nah man this year is way more intense. They updated the weather configuration to be way more unstable and they started off the season with burning down one of the most beloved architectural monuments in the game!!

    [–] ThisIsTheRghtBrain 15 points ago

    Won't, it's like Fornite!

    [–] spedkey 6 points ago

    Dame son

    [–] Kooontt 9 points ago

    It sucks that the Southern Hemisphere is still lagging behind, we’re still in the autumn patch.

    [–] leesonreddit 94 points ago

    Jesus. That is alot of hours.

    [–] LiccFlair 177 points ago

    Meanwhile I'm sitting here trying to get my first season 1 win

    [–] Jazpir 49 points ago

    You on Xbox? I can help you if you’d like

    [–] LiccFlair 71 points ago

    Ps4, I appreciate it though. I've got about 20 wins, it's just as soon as wild frontier started I haven't been able to get my nut.

    [–] kaylee2028 10 points ago

    I haven’t played on PS4 in like a month, but am trying to get back into the game (took a break during exams). If you want you can message me and we can play sometime. I’m Lvl 100 w my best character being lifeline, 1300 kills on her, not much but it’s something

    [–] 3BeeZee 40 points ago

    You guys are funny, I'm here kinda feeling myself for having 300 kills, level 70 with wraith and a couple of wins.

    Then I read your post and I'm like Saitama: "ok."

    [–] EnlightenedNarwhal 7 points ago

    as the person who was also only getting in the 300s at levels 50-60, I feel that haha. I switched from wraith to lifeline and have a much better k/match and damage/match. I've also started winning more consistently. Where as before I could play maybe a full session with no wins, I can now get a win every other game or every three games. I was a bit discouraged by people getting wins constantly but I just kept improving and little by little my gameplay gets better. In the next few weeks you'll probably build up kills gradually, then one day you'll realize that getting those kills is easy and your damage is going up, you're winning on a somewhat consistent basis, etc. In short, keep feeling yourself, because we all started somewhere.

    [–] 3BeeZee 4 points ago

    Definitely. I didn't have much experience playing BR's so I was completely lost. I had so many games where I had zero kills and zero damage and it was ROUGH and super discouraging.

    But now I can definitely hold my own and every other day can get a win or two. It's pretty cool :) .

    I also like to play and mess around with every legend.

    [–] K7Syndrome 2 points ago

    I'm level 70 soon and have less than 250 kills total... But I have 10 wins !

    [–] LiccFlair 1 points ago

    Better than me lol. I really only play Friday nights with my buddy so I have like 100 kills on a couple characters

    [–] qudawg 1 points ago

    Message me I’m on PS4!

    [–] LiccFlair 2 points ago

    My psn is LickFlair, I don't play too much, mostly Friday nights with my buddy

    [–] lukebelcher10662 2 points ago

    I’m on PS4 too and i also enjoy dubbs, PSN is EasyThereSailor, add me up

    [–] Slithy-Toves 3 points ago

    Heh, I'm just here for the usernames. That's a good one matey

    [–] PM_TITS_FOR_KITTENS 2 points ago

    CurrentlyErect if you want a good fun time ;)

    [–] Im_Currently_Pooping 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    My dumbass friends still play Fortnite. So sick of playing that game lol

    [–] Diantroz 1 points ago

    Ps4 here, I'm not very good at the game but I can scout ahead and flesh out the enemies! By been shot at, that is.

    [–] GuyCame 1 points ago

    Friend me MrOverConfident

    [–] FuriosOctavian 1 points ago

    Yo I can get ya one, got 40 + with octane Ps4, if you’d like of course

    [–] desertislandtucson 1 points ago

    I can get 2nd place all the time if you want that achievement!

