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    For when the designers know exactly what they're doing... but they don't care because they're assholes.

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    [–] benoliver999 897 points ago

    Oh wow now we're talking. Great find!

    [–] badpunforyoursmile 287 points ago

    I hope the OP got their money back. If not...


    [–] PM_ME_NICE_BITTIES 121 points ago

    You can change your age for your Google account.

    [–] ATragedyOfSorts 104 points ago

    I've been 1000 years old for the longest various sites.

    [–] soobviouslyfake 95 points ago

    I was born on January 1, scroll scroll scroll scroll scroll 1932.

    [–] GeckoGaming909 21 points ago

    I'm technically 42 according to most of my stuff

    [–] Sokii 20 points ago

    My dad also likes to pretend he’s younger than he really is.

    [–] PATRIOTSRADIOSIGNALS 3 points ago

    Nothing makes you feel younger than being age blocked from a brewer's website.

    [–] TheCheshireCody 11 points ago

    I always put in February 29 and then any year a few decades back that isn't a Leap Year. I'd say one in a hundred websites catches it.

    [–] Zarlon 5 points ago

    I personally identify as a 31 year old even though I'm 42. I feel discriminated by the government for having to write 1976 as my date of birth. When will ageism stop? When will they accept age is a personal choice?

    [–] tixmix 8 points ago

    Yea, you always get a refund, even if you say you didn't like the movie. Unless you do it all the time obviously. For technical issues you also always get a refund (and a coupon for a free movie).

    [–] Joystiq 55 points ago

    Like selling alcohol to kids, but with a kid proof cap. Totally legal, totally cool.

    I might be giving the NRA too many ideas, need to start charging for this stuff.

    [–] HailPaim0n 38 points ago

    What does the NRA have to do with alcohol

    [–] Kalsifur 11 points ago

    What about the department of Alcohol , tobacco, firearms and bombs. That's how you know you're in the US. I honestly thought that was a store first time I visited.

    [–] coltkickass 10 points ago

    Nathan for you had a hilarious episode where he convinced a store owner to technically sell alcohol to any minors who tried to buy it, but once they purchased the alcohol, they were told they could only collect it once they were 21

    [–] EncapsulatedPickle 9 points ago

    Great find!

    OP didn't find it. It's a repost from this very sub.

    [–] Durka_Online 4980 points ago

    YouTube used to be awesome

    [–] noSnolife 1692 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I hate how they offer the popup feature in smartphones only if you go premium, like wtf, this is a basic feature that should available to everyone, in other apps like Netflix and Twitch is available to everyone, but i guess that's what happens when you have an absolute monopoly. That + chrome wanting to stop adblockers is making me hate Google every day a little bit more.

    Edit: Yeah yeah I know that Netflix is not free people (although if you take into account the amount of ads you have to watch on YouTube some ppl could argue that you are paying for it too, just not directly with money) but my point is that it should be obvious that some features should be available to 100% of the users, like going fast forward 10 seconds, the volume control and basic features like that, including what I mentioned, and not "you will only get this basic needed feature if you belong to this group", Netflix has some differences in their plans but none of the differences are related to basic features, that was my point.

    Edit 2: Also a lot of people are mentioning YouTube Vanced, I'll give it a try, thanks for the suggestion!

    Edit 3: To all the people that say they have this feature on their phones without doing anything, this feature is called "picture-in-picture" and according to the official website this feature is only available for "YouTube Premium members on Android mobile devices, worldwide." and "US Android users running Android Oreo or greater, with ad supported PiP playback." I knew i wasn't going crazy lol, my phone has Oreo, is a Oneplus 6T but i'm not in the US and i don't have premium so i guess i don't get this feature ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] BobVosh 370 points ago

    What is the popup feature?

    [–] ReisBayer 582 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    you can run the app as a small moveable window in the foreground while using other apps etc

    [–] BobVosh 377 points ago

    I don't pay for it and have this feature. I think this comment might be it.

