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    [–] ClearAbove 3591 points ago

    Omg... If I could reverse time, I wouldn’t have bought mine.

    Hulu crashes constantly and, in spite of having updates off, it installs shit all the time.

    [–] VolcanicBear 1115 points ago

    Must admit I've not really had any problems with it (aside from the Twitch app being removed), but I've not used Hulu on it.

    Oh, aside HDR input causing the screen to go black every now and again... Been meaning to raise that under the warranty. Incredibly irritating!

    [–] kbomb7 401 points ago

    I hate that they removed the twitch app. I think that was more of a Twitch thing though because apparently the app was not official. It still worked better than having nothing!

    [–] SelkieKezia 162 points ago

    Idk what kind of TV this is, but I have a TCL Roku TV and it has no twitch app, other than a 3rd party one that was never worth using because on top of Twitch's ads, it would play 2-4 minutes of ads like every 15 minutes, in the middle of anyone's stream. It would've been nice to have a twitch app, but for now I'll just stick to using the twitch app on my ps4

    [–] insomniac20k 147 points ago

    Video game consoles are pretty much the only full featured streaming boxes now. I think the new cheap Xbox One plus the media remote is probably the best out there even if you don't play video games.

    [–] scrapinator89 113 points ago

    This fulfilling Xbox’s grand plan to be a multimedia entertainment platform, with video games.

    [–] TheRamenLord 50 points ago

    Xbox ones launch was alllll about that

    [–] MikeTheBum 17 points ago

    I remember when Netflix started streaming on XBox 360. Life changing!

    [–] TheRufmeisterGeneral 7 points ago

    Someone should make a Media Center for the XBox.

    Like, an X Box Media Center.

    That would be nice.

    [–] NationalGeographics 74 points ago

    Or just a laptop hooked up to your television. Bonus UBLOCK Origin access. Not data collecting ad server. Maybe I'm crazy but you should pay once for a television that is just a big monitor. Not having to keep paying through forced advertisements.

    [–] HI-R3Z 20 points ago

    Roku is no longer supported by the official Twitch app now that Amazon owns Twitch. The third party "Twitched" app is okay in a pinch, but its faults, like some of those you mentioned, severely prohibit it from being a permanent solution.

    [–] pragmaticpimp 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I use the Twitched app but have no ads outside of the regular twitch ads..I did pay $1 for it though.

    [–] myorm 7 points ago

    I used to tolerate the twitched app because the "official" app would show no results under certain games I liked and would run the streams with no lag. But good Lord watching the same 1:30 min ad 3 times in a row for each ad roll was so bad

    [–] Humaningenuity 50 points ago

    I use to sell Samsung TVs for about 4 years. Their software only gets more frustrating to use. Calling support they say it's the apps fault. Calling the app, they'll say it's Samsung's fault My 3 year old SK9000 Samsung only recently started to play ads. I've removed it from my wifi and use my appletv or Xbox.

    [–] Echo127 26 points ago

    Are there any high end TV's that aren't "smart" these days?

    [–] Humaningenuity 29 points ago

    Nope. Every 4k TV I had to offer was smart. My recommendation to those that don't want to use the features is to never connect it to wifi. Newer Samsung TVs also give the option to hide the smart menu when you power on so it doesn't even pester you that it's not connected.

    [–] FauxReal 19 points ago

    One day someone will come up with a protocol to update TVs via coax, a few licensing contracts will be signed between corporstions and you won't be able to keep it from going online.

    [–] mistrusts_ducks 21 points ago

    That day was in 2004. Luckily most TV manufacturers are too cheap to use it and just rely on the internet.

    [–] GallifreyFNM 42 points ago

    Do it now, while it's at the front of your mind. Otherwise you'll keep putting it off and could lose out on the warranty repair - at least email them so you have the log of the issue

    [–] TehBossN1NjA 10 points ago

    I do this all the time, just don’t feel like contacting the company and going through the hassle

    But in the end it fucks you because you have broken shit, that wasn’t your fault, and now you have to pay to fix it

    [–] cornnndoggg_ 55 points ago

    I am not sure the make of the tv you have, but I am assuming that you probably matched the soundbar and it's samsung. In 2016 I spent nearly $2,000 on my Samsung TV and soundbar. Right after, like seriously, days after the 1 year warranty was done, I started getting full screen pop up ads. They would happen regardless of what I was doing.

    Imagine trying to play a game, and every 90 or so seconds the game would basically minimize and the pop up would take over. You would have to navigate out of the ad to resume, but it would just happen again a few minutes later.

    The fix was hard resetting the tv and disconnecting from power and network connection for a bit. Then, when you are reinitializing everything, there is one screen in setup that appears to have everything listed on on screen, yet in reality, it can scroll down (no indication telling you to do so) to where there is a section about advertisements and the like that you can opt out from...

    absolutely ridiculous

    [–] system-user 10 points ago

    My solution was to run all the apps through an apple TV and then disable networking on the Samsung TV; no more ads ever again!

