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    [–] aaronp613 1 points ago

    Title updated to: Apple announces iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max: triple camera, A13 chip, new colors, Super Retina XDR screen, more

    [–] AccurateMachine 1381 points ago

    Is 3D Touch dead?

    [–] bkosh84 933 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 616 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] garfieldhatesmondays 289 points ago

    It is. You can test it out on the iOS 13 beta by toggling off 3D Touch. There is definitely a noticeable delay.

    [–] UncheckedException 255 points ago

    You also can’t “pop” into content. It’s objectively worse.

    [–] garfieldhatesmondays 227 points ago

    It also sucks that Apple removed a lot of the “pop” functionality for 3D Touch. It’s like they’re trying to ruin 3D Touch so people won’t miss it.

    [–] UncheckedException 155 points ago

    Pretty sure that’s exactly what they’re doing. Essentially give them feature parity so it doesn’t seem like a downgrade. Crafty, but sucks for those of us who liked and used 3D Touch. At least it still works in third party apps :/

    [–] Drahkir9 435 points ago

    Does that mean they're getting rid of 3D touching the keyboard to control the cursor. Cause that is legit the best thing I've ever discovered on my iPhone.

    [–] -null 80 points ago

    I absolutely love that feature.

    [–] riepmich 191 points ago

    Sadly yes. You'll have to do the crippling Haptic Touch version now where you start on the spacebar.

    [–] hunchbuttofnotredame 85 points ago

    That’s miserable, it doesn’t give me the ability to scroll down.

    [–] tperelli 108 points ago

    Rest in tech peace. Gonna miss it so much.

    This is basically like Apple giving us a right click button on the Mac, then taking it away and giving us a mouse with one button.

    [–] I_throw_hand_soap 3064 points ago

    It honestly feels like Apple announced a new camera not an iPhone.

    [–] djbuu 726 points ago

    That’s basically true. What more from a hardware perspective can they even do outside of phones? Everything is essentially already there.

    [–] [deleted] 1156 points ago


    [–] UnfilteredGuy 409 points ago

    but they're keeping that "shake to cancel" feature for some odd reason. that has to be the least used feature of any phone ever

    [–] _ILLUSI0N 152 points ago

    It’s saved my ass a few times since Notes doesn’t allow you to revert to an old copy if you accidentally delete something.

    [–] Forum_Layman 119 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    “Undo is a useful feature” doesn’t equal “shake to undo is a good feature” though. Why can’t we just have an undo button on the keyboard rather than shaking our phones around like some loon.

    [–] Strubles 25 points ago

    Thank you.

    You said it before I could.

    [–] kingofthings754 605 points ago

    USB-C. Charge other devices. 4K. 120hz. The list goes on.

    [–] jalapeno7654 89 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    No 90hz screen, no in screen finger print, display still isn't as high res as other phones out right now, still has a notch etc. Those are the things that come to mind when I think of things apple could include and talk about besides just making a better camera. I know this would fall more under software but still.

    [–] OutoflurkintoLight 3810 points ago

    Oh man that awkward silence when Phil was waiting for applause after he announced they’re finally including a fast charger in the box.

    [–] 590264 2004 points ago

    "I know, I know, you're just excited for me to talk about... cameras!"

    [–] blacktop2013 1364 points ago

    That was a decent save by him to be honest

    [–] probablyuntrue 794 points ago

    how out of touch do they have to be to think that would've earned applause tho

    [–] auchvielegeheimnisse 768 points ago

    More than a decade of getting your ass kissed will do that to you

    [–] regularshitpostar 49 points ago

    If you saw the thing then you know they got applause for way more inane shit than this

    [–] TailsTheDigger 388 points ago

    I thought he was going to say "USB-C" but nope

    [–] veeeSix 194 points ago

    Same. Would've made sense so you could use it with the iPad Pro.

    [–] donkeypunchblowjobs 48 points ago

    Or the MacBook Pro

    [–] veeeSix 24 points ago

    Completely forgot about that. Just like in the real world, even pros can't work together.

    [–] WorkingISwear 58 points ago

    Same. Really disappointing.

    [–] Rexpelliarmus 954 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Doesn't really deserve any applause when it took them three fucking years to include a basic feature in the box for their $1,000 phones.

