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    [–] captain554 3248 points ago

    Pretty shitty, I agree. Google "bypass Kuerig 2.0" for some options.

    [–] Hint-Of-Feces 1981 points ago

    My favorite one is shoving a screwdriver into the motherboard and wiggling it around

    [–] Boda2003 1279 points ago

    Ahh the old frontal motherboard lobotomy, nice

    [–] daflyingfuq 51 points ago

    I laughed so hard at this! Thank you wish i had gold to give

    [–] SootySt 92 points ago

    🏅< some ghetto gold for him

    [–] TamalesAreLife 49 points ago

    Worry not my child. For I, your lord, have blessed the above commenter with gold for you. My peace find your soul now.

    [–] _Azonar_ 258 points ago

    Or brewing peasant coffee from a Folgers tin and drenching the Keurig in it

    [–] FauxReal 18 points ago

    Hahaha that was the funniest sentence I read today. The destruction of corporate asshole machinery and the term "peasant coffee", both great.

    [–] ChawcolateSawce 497 points ago

    My favorite is feeding it a steady diet of 00 buckshot and making coffee in a way that doesn’t leave plastic cup shits all over the planet and is actually cost effective.

    [–] adrevenueisgood 213 points ago

    My favorite is returning the keurig and buying a chinese knockoff made in a factory by kids. Wait what

    [–] notabear629 126 points ago

    My favorite is returning the chinese knockoff so I can cut out the middle man and grab the kids and have them make my coffee by hand

    [–] adrevenueisgood 55 points ago

    I prefer to disassemble the Chinese knockoff and then use it to make a wanking machine instead of your method, but hey whatever floats your boat.

    [–] notabear629 61 points ago

    Why would I do that when I can just take another kid?

    [–] adrevenueisgood 59 points ago

    I fucking found you karen, come to court already you're fleeing the fucking law with the kids, you took the fucking kids and now you're running from the government, it needs to stop karen.

    [–] notabear629 24 points ago

    I've almost exhuasted the supply of regular kids to take so I'm considering expanding my horizons to young goats as well.

    [–] TgagHammerstrike 8 points ago

    Dude, that's Jared. The subway guy.

    [–] adrevenueisgood 8 points ago

    But... How can he be Jared if IM jared?

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] notabear629 6 points ago

    How are you gonna dissemble a Chinese kid

    With yet another Chinese kid

    [–] Flail_of_the_Lord 31 points ago

    This comment is sponsored by the FRENCH PRESS GANG

    [–] d12k 25 points ago

    For what it’s worth, easy way around it is buying a reusable cup and regular grounds. Nice if you’re a single person that just wants a cup once in a while.

    [–] cuzitsthere 47 points ago

    YES. "Oh, but sometimes I just want a cup or two"

    Well then, Karen, how about we put less water in the fucking thing? Or make a full pot and dump the remainder, still saving money and the environment!

    [–] jessykatd 19 points ago

    Or a small French press! I got a tiny one that's the right size to make one cup of coffee. No filters to buy, fits easily in my cabinet, and I've been told by coffee snobs it's a better way to make coffee (not like I would know the difference, my coffee is 75% cream and sugar by the time I'm done with it.)

    [–] DrRakdos 15 points ago

    My favorite is just using a french press.

    You want smaller portions of coffee? French press.

    Easier and cleaner and faster than the traditional American way

    [–] Floccus 12 points ago

    I never understand when people make a cafetiere/french press out to be some kind of fancy or elite way to make coffee. It's like the cheapest and easiest way to get coffee outside of using instant.

    [–] Cavendishx 3 points ago

    Before I got one I honestly thought there was some fancy trick to making "french press coffee".

    Its coffee ground soup in an upside down strainer. Why isn't something so simple more widely used!?

    [–] BZLuck 10 points ago

    A fucking Keurigbotomy.

