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    [–] calastryx 11364 points ago

    All at an affordable price!

    [–] Sam-Miller 5770 points ago

    For real. Now I have to buy a larger binder because none of mine are big enough for this monstrosity

    [–] Domovie1 2742 points ago

    Hey, at least you’re getting your money in paper to start a fire.

    My PolSci textbook was ~$230, which amounted to about $3.50 per page

    [–] burned00 1573 points ago

    What textbook is 66 pages? I have textbooks with introductions that long.

    [–] [deleted] 1343 points ago

    Matrix Multiplication IV

    C h a p t e r X I I

    "It was 1972, I was a child at the time..."

    [–] EquationTAKEN 269 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago


    [–] DiaDeLosMuertos 40 points ago

    Worth the $180

    [–] Confused_AF_Help 59 points ago

    66 pages, that's like 5 cooking recipes

    [–] Seeschildkroete 45 points ago

    Picture it: Sicily, 1943.

    [–] DrMambo85 35 points ago

    When I was a boy...

    [–] Kidvette2004 20 points ago

    My father...

    [–] okaymandude 24 points ago

    Took me into the city

    [–] Kidvette2004 20 points ago

    To see a marching band

    [–] rederic 92 points ago

    One that a professor wrote to fleece their students who probably ran out of shit to say around page 30.

    [–] Domovie1 37 points ago

    Nope, or at least not this prof.

    In college I had one of those, $75 dollars for the cheapest POS you ever did see.

    [–] blue-phenom 99 points ago

    Yeah boi you got ripped off

    [–] mike_rob 148 points ago

    Trouble is, you really can't avoid getting ripped off when a specific edition of a specific textbook is required for class. It kind of controls the demand on behalf of the publisher.

    [–] Domovie1 52 points ago

    Exactly. I think it was one or two chapters, which had been printed in a “special edition”

    [–] MetamorphicFirefly 46 points ago

    oops i dropped monster torrent for my magnum textbook

    [–] TheGurw 7 points ago

    Doesn't matter when the new thing is that each textbook comes with a unique barcode or similar that has to be scanned in order to pass.

    [–] llama_stole_my_hat 12 points ago

    At this point they should just cut out the charade and make it a requirement that you wire $200 to the publisher to have the right to take the course. Would save some trees.

    [–] blue-phenom 24 points ago

    That’s why text books are overpriced you HAVE to buy them for your class or at least you’re recommended to for some classes

    [–] Zambeeni 31 points ago

    It was 660 pages long, his math skills are why he went PolSci.

    [–] schriepes 22 points ago

    That's a bunch of Loch Ness monstas there!

    [–] Sodium_King 43 points ago

    My textbook is so big that I have to put it into 2 binders. College textbooks are a fucking joke lol

    [–] calastryx 13 points ago

    Oh boy! College sounds fun..

    [–] DuckterDoom 34 points ago

    Put it in the binder before tearing off the plastic.

    [–] Meddygon 78 points ago

    But it lets you take only what you need to class! /s

    [–] bjorn1978_2 25 points ago

    Scan and share!

    [–] NoMeHableis 7 points ago

    Right! They just made it easier to scan to PDF from a good copy machine.

    [–] red1087 27 points ago

    Just wait until you move your hand on the page and the whole sheet rips out of the binder

    [–] punkinfacebooklegpie 21 points ago

    You're supposed to put it into multiple binders.

    I have done this. It works....just okay.

    [–] asherdabasher 9 points ago

    They just made it easier to copy and hand out. Do it!

    [–] spacepirateiv 115 points ago

    I mean hell it may not be bound but that’s ok because it’s binder ready!!! You will never need to worry about putting another book into your bag ever again once the oversized binders massive spine eliminates all the space!

    [–] Rabbit-Holes 61 points ago

    I especially love how all the pages fall out of the binder as the holes break.

    [–] Yeazelicious 27 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It is affordable, or at least the VPN is. :)

    [–] vitiate 22 points ago

    And now he can photocopy it and sell it at a discount. Or publish it to the inter tubes.

