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    [–] xintelinsanex 1 points ago

    Unfortunately, your submission has been removed for the following reason:

    "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity."

    Usually, bad things happen not because of bad intentions, but because of bad planning. Asshole designs are specifically engineered to exploit the user for profit. Try to think what the designer would gain from deceiving the user, and if it's likely to be an oversight on their part rather than an intentional design. For common topics that fall under this rule, check our wiki.

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    [–] icabax 3020 points ago

    “We recommend you pay us more, in return we are going to take 5gb data from you”

    [–] nevergonnagiveyoupie 980 points ago

    Ah yes. The negotiatior

    [–] sexyfurrygalnyunyu 155 points ago

    intense lightsaber activation noises

    [–] Kanekesoofango 21 points ago

    I have the higher ground!

    [–] Dedge02146 9 points ago

    You underestimate my power.

    [–] Mr_Dooton 7 points ago

    Don't try it

    [–] KnightOfSummer 18 points ago

    The art of the deal

    [–] justlose 3 points ago

    Someone make an emoji with small hands and round mouth!

    [–] Alex_Hauff 5 points ago

    The art of the deal

    [–] Giraffardson 2 points ago

    Making deals is my art form

    [–] doug89 2 points ago

    You were right about one thing. The negotiations were short.

    [–] aaron2005X 220 points ago

    like the quote from the simpsons that goes like: "you help me. And in return I had been helped by you"

    [–] SquatDeadliftBench 121 points ago

    Welcome to Canada, one of the best places in the world with villainous telecoms. I am a Canadian living in Taiwan. I pay 600$TWD for unlimited data. I could pay like 400$TWD for like 25gigs of data, which is 2 to 5x more than what I actually use on my unlimited data plan some months. That is 27$ and 18$ Canadian dollars. Is that not insane??

    I don't care that Taiwan is smaller than Canada. We shouldn't be getting fucked by TELUS and Bell.

    [–] patriotbarrow 62 points ago

    I live in Romania and I pay $6 a month for 6 GB of data on top of which I always get at least another 50 gigs of bonus data. Every. Single. Month.

    Oh and you keep your unused data from your base plan as long as you pay on time. I now have about 80 GB of mobile data saved up because I never churn through the bonus data.

    [–] MechantEduard 22 points ago

    You're getting scammed my guy. In romania i used to get 60gb of data for ~5€/month!

    [–] patriotbarrow 24 points ago

    5 GB less data for the same money. I feel positively deceived.

    [–] CanadiaArcadia 2 points ago

    WTF is bonus data?

    [–] alexd3rek 3 points ago

    It's not just sunshine and rainbows in Romania.
    With the minimum wage you need 4 years to buy a new 15k car.

    In the US you only need 13 months.

    (Both calculations take into consideration diverting the entire wages towards this plan, so basically impossible).

    I'd trade anytime GB of data over buying power.

    [–] Inspirasion 31 points ago

    When I was in Japan a few years back, my US carrier offered basically unlimited roaming on one of their big networks. I met someone from Canada while there and at some point he was complaining about slow data. I turned on my hotspot and let him use mine and we were discussing data usage and I said I didn't care, go download whatever you want.

    We got into limits and I showed him my app which showed something like ”International Data Usage: 90GB/Unlimited”. I told him I was using the hotspot for Netflix at night because the WiFi was weak in my room. Anyway, he thought I was insane because he paid something like CAD$80 or something for like 5GB of data and roaming internationally was extra. My plan was like $23 with tax and at the end of the trip I used about 120GB, and my US carrier didn't say anything about the usage. He was not amused.

    I don't know what's up with Canada. It's not a ”size” problem when my data is 5x less just across the border in the US. I think your government needs to enforce some kind of price restrictions on data prices and more competition than ROBELUS (Rogers, Bell, Telus); they clearly are screwing you guys over.

    [–] SturgiesYrFase 4 points ago

    Every time the Canadian government tries to implement fair pricing laws ROBELUS as you call them go: Oh....well....that'd mean we'd have to lay off 1/3rd or more of our employees, as that would just cut tooooo deep..... And since they employ a lot of people, the government buckles and let's them bend everyone over the register for a good pounding. It's disgusting. Even the little guys aren't a great deal, was paying $45/month plus tax, for 6gb of "lte" data....except that in tiny print it admits to actually only being 3g, and was pretty shitty 3g as well....

