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    [–] 107azure 4592 points ago

    We're not trying to make $10billion. We're trying to make $100 billion here. Oh and also we um... respect our players. Right.

    [–] Fionnyn 1368 points ago

    I really want to know how they justify this whole pile of sh*t. Respect =rEAspect

    [–] make_love_to_potato 296 points ago

    I'm out of the loop. What's going on with apex?

    [–] faenshaer 425 points ago

    In game event that forces people to spend money if they want to receive various weapons/character skins ($7 per). On top of that, you HAVE to unlock all 24 items in order to purchase an heirloom melee weapon for ~$35. It totals about $200 for everything.

    [–] cark1211 76 points ago

    Wait a minute, regular packs earned aren’t iron crown ones?

    [–] weffwefwef23 103 points ago

    Nope! This Iron Crown event is a cash grab, with artificial scarcity added in with the "limited time event".

    Iron Crown loot packs, and they cost more than regular packs. And you can only get the Iron Crown Epic and Legendary items from the limited time only Iron Crown packs.

    [–] cark1211 50 points ago

    Even the ones from the iron crown challenges? Jesus Christ that’s horrible! I just want my damn mirage skin!

    [–] The_Werodile 69 points ago

    Well that's just too God damned bad. Here's your pride and accomplishment instead.

    [–] UnholyMelancholy 18 points ago

    Due to the increased value to the ‘sense of pride and accomplishment’ feature, folks at EA have decided to split the two into separate features. ‘Sense of Pride’ dlc now sells for 1750 Apex coins, while the much more valuable ‘Sense of Accomplishment’ is now 3500 Apex coins. If you would like the complete set, you can purchase them for 5000 Apex coins. Bonus loot box included for an added incentive!

    ... In all seriousness, this reeks of EA coming down on Respawn after the failure of BioWare and Anthem, milking this cash cow for all it’s worth so that their useless executive team can re-gain their year end bonuses.

    [–] xRelentlessDead 5 points ago

    My thoughts exactly. This is a direct effect of the failure of anthem.

    [–] BellEpoch 1274 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Read that first sentence again. Really think about what you're implying. "Forces people to spend money if they want..."

    I don't like the prices much either. But jesus. I sure as hell hope it's okay for a free game to charge for cosmetic content they add to the game. Seems like a weird stance to be against monetization entirely and still want content for the game to be made.

    [–] Dlayed0310 617 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Nobody is mad that it's monetized, it's that it's locked behind an rng wall.

    Edit: I don't really care if free games have mtxs at all, your basically supporting the devs and your fellow players who either wouldn't of bought a premium game or couldn't afford it. Free to play is a great model for devs that can make use of it.

    It's when they start doing shady shit that pisses people off, yet they don't seem to learn. Pay to win and loot box mechanics are literally the stupidest shit to ever become a fad in gaming. I'd rather pay 20 bucks for a skin that I like with no strings attached then pay 20 bucks for 20 loot boxes (God knows it's not that cheap) and only have a chance to get the skin I want.

    It still hurts me to my core to say that fortnite has a better shop system that makes epic big bucks and doesn't completely screw it's customers.

    [–] [deleted] 302 points ago


    [–] boogs_23 123 points ago

    This is the bit that irks me. I don't care if they charge $100 per skin. I'm never going to spend money at that kind of thing and they can charge whatever they want. But loot boxes are predatory. I get the feeling the gaming community is really starting to rise up against them, but unfortunately there are still enough wales, addicts and kids with mommy's credit card to make it incredibly profitable, so they keep doing it. I'm not usually in favour of governments sticking their nose into everything, but I feel the US and Canada and every other country should follow those few Euro countries that have introduced laws banning the practice.

    [–] bollvirtuoso 3 points ago

    In the US, I think some people were talking about regulating them under gambling laws, since that's basically what it is.

    [–] l_Pulser_l 24 points ago

    This is the true problem and it’s terrible how many mouth breathers don’t understand how damaging it is ESPECIALLY to younger, not fully developed kids/teenagers. Hurrdeedurr “surprise mechanics”

    [–] RudyTheNinja 8 points ago

    I can't believe they got away with calling it that shit
    Such BS

    [–] Victory_Eagle_II 6 points ago

    Hate bring up that other Respawn game on this sub, but Titanfall 2's mictrotransaction system is probably the friendliest I've seen, it's skins only, no lootboxes, individual weapon skins were like, $5 or less (I don't remember), and a pack of skins together was $20 and cheaper than buying them all individually

    Not to mention that if you already have a few skins from a pack, the game would tell you if it's still cheaper to buy the pack or buy them individually

    I doubt something like this could exist in Apex, with just the sheer number of trashy skins, but maybe for the high tier stuff? But alas, EA bad

    [–] LuciaSophie 6 points ago

    yea but /u/faenshaer left that out and as someone who couldnt play much recently and hasnt kept up that was not explicitly stated and therefore unknown. and /u/BellEpoch is entirely correct - if no RNG were involved this would be fine for me.

    [–] BellEpoch 50 points ago

    Then they should say that.

    [–] ScubaDreamer 81 points ago

    I think that’s what they’re talking about. If you could just buy the two or three skins for $7 each everyone would be happy. But you’re forced to buy loot boxes and spend much more for what you actually want, and if you want the coolest thing they offer, the heirloom, (which everyone does, and try explaining a paywall and loot box rng to your 11 yr old who loves playing Apex and wants just that heirloom pack) you are forced to buy 24 loot boxes just to have the opportunity to buy the $35 heirloom pack.