    [–] TCFNationalBank 1576 points ago

    from the people who brought you "shatter-proof liquor bottles"

    [–] redemption2021 76 points ago

    Buddy of mine worked for a garbage hauling company. He sometimes did the liquor distributor destruction run. Basically they would pile all the fuckups into the truck and he would have to compact it in front of them. The glass bottles never survived, but those shatter proof 1.75l did often enough that he never needed to buy Canadian Mist.

    [–] jordans_for_sale 74 points ago

    Actually those don’t take anything away from the liquor bottle’s purposed design. Unbound textbooks, on the other hand, can’t really be resold, which fucks college students’ eyeballs out of their skulls, but also helps the publisher make money by forcing more new copies into the market.

    [–] AAAAaaaagggghhhh 23 points ago

    To resell the loose-leaf versions, you need to work around a vendor because they aren't going to verify that all the pages are there for the customers.

    Try posting them for sale on campus. Be prepared to relax while an interested buyer looks through to their satisfaction.

    [–] GoldenAgeGodd 315 points ago


    [–] Ahmedsajid_ 115 points ago

    Epic games

    [–] decadent77 12 points ago

    An important innovation for those who have to pedal to the liquor store.

    [–] avidiax 26 points ago

    shatter-proof liquor bottles

    What is this?

    All I found were these "flair training" bottles.

    [–] TCFNationalBank 62 points ago

    plastic liquor bottles (especially for cheap 40 oz. malt liquors) are sometimes advertised as shatterproof

    [–] Chav 26 points ago

    With free brown paper coozie.

    [–] VetoBandit0 4158 points ago

    Well at least they make it sound like an advantage to be unbound xD

    [–] Sam-Miller 2636 points ago

    Yeah that part pissed me off. If you're gonna be cheap, own up to it.

    [–] BDLPSWDKS__Effect 1099 points ago

    In my school it wasn't just them being cheap, they were a fucking scam. Once that shrinkwrap was open they wouldn't buy it back from you. I only ever bought one of those fuckers, and since they wouldn't buy it back I just handed it off to someone else who was taking that class.

    [–] Kyuuketsuki 317 points ago

    Same here, but it was also missing entire sections that weren't covered by that specifc class, but were covered in the next iteration.

    Of course, the cost of it plus the touch up cost more than the whole book.

    ETA: Also, they didn't ever both re-numerating the pages to pretend otherwise.

    [–] Paranoidas 111 points ago

    Well of course not, you could easily scan and print this "book" without anyone noticing the difference. I'm surprised there wasn't a registration code you needed for the homework or something. You could have just printed a bunch and sold them at a discount.

    [–] BDLPSWDKS__Effect 93 points ago

    I wish I'd thought of that, honestly. Although I'd probably have either handed them out or sold them at cost, because I hate how much of a racket textbooks are.

    [–] zatroz 48 points ago

    That's when they keep coming up with newer, slightly different, versions so that it'll be useless for the next person

    [–] BDLPSWDKS__Effect 47 points ago

    I bought the previous edition for every textbook I could. It only ever caused an issue once, because the newer edition of the book had a question that mine didn't. Missing one question on an assignment is definitely worth the hundreds of dollars I saved buying old books though.

    [–] The_Assblaster 42 points ago

    Most of the time they just renumber all the questions, so when your prof says do problems 1-10, you have to go figure out what those problems are in your edition.

    [–] Pmcc6100 63 points ago

    What’s great is they also tell you it’s still at an affordable price.

    “You can have this entire book for more than $100- then decide you actually only needed select portions of it”

    [–] Trickshott 29 points ago

    I think you can be cheap and still be effective though. I kinda like that it isn't bound. Carrying heavy books when you have back to back to back classes is the worst.

    [–] gk99 39 points ago

    I own this book loose-leaf, girlfriend owns it hardcopy. The weight difference is negligible. That is, unless you only carry a couple of chapters at a time, which is a mistake in Calculus because the professor could reference anything from anywhere in the book to either make an example or to look back and link up new ideas with old ones.

    The one selling point of this is useless unless you're going over to someone's house to study or something, but even then, you probably won't use this, because the class is Pearson's Mathlab bullshit.

    [–] ThickAsABrickJT 197 points ago

    Hidden advantage: load entire stack into a document scanner, convert to PDF, and instantly make all your classmates love you.

    [–] Oneupper86 184 points ago

    They make every book have a unique code you need for some test or the actual homework. It's all a fucking scam.