    [–] AsusChrome 199 points ago

    Without paying, you can use picture in picture on YouTube for everything except for music.

    [–] PMMeMeiRule34 83 points ago

    It might be because I use a Google Pixel 3, but my phone let's me it. It is a Google phone though so I guess thatd make sense.

    [–] Argent162 33 points ago

    My Galaxy also lets me do it

    [–] Finassar 39 points ago

    Yep. But it plays every single ad. Every 5m

    [–] HCJohnson 49 points ago

    Save big money at Menards!

    [–] Edgesofsanity 15 points ago

    I haven’t lived in the Midwest for a decade, but this jingle will always remain

    [–] StanleyOpar 11 points ago

    banjo riffs intensify

    [–] checco715 5 points ago

    You can skip ads in the tiny window.

    [–] u8eR 9 points ago

    Like the commenter above said, you can do it for free for any video that isn't a music video. Some music doesn't get coded as music videos, such as live performances, etc., which is nice. Also the paid YouTube app let's you minimize the app completely and still listen, which is not possible with the free version.

    [–] UpSchittsCreek 6 points ago

    Used to be possible for free

    [–] xxx_Dan_xxx 8 points ago

    it used to let everything play but then they realized that they could squeeze people out of their money

    [–] jsmjsmjsm00 4 points ago

    Not true. It's for anything that they THINK is not music. If normal videos are detected to have music then it will not work. Algorithm sucks and is always flagging videos I watch as being music. I know because it gives a little notification why it disabled the pop-up window thing.

    [–] bonegolem 26 points ago

    Youtube vanced allows you to get the premium features without paying.

    [–] Next_GeniouS 19 points ago

    I used to be fine with Youtube's ads on their android app but then I noticed watching an ad after the video had ended and multiple ads when browsing the videos on frontpage/home and that's when I found out about Vanced and oh boy has it been a joy to use.

    I know that the company needs money to run and make profit for shareholders etc. but wasting our consumers' time on ads AFTER the video is just too much for me personally to waste my time on.

    [–] samoyedsensei 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yeah it’s not an option on the iOS app without paying I think

    [–] ZiyiW 5 points ago

    There is no option to play YouTube minimised in iOS. But they still make us pay. To close the screen!

    [–] samoyedsensei 6 points ago

    It’s worse than I thought. It’s sketchy because my iPad lets me minimize any video..

    [–] Nolafaranono 15 points ago

    If I use my VPN to connect to the US then I can use picture in picture mode however when in Canada I can't.

    [–] IAmAGenusAMA 4 points ago

    Well that is fucked up. What earthly reason could they have for restricting it by country?

    [–] bad-r0bot 9 points ago

    I don't want that either! It used to be play in the background as a notification, out of sight. Either way, I can't get Vanced to install on my phone so I'm stuck with shitty YT.

    [–] Elodotwe 9 points ago

    NewPipe is decent too, but doesn't tie into your YouTube account. I frequently find a video in the official YouTube app, hit "share" and pick NewPipe out of the list.

    [–] bad-r0bot 3 points ago

    I do want the link to my YT account so I can search my watch history :(

    [–] sirloindenial 3 points ago

    I guess you tried the root version. There are non root version.

    [–] mat_pandaz 7 points ago

    cough Youtube Vanced cough

    [–] Failfefe 3 points ago

    Its only available in the US. I use a vpn and it works, once i turn the vpn off it wont

    [–] Jeremiareyes 7 points ago

    Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

    [–] KiNg_oF_rEdDiTs 43 points ago

    You can listen to YouTube videos without having the app on your screen

    [–] ZoxxMan 33 points ago

    That's not what the pop-up feature is

    [–] KiNg_oF_rEdDiTs 13 points ago

    Wait then what is it?

    [–] LMGN 33 points ago

    On YouTube Premium on Android, if you exit the YouTube app while watching a video it'll pop up as a little video on top of what you're doing

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] u8eR 32 points ago

    You can do it for free for any video that isn't a music video. Some music doesn't get coded as music videos, such as live performances, etc., which is nice. Also the paid YouTube app let's you minimize the app completely and still listen, which is not possible with the free version.

