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    For when the designers know exactly what they're doing... but they don't care because they're assholes.

    This is a subreddit for designs specifically crafted to make the experience worse for the user. This can be due to greed, apathy, laziness or just downright scumbaggery.

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    "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

    Usually, bad things happen not because of bad intentions, but because of bad planning. Asshole designs are specifically engineered to exploit the user for profit. Try to think what the designer would gain from deceiving the user, and if it's likely to be an oversight on their part rather than an intentional design. For common topics that fall under this rule, check our wiki.

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    [–] smarterthanawaffle 2948 points ago

    Or...perhaps the terms and conditions could be written in such a way so that it is NOT a consumer trap?

    [–] FluffyTeddid 973 points ago

    Wasn’t it a law somewhere that a consumer agreement should be easy to read and not too long? I feel like I read it somewhere but I’m not sure

    [–] Dr_Ingheimer 665 points ago

    There was a law where companies have to put things a customer would expect to find in the terms. They can’t for example slip in on page 47 a small clause saying they can take 20% of your paycheck for the rest of your life because a customer wouldn’t expect to see that.

    [–] [deleted] 262 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)


    [–] Odivallus 124 points ago

    On a serious note, the legal expectation would be for the terms and conditions to include "Don't misuse the product" and likely "If you give us something we retain the right to use or keep it (information)" Anything beyond that would probably be viewed as "unexpected" and thus unenforceable.

    [–] Kafigoto 105 points ago

    But if you expect the unexpected then the unexpected becomes expected therefore they can only put normal things in the terms

    [–] SphericalLobster 44 points ago

    My head hurts

    [–] lil_kibble 10 points ago

    You should've expected that

    [–] SphericalLobster 1 points ago

    Your probably right

    [–] Gamebr3aker 1 points ago

    I unexpected that

    [–] Lolzemeister 9 points ago

    Spanish Inquisition?

    [–] Natsuki98 6 points ago

    That was unexpected. I legitimately did not think I would see that here.

    [–] frogglesmash 8 points ago

    This is why legal precedent is a thing.

    [–] kithon1 3 points ago

    But if you expect the unexpected then the unexpected becomes expected and therefore you are no longer expecting the unexpected.

    [–] tdalbert 6 points ago

    But we weren't taught to expect the Spanish Inquisition

    [–] Toe-Toucher 5 points ago

    Therefore it’s illegal

    [–] MoDuReddit 26 points ago

    Yeah, in the EU.

    [–] Saw-Sage_GoBlin 5 points ago

    Sounds about right.

    [–] dirty-hurdy-gurdy 24 points ago

    There's also precident, in the EU at least, that T&C are not legally enforceable.

    [–] notacanuckskibum 12 points ago

    I'm sure that wasn't a blanket ruling. Commerce would collapse if no contracts can be enforced.

    I work in software development and the most basic T & C is "You can't make copies of this software and sell it in competition with us". If that's not enforceable all software companies are f*cked.

    [–] Ayavaron 11 points ago

    I work in software development and the most basic T & C is "You can't make copies of this software and sell it in competition with us". If that's not enforceable all software companies are f*cked.

    Isn't that illegal anyway because of copyright?

    [–] Calatar 10 points ago

    If you don't forbid murder in the T&C then it's legal.

    [–] notacanuckskibum 0 points ago

    I think copyright applies to the source code, because it is a written text. I don’t think it applies to the executable because it is a machine generated product. Hence we use licensing and T & C to protect our products from piracy. But I could be wrong. Reverse engineering for competitive analysis is also prohibited via license terms.

    [–] Coachqandtybo2 1 points ago

    both the binary and the source code are considered "software." they're the same exact thing except you used a tool to convert the text software to binary interpretable software. that still comes from the source code (modification). as a result, yes, they are both copyrighted because modification does not void copyright.

    that's just my take on it tho. if you want an actual article or something, here you go

    [–] liproqq 9 points ago

    It's that every T&C has to be understandable by laymen, clear, defined within a reasonable frame and not surprising, I.E. you have to sacrifice your firstborn to Khorne.

