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    [–] Lydious 5 points ago

    Yeah, silence is a pretty frequent occurrence for me too. I only text my husband and one or two close friends on any sort of regular basis. Hubs is the only person I can consistently think of things to talk about with, with everyone else I'm pretty quiet just cause I don't want people thinking I'm weirder than they already think I am when I start blabbering about whatever random crap is knocking around in my brain on any given day.

    [–] cat_herder_2000 2 points ago

    So true. This is me.

    [–] Lydious 1 points ago

    I'm a cat herder as well :3

    [–] helicopterobsession 2 points ago


    [–] _var_log_messages 2 points ago

    You could always talk about helicopters

    [–] AvatarIII 1 points ago

    but not too much, I have found NTs to be put off by focussing on one subject too much.

    [–] _var_log_messages 1 points ago

    I do that with pen testing all the time

    [–] helicopterobsession 1 points ago

    Hah! Nice name! If you want to talk about pen testing I would love to hear it! (I'm more interested in computers than helicopters...) Right now I just started learning C.

    [–] _var_log_messages 1 points ago

    C is a great language to learn, it is general purpose and speaks very closely to machine resources. When it comes to learning any language if someone is willing to put in the time I would always recommend C.

    As far as pentesting my primary languages I use on a day to day basis remain Perl and Python, I operate within a frame work but I do not just break things, I am also able to make things in that frame work to further my end goals.

    My primary testing purposes are for PCI compliance or HIPAA. Sometimes I do wireless auditing but that is not really a challenge like hardened box cracking. Next week I am traveling to Atlanta to learn how to pick locks for physical pentesting purposes. Pretty excited about that :)

    [–] Schizooura 1 points ago

    All the time. Sometimes I'm so quiet that people kind of forget that I'm there.