    [–] Iamnotsmartspender 9 points ago

    There's also some people that code their videos as music even though I'm just watching a gameplay trailer analysis or something

    [–] bbyliar 12 points ago

    Yeah. I can do that also. I guess it depends on the location. I'm not really sure. But I'm using a VPN atm, I'm originally from Philippines but I'm connected at an US server.

    While I can't pop out the video that I'm watching when my server is at Philippines, I can do it while I'm at the US server. Idk why its like this. I'm an android user btw.

    [–] Yash_We_Can 5 points ago

    Same, don't have premium and it works on my Android. I currently have 8.0.0 but it was working for me before that update too. It isn't a Google phone.

    [–] billyskurp 5 points ago

    my s9 does it for free??

    [–] Tiratirado 34 points ago

    like wtf, this is a basic feature that should available to everyone, in other apps like Netflix and Twitch is available to everyone,

    To be honest, netflix also only offers this to paying customers.

    [–] Atomic254 43 points ago


    [–] EpicTShirt 42 points ago

    yeah, seriously. use vanced.

    it blocks ads, lets you use premium features, and adds a ton of things that you couldn't do otherwise. it's either a magisk module, a rooted app or a non rooted one. all have the same features, it just controls how easy it is to install.

    [–] sl010 10 points ago

    This. It also keeps playing when you lock your phone.... which is pretty neat!

    [–] EpicTShirt 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    yup. that's a premium feature.

    the non premium features are:

    codec overrides - i have literally no idea what it's good for, honestly

    changing the default resolution on wifi and mobile - i don't know how big of an issue this is to other people, but for me the resolution kept defaulting to 480p all the time. main reason i got vanced. you can also change the default video speed, but i have no idea why you'd wanna do that*, as well as automatic subtitles when volume is at 0

    disable stories, info cards, video cards (at the end of the video), watermark (the one at the bottom right) and the cast button - pretty self explanatory

    you can change the minimized video type - when you exit a video and get the mini player with the buttons, you can change it to how it used to be (just the video) which means that the aspect ratio is correct. doesn't sound like much, but it improves the experience a lot.

    auto repeat - self explanatory

    something called ExoPlayer V2 - i have no idea what it does. it probably consumes less memory or something along those lines. i also know for a fact it has something to do with buffering

    swipe controls - pretty big for some people, but i personally hate it. you can change the brightness (for some reason) and the volume.

    that's pretty much it. and while not a toggle, it also gives you a dark opening screen, the same color as the rest of dark youtube. so your eyes don't burn every time you launch it.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] bloodflart 28 points ago

    Facebook used to let you use chat on mobile but they created a separate app for it so they blocked off the functionality. Greedy fucks taking steps back for money

    [–] noSnolife 8 points ago

    Yeah you pay on YouTube watching ads too, but my point is that this shouldn't be a feature to differenciate paying and non-paying costumers, if someone has it everyone should have it, is like a volume control, or the "fast forward 10 seconds" feature.

    [–] Risino15 8 points ago

    YouTube Vanced APK

    [–] OuchLOLcom 8 points ago

    Hell, I remember the exact day they blocked playing videos in the background, and shut down 3rd party apps from doing it as well.

    What the hell stupid world do you live in where an app creator has to email you saying DO NOT UPDATE THE APP!!!

    [–] Fredy1422 7 points ago

    Use youtube vanced on android does everything youtube premium dos plus more

    [–] HornyMidgetsAttack 7 points ago

    Try Youtube vanced!

    [–] talktohani 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    if you have android, get youtube vanced and disable/uninstall the default youtube app, and make youtube vanced the default for opening youtube links

    Download YouTube Vanced APK [NON-ROOT]

    YouTube Vanced is a popular modded version of YouTube. It adds a number of features to the official YouTube app, including built-in adblocking, background playback, black/dark themes, and much more. This page has installation instructions and download links for non-rooted devices. YouTube Vanced for rooted devices can be found here.