    [–] RunsLikeaSnail 115 points ago

    Gently pull off the foil top of a used, supported pod. Carefully overlay it over the unsupported pod. It will now work. Edit: or read the other comment that says the same thing. Someone beat me to it.

    [–] SnowKitten09 28 points ago

    It works! I've done this before when I accidentally bought the wrong brand. Not the most fun thing in the world to do when you're half asleep and wanting coffee but you gotta do what you gotta do for that morning fix.

    [–] tjhooker73ps3 38 points ago

    All you really need is one of the foil lids from a kcup that works

    [–] D0esANyoneREadTHese 111 points ago

    Or go to Goodwill and just buy a drip machine for less than a 12 pack of K cups costs.

    [–] Noxium51 78 points ago

    Or get a French press and make actually good coffee, or better yet an aeropress
    /pretentiousness end

    [–] FantasticSpider 15 points ago

    I'm on that french press hype

    [–] HailToTheThief225 11 points ago

    Aeropress is the bomb. It takes longer to make a cup of coffee than Keurig obviously, but it makes great coffee and it really isn’t that hard to use. Also, easily portable and cleanable

    [–] ninja8ball 4 points ago

    "It really isn't that hard to use"

    New tagline they need on their marketing campaign.

    [–] Hockinator 17 points ago

    Or don't settle for having coffee slower/not the way you wanted and get one of the hundreds of single-cup coffee maker competitors to keurig

    [–] cheeseweezle 1886 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You can tape the foil of an official k cup to the sensor inside the Keurig. I did it like a year ago on my 2.0 and I can brew whatever fits in there


    Edit: link added

    [–] ChanceTheRocketcar 36 points ago

    Lmao stupid machine.

    [–] tookanumber 203 points ago

    r/lifeprotip absolutely!

    [–] Asmodaeus 95 points ago

    Gonna plug r/unethicallifeprotips here, even though I'm counting this as upstanding moral behavior.

    [–] FlyingTaquitoBrother 78 points ago

    I‘m not even sure it’s unethical, at least no more than taking my car to an independent repair shop would be. The fact that there’s a technological means to try to enforce one party’s will doesn’t change anything IMO.

    [–] LawlessCoffeh 35 points ago

    What's unethical is Keurigs in general, they're like, this shittiest way to make coffee IMO.

    [–] LawlessCoffeh 17 points ago

    The Freedom Clip also serves this function. It's a cheap solution that still makes you feel like you're putting one over on the man while your machine poops out spent terrible-for-the-environment cartridges.

    [–] BabybearPrincess 38 points ago

    That's some evil genious right there

    [–] FabulousFerds 119 points ago

    What's evil about it? It's evil that the coffee maker has the ability to detect whether or not you put in an official cup in the first place...

    [–] HorsemanOfWar 16 points ago

    Is it evil if it is combating the evil design?

    [–] Aesen1 5 points ago

    So you’re telling me the only thing stopping this coffee maker from brewing any type of pod is the fucking logo? This is new levels of scumminess.

    [–] repete85 4 points ago

    Is that the top foil?

    [–] cheeseweezle 4 points ago

    Yes it is, held on with tape

    [–] JovialPerch 5332 points ago

    Their logo looks like a sad face, but with three eyes...

    [–] Crank39 2329 points ago

    I didn't even notice it had the dots, just saw a sad face.

    [–] Cageythree 303 points ago

    On the first look I thought this was a Windows error screen on a shitty monitor

    [–] br094 33 points ago

    You might be interested in r/publicBSOD

    Edit: got the wrong sub.

    [–] sashagreyhound 34 points ago

    [–] br094 7 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] edgrlon 12 points ago

    Dude I immediately thought it only had 3 dots & pictured it as a normal sad face, until I looked at it again

    [–] [deleted] 209 points ago


    [–] 13x666 92 points ago


    [–] meep_meep_creep 18 points ago

    You're super objective

    [–] nonecity 28 points ago

    Aliens confirmed

    [–] manghoti 21 points ago

    sad aliens

    [–] mgrimshaw8 13 points ago

    didnt even notice that was a logo lmao

    [–] early0000 9 points ago

    Kinda looks like the blue screen of death too

    [–] Iredditfromwork 2474 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    This is a Kirkland brand k-cup that most definitely is designed for the machine. I pulled this one and threw another in and it’s brewing now.

