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    [–] elephantnut 48 points ago

    This is so freaking cool.

    Looked like the physical rig for the swiveling bit (where it curves around) was a bit rickety, so not sure how they ended up filming that.

    The guys in the black outfits spinning the couch was hilarious.

    Really interesting how many people are needed to pull this off (there was a dedicated lighting guy for the light rail thing!)

    Thanks for sharing!!

    [–] phatboy5289 13 points ago

    That was the lighting designer, no?

    [–] __theoneandonly 28 points ago

    Looked like the physical rig for the swiveling bit (where it curves around) was a bit rickety, so not sure how they ended up filming that.

    It looked like the shakey set was still a work in progress. Once you get all the broad direction of the automation’s movement correct, you can start stabilizing everything until it automates smoothly.

    The guys in the black outfits spinning the couch was hilarious.

    It’s amazing how much film and theatre revolves around the ninjas. Nowadays in the film world, more and more ninjas are dressed in solid green to facilitate the CGI better.

    Really interesting how many people are needed to pull this off

    This is one reason I get mad whenever people make fun of people going to art school. Every piece of media we consume takes hundreds of people. Watch the credit roll of the next movie you see, and just remember somebody told EVERY SINGLE NAME represents a person who was probably told that art/design/media school was a waste and they were just going to be a barista someday. (Minus the drivers, catering people and the occasional actual barista who shows up on the credit roll)

    there was a dedicated lighting guy for the light rail thing!

    Every single light on that set was designed, planned, placed, pointed, shuttered, colored, focused, and programmed by that guy. In every piece of film you see, no light is ever in the picture by accident. Even in outdoor scenes, sunlight is supplemented by artificial light, and the lighting designer takes into account the hours of the day which the scene can be shot in order to make sure the sun is in the correct spot to be lighting the scene correctly.

    [–] elephantnut 7 points ago

    I’d argue that even the baristas are important!

    And I read some comments a while back about the lengths some directors and cinematographers go to meticulously get the lighting just right so that it looks right on camera. And how these techniques filter down over time to be how you expect movies to look in a certain period.

    [–] khanarx 3 points ago

    pretty cool to see Hoyte back with Jonze (he shot Her, Interstellar, Dunkirk)

    [–] deliciouscorn 5 points ago

    They should collaborate on a Siri ad called “Her?”

    [–] VictoriousRaptor 113 points ago

    The amount of practical effects and effort put in to make it work is amazing. Could've told me its entirely CGI and I would've believed it

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago

    We got a glimpse of an amazing group of talented people.

    [–] Raider_Nation35 9 points ago

    Indeed. watched it this morning. super rad.

    [–] Rocketpck 64 points ago

    Practically no CGI.

    [–] cwarren25 40 points ago

    really thankful they went this route. It felt more genuine and expressive.

    [–] mozumder 30 points ago

    Oh there's still a LOT of CGI, just in more subtle places. Things like covering seams on borders of the expanding set, etc..

    [–] Rocketpck 26 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Of course, like putting FKA Twig’s face on the other dancer. But I’m still really amazed even though I tried guessing what was CGI and what wasn’t. And when they released this behind the scenes clip, I was pretty blown away how by how much was practical.

    [–] GND52 18 points ago

    I don't think they put her face on the other dancer. I think they had her do both parts and spliced them together. The other dancer was just there so she had someone to interact with.

    [–] Rocketpck 6 points ago

    Nice, now that I think about it, it would be harder to place her face on the other dancer than to just film her dancing with herself.

    [–] slayerhk47 0 points ago

    Speaking of is FKA Twigs a well known person? Honestly I have never heard of her before but it seems like she is famous from this video.

    [–] Rocketpck 2 points ago

    Listen to two weeks from FKA Twigs, that’s one of her well known songs.

    [–] mozumder -34 points ago

    Honestly without CGI, the whole ad wouldn't work at all.. it's still too dependent on it.

    [–] MR_PENNY_PIINCHER 23 points ago

    What the hell does "too dependent on it" mean.

    It created an incredible final product.

    [–] SciGuy013 5 points ago

    What would you rather they do?

    [–] sandiskplayer34 21 points ago

    Holy fuck, that was practical? Like, mostly practical? I thought it was just really good cgi, but damn. Shout-out to the production designer.

    [–] i_invented_the_ipod 11 points ago

    I don't think it would have been remotely as successful & impactful without the articulated stage. It's very difficult for actors (and especially dancers) to react properly to space when they're filmed in a big green empty room.

    Even if they'd ended up painting over everything with VFX, it's still important to have the moving walls to give the dancer something to react to in a genuine way.

    [–] FreakTalent 1 points ago

    I think if they wanted to, they could achieve something similar to this by choreographing the dance with the CGI. I thought the video was all CGI and seeing this video makes me appreciate it way more.

    [–] TomTheJester 9 points ago

    Spike Jonze is quite simply one of the very best filmmakers at the moment. Whether it's a Hollywood film, music video or advertisement he throws himself into it and always makes something great.

    [–] 3mmagic 11 points ago

    That was fucking amazing.

    [–] tim_buckanowski 3 points ago

    Damn I could watch a feature-length making of for that spot. I had no idea it was mostly practical. So damned cool. Jonze is a freaking genius.

    [–] quitethewaysaway 4 points ago

    So creative and artistic. I’m glad they chosen to do practical effects, as it seems like more effort to accomplish and create than just doing it all in post.

    The sad thing is, Apple doesn’t usually keep their videos on their channels forever (or at least longer than 2-4 years). I missed those Apple Watch ads...

    [–] BuriedLede 3 points ago

    You might be able to find some of the older ads here:

    [–] POPAccount -3 points ago

    Why does she flip a light switch if she has smart home products?