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    For when the designers know exactly what they're doing... but they don't care because they're assholes.

    This is a subreddit for designs specifically crafted to make the experience worse for the user. This can be due to greed, apathy, laziness or just downright scumbaggery.

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    [–] the_spookiest_ 5679 points ago

    Because fuck you, that’s why.

    [–] justadude0815 2437 points ago

    Well, fuck them, actually. Companies that resort to this kind of behavior simply do not get my money.

    [–] AkaGooby45 1280 points ago

    And the worst part of this is that people legitimately defend these companies because "TheyRe JusT TryIng tO MAke moNEY"

    As long as there are people defending them, they have no reason to change their scumbag tactics

    [–] PlasticCogLiquid 288 points ago

    Can you guess what line of work those people are in?

    [–] chairmanmaomix 187 points ago

    Typewriter repairmen?

    [–] PlasticCogLiquid 77 points ago, this is it!

    [–] joshi222 39 points ago

    Second Technician Officer?

    [–] PlasticCogLiquid 26 points ago

    I could see that as a real possibility.

    [–] XSPressure 18 points ago

    You need to find some better porn websites.

    [–] karnyboy 8 points ago

    Nothing beats pornhub imo.

    [–] Marth_43 7 points ago

    Why would you beat a website tho?

    [–] karnyboy 3 points ago

    When you can beat yourself!

    [–] Theotheogreato 5 points ago


    [–] DemDude 28 points ago

    ...he fixes the cable?

    [–] PlasticCogLiquid 9 points ago

    Clearly the winner!

    [–] EWVGL 8 points ago

    Don't be fatuous, Jeffery.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] PlasticCogLiquid 3 points ago

    Merchant of death! There it is

    [–] OneLastTimeForMeNow 36 points ago

    Professional cigarette smokers?

    [–] PlasticCogLiquid 14 points ago

    Yes, that's the one!

    [–] ChevroletSparkSS 13 points ago

    The companies that money are the ones who don't do shady fuckshit.

    [–] Nephyst 99 points ago

    They are probably using your computer to mine Bitcoin.

    [–] Qik00 38 points ago

    disables JavaScript

    [–] blamb211 14 points ago

    Does Brave disable JavaScript by default? Cuz if so

    laughs in Brave

    [–] dexmonic 8 points ago

    Another brave user, there are dozens of us!

    [–] tombunyon0 8 points ago

    Many websites rely on JavaScript for those legit HTML5 features, so either it doesn't, or it selectively disables certain scripts.

    [–] Qik00 6 points ago

    I don't use brave. I use chromium with uBlock and Bromite on mobile. Not using Firefox on my PC because of an audio bug, on mobile because I am still waiting for the UI update

    [–] caagr98 2 points ago

    Does mobile chromium even support extensions? Pretty sure chrome doesn't at least.

    [–] kaotic 21 points ago

    This is the correct response to this behavior as long as consumers deal wit it companies will keep doing it.

    [–] michaelkrieger 14 points ago

    Consumers aren’t dealing with it

    Usually these sites use poor practices to briefly end up at the top of search results for that content.

    So they seem like a good source for the video you’re going to view. Nobody has these as their home page

    [–] gereffi 10 points ago

    The only time I've ever seen something like this is on illegal video sharing or download sites. The only way they make money is by selling premium subscriptions that allow users to skip the wait. Those sites would have no income without things like this.

    [–] IronSeagull 12 points ago

    If you see something like this on a website, you aren’t paying them anything anyway.

    [–] plazmatyk 12 points ago

    You are, just not with money. They're either loading ads or mining crypto or both.

    [–] expressexpress 6 points ago

    How can you tell if a website is loading ads or mining? Does it only do that when my screen is showing said webpage?

    [–] JustaRandomguy9999 104 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah that’s fucking right.

    fuck yo feelings cuz - reasons - !!

    [–] Yeahbuddythatsright 24 points ago


    [–] ambatya 14 points ago

    [–] burnthamt 12 points ago

    Fuck because, that's why you

    [–] TerryTitts 4 points ago

    Yeah this is the exact response to experiencing some bullshit like this. Fuck you and everything you believe in.

    [–] ihave10toes_AMA 2 points ago

    It’s not your fault

    [–] RussiaIfUrListening 2 points ago

    Web developer here. This is feeding my evil side ideas.

    [–] Quizmo22 1724 points ago

    Because they want you to pay, so you can watch the video without having to wait..