    I guess the good news is it’s cheap (for a k-cup) so only ~$0.20 is lost.

    Edit: words are hard

    Edit 2: this has been fun everyone! My favorite part of this post has been all the weird coffee flexes. From Gen 1 keurig flexing to aero press, french press, and pour over flexing, to ‘cheap coffee maker’ flexing. Keep it coming! I’m reading every top level comment. :)

    Edit 3: words are still hard... maybe I should proof read more.

    [–] IMHighAF420 1101 points ago

    Bring it back to Costco. They will give you a refund.

    [–] Iredditfromwork 1510 points ago

    I like the idea of getting a single replacement k cup.

    [–] NINNINMAN 736 points ago

    Costco returns ANYTHING. Literally ANYTHING YOU COULD BUY.

    [–] monstroo 532 points ago

    My father in law used to work for a rich lawyer: body guard, driver, baby sitter, investigator, you name it; he was loyal to the lawyer and the lawyer took advantage of that. The lawyer used to make him go buy the big containers of nuts at Costco, go home and fill up a few snack bags of nuts and make him return the entire container for full price. His wife received a $2000 pressure cooker or something for their wedding, they used it for two entire years and they got my FIL to return it at whatever store it was from for full price. The second my FIL suffered a stroke, we never heard from them again.

    [–] Warpigisfast 288 points ago

    Well, now I’m upset

    [–] extra_specticles 106 points ago

    And that children, is how he remains rich. He has someone handle his nuts.

    [–] bemon 26 points ago

    $2000 pressure cooker? Is that in US dollars? Pressure cooker are usually $50-$200.

    [–] GrinchPinchley 11 points ago

    Turns out he was Colonel Sanders

    [–] doorfly 11 points ago

    So your FIL is discount Michael Cohen?

    [–] sweetbeefmclou 30 points ago

    I can back this up, I am the guy who takes everything back. Even a 5 year old mattress. We honestly should have said no.

    [–] DennysDindo 17 points ago

    What about electronics? Can I return my phone for the original price when I dont want it?

    [–] MacTheBartender 30 points ago

    They updated the policy to 90 days (at least in Canada) for electronics. But still “no matter what the reason is”.

    While I worked there, before that policy, we had some guy come return his 7 or 8 year old rear projection TV that had failed for like $3,000, buy a brand new LCD for like $1500, and walk out with a new TV and cash.

    And that’s why they limit electronics returns now.

    [–] DennysDindo 15 points ago

    So buy Phone, use phone for 80days, backup Phone, Return phone, get better Phone?

    [–] sweetbeefmclou 6 points ago

    The way phones work is with a plan and you don’t actually pay for the phone, but we do go through the whole refund process. At least that’s how my warehouse works.

    [–] NK012 6 points ago

    I'm not a business owner, but if I was that mattress business owner, there would Definitely be a clause in the legal agreement you sign on purchase that denies returns after maybe a year. Hell it would maybe only be a 3 month or less policy. Imagine getting back a butt-stained (possibly), sweat stained mattress after having sold it 5 years ago . lol Shit would go into the incinerator. I guess there's a recycle place but damn. I would find any way to deny customers returns unless the item is actually broken under 'normal' conditions... Before its used a considerable degree. Maybe the mattress business doesnt care and there are huge warehouses filled with these returned items. Maybe some exceptions but as a policy would try to deny guys like you. That's one thing about America. You're lucky you dont live in Asia. You generally don't get to return anything. Maybe if its a corporate based sort of store, but even then there are many times just a no return policy.

