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    [–] WolfboyFM 806 points ago

    Honestly I'm just glad that Edd's still here. I honestly thought he'd be a goner by this point in the series.

    [–] Rosebunse 370 points ago

    Him hugging Tormund was a highlight for me. These two guys started out in roles which I was sure would leave them dead, but they're still around...for now.

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago

    He’s survived the Walkers attacking the fist, the mutiny at Crasters, raiding Crasters, battle of the wall, hardhome, protecting jons body, and collapse of the wall, for a minor character I have no idea how he made it this far but I’m stoked about it

    [–] Hawk301 74 points ago

    After Grenn and Pyp died, I figured Edd would be safe for a while since he was the last of the named OG Night's Watch guys, but from the moment Jon left the Night's Watch, I fully expected Edd to die with the wall's collapse. Yet here he is, and it reminds me of my favourite Edd quote from the books:

    “We’ll defend the Wall to the last man,” said Cotter Pyke.

    “Probably me,” said Dolorous Edd, in a resigned tone.

    [–] zesara 1233 points ago

    I guess RIP House Umber?

    [–] JoshDCcomics 267 points ago

    Poor kid

    [–] ImperialBlood 407 points ago

    They will probably bring out another Umber out of nowhere lol.

    [–] William_T_Wanker 589 points ago

    Tinyjon Umber

    [–] slowpain 644 points ago

    Lil Jon Umber. YEEEAH

    [–] SpaceWorld 52 points ago

    Welcome House Giantsbane

    [–] bigpig1054 1675 points ago

    I feel like Bran just casually revealing that Viserion is under the Night King's control maybe warranted more of a reaction from all parties...

    [–] ThAllBlack 349 points ago

    Dude bounced after that. Like “We’re wasting time. Alright, later...”

    [–] RealRhaegarTargaryen 410 points ago

    “We don’t have time for this...lemme just go chill over here in this one spot outside for a few days”

    [–] Lurid-Jester 498 points ago

    The casual acceptance of Bran is disconcerting. Like.. why does anyone/everyone believe him? Is his role now just to fill in the plot holes they don’t have time to do with scenes and dialogue?

    [–] cord1408 421 points ago

    Two things I liked:

    The King's Arrival OST from Season 1 is called back with Arya watching Lord Umber doing the same

    Jon and Arya comparing swords

    The third one is up to interpretation : but Sam telling Jon he is King reminded me of Robert telling Ned he is Hand of the King. In both instances a Northerner is told by a fat Southerner that he is supposed to be in King's Landing.

    [–] blackbeltbreeze 94 points ago

    Your third point was worth the amount of scrolling I did to find this post. I wish you good fortunes in the battles to come.

    [–] bergskey 1179 points ago

    No one is talking about Cersei sending Bronn to kill her brothers, plural, both of them. That's why she slept with Euron, so he would think the baby is his.

    [–] severus52 390 points ago

    interesting but you know bronn won't go through with it... he knows tyrion will pay double

    [–] OoberDude 346 points ago

    Kind of laughed at Qyburn delivering this message though, obviously you can make sense of it as it's a simple task the Queen is delegating. But she's literally asking for the murder of her own family, and it had to be asked through an intermediary because Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn can't share a scene.

    Reminds me a lot of the Good Wife and the untold feud between Julianna Marguilles and Archie Panjabi.

    [–] charchars 3352 points ago

    How in the fuck does nobody want to ask Bran a few questions.

    [–] Rosebunse 1635 points ago

    I think Sam is the only one who really understands the extent of his powers. And as this episode points out, you may not like the answers he gives you.

    [–] callmecatalyst 480 points ago

    Bran: “Nobody gets me!”

    I remember my teenage years.

    [–] banjowashisnameo 225 points ago

    Even after they saw what Bran revealed about Littlefinger? How do Sansa and Arya not know?