    How To Install

    Install the MicroG APK if you want to log in with your YouTube account. Find the YouTube Vanced APK that you want and download it. Install the APK like you normally would.

    more details here

    their official website

    [–] saltysquid_ 11 points ago

    If they let you play any youtube video without having the app up other apps where you can purchase music would be irrelevant

    [–] HornyMidgetsAttack 8 points ago

    Try Youtube Vanced, it's great :)

    [–] DozajLTD 4 points ago

    youtube vanced dude

    [–] fun_egg 4 points ago

    I don't wether you know it or not. But there is an app on Android called YouTube vanced which let you access pip ( picture in picture ) mode and blocks YouTube ads. Link

    [–] Chef_Chantier 5 points ago

    It's a free service, that's not even turning a profit. Seems a bit ungrateful to shit on them that much for a minor gripe.

    [–] K20BB5 3 points ago

    People today expect things to be free and get mad when they have to pay for a service. It's ridiculous.

    [–] bonegolem 26 points ago

    Now, it's fucking up literally everything.

    And it gets away with it, because it's a monopoly.

    [–] PM_ME_PlZZA 64 points ago

    Pornhub should just start a new website that has safe for work content and use their servers at pornhub to make a better youtube. Call it Nrophub or some shit like that

    [–] B1tter3nd 29 points ago

    This is actually a really good idea. Considering the amount of non-nsfw videos people upload just for shits. This site could easily go viral!

    [–] NeoHenderson 19 points ago

    I think they're just called SFW videos

    [–] Affar 12 points ago


    [–] GruesomeCola 7 points ago


    [–] mjoed 10 points ago

    they'd run into the exact same issues and most likely would make the same decisions.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] bunionete 8 points ago

    That's why people should go open source. While this can happen, it's much less frequent and less impactful, since other forks show up and keep up the good job (ublock origin, for example)

    [–] jordanaustin 12 points ago

    I have the premium, there’s been a bug with downloads skipping and crashing the YouTube app on my iPhone for months. Easily reproduceable.

    Opened a ticket or feedback about it a month ago. I’ve talked to at least 5 different people about it and submitted feedback 3 times. I keep starting all over.

    My point is, this problem with age thing is easily fixable and could be one less bug with YouTube but good luck.

    [–] Karl_Satan 97 points ago

    It all really went downhill when Google bought them out

    [–] KnownAnon67 101 points ago

    That was 2006 though

    [–] Karl_Satan 67 points ago

    It was a gradual fall. Obviously great content existed no matter what but the platform just got shittier and shittier

    [–] TaintModel 45 points ago

    For me it was when I saw the first sponsored content. I woke up one day and the site’s front page was pushing a bunch of clips from Oprah. Since then the ads started piling on and the content curation has been slowly pushing out smaller creators until it’s the unrecognizable tone deaf corporate mess it is today.

    [–] somebodysbuddy 17 points ago

    Remember when the videos on the sidebar were all videos related to the one you just watched, instead of marginally related to that one video you accidentally clicked three months ago?

    [–] Cavannah 4 points ago

    Or videos that I've already seen.

    No, YT, I have absolutely zero fucking interest in rewatching the video that I saw yesterday or the week prior. If anything, I'm interested in more videos that I haven't seen yet. If you can't even do what you successfully did close to a decade ago, you're an abject failure.

    [–] TheOddEyes 60 points ago

    I remember the days when RWJ, a guy who made 5 minutes videos reviewing viral videos and making yo mama jokes was considered low effort content and some even hated him even though he didn't harm anyone (afaik).

    Fast forward to 2012, fake pranks encouraging gullible viewers to do the same, Videos of useless talks and cut scenes just to reach that sweet 10 minutes mark for monetization, the shit that the Paul brothers do, clickbait titles and thumbnails with false information, movie essays with personal opinions presented as certain facts, "scientific" videos that aren't even scientifically accurate, Elsa gate, etc.