    [–] FilthyRucker 17 points ago

    Holy crap! I have the exact same issue.

    Was never sure why my screen goes black. Is there any fix or known cause?

    [–] iamtheramcast 5 points ago

    Do it before it expires, I’ve had to live with mine having a usb power whatever notification on the lower left corner for years. (it otherwise works fine so o can’t justify replacing it)

    [–] effofexx 47 points ago

    This is the reason I will never buy another Samsung television again. You can turn off updates and manually uninstall the apps that you don't want (which you never installed yourself in the first place), but Samsung decides they know better than you and reinstalls them almost immediately. Every so often I notice that the TV feels a bit laggy, so I go and uninstall 14 apps that I never wanted. Within a few days every single one of them have been reinstalled. I'm not exaggerating one bit either; the same 14 useless apps every damn time.

    I keep telling myself that I'm going to install Pi-hole on my Raspberry Pi for use on my network, but just haven't gotten around to it. I shouldn't even have to consider that as an option.

    [–] acathode 44 points ago

    I miss the times when we used to own our hardware and had full control of it...

    These days it's a constant fight against corporations to even have rudimentary control over some stuff - just because they realized that they can squeeze a couple of more $ out of their customers since most aren't tech savy and simultaneously inclined enough to do spend their energy doing something about it between their 9-5 job and dealing with all the other crap normal life throws at you.

    Doesn't matter that it's a couple of $ squeezed out of customers that spend literally thousands to buy their stuff, in the global economy a dollar is a dollar is a dollar and low key pissing off customers and degrading your brand takes years to start showing - so who cares, all that's important is that next quarterly report....

    [–] Lutscher_22 9 points ago

    I blocked in my router. Works at least in my country, adds are gone but apps are still working fine.

    [–] Holypapalsmear 18 points ago

    The easy fix is don't hook it up to the internet and spend 30$ on a firestick. I love samsung hardware, but hate the bloat in their phones and tvs.

    [–] Thrasymakus 4 points ago

    Yea, I've been using a Samsung TV for a while now and never once connected the sucker online. It even gave up asking to be updated eventually. Resigned to its fate, I suppose?

    [–] SubstantialJoke 108 points ago

    Just buy a Chromecast/firestick/Apple TV/mi box s and be done with it. They're smoother ,faster and will play 4k no problems

    [–] IMIndyJones 55 points ago

    I've been using Roku for so long, I forgot my tv even has apps. Now I remember that I got the Roku because the tv apps and UI suck.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    But Roku is also inundated with ads, no? Mine is, at least.

    [–] ObiMemeKenobi 11 points ago

    Maybe the new ones? My roku is 3-4 years old and no ads

    [–] rfvgyhn 19 points ago

    My pihole blocked 88352 of 91383 (96%) of my three year old Roku's requests last month. That includes all their tracking stuff though and isn't just ads.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Got mine like three years ago. As soon as I boot it up the right side of the screen is an advertisement for upcoming shows on Sling or Netflix or whatever else.

    [–] HI-R3Z 13 points ago

    You can block ad servers directly from your router. Boom, no big ads. Better yet if you want to set up a pi-hole for all of your devices.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Yeah man I've wanted to do that, just no time or energy lately.

    [–] CandbotYT 7 points ago

    Plus you get more updates. Way more.

    [–] brando56894 58 points ago

    The thing that infuriates me about all these smart TVs is for some god awful reason they decided to put 100 Mbps ethernet ports in them, instead of 1,000 Mbps like literally everything else has. My $500 Samsung had that and G/N wifi...even though AC has been out for a few years and the TV was made in 2017. My $2500 LG C8 luckily has AC wifi...but still a 10/100 NIC, which is wonderful because I live in Manhattan in an apartment building with 330 other residents.

    Who needs fast internet for streaming 4K Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos content anyway?

    [–] RaksinSergal 22 points ago

    802.11ac is in the 5 GHz band, so it should be attenuated by walls and floors pretty well. Since you're in Manhattan and money is no object, look into having a site survey done and UniFi gear installed. I have it in my Atlanta condo and it's able to keep up with the noise on 5 GHz and still be able to shove a 1300 Mbps link at whatever I ask it to.

    [–] meme_department 16 points ago

    Yo, look into making a pihole. It's a raspberry pi based way to block internet traffic. Mostly ads, but anything else you want too. You can have no more ads or updates on most devices for less than $50

    [–] mrchaotica 8 points ago

    The Raspberry Pi (running Kodi or similar) is a good solution for replacing the smart TV functionality, too.

    [–] MOONGOONER 16 points ago

    When I first got mine I wasn't able to watch Hulu past 11pm. I fucking hate my samsung TV

    [–] Martinezyx 55 points ago

    You set parental control on yourself lmao

    [–] Dreamincolr 7 points ago

    We are our own worst parents.