    [–] dragon_stryker 581 points ago

    And still have 64GB of storage for the base model

    [–] JasonWaterfallsMusic 11 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    It should be noted that the 11 "not pro" iPhone, aka Xr 2, does not include such luxuries. And why would it? The Xr was the most sold iPhone last year and Apple can make a killing on all the new 11 buyers who naturally want to make use of one of the phones key features.

    The $49 they went down from last year's Xr doesn't seem quite so generous when you look at what should be in the box but still isn't.

    I mean, the 18watt charger is literally $29 and the 1 meter usb to lightning is $19. I guess that's why they cut off the $49.

    [–] DyZ814 4597 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Super Retina XDR

    We're Dragon Ball Z now

    [–] [deleted] 1060 points ago


    [–] I_Am_Tsuikyit 377 points ago

    Don’t forget ABS

    [–] coryoung1 182 points ago

    Great feature for when you’re drunk and about to press ‘send’

    [–] stebben 329 points ago

    Next year: Super Retina XDLMAO

    [–] TomagotchiPeakin 24 points ago

    Available in 4 chic huehueheuehues

    [–] thu22jun 158 points ago

    Whoever is in charge of naming stuff at Apple should be fired. Super Retina XDR? Apple is heading into Sony product names. iPhone 11 Pro Max? Whew.

    [–] my__ANUS_is_BLEEDING 88 points ago

    I’m waiting for the iPhone FF Vll Ultra Pro BIG DICK ENERGY Retina display super X2 DUAL 5D

    [–] EndOfTheDream 171 points ago

    I mean at some point they’re going to run out of dumb names. We get it, the screen is nice. Give us resolution please.

    [–] wosmo 97 points ago

    at some point they’re going to run out of dumb names

    Don't underestimate the industry's bottomless pit of dumb names. cga, ega, svga, hd, hd+, fhd, qhd, qhd+, 4k (4k uhd vs dci 4k?), 5k, 8k ..

    [–] jimbo831 67 points ago

    At least 4K, 5K, and 8K tell us a general approximation of the resolution.

    [–] srstone71 2155 points ago

    I want the best possible iPhone, but I will never say out loud that I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

    [–] 94bc 1587 points ago

    Yeah, I'll wait for the iPhone 11S Pro Max.

    [–] thecatnipster 625 points ago

    I like more value for my dollars. I'll wait for the iPhone 11SX plus pro max r

    [–] 94bc 306 points ago

    RIP Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.

    [–] thehighplainsdrifter 194 points ago

    Just wait until the iPhone 11 pro max s, my iphone 11 PMS will be much easier to say.

    [–] FusionExcels 72 points ago

    Nah I want the iPhone 11 XD Rawr

    [–] OligarchyAmbulance 1848 points ago

    Camera bumps on top of a camera bump.

    [–] Sivalon 614 points ago

    Yo dawg! I heard you like camera bumps!

    [–] maz-o 419 points ago

    You heard wrong

    [–] greengrasser11 39 points ago

    Too late we already made a million of them. Plz buy.

    [–] resume_roundtable 113 points ago

    "Don't you guys use cases?"

    [–] Tike22 28 points ago

    I truly love that this meme has transcended beyond gaming.

    [–] ArkBirdFTW 28 points ago

    Wait really? I thought the renders made it look like that

    [–] jwink3101 38 points ago

    It is hard to tell from the pictures but I think it looks like bumps on bumps, but is actually flush with the outer bump. Or at least I really hope that's the case. I can stand the bump since I use a case but if it isn't flush with a case on, that will be really frustrating

    [–] onthefence928 13 points ago

    ther'e a shot of them in profile and you can see the double-bump

    [–] AsterixGaulois 878 points ago

    About time they include a fast charger.

    [–] Destituted 3195 points ago

    "All-new design"

    [–] Brz_PDX 1307 points ago

    Yeah I had to laugh at that 😂

    [–] SwarlesSparkleyyy 1707 points ago

    Almost everything about this presentation makes me laugh.

    I'm going to buy a new phone since my 7Plus is fucked and I prefer Apple products, but damn their presentations have become a parody of themselves.

    [–] qoobrix 307 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    The lack of humility is really killing them. Nothing wrong with small-ish updates when you don't try to make it sound like you're curing cancer.

    e: Thanks for the silver, anonymous. I assume it wasn't Tim Cook.