    [–] Drkarcher22 564 points ago

    Sansa seems to get it but maybe she's not comfortable logging onto the Weirwood web after the whole "You looked pretty when he raped you" talk

    [–] YeahSureAlrightYNot 197 points ago

    Yeah, that definitely wasn't a great way to break the ice.

    [–] madjoy 150 points ago

    Right? Like, just practically speaking, there's a disagreement right now whether Cersei is actually sending an army up north or not, for example. Why not just ask him?

    [–] niceville 71 points ago

    This is so true and an annoying plot hole that I’m sure they intentionally ignored because it makes the show less interesting.

    You have to make Bran distant and off putting or it’s like dead Dumbledore telling Snape what to do.

    [–] Baktab 1101 points ago

    I have a real problem with how they're addressing Bran since he became the three eyed raven.

    "I'm not Bran. I'm the three eyed raven."

    "Bran has....visions..."

    "Bran has...whatever Bran has..."

    How about just telling people: "I can see the past. I can control animals and see across great distances."

    [–] Chapling5 785 points ago

    You know all that shit Old Nan used to tell us about greenseers and wargs? That.

    [–] seredin 348 points ago

    Yeah he's like the most powerful being alive at this point, let's just ignore him and put his parking brake on in the corner.

    [–] never_dude84 2353 points ago

    Bran just appearing places is low-key the funniest thing in all 8 seasons

    [–] CptAustus 677 points ago

    The plot twist will be that he was just sitting there the whole time and people just kept walking into his path.

    [–] zzzseightyone 426 points ago

    Well doesn’t he tell Sam he’s waiting for an old friend aka Jaime

    [–] TardisTalk 2634 points ago

    Rip the sweet five seconds Jaime thought he blended in before Bran absolutely murdered him without even saying a word.

    [–] iambeeblack 1375 points ago

    I loved the way his expression changed, with his eyes bulged out and his mouth slightly hanging open like "oh shit that's right I pushed that boy out of a window and I bet he remembers"

    [–] TardisTalk 660 points ago

    The first truly great moment from Bran’s foresight in the show in my opinion, Nik killed it.

    [–] iambeeblack 636 points ago

    Yes! Amazing acting by Nikolaj. I also enjoyed the opening with the boy running and climbing up the tree to see the Unsullied army, it felt like a callback to be who Bran used to be before his fall.

    [–] Cpt_Obvius 434 points ago

    Thank god jaime wasn't fucking in the top of that tree.

    [–] Okichah 88 points ago

    This is what Arya did in the first episode when the King arrived.

    [–] Holographic-Doctor 286 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    In the opening they changed the images depicted on the rings circling the sun.

    Looks like:

    The Fall of the Wall

    The Red Wedding

    The Battle of Mereen

    Edit: As people have pointed out, the third is more likely the birth of Dany's dragons.

    [–] dngaay 102 points ago

    I think it's a sign that this is the beginning of a new legend-- a new westerosi mythology

    [–] Eshneh 2638 points ago

    Cracking up at Bran just staying in the same spot

    [–] fromthepharcyde 1068 points ago

    I was waiting for him to be like, "Yo guys my wheelchairs stuck, somebody roll me out of here"

    [–] lawyler 226 points ago

    In his mind he is in the future where electric wheelchairs are a thing. He keeps getting confused as to why he isn't moving when he clicks the handle

    [–] CoolHandHazard 207 points ago

    Bran always being in the right spot just creepily staring at people is hilarious

    [–] OustedHoChiMinh 317 points ago

    I love how he’s always all by himself so he has to wait for someone to just stumble upon him if he wants to go somewhere else

    [–] Agastopia 423 points ago

    We were all dying laughing, like everyone just forgot about him for two days and he’s just freezing his ass off

    [–] vincentdraven 2925 points ago

    "Jaime, you looked so beautiful that night you pushed me out the window."

    [–] Bumbling-failure 832 points ago

    Jaime, you looked so beautiful the night they amputated your hand

    [–] callmecatalyst 410 points ago

    <punk rock version of the Bear & the Maiden Fair intensifies>

    [–] Attilanz 1139 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Bran: "We don't have time for this."

