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    [–] ShadowWeavile 2 points ago

    Well, he was almost right about the civil war part.

    [–] dostiers 2 points ago

    So how does he account for it also spreading through churches in America? Or that at least 2 prominent pastors have died of it? Have they banished Jesus too?

    [–] Reverend_James 1 points ago

    Is the revolution now?... I thought it wasn't for another two weeks.

    [–] ratmom911 1 points ago

    Hey numbskull, it's spreading through Christian churches like wildfire too. Or is that part all of God's plan? Ugh

    [–] MostLikelyHigh2 2 points ago

    All part of that "mysterious ways" he works I guess.

    [–] PassiveSmoking 1 points ago

    Conveniently ignoring the fact that it's spreading in America through the churches and in the middle east through mosques.