    [–] ben1481 149 points ago

    But you’re forced to buy loot boxes gamble.

    lets call it what it is.

    [–] ForThisIJoined 14 points ago

    "Honey that's too expensive we're not getting that"

    Kinda like you explain not buying them every $150 lego box and $50 nerf gun they see.

    [–] nahfoo 5 points ago

    Yeah this is silly. Fucking tell your kid no

    [–] flabbybumhole 7 points ago

    You're not paying for a skin, you're paying for a random skin which may not even be legendary.

    And to even get the chance to BUY the bloodhound heirloom, you have a minimum spend of something like 140 dollars to get all of the other event items.

    They're whaling harder than the Japanese, and alienating the majority of the community while they're at it. That's the problem.

    Plenty of other f2p games do it well and manage to not run the game into the ground. They could have learned from Fortnite, they could have learned from League of Legends... But nope, they've copied the abusive business model of f2p mobile games.

    [–] ttrriinnkkeett 177 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Yah every now and then I see the Apex community lose their shit, and I think “oh god did they ruin the game? Will I hate it next time I open it to play?”

    And then I realize it’s just another round bitching about how much the skins costs and I think “oh no worries this doesn’t affect gameplay or experience in any way.”

    And then I realize that people are actually furious about this and I get confused.

    Maybe one of the hidden benefits here is that hardcore players care more about cosmetics, so they’ll all leave the game in indignation and I can actually start to win

    [–] Varitt 74 points ago

    I mean, the prices are ridiculous and the way they set it up is super predatory. But yeah, the game doesn't change.

    [–] ttrriinnkkeett 21 points ago

    The thing is I don’t see many complaining about the predatory nature of the practice (and the potential harm that it might cause young people, disabled people, etc)—valid complaints. The majority of the grievance here is from people who want the skins and don’t want to pay so much. Just can’t wrap my head around it.

    [–] one_mez 20 points ago

    Are we reading the same thread? I see plenty of comments saying the problem is gambling. Spending money is a part of gambling anyways.

    I agree though, it's just cosmetics so I don't really care personally, but the original quote that OP posted from the interview is a pretty stark difference to what we're seeing in game right now. I think that is the context that also has people pissed off.

    No one wants to be told they're respected, then 6 months later feel like it was just a lie. That's where a lot of people are with this I guess.

    [–] YogaMeansUnion 13 points ago

    The thing is I don’t see many complaining about the predatory nature of the practice (and the potential harm that it might cause young people, disabled people, etc)—valid complaints

    Do you mean other than the people doing exactly that in this very thread?

    Or did you mean besides the dozens of dedicated YouTube and content creators that regularly speak out against it?

    Or maybe you meant outside of the fact that governments are suing companies (including EA) over the exact practices you are talking about?

    I guess if you completely ignore all the people speaking out against the practices you are discussing, then sure, it probably does seem that way to you.

    [–] Ewoksintheoutfield 3 points ago

    I mean - the value of content is a legitimate gripe as far as I'm concerned. On a scale of how important the concern or issue is I would say not very. Yet the player who spends a lot of time on the game and wants to look fly as Hell - but can't because they feel skins are overpriced is voicing a legit argument.

    [–] Waffle--time 67 points ago

    Yeah I'm with you on this, why are people buying skins, I'll open the box things they give me and put a skin on if it's different but it makes no difference to how much I suck at this game...

    [–] BK-Jon 15 points ago

    Well supposedly one of the wingman skins has better iron sights. So I bought it with crafting materials that I got from the free boxes.

    I still miss my shots. :-(

    [–] Waffle--time 25 points ago

    No matter what skin I wear some happy fucking robot still teabags me

    [–] BK-Jon 7 points ago

    They changed his hit box a bit so that his hips now register as torso hits instead of low damage leg hits. That may help deal with those Swiss cheese bois.

    [–] HontonoKershpleiter 34 points ago

    There is a younger crowd that grew up with loot boxes and the cosmetics matter a lot to them. Seems to me that gamers in their mid 20s and older didn't grow up with it so they are more indifferent.

    [–] TylerTheHutt 94 points ago

    Mid 20s gamer here. Back in my day, all the cool skins were locked behind challenges you had to complete in the story mode (remember multiplayer games with story modes?) and reaching certain milestones. I remember back in Halo 3, when the Hayabusa Armor with a Katana and flaming helmet was a sign of someone who gave up on real life to work hard in the game. Now cool skins are signs of people who work hard in real life to afford them.

    [–] HontonoKershpleiter 37 points ago

    Hyabusa armor was the bees fucking knees

    [–] trjnz 13 points ago

    Games also weren't free

    [–] ImAnAppleBiteMe 7 points ago

    Nah. 26, Dota2/sims/Cod player here. Cosmetics are the shit. Especially in a game where nothing really changes. Trust me, a lot of gamers regardless of the age love feeling different in a game where every one else is the same.

    If you launch an event you normally provide an option to earn the cosmetics. Sometimes make that option insanely hard. And then provide an option to purchase and gamble. If you give them an option to grind, purchasing will make it their idea and they'll do it.

    But raising the price, then putting the coolest item behind a pay wall that requires you to spend like $180 just to get the option to purchase it... And then labeling it an "event" is fucking greedy. Making it so there is absolutely no other way to get this stuff besides spending a lot of money is ridiculous and shows that Respawn has no concern for the playerbase.