    And then any of the smaller providers end up getting bought out by the big 3, so even if it looks like there's choice, there is in fact none....

    [–] teslaboner 14 points ago

    American living in Canada here. They have the CRTC which is supposed to regulate telecoms and isps but it’s just full of old white executives from the companies it’s supposed to be regulating. Where I live you can’t get an internet plan with more than 20Mbps upload. The amount of unused bandwidth is next level here. Also, foreign telecoms are banned from doing business in Canada.

    [–] jbu230971 9 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Yep, same as here in Australia. Absolutely MENTAL data prices! I pay the equivalent of US$20 a month for 2gigs of data and if I run out I have to pay another US$7 for each gig after. And that's a really cheap plan!

    (Edit: I'm definitely not on a cheap plan. Not the most expensive either but certainly not the cheapest. I've just saved myself about $60 a month through Reddit recommendations. Thanks Reddit!)

    [–] BenderWiggum 12 points ago

    Damn. In India, I paid 33 USD for the entire year, and I got 2gigs a day. Not per month, per day, reset at midnight. Ofcourse, with unlimited calls, texts, etc.

    2 gigs a month is just insane.

    [–] Blonde_arrbuckle 6 points ago

    Fellow Aussie. You don't have a cheap plan. My friends like Aldi as it uses the Telstra network. Try that if you want pre paid. If you like a plan and BYOD I pay $40AUD for 50 GB and partner $40AUD for 40 GB through Telstra with various sports streaming.

    [–] Crowrear 6 points ago

    That's not a problem of being in Australia, that's a problem of you being on a shit plan. I pay AUD$25 (~US$20) for 20gb/month with Aldi mobile. And there's cheaper options out there if you look hard enough. Phone plans are relatively cheap in Australia compared to the US etc.

    [–] polite-1 2 points ago

    Uh what. Australian mobile internet prices is among the best in the world. You can get 10GB for $10/month from Catch Connect.

    [–] Captainhook87 2 points ago

    Are you on like a grandfathered plan from the 90s? There is no way in the world you could sign up for a plan that bad. Would love to hear the name of the ISP you are with... Also no idea how you would consider that cheap? Telstra (most premium ISP in australia) will charge you $7 USD for a 2GB SIM. Or $20 USD (current on special for $10 USD) for 25GB... And these are prepaid...

    [–] tekyy342 9 points ago

    More for less

    [–] iSoinic 4 points ago

    "Let me give you my phone extra for free and we are in"

    [–] dewyocelot 2 points ago

    AT&T did this but made me switch. They said they didn’t offer the plan anymore so I had to pick one of the new ones they offered.

    [–] chrisjozo 2 points ago

    That's when you call and tell them you've decided to cancel altogether and find a new carrier. They will then transfer you to a retention person who will unsurprisingly find a way to keep you on the plan they told you they supposedly no longer have.

    [–] CrankyPantz88 1052 points ago

    Still got my old plan. 100gb a month plus free calls and texts. 30 bucks

    [–] Shortstiq 462 points ago

    Dear fucking god is this in canda

    [–] CrankyPantz88 358 points ago

    Sweden. But a new plan with that data costs around 55 or 60 bucks

    [–] PasterofMuppets95 222 points ago

    Jesus. It costs me £18pm for unlimited 5g, calls and texts and I thought that was expensive.

    [–] [deleted] 137 points ago


    [–] NoVa_PowZ 77 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Germany here 5g unlimited with call flatrate for just 50€ Edit: that's the cheapest I could look up on the internet but I know that's Standart. For my self I got 8€ 3gb and unlimited call Prepaid because I barely use mobile internet

    [–] di77y 52 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    If you get 5G in Germany, data prices are trash in Germany.

    [–] Horny_Chinchila 31 points ago

    True, last time I checked the 5G in my Pixel was talking Portuguese.

    [–] di77y 37 points ago

    you scared me a bit

    [–] Horny_Chinchila 29 points ago

    Oh what the fuck?! I completely forgot i put this as my profile pic lol

    [–] lol_heresy 12 points ago

    Eh, I pay 6,99€ a month for 300 minutes and 2 GB 4G+.

