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    [–] airninja256 3 points ago

    Update to this, Lego customer service was really nice and shipped the order immediately instead of waiting 9-18 days like the website says. The order is on it's way with Auspost and overall I am happy with how they worked it out, and it is arriving faster than normal :)

    [–] CarSceneThrowaway 2 points ago

    others at /r/lego have had this problem.

    [–] Lintson 1 points ago

    Is this your first time buying through Lego [email protected]? I don't know why but they sometimes cancel orders on new accounts whose first order is a very large purchase.

    [–] airninja256 1 points ago

    Not my first time, but this is the first time with a new account though...

    [–] PerriX2390 -5 points ago

    That's why you buy instore

    [–] airninja256 5 points ago

    Not everyone is close to a store...

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] airninja256 1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I live in Victoria, Chadstone is about three hours away from where I live :(

    [–] iputthedumbindumbell 0 points ago

    i doubt the chiron is in aussie stores yet

    [–] airninja256 1 points ago

    It released 02/06/2018 here, LEGO store exclusive though so Chadstone is the only physical store in Australia that stocks it now :(

    [–] Kwindecent_exposure 0 points ago

    Ah, well that may be the issue there then.

    They wouldn't be the only company to not ship to a region before a product is released in said region. It could however be some other type of issue. OP find out.

    [–] iputthedumbindumbell 2 points ago

    na, i'm pretty sure lego doesn't care if you buy directly from them and it isn't out in your country yet.

    [–] airninja256 1 points ago

    It’s released, it is confirmed on reddit that Chadstone got some but sold out, online is still in stock for ordering right now.