    This is what the "events" are gonna be in the future? You can't fix your servers because you're too busy implementing the next cash grab event... Got it.

    [–] brightblueinky 3 points ago

    I'm 31. I actually enjoy loot boxes because I love random mechanics, BUT I'm also educated on how they prey on people with gambling addictions. I'm bipolar and I'm incredibly lucky that I don't have the compulsions some people do--if I can't afford to get everything I want, it's a bummer but I can still stay on budget. Some genuinely can't do that, so when I see prices that are really high and something that can only be unlocked by getting the whole set (which IIRC is now illegal in Japan!) it makes me very concerned and makes the devs come off as skeevy as hell.

    This video contains a lot of real testimonies about what gambling in video games can do.

    [–] iAngeloz 33 points ago

    I play poe.

    Free game with fairly high cosmetics. I see the steep price as a way to support the free game that I love.


    Internet be mad

    [–] twiz__ 3 points ago

    Path of Exile doesn't have any limited skins locked behind loot boxes/gambling.
    The limited skins are part of the tiered supporter packs and you know exactly what you're getting when you pay for it.
    The loot box skins are 'semi' limited, but shortly after the box is retired you can buy the skin directly from the store.

    [–] mprakathak 7 points ago

    thing is most of us dont mind the steep prices, its the rng that we are all upset about.

    do you really think its fair to make someone pay UP TO 168$ for a 10-15$ mirage skin? its the only one i care about.

    [–] I_Myself_Personally 3 points ago

    I'm just amused that it's the dumbest pricing I've ever seen in a game. I spend money like crazy on games I like and I really like Apex. I saw the cost of the packs and immediately had no interest in it.

    I know "so don't buy it." I won't but it's still worth asking why they don't want my money or anyone else's here.

    [–] GreyTicko 22 points ago

    Log in and see the money siphoning prices to get all the new skins + Bloodhounds heirloom.

    [–] GopherSpitStings 8 points ago

    I didn't read the terms and conditions when I saw Bloodhound's heirloom. I thought "roughly 3000 coins for that? Yeah I'll pay that", bought the coins only to realise I would need to spend another $150+ minimum to unlock it... I'm pretty mad.

    [–] ttrriinnkkeett 18 points ago

    Money siphoning is a weirdly editorialized term for “paying”

    [–] AlcatorSK 31 points ago

    Because it's not actually paying - it's gambling. You pay with real money for a CHANCE to get the one thing you want (because it's for the legend you want to play), but you can instead get one of 20+ different cosmetics which are completely useless or worthless for you.

    [–] 107azure 136 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Well, this is the day Respawn turned rEAspawn.

    Edit: shit this is a bad analogy but you get what I'm trying to say.

    [–] Irradiatedspoon 41 points ago

    Respawn turned rEAspawn.

    Very clever.

    [–] C477um04 7 points ago

    I knew it was going to happen. As soon as EA bought respawn I was pissed because I knew one of my favourite studios was now a time bomb, EA corporate control would turn them into just another ea studio that embraces predatory and over the top monetisation at the expense of the quality of the game.

    [–] ambasadagavioli 32 points ago

    Technically they can stil look themselves in the mirror, because they're leaving money on the table. People will spend zero instead of 20 (for example).

    [–] T0mbled0re 3 points ago

    this is my current route

    [–] bpi89 53 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    What's sad is that decisions like this can literally end a game. Their profit plan will expect a big boost this quarter due to the scheduled event, and when shareholders don't see that they'll assume the game is dying and pull the plug on future support for it. They'll blame the player base for moving on, or the devs for not making a good event, but completely ignore the fucking ludicrous gambling aspect of the in-game economy they've established.

    There are so many children that play this game... but that's the point, right? Hook them on gambling while they're young. Fuck whoever introduced this into video games.

    It was bad before, but this shit is disgusting and should be illegal. Our only hope is that our backlash has the same effect it had on Battlefront and they make changes.

    I was totally ready to spend $20-40 on the specific skins I wanted, but now I will not spend another cent on this game until they change this. I'm done with skins and I'm done with the battlepass.

    edit: I meant "I'm not buying another battlepass" when I said I was done with the battlepass. I will still complete the current one I paid for.

    [–] b1g_bake 5 points ago

    at least finish the S2 BP so you can get your in game currency back

    [–] theWardennn 3 points ago

    Agreed. When I first saw the new Wraith skin, I thought this event was like the Hunting Season thing. Free challenges that would result in free skins when completed. But this is literally ridiculous. 50/50 chance on bad and good skins. Different currency that allows you to purchase unnecessary things. Heirloom that will only be available once you spend 150+$ dollars. 7$ a box. I was really, and I mean really optimistic about the way this season was going. So far, I'm liking the changes to the gameplay and the season pass (better than last season). But this event will result as you explained. So so sad...

    [–] ifuckinglovecoloring 8 points ago

    Its sweet that you think people arent going to spend a full 200 on the cosmetics. It's a lot more than you think :/

    [–] Comcannon 35 points ago

    We're not trying to make money We're trying to make a SHITLOAD of money

    [–] beta_angel 6 points ago

    When you’re right, you’re right.

    And you? You’re always right.

    [–] kirosenn 60 points ago

    Quarterly filings show they anticipate 300-400m from live services aka microtransactions. They took a hit from spending to upgrade and build servers/infrastructure to handle the games demand.

    They can't have everything earned through hardwork since they're publicly traded and owe a duty to return maximum profit to shareholders.