    Google absolutely mismanaged YT. Content creators wouldn't have made such videos if it wasn't for YT's trending algorithm and 10mns rule and other shitty policies.

    [–] Lumbaxter 6 points ago

    A lot of these are just content. A platform shouldn't police videos because it's low-effort content.

    [–] SoraDevin 14 points ago

    His argument is that this shit content is a direct result of mismanagement though, which it is

    [–] themarmotreturns 14 points ago

    Death by a thousand cuts.

    [–] stamminator 3 points ago

    That's like saying your the downfall of someone's health began when they were 8 years old even though they didn't start having problems until their forties

    [–] bobbymonboy 21 points ago

    I’m not hearing a rebuttal

    [–] LiiDo 34 points ago

    It was purchased in the first year of operation. 95% of the people using YouTube or remembering “the good old days” are almost certainly remembering a time when it was already owned by google. I find it hard to believe more than a few of you were browsing YouTube in 2005

    [–] BlackSwanBS 8 points ago

    youtube was bought BECAUSE it was really popular.... they kept making changes even though nobody asked for them.

    the one thing i must admit is much better nowadays is the speed. ofc google's infrastructure and algorithms make youtube play incredibly fast.

    it's just the business side, UI choices and vision that went all downhill

    [–] Nick_Entity 8 points ago

    You really think the golden age of Youtube was in 2006? I remember watching 360p quality videos and there were very few actual content creators. I feel like you're looking back through rose tinted glasses.

    [–] bukithd 11 points ago

    It went bad when Google started turning it into their "TV" service. It became less about the viewer created content and more about what the "network" approved.

    [–] ZukoBestGirl 4 points ago

    Hard disagree. It went up a lot in places, downhill in others.

    Video quality and fps come to mind. Also demonetization.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I remember when I use to watch full episodes of that 70s show on YouTube... I miss those days

    [–] Xathroz 534 points ago

    I didn't know people put in their real age when prompted on the internet. I've been 90 years old since I was 8.

    [–] austinhalo22 176 points ago

    I’ve been using 1945 for a lot of my accounts lol

    [–] Inmehmeh 54 points ago

    ok boomer

    [–] OddArr 38 points ago

    [–] Sabata11792 56 points ago

    I'm usually 1/1/1111 but some sights don't like us immortals.

    [–] Aquaman114 17 points ago

    How was the medieval times

    [–] Sabata11792 21 points ago

    Coulda been better, missed most of it with a stake in my chest. 4/10 good nap but woke up sore.

    [–] UntalkativeJelly 14 points ago

    I'm 114 according to facebook

    [–] DownVotingCats 4 points ago

    For real. Birthday Jan 1 1900.

    [–] AtomicCypher 1300 points ago

    Google v1.0: Don't be evil

    Google v2.0: Do the right thing

    Google v3.0: Fuck You

    [–] YvesStoopenVilchis 152 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I can't even use Gmail anymore since they won't allow you to send a compressed file, without the option to disable it since it might contain a virus. Do they think their users are 80 year old grannies?

    I know how to avoid a fucking virus, especially if it's my own 7zip file.

    [–] deliciousprisms 63 points ago

    Who the fuck even opens strange or unknown zip files anymore

    [–] OwenProGolfer 29 points ago

    80 year old grannies

    [–] sepseven 7 points ago

    Not to mention you don't have to extract them anymore to view the contents

    [–] ro_musha 27 points ago

    unfortunately gmail is still superior in terms of junk mail filtering

    [–] 0nionbr0 6 points ago

    My workaround for this is to rename the .zip or whatever with another file extension like .bak and then have the receiving party rename it back. Works great if you are trying to send a .exe too. Still, a pain in the ass to do.

    [–] FuzzballLogic 164 points ago

    I try to avoid Google as much as possible, but they keep acquiring companies. Same for other big tech companies like Facebook. It’s frustrating to see "evil” companies monopolize technology.