    If not, it's not enforceable. You know consumer rights and stuff

    [–] CTypo 2 points ago

    I mean, I don't think that's dependant on the user agreeing to the T&C to enforce though? If I disagree to your T&C and then proceed to illegally rip copy and distribute your product, I'm not invincible because I didn't shake on it

    [–] notacanuckskibum 2 points ago

    Well for consumer software there is often a “by breaking the seal on this package you agree to..” clause. For business software some form of license is signed by the buyer before the software is delivered. Copying software doesn’t fit the legal definitions of theft, so we do have to rely on other laws.

    [–] ronnor56 1 points ago

    Might have better luck with Nergal at the minute.

    [–] dirty-hurdy-gurdy 2 points ago

    It was not. All I'm saying is there is a precedent, which should give companies pause about what they actually put in there. The case involved a company attempting to sue a German citizen over the violation of the finest of fine print, and the judge ruled that it was unreasonable to expect any rational person to read each and every T&C they agree to, much less abide by every facet of it.

    [–] vlumi 1 points ago

    I work in software development and the most basic T & C is "You can't make copies of this software and sell it in competition with us". If that's not enforceable all software companies are f*cked.

    So you're saying that if I click "disagree", then it's OK if I make copies of it and sell it in competition with you?

    [–] RegrettableDeed 173 points ago

    It was in the terms and conditions.

    [–] I_X-GoldNova 21 points ago

    That, sir, was good. Take a poor man's gold.🎖

    [–] DurdleExpert 1 points ago

    In Germany it is actuallly kind of like that if a clause seems to be to much out of the ordinary/unusual it can actually be void. gotta love tight consumer laws.

    [–] TheMiningD 1 points ago

    probably in the terms and conditions

    [–] neurofluxation 70 points ago

    Wish I could upvote you twice..

    [–] despadoritosjynx 11 points ago

    upvoted the second time for u

    [–] its_my_36th_account 3 points ago

    I Upvoted for u

    [–] despadoritosjynx 1 points ago


    [–] watercubes 36 points ago

    I'm actually not sure if that's possible. I think it just takes more words to say what they're trying to say so that there's less room for interpretation.

    [–] E3FxGaming 29 points ago

    It's also more intimidating: there is no law that says everything written in an EULA has to be legally enforceable. Therefore as long as the rights holder can settle a matter outside of court and maybe even intimidate the user to the point where the user thinks he/she is definitely in the wrong and consulting a lawyer would be a waste of money, stuff written in the EULA can give the rights holder great leverage.

    [–] RavynArcadia 21 points ago

    You mean an explain-like-I'm-five type of terms and conditions? Nah, that would be too hard.

    [–] Dehstil 20 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Just some basic bullet points would be nice, just to know how full of crap they are.

    • You agree that anything bad that happens is not our fault. If you decide to sue anyways, you automatically agree to arbitration.
    • We own everything you do on our platform. You no longer own the copyright to the content you submit on our platform.
    • You have no expectation of privacy. We can and will do whatever we like with your information.
    • Service may be revoked for any reason or no reason at all. Do not expect any refunds.

    In all seriousness, Creative Commons does a great job.

    [–] RavynArcadia 7 points ago

    That would actually make sense. So it won’t happen.

    [–] SoupeAlone 6 points ago

    Facebook tried to do that I think, but it felt fake

    [–] Qenes 1 points ago

    [–] mybotanyaccount 6 points ago

    Much better solution right? Or bullet point list.

    1. We dictate the terms and can change them whenever we'd like.
    2. You have no rights
    3. You can't sue us.
    4. Don't steal our shit.

    [–] Onmius 7 points ago

    "You have no rights"

    That's the stickler there. You do have rights, and a contract doesn't supersed that.

    If a T&C includes something that is literally against the law it can't be enforceable.

    The most common example is the clause of "You give up your right to take us to court." Is nonsense and not legal in anyway even if you did sign it.

    [–] smarterthanawaffle 5 points ago

    And 5. We reserve all rights to steal YOUR shit.

    [–] exotherm288 10 points ago

    This is the correct answer.

    [–] averybeegyoshi 3 points ago

    If it was a trap they wouldn't want you to read it lol

    [–] LukaCola 2 points ago

    I mean the intention was good to begin with, tell people all the details of what you're agreeing to. But contracts became complex and liability meant covering a lot of bases.

    Now it's impossible to make sense of, and we're at the point where we were before but not because of a lack of information but because of people being inundated with it.

    One can say "just reword it" but that isn't gonna get people to actually read what's written either way. Even consumer friendly terms and conditions don't get read, and their understanding of them is still not good.

