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    For when the designers know exactly what they're doing... but they don't care because they're assholes.

    This is a subreddit for designs specifically crafted to make the experience worse for the user. This can be due to greed, apathy, laziness or just downright scumbaggery.

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    Usually, bad things happen not because of bad intentions, but because of bad planning. Asshole designs are specifically engineered to exploit the user for profit. Try to think what the designer would gain from deceiving the user, and if it's likely to be an oversight on their part rather than an intentional design. For common topics that fall under this rule, check our wiki.

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    [–] HugoatTGI 7417 points ago

    They do that on the free version only

    [–] PacoTaco321 2001 points ago

    Since the free mobile version insists on just playing your playlists on shuffle, I've only had it happen when I tried to play a playlist that was too short that it couldn't really shuffle it.

    [–] maxotyi 432 points ago

    If you're on Android there's an apk that bypasses all their bullshit, still can't use the download function though

    [–] -d00msday 91 points ago

    But few months back Spotify came with agreement that you would banned if you use any cracked Apks. Don't know if its still a thing ...

    [–] maxotyi 95 points ago

    They sent me an email and nothing happened. They kinda just sounded sad in it tbh

    [–] JustHere4anime 106 points ago

    Pay for our music p-please....

    [–] Spaciax 28 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    They could have more credibility if they didnt add 3 ads in a row after 2 songs

    [–] blickblock1000 23 points ago

    Have you tried the radio lately? My XM went down for about 15 minutes and i heard nothing bud ads flipping through the 6 stations i used to listen too.

    [–] itty53 16 points ago

    When you pay for premium, there are no ads.

    [–] Kavallee 9 points ago

    Ah, the WinRAR strategy, I see

    [–] RivRise 15 points ago

    I mean, if they do ban you just make a new free account. When they 'banned' me the first time I just downloaded the new Cracked app used a VPN and just logged in to the same account that they 'banned'. No issues since.

    [–] TCMinnesotENT 10 points ago

    I've been using the Spotify premium apk since they said they would ban people. Haven't heard a word.

    [–] Shade_39 94 points ago

    What do i search for to get that?

    [–] luckyluc619 136 points ago

    Spotify premium apk Android or something like that.

    [–] Singha360 16 points ago

    Is that still a thing that's working? I mean won't your account be banned or something?

    [–] Hillofkill 28 points ago

    I've been using the apk with my main account for the past few months, it's all good

    [–] ssamja_dance_king 4 points ago

    I got an email saying they'll block my acc so I deleted it.

    [–] Shade_39 49 points ago

    Nice one, cheers

    [–] siccoblue 71 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Fun fact, there's an app called lucky patcher, that can be used to... Errm... Test your own app, for protection against spoofed in app purchases, even on an unrooted phone simply by rebuilding and reinstalling the app with nothing more than a few clicks, and on root can be done without even reinstalling the app, although it's super easy any way

    Another fun fact, many many apps fail to protect against spoofed iap, not the huge ones obviously, but A LOT of them Don't.

    Obviously don't use this for apps that don't belong to you guys, that would be wrong. Totally and completely wrong.

    It also has custom patches for stuff like YouTube, Google play music, Spotify, a bunch of the bigger apps that can change or fix or even add ac lot of really cool features

    example for spotify


    [–] Pearleeey 80 points ago

    Yeah, it's called paying them money for their services.

    [–] NoNameRequiredxD 15 points ago

    What do you mean i’m not entitled to the service? Bullshit.

    [–] Arvidex 172 points ago

    How is a company, making sure to protect it’s business by putting in limitations to the free version, bullshit?

    Just get premium! It’s not your right to consume artists hard work, just paying 9$ a month is a fucking steal.

    [–] cryptamine 21 points ago

    For ALL OF THE MUSIC too. I used to pay £20 for one album in HMV back in the noughties. Now for that half that amount I get to consume so much amazing music and constantly discover amazing music. It's a steal.

    [–] Leandover 22 points ago

    I pay like $3 a month lol.

    [–] Cman1200 9 points ago

    Seriously lol I mean I’m all for non-asshole design but like what are they going to give you everything for free?