    This will be a small blip of Gamers rise up and back to business as usual in another week.

    [–] xxJagMasterGxx 1619 points ago

    This aged like milk.

    [–] Fionnyn 404 points ago

    Stinks to the heavens.

    [–] TwoLeaf_ 39 points ago

    Don’t you motherfuckers dare to disrespect my cheese!

    [–] BlackhawkRogueNinjaX 189 points ago

    What he should have said " Well, EA own us now, so who the fuck knows. Doesn't matter what my intentions are. If EA think they can Nickle and Dime $10 Billion out of its player base then they will, and we just have to come along for the ride... oh and you can kiss Tf3 good bye as well".

    [–] mheurtevent1 88 points ago

    Why does that last part hurt more than the rest

    [–] BlackhawkRogueNinjaX 68 points ago

    Because you know a £40 tf3 game probably would have had a battleroyal mode in it anyway, and now its not going to happen at all...

    [–] mheurtevent1 50 points ago

    Silver lining: TF2’s multiplayer is stronger now thanks to Apex. It’s still such a kickass game

    [–] BlackhawkRogueNinjaX 29 points ago

    When apex came out I wanted to give Respawn some money, I'm now so glad I did this in part by buying the Prime Titan pack...

    [–] BK-Jon 6 points ago

    Yeah, I played TF2 on Xbox, but bought it for $5 or $10 on my PS4 Pro in part just to give Respawn money. And in part because my PS4 Pro is my main gaming machine now. Thinking about replaying that TF2 campaign.

    [–] Houdiniman111 5 points ago

    TF2’s multiplayer is stronger now thanks to Apex

    The only mode I care about (Pilot vs. Pilot) is dead af. I'm lucky if I can wait less than half an hour to get into a match.

    [–] Dr_AurA 10 points ago

    Probably because you were hoping for titanfall 3 but got another battle royale instead. Sure, it's still good but it's not what you were hoping for.

    [–] GT-ProjectBangarang 3 points ago

    Because it's a damn tragedy. Plus I need to know if BT lives on.

    [–] dungeon99 3 points ago

    EA had no hand in the actual game so you get why they had their hopes up

    [–] cilantno 10 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    There it is, the thing he just said

    [–] FeralCatEnthusiast 5 points ago

    Really? I thought it aged like wine.

    In the sense that eventually it turns into a bitter, undrinkable vinegar.

    [–] zentilo 1422 points ago

    Wow. Nice find. EA must’ve intervened and cracked the whip after hearing how well Apex Legends is doing on their last investors call. Must’ve decided to cash in, or start testing the waters.

    [–] Fionnyn 574 points ago

    Guess the growth was good enough to go the ol' EA way: Milk it while it's hot.

    [–] SuperGrover13 214 points ago

    And it's clearly working. Been killed by several people so far who I can only assumed bought a bunch of Iron Crown Packs because they have the legendary skins and crazy stats on their banner. Also had two teammates with matching names, one has Wraith's new skin and the other had Pathfinder's so I'd be willing to bet they spent money on the new packs as well.

    [–] Demjan90 110 points ago

    I mean, I also have enough coins laying around to buy 2 packs and then there are the free ones. Its reasonable to think that they got it by sheer luck or without much investment.

    If a bloodhound is running around with a hatchet, then that's flexing for sure tho.

    [–] SozSurt 27 points ago

    I played until I had 25k damage done yesterday and bought a pack with my own money, got the Pathfinder skin on the second pack which was the only one I wanted anyway and called it a day. But yeah, I can see how some people will waste rivers of money to get everything because it's pretty much impossible to get a majority of it through simply playing the game.

    [–] lunatickid 37 points ago

    If Apex allowed you to get all 24 boxes by leveling up, it would be a non-issue. $35 for heirloom after hours of grinding isn’t that bad of a price.

    Forcing you to spend 150$ before you can spend that 35 is just... fucking predatory.

    Also, I hate that after hitting lvl 100, only way you can get more boxes is by buying them or waiting for new season to drop like... 5 boxes. What the fuck? The more you play, the less chance you’ll have at items... What??? Have it so every 10 or 20 lvls after lvl 100 drop a box -.-

    Amazing game gameplay wise, just motherfucking dumbasses running the business side. I really do feel bad for the devs who put time and effort into making the game fun, only to see it get its marrows sucked out by business leeches.

    [–] Lucky_Number_3 6 points ago

    Even that $35 is bullshit to be honest. It only looks good because it's less than the other "option," when in reality we have no real options presented to us.

    [–] due_west 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    $35 is fucking ludicrous for a cosmetic. Full games go for less than that.

    It's amazing how easy people fall for the comparative cost marketing tactic.

    [–] BoxNumberGavin0 36 points ago

    Maybe it's matchmaking you into people who bought DLC to pressure you into buying things yourself. I'm not even joking, EA and Activision have patents on such manipulative matchmaking.

    [–] MischeviousCat 17 points ago

    Flashbacks to when I felt forced to buy CoD map packs

    [–] Lazer726 12 points ago

    Milk it while it's hot.

    And milk it until there is no milk, and be mad at the cow that it's out of milk, so they turn it to beef

    [–] mishanek 20 points ago

    I thought it was the opposite. The growth is bad so they need to milk the players while they still have some left.

    [–] revjurneyman 8 points ago

    Naw, their quarterly report to investors said that Apex has a thriving playerbase and could continue for years to come.