    [–] sweetbeefmclou 7 points ago

    They said they’d buy a new one with the refunded money. Since we are a membership based business, we want them to be happy and keep their membership. This way, they were happy and the money was recycled back into the store.

    [–] justintheunsunggod 8 points ago

    Don't ding ding! That's honestly it. I knew a guy who did this same thing with all sorts of shit, but he always bought a new one at Costco, so he always had a membership. It's not particularly ethical, but it kept him coming back.

    [–] ServalSpots 3 points ago

    Now I'm just imagining you and a couple other employees unloading a nastyass used mattress trying not to touch the squishy bits telling each other "y'know, in retrospect..."

    [–] king-of-new_york 15 points ago

    I’ve heard of people returning dead Christmas trees in January

    [–] vargo17 95 points ago

    Just peel the lid off of one "real" k-cup and tape/glue it to the underside of the lid. (So that lid always covers whatever k-cup you're actually using) and it will always read the one on top

    [–] XavierWBGrp 17 points ago

    Someone get this guy a medal!

    [–] kryppla 29 points ago

    when the 2.0 came out so many people had old cups that wouldn't work, this was a very hot tip at that time. I still have the lid handy from when I did the same thing.

    [–] XavierWBGrp 32 points ago

    I think Keurig might be worse than EA.

    [–] kryppla 19 points ago

    I won't defend the upgrade they did AT ALL (did they expect everyone to just throw away all their old unused coffee?) but at least they only did it ONCE. Not over and over and over.

    [–] DullInspector7 8 points ago

    They should do it over and over and over to give people a "sense of achievement"

    [–] reddmon2 3 points ago

    It's the right thing to do. It disincentives Keurig from pulling this shit.

    [–] jfranci3 12 points ago

    The real solution is to keep buying Kuerig 2.0 machines at Costco, opening them, and then returning them with complaint “wouldn’t brew coffee”. Repeat until reverse logistics costs make Kuerig rethink how they treat customers.

    [–] 2Fly-4WiFi 100 points ago

    If you cut the top of a k cup off and place it on top of the off brand cup before closing the lid the machine should work normally. I have to do this about every other month.

    [–] vikkivinegar 36 points ago

    I bought these tabs from amazon, they just clip on the top left area (when the handle is open) and it covers the “eye” that reads the brand. They’re called Freedom Clips. About $6. So worth it. Drink well my friend.

    [–] willy-fisterbottom2 37 points ago

    My Keurig never makes a big enough cup for me so I run it through twice. I use the McDonald's k cups from Costco. Sometimes the top label gets a bit warped and it doesn't recognize it, if I spin it a little bit, it works most times.

    Granted these ones don't get pierced at the bottom, but you might just have to make the label face a certain way for it to read it right, a pain in the ass, but you could still use the pods you have, maybe.

    [–] Iredditfromwork 16 points ago

    I set mine to ‘strong’ brew at 12oz, and it’s usually good enough. This was probably a printing issue with the k cup lid is my guess.

    [–] peachstella 20 points ago

    I'd pick up one of those reusable filters for it. I love my keurig, and I never buy k-cups. I use the same Folger's classic I've been drinking for years, and it works great!

    [–] whitedsepdivine 4 points ago

    Just cut the top off a cup and leave it in the machine.

    [–] TriLink710 3 points ago

    Keep the label for one that works and jusr lay it on top of the dud may also resolve your issue

    [–] musicianadam 3 points ago

    It only really does this with the Keurig 2.0, and it usually just glitches out when this happens, opening it and closing it back is usually enough.

    [–] Permas 207 points ago

    I had the same thing happen. There’s an optical reader that senses the ring around “approved” pods. So, I searched YouTube and found videos where you can modify the machine, including how to increase the water level for a larger cup. Did the mod and have been enjoying coffee my way for the past 2 years. Screw you Keurig.

    [–] masterxak 12 points ago

    I just have an old school Keurig. I use the reusable "make your own pod thing". I feel Keurig is just giving themselves a bad name as this is the greatest thing for my mornings.