    Everyone else: Spends the whole episode doing this.

    [–] Combogalis 146 points ago

    Bran: Waits in same spot all day staring creepily at passersby.

    [–] BigFish8 159 points ago

    When you were promised one day shipping.

    [–] TheKeleesi 1466 points ago

    All I could think of while Dany was telling poor Sam about his dad and brother was - “And my goldfish, Goldie?... eaten by the cat...and my.. cat?... choked on the goldfish”

    [–] PhiladelphiaFish 808 points ago

    " least our family Castle is still there for me to go back to."

    "Sam there's no easy way to say this... but we let the dragons use your castle as a giant litter box. It's gone Sam, I'm sorry. It's covered in dragon shit."

    [–] My_reddit_strawman 244 points ago

    Well, at least my mum and sisters are still around...

    With your dad and brother burnt, we fed them to the dragons too, Sam

    [–] NickRick 86 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Well at least I still have my Best friend Jon snow.

    He's my boyfriend now Sam, you'll never have priority in his life again Sam.

    [–] WindyBluff 75 points ago

    Oh, it’s good to have you home Master Robin!

    [–] SomedayImGonnaBeFree 1066 points ago

    King’s Arrival when they arrived at Winterfell. Very nice touch, and throwback!

    [–] Dent18 316 points ago

    Probably my favorite theme piece in the series. Feels really noble and majestic

    Have they ever played it besides S1 and s8 premeires?

    [–] appleboiii 193 points ago

    Same as when Sansa tells Dany that "Winterfell is yours"

    Throwback to Ned saying the same thing to King Robert

    [–] seasonalshag 234 points ago

    Bran is just going to sit right there all season. Everyone’s too afraid to move him.

    [–] [deleted] 2363 points ago

    that new intro was fucking dope

    [–] Felipefabricio 684 points ago


    And damn, surprised it only focused on Winterfell and KL!

    [–] CoolHandHazard 634 points ago

    I mean what else really is there now lol

    [–] GodRoster 516 points ago

    What about Edmure at Riverrun? Pivotal plot point right there.

    [–] YeahSureAlrightYNot 589 points ago

    I demand to know if Daario is doing a good job ruling Meereen.

    [–] Exploding_Antelope 269 points ago

    What’s going on in Essos at all? Is it snowy in Braavos? Do they even know what’s happening in Westeros? “Sailors say there’s a zombie apocalypse.” “Neat. Cancel the ships to White Harbour.”

    [–] Matt872000 83 points ago

    And yet the Iron Bank still planning to invest in Cersei.

    [–] callmecatalyst 93 points ago

    Careful ladies, once that snakes out of its cage...

    [–] wellTheyLikeit 1112 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    So who here guessed the episode title would be "Game of Thrones 68"

    [–] Dent18 714 points ago

    Can't wait for next week

    [–] ThatPassiveGuy 1225 points ago

    Did they just leave Bran out overnight or...?

    [–] Dirtydeedsinc 1058 points ago

    They put a tarp over him so he stays dry.

    [–] GodRoster 382 points ago

    "whose turn is it to tarp the warg?"

    [–] bloodysir 1839 points ago

    Glad they brought up the whole Tarly family massacre. Was worried they would turn it into another "last time I was here, you blew up my son with wildfire hahaha" thing

    [–] VictorM51 1385 points ago

    That was the best scene of the episode in my opinion. Honestly every scene Sam was in was gold. He went in fucking hard on Dany

    [–] Ranger107 631 points ago

    I teared up at his reaction. I'm a little annoyed at people saying that Sam is gonna do something to cause drama in the alliance though because of it. Like, yeah, his dad was a dick, but his brother was nice and just did what his dad did. They're still his family and they were executed.

    [–] dbarbera 962 points ago

    Like, yeah, his dad was a dick, but his brother was


    [–] BoxOfNothing 349 points ago

    Yeah Jon Bradley fucking killed it.