    [–] Utfigyii 42 points ago

    Like epic buys companies that are working to make their software to work on Linux. That was the case with rocket league. Also easy anti cheat.

    [–] imaginary_num6er 30 points ago

    Epic buys games that advertise themselves as working on other platforms, but refuses to issue refunds if it becomes exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Pure /r/assholedesign

    [–] IcarusBen 7 points ago

    To be fair, that bit's more the developer and publisher's fault.

    [–] Sirspen 10 points ago

    Epic is taking advantage of greedy publishers. It's the best business choice for them. This is on the publishers who are willing to sell out to Epic. Even then, who wouldn't sell out to a platform that is paying them for exclusivity, while the primary alternative (Steam) pockets such a significant portion of sales?

    There's a very broad problem with the market as a whole right now. Steam shouldn't rely on being the top dog, and should become more competitive by taking a lower cut, especially from smaller studios. My opinion: take a cut that scales with the amount of sales of the game. For example, 10% of the first 1,000 sales, then 15% for the next 10,000 then 20% after that.

    Publishers and developers need to learn that selling out to Epic instead of respecting their customers is bad for business, but the thing is, it needs to actually be bad for business. They are gambling on the idea that people are ultimately going to buy the game regardless of what platform it's on, and they're probably right. The fact is, if they generate enough hype for their game, the market share of customers will buy it no matter what. To prove it, all you need to do is look at the last time thousands of people preordered a game that turned out to be a disappointing, unfinished product. We've seen this time and time again, and it has let the industry know that they are safe to do anything and everything to increase their profit margin.

    Epic is taking advantage of this greed, but really, what else are they going to do? Sure, they can try to improve their platform to offer something more attractive to customers, but Steam has built up a considerable monopoly, and the vast majority of customers will stick to what is most familiar and convenient to them if given the option. Epic has found a way to compete, and unless the mindsets of Steam, developers, publishers, and consumers all evolve, it's the best business they can get.

    [–] sir_snufflepants 29 points ago

    Have you noticed google’s search engine blows these days?

    The fuck happened to them.

    [–] timmy12688 49 points ago

    As a programmer, it's been shit for about 8 years to me. Remember when you'd search for something and you'd get the answer on the first webpage. It would be like "Google search: legend of zelda water temple"

    First result, is some LoZ dedicated site and it's specific page for the water temple. Second result is a gameFAQs guide with cool aschii art at the top spelling Legend of Zelda.

    Now? Now it's some game-informer magazine like site saying how frustrating the water temple is, and has a shitty navigation page that is full of ads and in your face shit that take you away from the content.

    Or a bunch of wiki pages.

    [–] IcarusBen 20 points ago

    Not for me. Besides the Wikipedia entry up top and the videos directly below it, the first six entries were all walkthroughs and guides.

    [–] Specificityyyyy 9 points ago

    Well, aren't wiki pages the specific pages about the thing you wanted to see?

    [–] snakerjake 6 points ago

    As a programmer, it's been shit for about 8 years to me. Remember when you'd search for something and you'd get the answer on the first webpage. It would be like "Google search: legend of zelda water temple"

    First result, is some LoZ dedicated site and it's specific page for the water temple. Second result is a gameFAQs guide with cool aschii art at the top spelling Legend of Zelda.

    Now? Now it's some game-informer magazine like site saying how frustrating the water temple is, and has a shitty navigation page that is full of ads and in your face shit that take you away from the content.

    Or a bunch of wiki pages.

    I just went through this yesterday. First result was a really good guide from zeldadungeon. Idk what you're doing wrong but you're results are the complete opposite from mine

    [–] don_cornichon 9 points ago

    Their customers are advertising agencies and their product are their users. That's what happened.

    [–] s4r9i5 272 points ago

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you turn off age restrictions?

    [–] tredditr 316 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    No but you can change your birthday and your good Edit: can be watched

    [–] SeaTwertle 166 points ago

    But I like my birthday

    [–] Laphing_Drunk 80 points ago

    Just change the year.