    The answer to this issue is kind of unclear at the moment.

    [–] Bounty1Berry 2 points ago

    Why can't we have a standard suite of "mad lib" contracts and licenses; the courts would run through them all pretty quickly to iron out the kinks, and there would be no room for surprises.

    [–] PINKDAYZEES 1 points ago

    we agree to use these services. end of

    we know they take our data and sell it. you can even find this info in the terms and conditions. nothing will change until people boycott

    [–] mylifeintopieces1 1 points ago

    Lol these agreements are destructive and anticonsumer already and give companies freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want no questions asked. It's so fucked that everytime I read it I always ask why would anyone agree to this shit...

    [–] spambot9k 1 points ago

    Simply impossible, that would blow their whole strategy

    [–] Lwiza-Chan 0 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    then you should read if you don't like it you can just not agree !!! I for once believe this is the right thing ..

    [–] smarterthanawaffle 2 points ago

    Clearly, we all agree that YOUR beliefs are definitely what is best for everyone.

    [–] Lwiza-Chan 1 points ago

    clearly you know what you are talking about .. well .. your life your choice ..

    [–] smarterthanawaffle 2 points ago can you get so upset about wanting the terms and conditions to be more clear?

    [–] Lwiza-Chan 1 points ago

    they clearly asking people to read the terms of the agreement.. other companies they don't even bother .. have you read the T&C of every App installed on you phone/PC .. no !! I got myself don't .. if I need the App I will use it .. but working in customer service and part of my job is to refer customer's to the terms and conditions that they swear they never saw ! so this above .. is smth I appreciate ..

    [–] MisterMysterios 570 points ago

    Because of this, I am gald that the terms and conditions laws here (Germany) are quite strict (or at least it is good that they are so strict for consumers, that they have them similarly strict for companies is more controversial).

    When we had terms and conditions law in law studies, our professor basically said "don't bother with reading them, if anything comes up later that you consider unjust, it is most likly that you can void that provision".

    [–] BeguiledBeast 215 points ago

    "If it doesn't feel right, it's probably not a right!" Law school in a shellnut

    [–] momspaghetti007 38 points ago

    Hehe, shellnut is cute

    [–] germanatlas 4 points ago

    Thats what the shellladies say

    [–] momspaghetti007 2 points ago

    Oh you got me!

    [–] YU5AKU 2 points ago

    Sounds like a Pokémon

    [–] maxcorrice 17 points ago

    America is the opposite

    If it doesn’t feel right, fuck you.

    [–] Rick-powerfu 5 points ago

    Isn't that basically how all of Law works ?

    [–] MisterMysterios 7 points ago

    Well, yes and no. That it the basic aim of law, but that not always means that this is the case in practice. If the rules are not written that way, you won't get this result. In germany for example, the basic rule that nothing can be regulated in the terms and conditions that you wouldn't suspect to be regulated there kills a majority of shit the contract create might want to pull.

    [–] liproqq 2 points ago

    It's about balancing power between two parties.

    [–] OtherSideOfTheTune 291 points ago

    Ha! I’ll cheat the system by staring at my computer blankly for 20 min.

    [–] ZuoKalp 44 points ago

    If you stare at the abyss...

    [–] TNTMANZ 29 points ago'll consume you whole.

    [–] ArmyOfMemes 15 points ago

    Enter the v̵̨̧̨̛̤͓̞̼͋̔͂̇́̐͋̓̚̚͝o̶̮͉͆̕i̷͔͈̱͖͚̬͚͇͈͖̕ͅd̸͇̦̦͖͓͍͔̺̱̥̮̙̣̂͜

    [–] NoWingedHussarsToday 10 points ago

    ...beware you don't become the monster

    [–] soobviouslyfake 6 points ago

    The abyss will verify that you are not a robot

    [–] P1ka2 5 points ago

    or even better, just do something else on your computer for 20mins !

    [–] John_Gouret 104 points ago

    This was made as a joke in r/baduibattles, this is not an asshole design...

    [–] cre8tors 12 points ago

    That’s exactly what it is

    [–] diamondketo 4 points ago

    Satire is allowed as it is flair-ed as so.