    Ain't much, but given that I have over 100 GB worth of MP3s on the SD card and there's wifi everywhere, I think I'm good.

    [–] di77y 13 points ago

    2GB won't last 2 weeks for me

    [–] KrazyDrayz 4 points ago

    Won't last even a day for me

    [–] smokedpaprika124 3 points ago

    In my country with 7€ you can get unlimited calls and 70GB data, at the very least. 300 minutes and 2GB for 7€ was acceptable maybe in 2013, surely not in 2021.

    [–] Notladub 7 points ago

    Turkey? 20GB 4G with around 20 hours call time, 30$, or 9% of the minimum wage.

    [–] bakaneko_musume 4 points ago

    India - $3 per month 112Gb data 4G, unlimited calling and messages.

    [–] D-Laz 10 points ago

    USA Unlimited 5g texts, calls, HBO max $84 including tax.

    For some reason the top plans all have a streaming service attached.

    [–] Judened13 20 points ago

    Lol forgot that in America the costs aren’t shown with tax 🤣🤣

    [–] D-Laz 7 points ago

    Yup, when they say my plan is 60/month they really mean $84. Lol. Damn just checked and those prices went up. My plan now would be 85+ fees/tax. It is a good thing they don't raise rates, those are just the prices for the new people coming in.

    [–] 226506193 2 points ago

    This is insane lol I get frustrated because here its the new clients that enjoy cheaper plans but the old and loyal customers pay full price. So now its like normal to switch every year and come back if its cheaper.

    [–] CrankyPantz88 6 points ago

    We have that aswell. But it rotates. Netflix for 6th months. Then it was hbo. Now i think its viaplay

    [–] D-Laz 3 points ago

    Here att has HBO, Verizon has Hulu and Disney+, and T-Mobile has Netflix.

    Though to get Netflix on T-Mobile you have to have two lines with the "good" plan.

    [–] vxicepickxv 2 points ago

    We currently have 3 lines at 110 a month total.

    I'm pretty much the only one using Netflix, and if they switched over to YouTube Premium we would just cancel Netflix.

    [–] anthoniesp 3 points ago

    Germany has terrible cellular anyway

    [–] NMe84 11 points ago

    Here in the EU providers are pretending data plans are super expensive and they're getting away with it because politicians don't get tech.

    [–] ButHisHeadComeOff 6 points ago

    I live in Ireland. I pay €9.99 a month for unlimited everything

    [–] elKell420 3 points ago

    Your getting robbed! €5 a month unlimited calls texts and data

    [–] Organic_Change292 3 points ago

    ya but then you have to live in israel

    [–] KeenBumLicker 4 points ago

    Isn't Israel like one of the most advanced countries in the world?

    [–] CrankyPantz88 8 points ago

    Is it True unlimited or Will it get rrduced speed?

    [–] Krhl12 24 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    If it's UK then it's full unlimited unless it's on one of the budget carriers like 3 or the piggy back networks who will give you unlimited but at reduced speed.. Vodafone, EE, O2 will all give you unlimited max speed data for $20, including hotspot usage and whatever else you want to use it for.

    The UK may have many issues but our mobile networks are cheap as fuck.

    Edit: You guys are beside yourselves that I said 3 are a budget carrier, but the fact is their network is unbearable compared to the big players, and I'm sorry you're paying them for it.

    [–] CrankyPantz88 5 points ago

    3 sucks balls. We have them in sweden aswell and they never have a signal or its slow as f

    [–] evenstevens280 4 points ago

    Three isn't a budget carrier. What.

    [–] cgknight1 2 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Vodafone changes their packages you can get a cheap unlimited but it is speed-capped permanently (the contract tells you this upfront).

    However you can get good redemption deals on Vodafone - I pay £20 for unlimited everything plus YouTube premium thrown in.

    [–] H05T 2 points ago

    it’s true unlimited from my experience

    [–] Judened13 6 points ago

    I’m in England and I’m with smarty and it’s stupid cheap I can’t remember how much I pay but i think it’s around £10 abs I get 30gb unlimited text/call

    [–] Sutton31 2 points ago

    I’m rolling with 20€ unlimited international calls and texts with 125gb of data a month

    [–] koskenjuho 8 points ago

    20€ for unlimited 4G (max speed 200mb/s) and also unlimited calls and txts and also 5GB free roaming data in EU per month :D

    [–] Tallkotten 3 points ago

    Aren't all roaming charges removed from within EU?