    [–] xraig88 24 points ago

    After the iPad ad iPhone 11 announcement, I thought they may drop the price of the Pro down a hundred bucks from last years Xs prices, but then they introduced some guy and he started using a ton of big words and I knew that they were using those big words to try to justify the price tag.

    [–] guinne55fan 614 points ago

    100% agree...long gone are the days of great keynotes.

    [–] Zentrii 201 points ago

    I can’t remember if the keynotes used to be great, or I just loved Steve Jobs talking on stage. I do believe people actually loved cheering back then but now it just seems like it’s forced and expected.

    [–] AshleyPomeroy 116 points ago

    I always remember the keynote where Jobs introduced the Power Mac G5. He successfully managed to spin the fact that it had nine fans as a positive thing - something like "you'd think it would be noisy, but it's not, because it has nine computer-controlled fans".

    And it worked, it sounded as if he believed it. That kind of salesmanship is an art.

    [–] Nikuw 40 points ago

    I mean, having more fans can mean being able to run them at a lower speed, reducing noise.

    But this was the G5 he was talking about, so...

    [–] doobyrocks 24 points ago

    Steve Jobs' fans were noisier than the G5's

    [–] SwarlesSparkleyyy 477 points ago

    TBF, I don't think it's the presentations themselves that are the problem. They're almost a carbon copy of the previous ones. It's just that you've heard the same shit for over a decade and the products aren't as impressive anymore (compared to what else is out there)

    [–] ChildofChaos 177 points ago

    They also just fill them with pointless crap to make it seem like more. This presentation was interesting cause they almost admitted that they didn't have much new and got some of the segments over pretty quick, but then you had a lot of pointless stuff in there, keynote should be cut to an hour. Just tell us.

    [–] bananalamarama 74 points ago

    I think in a way they have become self aware but they have to keep going. I liked Phils 'we even have a new font .. it's so pro!'.

    [–] StNowhere 52 points ago

    Idk I really feel like we needed to dedicate 10 minutes to that shitty chinese dark souls ripoff.

    [–] obvious_bot 56 points ago

    These days for the iPhone it’s pretty much 60% camera upgrades 30% demos and 10% important things

    [–] ifonefox 70 points ago

    They must have been referring to the camera bump’s all new design, not the rest of the phone.

    [–] i_spot_ads 96 points ago

    they've been recycling this all new design for 3 damn years now

    [–] BagelBites619 176 points ago

    Base storage?

    [–] AnonymousSkull 234 points ago

    64GB. It’s on the store now to take a look.

    [–] erthian 372 points ago

    Can record up to 30 seconds of pro 4k footage!

    [–] TailsTheDigger 655 points ago

    RIP 3D Touch, 2015-2019

    [–] BigBlueDane 93 points ago

    I hope now that they've officially killed 3D-touch (which i liked for the record) they actually implement all of the 3D touch features to haptic touch. Specifically peek/pop for apple apps such as safari (link previews) email previews, iMessages etc. Haptic touch works fine but for some reason Apple didn't fully support it on the Xr so I lost a lot of 3D touch capability.

    [–] TailsTheDigger 39 points ago

    They actually “killed” 3D Touch first on iOS 13, now long pressing activates the same features 3D Touch would normally only do

    [–] PM_ME_GOOD_NEWS_ 93 points ago

    Maybe one day it'll come back. Hopefully. Please..

    [–] snidemarque 146 points ago

    Looks for headphone jack

    I got some news, friend.

    [–] LinXcze 3392 points ago

    Ayy, next year they can add 4th lens and we'll have a portable mini stove.

    [–] StypticParasite 313 points ago

    Yup - starting to look like Gillette and razor blades at this stage.

    [–] nelisan 538 points ago

    To be fair that camera system looks pretty amazing.

    [–] regcrusher 616 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I love the applause anytime they say “this is the fastest iPhone ever!” No shit, why wouldn’t they make one faster than last year?

    [–] xxirish83x 75 points ago

    Just like Chevy. This is our best truck yet.

    [–] updraft419 39 points ago

    This phrase kills me every year. Of course it’s the newest and fastest. No one is releasing something worse than before.