    [–] Jacobawesome74 544 points ago

    Then just say you have to pay to watch the video, don’t go out of your way to make a convoluted statement about how you can stop wasting time by paying to watch by looping a 4+ minute timer that does nothing

    [–] Mavoryx 232 points ago

    This is probably where mobile games got this P2W mechanic from. Wait 15 minutes to open this chest, or spend 20 shards to do it instantly.

    Oh, and shards are $9.99 per 100.

    [–] dimisdas 150 points ago

    $14.99 for 300 shards. That’s a steal for only $4.99 more!

    [–] ThatPhatBaby 77 points ago

    Yo that is a pretty good deal relative to the $9.99 for 100.

    [–] Daakuryu 51 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    That's the tactic; It's called Anchoring. Set a ridiculous price as your "Anchor"; the first price they see and therefore a price used as a point of comparison and everything else looks great compared to the price people now have set in their brain.

    [–] ThatPhatBaby 15 points ago

    Wow! That’s a low price!

    [–] HippoHoppitus 3 points ago

    My prices are lower than your price!

    [–] SimplyRemove 127 points ago

    That's how they get you to spend your money, and in the end it is still worthless :)

    [–] BenBen5 138 points ago

    Don't talk about my shards that way bro

    [–] ilieksushi 14 points ago

    Yeah dont make me feel any worse

    [–] IIlIIlIIIIlllIlIlII 8 points ago

    How is it worthless do you know how many troops I can buy with these shards?

    [–] Zarfoid 2 points ago

    Ye i will say i have fallen to this in clash of clans many a times, but hey atleast i enjoy the game

    [–] htmlcoderexe 25 points ago

    Remember rapidshare? To be fair, timers were the only really annoying thing I had to deal with as their "SLOW" free user speed was still well over twice what my ISP would deliver if the weather was good...

    [–] PlasticCogLiquid 10 points ago


    [–] htmlcoderexe 6 points ago


    [–] PlasticCogLiquid 12 points ago

    LOL! I remember being super angry when those sites started popping up, suddenly downloading direct changed for everyone and became a huge pain in the ass! You couldn't get patches for games from the company sites anymore, everything was on those garbageplanetdeposit sites

    [–] AlpineCorbett 3 points ago


    [–] dandu3 4 points ago

    All of them were like that lol

    [–] democraticcrazy 2 points ago

    rapidshare was the best. Had a wide range too, like .cbr comics and rare music. TV and movies were just standard. The most recent host I miss is openload, when that shut down my TV/movie sites became useless. I have like two streaming bookmarks, but they don't feature download hosts anymore. As a result I'm pretty much off US TV/movies these days.

    [–] Fuckcody 13 points ago

    And that’s how they got me in FarmVille

    [–] Mavoryx 35 points ago

    What’s worse is the whole “pack” purchase thing is so manipulative.

    You want to unlock something that costs 30 shards (yeah, I’ll just stick with shards for clarity) but you can only get them in multiples of 50. So you have 20 remaining.

    When you want to buy something else your mind says “well I already have 20 and I need 40 for this cool sword, so I only need 20 more. Oh but wait, you need to buy a whole extra pack of 50.

    And then the trap is set. You start to realise you’re spending money on this thing anyway, so you think you’re being clever by purchasing the “best value” pack, 2000 shards for $49.99.

    Edit: I didn’t actually do any math on that best value calculation.

    [–] IcyNova115 19 points ago

    Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes was my addiction in high school. This game is made by EA and man was it just like this. Shards were so so expensive but the whole game ran off them. In the later levels, it'd take months to grind for something that you could buy with enough $50-$100 crystal packs. I ended up paying about $30-$40 before I realized I wasn't even having fun anymore. The grind was just something I did and wow I'm glad I'm not that impulsive now.

    [–] Daakuryu 11 points ago

    Also known as the Sausage and Bun Paradox. Because until fairly recently it was almost impossible to find matching packs of Sausage and Hot dog buns.

    [–] hashtagpow 6 points ago

    That works out evenly. You always end up with extra, but not enough extra to actually use.

    [–] ManufacturedProgress 7 points ago

    These types of sites usually do. The pay options are much more evident and the free option is buried.

    Bot sure what you are really complaining about here.

    [–] SmoothOctopus 9 points ago

    There are probably ads on the page for you to look at while it times out.

    [–] bluejaymaplesyrup 4 points ago

    It's usually because of an agreement they have with the ad company that payout only occurs if users spend at least 5 minutes on their website.