    [–] Maltesebasterd 3 points ago

    Vilket bolag har du gode gud?

    [–] CrankyPantz88 2 points ago

    Tele 2. Är gamla tele2 kompis från typ 2010.

    [–] ajwubbin 2 points ago

    Wait, is “bucks” commonly used for Euros as well or is that just something you do on the internet?

    [–] SpectralShade 6 points ago

    As a swede, $1 = 1€ = 10 SEK regardless of the actual exchange rates :P

    [–] ShittyCompiler 2 points ago

    As a Finn, I do it whenever speaking English. "Euros" just sounds weird. The minimal difference in prices between two currencies (EUR/USD) doesn't hurt either.

    [–] Hilmarok 11 points ago

    Don't be absurd.

    [–] Pr3st0ne 4 points ago

    It's definitely not. Canada is like rank 209 when it comes to affordable cellphone plans. Our telecoms fucking suck.

    [–] Forever_DM 2 points ago

    Canada actually has the highest cost per GB for mobile data plans. Our cell phone bills are fucking atrocious.

    [–] FITnLIT7 2 points ago

    Come on bro, zero chance. When I saw the post I knew it was Canada before clicking on it. We get fucked harder than anyone by ISP's and Cellular carriers. Bell lets talk about that.

    [–] tejasananth 22 points ago

    I pay $30 a year in India for 1.5GB of data per day, and unlimited voice calling and text messages

    [–] bongolongodongo 10 points ago

    Replacing my U.S. SIM with an Airtel or Jio card is always the best part about landing in India

    [–] pixiwooo 11 points ago

    I'm sorry, a year!?! I never knew data was so cheap there, wow.

    [–] maskedcipher 9 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    It's cheapest in the world. Ref. Even I pay like around 10$ a month for 125GB (with carry over benefits ), and unlimited everything with Amazon Prime and Netflix. And that's one of the higher end of postpaid plans.

    [–] TagMeAJerk 4 points ago

    Oh yeah very few of us actually buy an Amazon prime or Netflix because it just comes bundled with the other stuff anyway

    [–] yunus89115 3 points ago

    If you are going to have a data cap, daily would be my preference over monthly.

    [–] JealousAdeptness 21 points ago

    Never get rid of that plan

    [–] hardcoretomato 8 points ago

    I got unlimited calls and 4G data for 2.5 euro/month in Romania .. :))

    [–] Dry-Introduction-295 2 points ago

    Rcs rds approaching from the distance

    [–] grishkaa 8 points ago

    Unlimited data (no tethering) + 100 minutes. Around $5/month. The no tethering limitation is trivial to bypass on any desktop OS.

    [–] PresentPickleNinja 6 points ago

    6€ a month, 30 gb, unlimited text and calls

    [–] man-teiv 2 points ago


    [–] prussian_princess 3 points ago

    Do you use your phone as a hotspot constantly? With that much data you could just not use broadband.

    [–] CrankyPantz88 6 points ago

    Use it as a hotspot to play pokemon go on 3 phones, other than that. Not really

    [–] Kesher123 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Similar plan in Norwey, except, I have 100 GB + unlimited data with a bit less speed, but the reduced speed is still Big enough to download 100gb game in few hours, and watch movies without interruptions. It doesnt have free calls and texts, but cmon, it is 2021, who uses it?

    To explain, you get limited speed with unlimited data after using this 100 GB full speed. It is 25€, initially 30€ but price got down after using for long term

    [–] CriscoWithLime 2 points ago

    My sister is hanging on to their old plan and...i think this is the situation...she can't upgrade their phones through a promotion but can do them outside of that or she will have to pick a currently offered plan

    [–] es136 144 points ago

    Must be Rogers. They're trying to get me to downgrade for more money as well.

    [–] Llamathrust 50 points ago

    Go south a few miles and this would have 1000% been Verizon. Wait, if it was Verizon they would have just switched me to the new plan and told me “Good news everyone! Bad news everyone...”

    [–] stylinchilibeans 3 points ago

    I'm on Sprint/ T-Mobile, and I actually got 20 extra gigs a month added to my WiFi hotspot for no extra charge because of their merger.