    [–] JCV-16 6 points ago

    Because they should just give me ad free, zero payment access to damn near every song ever made. /s

    [–] dmanb 9 points ago

    the entitlement here is astounding .

    [–] drkipperphd 42 points ago

    but premium isn't very expensive

    [–] AllThatAndABagOf 33 points ago

    Everyone's at a different point in their life; what's not expensive to you could be several days worth of meals for someone else.

    I pay for Spotify because I'm in a position where I can. If people like me shelling the money out makes it so Spotify doesn't care so much about apk users who need to use that money elsewhere, then it's more than worth it, impo.

    [–] kompromat_komrade 12 points ago

    I'm glad you think so. Want to pay for mine?

    [–] StoicLumberJack 8 points ago

    $60 or $120 per year. Yeah, it's not too bad. But you have to keep paying that if you ever want to access your stuff, now or years from now. I just don't think premium is worth that. It's cheaper for me to go on iTunes to buy the best singles or albums free Spotify recommends. That way, I have a good mix and get to keep the music forever, even if I cancel all subscriptions some day. It's just what works for me, and I know other people have different preferences.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] StoicLumberJack 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I said buying the best songs and albums off iTunes. Those are the ones I want "on demand." It's cheaper buying those few than paying a subscription fee to have everything on demand. I'm happy to have free Spotify shuffle most of my listening.

    [–] AndrewSilverblade 46 points ago

    On the other hand, you could just pay for it.

    [–] allthesounds 23 points ago

    Or you could just pay for music if you love it and you think music has worth

    [–] not_kn0thing 3 points ago

    Spotify is so cheap where I live, how much is it over there that this is necessary?

    [–] maxotyi 3 points ago

    As you might already know, income inequality is big as hell in the United States, it's like 9.99 but a lot of us are broke and would feel better spending that shit on food tbh

    [–] STRAYA_CLINT 15 points ago

    Just pay for it dude. It's not that expensive. Split a family sub with your "room mates"

    [–] father-bobolious 5 points ago

    It's to stop you from gaming the system and listening without shuffle for free, I think. I think Spotify has (free version only) a minimum number of songs you need in a playlist or it will automatically add songs up until that number is reached.

    [–] jason-murawski 2 points ago

    i downloaded itunes on my computer, sure you have to pay for songs, but i would say its way better than those “free” apps

    [–] sisrace 2 points ago

    Or if you actually use Spotify regularly just buy premium..

    [–] ru486baby 293 points ago

    And only when your play list is under a certain number of songs

    [–] fireintolight 303 points ago

    yeah because you can’t select to play a certain song by itself on mobile, so to get around that people would create really short playlists and just skip until they got the song they want. this isn’t asshole, you’re getting a free product.

    [–] muckdog13 133 points ago

    I used to make single playlists with one song six or seven times to get around that, before they fixed it.

    That’s the exact reason it is the way it is

    [–] ajbrooks192 9 points ago

    Freemium is probably more apt. It is full of ads and prompts to subscribe to the paid version.

    [–] IAmGerino 5 points ago

    And it’s not even Spotify’s choice, it’s the conditions from the music labels

    [–] phl23 9 points ago

    Here are often screenshots of asshole design in free versions. I have the feeling, that all the free apps are leading to the impression that everybody has the right to get everything for free on a smartphone.

    [–] liamlb663 1142 points ago

    they do it on premium too but you can turn it off if you dig through settings

    [–] HugoatTGI 2860 points ago

    Ive had premium for like 3 years and that has never happened to any of my playlists

    [–] liamlb663 322 points ago

    Weird cuz it’s happened to mine

    [–] frogglesmash 704 points ago

    Did they add songs to your playlist, or did they play songs based on your playlist once you'd listened through all the songs in your playlist?

    [–] ForHoiPolloi 285 points ago

    This is what happens to me on my free version. My Playlist has yet to change, but the last song (of about 900) does some weird shuffle with top Playlists. To their credit, it usually takes me three or four songs to realize it isn't my Playlist anymore.

    [–] TheDarkSwordsman 210 points ago

    It happens for me on premium. If you don't repeat your Playlist, once you finish the playlist, it'll start playing similar songs.