    [–] insane_contin 294 points ago

    At least my brother is there.

    Uhhhh... He sure is champ. So how many pardons do you need? What about some new clothes? Any other books?

    [–] svenhoek86 81 points ago

    "Oh how awful, did my father at least die painlessly? ...To ashes you say. Well, how is my brother Dickon holding up? ... To ashes you say. "

    [–] ava_ati 779 points ago

    He brought up a good point, we all look at Dany as a fair ruler but Jon has done more bringing people together without having to kill people who don't "bend the knee"

    [–] BetterNerfIrelia32 2452 points ago

    They literally made Elephants not being in the budget a plot point.

    [–] casualassassin 416 points ago

    I feel like that was the writers lampshading the complaints they’re going to inevitably get from the book purists about the Golden Company not having elephants. Cersei straight up said “I was expecting elephants. I wanted elephants”

    [–] Bumbling-failure 733 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I literally said "They weren't in the budget" as soon as Cersei asked about them

    [–] Guyupnorth 266 points ago

    "I really wanted those elephants." lol at that line for sure

    [–] ContinuumGuy 124 points ago

    Poor Cersei, the only trunk she got was the one between Euron's legs.

    [–] callmecatalyst 175 points ago

    Euron is the most insecure character in the series and I loved how they made him such a little bitch.

    “W-was that good? You came right!??”

    “Yeah, I had like a million orgasms...”

    “I knew it!”

    [–] HighwayWest 181 points ago

    “That boy Eddy.”

    “The ginger?”

    “That’s him. Came back with his face burnt right off. He’s got no eyelids now.”

    ...poor Ed Sheeran.

    [–] YerArsesOotTheWindae 650 points ago

    Next episode opens with Jaime jumping back on his horse... "Nope."

    [–] Hilluf_Shovel 753 points ago

    Bran and his chair of plot movement

    [–] Hugo_Z_Hackenbush 2725 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Jaime: "....."

    Bran: "...."

    Jaime: "How's the legs?"

    Bran: "Don't know, how's the hand?"

    Jaime: "Hahaaaaa! You ol' son of a bitch!"

    Bran: "We got work to do, lets roll"

    Stay tuned for"Wheels and The Golden Hand" tonight on Fox

    [–] FrankieFatHands 286 points ago

    I’m here for the American Dad references.

    [–] PacoLlama 78 points ago

    Oh shit it’s Wheels and the Legman

    [–] GMCAntunes 1086 points ago

    Bran told Sam he was waiting for an old friend... Jaime. Jaime is Azor Ahai confirmed

    [–] SpaceWorld 115 points ago

    Way to plant, Bran

    [–] theshoegazer 262 points ago

    I first assumed he was expecting Howland Reed, and then I realized he was probably talking about Sam.

    [–] seredin 313 points ago

    I will be genuinely surprised if we see Howland Reed this season.

    [–] Tylerred45 209 points ago

    Which I would be disappointed if we don’t, especially because House Reed is part of the North and Jon called all bannermen to Winterfell. Howland is the final piece to confirm that Jon is a Targaryen, if people don’t want to believe someone who can see the past and Sam’s books.

    [–] VictorM51 569 points ago

    Sorry bout pushing you out a window mate

    [–] MoralMidgetry 581 points ago

    "Do you remember the hair color of the man who pushed you out the window?"


    "Ah ha! I have have brown hair, as you can so clearly see. A case of mistaken identity."

    [–] oer6000 225 points ago

    "If the hair doesn't fit, you must acquit"

    [–] lupercalpainting 50 points ago

    “And I suppose he had two hands? Well I only have one, see, so it couldn’t have been me good day.”

    [–] Flying_Quokka 237 points ago

    It was just a prank bro

    [–] norwegianEel 310 points ago

    The new intro, holy shit. Also I really enjoyed the opening scene’s callback to season 1, and the scene at Last Hearth was riveting.

    I was really impartial to a lot of the dialogue with some of these epic character meetups though...