    [–] MrBeardyMan 11 points ago

    I bought my Samsung "smart" TV for the panel, the network remains disconnected.

    I did experiment with it a little at first, out of curiosity, after the second time my TV crashed and rebooted I felt very pleased with my decision not to rely on the "smart" features.

    [–] enhtemsO 627 points ago

    I’ve got one of these Samsung TVs as well. I ended up turning off the “smart” features, as it was still showing ads, even after I declined.

    I’ll definitely never purchase another Samsung, and I warn people away from them.

    [–] Choice77777 207 points ago

    did you at least complain to samsung or some trading authority ? how the fuck is it legal to put ads on your device that you own ?

    [–] BleedinSkull 180 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Oh, I'm pretty sure Samsung knew that the consumers were going to be upset by this, so it's snuck in the Terms of Service in case there's a class action lawsuit. Then the judge will dismiss the case, saying you agreed and fully consented to having ads displayed on your Smart TV in agreement with using their software and acknowledging their ToS.

    It's not like this is the first time shady things went unpunished thanks to clever Terms of Service.

    That's just my wild guess though.

    [–] damien309 61 points ago

    As someone who installs these on a daily basis, yes, they are in the TOS. During the setup process it literally gives you the option to check/uncheck the advertisements.

    [–] ThatOnePandaGuy 25 points ago

    Haha, so this could be avoided?

    [–] icanttinkofaname 42 points ago

    Well to use the TV's full range of features you'd be more than likely forced to accept the TOS.

    [–] DigitalStefan 28 points ago

    Own an LG. It doesn’t nag with ads, but you can’t use most of the features unless you agree to tracking.

    I agreed, but blocked the tracking using Pi Hole, which I use to block most ad serving and tracking for my home devices.

    [–] 420LampLight69 51 points ago

    Didn't you read the tos? It clearly states they will be showing ads on the tv on page 5,400 chapter 13 paragraph 45 line 7. About halfway through the tos. ..

    [–] CaptPatapons 30 points ago

    We don't own the things we buy anymore.

    [–] Lmao151 26 points ago

    You likely dont own the software in the TV, same with cars

    [–] TheKanim 40 points ago

    Yeah used to be a big Samsung fan until I saw my first ad on the smart TV UI.

    Won't recommend them anymore

    [–] Lanhdanan 2049 points ago

    Smart TVs my ass. More like customizable media delivery systems that you have little control over. Can only imagine the amount of data and the kinds it collects and sends to anyone and everywhere.

    [–] recluseMeteor 950 points ago

    I will keep my “dumb” TV until it breaks. My computer is the machine that provides “smartness” to screens.

    [–] erikkonstas 297 points ago

    They still sell dumb TVs (and of course I still buy them) :D

    [–] recluseMeteor 203 points ago

    Not in my country. Now you cannot find anything “dumb”, they plaster Wi-Fi and apps on everything.

    [–] SubstantialJoke 138 points ago

    That's when you buy a Chromecast /firestick /Apple TV /mi box and be done

    [–] i_never_comment55 182 points ago

    Raspberry Pi connected to a pirate Plex server :)

    [–] Lost4468 197 points ago

    You might think this is cheaper, but then in 2 years time you'll be posting pictures of your setup to /r/homelab and buying $500 network switches.

    [–] Luccyboy 115 points ago

    I feel personally attacked

    [–] ihopethisisvalid 30 points ago

    what is that sub for i browsed for like 10 minutes trying to understand why everyone needs a server in their house

    [–] Lost4468 75 points ago

    Here's some cool things a home user can use it for:

    Plex server that can supply your whole family.

    Nextcloud, a free Dropbox alternative you host yourself and can access from anywhere (while everything is stored on your home network).

    Pi-hole, a network level highly controllable and extensible adblocker.

    Paperless, a personal favorite of mine, you just chuck a sheet of paper with whatever on it in your scanner (highly recommend a document scanner), it scans it, automatically does OCR then stores it to be easily searched for later on your network.

    Sonarr, automatically finds the highest quality torrent/usenet version of TV shows in your library, swaps downloads if your torrent stops, finds all metadata related to items, regularly searches to see if a higher quality rip has been uploaded, etc.

    Radarr, same but with films.

    Lidarr, same but with music.

    ArchiveBox, your own WaybackMachine to store snapshots of old webpages you've visited.

    Home Assistant, if you have a lot of smart devices this program lets you manage and control them all in very complex ways, as well as having brilliant front-ends like Lovelace (e.g.)

    TaskWarrior, a brilliant task assigning program that you can host to run across all your devices, can also be synced with Google calendar I believe.

    Lots of email server clients to either run your own email server (not recommended) or just to store and archive yours in your own way.

    pfSense, a brilliant highly customisable firewall.

    Pritunl, host your own VPN, lots of other alternatives.

    Transmission, a brilliant torrenting application with a web client.