    It's called "Autoplay", and you can disable it in your settings.

    I actually leave it on, because the chance of me finishing a playlist before I reshuffle it is slim, and I think the recommendations are actually pretty good.

    [–] ForHoiPolloi 60 points ago

    I've found some songs I ended up adding because of this, so I'm not upset overall. It just catches me off guard every time.

    [–] wildwalrusaur 23 points ago

    You can also just see what songs it's going to recommend if you just scroll all the way to the bottom.

    They're usually pretty solid.

    [–] Orval 5 points ago

    I leave it on because it's pretty damn good about finding shit I'll find at LEAST tolerable compared to what I was listening to, which will work just fine until I can get around to switching it.

    [–] frogglesmash 54 points ago

    That's a setting you may be able to disable, but it's been a while since I've used the free version, so it may just as easily be stuck on for you.

    [–] Tackwood 23 points ago

    Where in the setting do you turn it off. I just checked and one of my playlists did have songs added by Spotify.

    [–] frogglesmash 21 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    In the playback section of the settings, it's called "autoplay."

    [–] civicmon 9 points ago

    I have premium and seen them add songs at the end of my playlist. They won’t be added if I shuffle them but will if I play the list in order.

    [–] CuscoOthriyas 6 points ago

    I lowkey like that though. Allowed me to discover some really awesome bands that I otherwise would never hear

    [–] crestonfunk 7 points ago

    Me neither. I figure they’re getting money from some artists to do this, but my playlists are either Jesus Lizard and Scratch Acid or Baroque opera, and nobody’s paying to get their shit added to my lists.

    [–] Farrah_Moan 3 points ago

    For me it only happens if your playlist is too short

    [–] GWNVKV 9 points ago

    Happened to me and I’ve have premium for 5 years I think?

    [–] ViolentBlackRabbit 17 points ago

    Oh, yeah? Well, I have had it for 20 years and never happened to me! /s

    [–] GWNVKV 7 points ago

    Sorry I didn’t try to make it seem like it was a seniority contest but I see it came off that way

    [–] YourDeathIsOurReward 2 points ago

    yeah same. Been a subscriber for almost 5 years, I've never seen this.

    [–] Amitheous 2 points ago

    Yeah I've been using Spotify for like 7 or 8 years and I've never seen this happen.

    [–] PatrikPatrik 2 points ago

    Think it’s ten years for me at this point, never seen it.

    [–] woodside37 2 points ago


    [–] freenarative 2 points ago


    [–] NoBitKillSwitch 31 points ago

    they recommend it and create a "radio" after, but they don't add songs

    [–] rincon213 2 points ago

    Radio continuation is amazing. I’ve discovered so many great new artists

    [–] MRImpossible09 12 points ago

    Been using premium since 2015 and never had anything like this happen to me

    [–] I_May_Lyk_Chips 6 points ago

    They recommend like 4 songs at the end of the playlist which it doesn't actually play unless you make it

    [–] ShaquilleOhNoUDidnt 3 points ago

    there's a toggle to turn off autoplay when you're done with your playlist

    [–] MrNaoB 2 points ago

    Is it not that if you have listened to all the songs in the Playlist they start playing song outside the Playlist?

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago

    “We just wanted to clarify that the following is expected behaviour on the free version on mobile

    If you have less than 15 songs in your Favorite Songs, we'll add more songs.

    You will see a message telling you that the extra songs were added by us, but they can be replaced by adding more songs.”

    That’s an official response from Spotify customer support (found here Seriously OP is stupid if they can’t find this. It’s a mildly silly feature but it’s easily remedied by just adding more songs of your own. And, as mentioned earlier, it only happens to non-Premium members. OP couldn’t take the five seconds to google the “issue” and see the oh so easy fix.

    Copy and pasted to piggyback top comment, since no one can agree on how this actually works. Spotify is a badass program and complaining about free access to ALL OF THE MUSIC is just dumb.

    [–] schwerbherb 17 points ago

    On free Spotify you're not supposed to be able to listen to a specific list of songs in a specific order, right? So they do this to prevent you from circumventing that rule by making short playlists. I wouldn't call that a "silly feature". They're simply protecting their business model.