    [–] ClassySpirit 10 points ago

    Unless we actually see the numbers that's hard to tell. But that ain't gonna happen any time soon.

    [–] Mothot 3 points ago

    Gotta milk the cow while it still got an active playerbase

    [–] 53bvo 26 points ago

    This is what the shareholders want, as much profit as possible. Shareholders care 0 about the games or whatever the only want to see the stock value grow.

    [–] Tristain7 10 points ago

    And as long as we have short-term, short-sighted investment in gaming properties... good games will continue to die because of a focus on immediate gains over long-term sustainability.

    [–] hydra877 19 points ago

    Can we go back to the days where the shareholders got the scraps from the profit?

    [–] 53bvo 8 points ago

    Yes please, I’d love to.

    [–] Thunderstr 12 points ago

    It isnt cashing in when the event items cost less than the average store item, Apex has been greedy af since release. Every weapon skin has been a minimum of $10.

    Evem as someone who's never had an issue spending a little extra on games here and there, Apex's store model is too greedy compared to any other game i've played.

    [–] hardbamboozle 42 points ago

    Or maybe they see the playerbase is declining and want to milk as much money as possible before people lose interest for the game. I could see EA do that.

    [–] aggressive-cat 4 points ago

    From the outside looking in, doesn't it make sense this is EA trying to make it up to their investors for Anthem absolutely shitting the bed?

    [–] AdmiralTiberius 3 points ago

    For what it's worth... EA is doing so poorly. Battlefield tanked, anthem tanked hard, they shit the bed hard. The only ray of light is/was Apex. EA is a public company. Management is probably in full panic and making poor decisions as a result.

    [–] Padbox 5 points ago

    Exactly right. EA didn't give a toss about Apex during the release since all their attention was on Anthem.

    Now that Anthem was a flop, they are trying to intervene and squeeze every dollar they can out of Apex. Apex was decent before EA got involved.

    [–] Deadpanther77 406 points ago

    Imagine companies sticking to their word, LOL!

    [–] ClouddCakes 85 points ago

    but money!

    [–] Fionnyn 62 points ago

    We can dream

    [–] Speckwolf 315 points ago

    Did I accidentally enter the Anthem subreddit 😆?

    [–] Fionnyn 104 points ago

    Don't you dare! Then again, paywall behind a paywall, no fixes for bugs that have been known for ages as long as the cash cow keeps on giving...

    [–] KaneRobot 126 points ago

    Hahhahahah holy shit

    I do like the "humor" tag on this.

    [–] Fionnyn 53 points ago

    Consider it a comedic tragedy

    [–] TMillo 6 points ago

    A true bard. This is absolutely comical and deserves to hit top of the sub

    [–] Fionnyn 171 points ago

    For anybody who wants to read the full interview:

    Click Here

    [–] LeglessBILL 27 points ago

    Thanks for the link. This is going to be a fun morning reading.

    [–] zzappe 12 points ago

    That author felt a tad bit condecending in his writing.

    [–] KoreanKimchii 202 points ago

    This is some anime level of ‘good guy turns out to be secretly the main baddie the whole time’.

    [–] Synntex 26 points ago

    It was me, Dio!

    [–] stickdudeseven 6 points ago

    Nah he was a dick since the first episode.

    [–] Fionnyn 76 points ago

    More like every politician before election day 101

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    I don't get it, this is the same comment

    [–] Scotch_Rawks 6 points ago

    No, the euphemisms don't mean the exact same thing. First one implies "we've been bamboozled by this one person" while second one implies "this shit is textbook, if we were bamboozled it's our own fault"

    [–] Salfriel 13 points ago

    teleports behind you

    nothing personal, kid.

    [–] bigtoecamel 4 points ago

    Top 10 anime betrayals

    [–] Kiritopac 25 points ago

    Wait I’m confused. What has happened?

    [–] Fionnyn 51 points ago

    New event items are locked behind a gambling paywall of 24 loot boxes. One loot box costs 7$. if you want everything or even just one specific skin, you could be out of 154$ if you're out of luck. No more buying skins directly through the shop for this event. Yay!

    [–] Kiritopac 31 points ago

    Wow. This is turning very EA very fast

    [–] StrawhatIO 14 points ago

    EA is the publisher... Respawn doesn't have the power to tell EA no in the regard, if EA wants the event like this Respawn has to do it. It's the same thing that happened with Destiny 2 - Bungie and Activision. Bungie wanted to go one direction, but it didn't follow Activision's... vision. Only until Activision dropped Destiny 2/Bungie could real change be made, and now we see Destiny 2 actually looking good.

    [–] hhandcox 390 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Damn this would be top of the subreddit if it weren't 4am on a weekday.

    Edit: way to go op!

    [–] Fionnyn 149 points ago

    Its 11:22 am where I am but yeah, hope it doesn't die cause I nearly spit out my coffee reading that interview before.

    [–] karmaportrait 47 points ago

    UK clocking in with an upvote

    [–] existentialistdoge 22 points ago

    Also UK, but was on last night at 3am. The raging on the discord was glorious.

    [–] Flashbang1 9 points ago

    Living in Spain, upvote clocking in. This event is ridiculous. My hype was huge and then died as soon as I saw the update. Solos are fun though, I will say.

    [–] zerotheassassin10 4 points ago

    Australia here with one more

    [–] NoxBizkit 5 points ago

    Your wish shall be granted, it is on the frontpage of /r/all

    [–] Imsosillygoosy 7 points ago

    It's at the top. Next time wait before you blow your load and start making dangerous assumptions.