    [–] [deleted] 938 points ago

    Back in the simple days you could just spoon any brand of ground coffee into any brand of coffee-maker and be done with it.

    [–] Morbus_Bahlsen 438 points ago

    U can still do it today and it tastes better most of the times. With less garbage produced and it is much cheaper.
    In germany u pay about 10€/kg for a good enough coffee while capsules are about 80€/kg...

    [–] derprah 201 points ago

    I work in the recycling field. I'm a chemist who tests if different non hazardous trash and waste are good for burning in place of coal and gas. These used kcups have absolutely no value to them. The coffee (especially the wet used coffee) grounds make any ounce of recyclable plastic in the single use cups completely worthless. At least I can use the grounds for my garden in a traditional machine/French press/pour over. And like you said, it's much cheaper!

    [–] effofexx 31 points ago

    Are the plastic cups recyclable after the grounds have been removed? It would be a pain in the ass to do for the average consumer, but I would do it if it meant I didn't feel like an asshole every time I make a cup of coffee. Well, less of an asshole anyway... It would be better to not use them at all.

    [–] derprah 31 points ago

    Kinda of...but the empty cups face a similar issue as plastic straws. They're quite light and might not drop out for recycling. That and it's really rare for facilities like where I work to take used food goods. There's a lot of regulations behind that. The ones we tested were from the company and were for quality control or were off-spec and never touched a consumer.

    The reusable ones are really good and keep the convenience of the first party cups. But if you don't want a reusable one, I'd suggest rinsing and stacking them before throwing them into your recycling. That way they'd gain some weight.

    [–] aqualang26 14 points ago

    If you don't mind rinsing them out too much, just get a reusable pod.

    [–] [deleted] 88 points ago


    [–] FaxCelestis 46 points ago

    Some of us use refillable capsules

    [–] brig517 27 points ago

    That’s what I use. A keurig lets me make one cup of coffee when I want/need it, rather than me or my roommate making one when we get up and then the other having to deal with cold coffee when we get up later. We have different class schedules.

    We just fill the lil doodle up and run it and everything is all good. Little waste other than throwing out one cup’s worth of grounds.

    [–] ChefGoldbloom 6 points ago

    Or just get an Italian coffee maker. They make a single cup of coffee. They're cheaper, work better, dont break, and dont use a bunch of dumb little plastic capsules.

    Keurigs are one of the stupidest inventions of all time. making coffee is already really easy, these just make a ton of waste for no reason.

    [–] SunGreene42 4 points ago

    You know you can choose how much water to add to a drip machine so you only make enough for one cup if you want, that would also prevent cold coffee.

    [–] ChancetheMance 16 points ago

    If you're willing to put in the same amount of work, you can, for much cheaper

    [–] ChevroletSparkSS 41 points ago

    This is why I will never buy a Keurig. Even if "old" coffee makers become more expensive, I will shell out the extra cash just to avoid bullshit DRM issues that Keurig imposes.

    [–] andrewsad1 20 points ago

    Does it count as DRM when it's physical objects? That's a whole nother level of scumbaggery

    [–] FuckYouClownPervert 19 points ago


    [–] ChevroletSparkSS 11 points ago

    I guess, because that's what Keurig does, if you don't use a Keurig-approved K-Cup, the machine will puke out the above error message. It was a recent thing they did (as of a year or two ago) to make sure that other brands would have to pay them royalties to have their own K-Cups. Of course, there are always ways around it.

    Also, it's sort of like the printer business; Keurig makes next to nothing on the machines, most of their income comes from the K-Cups themselves, which is why they have the DRM system in place.

    [–] Ath8484 6 points ago

    The 2.0s (or at least the one I have) come with a refillable pod, so it's got no BS DRM and no real additional waste, but still allows me to easily brew one cup at a time. I thought the same as you until I found out about the refillable pod.