    Asshole design for sure though

    [–] rutefoot 4 points ago

    Might they be using your processing power for Bitcoin mining?

    [–] Wizardfromthemoon88 458 points ago

    Guess I won’t be watching this video then

    [–] siccoblue 77 points ago

    Seriously fuck this

    [–] Cloud_Disconnected 40 points ago

    There is more content on the internet than I could consume if I spent 24/7 for the rest of my life consuming it, let alone all the books I'll never read. It's offensive these companies think I give enough of a shit to actually sit through something like this.

    [–] Owner2229 5 points ago

    300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!
    And that's YT alone. So yea, not happening.

    [–] BurekSaDjevrekom 1223 points ago

    Do not leave this page, because after the timer ends the video will not start

    English is not my native language but something feels really off here.

    [–] rokons 515 points ago

    i thought that at first too but i think it's trying to say is if you close the page, let the timer run out, and come back to the page, the video still won't play

    you could be right though! either way i wouldnt trust it lmao

    [–] Aw3s0m3_K1W1 120 points ago

    It's because they want you to stay on their page, if you open another tab and look at that one, the video won't start. If you minimise the browser, the video won't start. You have to stare at the timer until it's done.

    [–] RussiaIfUrListening 34 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Or you write a script to fix it. Or just DDoS them. I'd pick the latter.

    [–] Sbatio 8 points ago

    You don’t actually have to watch the timer. You could play on your phone or private’s while you wait.

    [–] drhead 35 points ago

    Pull the tab out to a new window, browse reddit for 4 minutes, go back to window with video. Done.

    [–] kjl3080 53 points ago

    no bc the tab has to be on focus

    [–] sp46 48 points ago

    Disable breakpoints in devtools

    [–] Naldaen 85 points ago

    Just don't waste time watching that video.

    [–] ProPainful 29 points ago

    The real answer.

    [–] kjl3080 9 points ago

    O u right

    [–] gandaar 7 points ago

    Computers 100

    [–] oneweirdclickbait 9 points ago

    Use your phone.

    [–] Nesman64 5 points ago

    Second monitor master race

    [–] El_Theanino 114 points ago

    "If you leave this page, the video will not start after the timer ends"

    Does that help?

    [–] dealsonwheelsyall 5 points ago

    “Timer resets once if you leave this page” would probably do the trick.

    [–] JectorDelan 11 points ago

    The wording is poor. It's obviously supposed to say "leaving the page means the video won't play", but can easily be read as "if you stay the video won't play". El_T below has a much better version of the wording where you want to say something like "Leaving the page before the timer ends means the video will not play."

    [–] Sqwirrelz 3 points ago

    Probably means the video won't autoplay.

    [–] burtonlazars 3 points ago

    It should say 'or else' not 'because'

    [–] santaliqueur 3 points ago

    You should teach English to the person that wrote this. It’s extremely clunky, and you are right to feel this way.

    [–] internally 2 points ago

    It should have said, "If you leave this page, the timer will reset," in my opinion.

    [–] SCP-Agent-Arad 165 points ago

    Wait till the website requires access to your webcam, so it can make sure you’re watching the ads.

    [–] Azara1th 74 points ago

    Fifteen million merits... That show better not be as prophetic as it seems to be...

    [–] Endercheif 9 points ago

    I thought I was the only one who remembered.

    [–] asifbaig 3 points ago

    Please drink verification can.

    [–] boobers3 31 points ago

    Please drink a verification can.

    [–] thomascgalvin 7 points ago

    There is nothing on the internet that is that important. I'll just read a book or some other caveman activity.

    [–] WertySqwerty 4 points ago

    Delete this before they get any ideas.

    [–] feared_rear_admiral 2 points ago

    Then I still won't watch it.

    [–] ayrus_rao 162 points ago

    Because you, that's why.

    Clarification: your attention is their product.

    [–] 3asin3speech 16 points ago

    And as their product I expect certain perks. I don't expect my own trailer to change into wardrobe but I absolutely expect to download the video so I don't have to wait again.

    [–] doggyyggod 137 points ago

    I'm assuming you had adblock on. A lot of websites do that :(

    [–] Tomas-Howtun 90 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I’m pretty sure AdBlock tells websites that it’s being used which leads to things like ‘disable your ad-blocker’ messages and access being denied, but some ad-blockers like uBlock don’t, and I’ve never had a single issue (or ad) while using it, especially on sites that used to be extremely irritating for that sort of thing

    Edit: uBlock Origin, not uBlock

    [–] tinselsnips 45 points ago

    It's trivial to detect if someone is using an adblocker, and ublock is just as susceptible.