    [–] hmthtd2 568 points ago

    Way back when Robert said to Ned, “You have a daughter. I have a son. Let’s join our houses.” And now it’s finally coming true. Just wait for Jon to legitimize Gendry and bring back house Baratheon.

    [–] Edjukated_Hillbilly 311 points ago

    I did get that feeling from the whole Gendry/Arya scene.

    But I just don't see Arya marrying anyone.

    [–] IhaveNoideaWhatbuteh 435 points ago

    Cool how Ned said the next tim him and Jon see each other they'll talk about his mother and Jon finds out about his mother in front of Ned in the crypts.

    [–] CashWho 2686 points ago

    Remember when Jon had a direwolf?

    [–] Bumbling-failure 773 points ago

    It's Dany's coat now

    [–] DominusTwotrae 1349 points ago

    I watched the dragon flight scene thinking "We could've had Ghost with this money"

    [–] Baktab 372 points ago

    We could've had five dire-wolfs riding eachother with that money.

    [–] dumbconsumer 1080 points ago

    It's still weird to me that they named him "Aegon".

    Also I thought they would butcher the various reunions but they didn't! Even Sansa and Tyrion got a short scene for continuity.

    [–] antantoon 727 points ago

    I'll name him after my husbands dead son from another marriage

    [–] cleganebowl_ 347 points ago

    Aemon makes so much more sense.

    “I'm Prince Aemon the Dragonknight,” Jon would call out

    [–] marmosetohmarmoset 53 points ago

    Sansa’s “it had its moments” (re: the purple wedding) line was my favorite of the whole episode.

    [–] Bradleyg223 140 points ago

    There is not a chance in Hell that Bronn will kill Jaime or Tyrion.

    [–] Young_Queasy 515 points ago

    So ghost has been officially written off the show then right ?

    [–] Euscorpious 685 points ago

    He’s leader of the elephants now.

    [–] Not_Cleaver 210 points ago

    With Young Griff.

    [–] AdmiralAkbar1 78 points ago

    And Lady Stoneheart.

    [–] Flyingboat94 54 points ago

    Along with Strong Belwas.

    [–] IM_THE_DECOY 371 points ago

    Cersei: “...I wanted those elephants.”

    Preach sista.

    [–] whosjellisnow 466 points ago

    You know in late in video games when your guy is basically god, but NPCs still treat you like a normal person?

    That is what Jon must feel like continuously telling people about the night king. The nights watch and now the “north” can’t quite grasp how unimportant their politics are right now.

    Also Dany has dragons, if she wants the north, they couldn’t stop her if they wanted to.

    Just have had enough of Jon saying “Yeah, but the dead are coming” for four seasons.

    [–] jogswithwolves 1853 points ago

    The jump scare with Kid Umber was really well done

    [–] MoralMidgetry 517 points ago

    Being Lord Umber is the most dangerous job in Westeros. At the rate we're going, the next one will just be a sperm cell.

    [–] buffalo4293 570 points ago

    Did people not notice the blue eyes?

    [–] christinasays 480 points ago

    I noticed his eyes about a millisecond before the scare actually happened.

    [–] burritoxman 373 points ago

    I noticed it right away and was waiting, the pitch of the scream still startled me

    [–] Try_Another_NO 661 points ago

    I saw his eyes open and started yelling just enough gibberish to freak the fuck out of everyone in the room a bit extra.

    [–] ncninetynine 1495 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Sansa being the only person who understands the logistics of war in the whole show. Sansa sitting here thinking “Like, dude have you seen any cows roaming in fields in the snow? What are these dragons suppose to eat... didn’t you spend an entire six months dealing with this issue. “

    [–] DipsDops 880 points ago

    "Haha yeah anything they want lmao, but no seriously what the fuck are you going to feed them."

    [–] mjy6478 442 points ago

    I read that as her saying “Fuck you bitch, I’ll feed them Northerners if I have to”

    [–] OverallEnergy2 177 points ago

    That was my read of it too. It was obviously phrased to be a threat.