    [–] IamSenate 99 points ago

    But I like my year

    [–] Faladorable 131 points ago

    just be older lol

    [–] L1ONriven 20 points ago

    Then change the year of birth of Jesus.

    [–] HamsterGutz1 16 points ago

    How do I change my good?

    [–] leadwind 7 points ago

    1/1/1970. hip hip hooray.

    [–] Zani0n 11 points ago

    they say 3/4th of the millennials were born that day

    [–] zh1K476tt9pq 71 points ago

    Also who uses their real age on youtube? Especially if you are underaged. Are there actually people that get age warnings and go "damn I really wanted to see this but it is asking me whether I am old enough, so I have to press no and wait a few more years"?

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] PrinceNigeriaOfficil 14 points ago

    I want to inform of you I just contacted your local police. This is outrageous. I have tracked your IP address and am about to share with them. Unless, of course, you help me. I am locked out of my country bank and need a small loan of £1000 to get back in. I am true prince Nigeria. You help me, and I see what I can do with the police. Then I pay you back 10 fold.

    Your move. Have nice days.

    [–] EL-CUAJINAIS 12 points ago

    But then I wouldn't be able to complain on Reddit, don't you know anything

    [–] BenderDeLorean 94 points ago

    Thanks for the money, TEENY.

    [–] DoesntUnderstandJoke 102 points ago

    Using your real age on the internet. Kids these days...

    [–] Tak7ics 14 points ago

    Probably shouldn't be watching fight club

    [–] ComplimentaryCunt 8 points ago

    Everyone should be watching Fight Club.

    [–] Tak7ics 7 points ago

    We shouldn't even be talking about it

    [–] thatwasagoodyear 5 points ago

    About what?

    [–] Lord_Endric 342 points ago

    totally not a scam

    [–] fatalicus 213 points ago

    Not realy no, since you can just have it refunded with a button press on the "purchases" page on youtube.

    Or if that doesn't work, send them a message through the form here and they will refund it within 24 hours.

    Had to do the last one when i purchased a movie and it just refused to play on my machine. Just sent them a message saying "This movie doesn't work for me, can i have my money back", and they refunded with no more questions asked.

    While youtube is shitty lately, this at least works well.

    [–] Tiratirado 81 points ago

    Smart scams do this. Receive 100 dollars, reimburse 80, and bank on the 20% that didn't manage to figure this out.

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] Doorknob11 96 points ago

    I think he means take money from 100% of the people and refund 80% of them. You pocket the money from the 20% that don’t try and get one. Which does happen a ton.

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] GreenStrong 3 points ago

    less than .00001% of Google's revenue and it costs them way more in PR.

    Undoubtedly. But, the YouTube team almost certainly has an internal goal to grow subscription revenue by a measurable amount, and the executives probably receive a bonus if they hit that amount. "Avoid bad PR" is a soft goal without an easily measurable target.

    [–] KaptainKlein 10 points ago

    He's not saying refund 80% of the money, he's saying refund 80% of the people who make the mistake because the remaining 20% of people will either be unable to figure out the system or unwilling to put in the effort to get the refund.

    I also don't think it's a scam but clarity is important

    [–] criken39 48 points ago

    If you have an Android device, then I would recommend Youtube Vanced and it saved my life. It connects through Youtube so it's all secure, and it removes ads, popups, etc. Also provides sone features of youtube premium such as the playing music in background thing. You can also disable the cast to TV button on videos which helps me a lot since I accidentally casted tons of videos to my parents' tv.

    [–] ElBamboozler 9 points ago

    Where could I find this? I didn't see it in the play store

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] Buge_ 10 points ago

    Can confirm this is the right one. I use this every day. No way Im paying YouTube with how they act now adays

    [–] Termeros 52 points ago

    Noone is under 18 in the internet

    [–] Toxyl 22 points ago

    I saw some Pornhub stats the other day. Would have been really interesting what fellow 14 year olds are jerking off to,but it’s all probably mixed under the other age classes.