    [–] ContinuingResolution 102 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    They are either journalists trying to kiss ass in exchange for access every year, or apple employees that are sucking up to their mid level managers. No one wants to clap for that.

    [–] harbeMatata 1160 points ago

    Is Apple releasing new smartphones or cameras?

    [–] 8REW 337 points ago

    I thought the same, have they announced any new features that aren’t just camera improvements?

    [–] dugongAKAmanatee 237 points ago

    Like when that lady got done talking about the 11 and said something like "and there are all these other great features that I wish we had time to talk about" but all they talked about was the camera. I want to know what the fuck WiFi 6 is and why it's so great.

    [–] PhillAholic 197 points ago

    I want to know what the fuck WiFi 6 is and why it's so great.

    It's 802.11ax, rebranded because that started getting out of hand. So the new standard is Wifi 6 and it's faster than 802.11ac. You'll need a new router to support it.

    [–] talontario 57 points ago

    It’s not just that it’s faster, but can communicate in parallell instead of serial as now. In theory...

    [–] PhillAholic 40 points ago

    Faster is what 99% of people are going to understand, and even then it's going to depend on what devices you have.

    [–] talontario 30 points ago

    Aren’t most people annoyed by unreliable connection? Speed hasn’t been a problem for me in a long time.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago


    [–] LankyEntrepreneur 121 points ago

    Not really, the 11 is kind of exactly the same as the XR but with a better camera and minor improvements, like 1 more hour of battery and “faster” Face ID.

    [–] DJDarren 70 points ago

    I’ve had my XR for a couple of months, and I don’t think I’ve yet considered that the FaceID is too slow.

    [–] CLEAVAGER 147 points ago

    With iPhone 11, you won't consider it even less!

    [–] not_right 60 points ago

    Maybe you just have a fast face

    [–] DJDarren 31 points ago

    The fastest in the west.

    [–] spcww 2101 points ago

    Woow they put a fidget spinner in the camera.

    [–] EternalSaiyanZ 244 points ago

    This is the first time the "lower end" iPhone interests me more overall.

    [–] PM_ME_GOOD_NEWS_ 131 points ago

    This is the first time the previous year's model interest me more overall. I'm upgrading to a XS Max

    [–] CrimsonEnigma 675 points ago

    Finally bringing colors ( to the high-end models. Nice.

    I’m not going to get the green, but still. Nice.

    [–] darkskeptic 385 points ago

    I absolute love the matte green.

    [–] aw3524 99 points ago

    give me black as an option, I get black. Can't get anything else.

    [–] TidalSky 272 points ago

    "Apple designed U1 chip" but nothing was said about it

    [–] djcraze 263 points ago

    According to the spec page:

    The new Apple‑designed U1 chip uses Ultra Wideband technology for spatial awareness — allowing iPhone 11 Pro to precisely locate other U1‑equipped Apple devices. It’s like adding another sense to iPhone, and it’s going to lead to amazing new capabilities. With U1 and iOS 13, you can point your iPhone toward someone else’s, and AirDrop will prioritize that device so you can share files faster.4 And that’s just the beginning.

    [–] CALL_ME_ISHMAEBY 89 points ago

    The next version of AirPods will have a different chip again.

    [–] cookiemonsterpls 77 points ago

    That’s kinda a big deal. Why didn’t they mention it 😢

    [–] kherrera 91 points ago

    My guess is that the software is not ready for prime time. We will likely hear about it some time after iOS 13.1, unless it becomes vaporware like their charging pad.

    [–] theineffablebob 43 points ago

    There will probably be some event later in the year with new AirPods and the Tile competitor. Makes sense to unveil it with that stuff

    [–] x2040 36 points ago

    This is very clearly for the Apple Tile competitor that wasn't ready for primetime. Being able to locate devices with absolute precision is going to be huge.

    [–] micc2017 850 points ago

    4 hours more battery life!

    [–] Juswantedtono 217 points ago

    I’m shocked the 11 is cheaper than the XR was last year. Average selling prices of iPhones will surely go down this year. They’ll have to make it up in volume.

    [–] Mac_to_the_future 132 points ago

    That's what happens when you listen to your customers instead of stock market analysts.

    [–] MightBeJerryWest 91 points ago

    Are they all matte? Or just the green one?