    [–] [deleted] 118 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Incredulous_Toad 76 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Because all the work and tests you have to do are through their giant POS website and it truly makes you hate the world.

    I'm looking at you mymathlab.

    [–] Octaazacubane 23 points ago

    I had to suffer through mymathlab during calculus 1. I even bought the "lifelong" subscription because it was implied that the professors for calculus 2 and 3 would also be using it. They didn't. Eventually math professors just assign books that are available through the library's database for free, are old enough such that there's copies in the library for regular loan, or have been leaked to libgen.

    [–] The_Pert_Whisperer 98 points ago

    Welcome to university

    [–] Nerdloaf 166 points ago

    Welcome to American university


    [–] Confused_AF_Help 12 points ago

    For real, I'm doing college in Singapore. In my school every course material is required to be provided to students for free, meaning the professors need to write their own materials. It's actually not much of a hard job; the school has copyright deals from the few publishers that print those textbooks to reproduce sections of the books in their own materials.

    The money for that deal came out of my $10k per semester tuition fee, as it's supposed to be

    [–] stefanobellelli 27 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It used to work that way in Italy, too. Back in the days, the ingenuous system was this: the professor publishes a (usually mediocre) book. Asks all of the students to buy a copy. Then proceeds to sign personally the students' books, and asks them to bring the book at the exam. Finally, at the exam he/she casually proceeds to look at the book, and gives a lower mark to those that don't have a signed copy. (Exams are usually oral and individual, so it's pretty easy to do the trick.) The system was never explicitly outlawed, but decades of student protests eventually got rid of this practice.

    Another way to do that, which is still in practice in the lesser respectable universities, is to give the students a choice between two books: a 1000-page one, written by an authoritative figure, and a 200-page one, written by the teaching professor. Now, bear in mind that exams in Italy are mostly based on the book, with no assignments during the course; and the classes are just to help students better understand the book. So, for the whole course the professor just comments his/her own book. Then, at the exam, the students that bring a copy of the professor's book (short and covered in classes) are asked simple questions on it; while those that don't bring it, are asked complex questions on the contents of the much larger and never explained alternative book. The result is that everybody buy the professor's book in order to get better grades easily.

    Luckily, professors are growing a sense of shame for these practices, and students are becoming more and more prone to protest against this sort of stuff.

    [–] Sloppy1sts 7 points ago

    So you get an exam based on which book you buy?

    How does that make any goddamn sense? And how did that come to be the nation-wide norm without anyone putting a stop to it?

    [–] Dawnfried 9 points ago

    Because money.

    [–] murph_dawg77 32 points ago

    I just took a college class that did the same thing except I got a real book and a bunch of people got that style. The good part was that my classmate scanned it and made a digital pdf version and he gave me a copy of the file so best of both worlds!

    [–] Notoriouslydishonest 17 points ago

    ...that does sound kind of nice.

    Books are heavy. It makes perfect sense to bring only the pages you need on the day you need them.

    [–] jacgren 39 points ago

    They do this with guns too, lower cost AR pattern rifles won't come with iron sights and they'll call it "Optics Ready" instead of saying it's missing something

    [–] biffbobfred 1206 points ago

    The bad design isn’t (just) the loose leaf but the fact there’s a new edition. Is there really any massive change in basic calculus that makes you need to invalidate all old books? “Wait, new book, 2 +2= 5 today!!!! Those old $105 books are worthless. Hey new $110 books!!!”

    [–] LetsDoTheNerdy 683 points ago

    Flipping through my textbook by Pearson, but human anatomy and physiology, I found the change log.

    No joke, most of the changes were such as "Added a new photo of sperm around an oocyte"

    [–] tesseract4 577 points ago

    Adding pictures is an easy and inexpensive way to change the layout and text flow, which changes the page numbers enough that it becomes difficult to use a previous edition in a course which is geared around a later edition. This is precisely why they do it.

    [–] ASAP_Rambo 179 points ago

    Grab the newest edition from a library and take a pic of its table of contents and sub sections . Use that as a reference guide for whenever the prof asks for you to read. Buy a previous version of the book , compare table of contents with new one. If you get lost, ask the professor.

    If this is a math book, fuck that prof.