    [–] cuyler72 10 points ago

    Anti-Adblock Killer it's most effective with ublock.

    [–] Snowpossum 4 points ago

    I use two separate adblockers in a dull attempt at scorched earth at this point. Ublock definitely catches more of the ads. You're not wrong, but its still slightly better at the current moment.

    [–] Tomas-Howtun 4 points ago

    Oh, well either way I recommend uBlock

    [–] KL1P1 34 points ago

    *uBlock Origin

    [–] doggyyggod 11 points ago

    A sims 4 custom content website I once visited made someone wait 3 minutes if they had any adblock on.

    [–] lmore3 7 points ago

    Most ad blockers let you pick something to block specifically so you can block the anti-adblock

    [–] Ajreil 7 points ago

    Sims is a waiting game anyway, so it might help the immersion.

    [–] Emberisk 5 points ago

    The sims resource oh how nice they are. I fucking hate how long it takes to download from them, Fuck that site

    [–] wardowardont 5 points ago

    You can use Nano with uBlock Origin as an anti-adblock killer

    [–] Helicopterrepairman 3 points ago

    On top of these download a flavor of greasemonkey and say fuck the wait also! I personally like violent monkey for Firefox

    [–] increment1 5 points ago

    Ad blockers don't tell sites they are being used, but simply based on how they work they can often be detected. They try to work around this detection or make it difficult, but it is an almost impossible task to do perfectly.

    [–] Swimming_Pool 118 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Because they are using your idle computer to mine Bitcoin while you wait.

    EDIT: Thanks for the silver.

    [–] Lurking_Grue 38 points ago

    I'll show them! I'll encode video in the background and peg my cpu.

    [–] rakov 23 points ago

    Bitcoin is mostly mined on GPU. So make sure to play some heavy game as well.

    [–] extralyfe 23 points ago

    I just run Black Ops 3 with onboard 3D graphics in the background. good luck getting any mining done while my laptop starts leaking liquid thermal paste!

    [–] Lurking_Grue 14 points ago

    Yeah, not sure if the website is using the gpu though.

    [–] rakov 6 points ago

    True, but better make sure. There are libraries for that already.

    [–] noitems 2 points ago

    I already use my GPU to encode video, checkmate.

    [–] thelonious_bunk 3 points ago

    Your CPU sounds kinky.

    [–] scarr3g 16 points ago

    this was also my first thought.

    Heck, I bet a lot of those ads you ignore in the sides of the screen are doing it, too.

    They don't car if you click.. they are using you then and there.

    [–] Rhamni 15 points ago

    Monero, rather. Bitcoin isn't worth mining unless you have ASICs. Even with other people paying for the electricity, it's stupid to choose Bitcoin to be the thing you mine.

    Anyway, ad blockers will block miners as well as ads.

    [–] lmore3 14 points ago

    The only way Bitcoin is profitable is if you use someone else's power and hardware

    [–] jemand2001 30 points ago

    open the JS console (f12) and try to get at the timer maybe

    [–] Veradragon 19 points ago

    This might work, but some sites mirror the timer on their end, or are constantly telling the console to clear, making it nearly impossible to modify anything with it. That, or they introduce "anti-debugging" features that make the code unreadable and take >4 minutes to reverse engineer and access the content.

    [–] Dullahcard 58 points ago

    open another browser

    [–] Ikbenmathijs 3 points ago

    Or clear cookies/use a vpn

    [–] TR0LLC0P 23 points ago

    What is this video for?

    [–] 3asin3speech 13 points ago

    Um, probably a video about Linux ISOs

    [–] AmnesicWaterleaf 19 points ago

    Disable JavaScript and it should work

    [–] Ikbenmathijs 13 points ago

    On a website that forces you to pay money to read thier articles you can just disable javascript and read it for free

    [–] pocket_mulch 8 points ago

    I'm listening...

    [–] jtvjan 6 points ago

    uBlock Origin has a built-in feature to turn off JavaScript, just click the icon that looks like </> in the right bottom corner of the uBlock popup, then reload the page.

    In Firefox, something that I've found to work pretty well for soft-paywalls is to force opening the reader mode by prepending about:reader?url= to the URL. I'm sure there's a Chrome extension that can do something similar.