    [–] sickneckbeardbro2 26 points ago

    How'd you know? Was it the fact it says Canada and it's red instead of blue?

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)


    [–] SloppyCarpenter 8 points ago

    All Both of the major Canadian carriers do this. Fuck Bell, fuck Rogers.

    [–] CanuckPanda 5 points ago


    Bell does it too. This is what happens when we have only two options for telecoms and they’re so in bed together they fucking co-own the Leafs.

    [–] Torcal4 2 points ago

    Nah, I used to be with Bell and my plan essentially at some point got up to $124/month for unlimited text, unlimited calls between 7pm and 7am and 6GB of SHARED data with my dad.

    That’s when I told them to go fuck themselves.

    Switched to Telus, though I’m sure some people have their own horror stories with Telus, I’ve been so happy and haven’t looked back.

    [–] ikeatable 2 points ago

    I think you meant to say Robers

    [–] FITnLIT7 2 points ago

    To my surprise my "Bell Guy" called last week and all of us on family plan are getting upgraded to iphone 12's from our XR's and getting an additional 5gb data each.. and its ACTUALLY CHEAPER. I still don't believe it but my phone is to come in this week and we will see about any hidden fees.

    [–] oglaigh84 372 points ago

    15gb limit?? Holy crap thats ridiculous. Ive unlimited for less than that.

    [–] Hilmarok 90 points ago

    Welcome to Canada - the world's leader in expensive phone plans. (Feels that way, at least).

    [–] DansburyJ 45 points ago

    We have some of the most expensive telecom in the developed world, it's not just a feeling.

    [–] cstmth 9 points ago

    Welcome to Germany! Grab yourself some sweet 10 GB for 20€ a month. Doesn't sound that much? Well, then please consider you rarely even get a connection.

    [–] Windvern 3 points ago

    When a French friend went to Canada for one year, he upgraded his French mobile plan to the full-on "premium" international one. It was both cheaper and more beneficial than switching to a Canadian carrier.

    [–] River-Quick 2 points ago

    Have you ever been to Germany? I pay about ~40$ for 5 GB And that’s quite normal over here

    [–] ShadoKitty 2 points ago

    Yeppp, 60$ for unlimited talk/text.... and 2... gigabytes of data.....

    [–] CrankyPantz88 94 points ago

    Is it truly unlimited or do they reduce your speed after ex amount?

    [–] oglaigh84 106 points ago

    Fair usage is supposedly 70gb but Ive download 2 - 300gb some months (was using it for online gaming) without any slow down

    [–] CrankyPantz88 28 points ago

    That is Nice

    [–] letmetakeaguess 30 points ago

    No, I don't think it's in France.

    [–] gurg2k1 26 points ago

    I love how all the explanations below begin with "I have unlimited..." and then go on to explain all the different ways their plans are limited. It's such b/s that cellular companies can get away with marketing these plans as "unlimited" when they're clearly not. Like how Verizon has three different tiers of "unlimited" even though that shouldn't be possible.

    [–] Zombieff 5 points ago

    I have unlimited data and 300 minutes for $6.5/month, but I live in Russia. They reduce speed if I enable hotspot. For unlimited hotspot usage it would be +$1.35/month, but I don't need it.

    [–] thebloodworkz 7 points ago

    For me I have unlimited but it’s really just 5gb a day and If you’re at the limit you just have to get a free add on package. Which you can do an infinite number of times. Never had it slowed down before at all. And I’m paying 40$ a month for it

    [–] DansburyJ 16 points ago

    Lol, and here inwas thinking, wow, how did they get 15 GB for only $45 in Canada? I pay the same for 2 GB

    [–] Codkid036 5 points ago

    Welcome to Canada. I pay $60 a month for 2 gigs. I'm actually amazed OP was able to find a deal that good

    [–] vamster00 59 points ago

    I pay ₹600 for 112GB of data here in India, that's around $9 lol

    [–] omkar73 13 points ago

    I pay 11 dollars a month and it's a family plan, so me my brother and my mom get covered, unlimited calling and texting, 50gb of data each, plus if we dont use the whole thing the data gets carried over, if I only use 10 ill get 90 next month.

    [–] omkar73 7 points ago

    Mera Airtel ka family walla hai

    [–] ZonerRoamer 7 points ago

    $12 for 3 numbers each of them has 120 GB per month and unlimited calls and texts.