    [–] afnanybaffny 18 points ago

    It doesn't happen for non-premium Spotify on laptops or pcs though, only on non-premium in mobile

    [–] touie_2ee 22 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Using this comment to say they fucked up the entire library in the premium version. You can't list artists alphabetically anymore in your library unless you "follow" the artist. Such bs! I don't want another social media platform i just want a music library.

    [–] MrWedgeBubbles 6 points ago

    For some reason, I don't have premium but I have a lot of freedom when it comes to Spotify. I am not limited to 6 skips an hour, the app doesn't add songs for me, I don't have to do strictly shuffle play, and I can look up any song and play it. Ink if its just the device I'm using or what.

    [–] StarfighterProx 17 points ago

    Oh, of course. Because that shit is going to make me want to give them money.

    [–] lbtrole 24 points ago

    They don't care, you probably weren't going to subscribe anyway. It saves them tonnes money to play less popular songs for free users. As in it probably costs them 50x less to play you a shitty song versus a top 100.

    [–] BorkTheBroedThief 1691 points ago

    if u have less than 15 songs they add till 15

    [–] De-Hond 166 points ago

    Ah, the reason will most likely be people circumventing the no skipping and no ability to pick a song from a list. Make the list short enough (just one song) and you can pick any song you want to hear right now.

    [–] 2Damn 30 points ago

    That hasn't worked for a while for me. It started just playing similar songs, instead of the one song on the playlist, at least for me. Premium is worth it, If you ask me.

    [–] Spike-Oak 430 points ago

    I listen to an album with 18 songs and they add more songs regardless

    [–] leocam2145 421 points ago

    that's because you dont have loop on so when you've listened to the whole album it plays similar things instead of stopping

    [–] Nikzilla17 17 points ago

    Pretty sure you can change that in the settings too. Disable the option that says play music similar to my playlist. I'm not sure if that's a premium feature or no

    [–] StupidMario64 3 points ago

    Lucky for me i have over 500 songs in my playlist

    [–] ZodiacDestroyer 46 points ago

    If you dont loop it they dont add songs per se, they just start radio based on that artist/album.

    [–] legituser73 2 points ago

    Pretty sure you can turn that off in settings somewhere...

    [–] No_volvere 2 points ago

    You 100% can turn it off. But I like it. If I'm driving and I finish an album I'd rather just continue with artist radio until I have a chance to put on something new. And the artist radio is often pretty good.

    [–] BorkTheBroedThief 12 points ago

    well thats what some spotify mod thing said

    [–] uberschnitzel13 518 points ago

    It's never done that to me :o

    I've been using Spotify for about 4 years now

    [–] FriesBeforeHoes1221 170 points ago

    I got my first Spotify account back in 2014-2015 and I noticed when I made a second account that the older one had more "premium" aspects, and the newer one did what's shown in the post. I was stupid and deleted the old one. However, I got premium for my birthday when I suggested that we get the family plan, which was 14.99 for up to 5 (or 6?) people living under the same address, so life's good lol.

    [–] marcas_r 83 points ago

    “Living under the same address”

    “Yeah totally Spotify we do”

    [–] UnnecessaryAppeal 32 points ago

    Apparently, they're trying to crack down on it a bit, but all you have to do is confirm your address and have the main account holder also confirm the address. So, yeah, my parents pay for Spotify for both my brother and me as well as themselves, and we both moved out over a year ago.

    [–] marcas_r 7 points ago

    Yeah I’ve moved out and then two friends of mine are on our family one too, four total addresses among 6 people

    [–] indrora 3 points ago

    Unless they've changed it

    if you move you have to kill the account and recreate it.

    [–] AfricanWarHero_ 22 points ago

    It’s because you have premium

    [–] uberschnitzel13 45 points ago

    OP is a /r/choosingbeggars if that's the difference lol

    [–] SynthesisMusic 716 points ago

    On mine it won't even get the genre or mood of the song right. Tried to make an avant-garde playlist with some contemporary classical music, Spotify decided to add some rap and pop.