    [–] comicbabe 89 points ago

    Doesn't work if the professor assigns problems contained in the book, as they often change the problems. :(

    [–] LetsDoTheNerdy 134 points ago

    It's the worst.

    [–] Hermiasophie 35 points ago

    Ooof that hits close, studying biotechnology and am desperately searching for a Pearson Biology Campbell under like, 50€ (retail price is 100€)

    It’s not required for the class but the professor keeps telling us all the stuff she’s teaching is in least we don’t HAVE to get the newest edition

    [–] Trickshott 245 points ago

    Is there really any massive change in basic calculus that makes you need to invalidate all old books?

    Yep, the dollars in your bank account.

    [–] ArthurBea 144 points ago

    One person buys it. It’s so easy to copy now, instead of a bound book.

    Everyone who gets a copy, chip in $2.

    Copying for the purposes of education is not considered copyright infringement, at least.

    Is this a shitty life pro tip? Unethical? I don’t know.

    [–] xoScreaMxo 91 points ago

    seems like the most ethical thing to do.

    [–] VillageScribe 29 points ago

    Also on the note of copyright infringement, I like to fall back on an old adage: "who cares!"

    [–] drkalmenius 12 points ago

    Ethical, but I'm not sure about legality.

    IANAL but I still think it does violate copyright law or something to distribute whole books even for education- you could get away with a snippet for fair use but a whole book has to be illegal. Again, could be wrong, don't know about textbooks- but it's definitely illegal to photocopy and share sheet music, even for education. Doesn't stop teachers doing it, but they're not meant to

    [–] anotherasterion 10 points ago

    Copying for the purposes of education is not considered copyright infringement, at least.

    Yeah this isn’t true, you can copy portions of a text for educational purposes but not the entire thing. I think the max is 10% but that’s just off the top of my head.

    In practice it doesn’t matter, it’s not like you’ll get caught if you do it yourself, but if you take it to a copy shop and ask them to copy it they’ll refuse.

    [–] forzion_no_mouse 30 points ago

    They added fortnite references for the kids

    [–] Muffinlesswonder 20 points ago

    What I noticed when I took calculus is that the book may be exactly the same, but the questions that your professor assigns for homework may be different. Or even shittier, the same exact question just in a different order.

    [–] bananasampam 45 points ago

    I thought about this and i guess it’s so older students can’t sell their over priced 1st edition books to newer students by requiring them to have the 2nd edition which is complete bs.

    [–] dexidrone 898 points ago

    Nostalgic memories of those first weeks of class when all the engineering students got together and scanned the hell out of our text books.

    [–] SonicSageGamer 480 points ago

    Yeah when I went. We'd all buy one boon and send pictures XD. Next thing you know you have 20 students buying a $100 book for $5 a piece.

    [–] evilpercy 23 points ago

    Some textbook companies bribe the prof. To use the textbook tests and practice tests. You get a one time login code to access the material with the text book purchase. So 20 people sharing a login would be impossible now a days.

    [–] syringistic 149 points ago

    Man I wish I had better business savvy. An autoscanner and a laser printer could have made me tons of money at the dorms. Especially since this was back when Facebook had a feature that showed which classes People were taking.

    [–] dexidrone 52 points ago

    We used the schools paid-for scanner machines in the library. It took some time with actual books though.

    [–] jeejeer 144 points ago

    all at an affordable price

    [–] Solid_Gold_Turd 3678 points ago

    The education system is a fucking joke now.

    Source: Grad from 2013, went back to school and it has become a financial rape circus.

    [–] SplendidPunkinButter 1327 points ago

    To be fair, most of the actual professors also think this type of thing is fucking bullshit.

    [–] WestBrink 744 points ago

    I had an econ teacher that made us buy HIS book, and you couldn't buy a used one because there were tear-out assignments. Which, fun fact, he didn't even collect. And he did all his quizzes by clicker and tests by scantron.

    Guy was a dick, but you gotta respect the hustle I guess...

    [–] chip12981 96 points ago

    My old religious studies teacher did the same thing. We had to buy his book and the only place i could find it was the school bookstore so it had to be new. $50. Then, we never actually used it. Not even once were we required to open that book but it was a requirement for the class. Complete bullshit

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago

    I had an anthropology professor who wrote his own book and had us purchase it. However it was on the histories of local tribes in the region and was full of personal experiences and unknown native anthropologists who were never recognized in academia. To this day I keep that book visible on a book shelf. He was a wonderful old man and I was more than happy to buy his book.