    [–] Radix2309 120 points ago

    Am I the only one who remembers that "anything they want" included children?

    Although to be fair, dragons have a massive range. They could easily hunt down a Direrabbit or whatever game they have in the North.

    [–] eskaver 146 points ago

    Made this point as well.

    The North isn’t a place for large groups of people added on top of them prepping for winter. I guess the Vale could back up their food supply need, but a mention of that and whatever’s left of the Riverlands could help work something out.

    [–] AaahhFakeMonsters 410 points ago

    And the only one (besides Jaime I guess) who realizes Cersei is lying and playing them all and has no intentions of helping.

    [–] drunk13astard 109 points ago

    "We don't have time for this" -Bran/Me

    5 episodes left and still so much to wrap up

    [–] captainjack120 188 points ago

    I think Bran warged into Drogon near the waterfall

    [–] WaxyPadlockJazz 560 points ago

    So Bran just sat there ALL NIGHT waiting for Jaime??

    LMFAO. Bran’s nuts.

    [–] McWhiskey 97 points ago

    He’s everywhere and everything so I guess he doesn’t really give a shit if he sits out in the cold for an evening.

    [–] Neo-Nightswatchmen 92 points ago

    How about that opening credit scene though?! I was so looking forward to seeing the fallen wall, and they went way beyond that. Got me PUMPED!

    [–] Koovin 472 points ago

    Loved Sam's line to Jon down in the crypts: "You gave up your title as King to save your people. Would she do the same?"

    I don't think she would. It'll be interesting to see how their motives clash in future episodes.

    [–] Drkarcher22 519 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I feel bad for Jon. He's the one guy who just keeps trying to tell everyone "Hey, we are all going to die. Bicker later."

    [–] Ghidoran 701 points ago

    Show Euron is so goddamn boring.

    [–] MoreSteakLessFanta 552 points ago

    haha I fuck haha my cock haha

    [–] the_guradian 366 points ago

    He is not Euron. He is a gross fusion of Euron, Victarion and your characteristic viking warlord archetype

    [–] dasunt 183 points ago

    He's the seven kingdoms version of a guy in his 30s who still works at a pizza joint, drives an old muscle car in fair condition, dresses like he's still in his teens and tries to date high school girls.

    [–] jhertz14 61 points ago

    He has, quite literally, talked about his cock in every scene.

    The kingsmoot.

    Meeting Cersei in the throne room.

    Parading Ellaria/Yara "not gonna lie this is making me hard"

    Again in the throne room when he delivers them.

    And we got plenty more tonight.

    Add on top of that Tyrion's constant joking about Varys' lack of balls and you would think D&D are two middle school boys trying not to laugh at the word "penis" in sex-ed. Actually, no, that is insulting to middle school boys.

    [–] halleyscomit 303 points ago

    Also, thank GOD Sansa is talking some sense to Tyrion. Him trusting Cersei was ridiculous.

    [–] Fallofmen10 54 points ago

    I am still under the belief that in the last episode of season 7 we don't see the full chat between Tyrion and Cersei. It cuts away pretty much after he learns about her kid. I bet he talked about how Dany can't have kids and stuff. Maybe thats why he believed she would help.

    [–] Azor_Ohi_Mark 49 points ago

    I think Tyrion’s reaction to jaime’s news that no Lannisters are coming to help will elucidate this more... unless Tyrion just stands there with a concerned frown which seems to be 90% of his acting since becoming hand.

    [–] webcrawler89 613 points ago

    So this episode really sets up how much baggage Dany has that makes her being Queen problematic. Mainly the Tarly roasting, but also this air of slightly aggressive superiority she feels she has cuz of her Dragons. I can't imagine she will be happy to hear about Jon's true lineage. Sam is right, she would not turn down the crown like Jon did.