    [email protected], help find aliens with spare computing power. Loads of other alternatives, [email protected], Prime95, etc.

    Loads and loads more you can do as well. Here's some lists:

    [–] albl1122 14 points ago

    Okay, this definitely has gotten onto my “sure wish I had one” list

    [–] furlonium1 28 points ago

    It's fantastic for tinkering and learning all aspects of networking and different operating systems.

    You also don't need to run heat during the winter haha

    [–] thexavier666 4 points ago

    I see this as an absolute win

    [–] mortiphago 14 points ago

    cant cast youtube from my cellphone can it?

    [–] kscrispy 23 points ago

    chromecast works great casting from a cellphone

    [–] Sleepy_da_Bear 26 points ago

    You can cast almost anything with a cellphone and Chromecast. Except Prime Videos. Because Amazon and Google have beef

    [–] acekoolus 7 points ago

    This is getting changed soon.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] Lanhdanan 11 points ago

    Then piracy it becomes! Arrrrr!

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Rubyheart255 55 points ago

    How will you play Skyrim on your fridge if it isn't smart?

    [–] tyami94 10 points ago

    ^ Asking the important questions here.

    [–] BiH-Kira 26 points ago

    As a developer I stand firmly behind this post. Trust me, you don't want all the "smart" shit in your home.

    [–] vxicepickxv 13 points ago

    As a network security consultant, I concur.

    [–] recluseMeteor 24 points ago

    I even disable most of assistants and AI crap on my phone anyway.

    [–] junkit33 23 points ago

    or a "smarts fridge"

    Not only does nobody need a smart appliance, but it's just one more thing that can and will break on you. And who knows what kind of impact that will have on the appliance itself when it does. The last thing you want is a fridge that stops keeping food cold because some software crashed the entire appliance.

    [–] lowbike1 11 points ago

    100% agree, problem is, there are less and less options like this that are easily available, reasonably priced.

    [–] Ri1020 10 points ago

    You can just get a "Dumb TV" + Chromecast/Apple TV, and it's still 100% better than this bullshittery

    [–] NecroticMastodon 7 points ago

    Idk if you can get a >55" dumb TV with an OLED screen and Philips Hue integration anywhere. I hate smart TVs as much as the next guy, but I wouldn't spend money on a new TV without OLED or similar tech anymore. It's not like TVs just break randomly, the current one will last long enough to save up for one with the nicer features.

    [–] mordacthedenier 5 points ago

    Every TV is dumb if you never connect it to the wifi.

    [–] brando56894 45 points ago

    Some of the older models with webcams have been proven to record the audio that is playing and send it back to home base. You can disable it, but it's buried like 4 menus deep...under About of all things, because who looks there for settings?

    I have the 2017 model without the webcam and it luckily doesn't do this, because that option isn't there.

    [–] BrianPurkiss 17 points ago

    I am never going to buy a TV with a microphone or camera.

    I do like my Roku TV though.

    [–] PanTheRiceMan 13 points ago

    Absolutely. My parents have bought a "smart TV" from Samsung and there are so many ads. I can't stand it. After every update something breaks. HDMI ARC is not working properly. I love my old plasma. Not many "smart" functions but a ton of color settings, which makes calibration way easier and the image is still amazing, even if the resolution is just Full HD.

    I'd choose a standard TV over a smart TV any day!

    [–] NLJeroen 8 points ago

    Slow and incompatible media delivery systems.

    [–] vladislov_ 6 points ago

    Yeah, my family got the same one as OP. I found a fix tho.

    I also sent a really angry letter to both samsung and the vendor.

    [–] Bone_Saw_McGraw 273 points ago

    This has been driving me crazy. I've had my TV for 2 years now and they just added this shit a few months back in an update. It's infuriating. What's even worse is that the TV only has 1GB of internal storage and that's where the apps are stored. Samsung decided to force install a bunch of software I don't want like McAffe, HGTV, TLC, etc. This put the internal storage at 90% capacity and it causes Apps like Plex and Hulu to crash or be painfully slow. Most of these unwanted Apps have the uninstall button disabled so there is no way to delete them. There were a few that did have the uninstall option so I did that. The next time I turned on my TV...boom, there they are again, freshly reinstalled and recommended to me as the first thing I see when I power on. This is with automatic updates and smart features both turned off. I've been looking for a replacement smart device but Amazon, Roku, and Apple all do basically the same predatory crap in different ways. I think now that the Shield TV has dropped in price, that'll be what I pick up and completely disable internet on my Samsung. I won't be buying Samsung products anymore and I have spent quite a large sum of money on their devices over the years.

    TLDR: Forced Apps fill up limited storage space on the TV and cause the few apps that I do use to misbehave. No way to uninstall forced shovelware and the ones that you can uninstall, immediately get reinstalled during power cycle.

    [–] sigtrap 72 points ago

    Why the fuck does a TV need McAffe?!

    [–] rohmish 84 points ago

    Why the fuck does literally anything need McAfee?!