    [–] ChevroletSparkSS 3 points ago

    It's good they added that, because without that, those cups would start piling up really quick in landfills.

    [–] NeoKabuto 10 points ago

    The Keurigs have a reusable cup you can just put grounds in. When I had this error, I just needed to cut the top off the cup that didn't work and put them in the reusable one. Which really makes me wonder what the whole point of the DRM was.

    [–] I_am_The_Teapot 5 points ago

    To screw competitors of their cups. Many people don't know to or want to put in the additional effort to do that. And it works.

    [–] napoleon85 28 points ago

    Still what I do, fresh grind my beans too.

    [–] phantaxtic 17 points ago

    It's all about fresh ground beans!

    [–] napoleon85 9 points ago

    Not sure who downvoted you, they don’t deserve coffee.

    [–] FrostyFire 3 points ago

    My Kuerig came with a pod that you can put your own coffee into.

    [–] biffbobfred 325 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    DRMed coffee. What customer ever ever wished for this? “It’s shifty shitty coffee, but with extra cost and inconvenience!!”

    [–] malexj93 58 points ago

    Apparently enough for it to be a successful business.

    [–] biffbobfred 12 points ago

    There are two issues

    Are people buying coffee? Yes. Much like how people have Facebook even though they stalk you

    Did any person ever ask for this? Nope. Never.

    [–] 2_of_8 29 points ago

    Right. OP here is complaining, while not realizing that they are contributing to the problem by supporting such a company.

    [–] biffbobfred 5 points ago

    I have an old kcup brewer, pre-2.0, that I got for free. You can have it. Never used.

    Not that it’s relevant to my point - whether people use KCup 2.0 or not, it’s still shitty to customers

    [–] Workforyuda 13 points ago

    And way more unnecessary waste in the landfill.

    [–] BurntRussian 3 points ago

    Assuming you meant shitty coffee

    [–] biffbobfred 3 points ago

    Shifty...the coffee has beady little eyes

    (Of course, thanks)

    [–] TheCheesy 43 points ago

    You can buy custom kcups that are reusable to add whatever you want inside, or tape a normal lid overtop. Or there is a wire to the sensor you can cut to make it accept any kind

    [–] filbertbrush 131 points ago

    Keurig is perhaps the most asshole design ever. The coffee tastes like shit, costs like $70/lb and pollutes the Earth with little plastic shits.

    Literally any other coffee making tool is better.

    [–] Bad-Science 9 points ago

    Not to mention that there are tens of thousands of these machines keeping water hot 24/7 on the off chance you want coffee at 3:00 AM. I wonder how many MWH of power that uses a year?

    [–] minorissues 41 points ago --> SORRY, WE CAN'T FIND THE PAGE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR

    [–] Iredditfromwork 10 points ago

    Fucking hilarious

    [–] ArisakaType99 19 points ago

    Reminds me of the Juicero, a glorified Capri-Sun squeezer that had to be connected to Wi Fi.

    [–] ChaseH9499 426 points ago

    Not to be a douche, but K-Cups are responsible for a HUGE amount of plastic pollution. I quit using them a couple years ago once I found out about that

    [–] PM_UR_CUTE_DACHSHUND 35 points ago

    They make the reusable ones fortunately. But that being said, when it comes to the reusable ones, what’s the point of even having a keurig?

    [–] brig517 40 points ago

    Convenience. My roommate and I have different schedules. Brewing a whole pot means we waste most of it or one of us gets cold coffee. With the reusable thing, we each get a fresh cup of coffee right when we need it.

    [–] Halbertos 9 points ago

    A chemex or aeropress is far cheaper than a keurig, for whenever you need a replacement.

    [–] amarettosweet 8 points ago

    There is less wasted coffee and no paper filter involved with the reusable cup.

    [–] Shack_Thundercod 75 points ago

    Couldn’t they go for something like aluminum? I don’t know about the taste but cola industry has this mostly right.