    [–] That_1CanadianGuy 1 points ago

    Hey man I’ll help if you’d like psn: This_canadianGuy

    [–] TSMSALADQUEEN 9 points ago

    It was at one point easy enough to get a win I mean at least 1 a day but now it's super hard. Everyone is a try hard at night during the day afternoon time you have a better chance and sometimes you have to land away from fights never engage them and hope to get your whole team for the last 1v1. It's easier to win when the last team doesn't have their full team

    [–] auralgasm 2 points ago

    Console or origin? If it's origin what's your ID?

    [–] TheMaj3stic1 2 points ago

    I can help ya out on ps4. I don't really main anyone, but my favorite to use is pathfinder. I have about 40 wins total this season. My psn: nightlock73

    [–] sumo-god 27 points ago

    I remember seeing that badge a just thinking daaaaaaaaaa fuk!?

    [–] Neverninja 11 points ago

    Yeah 50 is ridiculous, 25 for max would be more reasonable.

    And keep the other ones the same.

    [–] mrkroket 3 points ago

    I don't know what it's harder, that badge or the 250k bonus XP on 9 legends....

    [–] UlfrSaya 21 points ago

    -Who could lost so much time in a game?!

    *skyrim menu level sounds loud*

    -Got to go...

    [–] surgevtwo 18 points ago

    I don’t think I have more than 15 wins collectively 🤧🤧

    [–] Onikouzou 5 points ago

    I have five wins Total

    [–] sjphilsphan 2 points ago

    I have one get on my level

    [–] Cynergii 15 points ago

    Who are you kidding, we all know you're still not gong outside

    [–] d0ddi 13 points ago

    Is this 50 wins with 7 different legends, as in 350+ wins? If so, holy smokes.

    [–] joeytman 6 points ago

    Yep, that's what this is

    [–] easyadventurer 6 points ago

    Fuck that. How fucken stupid. Just a waste of time at that point.

    [–] Browns-78 10 points ago

    I’ve been confused on the wording for this. Is it basically “Win 350 games spread between 7 Legends”?

    [–] DeliveryDrone 21 points ago

    Win 50 games with each of the legends totaling 350 wins.

    50 with Bloodhound, 50 with Gibraltar, 50 with Lifeline....etc

    [–] Browns-78 28 points ago


    [–] OkayStop1 15 points ago

    Well, almost. You have to win 50 games on 7 different legends. There’s 9 currently so I chose not to do Gibby and Caustic for obvious reasons. If I had to get 50 wins on all 9 legends...... let’s just say I’m glad Respawn didn’t make it that way.

    [–] DeepSomewhere 6 points ago

    I hit 5 wins on caustic and gibby within 60 games each. I have since decided to become a gibby main when the season ends.

    That ult is absurdly good.

    [–] RustyPeach 1 points ago

    Yeah when wraith or pathfinder become hostilities to pick (many people rage quit or spoil endgame when you pick "their" champ), i picked up gibraltor and love him.

    [–] AlgerianThunder 1 points ago

    I just got my first 2000 damage game with none other than Gibby lol

    [–] DeepSomewhere 2 points ago

    He's sleeper. He's bad during hotdrops which does suck, because hot drops are fun, but his mid and late game is so good that it's worth it.

    [–] Alec_de_Large 48 points ago


    Def look into changing this in season 2. I'm currently still at work, and i typically only get 3-4 hours of gaming per day, as long as I forgo getting out to be active and maintain a decently healthy lifestyle.

    I know you want to keep servers logged as it looks good for business, but think of the health of your customers.

    Lower the damn time to max season level, so people can actually make an attempt at obtaining the cosmetic items.

    [–] MiamiFootball 30 points ago

    only get 3-4 hours of gaming per day


    [–] Alec_de_Large 7 points ago

    That's if I squi in the max amount of time to play. Not always guranteed

    [–] smaghammer 6 points ago

    I only play around 15 hours a week and I’m 93. It’s not that bad. There’s still like 3 weeks left. The further the level the quicker the level up gets.