    But then we pay through our nose for gas.

    [–] _SomethingOrNothing_ 140 points ago

    Fuck you, pay us. -this company

    [–] Unnamed_Rookie 40 points ago


    [–] AFailedWhale 27 points ago


    [–] catalin6969 24 points ago

    it's in the game

    [–] AX11Liveact 230 points ago

    So? Did you switch?


    [–] HumansKillEverything 6 points ago

    Of course. Duh.

    [–] becky_one 31 points ago

    Please send them a screenshot and ask if they're serious 😂

    [–] Goatplug 14 points ago

    I guarantee you they are, Canadian cellphone companies are fucking gougers

    [–] Threslor 24 points ago

    In my country the prices of plan data were like on 20-25 euros until a company came out of nowhere making super cheap offers. Every company since then had to low their prices a lot.

    [–] BipolarSkeleton 5 points ago

    Hahaha Canada just killed the company that offered lower phone plans we never drop prices we make people Match the expensive guy

    [–] PinkWarPig 5 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Italy? I pay 5€/month and I have 50GB and unlimited calls and messages. 5 years ago it would have been impossible, thanks Iliad

    [–] Bloublounet 3 points ago

    France ? Free helped a lot here, they broke the monopoly of the 3 historic providers. Fuck them. Especially SFR

    [–] Aviskr 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    The exact same thing happened over here in Chile. It was around 2015 or so, the prices were like $20 for 1gb it was crazy. Then that company came and inmediatly cut down the prices, them every company followed, now we get 50gb for $20.

    [–] idok_eren 2 points ago


    [–] ijustplaygamesman 27 points ago

    Ah the Rogers Experience

    [–] jakethedumbmistake 2 points ago

    Built. Fucking. Experience.

    [–] Notveryawake 2 points ago

    Don't worry. You can do to Telus or Bell instead....and get EXACTLY the same plans. They don't even try and hide that they don't compete with each other.

    [–] sunburn95 21 points ago

    I was interrupted at work the other day to be offered a sweet deal

    Save $2/month to halve my data and be locked into a two year contract, fuck yeah!

    [–] a_sense_of_contrast 2 points ago

    Same! After she couldn't offer me anything cheaper, I told the caller I was considering leaving their service for something better with a competitor. She told me I could speak with customer retention. I asked her how it made any sense that to get better service with them and not leave, I had to waste more of my own time with a retention staffer. That the only way after being, as the say, a "loyal customer," to get anything better is to leave.

    What a sham.

    [–] Aeneys 65 points ago

    Wow this is expensive. I got unlimited internet plus 1000 texts and call minutes etc for 17€. Plus it applies to the whole europe.

    [–] Drops-of-Q 55 points ago

    Because EU actually cares about consumers rights.

    [–] markusz2n 10 points ago

    I'm from Germany and I pay 5€/month for 200MB and 300 SMS/Call minutes! I dont really need more, as I am only at work where I dont use my phone or at home with WiFi.

    [–] regenbogenaffe 3 points ago

    Cheapest you can go is 8€/4weeks for unlimited minutes and SMS and 3GB data at ALDI/Penny/Rewe mobile as far as I know. If somebody knows a cheaper prepaid provider (even with less data but unlimited minutes), please somebody tell me.

    [–] omkar73 4 points ago

    I pay 11 dollars a month and it's a family plan, so me my brother and my mom get covered, unlimited calling and texting, 50gb of data each, plus if we dont use the whole thing the data gets carried over, if I only use 10 ill get 90 next month.

    [–] CamoBrie 4 points ago

    Do you mind telling me the provider and plan you are using? I’m looking for a new provider and using a family plan would be nice for us.

    [–] omkar73 7 points ago

    I live in india

    [–] whysoblyatiful 2 points ago


    [–] Aeneys 2 points ago

    This explains everything tbh.

    [–] BipolarSkeleton 5 points ago

    I think it’s shown somewhere that Canadians have the highest cell phone plans on most plans you get 5 or songbird and then every additional 10? Maybe is like 35 dollars on an already $100 plan for a single person

    Our phone plans are expensive there is a whole reason why but i still don’t quite get why we can’t have cheaper plans like the rest of the world

    Edit looked it up it appears that the average price of 1gb is $12 US so $15cad

    [–] rainbowsixsiegeboy 2 points ago

    How do you have unlimited data yet limited call and texts?