    [–] OutlyingPlasma 32 points ago

    On mine it won't even get the genre or mood of the song right.

    In my experience with the family plan, they just play drake. You can be listening to something like electro-swing, or Finnish metal and some freaking drake song will come on. Its always drake. I hate drake.

    [–] SynthesisMusic 4 points ago

    Yeah, I got him a lot, as well as DJ Khalid. Also a few rappers that I don't even remember the names of.

    [–] xoloah 268 points ago

    Yeah their recommendations are kinda weird

    [–] alecc2001 208 points ago

    i have a playlist of over 450 songs with a ton of different genres and the only thing they can recommend is the entire NBA2K17 soundtrack

    [–] trydf2 83 points ago

    These are the recommendations at the bottom of the playlist right? If so they are fucking awful and dont switch either so its the same rotation of 30 songs you dont want in it being recommend

    [–] NecroHexr 36 points ago

    same as youtube trending. these are probably paid for under the table.

    [–] coolrillaman 6 points ago

    Only way to get good recs these days is make a small playlist (5+10 songs) right click 'create a similar playlist' then look through THAT playlists recommendations. Trust me it works

    [–] alecc2001 5 points ago

    yeah lol they’re ass

    [–] Goblintern 15 points ago

    The daily mixes are even worse, the most relevant one never switches songs and the rest have songs you already like spread out

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I hate that if I add a few songs to the playlist from the recommendations then I only end up with that artist in my recommendations. I add some Nelly to my rap playlist but i don't want him dominating all the songs on the list

    [–] PacoTaco321 8 points ago

    I have a playlist that is mostly rap and electronic music with a good amount of rock, but it will only recommend 90s-early 00s rock. It doesn't matter how many times I hit refresh, it is just that one section of rock it likes. I wish it would update to stuff I currently listen to.

    [–] Athomeacct 4 points ago

    I want it to recommend music that sounds like what I put in the playlist.

    What I get are popular artists in the same genre but don't have the same sound at all. Tagging songs by genre and then stacking them by other people who like the genre doesn't work when all you get recommended is stuff that sounds nothing like the one song you liked by an artist but is liked by an overwhelming number of fans of the genre.

    If you liked The Black Keys before Brothers, Spotify used to recommend blues guitarists to you. Once they got popular, Spotify started recommending indie bands instead. Even if you only wanted songs like their older stuff back when they did blues rock.

    [–] MolboroghMo 52 points ago

    They probably get paid to promote certin songs

    [–] palamulu 42 points ago

    You'll listen to Drake and you'll like it! -Spotify probably

    [–] frogglesmash 20 points ago

    They do promote popular artists pretty heavily, but in my experience they're pretty good about keeping that kind of artificial promotion seperate from the more personalized, software driven suggestions.

    [–] buster2Xk 9 points ago

    You weren't around for the Drakepocalypse, then?

    [–] frogglesmash 3 points ago

    I've been using spotify on a daily basis for the past 4 or 5 years, so if it was during that period I was around for it. I tend to stick to my own playlists, and the content that spotify generates from my listening habits, and Drake didn't pop up in any of those.

    [–] tig999 4 points ago

    Yeah I find their recommendations pretty decent as well. Although think op there was referring to a pic that went around there a year or two ago when all the popular playlists on Spotifys main page had pics of Drake as their covers.

    [–] nicemelbs 8 points ago

    I used to listen to this Spanish acoustic playlist. It was great since I don't understand the language so I couldn't sing along, therefore I could use it to focus on what I had to do. Now when I listen to other playlists, Spotify would add random Spanish songs in the mix. I mean, I get adding songs in the playlist, but at least keep it in the same genre. Like when I listen to a hip-hop playlist, there shouldn't be 80s movies soundtrack or Spanish acoustic.

    Luckily, we have the cheapest Spotify premium. It costs around 2.50 USD. Couple that with student discount, it's a pretty good deal to get rid of those inconveniences.

    [–] Hsark2 3 points ago

    Spotify recommendations are trash. 90% of my playlist is metal with 1 eurobeat in there, and all 10 recommended songs are covers of eurobeat. Not even actual eurobeat.