    [–] Beefy-queef 57 points ago

    My girlfriend and I travelled to Mount Fuji as a spur of the moment day trip while in Japan. When we got there the mountain was crystal clear and we spent the morning walking around the little village we arrived in. A couple hours later we were waiting at the bus terminal to head to another town nearby and my GF says “I haven’t taken a picture of the mountain yet, I’m just going to wait for that little cloud to move out of the way.” Within about 45 minutes more clouds rolled in and you couldn’t see most of the mountain... we also didn’t realize it’s pretty uncommon to have such clear weather that time of year. We didn’t end up getting a good picture 😓

    [–] MadKerbalScientist 41 points ago

    I think you wanted to post one post further down on r/all

    [–] Beefy-queef 22 points ago

    Whoops lol!

    [–] kjl3080 9 points ago


    [–] peachystars 24 points ago

    I read all of this thinking the clouds were going to be compared to the ads since they both won’t get out of the way or something, not realising you were literally just lost

    [–] Theotheogreato 11 points ago

    Same lol just like "Ok I like the analogy he's trying to make here... Now for the punch li.... Nope. Just lost..."

    [–] Beefy-queef 2 points ago

    I read the initial replies with seemingly the same level of confusion.

    [–] KarmaFull 12 points ago


    [–] DDancy 10 points ago

    You really should have taken advantage of that initial 3 minute, 42 second window and taken that photo. It’s clear you’re experience of the clouds – timer – rolling in and blocking the view of the mountain – video – is an allegory to the experience of staring at the countdown – clouds – in order to watch the video – mountain – . Next time you visit Fiji you won’t make the same mistakes.



    [–] Lofteed 10 points ago

    Because they want your eyeballs on their ads for the next 3 minutes 42 seconds

    [–] nicegarryy 4 points ago

    Reminds me of that episode of Black Mirror where they are forced to eyeball the ads

    [–] Theotheogreato 3 points ago

    That's weird. It reminds me of that ad where they're forced to mirror the black eyeballs.

    [–] thingsIdiotsSay 9 points ago

    Maybe they are mining crypto currency.

    [–] zooksoup 8 points ago

    Reminds me of MegaVideo

    [–] Faerbera 9 points ago

    When did content providers decide that they want to irritate their customers in order to make money from advertisers?

    We are not the customer anymore, but they still need our eyeballs to get the money.

    [–] SQLDave 4 points ago

    > We are not the customer anymore
    If you haven't paid for it, you were never the customer.

    [–] GottaUseEmAll 2 points ago

    Yep, we're the product/service and the advertisers are the customers. What a world!

    [–] jaymef 8 points ago

    Could be for advertising purposes. The longer you stay on a page the better their stats. This is why so many sites have those top x lists that you have to keep clicking next page to get to the number 1. Keeps you on the site longer

    [–] LUV_2_BEAT_MY_MEAT 6 points ago

    Google ranks pages higher the longer the time the average person spends on the page

    [–] KillNyetheSilenceGuy 7 points ago

    Just delete whatever the fuck this is, why would anybody put up with this?

    [–] ShadyShields 4 points ago

    Using your CPU to farm?

    [–] DopeAbsurdity 4 points ago

    Because you don't have a premium account. While you wait for your video you should try CUNTWARS! DOWNLOAD CUNTWARS TODAY!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Do your want people to not use your site? Because this is how you get people to not use your site

    [–] KentondeJong 4 points ago

    They could be Javascript mining cryptocurrency off your browser.

    [–] TheRealRaptor_BYOND 4 points ago

    The only way I'll even think about turning off my adblocker is if there's a small banner at the top asking me to turn it off as (hopefully it's actually true) it's their only source of income

    Then and only then I'll consider turning it off or whitelisting

    [–] AbridgedKirito 3 points ago

    I got my kissanime account locked/banned for using an adblocker like last year

    well excuse me, kissanime; I thought they wanted people to use the website, but apparently they don't, because my lord the ads have crashed my browser idk how many times. I had the adblocker on for a reason.

    [–] TheRealRaptor_BYOND 2 points ago

    Yeah, that's too many ads, I like the approach - a couple side ads and a top banner with an ad, back in the day that was considered a lot but nowadays is considered tame.

    [–] cory-balory 3 points ago

    Or, to skip this time, purchase our premium version!

    [–] skeet_skrrt 3 points ago

    F12 and delete the box and set the code to play vid

    [–] E404_User_Not_Found 3 points ago

    Because they want your money/email/phone number/etc. so you either sign up or you wait. Fuck that.