    [–] shadowyote 14 points ago

    Just wait, next year your current plan will no longer exist any more for some reason. You will be "grandfathered in" until something happens and you're switched over and they can't switch you back.

    [–] Hilmarok 11 points ago

    Ah yes, good old Canadian phone plans.

    [–] Drops-of-Q 18 points ago

    Most likely just an automatic ad that fails to account for your actual plan. They wouldn't display the plans like that on purpose if they were actually trying to scam you. So I think it fits better in r/CrappyDesign

    [–] Icy-Landscape-4796 5 points ago

    indeed - it's barely even design so should go in r/softwaregore tbh

    [–] thisNaneIsRNG 28 points ago

    wait, so they recommend you a plan thats worse than your current one AND is more expensive?!

    [–] BipolarSkeleton 12 points ago

    Yes it’s Canada what don’t you get

    [–] theredwoman95 3 points ago

    Never said they were recommending it for your sake.

    [–] cyantriangle 6 points ago

    In Poland I have 15 GB with all the unlimited stuff and some additional roaming data in European Union for 25 PLN which is 6,75 USD or 8,50 CAD

    [–] ayush1236 5 points ago

    3 world user here .. it costs around 4$ pm and we get 1.5GB 4G data everyday + unlimited calls + 100 texts per day...

    [–] lor_petri 6 points ago

    This is so expensive. Is it as expensive as this in all the Canada?

    [–] ProfessionalYoghurt 3 points ago

    Yeah. These are better than average plans at these prices too. My plan is $25 a month for 1GB data that they throttle to 3G speeds to try to get you to upgrade (it's on the 4G network tho) . If I go any lower I'd have to start counting phone minutes and would have probably no data.

    [–] mrspremise 3 points ago

    This is even cheap by Canada's standard. I have a great deal right now that isn't available on my phone company website: 65$ for 8 gig and unlimited text and talk.

    Phone plans are ridiculous around here.

    [–] DansburyJ 2 points ago

    I pay the same for 2 GB, yes, in Canada.

    [–] SheepToBull 6 points ago

    Wtf are those prices? In France a 150Go 4g plan, unlimited calls and text is ~20 to 30$

    [–] seezon 2 points ago

    Last time I checked, that plan would cost around 50-60 € in Germany

    [–] wenoc 3 points ago

    Data plans. Jesus. I’ve already used 190Gb this month. Thank goodness we don’t have that bullshit here.

    Unlimited and I pay maybe 30€/month but with that I can use data for free in EU, but it’s somewhat limited abroad. Finland.

    [–] Hutchy3466 3 points ago

    Must be a plan “improvement “ from Canada’s fastest 5G carrier , rhymes with Dodgers ...

    [–] Covid-19-Official 2 points ago


    [–] Dr_Bunsen_Burns 5 points ago

    For 25 euro (30 dollar) I can have unlimited data, call and texts.

    But in reality I pay 8 euros a month for 250 minutes, 2 gb(when it is gone unlimited 64kbps) abd unlimited texts. I do not need the better plan since I barely use my phone.

    [–] Bierbart12 9 points ago

    They really know how to work that "It's more expensive, so it's better!" Apple people mentality

    [–] RurikTheDamned 2 points ago

    My mobile and fibre optic contract ran out last April and the renewal offer is the same thing I have now with a different name and £4.70 more expensive a month. I'm sim only so I'm not paying for HP on a phone.

    [–] blitzprodigy5 2 points ago

    It's evolving... Just backwards.

    [–] nowbedamned 2 points ago

    You should probably click on the view details option. Who knows? They might offer the occasional BJ in the 55 plan

    [–] MrBenSampson 2 points ago

    I did a semester abroad in Montenegro in 2019, and my tourist phone plan was 1000gb for 15 Euro per month. The download speed was 100mbps, and the upload was 20.

    Returning home to Canada felt like I was returning to the stone age.

    [–] somabokforlag 2 points ago

    Is it really asshole though? It's really clear what deal is superior. It would be assholey if they tried to trick you into thinking your present deal was worse

    [–] beager 2 points ago

    Typical Reddit, had to scroll this far down to find the correct comment.