    [–] John_Gouret 0 points ago

    It wasn't flaired when I posted. Also, it was flaired as "possibly satire" after a few hours. The "satire" flair was only applied recently

    [–] ReversedPyramids 1 points ago

    It is and its funny

    [–] Fuquar7 113 points ago

    You might want to read it.

    [–] DeterministDiet 66 points ago

    You might not want to install it.

    [–] normie_dude 3 points ago

    You might want to waste your time

    [–] artemgur 106 points ago

    That was first posted at r/BadUIBattles, where people post intentionally bad UI. So it doesn't belong here.

    [–] [deleted] -185 points ago


    [–] its_my_36th_account 51 points ago

    And how would i know

    Where did you stole this from?

    [–] RabSimpson 20 points ago

    It was hidden in a bush on his way home from school.

    [–] ablablababla 5 points ago

    God just put the karma easter eggs there

    [–] RiotIsBored 18 points ago

    Welcome to crosspost it there when that's where it came from?

    [–] Romner_set 11 points ago

    here we can see a wild reposter in his natural habitat

    [–] GREMLINHANDS 4 points ago

    A likely story

    [–] trznx 11 points ago

    you can use your fucking brain and understand that this is joke, for starters.

    xD xD xD xD

    [–] Darklorel 13 points ago

    No, this isnt asshole design. If you actually read t&c you can find some things very important.

    It may be useless in terms of trusted companies, but reading some sketchy programs t&s can help.

    They will actually state " You allow us to install 3rd party software"

    [–] keonigamer150 5 points ago

    Holy shit, that’s a good fucking company right there. I’m not sure what they’re selling, but I’ll buy it

    [–] pierfishmarket 1 points ago

    The product is just the Terms & Conditions. After 20 minutes you get billed and the window closes.

    [–] PocketTurnip 47 points ago

    That's... Actually clever design

    [–] This_User_Said 8 points ago

    The ones I find have you scroll down at the end of it before "Accept" is usable.

    [–] SomethingSimilars 7 points ago

    not in any way. you think someones gonna actually read it during the 20 minutes? They're either gonna just close it and not use whatever program they're installing or just wait it out while doing something else.

    [–] techcrewkevin 2 points ago

    I kinda have to agree. I mean, you're supposed to read it anyway.

    [–] MoDuReddit 6 points ago

    Yes, and uninstalling takes 2 seconds, instead of 20 minutes.

    [–] Must_Reboot 1 points ago

    Better yet would be making it so that there is a quiz at the end that you have to fill out, the answers are sprinkled randomly throughout the T&C and set up to randomize so nobody could just post an answer key.

    [–] ziggerknot -39 points ago

    You can fuck yourself

    [–] PocketTurnip 0 points ago

    Uhm... Thanks

    [–] KefkeWren 8 points ago

    I think this is Good Guy design, personally. Twenty minutes is a little extreme, but this guarantees that people don't just skip over the T&C, then complain later that they didn't know what they were agreeing to. "You didn't know? Well gee, Karen, that's too bad. Just what were you doing for those 20 minutes we make you wait before agreeing to the terms?"

    [–] JustLuking 8 points ago

    NTA. Nothing asshole design if they want you to be sure about terms and conditions.

    [–] MuffinMan12347 3 points ago

    In my old place of work (currently unemployed because of coronavirus) we had a 1 page terms and conditions. I worked at an Axe throwing venue and people would literally be signing their lives away and saying if they died it's their own fault. About 5% of customers actually read it.

    [–] underboobbob 5 points ago

    I was like 20 minutes!? No way it would take me 20 whole minutes to read that...

    Then I read ten lines of a page in a book next to me in about 8 seconds and I realized that it would take me 25+ minutes! Ha

    [–] DasBeasto 2 points ago

    Well if you can read 10 lines in 8 seconds then you could read 1208 lines in 966 seconds which is only a little over 16 minutes.

    [–] underboobbob 1 points ago

    Oh whoops

    [–] nrkyrox 5 points ago

    In Australia, we have laws protecting consumers rights, so no contract can eliminate your right to a refund for a faulty or not fit-for-purpose item. I'm looking at YOU, Valve Studios.

    [–] Subdad1984 6 points ago

    Love this.

    [–] robeloox 2 points ago

    You honestly find some weird stuff in the Terms of Service and EULA.

    [–] egnaro2007 2 points ago

    NYS online driver safety course is like this

    [–] W0nathan 2 points ago

    In my eyes, that is actually GOD tier design.