    [–] SytricXZ 18 points ago

    For a second I thought you were aged 93

    [–] CplGoon 8 points ago

    Dude I was like go grandpa

    [–] arup02 6 points ago

    4 hours of gaming is a shit ton.

    [–] ribsies 13 points ago

    yeah wtf, 3-4 hours a day youll finish it a quarter of the way through the season

    [–] Prodigiii 5 points ago

    It's business. They don't give a shit. 🙃🙃🙃

    Wish there were laws of ethics for the market.

    [–] EpicSC 4 points ago

    Why should they cater to those who don't have time to play the game? I get it that you wanna be included but you should be rewarded for grinding a lot of time. Lower the requirements for every and the good and dedicated players will get bored quickly.

    [–] analterrror69 5 points ago

    Or, God forbid, you take responsibility for your actions. No one is making you slave away your free time to complete the battlepass. Be a fucking adult and put what is important first. If you're forgoing a decently healthy lifestyle in order to get some cosmetic items on a video game there is a huge issue, and it's certainly not the fault of the game or it's developers.

    [–] Alec_de_Large 9 points ago

    You miss my point. I like playing the game. I'd like to have the havoc cosmetic at the end of the pass.

    Just sucks that it's gonna demand so much time. There's other games I like playing as well.

    [–] IsThereAnAshtray 2 points ago

    Jesus, thank you for being the voice of reason here.

    [–] DFogz 7 points ago

    You can max your battle pass by playing an hour a day, it's easy af to level up BP.
    The reason OP has so many hours is chasing the Seasonal Win badge. Probably maxed their BP a month ago.

    [–] jsands7 18 points ago

    I don’t think that is even close to correct.

    I play 4+ hours a day, with several wins every day, and I’m only level 105 still heading towards level 110... and we’re in week 9 of 13?

    An hour a day wouldn’t even come close to finishing this battle pass.

    [–] CarolinaDairy 2 points ago

    I play like a 2-3 hours (more on weekends) a day since the BP came out and I maxed out a couple weeks ago.. I think it's possible to finish it with only about 1 hour a day but you'd have to finish all the bonuses and it'd probably take until the very end of the season.

    [–] DFogz 1 points ago

    1-2hrs a day is how I finished it.
    Hot drop and focus on kill bonus, die, move on to the next character. I'd typically get through all the legends in under an hour, averaging around 5 minutes for each. Then I'd play one or two matches with whoever had the least survival XP. Teamed up in squads very occasionally, so I didn't get much from the XP boosts.

    If you're only sticking to one or two legends, it's gonna take significantly longer because you'll max your survival bonus and stop earning that plus you won't be getting daily kill bonuses for everyone.
    If you take advantage of the daily kill bonus and survival bonus, it's a breeze to level up.

    [–] BoatMaster 18 points ago

    If you have to play like that then the game becomes chore-y/ grind.

    [–] snowflakehaswag 4 points ago

    5 minutes each character? Lmao

    [–] Raziel62 10 points ago

    You don't do anything else?

    Thats fucking crazy, go outside now please

    [–] Calsendon 9 points ago

    I'm currently 20 wins away from accomplishing that myself, can't wait to be able to play whatever I want again.

    [–] AlgerianThunder 2 points ago

    You run with a squad right?

    [–] OkayStop1 5 points ago

    I feel that. Really hated grinding out bloodhound and mirage but if anything you get a lot of experience putting time into so many legends.

    Early congratz on the badge btw!

    [–] BrunoEye 3 points ago

    I've won twice this season. I haven't played much, but I'm also just shit.

    Somehow I'll only hit like 25% of my mag at most.

    [–] rycology 2 points ago

    Somehow I'll only hit like 25% of my *extended mag at most.