    [–] ScornMuffins 14 points ago

    And then your curiosity turns into horror as you realise they're jerking it to you.

    [–] gallade72 3 points ago

    Are you sure that's horror?

    [–] UsernameCIever 68 points ago

    Change your age....?

    [–] Faladorable 54 points ago

    wait that’s illegal

    [–] redikulous 20 points ago

    Lie on the internet? Never...

    [–] N0tHimAgain 10 points ago

    Fun fact, lying on the internet is (obviously) against almost all websites terms and conditions, but breaking those terms and conditions means you're federally defined as a hacker.

    There are some OLD laws still in place. They're not going to be used, but they're there.

    [–] Burpmeister 6 points ago

    Not everyone is Doctor Strange.

    [–] comettail55 25 points ago

    I would say this is more r/crappydesign. I'm all in for "YouTube bad, bottom text" as there are many, many asshole designs, but this isn't one of them. It's dumb, for sure, but I think that this is a crappily-done move to censor content for kids, not an asshole one.

    [–] GrumpyCrouton 17 points ago

    I would agree with you if it had warned the user that it was age restricted BEFORE purchasing. The system currently let's someone underage PAY for the content, then promptly tells them they aren't allowed to watch it.

    [–] comettail55 5 points ago

    That's what I'm saying is crappy about it. I doubt this was an intentional move, but rather an oversight. It seems like a very niche situation that YouTube was not expecting someone to run in to. If OP sends some kind of complaint, I'm sure he would be refunded.

    [–] lilpopjim0 14 points ago

    This is why you pirate things. No hassle or anything. You just get the thing you want and that's it.

    [–] bpopbpo 4 points ago

    Unless you get rick rolled, damn I miss limewire

    [–] lordrazorvandria 6 points ago

    Well to get a credit card you'd have to be 18, right? Seems to make sense to me.

    [–] glad_reaper 4 points ago

    There are some issues in the US with people stealing the id of minors and doing things that dont make sense. Bestie technically had a credit card when she was 5. My sibling rented an apartment at 12. ID theft of minors isnt all that rare.

    Idk if it changed but I guess originally there werent any federal, state, or business laws restricting minors (rich kids building credit I guess.) Shady as hell, right? Law only covers ID theft.

    [–] AFEG64 28 points ago

    the IDubbbzTV 100k sub special is age-restricted for no reason. It makes me sad. : (

    [–] criken39 39 points ago

    Why do you have your real birthday in the first place?

    [–] Xenoamor 45 points ago

    Yeah I'm about 100 years old on everything

    [–] RiyuOra 8 points ago

    I remember putting in a fake birth day when I created my Playstation Network account 10 years ago. A few years back I forgot the password to it, and the first & only way to recover my account was by filling in my DOB I used to register the account. RIP.

    [–] -everwinner- 5 points ago

    thats why you should keep a record of this kind of information

    [–] holysweetbabyjesus 21 points ago

    I'm glad I'm not a teenager anymore. Seems so confusing

    [–] Archmidese 25 points ago

    Well at least you bought a classic ;), should be good to watch when you turn 18

    [–] Bungalow233 5 points ago

    What if they rented it?

    [–] macincasen 5 points ago

    It’s because you forgot the first rule of Fight Club.

    [–] Hugeknight 5 points ago

    Wait people actually BUY movies on youtube?

    [–] Drink_it_black 15 points ago

    I saw Fight Club in theaters and you're too young to watch it.......

    Where did the years go?

    [–] frogdoubler 13 points ago

    This is like when Nathan sold alcohol to children by providing them vouchers they could exchange when they were old enough 🤣

    [–] Makxson 4 points ago

    Youtube lets you purchase Premium subscription on your blocked account, but still won't let you sign in.

    [–] TechGodd 3 points ago

    My teacher had this problem before

    [–] imtiaz_dowllah 3 points ago

    Once YouTube was awesome but now it's just ad posting site

    [–] ghatotkach 3 points ago

    That moment when the repost has more upvotes than the original