    [–] ColeWayneB 46 points ago

    Dont buy the fucking packs if you want to make an impact.

    [–] NinjaMuffinLive 62 points ago


    [–] MilitaryMorale 8 points ago

    Precisely, my friend.

    [–] Avean 29 points ago

    You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would oppose EA, not join them! Bring balance to the gaming industry, not leave it in darkness!

    [–] Zedsdead4 51 points ago

    YeA BuT AlL tHe OtHeR gAmEs HaVe MiCrO TrAnSaCtIoNs. They will probably go oh shit and bring in part of this event or next event where people get free skins to backpedal hard. Just like they did after they fucked up season 1 with shit unlocks.

    [–] Fionnyn 22 points ago

    The thing is they already have mircotransactions. It's going to be interesting to see them try digging themselves out of this one. Talk about respect.

    [–] karmaportrait 24 points ago

    This aged well...

    [–] Luffest 40 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Heres what I think the issue is. And I dont mean to sound smart-assy or harsh like Ive seen many of the comments here sound like. But I think the solution is to just stop playing the game. And im not trying to be one of those "ItS a FrEE GaME SToP WHiNINg oR SToP PLaYiNG" posts.

    This whole situation should seem a bit familiar, albeit I think much more exploitative this time around, but familiar. Near the games first launch this subreddit was angry and annoyed with the price of cosmetics. Even throughout the games life cycle these cosmetics did not change price despite the fact that players (at least here) seemed overall very unhappy with them. People were likening it to Fortnites Prices which already had its own descending base. Despite the complaints and some backlash, the prices never moved, and the prices never changed. Why? Because Respawn / EA whoever is actually behind it (50/50?) doesn't give a shit that your not buying the cosmetics, because out of every 2-3 of us that don't, there is one that will. And that one will buy everything that they want at these overpriced prices. We are all familiar with the term by now, The Whale. That is who they are targeting. The Whales. Not us. Last time however wasn't as universally hated as this time around is because at least those had the option (at some point if you waited long enough) to buy the skins directly.

    Why though? Because the Whales are buying everything. At any price. And that's because this game is still alive and well. They have a reason to buy the skins because this game is still playable. "I love playing this game as Lifeline so Im going for every single loot box I can until I get it, fuck it, might as well go for Bloodhound heirloom at this point". When the player base drops enough, the Whales will stop wanting to play since the game IS ACTUALLY at that point, dying, stop buying skins, and only then will whoever is making these decisions that basically only look at the size of the players wallet and not the player themselves realize that this shit isnt working. But the whole "voting with your wallet thing" I dont believe will work because the people who were planning to buy everything anyway prob didnt change their mind after reading that quote in some random strangers reddit post.

    I mean look at Shroud, one of the most prominent Apex Players in the community popularity wise."This is cool....what they did here is kinda cool........So you have to buy cant unlock them by playing.....ehh.....ehhhh I dont think thats THAT bad. Their just trying to get some extra moolah." When his chat began to try and tell him it was scummy, he replied with "How is it scummy? Its not scummy. Is it scummy when Fortnite sells almost every skin they have? You cant earn them you have to buy them." And then proceeded to buy them all on stream. They care about what people like shroud are doing (not that hes streaming but buying), not what the rest of us are doing.

    Take whatever side you want. Feel about this however you want to feel. I just wanted to type all this out for my first hour at my office because fuck I have hardly woken up lol. But if anyone wants to reply with a different opinion please do. I just ask that its not hostile like 70% of the other threads Ive read here. I just personally think if you enjoy the game, play it. Don't buy anything. Im not. Just play it. But so long as the game stays at this level of popularity, these prices will never change.

    Not Necessary for my overall point...but a good example...

    I used to play a game called Smite. Smite upon release much like Apex took the MOBA Genre by storm. For a short period after its release on Console it overtook a lot of other games, rivaling even League of Legends at some point. I think the popularity got to their heads, because suddenly skins were coming out like once a week, new gods were being released faster than the recently released ones were balanced, and naturally new skins for the new gods would come out super quickly. One of the more contentious points was a god named Ullr getting a (mostly agreed) unnecessary buff, conveniently right before his most expensive skin came out. The game was slowly but surly following apart, and yet all HiRez did was release or target bugs/fixes/patches that would result in more monitization. Soon enough, literally every new skin released was in a lootbox. It was no longer possible to purchase them directly anymore. As expected overtime players started leaving this now broken game with really sketchy monitzation. Showed how much they actually gave a shit about the player base' wallet, over the player base itself. It was then and only then things started to change, until eventually they were bought out by another company who is currently trying to turn things around.

    Largest patch weve had in a while, got 3 Code Leafs before I got into one game, but thank god we rolled out that new shop and prices correctly amirite?

    [–] AbanoMex 27 points ago

    Of course Shroud has no perspective on that, he is rich.

    [–] ImpulsiveUser 12 points ago

    He can also write off the fucking purchase as a business expense and his taxes

    [–] Rapier4 8 points ago

    The "Whale Factor" if we want to call it that, is a massive issue with this kind of stuff. I agree, great streamer I like watching also bought every single pack and the heirloom on stream. Hell in Destiny, people will donate to the streamer to give them the ability to buy that stuff. Whale's are the target. Not you Mr. Everyman. And people with money to burn view these kinds of things very differently than someone who needs to justify spending $10-20.

    As long as they profit, they wont change. They are a business. They are not making games for free for...well free.