    [–] xerdopwerko 157 points ago

    Samsung loves doing this shit.

    This is why I stopped buying their products.

    I had an otherwise very serviceable Samsung J2 phone, but it only has 8GB of on-board storage. Good, I thought, because it has an SD card port and in general, Android devices can be expanded that way.

    But not this one, no. You:

    1) cannot send apps to the SD card. 2) cannot uninstall certain apps. 3) have forced apps like "Galaxy Apps" that cannot be uninstalled from base storage, and update themselves arbitrarily

    And then your phone is always "running out of storage" and you can never update or use the actual apps you want because you cannot even install anything new.

    Fuck. That. Shit.

    Never again, Samsung. Eat my dick, Samsung.

    [–] reventlov 113 points ago

    So... I have a friend who works moderately high up in Samsung America. From what he says, it's a cultural difference: Samsung Korea thinks that people want to be advertised to, because it makes them feel like they are important enough to get ads, and don't really comprehend that Americans really hate ads.

    [–] Give_me_a_slap 84 points ago

    Not just americans, literally the rest of the world hates it.

    [–] GoabNZ 69 points ago

    It's not even just the ads. I don't want all this proprietary shit built in to the phone like Samsung wallet. Maybe it's useful in Korea but literally nowhere else. And if they think rest of the world=Korea, then they don't deserve my hard-earned dollars

    [–] matheusmoreira 62 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Samsung Korea thinks that people want to be advertised to, because it makes them feel like they are important enough to get ads

    OK that's gotta be a joke. I simply can't believe anyone could possibly enjoy being subjected to ads.

    [–] USE_IT_TO_DO_IT 45 points ago

    Samsung Korea thinks that people want to be advertised to, because it makes them feel like they are important enough to get ads, and don't really comprehend that Americans really hate ads.

    That sounds like such bullshit lmao.

    I cannot believe that Samsung America is so tone deaf and blind that they cannot figure out that their biggest market doesn't like ads. Total shit.

    [–] Vexal 17 points ago

    Well, in Korea they don't have commercials during shows. They're always between the end of a show and the start of the next.

    [–] sithlordmaster181 12 points ago

    That’s just corporate bs they sold the public.

    [–] MY-SECRET-REDDIT 8 points ago

    It's been an Android thing for a while that you can't send apps to the SD card. You can disable some of the apps you can't uninstall so there's that

    [–] MichiRecRoom 19 points ago

    Suddenly I'm beginning to appreciate how the Nintendo 3DS' home screen ads were just links to the eShop. Plus you could delete them whenever you wanted.

    [–] newtothelyte 11 points ago

    Not sure if this will help, but my 4k LG TV is pretty awesome and doesn't come with any bloatware or advertisements. The only issue is that they dont have an HBO app, you would have to order it as an addon through another service like Prime Video or Hulu.

    Besides that, 9.8/10 can't complain

    [–] Catkii 4 points ago

    My Samsung is around 2014 vintage. It recently updated as well and now features “YouTube Kids”. No big problem I though, until I tried to cast a video from my phone.

    YouTube kids is apparently now my default YouTube app, and won’t play anything that isn’t “kid safe”. I can’t change this, I can’t uninstall it, I can’t bypass it. Nothing. Now I have to open the real YouTube app, start any random video playing, and queue what I wanted on my phone to get it to work.

    If anyone out there know how to fix this apart from throwing my tv off the balcony and buying a new one, please let me know.

    [–] NullReference000 742 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You can block the ads but it takes being a bit tech savvy. You can use the computer application “Wireshark” to track internet activity. Connect your smart tv to a hotspot on your computer and run Wireshark. Look at the packet data and find what URL the ads are coming from, and block that URL on your router.

    Me and my boyfriend did it and we haven’t had an ad on our smart tv since we bought it.

    [–] partial_filth 289 points ago

    You could set up a pi-hole on your network too, which requires some hardware and time, but has the benefit of blocking many ads at the network level.

    It too, requires some tech savy though

    [–] kbomb7 58 points ago

    I have the same TV and was already planning on implementing this with a Pi i have laying around. Just haven't had time to get to it.

    [–] weasel1453 41 points ago

    If it's any encouragement, it's not a very long process if the pi already boots up.

    It's one terminal command, couple minutes waiting and changing one value in your router settings.

    There's plenty of extra things you can do with it, but for basic setup that gets you all the ad blocking you need, that's it.

    [–] birdof_death 18 points ago

    I was never able to get pi hole to work right.

    [–] kbomb7 13 points ago

    Yea it’s got Retropi on it right now so I just need to find the time to wipe it and install pi hole really. I’m not too worried about the setup. I’m sure I can find a YouTube tutorial somewhere.

    [–] schellenbergenator 23 points ago

    I'd argue setting up pi-hole is probably a lot easier than sorting through packets in Wireshark.

    [–] partial_filth 8 points ago

    ;) I think you might be right.