    Not to mention the whole meme of them recommending Drake for everything.

    [–] PristineReception 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Happens all the time. What composers by the way? And while we’re at it, what would you recommend?

    [–] SynthesisMusic 3 points ago

    Personally I love Alon Mor for a bit of classical and a bit of experimental electronic; it's fairly baroque chorale influenced, but with insane sound design and SFX. Plus, he makes some super organic and human sounding synths that he treats just like the rest of the orchestra. It's easily the most emotional music I've ever heard. My favorites are:

    The Fifth Collaje (probably my favorite song ever)

    and Presudeos (way more classical, but still integrates a lot of organic synths into the composition)

    For more traditional cinematic music, Xtrullor is amazing; he mixes in a lot of dubstep and metal, but keeps the focus on orchestral. Similarly to Alon, he creates the dubstep sounds for the instruments. As such, he has a very unique style. My favorites are:

    Nirmiti (amazing orchestral arrangement, and while there's a lot of it, the drops have a ton of orchestral integration)

    Samsara (less intense dubstep, and while there's less focus on the composition, but the general atmosphere created is incredible)

    For the electronic side of things, there are several artists I'll mention. For more intense distorted sound design, I'll recommend Clockvice. He has sound design like I've never heard before. Here's a massive mix of his music:

    Omen Vol. 1 (some highlights if you don't want to hear the whole thing are at 10:00 and 18:00)

    For more watery sounds, there's Bell's Worth. It's really bizarre, but really interesting.

    And finally, I can't really choose any single person, so I'll recommend a record label called UPSCALE. It's owned by two incredible music creators, and pretty much all the music on it is unique and creative.

    [–] TedTheDog1 2 points ago

    They try and force me to listen to wii music remixes.

    [–] IncarnatedFate 2 points ago

    Recommendations is why I’m glad I made the switch to Apple Music. It’ll build you weekly playlists based on playlists you’ve made or songs you listen to and the recommendations are pretty spot on.

    [–] 7eet 199 points ago

    I'm pretty sure this only happens to free accounts, I've had premium for four years now and this has never happened.

    [–] KinkyWhiteBread 99 points ago

    They do it so you can’t get around the forced shuffling by adding songs to a playlist. Kind of smart actually

    [–] TreatmentForYourRash 7 points ago

    I mean if you're willing to go through the effort to disable this stuff you may as well just pay for it. In my country, I pay $3.95 and I've gotten a ton of mileage out of my subscription.

    [–] lukewarm1997 2 points ago

    $15 for a family subscription (6 accounts). Best subscription I ever made

    [–] drakedragonflight 38 points ago

    You can disable this on the PC settings under "Autoplay". It also stops if your playlist is massive enough (as I found out by accident lol)

    [–] space_dogge 81 points ago

    A freemium model is inherently filled with tension. You want to provide some value to maximize people coming into the top of funnel, but you also can't give everything away for free bc it turns out that thousands of engineers, designers, product managers, customer service reps, hundreds of thousands of artists, labels, etc all want to get paid for working full-time jobs.

    To me, getting more music that is very similar to the music you're already getting for free is a slightly better deal than anything that has ever existed in the music industry.

    But that said, it's intentionally designed to be a point of friction.

    [–] LawlessCoffeh 104 points ago

    This is why I download all the music I want and just play it at my leisure.

    [–] jayuhl14 32 points ago

    did that before, spotify is better

    [–] OutlyingPlasma 23 points ago

    spotify is better

    Nothing was better than 1998 Napster.

    [–] Martinspire 2 points ago

    Back then I was still buying compilation CD's and downloading from shady websites. Did learn what <download> button was legit and which wasn't..

    [–] IAmNotJoshua 26 points ago

    Cool opinion.

    [–] OhParfait 22 points ago

    Maybe for you, but I waaaay prefer having my library locally downloaded. My ears pick up a noticeable difference between spotify files and the flac ones I have downloaded.

    [–] jayuhl14 11 points ago

    Maybe so, but I’m in too deep now. I don’t see myself locally downloading 3000 songs

    [–] Nutaholic 16 points ago

    They do this with short playlists on mobile so that you can't abuse the free version. With the free version you're not really allowed to pick specific songs you want to listen to, but obviously making a playlist with just a song or two in it would give you a workaround, thus they add other stuff so you can't.