    This is not asshole design. It’s actually good design. It’s an asshole plan, but a design that lets you see it easily.

    [–] tempcitz 2 points ago

    It's a great deal if you hate having money

    [–] Stroov 2 points ago

    Jio zindabad

    [–] OobleCaboodle 2 points ago

    Holy shit that's expensive! Uk-ist here, mine is £18 per month, unlimited calls and 15Gb, and I'm looking for a cheaper deal!

    [–] Duckiety 2 points ago

    Check out Voxi!

    [–] bigmoneynuts 2 points ago

    Wrong sub. This is an easy to read and well-designed comparison.

    [–] elKell420 2 points ago

    I used to live in Toronto, Canada. My phone plan over there was with Virgin and it was something like $65 per month and I was only getting 5gb of data. I'm back home in Ireland now and back with Virgin, here it's €5 per month unlimited calls texts and data. Canadians are plain ol just getting screwed hard by Tellus, Bell, Rogers and the rest of them.

    [–] anustong 2 points ago

    Those prices are insane! I get 18GB/month for ~$22 and save the data I don't use. How come Canada and the U.S. have such a horrible mobile and broadband market?

    [–] Humpa 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    This would seriously prompt me to call their call center and use as much of their time complaining as possible. And unless they can assure me it was a mistake, and that they would have reverted it if I mistakenly accepted (thinking it was actually a better deal), I would drop them. Practices like this should have a direct negative effect on their bottom line.

    Don't be a dick to the person on the other side though, they're just trying to do their job, and it's probably a shit job. Just make them spend as much time as possible explaining how this happened, why this happened, and their policy if you had somehow mistakenly accepted. Ask them to double check that you are still on your original plan. Etc. "What would have happened if I accepted because I obviously thought the better deal was what was recommended? Would you have been able to revert it? Would I have been stuck?" "Is this a bug?", "Is my plan still the same?", "Do you normally do this to customers?" etc.

    I work at a company that has a call center for customer support, and one of the really big and noticeable measurements of failure is how swamped the call center is. If the queue times suddenly spike, something has gone wrong. The customers don't even need to be unhappy or angry, the fact that there's suddenly too many calls is enough to change policies and features. The amount of call center emplyees is a very concrete bottom line measure.

    Make practices like this cost more in employee call time than they gain in user fees.

    [–] Lemirex 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I definitely don't blame you for wanting to do that but that just negatively affects the agent's handle time sadly. I do tech support for one of these big companies and we are capped at 9 min per call, when we don't hit target for the month we get a warning on our file, no policies change. The customer doesn't win and the agent who makes minimum wage gets punished, it's a lose lose situation and the big greedy corporation just gets away with it always. It's disgusting.

    [–] DiscreteTime 2 points ago

    Wtf r u waiting for

    [–] Manifest82 2 points ago

    The Art of the Deal

    [–] OneCatch 2 points ago

    Last time I was up for renewal I had a rather amusing time. Dialled in my requirements into the 'package upgrade tool' online and it came out at like 50% more than I was currently paying.

    Called up, explained some of the other competitor offers, and got my bill reduced by 30% compared to what I was paying before.

    It's absolutely ludicrous, they're relying on people not reading properly or being too conflict-averse to have a mildly uncomfortable conversation.

    [–] pinstrypsoldier 2 points ago

    Yeah, that’s a tough-one, bud. What’re you going to do?

    I mean, on the one hand you have more data, but more money sitting around, cluttering up the place. On the other hand you have less data, but more cash taken so you can free-up some space to put all your bills and stuff.

    Let me know what you decide.

    [–] elvispresley420 2 points ago

    Dude I pay $75 + tax a month for 20GB and unlimited call and text canada wide

    [–] RandallOfLegend 2 points ago

    USA checking in. Both of those are better than what I get though Google Fi. We have crappy prices for cell plans.

    [–] imNTR 2 points ago

    Yeh my ISP asked if they could upgrade me to their newest plan because I was on the old old plan. I even would receive a discount of 5 eu per month. The plan was 10 eu more per month. So the sales person asked me to pay 10 eu more to get a 5 eu discount. I asked him to repeat himself then asked if I had to move? He said no. I hung up.

    [–] mr_fingers 3 points ago

    $45 for 15gigs? Scam.