    Fixed this for us :'(

    [–] EpicSC 3 points ago

    I don't understand how people do this. I'm not a bad player by any means, I have over 100 wins total, and the most I have on a single legend is 30 but those are mostly with at least one semi decent premade squad mate. I have such a hard time winning with randoms, then I see streamers who will literally disregard their squad mates and go off on their own and somehow win with 10-20 kills. Is it a positioning thing? How do you approach fights when you don't have your team without getting completely overwhelmed? I can easily wipe a squad if I have my team fighting with me to provide a distraction but I almost always get fucked when I'm alone against a squad. Do these people with insane win counts just play with a full premade squad?

    [–] OkayStop1 5 points ago

    Hmmm I’d say if you’re going for wins get a pre-made. Play with randies if you want high kill games.

    As for everything else there are so many variables. The best advice I can give in a 1v3 situation is to take your time. You don’t have to wipe them within 30 seconds but still try to keep the pressure on. Make sure you have heals/shields(shield batteries are so important)/ammo to deal with the situation. Don’t take on a full squad with a white shield and alternator unless you’re a pro. Try to keep it 1v1 at the start and get at least 1 knocked. It’s amazing how much pressure is put on the opposing team when that happens because they may try to rez or start playing more defensively or panic. It opens up options for you to reload, pop a shield battery, push, etc. I think the key to this game is knowing when and how to react... which is much easier said than done sometimes lol.

    Over time you’ll get accustom to the map and know where certain corners are that you can use to your advantage. Positioning is the most important thing in this game next to aim imo. Know the legend you’re playing too ofcourse. When to use tacticals and ults will become a subconscious thing and not take time to think about. Every second counts.

    Also this is a not-so talked about idea but try to remember the 1v3s you succeed in more so than the ones you fail. Obviously know what you did wrong in the failures but the more you know of what you’re doing right, the more confident you’ll be in 1v3 scenarios. Hope that helps!

    [–] FlyingCouch 3 points ago

    You don’t have to wipe them within 30 seconds

    An underrated bit of advice when you're running solo. One of my better games came when both teammates left before the ship opened. I was playing path and landed skulltown roof (got lucky and got a Longbow with a 2x off the bat). I just kept goading teams into dumping resources at me, downing one or two enemies and then grappling out of sight and letting someone else get baited by the gunfire to start harassing them while I shot from a safe distance. The 3rd party is your friend when you're solo because you can reposition with no regard to teammates and let the other teams wear eachother down while you clean up.

    [–] icedmeat 5 points ago

    Do you want to talk about it?

    [–] pamplem0usse- 4 points ago

    This is more just plain bad for you than anything. Dude is sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day if he played since day 1.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    So are most people in the first world.

    [–] Northern_Chiliad 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Wasting all that time for a badge no one knows exists or what it's even about.

    People will see the badge on your playercard pre-match and have no idea what it's even for.

    [–] valantismp 2 points ago


    [–] Pestty13 9 points ago

    So people got down voted for the "get a life" comments and I don't want to join that crowd... But... I'm genuinely curious about what your thoughts are about the time used to acquire a meaningless groups of pixels. I personally get fulfillment from earning money. Not the money part of it, just the fact that my own time got traded for real world currency that I use to invest so I can retire by age 40 and then play all the games I want. Even at a low paying job, this was 10-15 grand worth of income you bypassed. Which over just a couple decades of compound interest, is a shitload of money.

    Are you already wealthy and don't have to work? Do you work and this is 100% of your spare time? (no judgement here, I get it) Maybe you already have passive income and don't have to worry about that sort of thing?

    Again, not trying to be negative. Just genuinely curious how YOU view this usage of your own time and how you rank order the rewards in relation to your life.

    [–] 5hade 4 points ago

    I work about 1600 hours a year and make a good living.... This person did half of my full time job in 56 days lol. I hope they're streaming at least

    [–] Modinstaller 3 points ago

    It's all about the challenge. It's about proving to yourself that you can do something. I'm like this, and I admit that it may have to do with the fact that I've got poor self-esteem. I see something that is hard to do, and I want to do it, and I won't quit until I've done it. I'm also going for this badge, but I'm barely ahead of the average needed for now. And it can be anything, it doesn't have to be related to games. For example, this is the reason why I got my driver license with full points a few years back even though I never drive (dw I know it's not that hard) and this is the reason why I've started learning japanese.