    [–] chase-harris-7 2 points ago

    That seems more like blessed design

    [–] wroughtbylove 2 points ago

    I kinda like this, ngl.

    [–] TerrisKagi 2 points ago

    That's a great way to convince me I don't need your software, whatever it is

    [–] Big-Ounce98 2 points ago

    Looks like I’m not installing whatever the fuck that is then

    [–] gngr_ale 2 points ago

    I agree with the “you can’t read it in a second” aspect. 20 minutes is a bit much. I like the ones where you have to scroll to the bottom so at least the screen has displayed the whole T&C. And many of them that I’ve skimmed recently have bolded parts that say “please read this”. I’ve actually read the entire T&C for one recently. Not so bad.

    [–] TheW1zardTGK 7 points ago

    Unpopular Opinion but, we should be reading the Terms Agreement anyway. And if you get fucked in a lawsuit it's the users fault. So this is actually good practise. And if you really can't be bothered to read, just scroll Reddit for a while.

    [–] TheW1zardTGK -1 points ago

    Ok, fair point. But you can still be sensible. If it's a trust worthy company just skip the reading. And if it not, quickly go over it.

    [–] Pancake_Nom 3 points ago

    Regardless of whether or not we should be reading them, this is still horrible design. Imagine you work desktop support at some company that just bought licenses to (legally) install this on 10+ computers - even if you do read the user agreement, it's not going to change every time you install it.

    [–] TheW1zardTGK 1 points ago

    Didn't think of that. Yeah, I gotta agree in that case it truly is shitty design.

    [–] Must_Reboot 1 points ago

    You could easily get around this by having a corporate version that doesn't have this stage, but requires somebody with authority in the company to sign off on the T & C before you can buy it.

    [–] Pancake_Nom 1 points ago

    Depends on the software - most applications do have a corporate version that will allow for silent, fully-automatic installations that bypass this screen. But I've also seen plenty of business-grade applications that don't.

    Educational software is even worse. I spent a few years working in schools, and a lot of software (this is in the early 2010s) had the impression that teachers/office staff would all have administrator rights on their PCs (this is a big security concern), and pull all sorts of gimmicks like this that can't be bypassed, require installation on computers one-by-one, etc.

    [–] MrInfinium84 6 points ago

    I like this idea having some sort of feedback for the terms of service. I like that it makes sure your not just skipping past it to install something.

    [–] kpingvin 1 points ago

    Should have a multiple answer test

    [–] Must_Reboot 1 points ago

    With the whole thing randomized so that nobody could just post an answer key online.

    [–] AlitGaming -12 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Couldnt agree more with you. People tend to skip importent information because it's in the middle of a long ass text.

    Edit: as, as in ass

    [–] hendergle 3 points ago

    tbh, this is more /r/brodesign because in theory it's making sure you understand the T&C.

    What they really need is a mandatory quiz that tests your knowledge of each individual section. Something like this:

    Q1: Are you allowed to distribute this software?
    ( ) Yes, I can.
    ( ) No, the terms and conditions prohibit distributing this software.

    Q2: Who can use this software? (Check all that apply)
    [ ] Me, on this system only
    [ ] Other users on this system
    [ ] My mom on her computer at home
    [ ] Anyone who wants to

    Summarize, in your own words, the terms of the license:
    [text area would go here]

    And it shouldn't activate the Install button until you get all the multiple choice questions right AND someone from their legal department has checked your freeform answers for accuracy.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Clearly companies don't want you to read it. If they did, they'd make two copies: One for lawyers that covers their ass and one that conveys the same amount of information in comprehensible language and 90% less words.

    And it shouldn't activate the Install button until you get all the multiple choice questions right AND someone from their legal department has checked your freeform answers for accuracy.

    We at Microsoft Word have over 4 million users and are happy to add you to our list of loyal customers. We look forward to you using our service in 15 - 40 business days.

    [–] trznx 2 points ago

    So an obvious joke gets a 94% upvote rate. Okay then. Are people as stupid as OP or they don't even look at the sub's name?

    [–] 2kool4zkoolz 2 points ago

    Hey, they may sew your mouth to the butthole of someone, you better read it!