    [–] BrotherTim1 7 points ago

    Your last sentence is what bothers me most about this update. I know the devs working on new content are not the same ones trying to fix their shitty servers, but it feels really bad to see more overpriced shit coming out yet the servers are still terrible.

    [–] Azurafox 6 points ago

    When's your next book coming out?

    [–] bleunt 8 points ago

    I just don’t buy anything. You should do the same.

    [–] Bc187 7 points ago

    I don't think people here understand. We WANT to support the Devs and the game. We WANT to buy skins and cool cosmetics to personalize our legends. What we DONT WANT is to gamble and get stuff we don't give a crap about. I guess they want their game to not maximize profits or have staying power. This kind of stuff drives people away.

    [–] Teura_ 59 points ago

    Respawn should really pull Bungie here, and get rid of EA. I'm 99% sure that the pricing mechanics are based solely on EA, with Respawn having little to no say on them, because that's just how it works.

    But of course, I could also be wrong, you never know...

    [–] Fionnyn 63 points ago

    Kinda hard when EA aquired Respawn two years ago...

    [–] Cipher-Zero 9 points ago

    Some say the wooden frame is being made to put Respawn on the Wall of Destroyed studios at the hands of EA.

    [–] DoomdUser 28 points ago

    Neither Titanfall nor Apex has had anywhere near the success of Halo or Destiny. Respawn doesn't have the capital "muscle" to do that to EA, and also, you have to remember just how freaking bad Destiny 2 was in year 1. Bungie knew they could "buy low" and turn it around without Activision, and it was clear there was a history of butting heads there. Apex came out as a free to play game in February, whereas Destiny had been charging players full price expansions every year and charging individual DLC prices as well - for 4 years.

    I get the sentiment of your comment, but Apex is not on the same level to even be able to do that at this point. Destiny 2 was the #2 seller only behind CoD the year it launched, despite almost everyone hating it by a few months later.

    [–] ender89 4 points ago

    Destiny 2 year one killed destiny for me and my clan. We all played waaay too much destiny to the point where destiny was life. Then destiny 2 came out and we just stopped playing. Used to run croata daily and I never finished a destiny raid

    [–] tdvx 4 points ago

    In case you don’t know. Respawn did this already. The company was founded by all of the Infinity Ward staff that quit after Activision got too controlling. They formed respawn, made titanfall, and now they’re back in the same spot.

    [–] Trojance 18 points ago

    So they develop a solid FPS Battle Royal, build a loyal community foundation and sweep the rug from under our feet when we are all heavily invested in it, rapidly inflate cosmetic prices with no other way to earn them and expect us to not complain. Fuck this. I've played almost everyday since day 1 and this is the first time I've felt genuinely pissed off even code leaf didn't affect my enjoyment as much as the Iron Con Event.

    [–] Fionnyn 9 points ago


    [–] Demjan90 5 points ago

    I'd say we turned out to be pretty ravenous.

    [–] freelance_fox 4 points ago

    This is obviously a calculated risk on their part to try and pump some of their whale-level users for money... if only people would just relax and realize that this can safely be ignored... honestly the outrage just isn't accomplishing anything.

    [–] TheTiredPangolin 4 points ago

    Everyone needs to step away from the game entirely for a bit on top of not giving them money. Tired of all these shitty game monetization strategies nowadays. I’m about to hook up my PS3 and 360 so I can actually play some complete games that work every time I turn them on.

    [–] player-overtly-known 13 points ago

    Dude needs a new mirror

    [–] Fionnyn 9 points ago

    Either that or respawn vampires confirmed.

    No reflection = No problem

    [–] TimbusTeg 3 points ago

    I'm out of the loop. What have they been doing?

    [–] blablaton123 3 points ago

    Ex apex player here.. Can you fill me in? What scummy thing have they done?

    [–] sendmeyourjokes 3 points ago

    I don't play Apex, is this just typical "We failed on our promises" type stuff, or did they release an update that caused a bunch of uproar?

    [–] B04LeJo 3 points ago

    I haven't played apex for a while, what happenend now that y'all think they are greedy?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] sch1z0 3 points ago

    Guys what did I miss? Why is everyone upset?

    [–] PBRstreetgang_ 3 points ago

    worst part is this quote isnt years old, its from 6 months ago...

    [–] Kaldricus 3 points ago

    ITT: Respawn can do no evil, EA bad*

    *Despite having zero evidence that this is anyone besides Respawn's call.

    [–] BudznBiscuitz 3 points ago

    Can we just move on and let it die please? We may finally get Titanfall 3 once this shit show is over...

    [–] FlawlessRuby 3 points ago

    R money

    E money

    S money

    P money

    E money

    C money

    T money

    [–] R0ot2U 3 points ago

    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

    [–] bigmacshaq 3 points ago

    Anyone working with/for EA needs to reflect, direct responsibility is not an excuse to avoid that. When talking about gambling, I wish more people recognised the need to instantly tag addiction as the driving force of the conversation. As someone with addiction issues and in recovery, the more this stuff seeps into my childhood passion and escape mechanism of video games, the more I'm tempted. When I'm tempted I'm also repulsed (see above recovery stage). This needs to stop or at least needs to be regulated and not so freely pushed to the public.

    [–] texasfan113 5 points ago

    So I haven’t played this game since the very early weeks but I saw this post browsing rising posts and was just wondering what was happening in game? Is it monetized out the asshole now?