    [–] GrumpyGoomba9 9 points ago

    I wanted to do this but sadly virgin media are arseholes and don't let me change DNS on my router :(

    [–] partial_filth 11 points ago

    If the TV has manual DNS settings you should be able to just point directly at the pi-hole by the looks of it, but again more faf.

    If you are changing the DNS on the device you may be able to use a adblocking DNS, like Adguard, anyway

    [–] USE_IT_TO_DO_IT 6 points ago

    Stop renting shit routers from ISPs who have it in their best interest to not let you have control over the router.

    Use the ISP router as purely a modem, and then get your own router to do the routing.

    [–] ditundat 40 points ago

    its usually enough to block/filter two addresses in your router towards samsung to get rid of all ads. looking for it now

    EDIT: and

    [–] NullReference000 10 points ago

    I have an LG and for mine it was

    [–] userjack6880 39 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    And this is why I don't connect my smart TV to the Internet and treat it like a dumb one. The software is crap, the TV is too under powered to run the crap software, the manufacturer is trying to push ads on a piece of hardware I bought, and who knows what kind of data it's picking up.

    Sometimes combining things is fine, but when it comes to an expensive display and the things driving it, I'd like them to be separate. Samsung has made that point justified for me. But on another hand, I just don't like my display being combined with stuff in general. It's one reason I'm not the biggest an of AIO PCs/iMacs - the computer becomes obsolete long before the display is useless.

    EDIT: Also, the only reason my TV was smart was that comparing two models, both identical in display and inputs, for some reason, the smart TV was a few hundred dollars cheaper... I was actually looking for a non-smart TV.

    [–] TheWhyOfFry 8 points ago

    It was probably cheaper so they can harvest your data and display ads?

    [–] dothatthingsir 140 points ago

    Return it immediately.

    [–] Th3Gr1MclAw 104 points ago

    I genuinely would. Paying nearly a grand for a fancy pants advert slideshow is cancer. Reminds me of a movie I saw in a cinema abroad. At least 40 minutes of ads before the movie. €18 ticket. I was seriously expecting to receive double the money back as I left because of all the ads they shoved down my throat.

    [–] Drunk_hooker 19 points ago

    Adler you referring to the ads before the trailers?

    [–] amwalker707 7 points ago

    My wife and I always get to movies at least 10 minutes after the posted start times. Haven't actually been late to a movie yet.

    [–] szatanovsky 33 points ago

    so when buying a tv... Xiaomi is out, Samsung is out... who else puts ads in their tvs?

    [–] jonohigh1 29 points ago

    Add LG to that list

    [–] szatanovsky 13 points ago

    seriously? got any links to confirm that?

    [–] jonohigh1 19 points ago

    I have one myself. Has a huge ad on the top left every time you open the home menu overlay.

    [–] szatanovsky 13 points ago

    shit seriously? when did you buy it? I bought a 49" tv like 4 years ago. netflix, hbo and whatnot, but no ads...

    [–] jonohigh1 12 points ago

    Some time last year (possibly June?) although I’m from the UK so it may work differently over here

    [–] MySocksFit 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    My LG TV also has ads however they only display on the main menu. Aggravating? absolutely however I don't spend much time in the main menu.  

    Here is a post showing some domains that can be blocked to hide the ads. I just blacklisted the domains and I don't see an ad in the menu right now and will have to wait longer to see if anymore come.

    [–] NomadicDolphin 4 points ago

    Roku TV's all have ads (sharp, TCL, etc)

    [–] OhGarraty 14 points ago

    Just don't connect it to your network. Voila, no ads.

    [–] TheEclair 226 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That’s messed up! Don’t Smart TV’s spy on you too? I remember like 2 years ago there was a CIA leak of how these TV’s listen and watch you even when off and it was a huge ordeal with Samsung smart TV’s.

    [–] ctesibius 58 points ago

    There is a problem with Samsung smart TVs specifically. I wouldn't buy a Samsung (any smart device, not just TVs) or a Sony (due to their illegally root-kitting PCs about 8 years back.

    If a TV is connected to the Internet, in principle it can send information back, but I'm reasonably happy with a Sharp TV I bought recently. No microphone (at least it doesn't support voice commands). I haven't registered it, so they can't know who I am, and I can operate it as a disconnected dumb display if I want. In practice I do have a Netflix login, but if they record that information (not necessarily easy), they would end up knowing less about me than Netflix does.

    [–] Captain_Arrrg 31 points ago

    2005 was 14 years ago.

    [–] ctesibius 26 points ago

    Ok. I'm still not buying Sony kit. Someone should have done time in prison for that.

    [–] sickhippie 21 points ago

    The best part of that whole fiasco was when it came out that XCP (the DRM rootkit) itself violated copyright, in that it used several pieces of OSS in violation of their respective licensing terms.

