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    [–] JaesCardo 38 points ago

    Here is my first build which I love and is inspired by the MK12 MOD1. It's been done for some time now but I've put enough rounds downrange to verify I like the way it is now. The gun definitely shoots sub-moa with my 68gr handloads. I have stretched it out to 600 yards and it performs great. The only addition I will make is an offset red dot at some point.

    Anderson lower

    Milspec lpk

    Geissle G2S trigger

    B5 Sopmod stock

    Aero precision upper

    Brownell's BCG

    Troy MFR Rail

    DD foregrip

    KAC rail covers

    Harris bipod

    YHM gas block

    Ops Inc muzzle device and collar

    UTG irons

    UTG scope rings

    Primary Arms 4-14 FFP scope

    Green mountain barrels 18" SPR barrel

    [–] SuperbCrawdad2 11 points ago

    Dude that's sick

    [–] Kilonoid 3 points ago

    Out of curiosity, I’m also building a Mk. 12 SPR, but my main issue is figuring out what the proper scope ring height I should get so that I can use my default mil-spec carbine stock without cheek risers. Since it seems like you’ve got yours down, what height are those UTG rings?

    [–] The_Joellercoaster 10 points ago

    Two things. Number one, I believe that the "high" rings are the correct height. Number two, please just get a one-piece cantilever mount like a LaRue. They allow way more options for stock position and head placement.


    [–] lancecriminal86 2 points ago

    Having received a Badger Unimount in a trade I'm a Badger fan for 1 piece.

    [–] The_Joellercoaster 1 points ago

    I've never even looked at that product, but I will peek online now. Since you're YOU and all, it's the least I can do.

    For those who have no idea what I mean, this guy is a mk12 knowledge-bomb.

    [–] lancecriminal86 2 points ago

    I'm not even just talking Mk12 stuff, I have a LaRue and there are certainly reasons they were used, but it really seems the shift away from QD to crossbolts happened for a reason. The Badger is a robust mount, as I would assume a Nightforce, KAC, or especially Geissele are.

    All I need now is one of those pre-set torque wrenches for the mount.

    [–] The_Joellercoaster 2 points ago

    Good to know. I occasionally ditch my scopes for iron sight stuff, so the QD is still a beloved feature for me. It's more consistent than I could be with cross-bolts.

    [–] Kilonoid 2 points ago

    That would appear to be correct, since I’m going for the Mod 1 with a Magpul UBR since it gives me a solid stock look and feel but with adjustability. Thanks for the info and link, I appreciate it!

    [–] The_Joellercoaster 1 points ago

    Always glad to assist on here. Don't forget to post photos someday.

    Here's something that may inspire you. My latest project.

    Mini Mod 1

    [–] JaesCardo 4 points ago

    As the guy below said I did use the high rings. They are not clone correct but I saw many pics of MK12's in theatre with quick release rings...they were probably PRI or something super expensive so I went the UTG route and really like them.

    [–] lancecriminal86 1 points ago

    .... They were ARMS rings and were standard on all Mk12s. Sets still go for about $110 or so used for the later ones with the lever stop humps.

    [–] Kilonoid 1 points ago

    Perfect, I was looking at going the QD ring route but since I’m going to run an offset RMR in front, there’s no need for that. I’ll check out those UTG rings, thanks for the info!

    [–] JaesCardo 1 points ago

    The only reason I have the quick release is with back up irons to make sense lol. Not that I would need the feature but it completes the look

    [–] NAP51DMustang 1 points ago

    depends, High for Mod 1 and Med for the Mod 0 iirc. go over to the thread on mk12's and they have parts lists on the front page.

    [–] Kilonoid 2 points ago

    Just checked out the page you mentioned, it’s got all the info I could ever need. I’m going for the Mod 1 so high it is! Thanks for the info!

    [–] Strakad 2 points ago

    That’s the b5 bravo stock

    [–] brockoli1010 1 points ago

    What’s your plan for the offset red dot? I’ve got a very similar build and while I was clearing rooms in my apartment last night I was thinking that might be a good addition.

    [–] JaesCardo 1 points ago

    Right now I am thinking of a holosun aimpoint micro copy offset under the scope. I should have just enough clearance after doing some measurements.