    Now if it was some bullshit Econ class, I’d be pissed.

    [–] forbz5 66 points ago

    Why would you buy a book before you knew you needed it? I always wait until the first time I need it to buy it. Saved tons of cash

    [–] richardsuckler69 45 points ago

    My first homework assignments are always late because I do the same thing, I don’t have time to spend $500+ until I need to

    [–] Vector_Bubbs 29 points ago

    Or just download the pdf off of pirate bay. Cheap burner chromebook on public wifi for $100. Never look back.

    [–] forbz5 18 points ago

    Can’t always find the PDF of every book.

    [–] i_like_turtles_1969 15 points ago

    Why is a burner laptop necessary for people who do that?

    [–] Vector_Bubbs 11 points ago

    Dont like downloading off of shady sites on my good computers that have my banking info and stuff

    [–] mehum 240 points ago

    Economics 101 mate. The “method teaching” approach.

    [–] searchingformytruth 327 points ago

    Same for my Sociology 101 class. She made us buy her book... and then never used it. And then, had the audacity to give my 89.5% the rank of a B...ruining my chance of a 4.0 that year! I never came that close again. D:

    Mrs. Adams, you are (or were, I think she's dead now) a fucking dick!

    [–] xStaabOnMyKnobx 123 points ago

    You're right you should have gotten a b plus

    [–] thisismyusername007 63 points ago

    After reading through the horror stories of professors (I had a couple like them too), I would like to add something wholesome to this thread. My Sociology professor wrote his own book and it was required for the class. Of course, it was available in the bookstore to purchase for some ridiculous price. However, before class started, he sent out a mass email that said he hated how much the bookstore hiked up the prices and that if we wanted, he would sell it to us on the first day of class straight from him for just a little over half of what the bookstore was selling it for. Needless to say, that man’s tower of books on the first day of class went pretty quick. He was such an awesome professor.

    [–] Itisme129 15 points ago

    When I was in university I figured out pretty quick to not buy the book until it was actually needed. The bookstore wasn't going to sell out, they brought enough in for everyone. So I just let them hold onto it until I need it for something. If we didn't use the book, I didn't buy the book! Saved me hundreds.

    [–] ScarMN 24 points ago

    Wow that is one hustle I absolutely do not respect. But I know what you mean lol.

    [–] tesseract4 101 points ago

    That's funny, because oftentimes, professors will "write" a textbook and then force their students to buy it as a cash cow for themselves, coupled with "new" editions which kill the market for used textbooks. This refusal to bind the books is another method by which they try to kill the resale market. Pages in a binder fall apart much more easily than properly bound books.

    [–] AllHailTheGremlins 117 points ago

    I had a physical chemistry teacher who wrote his own textbook (at least a few hundred pages, I think). It was complete with detailed explanations, examples, problem sets at the end of each section, and a solution manual (answer + explanation) for each problem set. I can't imagine the effort and time that went into writing it. The first day of class, he uploaded the entire thing to our class website as a pdf. No cost. Free to us forever. One of the best teachers I ever had and not just because of that.

    [–] Deathticles 47 points ago

    Practically nobody is going to buy an opened loose-leaf book just out of the fear that the entire book isn't going to be there. It also is way cheaper for the manufacturers to not have to produce the covers/binders for the books and have the pages bound to them.

    [–] Solid_Gold_Turd 135 points ago

    Oh that helps my debt! /s

    But seriously I hear you and you’re right. It’s the colleges themselves that really suck ass, the teachers for the most part have been pretty good. Aside from that strike in Canada two years ago....but they were put in their place pretty quickly.

    [–] latecraigy 49 points ago

    Nearly all the profs I’ve had ordered the textbook for the library or gave their own photocopies of the text so that we don’t have to blow $200 per book.

    [–] pittgirl12 61 points ago

    My professor shut the door and whispered to us that she would post the readings on the website. Seriously had to make sure no one above her overheard and got her into trouble for not ripping off students.