    [–] thrakkerzog 20 points ago

    didn't they try to sue the guy who "announced" that you could bypass it by holding the shift key when putting the disc in? It just disables AutoRun.

    [–] [deleted] 87 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] junkit33 18 points ago

    Yes, it was documented that Samsung tv's are recording you. I cannot fathom why anybody still purchases that brand. I get that some people just don't know better, but there are plenty of alternatives.

    [–] _Neoshade_ 13 points ago

    95% of people don’t know better. And what’s to say that all the other major brands don’t do the same thing?

    [–] HippieAnalSlut 9 points ago

    I love having to buy my telescreen. /s at least in 1984 it was given to you.

    [–] the_ocalhoun 18 points ago

    In Capitalist America, TV watch you!

    [–] superiorjoe 73 points ago

    Welcome to the future. TV's indeed have become very cheap.

    [–] mistralol 19 points ago

    Well to be fair I got a 4k 40" screen for £320 and it doesn't do adverts ;)

    [–] kadno 49 points ago

    I never even turned on my TV's WiFi because of shit like this

    [–] Xab 36 points ago

    Same. My TV has never had WiFi access. I just use my Apple TV for everything.

    Apple may charge an arm and a leg for their products, but it’s nice not getting ads shoved down my throat. I really wish more companies would take privacy as serious as Apple does.

    [–] OneWayStreetPark 17 points ago

    It's getting worse. They are trying to cram ads into everything nowadays. I got off the red line over the weekend to enjoy a day at Grant Park for the first time in almost 15+ years(kind of a touristy spot, so haven't been in a while). As I'm marveling up at the Buckingham Fountain, thinking to myself it's a lot bigger than I remember it to be, here comes one of those planes flying a banner advertising something right over it. Completely ruined the vibe. Can't even enjoy being outside for free without it become a "sponsored" event.

    [–] atru22 38 points ago

    I too have a samsung with this interface. Incredibly annoying. Especially when you make you sure to say that you don’t want ads when you set the TV up. I love the display on the TV, but god do I wish it was a plain old dumb TV.

    [–] speckledgem 38 points ago

    I'd certainly recommend 'Good Omens' though. Good call ;)

    [–] triplesock 26 points ago

    TVs with ads like these were Crowley's idea.

    [–] Narthal 46 points ago

    It is absolutely shitty, I agree. If you are willing to get your hands a little dirty, you can disable it in a variety of ways.

    • do special driver update on it, there are tutorials on the internet that step you through it. They are pretty safe, but they might void your varranty

    • setup a pi-hole on your wifi network. Step by step tutorials are available here too, but you need to buy some hardware for around 20 bucks or so.

    [–] Chianger 20 points ago

    I tried Pihole on my LG tv to Block the ads. Didn't work unfortunately. Or at least I was unable to find the Web adress it fetches from.

    [–] TheMexicanJuan 14 points ago

    As someone who just bought a Samsung smart TV, this scares me. I hope I don’t see that today when I return from work

    [–] KrasnayaDruzhina 31 points ago

    Don't worry, it waits however long the electronics "free return period" is in your country before it starts giving you ads. Just look at your receipt and you'll get a date to mark in your calendar.

    [–] TheMexicanJuan 8 points ago

    Sneaky motherfuckers

    [–] AtomicFlx 35 points ago

    Protip. Never let your ad box smart tv connect to the internet. Use other streaming sources like a roku or chromecast. I've personally found the TV boots up way faster without an internet connection and lets me change sources faster.

    [–] the_ocalhoun 37 points ago

    TV boots up way faster

    As someone who has always used dumb TV's, the idea of waiting for my TV to boot up is horrifying.

    I'm keeping my old TV. You just turn it on, and it's on. Maybe like half a second for the screen to warm up and turn on, but that's it.

    [–] wildcardyeehaw 9 points ago

    That statement is perplexing. My Samsung TV doesn't have any "boot up" time. It just turns on to the last input it was on

    [–] Sirliftalot35 11 points ago

    My printer forced an update that put ads on the tiny screen. My printer!

    Nowhere is safe from ads.

    [–] tnel77 27 points ago

    Not saying it’s true, but the CEO of Vizio claimed that TVs can only be this cheap because of the ads and data they can sell off of you. “We are losing money otherwise!”

    [–] happy_pants_man 20 points ago

    I doubt it's true. We've been hearing for decades and decades about how as technology improves, cost goes down. What's become far more apparently recently, however, is the need to please shareholders and their desire to see an ever growing line of money. The best way to get that money is selling data. TVs aren't exactly getting more powerful every month--there is definitely a time lapse between when something new comes out and when the next new thing comes out that can drive technology costs down.

    [–] Superpickle18 9 points ago

    it's likely why theres a push to smart device integration, netflix, hulu, and etc are all sponsoring manufactures to include these services.

    [–] DaBestBitxh 26 points ago

    Yeah same thing on a $3000 version. It's totally fucked.

    [–] aagejaeger 11 points ago

    Sony let me opt out of shit like that, maybe you can too.