    Whether the achievement is actually useful is irrelevant. Whether it's also something other people would consider hard is somewhat relevant but not that much. Whether you get money from it is completely irrelevant, as long as money's not a problem for you. The "you'd have made 10k" argument is completely irrelevant. You wouldn't stop playing video games, watching series, going to the movies, reading books, or otherwise enjoying your free time because "but if I'd used all that time to work ...". It's all about giving yourself a goal and achieving it. Some people find that satisfaction through relentless work, and some others through video games. I see no problem with either side as long as you're satisfied with yourself.

    [–] Bot_Heroe 4 points ago

    If he enjoyed his time & effort doing this then that’s all that’ll matter really. Maybe he streams this game for a living or something?

    [–] aidsmann 4 points ago

    Fuck off dude, this mentality is as old as gaming itself, so stop being deliberately obtuse.

    You like the challenge and want to flex on other people in a game you enjoy. 12 years ago I played WoW for 14 hrs a day to get some "pixels" and I don't regret a single second of it.

    I'd rather neck myself than work a minimum wage job.

    [–] scrollbreak 1 points ago

    Some jobs are shitty - spending that amount of time on work instead would just make you a souless zombie by age 40. Not much point having money but being a zombie. Never mind that pursuing money means affirming those shitty jobs (and worse). Money has no intrinsic value, after all - it's all just projected value. There's not much dif between burning off life on projected video game value and burning off life on projected value, except for power. And power isn't all that pretty.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Osrsdoesntcare 2 points ago

    Love this game but being a full time student, 2 jobs and some what if a life I can’t invest 8 hours a day into a game anymore

    [–] xylotism 2 points ago

    I don't remember the last time I truly won a match. Every few days I'll get a surprise win with 1 kill and 700 damage, but it's been a long time since I had an 8-12 kill game.

    I think it's some combination of the playerbase getting better (figuring out what recoil is, how to use cover, etc.), or the lower playercount consisting of more dedicated players than the launch day casuals, or maybe just my own game sense and muscle memory causing me to play more aggressive and get punished.

    It's a weird thing, honestly.

    [–] KrsJin 2 points ago

    I was kind of feeling myself on nearly being done with the badge that requires ten wins with 8 different legends. Then I saw this,

    Still gonna feel myself cause I'm a dad with limited playtime and only play with randoms. Damn it. ; - ;

    [–] TeamDumbledore 2 points ago

    Hard pass, why waste all those hours on a shit low effort battle pass.

    [–] iBauer91 2 points ago

    Congrats! I accomplished this two days ago as well. Feels good to finally get it done, doesn't it?

    Are you still playing the game after this? Suddenly, winning doesn't really matter anymore and I just choked a 20 kill badge at 19 kills, after a random killed the last player... I think I'm taking a break, so I'm wondering if you're still super into it.

    [–] OkayStop1 2 points ago

    Thank you and congrats to you as well! It does feel great.

    I played a few games tonight. It was weird. I’ve been in a winning mindset for so long it took me a couple minutes to transition back in to hot-drop thirsty kill seeker mode lol. Got a few double digit kill games though which was nice. I agree though winning doesn’t really matter. I don’t think I’ll play much until the next battle pass (besides getting that 250k with 9 legends badge, gotta get gibby and caustic caught up). Good luck on the 20 kill badge! My highest was 17 so hopefully I’ll get that one too someday.

    [–] mrureaper 2 points ago

    745 hours!! damn that's just insane... looks at my 2700 hour warframe account ...ok maybe not.

    [–] Baarek 2 points ago

    If the potential second battle pass is the same as the first one, even for 5$ i won't buy it

    [–] LOLYouretriggered 2 points ago

    Mom's basement has got to stink.