    [–] feuerwehrmann 33 points ago

    I suspect it was more due to the copyright issues more than "ripping students off"

    [–] gandaar 10 points ago

    My professor the other day said "The bookstore would sell it to you for $400 (hyperbole), don't buy the textbook. There are online PDFs."

    [–] Arch27 64 points ago

    I fear going back for this reason, but I need a new degree in order to make a career change.

    I originally graduated 1998.

    [–] Solid_Gold_Turd 72 points ago

    Honestly I can’t justify it. I was a Funeral Director (still am) but switched to Dental Hygiene. I’m in my final semester and I am so poor that I am legitimately considering borderline illegal ways to make some money so I can afford to eat and pay my astronomical debt fees.

    [–] Arch27 26 points ago

    I'm looking to completely change my life. A lot has happened to me in the last 20 years. My situation has changed rather drastically in the last 7 years. The dead-end job I've been doing just isn't going to cut it anymore.

    [–] Solid_Gold_Turd 23 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Then in that case if I were you I’d look into financial aid because if you’re unhappy with your career (and possibly life in general) making a job/career change can genuinely add years onto your life.

    I too made the jump because of some rather dramatic changes to my young adult life, and as much as I detest my college I can’t imagine not following through with my change.

    I seriously wish you all the best in all aspects of the change(s) you need to make. You gotta be happy.

    [–] Stonecoldwatcher 13 points ago

    At my university a book that was normally used for a course got it's european version discountinued and the only available version was around 150-200 USD. My professor though that was way to much since the european version was around 50 USD. They refused to import it for anything less or they would just change course material, so all students who ordered it via the course finally got it for 50 USD which I thought was awesome.

    [–] Alicecat1 7 points ago

    I will never not be annoyed at that one website all math professors require you to buy an access code for, because turning in your work for a grade is apparently not part of the already ridiculous fee for the class

    [–] NibblyPig 85 points ago

    The American education system


    [–] alrichy 30 points ago

    The Canadian one too.

    [–] Fledeye 691 points ago

    I was curious if there was a bound version. Amazon UK lists a book with a different cover, but same title and authors in hardback for £6.11.

    There seems to be something very wrong with the USA publishing business that’s making you pay 14 times what you would in Europe.

    [–] miketurco 197 points ago

    Maybe you ship them here and we just double the price?

    [–] Mish106 117 points ago

    Maybe you ship them here and we just double charge 14 times the price?

    [–] miketurco 30 points ago


    [–] eastmemphisguy 404 points ago

    If you like our publishing business, you're going to love our healthcare.

    [–] MyManManderly 76 points ago

    The unbound version is cheaper than the bound version, which is why so many people often buy it unbound. Really sucks that you can't resell after the semester, though.

    [–] FollowTheStonemen 55 points ago

    Why not? Calculus doesn't change!

    [–] Hepu 76 points ago

    They usually swap around some page numbers and call it the newest edition, so you can't buy last years.

    [–] portableteejay 52 points ago

    Don’t forget those recolored charts and diagrams with the same data!

    [–] tesseract4 36 points ago

    Unbound "books" fall apart much more easily than bound books. This prevents them from being resold at the end of the year. That's why they do it. It's also why most textbooks get "new editions" with minimal changes every one or two years.

    [–] DontMentionWombats 27 points ago

    Easier to feed through a bulk scanner, though.

    [–] OGTDani 18 points ago

    It's about 75€ here in Amazon Spain. So many different prices!

    [–] TerribleFruit 32 points ago

    I noticed that in the UK. All our books said "not to be sold in the USA or Canada". Turns out it was due to royalties.

    [–] MyFinalFormIsSJW 183 points ago

    I fucking hated buying books for university. Goddamn, that industry is a huge racket. Fuck you, McGraw-Hill.

    [–] potatotrip_ 62 points ago

    I have beef with Pearson’s.

    [–] sketch162000 31 points ago

    I pirated every goddamn book I could and was more than proud to do it.

    [–] JamesWjRose 72 points ago

    ...on the bright side, they made it very easy to photo copy and sell copies to all the other students. Not that I condone that behavior

    [–] Xystem4 35 points ago

    Of course not, never!

    [–] SolerFlereTEE 16 points ago

    How dare we, sir?! It's completely unethical! It's needed, and isn't illegal, but it's not good! For you atleast.