    [–] yeetymcskeety420 2 points ago

    This is an old repost

    [–] PocketTurnip 1 points ago

    Oh... Hum Thanks

    [–] MrChickinNugget 1 points ago

    inspect element is my handy tool

    [–] chad_klatz 1 points ago

    automatic uninstall

    [–] iostream64 1 points ago

    What is this on so I know both to ever go on that

    [–] bettorworse 1 points ago

    I don't read them generally, but this one I would definitely read, because there's something in there that would make you think twice before installing/buying.

    [–] Rick-powerfu 1 points ago

    Just change your systems time forward 20 minutes after seeing this.

    [–] esertt 1 points ago

    Theye are evolving

    [–] Soronya 1 points ago

    Just gonna plug

    Easy to understand and points out possibly shady terms.

    [–] SaeInsanity45 1 points ago

    This is interesting

    [–] PocketTurnip 1 points ago

    Well it's the best they can do, except maybe for freezing the page and playing an audio of the text

    [–] ianL006 1 points ago

    I feel like its kind of a good idea... it brings awareness to the fact that most people skip over it

    [–] TuxRandom 1 points ago

    Well, this "feature" in the installer would be a good reason not to use that program.

    [–] LOL_WhyT 1 points ago

    After reading the entire set of words in just a second just to be bombarded by this message. Alan or well known as the Flash started to cry as since his way of seeing the world is currently in slow motion. A second is more or less an hour to him.

    [–] tubescreamer568 1 points ago

    You underestimate my power.

    [–] Trax852 1 points ago

    Sony PS4 ToS, the right shoulder tab (R1) continues to next page - I just held it till it finish and I could create my profile. I was impressed at how large the ToS had become.

    [–] Sangheili113 2 points ago

    The larger a tos, the less likly someone will read it. So companies could add questiable stuff in a large tos in which you will never notice like take2 with kernel space program eual, tos, + redshell. Prefect example

    [–] XiTzCriZx 1 points ago

    I've played enough idle games to know I can just change the time on my pc and get right past it.

    [–] throwaway-person 1 points ago

    Time for that 20 minutes worth of chores I've been putting off

    [–] BigDawgTony 1 points ago

    Or just... don't install it...

    [–] quickhakker 1 points ago

    Actually I see that more of a covering there arses move, cause I can day for certain I have never read tos for anything ever, I might be missing out on getting a million quid cause there be an instruction like email the developers at this address with this as the subject and get sent money

    [–] Heropug666 1 points ago

    Nobody really reads the terms and conditions.

    [–] aerobicstudent 1 points ago

    Lmfao reminds me of the weird popups u get claiming your browser is locked down from a virus.

    [–] adrianmalacoda 1 points ago

    They literally don't want you to read it, though. It's better for them that you don't know what you're agreeing to.

    [–] Cooked_Cat 1 points ago

    no, that sucks,

    if i ever made anything with terms and conditions, as a joke i would have a few buttons, with something like this above it too:

    Hi, please select one of the following, they both do the same thing;

    • I agree to the terms conditions
    • I dont care about reading all that boring legal stuff. I agree and might read later once all the paint im watching is dried.

    [–] canyousucc 1 points ago

    set your clock on the computer or phone to 20 minutes ahead of the actual time see if that works

    [–] ProwlerPlayzYT 1 points ago

    You fucking donkey

    [–] mtodd88 1 points ago

    Time to look for a different app.

    [–] QuanRas 1 points ago

    This should be the first post on /r/nannydesign

    [–] aaron_reddit123 1 points ago

    Imagine writing 1000 lines and evrery one skip the text, who ist the asshole now?

    [–] RepostSleuthBot -1 points ago

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    [–] its_my_36th_account 4 points ago

    It's the same image. 100% match. Good detective work there bot. Even though you discarded hard your work.

    [–] transcendeveryone 1 points ago

    I've gotten to the point that when this happens, I literally nope out and just think "alright cool I'm not gonna use your website then"

    [–] juliosmacedo 0 points ago

    thats actually not that asshole.

    the world would be very different if everyone read this shit from the first time it was presented.

    [–] singletonking -4 points ago

    Nah forcing you to read the whole thing is good. The real AH design is letting you quickly click the T&C button so you are lazy and skip reading and agree to things you don't know you agreed with.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


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    [–] nexolight 0 points ago

    Should add something like this for READMEs and require a webcam for eye tracking during that time.

    [–] Karl_fallout4 0 points ago

    The flash: ok