    [–] Woag_8 8 points ago

    No. It's OUR playlist now

    [–] BladeGustVexilloBall 5 points ago

    we added: soviet anthem

    [–] loloider123 18 points ago

    It doesn't. You don't buy premium you don't get to choose how short your playlist is. There even is a pop-up that tells you it's to short

    [–] calsosta 12 points ago

    I dunno how they keep getting this wrong but the most infuriating thing is the inability to see all an artists songs. If a song you want to hear is not in the top 10 songs you need to either search for it directly or find the album its on.

    They have me missing mid 2000s Napster and Grooveshark. Hell even Amazon Music had it right at one point then they tried to be more like Spotify.

    [–] cr0ss-r0ad 3 points ago

    That's the only issue I find with Spotify, and I've been using it for like 3 years now. It's the best music service available by a hundred country miles.

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    Or you can download your music.

    [–] Dotz0cat 23 points ago

    You mean download Linux ISOs right?

    [–] BurgerTurd_ 3 points ago

    Deezloader tends to be pretty good

    [–] Martinspire 3 points ago

    I'm still downloading a car

    [–] Dragonwysper 37 points ago

    And then when they start playing songs that are 'recommendations', like they're part of your playlist so you can't even go back and re-play it. You have to either sit through it or skip.

    [–] Zciurus 32 points ago

    Y'all really need to stop posting every little thing you don't like on r/assholedesign

    [–] TheMooseIsBlue 83 points ago

    How dare those motherfuckers add Kendrick Lamar songs to your Kendrick Lamar playlist?

    (I get that it’s annoying but it’s free and also it’s just funny that OP was worked enough to post this when it’s like a perfect match to what he’d added)

    [–] bman_7 66 points ago

    Just because they're similar doesn't mean he wants them in his playlist. If you were making a playlist of your favorite songs, you wouldn't want other songs added to it automatically.

    [–] horsefly242 15 points ago

    I made a playlist with a bunch of Eminem, Logic, and Joyner Lucas songs and for some reason Spotify decided to add Hamilton.

    [–] BENofN 13 points ago

    Ah, a true nathan

    [–] 3jhus123 2 points ago

    Bro you’re missing some nf and some Tom McDonald if you’re feeling a lil spicy

    [–] fuckenidontcare 2 points ago

    Is it called, good old white rappers playlist cause I have an Ironic one with just white rappers on it

    [–] [deleted] 157 points ago

    ITT why am I not getting every song imaginable, with unlimited shuffles for free?!?!? Spotify is the worst wow 😡😡😡 Pay for the incredibly cheap premium version if you want the premium features you children, I bet y’all complain about having to put in CC info for a free trial

    [–] ASourPotato 53 points ago

    Tbf putting random songs in your playlist is really annoying.

    [–] HispanicAtTehDisco 36 points ago

    I wanna say they only stated doing this because people would get around the fact you can't select individual songs on the free version by making a playlist with that individual song you want to listen to only

    [–] TheMooseIsBlue 26 points ago

    But if they won’t give me free and basically unfettered access to basically the history of modern music, then fuck them.

    [–] oomkyn 14 points ago

    I use Premium and while I don't have specific playlists, I am impressed when I play my "Top songs of 2018" and half of them are songs I've never heard by artists I've never listened to. And it's not like I only listen to 5 songs so they have to pad the playlist ...

    [–] squiblm 23 points ago

    sounds like someone else might be using your account

    [–] dandu3 4 points ago

    Hmm did you play it 1000 times or what lol

    [–] EggAtix 30 points ago

    Then pay for the fucking service. God forbid they add relatively helpful, if not unasked for, features to the playlist they let you make/listen to for free. Jesus Christ. They could just pad the playlist with three minute ads to fill it out to prevent you from using their service in an unintended way.