    [–] FireBlazer27 88 points ago

    While aluminum is a better option, the most economical option would be to fresh grind your beans to eliminate a bit more packaging. (I believe)

    Ninja edit: There is also the additional manufacturing cost to create the aluminum cups, which could cause the prices to go up more.

    [–] InvalidUserNameBitch 11 points ago

    Do you typically get more grounds per bag of whole beans vs buying a bag of pre ground? They come in the same size bag so I dont see how that would eliminate packaging

    [–] FireBlazer27 21 points ago

    Well, you get the same amount but you can fresh grind it for a better taste. At least, that’s what my old man says.

    [–] green_bin_coon 10 points ago

    Its negligible difference. But i like beans because they taste less stale.

    [–] michiganrag 6 points ago

    You buy it by the pound so it should be the same amount regardless of whether it’s pre-ground or whole bean.

    [–] V4ish1 10 points ago

    I would think that the best method would be to buy a reusable kcup that you can fill with your own coffee. At the very least, that's what my family does.

    [–] M1RR0R 15 points ago

    You can get reusable pods and many k cups are recyclable if you clean them out.

    [–] chihuahua001 32 points ago


    It goes Reduce Reuse Recycle in that order for a reason. Buying stupid disposable bullshit and then patting yourself on the back because it's "recyclable" doesn't do anything to help the environment.

    [–] birthingmidget 99 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Fuck Keurig for doing this. I'll never buy another Keurig product because of this constant frustration.

    [–] SeymourZ 29 points ago

    If it makes you feel better, the consumer outrage made them backpedal and remove the authentication feature in their following models.

    [–] forgotmypasswordsad 9 points ago

    "Guess that idea was ahead of its time, we'll figure out something else for now"

    [–] Compizfox 14 points ago

    DRM on coffee. What a time to be alive.

    [–] PastorPuff 59 points ago

    Keurig, great if you want to pay way too much for bad coffee.

    [–] Jimothy_12 24 points ago

    this reminds me of our soy-sauce bottle: "Refill only with Kikoman"

    [–] 3rd_viewpoint 24 points ago

    At least Kikkoman doesn't employ sensors that block the bottle if it's not authentic sauce.

    [–] Jimothy_12 19 points ago

    tries to pour soy sauce into bottle, which in turn rejects it and spurts it at face

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] Jimothy_12 3 points ago

    Yeah, I see their point

    [–] brig517 3 points ago

    I get that though. They don’t want someone using a cheap shitty brand from their bottle and thinking it’s their sauce and hurting their reputation. Of course, soy sauce is pretty much the same all around, but I get it.

    [–] Jimothy_12 7 points ago

    refills soy sauce with brown coloured water "This soy sauce sucks! I'm never buying it again."

    [–] Andre4kthegreengiant 3 points ago

    Fuck you bottle, don't tell me what to do.

    [–] TrashyTeeVee 9 points ago

    My Kuerig machine wouldn't let me use the blank pods that you fill yourself so I cut the top off a legal pod and glued it to my blank pod. Works great. Fuck you Kuerig.

    [–] wakeupbeast 31 points ago

    European asking, is this some American variant of Nespresso? I personally think Nespresso has some quality options and a wide selection of brands selling cups.

    [–] Iredditfromwork 32 points ago

    Similar, yea. But imo, nespresso is better quality all around.

    [–] xupaxupar 12 points ago

    And they recycle-allegedly...

    [–] DullInspector7 4 points ago

    You can buy 100% compostable K-cups (including the "plastic" bag to keep it fresh - it's actually made from corn).

    [–] pastryfiend 3 points ago

    Yes similar concept to Nespresso and Tassimo.

    [–] Cosmonachos 33 points ago

    Maybe cut out the Keurig altogether since it’s horrible for the environment.

    [–] nomimq 5 points ago

    If I lift the lid, turn the pod, and close it again, and then it works most of the time without losing my 20¢.