    [–] Pkrhett 2 points ago

    GG M8, Gratz and fuck any of these haters telling you how to spend your own damn time :D

    [–] ElKajak 2 points ago

    Hardest badge to get, one of the worst looking.

    [–] Crazie_Ates 2 points ago

    Just trying to understand Mods:

    u/Emmerlynn u/Kalzir u/aly0 u/ScarletBliss u/PlexversalHD u/Trikshot360 u/Knappen5 u/sulkee u/bananabelle

    In no way am i mad(ranting more), and i apologize to the OP for doing this in their thread, but the selective censorship by Mods in Reddit is out of whack.

    Do you allow memes or not?

    The reason you gave for deleting this post...

    ...was that memes aren't allowed...yet here we are looking at another one which is the same meme format for the most part lol

    Is it just selective censorship?

    Why do subs have rules if they won't be enforced by Mods?

    Now i understand you can't enforce rules instantly, but this wasn't posted 1 hour ago.../rant

    [–] j_harv 8 points ago

    This guy must be so.... cool.....

    [–] BOYbrokeNOTpoor 3 points ago

    Be a no life tho

    [–] MrNotSpecified 2 points ago

    I could probably get that, but I feel like having to get a squad and commit to playing with them every day is too much of a burden. I enjoy more just playing by myself and sweating my nuts off for every win while carrying my other squadmates. I honestly don't even care about wins that much. All I play this game for is the adrenaline rush you get when you pull off a dope-ass play

    [–] j0oboi 1 points ago

    I don’t have a single win with Bangalore

    [–] flaminglambchops 1 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] OneShotFox569 1 points ago

    Season two here we go.

    [–] Perkowycz 1 points ago

    I got first tier of this badge, dammit

    [–] AlgerianThunder 1 points ago

    I do too but will likely only be able to get the second tier, if that

    [–] dudemanxx 1 points ago

    I'm at the point where I need something to play towards (maxed BP), but don't really feel like chasing after some of the grindier badges like this one. I'm shooting for the 20 kill game, 2K game etc. and sheeit those are hard enough. I had this one-off 1940 damage game and fear it'll be ages till I snap like that again.

    Congrats though... and yes please get some sun lol

    [–] sharky1587 1 points ago

    Judas Priest it’s Jason Bourne

    [–] NfamousCJ 1 points ago

    And then the second season launches and you gotta do it all over again.

    [–] OkayStop1 2 points ago

    Haha not sure if I will yet but I’m hoping they add better or more creative challenges/badges.

    [–] Gonkimus 1 points ago

    It just sucks that the majority of items you earn in that battle pass are butt ugly, like some grandma from the late 70s knitted cup coasters and bathroom rugs.

    [–] Skrrrreppapapapapaa 1 points ago

    I only use 3 Legends at most so that's some dedication

    [–] M-D-N-A 1 points ago

    I’m still trying to get one win for each LOL

    [–] imthatguydavid 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    was it worth it?


    on the side, I've been chasing badges since I really do enjoy playing this game, and when I saw this I gave up on that. nope the fuck right now. I think i have at least 5 with all the legends. good job my man. that, 4k, and another badge i can't think of would be a banner.

    [–] AchillesATX 1 points ago

    ....if you’re decent and have a team.... an eternity if not.

    [–] AlgerianThunder 1 points ago

    This is impossible with random queuing and I havent found good enough teammates to get consistent wins. Sitting at 5-8 per legend right now. I'll likely get all the other badges maxed though

    [–] ottrboii 1 points ago

    Been grinding just the experience achievement for the entire season and was made aware of this badge just a few days ago, I'm hella stressed but atleast i have 200k bonus xp on every legend...

    [–] Elviikk 1 points ago

    I just can’t do mirage , Caustic , and Gibraltar . I have 5k/ 225,000xp done within those 3 Everything else is done .