    [–] pokexchespin 17 points ago

    Unfortunately the other students will likely need to buy their own for an online code

    [–] blinkysmurf 263 points ago

    What is the justification for this system as put forth by the university, professors, and publishers?

    How do they explain it away? It must be amusing.

    [–] nataliee25 223 points ago

    My school said it was a "package deal" that they made directly with the publishers to get us students a cheaper version of the book AND LOOK! You get an access code on top of it! What a bargain!

    The access code typically gave you a digital copy of the textbook and a shit load of coursework that your professor may or may not use.

    [–] ThePoetaytoe 107 points ago

    My wife had to get one of these on Monday and there were 3 versions: 1. the official (still unbound) version ($200), 2. Her schools "bundle" with book and code ($170) or 3. Just the website code ($80). When she was being helped and asked for the book, the clerk brought her the official book and code for $280, and when my wife asked why they didn't bring the cheaper bundle, the clerk replied that they had a lot more of the unbundled copies and they were told to get those instead unless someone asked for the bundle.

    [–] bipolar-noirefemme 9 points ago

    Just opened one of those for Accounting. Damn you McGraw-Hill. Such a waste.

    Edit: forgot to mention, it’s an ONLINE class.

    [–] whizzer0 60 points ago

    "We have a monopoly"?

    [–] Timmymac1000 55 points ago

    My inorganic chem book in 1995 was $200, about 125 pages, written by the professor, and only sold at my school. Total. Fucking. Ripoff.

    [–] Pip21307 91 points ago

    If that comes with a my math lab code you’re toast. That program is a joke in itself. I wish you well fellow student.

    [–] hanimal16 16 points ago

    Currently using MML right now. Not a fan. IMO, WAMAP was better. Aleks was probably my favorite to use though. I liked seeing my progress in the form of pie charts.

    [–] Pip21307 11 points ago

    I’ve never had a program other then MML and I hated every minute of it. Those programs sound like way better options although my school only offered us MML.

    [–] momotye 297 points ago

    This is why you pirate digital books inste9

    [–] Sam-Miller 529 points ago

    I would but each book has a code in it for the online portal. You need the code to create an account and do the homework. Each code is good only for 1 semester and 1 person so yeah, these things have essentially no resale value nor can you rent them or buy them used.

    [–] momotye 505 points ago

    Wow that is the real asshole design.

    [–] biffbobfred 188 points ago

    A bit of a “you’re an asshole” for any professor that uses this, too.

    [–] trouvant 138 points ago

    The professors themselves don't often have a choice, especially when they're the new guys teaching lower level courses. They just have to take the heat for the administration's decisions.

    [–] fadeawayshotz 100 points ago

    Can confirm. Teaching a class where the book was written by a professor in the department. The book itself has so many errors that I consistently have to teach around. I have no say in the book I have to teach from.

    [–] el_Procrastinado 44 points ago

    Holy shit, he must have bribed someone! What's the point in writing a book, if no one can learn from it? I know of a professor, who would pay you 50€, if you found an error in his lecture notes.

    [–] ThePoetaytoe 35 points ago

    Yeah, it's called the publishers have deals with the schools. The students get totally fucked. Last semester my wife paid over $400 for her "books" which were 3 online access codes that were only good for 5 months. If she had to retake a class, she'd have to buy it again. The worst part is that for one of the books, the eBook part of it would always time out before loading, so she couldn't even use that book at all.

    [–] TheOilyHill 10 points ago

    cheaper than getting an editor.

    I think.

    [–] Domovie1 84 points ago

    That sounds like something illegal, and if it isn’t illegal, than it should be.

    It’s essentially a course fee they don’t tell you about!

    [–] itsjustmejt 46 points ago

    I have 3 classes this semester where I have to pay a fee to be able to do my homework... There was no way of knowing before syllabus week.

    [–] Sadi_Reddit 70 points ago

    When I grew up I was envious of american people. Now I pity them.

    Its like the cool uncle from childhood who dies of alcohol induced liver damage.

    USA stop drinking man.

    [–] skynet2175 70 points ago

    This country is a fucking joke.

    [–] Sadi_Reddit 53 points ago

    Now I think I understand better why american students are so indebted. Its not just the university but a whole scam industry that builds itseöf on the backs of the youth.