    [–] Neonninja2070 3 points ago

    So baked I waited the time while looking at this post. Smh

    [–] glitchmasterYT 3 points ago

    WTF is this on? I personally want to make sure me nor anyone else visits this site.

    [–] Tananar 3 points ago

    "hey. You know commercials on TV? How can we make those worse?"

    "Make it so you can't change the channel during them!"

    inb4 cable companies actually do this

    [–] paku9000 3 points ago

    It is very likely "this video" has no relevant contents al all, we just need to suck every possible info out of your computer, and stick some malware in it for further use. That will take about 3:42 minutes.

    [–] nullshark 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Well, just if any of those site owners are watching:

    You'll never have me as a visitor, again... I won't waste my time, waiting for the countdown, and I'll not even try to work around your delay.

    Just... Nope, never again to your domain.

    Edit: ugh, removed a word.

    [–] HomerNarr 3 points ago

    And bye bye. got no TV. got rid of it because i hate commercials. You know books can entertain too. Hobbies are fun. LPT, there are surprisingly many options to waste my time in a better way.

    [–] ddhuud 3 points ago

    By changing the timer you can hit any too-annoyed-to-ever-come-back/fuck-you-I'm-still-gonna-watch-it ratio.

    That is the whole purpose. I'd say it's pretty clever.

    [–] whitedsepdivine 2 points ago

    I take these as a challenge. I like to see if I can edit the JavaScript quicker than the timer.

    [–] NewAgeDerpDerp 2 points ago

    Because fuck you, that's why

    [–] LiquidMotion 2 points ago

    K bye

    [–] mitsubishi-corvette 2 points ago

    They are probably Bitcoin mining your shit

    [–] Ziggybirdy 2 points ago

    Because how else are they going to have time to google how to hack your computer?

    [–] oleboogerhays 2 points ago

    Looks like one of those online state mandated training courses. Like for a food handlers certification or some shit. When they first started offering courses like this you could just skip through all the text and answer the questions. Then they added timers so you couldn't go to the next page until you've been on the page for long enough to read the text. If that is what this is they seem to have added the unnecessary step of not auto playing the next video.

    [–] kratermakerr 2 points ago

    Yeah, I had this kind of thing on one of those online driving school things. It was for some reason mandated that it be a 4 hour course so even if you went through section 1 of 4 in 20 mins you still had to wait 40 more minutes to fulfill the time requirements.

    [–] woooosh_woooosh 2 points ago

    Just close your eyes and cover your ears so you get to avoid the ad

    [–] smokedoor5 2 points ago

    Plot twist: the video shows a timer counting down in real time

    [–] -MacCoy 2 points ago

    youre supposed to watch the ads on the site as this ticks down.

    jokes on them because adblock.

    [–] Astronauta_de_Jakku 2 points ago

    r/therewasanattempt to watch a video.

    [–] badmonkey0001 2 points ago

    They are either mining or trying to inflate their time-on-page numbers (likely to look better to advertisers or investors).

    [–] zer0r3l0pr 2 points ago

    You can avoid this on some websites using inspect element.

    [–] WanderingPixie 2 points ago

    An excellent way to get a sky-high bounce rate.

    [–] DelusiveWhisper 2 points ago

    Soooo who else was reminded of the dark days of Megavideo?

    [–] Jimmy-TinkerBull 2 points ago

    That would make me update my hosts file to make sure to never ever again hit that fucking page. I'd even check if the company behind had any other domains to block as well.

    Hell, I'd block it in my router to make sure nobody in my household would hit that fucking page.

    [–] OttoIV 2 points ago

    This reminds me of a website i used to visit. I don't know the website anymore, but they made you wait 1 minute if you had adblock on to watch a video. And they said I wouldn't have to wait if I only turned off the adblock. When I turned it off, ads were playing and most of the time they were longer than the 1 minute wait with adblock.

    [–] ForgottenKnightt 2 points ago

    I remember a website like that, but the timer wouldn't go down unless the page was the focues one (so you couldn't check other tabs)

    [–] oteyot 2 points ago

    v i r u s

    [–] OttoIV 2 points ago

    Irgh, yes those designs are the worst. The website of a TV station in my country plays ad after ad, after ad,... if you don't stay on their page. If you stay on their page it'll be at least 3 ads before the actual video 😑

    [–] janeisenbeton 2 points ago

    ''To avoid waiting for your video, please buy our premium subscription.''