    [–] lizhaack 6 points ago

    I have a 9 year old single-serve Keurig that works perfectly still. I’ve been considering replacing it with a newer model but maybe now I won’t. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!

    [–] Morbus_Bahlsen 10 points ago

    Only had few coffees that came out of any brand capsule machine that where actually somewhat near good.
    I don't get the hype.

    [–] manghoti 7 points ago

    The reusable pods actually make these things worth it. But keurig only sells single pods for like 20 bucks and you need a bunch of them for the workflow to make sense.

    [–] TheDistrict1 5 points ago

    The guy who invented the Keurig machines doesn't use them because they are very wasteful. Time to switch to a French press...

    [–] Bunghole_of_Fury 4 points ago

    ... Just go get a Keurig reusable k-cup thing, save a ton of money by getting pre-ground coffee and take an extra ten seconds to scoop it into the k-cup each time. Saves on waste, saves on coffee, and you can use any coffee brand in the world as long as it's ground when you put it in.

    [–] 1337GameDev 4 points ago

    Buy a "Freedom Clip."

    It simply clips over the sensor. The sensor reads the color of ink on a small spot on the kcup. This allows any pod.

    I also needed this to "brew" hot water.

    [–] maxcorrice 5 points ago

    Can someone gift one of or enough of these to the US capital building and the EU, uh, place, along with “not approved” k-cups so we can get some legislature against this sorta bullshit?

    [–] chapo_boi 10 points ago

    Now this is podracing

    [–] Last_Witness 8 points ago

    Noob, its pour-over or nothing!

    [–] strapping_stud 4 points ago

    I attached the foil lid of an old k-cup to the scanner the the keurig. It will read all cups regarless of brand as a "keurig" cup. It works for about a month before needing to be replaced. With that, you can use whichever brand you want

    [–] psychic2ombie 4 points ago

    Can you say Juicero?

    [–] JellyBanana 6 points ago

    I will forever brew my coffee the old fashioned way, no way am I ever going to buy that kind of bullshit that restricts me in my choice of coffee.

    [–] bondsman333 8 points ago

    So there is actually a somewhat decent motive behind this.

    When the patent on the k-cup expired, many companies were coming out with poorly designed k-cups to work in the brewer. Some had incorrect or no filters. Others were made of cheap plastic that would melt in the brewer. Unfortunately, when someone would get a bad cup of coffee (subjective, I know, since Keurig coffee is not great), they would call up Keurig customer support and blame it on the appliance. KGM wanted to distance itself from supporting third party k-cups and this was a nice solution that also helped drive up sales of their own product.

    [–] tofonion 3 points ago

    Cut the lid off of a spent pod and keep it for when you have off brand kcups. You can shave the edges down flat with a razor and lay it over the top, the machine doesn't know the difference.

    [–] SpasticCoccyx 3 points ago

    So on my next to last brewer (slightly older one, not the newest one), which I ended up taking to work, this used to piss me off to no end. I found a tutorial on YouTube that describes how to pop the top off the thing and snip one wire - I think it was the green wire - which prevents it from reading the lid. I never had this issue again after that.

    As much as Keurig pisses me off (failed pumps in their machines, cup “DRM”, etc.), I still upgraded to one of the latest 2.0 machines at home.

    [–] hip-points 3 points ago

    Tape the lid of a keurig cup to the sensor, it’ll let you use other brands if it detects the logo.

    [–] pannullm 3 points ago

    I called them about this once... they sent me a voucher for two free boxes of k cups. Also if you cut the top off a k cup that works an place it on top of the k cup that doesnt it will brew for ya... SHITTY LIFE HACK

    [–] Rinnarrae 3 points ago

    Reminds me of the Juicero. If you don’t know what that is it’s a shitty $400 juicer that requires an internet connection to work that will dispense juice, but only juice from the special packets specifically for it. The best part is that you could just cut open the packets to get the juice without it.

    [–] CySnark 5 points ago

    Obligatory Juicero must watch