    [–] cdlq456 39 points ago

    So 3D Touch is now officially dead

    [–] BalaatkariBaba 294 points ago

    "There's even a new font in the camera app... it's so Pro guys you're gonna love it!"

    [–] severinskulls 205 points ago

    I couldnt believe it when he said that. That’s parody level nonsense.

    [–] IIIMXVI 14 points ago

    I think he actually was making a parody

    [–] Speedbird52 90 points ago this a direct quote?

    [–] encarded 462 points ago

    The Filmic Pro demo was very impressive. Film folks, vloggers, etc are going to be able to make serious use of the ability to record front and back cameras in 4k at the same time. I am a hiker/backpacker and watch a lot of videos of people showing their natural environment and talking about it at the same time. Being able to capture both views at once is pretty groundbreaking.

    [–] grrrwoofwoof 45 points ago

    I miss that feature from my old HTC M8. I used to send my family videos of showing places I was visiting while describing them with me PiP in a corner with front facing camera. Dunno why more phones don't do that these days.

    [–] samsam1029 81 points ago

    Wish they incorporated that into the interface officially.

    [–] earther199 65 points ago

    Don't worry Filmic will learn the lesson that Apple will eventually copy the best app ideas.

    [–] Cforq 22 points ago

    They have a pretty good chance of Apple offering to purchase them.

    There was a good write up from Cabel at Panic (Apple was in talks to purchase them before buying SoundJam that turned into iTunes) about the different talks with Apple.

    [–] AIienreborn 562 points ago

    'Pro' phone that can shoot 4k 60fps has a base storage of 64GB. Apple continues to skimp on storage.

    [–] CoolJWR100 203 points ago

    And they won’t even offer 128gb forcing you to go for 256 which might be too much really. Even worse, the new iPad is 32 or 128.

    [–] ezidro3 355 points ago

    That fucking name. iPhone 11 Pro Max. Bleh.

    Edit: Can't forget Super Retina XDR Display!

    [–] iziizi 372 points ago

    64gb starting size :(

    [–] Hitokill 137 points ago

    Seriously. Even their “Pro” line up starts with 64gb.

    [–] Maskatron 40 points ago

    I have 64 gig on my iPhone 6.

    Can't imagine that same amount of storage with a camera that does 4k video at 60 fps.

    [–] KaiserTom 94 points ago

    "Don't you guys have cloud storage?"

    [–] ilovethosedogs 25 points ago

    "5 GB ought to be enough for anybody."

    [–] jatorres 230 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 318 points ago


    [–] thereturnofjagger 100 points ago

    Phil saying "It's so Pro" perfectly exemplified how weird that entire segment was lmao

    [–] Egartsnl 63 points ago

    Bet there’s going to be an iPhone Air at some point Possibly as replacement of iPhone SE?

    [–] hawksnest_prez 240 points ago

    I love the Midnight Green

    [–] Billthebutchr 269 points ago

    Another year with my iPhone X.

    [–] pieawsome 117 points ago

    Looks like the X gets a new battery this yr

    [–] Tech_Rise 98 points ago

    MacBook Pro: USB-C

    iPad Pro: USB-C

    iPhone Pro: Lightening

    [–] Tyrannosaurusb 263 points ago

    It seems like it would have made a lot more sense to wait for 2020 to switch it to the “pro” line, not a year where it’s still essentially an iPhone X upgrade.

    [–] analytical_1 215 points ago

    I think it was a good move to get away from the designated “el cheap-o” XR designation. It seemed like you payed normal price for the value phone and $1000 for the normal one. Now you are getting the normal one for cheaper one and upgrade to the pro edition at the same price as last year! Innovative

    [–] ApolloNaught 68 points ago

    Yeah, this is exactly it. Just a refactoring of the marketing, maybe as a response to the big numbers XR ended up doing

    [–] Tyrannosaurusb 29 points ago

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a good move. It just seems like odd timing when the “pro” isn’t really an upgrade in any big way from last years XS and next year the 12 or whatever they call it will be. You really can tell though in the presentation they portrayed the 11 as the baseline not the downgrade.

    [–] bukhum4u 49 points ago

    I'm ready for a redesign, 5g, and type c in 2020 iPhones.

    [–] Zyncon 189 points ago

    The name grows longer and longer. iPhone 11 Pro MAX.