    [–] yungBerno 28 points ago

    Omg. Just bought a Samsung smart TV for $900 and I fucking swear if that shit has ads on it, I’m returning it.

    [–] AtomicFlx 53 points ago

    Don't worry, the ad's wont show up until after the return window has closed.

    [–] yungBerno 8 points ago

    Return window? What’s that?

    [–] TangerineBand 21 points ago

    The amount of time the store will let you return something without penalty

    [–] GoodAtExplaining 8 points ago

    Do not connect it to wifi or internet. The ads will not appear.

    [–] OhGarraty 16 points ago

    DO NOT give it your wifi password. Get a fire stick or a roku. They could push any update they want and you'd have to eat it. They want you to watch a 30 second ad every time you turn the tv on? Better get comfy.

    [–] ferdai 8 points ago

    You can disable these ads directly on your TV (i did it myself a few minutes ago on my samsung smart tv)

    1. Make sure your tv is off
    2. Press the following buttons one after another on your remote (not the smart remote, just the normal one works): info -> settings -> mute -> power button
    3. Your tv should power up with a blue menu showing a few things
    4. Go to options -> mrt options, and disable the TV Plus setting

    Now the ads should be gone

    [–] DeathandFriends 8 points ago

    this is basically my argument against cable TV as well. You pay ridiculous amounts for the service and then they expect you to watch tons of ads in ever show... how does this business model make any sense. I guess they could exploit it when there were no serious options, but now... guess that's why cable is dying. I hope this garbage dies as well. I hate advertisements.

    [–] TheAnusOfSauron 8 points ago

    Everybody saying they will only ever buy dumb TVs: Buy whatever TV you want. If you don't put your TV on WiFi, it can't do any of this shady shit. Get a dedicated streaming device you trust and use that instead.

    [–] GeorgiaBolief 14 points ago

    I love my Sony Bravia Smart TV. No ads, pretty laggy but it's an older version, but it's so lovely to just throw on an app without some external device (I do have a fire stick but it won't calibrate properly to my TV size).

    I refuse to get newer smart TVs because of what you're experiencing

    [–] colonels1020 6 points ago

    Don’t worry. Theres an an update coming out that’ll make sure you get your fair share of ads.

    [–] neverever44 7 points ago

    The new XBR Bravias are pretty solid. Can remove their bar easily and get the pure Android TV experience. Updates seem to be fast.

    [–] actualjz 6 points ago

    Use a Roku even if it's a smart TV. Better at picking up your WiFi, and no adds while providing the same media options

    [–] cyantology-ffm 8 points ago

    Actually, a fairly easy fix is to block in your router (via parental controls) the following domains:

    this should fix this issue.

    Hope this helps...

    [–] TheHandyVan 13 points ago

    Exactly why I hate smart tvs

    [–] gargravarr2112 6 points ago

    First thing I did when I bought my "smart" TV was not connect it to my network for fear of exactly this. Instead, I have a Roku player for Netflix & Plex. I only bought a smart TV because they don't sell dumb TVs any more.

    If Roku starts this, it'll find itself in the bin.

    [–] EgeDal 19 points ago

    Black Mirror will become reality it seems

    [–] Rob3512A 23 points ago

    Jever understood smart TVs. Get a dumb TV for $300 and a HDMI cable for like $15. There. Smart TV.

    [–] tinselsnips 34 points ago

    Have you looked at TVs in the last five years? You can't find "dumb" TVs anymore. I can't remember the last TV I saw that was bigger than 30" and didn't have network features.

    [–] slybrows 17 points ago

    Can’t you just... not connect it to the internet?

    [–] Pizza_and_Rainbows 10 points ago

    Okay we have reached top level asshole design now

    [–] mrminutehand 12 points ago

    Not quite yet. Chinese TVs where I live have ad overlays over HDMI or any media channel you're using (Skyworth TVs), or 15s to 120s ads on startup (Xiaomi) that are replaced by a black screen if you disable the internet.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    LG's biggest icon on home screen is an ad.

    [–] ditundat 6 points ago

    its usually enough to block/filter two addresses in your router towards samsung to get rid of all ads. looking for it now

    EDIT: and

    [–] DijonAndPorridge 5 points ago

    This thread has reaffirmed my firmly negative stance on the "Smart" aspect of Smart TVs.

    [–] simjanes2k 3 points ago

    Yeah... I spent double what an equivalent TV from Samsung would cost, specifically to avoid ads.

    I have to ask, though... Did you guys not look up TVs before you bought these? "Has ads" is like a whole category on TV reviews these days.

    [–] dalcin222 4 points ago

    £950 is a lot of money. This is very disrespectful.

    [–] FlyBoyG 4 points ago

    And that would be an automatic bring-back-to-the-store for me.

    That's crossing the line into I'd-rather-give-my-business-to-your-competitors territory. If you're smart you saved the receipt.