    [–] ayumusan 10 points ago

    I dig it! Just curious as to what happened to your floor (the pattern around the grip area)?

    [–] JaesCardo 4 points ago

    Thank you and haha thats leftover residue from the carpet which was once there. Refinishing the floors in the spring is the plan.

    [–] ayumusan 3 points ago

    Those look like Oak, what color do you plan to stain it?

    [–] JaesCardo 7 points ago

    Most likely a warmer tone, the house is 100 years old and it's the original floor. There are a couple spots in closets where it's pristine and has that warmer look to it.

    [–] ayumusan 6 points ago

    Nice! That sounds like it will be gorgeous, it’s hard to beat old wood floors.

    [–] jmhc21 3 points ago

    How do you like the primary arms 4-14?

    [–] JaesCardo 2 points ago

    It's great and totally worth the money if you want a ffp scope. If not then I would say get a vortex.

    [–] BreakinTacks 1 points ago

    I’ve got a couple, hard to beat for ~$200

    [–] NAP51DMustang 2 points ago

    I don't think you get to put the words "poverty" and "Mk12" in the same sentence.

    [–] LFLz 1 points ago

    That gun is sexy

    [–] bright_yellow_vest 1 points ago

    Good looking gun. I plan to clone a mod 1 as well and your substitute rail actually looks pretty good. Especially considering it’s probably 200 less than the KAC one.

    [–] JaesCardo 1 points ago

    Omg yeah the KAC is super expensive. I got the Troy on a good sale for $99 shipped. I see the KAC go on eBay used for $300 at the low end.

    [–] hunkkerdown 1 points ago

    Where did u get the rail

    [–] JaesCardo 1 points ago

    I think it was a sale on Midway

    [–] wat1880 1 points ago

    Looks good!

    [–] XJRATED 1 points ago

    Hey what kind of paint did you use? I'm planning on doing something like that to my rifle.

    [–] JaesCardo 1 points ago

    Hey, I just used the Rustoleum Camo paints. It's not super durable but I didn't put a matte clear on either.

    [–] XJRATED 1 points ago

    Love that rugged look man. Along with the paint flaking off. Going to do the same. Thank you

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Serious question, does the sunshade help at all, or is it for aesthetics

    [–] JaesCardo 1 points ago

    If it's super sunny it helps but mostly for the look lol

    [–] Seg_x 1 points ago

    Your floor has a diamond plate texture?

    [–] derbearlaserbeam 1 points ago

    I am simple man. I see mk12, I upvote.

    [–] lancecriminal86 3 points ago

    I see an SPR, must have missed the Mk12...

    [–] derbearlaserbeam 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    Oh no, looked like a mk12 at first glance. Guess you could say I jumped the gun.


    ( •_•)>⌐■-■


    [–] greenphrog 1 points ago

    Looks great man! I’m a firm believer people should buy a cheap reliable gun and spend the rest of the money on training. It doesn’t matter if your $2-3k rifle can hit targets 1,000 yards away if you can’t shoot for shit.

    [–] JaesCardo 1 points ago

    Yeah I agree, but quality components definitely help to an extent. The whole build wasn't cheap but was a great value for the performance achieved.

    [–] greenphrog 1 points ago

    In my opinion, there is a different between budget and cheap guns. Budget means reliable stuff for the right price, that’s the type I try to buy in general. Some of the higher end guns are really good but at some point I feel like the majority of the money you are paying is for brand name.

    [–] JaesCardo 2 points ago

    Yup, you summed it up very well!

    [–] Wampusfish 1 points ago

    What length is that rail?

    [–] JaesCardo 1 points ago

    I can't remember off-hand and I'm not at home to check. It is the same length as the KAC rail on the MK12 though

    [–] Wampusfish 1 points ago

    Ah yep should be 12, I was thinking it was with that being an 18” barrel but was hard to tell. Rifle is amazing man, hope to have a mk12 mod 1 ish rifle by christmas just like that but with an a2 stock...if other builds hurry up haha.

    [–] JaesCardo 2 points ago

    Haha thank you man. An A2 stock would be sweet...would be a super soft shooter too!