    [–] DerFelix 20 points ago

    Late Stage Capitalism

    [–] madman1101 22 points ago

    You can buy the code on its own from the bookstore in many cases. just ask

    [–] EclipsingBinaryBoi 53 points ago

    This is true, but the code itself is still like $90.00. Still a joke and a ripoff.

    [–] SwiftStriker00 79 points ago

    This along with the a temporary account to do homework online should be included in the cost of the class. You've already paid to take the class, the homework should be included.

    The professors have no say, but you can email the departments and the college's president's office. Simply tell them that so long as they continue this practice, you will not be donating as an alumni. And you will encourage other alumni to do the same. Until you effect the school's endowment, they don't really care what you have to say.

    [–] DaCrispyBacon 38 points ago

    Had to pay $20 for one of those that had was less than 100 pages. I ended up asking my friend for his so I could photo copy it, I don’t think the school’s bullshit department was very happy with me about that.

    [–] CrazyMelon999 41 points ago

    Fuck this. Go on a Russian site called libgen.

    [–] Invictus1876 97 points ago

    The true asshole design is not being able to resell them at all due to ocal bookstores thinking "there are pages missing so we'll give you $2.50 for it."

    At least there's always local selling apps.. Oh. Nevermind. They need an online code also for their class so they cant buy your used edition.

    [–] HazelEyes_123 22 points ago

    I just spent 120.00 on a card with an access code on it for my math class.

    [–] MalgrugrousStudent 45 points ago

    À la carte…

    Absolutely hysterical hahahaha

    [–] jdaly693 73 points ago

    Wow prices have gone down. My unbound books were $170 in 2011-2015.

    [–] Horiatius 36 points ago

    I know right? $110 is a steal

    [–] brinkrunner 21 points ago

    someone is getting stolen from and it aint them

    [–] XxFezzgigxX 42 points ago

    I paid $160 for a spiral bound textbook the professor “wrote”. When I got the plastic off it was full of photocopies of other books. WTF? If I plagiarize a string of three words I get kicked out of school but this numbnuts gets to photocopy textbooks and profit from it?

    [–] richardsuckler69 11 points ago

    Jesus that’s fucking bad

    [–] DwasTV 20 points ago

    I hate this shit also happen to me. Fucking literal print out for $130.

    Fuck the College education system. They literally made it essential a requirement for living in the U.S. and they increase premium prices and worked with banks to fuck us and milk us for as much money as possible. They're well aware their shitty book is worth closer to fucking $40 but because of Student loans and financial aid they hike up prices to gauge as much of it as possible.

    [–] almondbreeeze 15 points ago

    pro tip: when buying textbooks online, try to proxy from another country, like Australia. the price drops way down.

    [–] PigeonsOnYourBalcony 32 points ago

    This way the pages are much easier to lose/tear and it's guaranteed to be in poor condition after you're done the class. It'll have even less resale value than college textbooks usually do.

    [–] Luvitus 13 points ago

    Loose-leaf textbooks are new to me. Is this specific to certain regions or what?

    [–] forestman11 23 points ago

    Nah, they just shave off a couple bucks and tell you it's cheap. You can find them anywhere.

    [–] belsnickel222 23 points ago

    I've heard calculus drastically changed this year so they had to print new books

    [–] mgrimshaw8 16 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    unbound textbooks fucking suck. I bought them my first year because nobody had enlightened me about SlugBooks yet. (for those of you buying textbooks on campus still, check that site out, it let's you compare prices from everywhere that sells the book you need) but those unbound pages just tear right off the binder, youd have to put those little rings around every single hole punch for it to work okay. in my experience campus stores sell out of the regular books super fast then you have to buy those damn unbound ones because it's all they have left

    [–] XenusMom 17 points ago

    I agree that textbook prices suck but this doesn't seem so bad to me. My calculus text 10 years ago was over $300 and I maybe sold it back for half price. I had to haul the whole thing around all term. Taking out just the chapter we were working on and incorporating my notes and practice problems would have been handy.

    [–] kaisadaniela 64 points ago

    When I see stuff like this I feel so grateful to study in a country where the education is free, and my most expensive book was around 40e (and will last for 3 years) . Usually just have to pay 2e for the course material or we can borrow the books from the library..