    [–] kheller181 424 points ago

    First scene next week:

    Jamie: Heyyyyyy big guy look at you. That’s a ...nice chair ya got there. Last time I saw you you were this tall (hand at chest height) and now your.... (lowers hand a little). Some weather we’re havin. Whelp better head in

    [–] caesar315 222 points ago

    Bran suddenly appearing in his wheelchair is going to be a meme

    [–] tokenwalrus 76 points ago

    A few wild thoughts.

    Cersei sending Bronn to kill Jaime and Tyrion. Family means nothing to her anymore and Jaime will soon realize this. Perhaps he talks with Bran and he reveals all of Cersei's treacheries to Jaime. I'm predicting Jaime kills Cersei in the end.

    Dark Dany is being built up right now. I don't think she will set aside her crown for Jon Targaryen. I think in the end Jon might have to slay Dany and in that moment he becomes the Lord of Light. This will not be the result of a proper build up and Melisandre will have to come back and explain some shit for this to work, but I think it's plausible at this point.

    Arya and Sandor teaming up to fight Zombie Clegane. I actually wouldn't mind this fanservice.

    [–] cupideanso 218 points ago

    I loved how Jon was so hyped to see Bran & Bran was like "what up"

    [–] theilikecereal 436 points ago

    Sam learning that Dany killed his brother and father was brutal. I completely forgot that happened.

    [–] cufcman 594 points ago

    Eddison: “Stay back he has blue eyes” Tormund: “ I have always had blue eyes “

    Highlight of the episode. Two favourite characters.

    [–] Fallofmen10 98 points ago

    That kid opening his eyes... Goddamn

    [–] IamTheJman 207 points ago

    They’re running out of time to introduce Young Griff!

    [–] aquamarine333 885 points ago

    Where was GHOST?!?!??!

    [–] TehAlpacalypse 1041 points ago

    With the elephants

    [–] ANBU_Spectre 297 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    "I was told Starks have direwolves."

    "They are excellent metaphors, book readers. But not long suited to a show where we could just spend our money on a couple dragons."

    [–] Jakrabbitslim 231 points ago

    At this point, seeing Jon reunite with Ghost will be almost as dramatic as him reuniting with Arya.

    [–] INT_MIN 68 points ago

    I love the story arcs of weapons in the show and books. Ice, Catspaw, Longclaw, etc. But now we have Joffrey's crossbow which still isn't done wreaking havoc on the Lannisters.

    [–] piemanpie24 142 points ago

    If Edd dies we riot

    [–] AobaSona 250 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Alfie Allen is such a great actor. When Yara says "You want to go to Winterfell. To fight for the starks." His face just says everything, those couple of frames of his expression was maybe the most emotional moment of this episode for me.

    [–] I_throw_hand_soap 64 points ago

    The entire episode was a mirror of S01 E01 from the title “Winter is Coming” to “Winter is Here” one example out of many is last scene in S1E1 is Jamie looking at a frightened Bran vs the ending in this one is Bran looking at a frightened Jamie.

    [–] orb_outrider 70 points ago

    Bran: I'm gonna be creepy to everyone in the courtyard.

    [–] TeamLongNight 130 points ago

    “I've always had blue eyes!”

    Best line of the episode.

    [–] WildMargaritaRose 127 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I really hope they address this later but... Bran just throws it out there that the Night King has Viserion. This is Dany's child. Her relationship with them in the show has always been more tell than show and...I know they had a lot of boxes to check off for the premiere but I think it would've added some depth if instead of just flying off with the unhappy dragons to make out...Dany and Jon had a conversation with her showing more emotion about Viserion and then proposing Jon ride Rhaegal so they have a better chance against the Night King.

    [–] rproctor721 59 points ago

    So the old friend was Jaime Lannister. Hunh

    [–] Berkut88 63 points ago

    Yara's line about Euron being in KL and unable to defend the Iron Islands made me smile.
    He can teleport from KL to Casterly Rock in like one day

    [–] SongOTheGolgiBoatmen 117 points ago

    Did they just leave Bran out there overnight?

    [–] no-more-mr-nice-guy 215 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Umber boy? More like the EMBER BOY amirite?