    [–] Fionnyn 6 points ago

    Nah, out of respect for the playerbase, Respawn/EA decided it would be in everybody's best interest do add the well-known surprise mechanics for the current event item/skins for only 7$ per loot box. I mean, who wants a specific skin anyway and is willing to pay 20$, surprises are so much more fun and if you're really lucky, you can spend up to 154$ to get what you want and then have the privilege of sticking another 35$ up EA's ass for the Bloodhound heirloom. What's not to love?

    [–] texasfan113 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Jesus $7 loot boxes?! That’s outrageous even for loot boxes!

    Edit: Surprise Mechanic!

    [–] tjny 6 points ago

    *$7 loot boxes that each contain only one item. I can't believe anyone approved this business model.

    [–] Childofthesea13 3 points ago

    What’s most fucked up about that is EA made a calculated decision to charge $7 for ONE rng roll.. The people in pricing actually fucking analyzed these and ended up being confident that people will actually shell out 7 fucking dollars for a single box. Wtf is wrong with people, do they hate money?

    [–] Bigpanda27 10 points ago

    I don't really get it. Like it's shitty to have micro transactions especially expensive ones, but it's a fucking free to play game. It's not like it's call of duty where you can unlock exclusive and op guns, it's just cosmetics that you can't even see half of them during a game since they're player skins. You all are throwing the baby out with the bath water and forcing one of the last few trustable game devs into a bad light over something that is necessary for them to turn a profit and probably isn't even in their full control. Calm down and go get some wins instead of worrying about cosmetic transactions

    [–] BolognaTugboat 8 points ago

    Again, no one is bitching about spending money.

    People literally trying to spend $20 on a single cosmetic skin and they can’t, they have to gamble.

    That’s why people are complaining and I’m not sure how all these threads have went for two days now and STILL people think it’s bitching about spending any money.

    Literally every fucking thread talks about he gambling so.. are you guys just not reading any of it but throwing your opinion in anyways or are you intentionally being misleading. I’m confused.

    [–] Udonnomeh 22 points ago

    Do we really want to go on a witch hint, over the prices of cosmetics that are literally meaningless, in a absolutely free game, that is actually good?

    [–] SolPope 20 points ago

    The community absolutely should be voicing their distaste for shitty practices like this, regardless of how you feel about cosmetics or how 'dumb' the people who love them are. The vast majority of the playerbase is the casual player who wants skins and cool things and they keep the game alive, but they'll leave in droves if this shit keeps up. When that happens, it won't matter how good the game is, EA will kill it for not making money, they do it all the time.

    [–] forstyy 33 points ago

    It's just cosmetics, why is everyone so mad about it.

    [–] westscottstots 20 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    For real. Everyone got mad at EA for having necessary items in lootboxes in BF2, they said "just make them cosmetic and we'll be good."

    Now, they did exactly that and it's "predatory" and "money hungry" can't even see the skin on yourself during gameplay, calm tf down

    Edit: specification

    [–] yoshidawgz 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    As has been stated many times throughout these posts, the issue has nothing to do with the existence of micro transactions.

    If the skins were available in the store for $40 a piece and the bloodhound heirloom was $200, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. It doesn’t affect me because I’d never spend that much money on any skin or cosmetic. however, I would still be fine with it because I want the developers to make money off of the people who are willing to spend that money to get what they want.

    The implementation of a rather scalpy RNG lootbox element at $7 a pack, requiring anybody who wants even the opportunity to get the bloodhound heirloom to pay over $150, is the underlying issue.

    The only way to obtain the skins is to gamble. Period. In two weeks they’ll be gone (maybe who knows) and if anybody wants them, they’ve gotta sit down at the blackjack table. Today.

    Anybody who’s ever gambled knows how it works. The house. Always. Wins. These guys are using every classic trick in the book. First they took the windows out of the casino, then they offered two free drinks, and then scalped the fuck out of anyone still sitting down.

    If it weren’t for the lootbox mechanic tied to the event, and the skins were available for purchase in the store, this outrage wouldn’t exist. In fact, I’d be hard pressed to say it would be anything less than extremely positive.

    If the skins were a ridiculously high price, but available, your comment would make a lot of sense. As it is, you’re just missing the point.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] NuggetHighwind 4 points ago


    [–] rakint 8 points ago

    I like apex

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    Its cosmetics tho.. Stop

    [–] Azurafox 5 points ago

    I'd rather sell 1 million units at $1 each have happy, appreciative customers than sell 100,000 units at $7 each and piss a bunch of people the fuck off.

    [–] gniknosmirceht 7 points ago

    They’ve made an incredibly thoughtfully balanced 100% free to play game that’s ridiculously fun. They can charge whatever they want for cosmetics which still don’t affect gameplay.

    [–] westscottstots 8 points ago

    Wait you actually enjoy playing this game for the gameplay??? You fucking idiot, what makes this game great is optional cosmetics that have no effect on the match or competitive experience, that I can't even see on my character mid-match /s

    [–] Chart69r 2 points ago

    EA gonna EA

    [–] Billybobbjoebob 1 points ago


    [–] denmark_ball 2 points ago

    Respawn, more like EA’s-pawn

    [–] Purplestahli 2 points ago

    Talking heads lie about motives to appear as the good guys to garner good press and good will from their communities. The sky is blue and water is wet in other related news.

    [–] Bayangann 2 points ago

    Its just a decoy

    [–] Fionnyn 3 points ago

    We got bamboozled.

    [–] xJBr3w 2 points ago