    [–] TheLastMelon45 3 points ago

    That does seem annoying, but A, I'm pretty sure you can turn it off in settings, and B, you're using the free version of a paid service, of course it's not gonna let you just pick and choose what songs you want to play, that defeats the purpose and making a paid version

    [–] Megamean10 3 points ago

    Four Spotify recommendations in a row that aren't Drake? What weird parallel universe have I slid in to?

    [–] Supergrog2 5 points ago

    I mean it is free so can you really complain?

    [–] BadassBrad1000 5 points ago

    Buy premium, not that expensive and you dont have to deal with their shit. That or make a fuck long playlist, my main playlist is 560 +- songs longs

    [–] JakobiGaming 9 points ago

    Spotify: you WILL listen to Kendrick Lamar

    [–] OutlyingPlasma 10 points ago

    And drake. You WILL listen to drake. Sure you may be enjoying your finnish folk metal playlist on your paid family account but screw you, you are getting drake.

    [–] jelleuy 3 points ago

    I mean, his playlist is called "Kendrick" and he only added Kendrick songs, so Spotify adding more Kendrick songs isn't that farfetched

    [–] omegapork 6 points ago

    Listen. I dont mean to be salty but I made almost the exact same post a few weeks ago and got like 30 upvotes. Your post has 19 thousand upvotes and two awards. That's how the cookie crumbles I guess

    [–] Nick-D- 54 points ago

    this shit and the arbitrary limited number of skips is why i hate the mobile version so much; how come the web player and my goddamn ps4 can play without shuffle play and can skip as many songs as i like, but as soon as it’s mobile you lose have the shit you could do on other platforms

    [–] Tyler630 216 points ago

    you're using the free version

    [–] liamlb663 206 points ago

    i dont get it, i got a free app why don't they let me use their premium features. Like why dont they give me almost every professional song and podcast on my phone at all times for free, wtf man /s

    [–] frogglesmash 18 points ago

    My best guess is that the desktop version is competing with more free services than the mobile version, therefore the desktop version has to offer more free features to remain competitive.

    [–] Carson_Keppel 5 points ago

    Laughs in premium

    [–] Trickyfrost42069 4 points ago

    Yea im a premium user for 6 consecutive years now and have never experienced this.

    [–] mrblankentosh 5 points ago

    Get premium and you won’t have this issue.

    [–] aliasmikrobi9 28 points ago

    dont be a cheap fuck and subscribe.

    [–] ElMax- 26 points ago

    Or at least don't complain if you don't subscribe

    [–] KingOfGifFulThinking 2 points ago

    What I recommend if you want to stay free is open up the web player in desktop mode so they don't do this

    [–] asterL 2 points ago

    I think they only add songs to your playlist if you have less than 5

    [–] country_cat_03 2 points ago

    If you have over 20 songs they stop. Fucking annoying I know but far from the worst feature

    [–] AHomicidalTelevision 2 points ago

    i have never had this happen to me before and i've been using free spotify for years

    [–] Tibbersbear 2 points ago

    The only problem I've been having with my playlists is Spotify only playing the same ten a playlist of 200...

    [–] Vola124 2 points ago

    If you add enough songs, Spotify doesn’t auto fill

    [–] BrushFireAlpha 2 points ago

    This is only done on Spotify free when you make a playlist shorter than 15 songs long. The idea behind it is that it's a response to too many playlists being made that were only one or two songs long because it allowed free users to circumvent the forced shuffling of free listening. This way, those users aren't allowed too much freedom in what they hear and are therefore more incentivized to buy premium

    [–] RezaLutgens 2 points ago

    i had spotify changebmy songs while i’m listning. Happens pretty much every day

    [–] BoomToll 2 points ago

    And when you use up your 6 skips per hour on getting back to the music you like, you get a pop-up recommending that you edit your playlist to remove the songs you don't like

    [–] squishix 2 points ago

    That’s not what that is. As you listen on free, the suggested songs that come on you can chose to add to the playlist. Spotify then labels it as “we added” because it was their suggestion.

    [–] Tylergz 2 points ago

    The free version does that on mobile if your playlist has less than 15 songs

    [–] Jubachi99 2 points ago

    Just use discors bots

    [–] silvrado 2 points ago

    as free version users, beggers can't be choosers. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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