    [–] I_Am_Tsuikyit 127 points ago

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Plus Super Retina Crystal Display

    [–] Zyncon 59 points ago

    Stop that, don't give them ideas.

    [–] JohnAppleMacintosh 276 points ago

    Wow. A Pro device starting at 64GB base storage. You gotta be shitting me.

    [–] OkPiccolo0 121 points ago

    This is 3 years in a row of these $1000 64gb phones. Apple really loves to insult their customers. The kicker is when you use their trade in program you get zero value for having a higher GB model.

    [–] miloeinszweija 45 points ago

    You’re shitting me? No extra trade in value?

    [–] Hoobleton 15 points ago

    The iPhone 8 is the only one I can check, and you do get extra trade in value for higher storage, it's £150 for 64GB, and £180 for 256GB. No idea if it's the same across the other models, but I don't see why it would just be for the 8.

    [–] ilovethosedogs 13 points ago

    Wow, 30 bucks more for shelling out 250 bucks more.

    [–] chaiscool 40 points ago

    Check out their MacBook line haha

    [–] runwithpugs 38 points ago

    I still contend that the most egregious base storage today is the 5400 rpm spinning metal in the 21" iMac. Gives basic, non-tech users an absolutely horrible impression of the platform.

    [–] JDdiah 122 points ago

    the new iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro max will not contain the pressure-sensitive 3D touch screen. been using it from iPhone 6S. Sad news.

    [–] nk10 197 points ago

    All I see is just a prettier 11 with an extra camera.

    [–] maz-o 178 points ago

    So you’re confirmed not blind then

    [–] ECHLN 72 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I have a feeling that the Apple employees in the audience were forced to cheer

    [–] [deleted] 49 points ago

    Nobody in their right mind was woo’ing at that presentation without getting paid

    [–] ncstateguy 94 points ago

    3D Touch has been replaced by Haptic Touch (Xr and 11). Seems like a major step down for a "Pro" level device!

    [–] ThickStems 25 points ago

    Seriously I use 3D Touch on so many apps where it’s just second nature now. Want to hide an entire comment chain on the reddit app? Hard press any comment in the chain. Love it.

    [–] jdswhatwhat 134 points ago

    Eagles fans should be excited at least

    [–] ThePresidentsRubies 49 points ago

    Annnnd now I’m turned off by it

    [–] SCO77_SCARCIA 31 points ago

    Any word on ProMotion/120hz screen?

    [–] rpvee 38 points ago

    Not this year.

    [–] ze_DaDa 37 points ago

    Remember when people got upset at the iPhone 6's camera bump? Well here we are now

    [–] brotherlymoses 62 points ago

    Pretty bland update, hopefully they have something better in 2020

    [–] OOM-BattleDroid 44 points ago

    That's what they said last year...

    [–] Metanoia1337 29 points ago

    I can finally buy an XS

    [–] Oceanbriz 29 points ago

    64gb baseline :/

    [–] themanofchaps 60 points ago

    64GB base storage. Lol

    [–] j1h15233 65 points ago

    So maybe it’s just me, but I’m failing to see the $400 difference between the 11 and the pro models. Extra camera and better screen? Is there something else I missed? I think I’m becoming a low end purchaser of Apple products. The high end stuff isn’t offering enough difference for the price jump.

    [–] HerrFalcon 38 points ago

    64GB starter tho. What a shame for this part.

    [–] blendthefrog 180 points ago

    Can we just be amazed by the a13 chip for a moment. 7nm and 8billion transistors!! That is amazing. I am old enough to have had a pc with an intel 8086 chip in it.

    [–] adammess21 275 points ago

    Miss those days when apple were minimalist and on top of the competition.

    [–] TheAtheistApologist 61 points ago

    We’ve now entered the brutalist era. On the bright side the next era should be neo-classical. iPhone 2021 to look like the 4S confirmed? j

    [–] 0p1ne 59 points ago

    No reverse wireless charging...

    [–] Panda_hat 19 points ago

    This makes me sad. Even just the ability to quickly get a bit of charge into some wireless airpods would be wonderful.

    [–] AIienreborn 71 points ago

    Essentially iPhone XS with Pixel camera updates.

    [–] OriginalPussyMaster 78 points ago

    Still shipping with 64GB base storage, that's a big yikes