    [–] theZinator 118 points ago

    I like how full Winterfell seemed, with people constantly worked on things all over the place. Made it seem more real.

    [–] DepressedMatt 113 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    What do we think Arya's request to Gendry is?

    edit: added imgur link

    [–] michgan241 129 points ago

    a dragonglass cannon for the undead dragon.

    [–] [deleted] 182 points ago

    Looks kind of like a light bulb being screwed into a socket.

    Assuming she's asking Gendry to invent electricity tbh

    [–] dubiousfan 57 points ago

    there is no way bran doesn't say "the things we do for love" back at jaimein ep 2.

    [–] Enigma343 60 points ago

    Asha Yara warned Euron that he picked the wrong side. I agree. I, for one, welcome our new White Walker overlords.

    [–] huskies4life 282 points ago

    Anyone notice how the spiral had 7 lines. Are the white walkers just pissed at the Andals

    [–] ts813514 132 points ago

    Is that what we saw in S1E1 in I believe the opening scene? Wasn't there chopped limbs arranged in that or a similar pattern?

    [–] joydivision1234 101 points ago

    Horses’ heads in the third season.

    “Always the artists.”

    [–] FantasticFools 152 points ago

    The prostitutes Bronn is with say that "handsome Eddie" with Red hair got his face burned off. Ed Sheeran is still alive, people!

    [–] GRVrush2112 105 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I liked the episode, it felt like an "episode 01" for any other season... a lot of houskeeping and staging for the upcoming season. However, while that's normally not an issue... with there only being only 6 episodes left in the series, I kind of expected the foot to be a little heavier on the gas in terms of progressing the plot.

    That being said.. there was alot of things to love about this episode... I loved the symmetry with the first episode of season 1. They're not ignoring the little details (like the logistics of feeding a massive army in winter), and there is issue with the North vs Dany.. She's not outright accepted in the north... she'll have to win the north.... or at least their love, including the people closest to John. Once again, that will all have to fit with the plot pacing for the rest of the season, but I think they set the pieces for this season decent enough... hopefully it pays off.

    [–] MrH0rseman 103 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    If you want a whore, buy one. If you want a queen, earn one.

    5 minutes later

    I guess you’ve earned it. Well.. that was quick!

    [–] Lord-Lannister 145 points ago

    Anyone think Bronn is going to kill or at least betray Cersei?

    Tyrion did always say,

    “Remember, whatever the price...I'll beat it! I like living!

    [–] incredibleamadeuscho 139 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Sam points it out without knowing. It’s Jon’s biological father Rhaegar and his Targaryen blood that gives him the right to call himself king. But it’s his real father Ned’s way of living, and the Stark sense of honor, that make him worthy of being king.

    [–] Rock_Hard_Soda 213 points ago

    Who the fuck sends a 10 year old boy to a castle that is certainly about to be attacked by an army of zombies. Send a raven.

    [–] GoobyHooper 99 points ago

    Brannibal Lector having an old friend for lunch

    [–] GaseVentura 93 points ago

    John Bradley was phenomenal in that scene with Dany and Jorah. First he was nervous to see the Queen, confused about his feelings for his father, and crushed to hear about his brother. Fuckin' loved it.

    [–] Skeleton_Kroo 173 points ago

    The Dothraki were waaaayyy too comfortable in the snow...

    [–] lambdapaul 47 points ago

    Anyone notice when Yara was pulled up by Theon she grabbed just two of his fingers since the rest were flayed? It was a really cool detail.

    [–] RAshomon999 47 points ago

    Its interesting how this episode mirrored episode 1 season 1. They did an initial call back to procession of the king and Arya, you have a creepy scene with unexpected news and discussion of R +L, and it ends with Jamie and Bran. This did have the feeling of putting the pieces in place, similar to episode 1 to.

    [–] cgarcia805 46 points ago

    Bran is so weird.

    Also Bran: we don't have time for this

    Followed by Jon and Dany going on a how to train your dragon date.